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‘At the very bottom of the hardest, most rigid, narrowest and most asphyxiating consciousness, I struck upon an Almighty Spring that cast me up forthwith into a formless, limitless Vast, vibrating with the seeds of a New World’. The Mother
Jupiter and Saturn form their Great Conjunction on the Solstice at 18:22 UT in the first degree of Aquarius. As they do so, these words of The Mother speak profoundly to where we find ourselves now. The rigid and asphyxiating consciousness that has shaped our world beyond recognition this year, has caused immeasurable suffering. Countless lives have been devastated and untold suffering has occurred in the shadows, often ignored to further a questionable agenda. But this meeting of the Great Benefic (Jupiter) and the Lord of Karma (Saturn) in the first degree of the sign of collective humanity (Aquarius) signals that our time has come. Relinquishing the oppressive Capricorn energy that has defined 2020, this Great Conjunction reflects a shift of power in favour of the people – our global human family. The authorities signified by Capricorn have had their chance, and whilst Pluto’s journey through Capricorn continues until the end of 2024, the end of its cosmic alliance with Saturn and Jupiter marks a significant reduction of authoritarian influence in this new cycle of becoming. This is a shift to a horizontal, egalitarian connection from one of vertical superiority. The people – you and me – are arriving in our power.

From one conjunction to another

2020 began with the Saturn Pluto conjunction lending its support to those with aspirations for domination and emboldening those for whom oppression is simply another tool to further personal goals. We all know where that’s got us! As the year ends with Saturn shifting alliance to Jupiter, the planet of inspiration, faith, optimism, freedom and resilience, our personal and collective capacity to embody this shift is potentised. But this is only the beginning. There’s still much to be done and, at times, endured. Saturn works slowly and with great care as it strengthens us for the road ahead. But we must each do our part. We’re not about to be saved, but instead have reached a tipping point at which our influence over the future is coming into its own. This is cause for hope!

Conjunctions between Saturn and Jupiter occur every twenty years. They speak to humanity’s efforts to create sustainable structures which allow for a meaningful experience of life on planet earth. Jupiter is a future-focused planet, and Saturn the planet of linear time and the maturation that accompanies it. Together they seek to fulfil the potential of the human family in line with its collective karmic load and combined potentiality. When these planets meet, the old and new co-exist with not a moment’s space between. Whilst we think in terms of linear time, truth exists outside of it, revealing itself in ways we can now better appreciate. The most ancient truths can be as vibrant as cutting-edge thought and the latest perspective as jaded as the most oft repeated lie. This conjunction in Aquarius weaves the past and present into a vivid singularity, creating a perceptual shift which casts both the past and future in a new and illuminating light.

A new dimension of truth

As Jupiter and Saturn herald the beginning of a new twenty-year cycle they expand, beyond our wildest dreams, future possibilities. Who we think we are is changing. More of the mystery is being revealed. They say you can’t change the past but outside of linear time even that isn’t true. Timelines shift and change constantly and within them we can create in ways not possible when we ‘stick to the rules’! Simply casting the eye of the present over our past changes it, for we see in new ways and from fresh perspectives. We know ourselves now to be someone we hadn’t met then, and our present being places the past in its own particular light. Events may remain but their meaning changes and significance shifts as we uncover ever deeper layers of who and what we really are.

In Aquarius our minds are expanded and renewed. Outmoded mental paradigms can be released, unlocking unseen promise of future potentiality. Willingness to embrace the freshest of perspectives allows them to blossom into truth from a new dimension. We must live in full knowledge that what we see is but a fraction of what is, who we are a mere speck in the vastness of the cosmos and what we believe may be entirely wrong in every respect. This conjunction plugs us into the cosmic circuitry. It feels electrical, high voltage. It may blow a few fuses but that’s all part of the process. If we can’t take the current we must expand until we can. Dare to think new thoughts, contemplate the impossible, envision a fantastical future. Without doing so we cannot honour the potential of the coming months which will demand great things of us. As Jupiter triggers new perceptions and Saturn tests the validity of our perspective, rather than waiting for change we must be it. If we’re so invested in being right that truth has gone out the window, if we take refuge in false certainty to avoid the chaos of confusion, it’s time to up our game and trade conviction for the mystery, and certainty for a mind so open that nothing’s off the table!

Evolution or entropy

The new age of which many speak is born through us. We do not arrive in it fully formed, nor find ourselves delivered through external intervention. Instead, we birth it from our own becoming. All things move towards evolution or entropy and both states live in this conjunction. Saturn in Aquarius can be stubborn and self-righteous. Unwilling to consider a different perspective, so sure of its own moral certainty. But Jupiter frees it from its moral prison to become a guiding source of wisdom not a stifling source of judgement and fear. Together they invite us to the very edge of consciousness before pushing us into the unknown abyss where all answers ultimately reside.

The Moon is travelling through the final degrees of the zodiac as this conjunction comes to exactitude. Void of Course in Pisces, it warns of the risks of complacency and denial. The stakes are high and nothing is set in stone. We are our own saviours. We must know this without doubt. For in that very knowing is found the sovereign self that fears nothing and no one – radiant, unsullied and free.

As we journey into 2021 this Great Conjunction will light our way. Whoever and whatever we believe ourselves to be is now, more than ever, open to question. We can re-invent ourselves afresh and choose a different future; cast aside the yoke of limiting belief and refuse to be diminished by endless fear. This is our time. Our beginning. Our birth into freedom and endless possibility.

From this single moment in the Solstice silence, we can all arise anew.

Sarah Varcas

Fear has been increasingly weaponised over the past few days. Talk of a new more virulent strain of the ‘virus’ has been used to justify greater restriction on our freedoms and liberty here in the UK. No doubt other places will be following suit if they haven’t already.

The Great Conjunction occurs on 21st December 2020 at 18:22 UT. Those who wish to control us know this and they know its potential. But so do we, right?! The energy is available for all of us to harness. This is our moment to tip the scales, to affirm our sovereignty, to refuse to be broken or defeated.

We are the many and they are the few. We are rising in our power and they know it.

Again, so do we.

Greet the Solstice and conjunction with an open heart: free of fear, full of life and wise beyond measure.

Know without a shadow of a doubt that you are whole, sovereign and free.

Know that we all are.

The true virus is fear and the cure is love, truth and courage.

So love one another. En-courage each other. And speak the truth.

It is time.

Wishing you a peaceful and powerful solstice.

Sarah Varcas

© Sarah Varcas 2018 All Rights Reserved. Permission is granted to freely share this article in its entirety on the condition that full credit is given to the author, it is distributed freely and the URL is included.

More Big-Time Election Fraud

On the Rush Limbaugh Show, guest host Mark Steyn interviews attorney Sidney Powell. Must hear.

Rush Limbaugh Show PODCAST Monday 11/16/2020 Full Show

EVERYONE should care about this. This is not about “your” party / candidate and “their” party / candidate, it’s about whether YOUR vote counts or not.

The U.S. election system is based on the same systems used in socialist / communist countries. These are not free and fair elections. They’re rigged elections.

Sidney Powell was also on the Mark Levin Show (November 16, link below) and said these election computers and software are also used by Democrats against other Democrats. In 2016, Hillary stole the election in the primaries in California from Bernie Sanders.

Levin Show 11/16/2020 – Mark Levin Show Podcast November 16,2020

Click this line for an article about the above Mark Levin Show.

2020 11 17 Mark Levin Interview with Attorney Lin Wood Regarding Voter Fraud

Also see my post called Big-Time Election Fraud from a year ago (if it will load – I’m suspecting censorship – gosh, why would I suspect that? lol).

Global Bombshell! CDC Officially Calls Covid-19 a Hysteria-Driven Hoax – FULL SHOW 8/31/20

WAKE UP FOLKS! Real death numbers from COVID-19 – only ~9000 have died in the U.S.

Federal agency now says 94% of people who died had serious pre-existing “morbidity” issues and 90%+ of tests are ‘false positives’. Tune in to hear this bombshell news: the CDC is now forced to admit that Covid-19 isn’t anywhere near as severe as the government – and the globalist puppet masters – led you to believe.

Todd Herman from KTTH radio, 770 AM in Seattle, rightly said that most of those who have died from COVID would not have been alive for another year WITHOUT this virus showing up.

Todd also talked about how the mainstream media propaganda fear-porn machine just loves to talk “cases, cases, cases”. Historically, the term “case” to do with viruses has to do with those who actually get sick from it. Most of what they are now calling “cases” (millions and millions… supposedly in the U.S.) is just those who have been tested and yet never got sick.

And when doing these tests, they consider any sign of the coronavirus, even just broken pieces (due to the human body having knocked it out already) are considered a positive “case”.

Watch this:

Global Bombshell! CDC Officially Calls Covid-19 a Hysteria-Driven Hoax – FULL SHOW 8/31/20

Twitter LOCKS Accounts Of Media, Celebrities, Gov. Officials For Sharing Biden Scandal Story

Massive Big Tech censorship of this story.

Here’s the story of the censorship:

And here is the New York Post story being censored – ’bout time this story, which Joe Biden openly bragged about then later denied, has surfaced in a big way (if it will be allowed to surface):

More here on this (title does not match url name, but…):

Must-Watch Wednesday Live: Emails Show Joe Biden Criminally Colluding with Ukraine; Hunter Biden Smoking Crack

Trump talks at rally about this bombshell story:



If you haven’t watched this yet, watch it.

Some highlights:

COVID-19 was bad in Italy due in part to a flu vaccine given there years ago, which made people more susceptible to the coronavirus. (ever feel like lab rats? Maybe Italy was the “test” group and the rest of the world the “control” group to see if giving that specific flu vaccine would indeed make folks more susceptible to coronavirus)

Masks are not healthy. Sheltering away from the world is not healthy. These things lower your immune system.

Being overly sanitary is not good for your immune system. Constant exposure to your environment helps your immune system stay constantly updated. I wrote about this years ago in my own book. I referenced an article called “Why children eat dirt” (if I remember that title correctly).

Sanitization measures kill off your beneficial bacteria that keep you healthy. A while back, I heard someone rightly noted that homeless people are NOT dropping like flies from this virus. Uh huh.

Medicines, actual remedies, some of which have been around for years, decades, centuries, (“forever” if taken in more natural forms), get taken off the market and even taken away from doctors to prescribe.

Wake up folks.

And if you already know these things, get vocal about it! That includes medical workers.

(See Plandemic II posted in comments on this post.)

It’s Gonna Be

It’s Gonna Be

If all we talk about is money
Nothing will be funny, honey
And now that everyone’s a critic
It’s makin’ my mascara runny

If we only talk about the heavens
Making it together, is crazy
If we don’t get a new situation
For our busted nation, we’re lazy

But it’s gonna be
It’s gonna be
Please make it be
It’s gonna be

Now if a princess becomes human
Don’t stone her on a talk show, you’ll ruin
Cause there’s a fine line between a skewer
And a decent sense of humor

Aim at the ones who’ve really hurt us
They should be arrested for murders
But then all the cameras were turned on
Some skinny naked blond eating burgers

But it’s gonna be
It’s gonna be
It’s gonna be
It’s gonna be

It’s gonna be
It’s gonna be
Please make it be
Let’s make it be

It’s gonna be
It’s gonna be
It’s gonna be…

Abuse and Power


In case you have kept yourself “low information” by only drawing your information about the world from the mainstream media, who are the global cabal’s propaganda machine and sometimes flat-out lie and otherwise control the narrative by NOT talking about things, then you have some catching up to do and this book may help you get caught up in a hurry.

If you visit these two posts of mine – Massive Apocalypse and Current Events… for Dummies – and see the comments there and when I posted them, you’ll see that none of this is “recent news” and yet the msm have managed to keep far too many folks from even knowing about this stuff.  Wake up folks!

The cabal have some of you hating on Trump and have kept you distracted with everything they can dream up so that you don’t know THAT THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION’S FBI AND DOJ were attempting a secret coup on a duly elected president.


98% Fake Covid Cases Exposed in Texas County Audit

Doubting the accuracy of State of Texas Covid-19 numbers, Collin Co., Texas, dropped its active case numbers from over 4600 to under 100 overnight after an audit.

98% Fake Covid Cases Exposed in Texas County Audit

And that’s not some exception.

You will find this link and others concerning C0VID-19 in the comments section on my post Coronavirus – Summary of Info Thus Far.

Numbers have been doctored to make this sound worse than it is.  The reality is that this is no worse than the flu, perhaps not even as bad as the flu in recent years.  See hospitalization numbers for the flu in 2018 and 2019.

Now the flu deaths (like everything else) are being proclaimed a COVID death.

Many places have been counting any and every death FROM ANYTHING – like motorcycle accidents and shootings – as COVID deaths.

Many “case” numbers (testing positive, regardless of whether you get sick or die or not and are asymptomatic) are padded, proclaiming a positive case where the person hasn’t even been tested!

The mainstream media’s fear mongers have many people thinking that millions of people have DIED from COVID because the msm have hyped up the CASE numbers.  A “case” just means you’ve had it.  Most “cases” don’t even get sick, don’t even know they’ve had it.  It’s just a frickin’ virus for Christ’s sake.  Get an immune system already.  Read my post Healing – Physical for starters.

COVID-19 is real.  How deadly they are painting it IS NOT REAL.  Every pandemic comes with a fear propaganda campaign.  The fear mongering on this is out the roof.

Sadly, there are many programmed robots who don their fear mask because “the man” tells them to.  Many governors are tyrannical and imposing draconian rules that are not only unconstitutional and a blatant violation of people’s rights, but they don’t work and are actually unhealthy.

And tyranny is alway capricious.  Just Fauci is one example – and all the local and state elected officials who follow his “science” – of that capriciousness.  His “advice” has been all over the place, often contradicting himself.

Wearing a mask (with the most fearful, they are doing it ALL THE TIME, even when outdoors, even while running *shaking head*) is keeping you from getting enough oxygen and leaves you drowning in your own carbon dioxide.  They are making the more healthy people unhealthy…. but just how “healthy” are they anyway if they allow themselves to be controlled through fear?!

By the time the real numbers come out, there will more than likely be more deaths attributable to the ECONOMIC SHUTDOWN than to COVID itself.  Suicides are up, domestic abuse is up, stress and depression up, overdoses, starvation, people are too scared to seek medical attention for other things due to fear of getting COVID.

Well, there could be a definite “separating of the wheat from the chaff” through all this.  If someone cannot awaken to how they are being manipulated, dehumanized, made sickly and controlled AND sickened through fear, then they might be headed for the death portal.  B’ bye!  Push, pull or get out of the way.  If you can’t wake up to the control agenda in this world and you keep GIVING AUTHORITY OF YOUR LIFE AWAY to the cabal stooge politicians, you are just dead weight in this ascension project anyway.  Be gone with you! I’m not being mean or wishing ill on anyone.  I DON’T MAKE YOUR CHOICES OR CREATE YOUR LIFE FOR YOU, but I’m happy to point out to you the consequences of your choices that are coming from a fearful and disempowered state.

Make no mistake folks, the cabal are doing everything they can to kill as many humans as possible… not the least of which through fear, which shuts down your immune system.  See my post Are You Living or Dying? for more on how that works.

Governor Cuomo loves to say “if we can save just one life.”  Sometimes you have to know how to hear what they are saying.  Is it “just one life” as in ONLY one life saved is his goal?  Is it his own life he speaks of?

He also has said, “we did it right in New York.”  Is that him bragging to his global cabal cohorts that he managed to kill more people than others?

DoJ Cracks Down on Dem Governors’ COVID orders that “May Have Resulted in Deaths of Elderly Nursing Home Residents”

Meanwhile governors are releasing felons out of prison in the name of them not getting exposed to COVID (huh?), while the healthy, law abiding folks are under house arrest.

Folks, as usual, the global cabal are manipulating people through fear.  They are messing with your livelihoods, your health and your rights.  Have you had enough yet?


Learn Why Infowars Correspondent Millie Weaver was Indicted by a Grand Jury

Yeah, you do want to learn why.


Also see comments below and see posts Current Events… for Dummies and Massive Apocalypse and the comments sections there for updates on current events.

No More Distractions

Professional (I use that term loosely in this case) sports are yet one more thing that has been affected by the economic shutdown.

I’ve heard many a talk show host complain about pro sports getting all political.  Getting?  They have been political for quite some time.  It’s just above board now.  Good.  I’m glad they are getting all “in yer face” about it so those who are a bit slow on the uptake can finally see it.   If you need it, it will be there.  Obviously far too many did need it to get all up in their faces because they were either not waking up or, for those who really can’t claim ignorance, they were refusing to step up and take right action in this world.

Someone rightly said that it’s appropriate for all that is happening this year to happen in the year of 2020 – time for 20/20 vision, time to see clearly.

Some complain that pro sports are supposed to be a distraction from politics.  This is often from people who talk politics all the time.  If they need a break from it then they could stand to give themselves a break, but not with distraction.  How’s about they actually go inward and face themselves instead of finding distractions and escapism.  Pro sports has been one of many “drugs of choice” for too many, for far too long.

This also reminds me of George Carlin years ago saying that people are not supposed to talk about religion and politics.  Yep, it’s not been politically correct to do so… ever, not just recently.  Never mind that religion and politics have been thee two biggest control mechanisms that the global cabal have used on humanity.  Without the exchange of information about these things, people will not be well equipped to pull themselves out of the enslavement they have been in.

Excuse my broad-brush stroke here, but many conservatives / right-of-center folks have absolutely gotten up to speed on the present-day cabal and often in a much bigger way than those who identify as left-of-center (why is anyone still buying into this Divide and Conquer tactic anyway… on either “side”?).  The conservatives do still have to learn about older, more historical versions of the cabal that have poisoned their own psyche (did I mention religion?  oh yeah, I did), but they do indeed know the present-day cabal.  These are the folks who cannot claim ignorance and yet they have been complacent and have continued to lay down for all this nonsense.  Sharing information is great, but what did they think was going to happen when enough people got wise to the cabal, did they think the cabal would just disappear, *poof*?  Just knowing something is not good enough.  One must actually apply the knowledge.  Live it, be it.  DO SOMETHING with it, both inwardly and outwardly.

And folks like this offer a specific example of “be careful what you ask for”, even if your “asking” is in an unconscious way.  Many conservatives have been making the excuse for years that they are “too busy working and raising a family” to take right action in their world (let alone doing their inner work… the “in here” creates the “out there”).  Before this year arrived, a friend of mine actually parroted this to me once.  I told them, the conservatives better do something or they won’t have either their jobs or their families.

Well, the Divine heard their plea.  If having a job is an obstacle to taking right action, then the Divine is quite happy to remove the obstacle.  What excuse will they come up with now?  Careful.  If you continue to be complacent, don’t even think that you’ve seen the worst of things.  Again – if you need it, it will be there.  And that applies at an individual level also.  Even if / when the collective gets turned around, if YOU don’t get yourself informed and take right action in YOUR world, things will keep getting more and more challenging until you do.  The Divine never gives up on you and you will be given every opportunity.  Choose wisely.

Those who serve the dark ultimately serve the light.  They always have.  Down through human history the cabal and the ETs they answer to have played their role in giving humanity the Grand Ex-periment of Ex-perience.  In more recent times, they solidify the “dark side”, while light workers solidify the “light side”.  The polarities have become more extreme, more pronounced, more easily distinguishable and the gray areas are just flat disappearing, crumbling away from under everyone’s feet.  No more fence-sitting.

After coming out of a very brainwashed / programmed state, it can be a bit of a challenge to know what you actually want (to create) and it absolutely can be helpful to at least know what you don’t want.  In these times, those who serve the dark are making things abundantly clear in that regard.  That’s cool, it’s a good first step / realization (real-eyes-ation).

Folks, do away with all the distractions in your life.  Time to quit horsing around.  Learn to be proactive about letting go of the distractions instead of waiting till it gets all up in yer face or beats you over the head.  If you don’t know what is serving as a distraction, ask the Divine, they’d be happy to help.

Also see my post Not Only Dogs Smell Fear

Coronavirus – Summary of Info Thus Far


Share this thorough report to defeat Big Tech censors!

Good summary of this coronavirus situation thus far.   It also takes in a very big and full picture of the global-cabal-controlled world we’ve been in.  Much more than just this pandemic talked about here.

If you want to understand this whole situation, this is a must read.  

This is a very long article.

Here is an interview with Anthony Hall, the author of above article (see video there titled “Professor: Coronavirus Has Already Triggered Global Meltdown”):

Global Stock Markets’ Wild Ride Continues After Historic Collapse

In about the last 1/3 of this video, a caller talks about the 5G / coronavirus connection as has been addressed by others.  This caller said that the biggest outbreaks of coronavirus may be in countries that now have 5G cell phone service.

In this video and transcript, below, Francis Boyle says that this technology ultimately originated in the U.S.  It was NOT stolen by China, but flat out SOLD TO China:

SMOKING GUN: China Bought Weaponized Wuhan Virus From U.S.

Full transcript of above video:


See the comments section below and the comments in my post “Massive Apocalypse” for running updates of current events.  You can search on coronavirus there for news specific to that.

Many of these articles and videos do a good job of getting closer to the truth about all this.  There is a bit of fear-mania going on too though, in some cases.

So… I’ve included a couple links there also from some decent lightworkers who have brought a higher perspective to this whole situation, ya know, just for a bit of sanity check on this.

I often say that the Dual Meaning of Chaos = Crisis or Opportunity  Which do you choose?

Well, this coronavirus thing is this concept IN SPADES!

There is SO much OPPORTUNITY in all this, it’s off the charts!  Much being exposed.  Big chance for a mass awakening.  Many people affected, including many “Walking Zombie” types who may not have had any clue about the global cabal otherwise.

The global etch a sketch game has been shaken up.  A tabula rosa, a clean slate to start from.  How will YOU help to redraw the picture of the world?  Or will you continue to lay down and let the global cabal put the world back together they way they want to?

And… just got this in Tarot:

King of Wands
unifying people for a common goal
9 of Wands
The flames of the wands (i.e., our burning desires) have been lit, flickered, faltered, extinguished and are now rekindled – blazing with more ferocity than ever before.
10 of Cups

This card is an energetic indicator of good times, accomplishments and relishing all the joys that come from being a part of a community of loving friends and family.

Seize this OPPORTUNITY folks!

See these posts for info on how to make and keep yourself healthy:

Are You Living or Dying?
Fear will shut down your immune system. Not a good idea right now… or ever.
It’s not “bad” to have fear, so don’t get into thinking “I’m not supposed to have fear.”
You cannot RELEASE what you REPRESS!
IF you have fear, acknowledge it, let it surface, then release it. Ask God to help you with that. When I’ve been fretting / worrisome, I ask my angels (my own “thought forms” that work for me) to put a ventilation / exhaust hood (like over a stove) over me and gently suck the fear off while I release it.

Healing – Physical

Alzheimer’s and Cholesterol, Water and EVERYTHING, Listening to Your Body… and some other things

Useful Healthful Tips

And… a significant excerpt from “Useful Healthful Tips”:

Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) – antimicrobial (virus, bacteria, fungi, etc.), so for colds, flu, strep, etc., yet won’t mess with your beneficial bacteria / flora.  This will knock out a cold, flu or whatever like nothing else, in record time.  Some people take it daily for maintenance.

ALTHOUGH… these little “buggies”, like a cold virus, are doing us a favor.  They clean dead cells out of our bodies and, while doing so, the cold virus releases toxins into our system through their digestive process.  They do this ALL THE TIME, not just when we “get a cold”.  The reason we feel “sick” is because through poor diet and lifestyle, we end up with MANY dead cells all at the same time.  Dr. Lorraine Day and cellular biologist Bruce Lipton (amongst others) will tell you that these “opportunistic organisms”, these microbes, are always in you.  Any blood test would verify that.  You don’t “catch” a cold from someone else.  These buggies are there waiting for their opportunity, when you do things that deplete your immune system, then they can multiply like crazy.  And yet, yep, they undo what we have done to ourselves.

What happens is through poor diet and lifestyle, you create too many dead cells all at once.  Even though microbes are constantly / continuously cleaning dead cells out of your body, when you have too many at once you get overwhelmed with the toxins that the microbes dump into your system from their digestive process.

Well Son of a Bitch! …if it isn’t Quid Pro Joe

Obviously someone thought that not enough Sleepy Sheeple / Walking Zombies had seen this video clip yet, so they put up an ad in Times Square (right on!):

Times Square Billboard To Run Quid Pro Joe’s “Well Son of a B**ch” Video

If, after watching that, you still don’t know what you’re seeing there, see this video clip:

FLASHBACK, 2018: Joe Biden Brags At CFR Meeting About Withholding Aid To Ukraine To Force Firing Of Prosecutor

The title says a lot, but I’ll sum it up for you.

Here, ex V.P. Joe Biden is at a meeting with the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), a global cabal organization.  What is he saying?  He’s BRAGGING about his own quid pro quo where he threatened to have Obama withhold aid to the Ukraine if they did not stop the prosecutor in their country from investigating his son Hunter Biden in corruption involving a Ukrainian company.  Yep, Joe was THAT audacious.  These cabal stooges have literally gotten away with murder and a whole lot else for SO long that they are blatantly ARROGANT, yes, even to this level that Creepy Joe displays here.


And yet today, a farce of an impeachment is going on to try to get a duly elected president out of office.  For what?  For asking the NEW Ukrainian president, who got elected on a platform of anti-corruption, to look into the Bidens’ involvement in corruption in the Ukraine AND potential ELECTION MEDDLING by people in the Ukraine,  perhaps at the prompting of cabal stooge politicians from the U.S., ya know, like Joe Biden.

Gosh or gee, can you detect the typical BLATANT PROJECTING that the cabal stooges are up to here, attempting to put their sh*t on Trump?


This is not a typical post for my blog and yet when some so-called “lightworkers” are some of the worst Sleepy Sheeple / Walking Zombies at being sucked into the GLOBAL CABAL’S propaganda campaign, then an Ascension Forerunner gets urged by God to write about it.

I know that many of you so-called “lightworkers” know full well that there is a global cabal in this world who have been controlling humanity and yet you succumb to the GLOBAL-CABAL-stooge mainstream media’s brainwashing and SERVE the cabal yourselves with your Trump-hating idiocy.  You’re living by the “Gospel According to CNN”.  Fools!

You fancy yourselves to be the most intuitive and discerning people on the planet and yet you obviously have no idea who’s who in this world.  *shaking head*  You are in for a VERY rude awakening this year.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

You may have much research to do concerning the global cabal if you can’t “know them by their fruits” at this late date.


I learned about the cabal many years ago, learned enough to get the plot of this world story (a re-minder really).  Then I left it alone because there is a Planetary and Collective Ascension Project going on here and me dwelling or obsessing on mundane-level events (as too many still do) past the point of understanding the plot would have just been a distraction from the REAL work here of getting a planet and collective ascended.

So, 20-some years ago, I quit researching those mundane-level events and quit paying much attention to 3D events.  I would only take note when the Divine guided me to do so and it was made very easy for me, very quick and effortless.  Synchronicity played into it mightily.  Since I had the cabal’s number, I just needed the tiny tidbits of news that the Divine wanted me to see.

But other than that, my focus was on creating a new space for humanity.

In the fall of 2014, I literally got used up at being able to do any more Energetic Service Work (the intense, literal “human antenna” gig we REAL forerunners did FOR ALL OF YOU, yes, lightworkers included) for this ascension effort.

Well, in 2015-2016, the Divine wanted me to see some of the mundane-level events again.

Donald Trump announced his run for president.  It still didn’t catch much of my attention… until… well, there’s an old line “you’ll know people by their enemies”.

He has been a public figure since forever.  He’s rubbed elbows with GLOBAL CABAL stooges in politics, business, mainstream media and Hollywood.  No one in those groups had anything bad to say about the guy… until… he ran for president.  Why?  Because even though he’s gotten to know them in an “in person” sort of way, HE’S NOT ONE OF THEM.  And “they” know it.  He’s not just a “political” outsider, he’s also outside of the cabal ranks.  “They” knew that if someone like Trump were to get the presidency, then “their” days were numbered.

The GLOBAL-CABAL-stooge politicians, mainstream media, etc. started having a sh*t hemorrhage.  Boy oh boy, did this guy scare the sh*t out of them.  Ah, yes, I saw why the Divine wanted me to pay attention.

I knew who the cabal players were and they ALL came out the woodwork to try to trash and smear Donald Trump, a guy who they seemingly just loved for years, especially if he was perhaps willing to open his wallet to the cabal political stooges, and he did… until… it sunk into him in full just what “they” were up to and he couldn’t stand any more to see them destroy the country (and the world) and its people who he loved.

And the off-the-charts propaganda campaign started.

And sadly, not only did the sleepiest of the sleepy get sucked into the lies, but so did many a so-called “lightworker” who, again, sadly, still identify as “left of center” politically.  Why in the world are “lightworkers”, of all people, still clinging to political identities?  You so-called “lightworkers” are here to STEP OUT OF that old control paradigm and usher in a NEW paradigm for humanity and yet here you are at THIS. LATE. DATE. still participating in it AND being DUPED by it.

Wake the hell up there “lightworkers” and actually BE lightworkers!  How the hell you gonna do that when you insist on being in the dark about so much yourselves?

You can consider me your “last chance angel” on this topic, because Life and the Divine are ready to make it abundantly clear to all of you just how severely duped you have been.


See comments below for more info and also go to the post Massive Apocalypse and search there to find more news on (Quid Pro Joe) Biden and son in comments.

Dissenting to the Dissing-of-Self Disinfo – Lessons in Walking and Chewing Gum at the Same Time

Recently there is obviously a blatant disinformation campaign going on that is attempting to get humanity to diss the self… again.  *yawn*  They put “serving others” above self.

This might be a last gasp attempt by those who want to continue controlling humanity, be it higher-level ET types or global cabal humans.  They never quit with their control-freak ways!  And sadly, “there’s a new sucker born every day” apparently as dumb *ss lightworkers keep buying the bulls*t.

Enough already!

Some of those passing along this sort of message may be in misinformation mode and just don’t know any better.

This has been ongoing for quite some time in the “kill the ego” bullsh*t that many New Agers disseminate.  And more often than not, those who say such rubbish are the biggest egomaniacs around!

The truth that we are all having BOTH an Individuated ex-perience AND a Collective Connection reality seems to be beyond their abilities to comprehend.  Gosh oh gee, could we possibly be having an Individuated soul experience AND be connected to God / The All That Is and all the subparts of that, ya know, our fellow beings, AT. THE. SAME. TIME?  Ah yeah, ya think?

Those who buy into this “one or the other” thing are very steeped in the illusion of Duality.  They are running the “either / or” program.  Obviously they can’t walk and chew gum at the same time.

Or they are running solely on pea brain intellect, and don’t use Divine Intelligence.  One must USE BOTH.  Doh!  These things are not polar opposites but COMPLEMENTS.  They “complete” each other.  Goodness sakes, what does it take to get this concept of WHOLENESS – which is what “heal” means – through people’s thick skulls?!

In this world terms like “self-centered” are given a bad rap.  I ask, if you’re not centered on self, where are you centered?  Somewhere “over there”?  That’s been a problem.

Has humanity been polarized and stuck in lower-self mode, being obsessed with “only self”?  Some have yeah.  But others have been JUST as dysfunctional by putting others above self.  Putting yourself beneath others, having “lesser than” issues, is also an ego issue and probably thee biggest ego issue in this world.

Swinging the pendulum to the other side and saying that at some point one soul becomes just a part of the collective and is no longer CREATING AS AN INDIVIDUATED SOUL (still polarized) is a delusion.  A major part of serving others will be to continue creating yourself.  It might be creating something different than you used to, but nevertheless.  I hope to God you aren’t still creating what you were before you started your healing and ascension process.

But anyone promoting this pendulum or “either / or” garbage are still up to their old control-freak ways and those who continue to get sucked into it are JUST as stuck in Duality as those stuck in “only-self” mode.

Somewhere in there they seem to think that just because they say “we” they can suddenly start making other people’s choices for them, living their lives for them.  Nope.  You don’t EVER get to do that.  Don’t delude yourself.

You help to enlighten and empower others TO CREATE FOR THEMSELVES, in a conscious way.  Get there yourself first so you can lead by example.

What part of Whole, Balance, and INtegrated don’t these disinfo / misinfo people understand?

  • They need to embrace both sides of their brain and yep, utilize BOTH intellect and intelligence.
  • They need to utilize ALL their chakras, not just lower or upper.
  • They need to integrate both masculine and feminine energies.
  • They need to connect to BOTH Heaven (divinely connected) and Earth (being well-grounded).
  • They need to serve BOTH self and others.
  • etc.  *yawn*

But can they muster that?

“If you can’t love yourself, how the hell ya gonna love somebody else?”

It all starts with Self.  And that has got to be constantly maintained.  Top priority: self.  But you are serving your vitals signs and YOUR SOUL, not your old paradigm, programmed “Mini Me”.  And then you will serve others and you might not have all those so-called “luxuries” that you got brainwashed to think you need.

For many years, some kept trying to hijack New Age lightworker’s efforts by convincing them that they are here to serve others.  Yep… eventually.  But one must serve self FIRST, then maintain self… throughout!

These disinfo specialists and their “useful idiot”, unwitting misinfo cohorts kept many a lightworker distracted from DOING THEIR OWN INNER WORK by getting them to think that they must put others above self.

Regardless of what stage of the healing and ascension process you are in, whether you are serving self or serving others, in order to keep from being disempowered and dysfunctional, you MUST HAVE YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT.

You can only give what you’ve got.

If you cannot learn, grow, heal, know, love, respect, nurture, etc YOURSELF you’ve got NOTHING for the next person.  And just because you complete your own healing and ascension process does NOT mean that you are now part of some homogenous pool of collective beings.  You’re still you.  You still have your own flavor of energy that you gift to the world.  You still need to love, respect, care for and nurture yourself in a maintenance sort of way… or you’ve got nothing for the next being.  Don’t even kid yourself that it’s any other way.

Now, I will say, will you have to set aside your old paradigm, silly, programmed “Mini Me” wants and supposed “needs”… in order to serve others?  Yeah!  

You all might be surprised at just how little of the “out there” you REALLY need in order to perform your ultimate Soul Mission of serving others.  As I often say, “If you need it, it will be there.  If it’s not there, you must not need it.”  You might not be having all “that you’ve become accustomed to”.  

The World card in Tarot is the culmination of the Major Arcana.  From here:

There’s a joke that goes something like: “when you play a country and western record backwards, what happens? Your dog comes back, your lover comes back, your money comes back and you live happily ever after.” This is the theme of the World Tarot card.

What’s implied there in “your dog coming back”?  That you lost your “dog” in the first place.  You will “sacrifice” much.  From here:

You might’ve noticed that keyword up there: “sacrifice.” This strikes some fear into many hearts, but there is no reason for fear. The sacrifice the Hanged Man asks us to make is in the form of giving up things in our lives that do not serve us. By suspending ourselves (thoughts, actions, emotions) we can gain perspective in order to identify the habits we cling to that hinder our progress. Sometimes in a reading the Hanged Man can be a message that we should set aside our own needs for the needs of others around us too.

I would put the word “perceived” in front of “needs” in “our own needs” in that last sentence.

I highlighted what I did from The Hanged Man message because it’s time to quit making excuses.  One small example, “I can’t afford organic food.”  You can’t afford NOT to eat it.  That’s one example, but it’s across the board, in every facet of your life… if you sacrifice the things that do NOT serve you, then you’ll have more time, money, energy and other resources for the things that actually DO serve you.  Time to get your priorities straight.  Quit feeding what you really don’t want and start feeding what you do want.  If you’re tired of seeing delivery trucks drive by your house, delivering conventionally grown and GMO “food”, then quit buying that stuff.

But yeah, after this ENTIRE COLLECTIVE Ascension Project is complete, then you “get your dog back” IN SPADES AND THEN SOME… and your soul… and your freedom.

I’ve often said, you have to give up instant gratification on your way to instant manifestation.

And, IN SERVING OTHERS at levels that most lightworkers can’t even fathom, I have been VERY isolated.  Not by my personal “Mini Me” choice mind ya.

And that isolation did NOT happen BEFORE the ascension-hell years when I was doing many years of “general healing“.  Yep, I did actually walk and chew gum at the same time, serving self AND shining my light to others.  But MY OWN everything – healing, nurturing, self care, self love, self respect, etc. – were ALWAYS my top priority… ‘cuz that’s how this stuff is done.  That’s why we REAL forerunners were able to serve at the HIGH level that we were, that lightworkers still haven’t caught onto – we had our priorities straight.  Always.

And I am very much looking forward to being out in a public way again after Gaia and we 1st Wavers ascend imminently.

I got my ass kicked helping the planet and humanity doing years of Energetic Service Work in the early part of this last decade until I couldn’t be used any more, used to within an inch of my life for ALL of humanity, including lightworkers who just couldn’t seem to get it in gear.  I would guess that those “juvenile” lightworkers who are FINALLY about to start serving others (’bout time!) think I’m behind them since I STILL promote Top Priority: Self.  They’re the types who can’t even “see” us REAL forerunners and obviously still don’t understand that we got to where we did because of our proper priorities.

And THAT is just exactly what all you lightworkers will need to be teaching to humanity – to keep self the top priority.  People making bad choices for themselves are certainly not helping the world any.

Yep, I look forward to actually getting to see and indulge in both the planet (and both planets – Gaia and Earth) and humanity yet again.  I’ve missed those entities who I got my ass kicked for.

But, throughout, I have been able to properly balance serving self and serving others.

I’ve been getting after lightworkers to do their own inner work, then to serve others – BOTH – for years now and many are stuck in one side or the other.  I did both for many years before the ascension-hell years started.  It’s really not that difficult folks.

I’ll be doing it again, even though in a fully ascended state, in the very near future.  But I’ll also be having an awesome fricking good time, FINALLY.  I don’t have to come back and continue to serve after my ascension, I was asked to (by God / the Divine) and chose to.  I’ve MORE than served this project.  Many of my fellow REAL forerunners will not only leave Earth but won’t even be staying with Gaia.  They are done, done, done and who could blame ’em.  But I enjoy the physical so I’ll enjoy both Earth and Gaia and continue to serve… a bit… but, I won’t kid ya, I’ll be doing more along the lines of enjoying “the dog I got back.”  🙂

Methinks that many of these people who keep promoting one side or other of the dualistic “either / or” disempowering program and keep pendulum swinging and can’t FINALLY learn to get and keep their priorities straight even while walking and chewing gum at the same time are in for some really rude surprises. … regardless of what subpart of the whole they are refusing to acknowledge.

Get it together folks.  You CAN walk and chew gum at the same time.  I know ya can.

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Read my book also Awake & Aware – Top Priority: Self

Big Kid Pants

I left the comment below at this link:

ETs will not show up here. It’s not their place.  The reason why the world is so messed up is because ETs came here and interfered and continued to do so.  Be glad that those ETs who honor humanity will NOT repeat that.

Freshly ascended HUMAN Ascended Masters will return to Earth to awaken more to the Ascension Project.  But when we do return, we won’t be interfering either.  Nope, we won’t take over the mainstream media or anything like that.

We will SHINE OUR LIGHT / SHARE INFORMATION, just like we were doing before we ascended, just like the FARSIGHT lightworkers who remain in 3D ought to be doing.  It’s time for lightworkers to truly SERVE humanity and yeah, that will mean getting off your computer and out INTO 3D, ya know, person to person, coming out of the closet and SHOWING YOURSELVES.

Neither ETs nor Ascended Humans can do your work for you, whether it’s everyone’s Inner Work or the lightworkers’ Service Work.  It’s for you to do.  Your “in here” creates the “out there”.  Don’t like what’s going on “out there”?  Then clean up your “in here” and be a living example.

Our appearance will NOT be a rescue mission. What would we rescue you from but your own creations.  If you don’t like what you’re / you’ve created might I suggest you shake it up.  Do something else.  But no one and nothing outside of yourself is your savior.  YOU are your own savior.

“Fake news” and the like helps you hone your discernment skills.  The onus of the Truth, for YOU, lies very firmly on YOUR shoulders.

Time to pull those big kid pants on.  No one is swooping in to save you… from yourself.

I do truly hope you ARE excited when we freshly ascended Human Ascended Masters arrive back in 3D to talk to you, but it’s not about us.  We stand as an example of what you and all of humanity is capable of.  I hope you recognize in yourselves what you see in us.

If you want to see ETs, get yourselves ascended.  You’ll then be up to your eyeballs in ETs any time you’d like.  You’ve been ETs yourselves.  You KNOW that.  You don’t need outer “proof”.

See here:


Folks, I’m doing the best I can to give you a head ups on what lies ahead of you and THAT would be MUCHO SERVICE WORK.  Release your denial about that.

Denial is more than just a river in Egypt.

For years I’ve also done my best to comment on your blogs and set you straight on some funny notions you have and yet, in most cases, I’m lucky if you even allow my comments through.  Ego issues much?

Being steeped in egomania is not helping anyone.

Closing yourself off to others is not helping anyone either.

The REAL forerunners keep reaching out to you and you keep closing us out.  You cannot be both open and closed at the same time.  Not only are YOU refusing to consider the wisdom we present, you’re also keeping others from seeing it.  And that includes you so-called “lightworkers” who indiscriminately re-blog every-frickin’-thing, even stuff that you don’t agree with yourselves… as long as it’s fluffy enough and appeals to your own ego issues and denial.  But don’t let any pesky Truth and Wisdom through, whatever you do.  You are running the old disempowering program known as “teacher = threat”.  Ooh, scary boys ‘n girls.  God IS Truth and yet you seemingly want nothing to do with Truth and yet fancy yourselves so very “spiritual”.  Please.

Watch you same “lightworkers” (Dark Clingers?) get all “Johnny Come Lately / me too” about it after some REAL forerunners return to 3D to assist humanity.  You’ll wait till the Truth we tell is more “trendy” or something.  Goodness sakes.  Don’t be “trend setters” for Christ’s sake (literally), just be “trend followers”.  *shaking head*  And you same “lightworkers” will dare to refer to yourselves as “forerunners”.  Clueless.

Humans have been a duped lot, but you so-called “lightworkers” have been in a league of your own.

“If it’s channeled and fluffy it must be good… right?”  Err!  Wrong answer.

“If someone is purely ‘no bulls*t’ and gives it to ya straight, that must be “bad”… right?”  Discernment?  Intuition?  What are those things?

Being a TRUE lightworker is not about “being nice” of “fitting in”.  We came to shake things up.

When we talk about compassion we talk in terms of being kind.  But compassion is not so much being kind; it is being creative [enough / in order] to wake a person up. ~ Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoch

Gullible, severely programmed, frickin’ New Agers.  You can’t even tell who actually has your best interests in mind and who doesn’t.  That is anti-intuitive.  THIS is how humanity got so enslaved in the first place.  And you “lightworkers” came to help “free” others?  Like the blonde leading the blonde.

You think Truth has to do with how something is said.  Many a “silver-tongued devil” has led you down the primrose path… and here I speak of both humans and those above the 3D consciousness veil.
NO!  Just because it is channeled does NOT mean it’s a worth a darn.
NO!  Just because it strokes your ego does NOT mean it’s worth a darn.
NO!  Just because it mollycoddles you does NOT mean it’s worth a darn.

I myself DO NOT mollycoddle Powerful Creator Gods.  That’s YOU I’m talking about.  Time to start acting like the Powerful Creator Gods you are.  Not just talk big.

Being caught in escapism isn’t helping you or anyone either.  

You came here to help here.  In order to help here, you must actually BE here.  Quit trying to escape 3D Earth.  Quit squirreling yourselves away.  Get out of the closet.  Get out into 3D!  Humanity needs you.  The future starts now.

You have YEARS of SERVICE WORK ahead of you.

Lightworkers, pull those big kid pants on.

Soul Experiences… for Dummies

What most people think of as “God” is the All That IS.  God is everything.

But another term for God, which is my favorite, because of its implications, is Prime Creator.

You and everyone else, including ETs, whoever, are all souls of God.  You come from God and are part of God.  You are a Powerful Creator in and of yourself, a god.  Why would you not be?  You are God having the experience of you through you.

The only “real” and True realm is “God’s realm” or the Divine Realm.

There are dimensions / densities (some call ’em “angelic realms” and perhaps other terms) that are essentially outside of the Divine Realm and hence they are not “real” per se.  They are an illusion.

You, as a soul, have had many ex-periences here and elsewhere, in human form or other physical and non-physical forms.

We, God and all of us souls, co-created the dimensions / densities in order to have ex-periences.  “Ex” means “from” or “outside”.  We are having ex-periences that are outside of who we truly are.  Yeah, we signed up for this craziness.  We come here BY CHOICE, at a soul level.

When we step into dimensional ex-perience, we don a “consciousness veil” and take on free will.  If we did not don the veil, there is no way we’d do things that are “outside of who we are”.  The veiled-consciousness state of free will is what allows us to do things that we’d never do if we knew / re-membered who we really are.

Whether you are the “murderer” or the “victim” or whatever else, you signed up for this and it’s just a game.  And just like when playing a video game, when your little game avatar dies, you don’t. You are a Soul having a human ex-perience.  It’s worth honoring your humanness when you are human, but it’s just an ex-perience, it’s not who you truly are.  Your body (physical form) can die, but you as a soul do not.  You are essentially eternal, or at least as much as you and God want you to be (I’ll let you take that up with God yourself).

We are having “real” ex-periences here, but we’re doing it in a self-made virtual reality, a video game, if you will.  (Read “The Holographic Universe” by Michael Talbot, 1992)  Yes, it’s a “matrix”!  But it’s OUR / YOUR matrix.  We created this.

Yep, we’re THAT powerful, most especially when you have entire worlds (let alone entire dimensional realms) where all the people there are all on the same sheet of music.  On top of the Universal Laws of Physics and Metaphysics, we also collectively can and do create entire collective paradigms.

Individuals though can step out of the collective paradigm and have, down through history.  Recently MANY Earthlings are stepping out of the old paradigm that has been in place since the beginning of humans.

No matter what your state of consciousness you are ALWAYS creating.  There is never a time when you are not creating.  Whether you remember you are a Powerful Creator god or not, you are always creating.  You’re not waiting to become a god, you always are one.  The difference is you are either creating consciously or unconsciously.  Denying that you are a Powerful Creator doesn’t keep you from creating, it just makes your creations unconscious.

Unconscious creations are easily hijackable and, most especially here in the 3D Earthly realm, have been hijacked.

Higher-dimensional beings, who, yes, are also having a veiled-consciousness ex-perience, came to 3D Earth to supposedly mine for gold.  I won’t kid ya, I have no idea at this point in time and space, why higher-dimensional beings would need or desire 3D-level gold, but… their own kind got tired of doing the mining and basically went on strike.  So, they needed someone else to do the mining.

Some of these beings were genetic engineers so they created the homo-sapien form from a local hominid and their own DNA.  They created humans to be a slave race.  They were hence here before humans and had their slave purpose for humans, so as soon as the human form’s feet hit the ground, the control agenda started.  This has then essentially been “forever” as far as the human form is concerned, it’s not anything new.

Today, there is a controlling cabal in this world who answer to these higher-dimensional beings, yep ETs.  The cabal think they might get some favors from the ETs if they do their bidding.  Eh, they may be in for some surprises in that regard.  Nevertheless, their role has allowed every soul who incarnates into human form to have some very challenging ex-periences, which is why we created this realm and what we signed up for.

That control agenda, from the ETs and the cabal, has resulted in humans being dumbed down, which has resulted in being disconnected from your Divine Self and God.  And the control agenda has also resulted in having wounds, most especially which start when you’re a child.

And unfortunately, like it or lump it, the people who have actually played the biggest role in your be-lie-f-system programming have been the people who love you – your parents, teachers and preachers… because they too have been programmed.  Veiled consciousness ex-periences all around.  “Forgive them God, they know not what they do.”  But God knows that and doesn’t need to be asked to forgive anyone.  God was in on this co-creation.

So, yes, we did sign up for this unsanity, but all good things and thankfully “bad” things come to an end.  The times we are in are a time of Planetary and Collective Ascension.  This is your chance to (re)awaken to who you truly are (remove the consciousness veil), to heal and to return to your True Self (or at least a much truer version of yourself) and return to God.

I just found out there’s no such thing as the real world
Just a lie you’ve got to rise above.  ~ “No Such Thing” by John Mayer

Even though it’s our own ex-periment at ex-periences, no one can truly take authority over your life, but you sure can give it away.  Well, if you can give authority of your life away, you can also reclaim it.  Ready for that yet?

Gaia, the old soul essence of Earth (Gaia’s old body), asked to be ascended because Earth has an extinction-level event looming on the horizon.  The global cabal have hijacked humans’ creative powers and have used humanity to trash the environment and not in the cabal’s conventionally-told “climate change” sort of way, which they just use as an excuse to control and kill off humans, in a myriad of ways.  It goes far beyond such things as you motoring around in your century+ old internal-combustion-engine-powered vehicles.  Gaia did not care to have herself and all her lifeforms go through yet another extinction-level event.  So… many souls answered her call and came here to help Gaia and humanity achieve their ascension to the 5th Dimension (5D).  You can help to raise the human form to 5D by saving yourself.

Alex Jones, just recently, said that the global cabal have put out messages that this realm is not “real”.  They’re not wrong!  He also said they, the cabal, were trying to “escape” this realm.  They are, that’s true also.  But, even though they know much about esoteric information – “eso” means “within / into / inward” – they keep trying to “escape” (see word origin, it’s literally “ex-cape”) this realm in exoteric ways (remember “ex” and “exo” means “outside”).  Idiots!  They’re using the “out there” to do what one can only do “in here”.

There’s a line directed at the world establishment, which, if I remember right, was attributed to “Jesus”, although may be much older than that, which I now paraphrase: “You have the knowledge, you won’t let anyone else have it and yet you yourselves don’t know what to do with it.”

The cabal (establishment) keep trying to do outwardly what can only be done inwardly.  They attempt to use “outer technology” to do what anyone and everyone can do with “Inner Technology.”  And that’s what this whole ascension thing is about – tapping into your Inner Technology to yes, graduate beyond this realm.

Read this blog for more.  I strongly suggest, especially if this whole ascension thing is new to you, that you start reading this blog from the first post and read it in order.  It’s not a big blog, like reading a small book.

Big-time Election Fraud!

Going on since 2001 in Kentucky.  You can bet that it’s going on elsewhere also.  And it seems to be both parties.

Are you from Kentucky?  These are your elections being stolen.  What can and will you do to stop this?!  Did you USED TO BE a Kentucky resident?  Are you sure your name is off their voter rolls?

It’s often been said that so-called “elected” officials are SELECTED, not elected.  Boy, does this info point to that in no small way.

These following videos are in the order they were released.  The last one is the biggy.  Watch it.

BREAKING! New Evidence Confirms Kentucky Election Fraud!

Exclusive: Investigative Reporters Have Discovered How the Kentucky Governorship Was Stolen – Livestream

Millie Weaver and Tore, who is an investigative journalist who first broke this story due to her own experiences, discuss new info from a whistleblower in Kentucky who has provided Millie volumes of information about rigged elections in Kentucky since 2001.

Watch Live: New Whistleblower Leaks Documents Showing Kentucky Election Was Rigged!


See more ongoing news links in the comments section of my Massive Apocalypse post.


Farsights – Settle in for the Long Haul!

Very, very soon, Gaia and the 1st Wave will be ascending.  Some in the 1st Wave will return to assist in helping humanity know about The Ascension.

Folks, there will only be ~1,145,000 lightworkers ascending in the 1st Wave.  See posts below to know if you will be in the 1st Wave.  Do the math, not many reading this will be in the 1st Wave.

For the rest of you, best settle in for the long haul.  You’re not going anywhere for quite some time.

What I’m getting from the Divine, in this present moment, is that whoever is NOT in the 1st Wave will be in 3D on Earth UNTIL whoever is going to ascend is ready.  That’s everyone else BESIDES lightworkers.

So, the sooner you get everyone else up to speed on this ascension project, the sooner you lightworkers yourselves will be able to ascend.


For more info that you might need to understand what I’ve just said, see these posts:

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5 Element Theory

You Might Be Caught in Duality

In the vein of Jeff Foxworthy’s “You might be a redneck” bit…

… you see things as only black or white
… you think things are “either / or”
… you use words like “always” and “never”
… you feel things in human / Earthly life are “all” or “nothing”
… you think the answer to a patriarchy is a matriarchy
… it’s all about logic / reason OR it’s all about emotions / feelings
… it’s all about “doing” OR it’s all about “being”
… you “take sides” and succumb to age-old “divide and conquer” tactics
… you’re a left-of-center New Age lightworker who only puts a “like” on my posts that get after the brainwashing displayed in people who identify as “right of center”
… you’re a Christian (perhaps of the Info Warrior sort) who only puts a “like” on my posts that get after the brainwashing displayed in people who identify as “left of center”
… you’re a New Ager who thinks, “If it’s channeled, it must be true… right?”
… you’re a Western Religion follower who thinks, “If it’s ‘in scripture’, it must be true… right?”

You might be caught in Duality!

Silly programmed humans see “either / or”, when it’s far more likely that it’s “and / both” or in some cases it’s “neither”.

Or silly programmed humans might get into swinging from one extreme to another, from one rail to another.  When they see that one extreme is not the answer, in their programmed state, they mistakenly think that the answer lies at the other extreme.  Err!  Wrong answer.

There may be times for one side and other times when it’s time for the other side.  But camping out in one extreme or another is not the way to go.  Knowing which “side” of things is appropriate for the current moment is key.  For instance, is it a time for “doing” or a time for “being”?!

Silly programmed humans think they can draw a line and everything on one side of the line is “good” and everything on the other side of the line is “bad”… always.  You sure about that?

They want to draw on mundane-level informational sources and just find one or a few sources that they can fully trust, ya know, so they don’t need to look any further.

Well, wouldn’t that all be so simple and easy?!  Then there’s reality.  You don’t get off easy on this.  You’re not going to get away with not thinking or discerning / intuiting FOR YOURSELF.  Your ability to be a heretic – one who thinks (masculine energy) for themselves – AND your ability to use your discernment / intuition / Direct Divine Connection (feminine energy) for yourself is what is being asked of you in order to get to The Truth of things, to be Balanced, Whole and INtegrated and to return to your True Self and God.  You’re being urged to hone these skills, not being offered “easy street” or some “shortcut” or “cheat”.

You didn’t step into Dimensional / Density ex-perience (ex means outward / outside… of your True Self in this case) just for things to be easy breezy.  If what you wanted was easy breezy, you’d have stayed in the Divine Realms… and probably would have gotten bored silly.

You came here for ex-periences and challenges.  Well, you got some!

But now is the time and the opportunities abound for you to return to your True Self.  It’s gonna take some work.  That would be HEALING work.  You’ll have to use the different “sides” of Duality to create Unity.  All the pieces are there, you just have to re-pair things – put the pair back together again.

Your little “Mini Me” human self is not in this alone.  The Divine will guide you.

Still and Quiet

Humans have been conditioned to be busy, busy headless chickens.

I realized years ago that those programmed robot headless chickens are very suspicious of anyone who is still and quiet.  Yes, severely programmed, at deep levels, from age-old and new programs alike, perhaps many that have been layered one upon another down through human history.  

Many Walking Zombies walk or drive down the street while they are on their cell phones texting or looking things up.  They run into people, oh hell, they literally fall into open manholes.  *shaking head*  There is much talk about how the radiation off these devices is bad for one’s health and that’s true, but they could use other technology for these devices that is not unhealthy – and yes, that’s quite possible and there’s no reason for them to be using what they do other than that it IS unhealthy because “they” want you all dead, it’s their motivation, their intention – and yet these devices, if still used the way they are would still be a major problem.

These devices are relatively new.  The headless chicken programming is not.

One data point on that is the Protestant Work Ethic – “Idle hands are the work of the devil” or “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.”  ‘Cuz we all must be so busy, busy all the damned time.  Major league disempowering brainwashing there.

Never mind that it’s when we are still and quiet that we stand the best chance to actually receive Divine Guidance.  That’s what meditation is all about.  Being Still and Quiet.  Not just your body, but also, oh hell, especially your lower mind (left-brain, logical, reasoning mind) since repetitive physical motion, such as running or doing a rain dance can be very meditative.

So, gee thanks there dear Protestants for helping people DISconnect from God.  You shouldn’t have!  No really.

Years ago I came across an article by a Baptist minister about the Parable of the 3 Talents, which goes like this:

3 men were given an equal sum of money.  They were told that they could do anything they wanted with it but had to return it in a year’s time.  The first man invested it into a business, worked moderately hard and made a decent profit.  The second man also invested it into a business and worked really hard and made even more profit.  The third man took his sum of money and buried it in the ground.  In a year’s time, all 3 were able to return the sum of money.

The Baptist minister said that most clergy who tell this parable don’t take into consideration the context in which the story was told.  It was 2000 years ago and the Roman Empire was attempting to force an economic system on people.

So… the true hero of this story was the third man who buried his money in the ground.  Just like the other two, he was able to return the money after a year, but he didn’t allow it to change his life.  He didn’t get caught up in the economic system.

And yet most clergy will tell this story around tithing time, kinda sending the message that perhaps one could “buy their way into Heaven”.  They are feeding just exactly what the parable was warning about.

And “business” is spelled the way it is for a reason, it’s busyness.  And “occupation” is something to keep you occupied.

I propose an experiment to all of you.  Pick out a public sidewalk location, somewhere that’s not a typical place to stand, ya know, “for a reason” as in, maybe don’t stand at an intersection or other crosswalk or people will think you’re just waiting to cross the street.  It could be in a business district or perhaps even in a residential area, but you might get more people walking by in a business district.  But, do this on two consecutive weeks, same day of the week, same time of the day so you’re getting the same people or types of people walking by (the weather being the same would be handy too).

The first week just stand there.  Just you in your clothes.  No device, not smoking, no bag. Just stand there and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, enjoying the view, maybe people watch.  See how long it takes for someone to come along and use the word “loiter” with you.

The second week, be doing something – on a device, smoking, digging through a bag, looking at a map, whatever.  See if anyone even acknowledges your existence let alone dares to use the word “loiter” with you.

‘Cuz hey, “loitering”, ya know “wagging about” with no apparent purpose MUST be criminal.

I worked with someone years ago who had their own observations about this sort of thing.  They were not a smoker and they wanted to propose an “adopt a smoker” program at work.  They said that if a smoker wanted to go at any time and stand outside of the company and smoke, no one would say a thing, but if this nonsmoker were to do that, just step out and stand around and enjoy the fresh air, someone would surely come along and say, “Do you need something to do?”

I was an electronics technician for years.  I had a manager, who was not technical – ya know how that goes, they just “manage” and we’re not talking managing products or services since they don’t know squat about that, they “manage” people, ya know, aka, make sure all the peons know who’s boss.  Well, I’m sitting in the lab, at my bench, looking at a parts data book for an IC (integrated chip) that I was building a circuit with.  He steps through the door and immediately asks me “Do you need something to do?”  I said, “Why?  Do you have something you want done for you?”  He said, “No, you’re just reading a book.”  OMG.  Completely clueless.  So, he basically walked up to someone who was working and asked them if they needed work to do.  *shaking head*  I told a coworker about this who said that he always did that and they learned to just get up and go to the back of the lab and act like they were looking through the parts bins until the manager left again.

A few years back, still during the ascension hell years (that never seem to end), I would usually sleep during the day and be up at night because I was staying at my friend’s who lived on a busy arterial and the constant traffic noise would drive me bonkers, especially when I was also getting pummeled with intense energy work.  So, by being awake at night I got a few hours of PEACE and relative SILENCE.  Ahh.

Well, one night, it musta been after midnight, I stepped outside for a stroll down the alley behind the apartment building.  My cat was there also, ducking here and there under bushes and parked cars.  I walked a ways and turned back.  Then I saw headlights behind me that I knew were a block back as someone obviously turned up the alley.  But it was seemingly taking a small eon for them to get to me, so I turned and saw that they were stopped halfway up the last block, but no one was getting in or out of the car.

Then they finally started moving again and when they got to me, I was right next to them and right under a street light.  I turned right towards them.  I can’t say I “looked at” them because they were behind very dark blackened windows.  So I didn’t know if there was one person or half a dozen in the car.  They drove by very slowly.  I knew in that moment that they were suspicious of me.  People are too predictable.

They drove a ways and stopped at the driveway of our building.  Again, for the longest time, no one got in, no one got out.  Finally, the driver and a passenger got out and both went to the trunk and the passenger retrieved a bag and went into the building.

Because I knew they were suspicious of me, I made a big to-do about standing in the alley, in plain sight, next to the condos next door and watched them.  And again, beyond predictable, the driver gets in the car and doesn’t drive forward and out the other end of the alley, but… backs up to me… to use the word “loiter” with me.

He said something to the effect of, “You know there are laws against loitering?”

I said, “Do YOU know that?”

He said something about me looking suspicious.  I told him he’s one to talk as they entered the alley in the middle of the night and stop halfway down the block where there wasn’t much there and no one got in or out of the car.  Then they pull up to the driveway of the apartment building and sit there again for the longest time, no one getting in or out.

I told him that when they drove by me, I was right under a street light and turned and looked right towards them… not that I could see them through their blackened windows.  I certainly wasn’t hiding.  I asked, “So, what did you have to hide behind your blackened windows?”  I asked him if his windows were darker than was legal since a friend of mine had her windows darkened, but the installer would only go to legal limits, which were no where’s near as dark as this guy’s windows.

I told him that someone belonged there and someone didn’t.  I told him to wait a minute while I went to the back of his car and memorized his license plate number.  He decided it was time to leave.  Good move… jerk!

So, to the programmed robots, it’s ok to pollute your lungs, it’s ok to fry your brain with a cell phone or even be plotting the overthrow of the world from that phone, hell you could probably pull up a semi-truck and start loading all their neighbor’s belongings into it and that wouldn’t draw any attention… as long as you’re busy, busy.

But, god forbid, you stand or stroll and just be.  Surely you must be up to something.


(Note:  I told someone about this blog post and this comment I made about loading the neighbor’s home belongings into a truck and they said that in their neighborhood exactly that happened.  No attention drawn.  But I’ll bet dollars to donuts if those thieves instead would have just been sitting in their truck eating lunch or just relaxing, THAT would have drawn attention.  *shaking head*)


Also see info about the Divine Feminine and rest / gather-energy mode in my post Masculine AND Feminine .

InfoWars Does It Again!

Yesterday, I left the comment below at this link:

Seattle Police Officer’s Health Damaged in Homeless Camp Clean-Up, $10 Million Suit Claims

This is hilarious that people think this is a story about homelessness. This is a story about toxic PCBs in the urban environment. Hello! What’s up with all the PCBs? The homeless can go away and the PCBs will still be poisoning people. Why are the alarms not being raised about this insane level of PCBs? Yo?! Denver Ave. S and 1st Ave. South is the industrial district. Lord knows what else is there. Where’s the EPA? (not that they care)

Why did “homeless” end up in the title of this article and “PCBs” didn’t?!

Don’t know what PCBs are?  See here:

What?  Do you think that the homeless put those PCBs there?  In the INDUSTRIAL DISTRICT of Seattle?

People!  Get your heads on straight!  It’s one thing if complete Walking Zombies who don’t know diddly about anything can’t think straight, but when smart, informed, knowledgeable people like those at InfoWars and those who listen to and read InfoWars stuff SHIFT RESPONSIBILITY of things, that’s a sad state indeed.  Gee, I can’t imagine why this world is in such tough shape when the brightest of the bright can’t even see straight.

That title makes it sound like the homeless or even maybe their garbage are somehow responsible for this cop getting sick.  Not hardly, which the story itself will reveal – well, perhaps only for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear – but that title is feeding the cabal’s fear-mongering and divide & conquer agendas.  Ooh, scary homeless people.

Sadly, this is rather mild as far as InfoWars making homeless sound scary.  Supposedly the homeless’ mere existence can cause disease.  NOT!  Other people’s dis-ease, as in, lack of ease, is not your concern.  Tend to YOUR OWN dis-ease / lack of ease.  THAT is what will make YOU sick, NOT someone else’s dis-ease.  Goodness sakes.  Lady Di used to go visit the lepers.  Did she get sick?  Nope.  Why?  First and foremost, she didn’t THINK / EXPECT she would.  Duh!  She probably knew how to eat right too.

WITH INCREASED AWARENESS COMES INCREASED RESPONSIBILITY!  Come on InfoWars, step up.  You can do better than this.  These extraordinary and challenging times demand to be met, not with adequacy – and certainly not delusions of adequacy.  These times demand you be REMARKABLE.

Would it really be a surprise for me to tell you that you live in a sound-bite society?  That’s not wonderful but it is reality.  Face it.  Then work from there.  It’s tough to shift people’s paradigms with sound-bite answers, but with the PROPER sound-bites, which is what article titles are, right?, you can at least get people’s attention and now you just might have a conversation… that absolutely could shift someone’s paradigm.

Ok, on my Dress Rehearsal post, I offer up several wisdom tidbits that we lightworkers like to use.  Let’s pick one, like, “What you think of me is none of my business.”  For people who have not heard this line, it definitely gets their attention.  Now one could follow that up with, “YOUR thoughts don’t create my life and reality, MY thoughts do.”  Ah, now we just gave someone a clue about how creation works.  What follows “I” or “I am” is your creation.  So, in 2 or 3 lines, yep, ya just might manage to shift someone’s paradigm and get them out of the mode of shifting responsibility.

Furthermore, speaking of SHIFTING RESPONSIBILITY:

“As a result of the alleged exposure, Gifford claims, he has been diagnosed with early onset Type 2 diabetes and now generally suffers from poor health. The 5-foot-6, 159-pound officer previously had been in good physical health, managing a lifelong liver condition during his more than seven years in police work, said his attorney, Lincoln Beauregard.”

MANAGING a lifelong liver condition.  And why didn’t that little factoid end up in the title of this article?  Gee, let me guess, “managing” it with pharmaceuticals perhaps?  That “managing” term is what is often used with pharmaceutical use.  Not “cure”, but “manage.”  And often the pharmies actually cause the condition or make it worse.  I could go do what that cop did, in that same area, and I’d bet dollars to donuts that I would NOT get sick, PCBs or no.  But then again, I know how to Think, Speak and Eat healthfully.

My favorite quote from Dr. Lorraine Day, “We don’t get sick from a deficiency of drugs (pharmies) or surgery.”

And ya know, the liver is very resilient and also downright regenerative.  People have had portions of their liver removed and it grows back!  The liver cleans toxins out of the body.  It’s very good at what it does, but there is only so much it can take.  Imagine what it could do if supported properly by the soul that is inhabiting its body.

Conventionally grown and GMO food are highly toxic.  Things like acetaminophen can cause liver damage.  And of course alcohol can also.  And many people who don’t practice proper food combining are using their stomachs as fermenters.  If they eat the standard “meat and potatoes” fare, then the protein has to stay in the stomach for quite a while to allow the stomach acids to work on it.  But the carbohydrates are stuck in the stomach with the protein and they don’t need to be there that long, so they literally start to ferment.

Another commenter on Dan Lyman’s InfoWars article above rightly said that it won’t be city officials (my note: present or past, or any companies involved either, I’m sure) who will pay for that lawsuit out of their pockets, it will come from the TAX PAYER.  Just one more way of assisting the global cabal at creating even more homeless people.

So, let’s sum this up, shall we?  Someone who obviously doesn’t know how to take care of their own health, ends up in a place that has outrageous PCB levels and now everyone else, the taxpayer, has to pay for it.

The cop isn’t held accountable for his own health.

The EPA isn’t jumping up and down over outrageous PCB levels there.

The companies who dumped the PCBs there or who manufactured the products used there, which leaked PCBs aren’t held accountable.

The city, county, state not being asked to clean up the PCBs.


And gosh, no concern about the people, yes PEOPLE, ya know, the homeless who used to be your neighbor and who just might STILL be your coworker these days, having to live in that chemical crap.

Meanwhile, Trump threatens to sic the EPA on San Francisco about human feces from homeless people getting into the ocean.

First, see my comments about the homeless situation to Millie Weaver’s report here:

Yep, messed up how things are NOT being handled properly.  Nope, human poop has no business on the sidewalks and there are simple solutions.  What?  Did these city officials think that just because people don’t have a roof over their heads that they quit sh*tting?  Hello, McFly!

But really?  Poop getting in the ocean is a concern, but PCBs being EV.ER.Y.WHERE is not?

‘Cuz what?  Fish, whales, dolphins, seals, sea lions, etc. DON’T poop in the ocean?  ‘Cuz everyone’s dog sh*tting and p*ssing in their backyard never makes it into the ocean?  We’re talking biodegradable sh*t here.  Decomposition bacteria will munch that down.

But no EPA sicced on the Seattle area to clean PCB SH*T up?  And, unbeknownst to most folks, there is life that will munch down that kind of sh*t too.  See here:

How Mushrooms Can Save the World
Crusading mycologist Paul Stamets says fungi can clean up everything from oil spills to nuclear meltdowns.

I’m sure that “homeless” in the title of an article is major clickbait these days, but come on folks!

Maybe we should be thankful that things played out this way so that we now know that area is brimming with PCBs.

Trump, send the EPA to Denver Ave. S and 1st Ave. South in Seattle!  Tell ’em to bring the right mushrooms.  I’m sure Paul Stamets could help them out with that.

It’s Happening! Trump To Declare Martial Law To Stop UN Invasion

(Note:  I’m writing this note much later… some of this info from InfoWars I think is just wishful thinking.  Don’t blame ’em for wishing Trump would “go on the offensive”.  They often have some “insider” info and yet Trump just doesn’t seem to want to take bold action on the cabal.  *shrug*  But then again… HUMANS, everyone, needs to STEP UP, not just Trump.  So, Life and the Divine will give humans as much of a boot up the butt as they all need to get them TO MOVE!  Have ya all had enough yet?  How ’bout now?)

It’s Happening! Trump To Declare Martial Law To Stop UN Invasion

UN Calls For 600 Million Migrants To Invade U.S.

Needs to happen.  If the U.S. falls to the George Soros and U.N. plan, the whole world falls.

On a nation level, this is called SETTING BOUNDARIES!  It’s allowed, just like it would be on a personal level.

I left the following comment to someone’s channeled message the other day.  Bits from their message are in italics with my comments following:

“There are undercurrents within your societies different from outward appearances. So it is you become upset when someone does this or that even though their actions – unknown to you – are fulfilling your dreams.”

Many lightworkers rail against the very things that will help. They are still coming from a brainwashed / conditioned / programmed place.

“You cannot yet sense how such is possible given how divided countries are now politically and ideologically. In the not-to-distant future, countries will accept they have different needs. So instead of large physical areas monitored and controlled by a small group of people, small groups will form communities that feel right for them.”

Why things like the EU have to go. Different European countries provide variety & choice & different culture. The U.S. has to have each of its states maintain sovereignty for the same reason.

And these two areas cannot take in 1/3 of the rest of the world. People migrating into these areas would be better served to return to their homelands & take back their own countries.

… as the citizens of the U.S. are now in the process of taking back their own country… from the global cabal… who are using, ab-using, brainwashing these people from foreign countries to not only seek asylum in the U.S. but, to at the same time, hate the U.S.

All the crap you see in the world is the global-cabal-led agenda.  I put “led” in there because humanity has been used against each other and self since the word go.  The cabal couldn’t do what they have done without humanity’s unwitting help.  The global cabal infiltrated the U.S. and other governments and put people to war to overthrow duly elected leaders in countries worldwide and put in their cabal puppet.  Now it comes full circle and the highly brainwashed people in those countries now flock to the U.S. and Europe and ab-use the citizens of those nations.  Joe Average Earthling, no matter the nationality, always pays the price… while they are unwittingly used to serve the cabal’s agenda.

Not up to speed on what is really going on in this world?  Read these 2 posts and the info I’ve left in comments there:  Current Events… for Dummies and Massive Apocalypse.

Watch InfoWars Fuel and Fan the Flames of the Global Cabal’s Divide and Conquer Tactics

They shouldn’t have!  No really!

Time to call the Useful Idiots over at InfoWars on their useful idiocy.  Yep, I adore those folks, but boy oh boy do they have RELIGIOUS be-lie-fs / programs that are supporting the global cabal’s agenda!  Who frickin’ knew?!  Time for all that silly nonsense to finally surface I guess.

And it’s obviously time to have a little “come to Jesus” talk with Info Wars about “Jesus” and other matters of religion.

Did you, ya know, “knowledgeable” folks over at Info Wars have any clue that the cabal is one whole hell of a lot older than a century or two?  That it didn’t just start with Albert Pike and the Robber Barons?  The beginnings of the cabal are older than homo sapiens!  They CREATED the homo-sapien form through genetic engineering!

You all have very, VERY old programs / be-lie-f systems running in your psyche and you obviously have no frickin’ clue.  Info Wars, time to wake the hell up and take the frickin’ garbage out!  It’s rotting and stinking.  Enough with pointing to other people’s be-lie-fs.  It’s high time to clean out YOUR OWN psyches!  Leave the others to clean out theirs.  That’s how this works.  You don’t get to clean up someone else’s psyche, your job is to clean out yours.  Get to it!  You are the part of the Universe you were put in charge of.  What the f*ck are you doing with it?  You’ll do far more by leading by example than you will by playing the finger-pointing game.

Yep, you’ll have to learn a bit more and yep the Truth will surely shatter your be-lie-f system / disempowering programming.  Boo hoo.  Grow the hell up and pull your big kid pants on and quit serving the global cabal as useful idiots.  You serve them out one side of your mouth, while you b*tch about them out the other side of your mouth.  *shaking head*

I’ll leave the link (below) and attach all the comments I made there myself to the maker of this video, Greg Reese, and to some others there and their responses to me, well, thus far anyway.  You can look at all the comments there yourselves.  I have included further thoughts below the comments.

THE 3 WESTERN RELIGIONS HAVE GOT TO GO!  Nothing and I mean nothing has promoted Divide and Conquer AND gotten between humans and God / All That Is / Prime Creator like these religions have – you know the religions of “Abraham’s god” – BY DESIGN!  The Hebrew word for religion means regulate.  (Similar to how government literally means “control mind”.)  That is exactly why the global cabal came up with Western religion – to get between you and God.  Wake the hell up already!

And “regulate” was a good word for it.  If “they”, the cabal in its various forms down through time, have any good sense at all about this (lord knows with a bunch of yahoos who forsook God) they would know that “regulating” (as opposed to eradicating) one’s connection to God / All That is / Prime Creator was about all they could hope for because everyone has a rather innate sense of their own Divinity and their Divine Connection to God, even if unconscious and clouded by be-lie-fs.

The old Pagan religions, the pantheon-of-gods religions got it!  These religions were what I call “Being Earthlings for Dummies”.  The Pagans told / tell you about the Earthly realm and the energies you are exposed to while living here and how to work with those energies to graduate from this Earthly / human realm / ex-perience.  But, as the character of “Jesus” told you, you’ll need the “eyes to see and the ears to hear” to understand.  The so-called “dieties” of these religions are not entities, they are energies, which are personified in allegory.   The Pagans tell allegories for the same reason that the character of “Jesus” told parables – allegory, parable, one and the same.  These stories, where energies are personified, appeal to the right brain, which is Intuition, which IS your connection to God and that is the Divine Feminine which gets played down, hidden and flat out dissed in a patriarchy.   The Pagans knew that everyone and everything IS PART OF GOD.  So did tribal spiritual practices.  They honored and respected ALL parts of God.  No parts of God are to really be “worshipped” but yes indeed HONORED AND RESPECTED… and worked with, cooperated with.  Anything and everything is connected TO YOU!  Nothing is better than you.  Nothing is lesser than you.  ALL is of God.  Individuated Souls having individuated experiences.

And yep, Honoring and Respecting Self is where it all needs to start.  Do your Soul a favor and get the damned garbage, in the form of be-lie-fs / programs, out of your psyche so you can get to the Truth.  Your Soul wants the Truth.  Your Soul is the Truth.

Hindu spirituality got it, which is why the Gnostic Christian gospels said that “Jesus” went to India to study spirituality.  Ah, but those gospels didn’t make it into the Bible now did they?  Yep, the global cabal, the WESTERN cabal, were controlling the narrative.  That’s right, thanks to Constantine the Great and the Council of Nicaea.

Hindu teachings are one of many that involve a “pantheon of gods / deities”.  I met someone from India who thought that this was “idol worship” and was silly.  Well, if someone is using it for that, yep, that is silly.  Just like worshiping or “believing in” the character of Jesus is downright silly.  But, as I keep saying, these so-called deities are not entities, but energies!  Deity does indeed mean “god”, but you could stand to think of them more as “from / of God” as opposed to “gods” themselves.  YOU are all gods.  You wield the power of these dieties, these ENERGIES… whether you know it or not.  Start using them CONSCIOUSLY.

The Chinese have such a rich spiritual history along with understanding how the Earth provides herbal medicine, etc. and how the body itself communicates its needs.  It breaks my heart to see China being communist and dissing any and all potential to connect to the Divine and to the planet.  The New Age lightworkers will be teaching the Chinese about their own spiritual history.

Meanwhile, through the 3 western religions, the cabal have Jews, Christians and Muslims dissing themselves, each other, plants, animals, the planet, the cosmos, and true wisdom.  You’ve all been so dumbed down, manipulated and disempowered.  Might as well be crapping right on God’s face.  Oh, that IS what you are doing, ya know, since God is the All That Is.  EVERYTHING is part of God.  What don’t you idiots get about that?!  Doesn’t mean you allow others to dis You either – the Soul that You are, not the dysfunctional veiled version of you.  See the post Unconditional Love if you’re having a tough time figuring out how you love, honor and respect even those who dis you… without getting walked on!  It’s called Setting Boundaries.  Learn how.  Ask God and your Higher Self for help with that.

Yep, religions have to go when it makes knowledgeable, intellectuals like those over at InfoWars go completely off the rail… and fuel and fan those divide and conquer flames.  *shaking head*  When will you get tired of being used for the cabal’s agenda?!

Hate is a poison you give yourself… hoping someone else will die.  How’s that working out for you there “Info Warriors” (hardly).

And… if you’re coming from a place of fear (the frequency opposite of Love), then you will continue to draw to you what you fear… until you face it, see it as the illusion it is, and release it.  Then watch what you used to fear not even come anywhere near you.  ‘Cuz that’s how this stuff works.  You don’t need it anymore.  Experience done.

Enough Already!  Goodness sakes!


So, here is the video I responded to.

Me to video creator Greg Reese:
Yep, religion was used early and often to dumb people down, to control and oppress, for divide and conquer. Remember, Judeo-Christian nonsense came first. It’s what Islam is based on. Duh. It’s older and has been lying to you longer. Yep, even they claim to “be the word of God”. Such audacity! Greg Reese of InfoWars, now turn your critical eye to Christianity! Will you actually release YOUR be-lie-fs in exchange for THE TRUTH?! Your be-lie-fs are hanging on for dear life, but they don’t serve you. God is Truth. Did you only want to get half way to God? Do you only want the Truth that doesn’t interfere with YOUR be-lie-fs? See this post:
The “deficiency of a woman’s mind”? You mean the way that Judeo-Christians dissed “Eve”, ya know because they themselves are STILL duped by Yahweh and they think “Eve” was deceived. How completely clueless… and laughable. Yep, ignorance and arrogance arm in arm.
I laugh at the “being reincarnated to fight and die over and over again” thing. Yep, that’s how it’s been for humanity, stuck on the reincarnation hamster wheel, seemingly can’t learn a thing and wake up to who you truly are. When you gonna get off that hamster wheel? WAKE UP! Wake up Greg. About all you are doing here is feeding the cabal’s divide and conquer gig. DO YOUR RESEARCH on the Judeo-Christian lies that led to Islam… if you have the guts. Islam is just magnifying / amplifying what the Judeo-Christian lies started.

An apparent silly religious person in response to me:
pffttt! earth worship is a fruitless journey at best, witch

(I have utmost respect for the planet I currently live on, yep I do, since, ya know, it’s part of the All That Is, ya know, God, but who said anything about “earth worship”?  People hear what they want. And name-calling is ALWAYS such an effective argument. Not! LMAO When you’ve got nothing intelligent to say, just name-call. *shaking head*  What are you?  5 years old?)

My response to M. Religion:
Typical “religious” re-action (acting again, as you have before) to someone who is actually connected to God… when you only think YOU are.

Someone else in response to me who is apparently a silly Muslim:
Must be an atheist

Quite to the contrary. Religion drives a wedge between you and God. How’s that working out for ya? Myself, I’ve never allowed religion to get between God and me. And religion makes one soul worship another soul… apparently, like the right hand bowing to the left hand, one cell in the body bowing to another cell. Silly and disempowering and downright ignorant. But that’s what religion is about – dumbing you down. I see it worked on you. Not to mention religion making “the Beasts” of patriarchy worship war and killing. How’s THAT working out for ya? You enjoying all the maiming and killing? Is it still as fun as it used to be?

A sane person in response to me:
Religion: Always insane, always murderous, on record. The Catholic Church killed thousands of herbalists, mostly women, whom they labeled “witches” because the women understood the innate magic of plant medicine. Thanks, religion. Thanks, Christians. P.S. Oh, yeah. The Inquisition. Oh, well. Let’s talk about how bad other religions are instead.

My reply to them:
Hallelujah. Yes, most of the people killed in the Inquisition were women. Why? They were Intuitive. Eee gad! Not that! Here, they were actually CONNECTED TO GOD, ya know, the REAL God / the All That Is / Prime Creator. We can’t have that now, ya know, not when there are ETs to worship. People seem to forget that all the Western religions are about “Abraham’s god“. Yep, little ‘g’ god because Yahweh was a frickin’ ET for goodness sakes. That’s who Jews, Christians and Muslims worship – an ET. *shaking head* You’ve all been sold a lie and worse yet, you bought it. Swallowed it hook, line and sinker. Nom, nom. Tasty lies, eh? Yes, JockDoubleday, I find it interesting that Greg Reese seems to have plenty of time and energy to research Islam, but doesn’t research his own religion. *shaking head* Wouldn’t want to get to the Truth now… when one’s be-lie-f system is hanging on for dear life. That pesky Truth just might shatter Greg’s be-lie-fs. Ooh scary boys ‘n girls. Info Warrior, my *ss. He can’t handle the Truth.
Now me to Greg Reese again:
Greg Reese, are you reading these comments? (meaning everyone’s comments there, they are all hating on each other now) You’ve managed to dump gasoline on the flame of Divide and Conquer. Wonderful! Are you proud of yourself? You are feeding the global cabal’s agenda. Don’t break your arm trying to pat yourself on the back there ignoramus. DO YOUR RESEARCH on all Western religion! You have much to learn and until you get to the Truth of things, your be-lie-fs / disempowering programs will continue to serve the cabal’s agenda. Useful Idiot you.

Some more silliness and ignorance out of so-called “Info Warriors”:

My response:
So, have Alex and all his “InfoWars” (not so much anymore, seemingly) employees suddenly took on the memory of a goldfish? Or too busy hating on Muslims to see straight maybe? Perhaps allowing FEAR to steer both their reason and their intuition? Mmm?
Do you remember this article?
“Daniel McAdams, Executive Director of the Ron Paul Institute, lashed out at Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for hiring NeverTrump “neocon war criminal” Elliott Abrams to oversee a US regime change operation in Venezuela after Trump had already rejected Abrams for the State Department in 2016.“You CANNOT make this up!!!” McAdams tweeted Friday. “ @SecPompeo has appointed as his point man on Venezuela the EXACT person most involved in the 2002 US coup in Venezuela! Elliott Abrams – a neocon war criminal!

InfoWars, is she, Ilhan Omar, speaking true about Elliott Abrams?  Someone from InfoWars had before pointed out a comment from someone about Elliott Abrams (above) and his role in Venezuela in 2002 and now they seem to have convenient amnesia or fear-induced amnesia (memory of a gold fish perhaps?)  Like a Muslim is not allowed to point out the same thing?  Just because they are a Muslim?
Seems to be “any way the wind blows” at this point with InfoWars.  Their fears are obviously surfacing BIG TIME… as they flap in the breeze.  And out comes all the warmonger programs.  Goodness sakes!

This congresswoman has her issues, yep, sure does, but when she is “speaking true”, ah, since when is THAT an issue?  Are you denying what she said about Elliott Abrams… in general?  Sounds like he played a MAJOR role in creating the mess that has been Venezuela for decades.

If Mother Teresa stood in front of me and uttered an untruth, I’d call her on the carpet over it.  If Adolf Hitler stood in front of me and told the truth, I’d acknowledge it was the truth.

Yep sometimes people are disinfo specialists with an agenda, but the Truth is still the Truth.  And some people are products of their own disempowering programming, passing on misinfo.  But hey, just develop some frickin’ discernment skills and you’ll know the truth from the untruths… even from the same person, even in the same frickin’ sentence.

What don’t these people understand about TRUTH?  The Truth is the Truth.  It doesn’t matter who is saying it or who isn’t.  Duh!

InfoWars, pull your heads out!  What a spectacle to see OUT OF ALL OF YOU!

“If you can’t kill the Pharaoh (tyrant) inside, believe me, you can’t kill the Pharaoh outside.”  ~  Seyed Mohammad Hosseini, leader of Iran’s RESTART movement

The “in here” / the Inner Causal Realms create the “out there” / the World of Outer Effects.  Learn about yourself and YOUR OWN be-lie-f system / programming and do YOUR inner work.  THAT is what you have anything resembling control over!  Get your priorities straight already.

Learn from the wisdom of children – “If you point a finger at me, you’ve got three more pointing back at you.”

Who Was Yahweh?

As one of my favorite researchers, Michael Tsarion likes to say, “You’ve been sold a lie and, worse yet, you bought it!”

Yep, the Truth just might shatter YOUR be-lie-f system.  Do you want the whole Truth or only that which doesn’t run headlong into YOUR beliefs / programs?

The global cabal is nothing new, not a couple centuries old, not something just since Albert Pike and the Robber Barons.  It’s older than humanity itself.

For those of you who know today’s current global cabal and have got their number, wrench your minds and hearts open BEYOND YOUR OWN PROGRAMMED BELIEF SYSTEM and you will then see that the cabal’s fingerprints are ALL OVER the entirety of the history of humans.  Period.

Yahweh, ya know, “God”, no it’s the “god” of the Old Testament, is the yahoo who is the beginning of the global cabal!  These are the entities that the global cabal answer to and work for.  These entities created humans to be a slave race and hence were here before humans.  

But folks, they only created your human form, but you are spirit having a human experience, you are a soul of God.  Time to remember who you truly are and take back your Divine Sovereignty and graduate beyond this 3D Earthly realm, to step out of the enslavement that the human form was created for and ascend that form to a higher dimension… literally.  There is really nothing “wrong” with your human form, nothing “wrong” with physical realms and ex-periences.  Yahweh’s ilk did make being human a bit of a challenge (that you as a soul signed up for when you came here) but all the pieces are there and yes, you can become Balanced, Whole and INtegrated, be your True Self as a soul and also still have your human form.  That’s quite achievable in 3D / 4D and you’ll need to do just that in order to ascend to 5D, but dwelling in 5D will mean a whole lot less “have to’s”.  

Read this blog to understand how you can help save the human form (and hence the human race) by saving yourself and ascending to the 5th Dimension / Density.  This is what these times are about and what the global cabal so desperately don’t want you to know about… but that’s the role they have played in this Grand Ex-periment. They’ve done much over time to put you to sleep.  Now they’re doing much to wake you up… as they expose themselves… by fighting tooth and nail to maintain their control over humanity.    

It’s time for a Planetary and Collective Human Ascension.  Graduation time.  


This is an excellent article called “Is Yahweh an Anunnaku?” and what this post of mine centers around:

There’s a further wealth of info there in the epilogue, appendix and other appends.  🙂  I strongly encourage you to go read that stuff after reading this post.

Some comments on the info in the epilogue:

I see what is expressed as “angelic levels” to be what many of us call dimensions or densities.

“Yaldabaoth hence puts a lid over us with this “tree”: everything above him is taboo, everything with and below him is allowed. That is his world without the true God, analogous to the Anunnaki turning away from the prime creator pair to establish their own fake world without them.

Is it this very insight, this knowledge, which will make us free?! That Jesus wanted to give us and for which he, therefore, had to die?”

I’ve said that if you consider the word “sin” to mean ignorance, you’ll have a better idea of what is meant.  I have spoken about that if there were a true “original sin” it would be the original ignorance of not knowing that you as a soul are a Divine and Powerful Creator God.  When you incarnate here, you forget who you are.  Reader and commenter ThankYourMuse had said this interpretation of sin meaning ignorance also makes sense of “Jesus died for our sins”, yes, for our ignorance.  See info later (below in main part of post) about the archetype Prometheus, who was tortured for giving Truth to humans.

“It will not be a coincidence that Yaldabaoth (Yahweh / Anu) came to be, but a preparation for the exodus of souls from God’s light world.”

This has to do with us – and God ex-periencing through us – actually wanting to have these EX-periences.  Ex = outside, hence, living outside of our True Selves, to know not only Light but darkness, not only Truth but ignorance, not only Love but fear, not only Peace but chaos, not only Abundance but lack, not only Joy but misery, etc.  What is not truly us is an illusion.  But the EX-perience and the growth and learning that come from that illusion are very real.

As this epilogue states, there was some ignorance involved by “higher level gods” building up to humanity’s EX-periences, which would be necessary for anyone at any level in order to go along with this grand EX-periment.  It also takes ignorance to have free will, as you can read further about in my post Free Will is Just a Veiled Consciousness State .  If we were all aware of only Light, Love, etc. as we are in “God’s Realm”, if you will, then we’d never exercise our “free will” and hence would not have EX-periences, as we and God obviously desired, crazy as we all are.  Brave and frickin’ crazy.

“Also the archons have their Epinoias, but its light is deeply hidden in them. At the end they shall also find there (sic) way out of the darkness, even Yaldabaoth (a power, who according to Goethe “…always wants the evil, but as and end result yet creates the good”, that is: the souls that become free when their light-Epinoia is sufficiently awaken – illumination).”

Epinoia = Intuitive perception, divine revelation.

Archons – think the global cabal and the ETs they answer to.  Yep, they serve the darkness  which ultimately serves the light and helps to reawaken souls to who they really are.


And also see the Conclusion to the article… essentially, what’s ultimately called for is forgiveness.  Yep, even of the global cabal and their ET masters.  “Forgive them God, they know not what they do.”  For you see, they too are veiled.  And darkness is an illusion.  All a Grand Ex-periment, that yep YOU SIGNED UP FOR!  And re-member… forgiveness is for the forgivER, not the forgivEN.  You release and free YOURSELF by forgiving.  See more on that in Useful Healthful Tips .


Keep in mind throughout – No one can truly take authority over your life, but you sure can give it away.   Humanity, in their veiled-consciousness state, gave authority of their lives away.  Time to reclaim your Power folks.  Re-member, Power and Responsibility go hand in hand.  If you want your Power, you’re going to have to take Responsibility (the ability to respond) for your own creations.  You have to OWN your own creations.  That means your life and reality, both individually / personally and also your role in the collective reality.  Yep, humanity, it’s time to grow up and be big boys ‘n girls.


I’ve known this sort of information for many years.

I have cut ‘n pasted the main body of this article below so that I could insert my own comments here, seen in red.  

I bold AND italicize the portions from the article to which I am referring.  If it’s only in bold, that is the article’s author’s highlighting.

I wrote my bits as I was reading and you’ll see that I sometimes say something that the author later said so please excuse me for repeating what they said… before they said it.


Who is Yahweh?

His name is actually written with only the consonants YHWH. In the Hebrew writing the vowels are, if at all written, marked with diacritics (additional signs), which is never or only rarely done with YHWH. The reason may be that according to old tradition his name should not be pronounced. One therefore talks about him in indirect ways, such as Adonay = “the Lord”. For this reason the vowel signs for ADNY are used also for YHWH. This would actually lead to Yahowah, but it became Yehowah. Why is that? One reason for the “e” could be that Yehu is an alternative name for him (and apparently one that may be pronounced). The more proper pronunciation will, however, be Yahweh.

Yehu, meaning “Yahu is He”.  Ha!  I always call idiotic and unruly ETs “yahoos”.  Uh huh.  There’s the Divine giving Mini Me a clue, ‘cuz that’s how these things work.  I had a hunch that yahoo and Yahweh were related.  Yep.

Recent discoveries of ancient texts and inscriptions [2] show that the archaic Hebrew religion knew a highest god ’El ‘Elyon (the sign ’ is in transliterations used for the Hebrew letter ’aleph and ‘ for the letter ‘ayin), who had 70 sons. One of his sons was Yahweh, who had a consort ’Asherah, i.e., a goddess. Her name is mentioned some 40 times in the Old Testament but it is almost always translated as “grove” or “tree”. This is because her symbol is a tree or and upright wooden pole. So when the Old Testament states that it is forbidden to plant a tree at the altar of Yahweh it really means that it is forbidden to place a symbol of ’Asherah there (Deut 16:21 – and what sense would it otherwise have to forbid planting a tree there?). Has Yahweh even rejected her?  

Only 70 sons?  I’d say then that the archaic Hebrews’ “highest god” ’El ‘Elyon is STILL NOT God / the All That Is / Prime Creator, but just some higher level little “g” god and that is how  this article shows it also – little “g”.  

Tree symbol.  Have you noticed how every time there is some mass killing and you have reason to think that the global cabal are behind it, they always want to make a memorial and one of the things at the memorial is often a tree?  Hiding the Feminine in plain view.  They get to use the power of the Divine Feminine, but YOU don’t!  

Has Yahweh rejected his consort ‘Asherah?  Is this about hiding the Divine Feminine… in order to create an imbalanced – and easily controllable – patriarchy?!

The true creator god, the prime creator, was therefore not Yahweh, but ’El ‘Elyon. He has obviously created a number of secondary gods as his “sons” – better: deities – of which Yahweh is one (and, of course, also the “daughter” ’Asherah). Hence, Yahweh is not the prime creator he wants us to believe that he would be, even though he has also produced certain creations. We recognize a noticeable parallel to the Babylonian creation story Enûma Elish. This tells us about a prime creator pair Apsû and Ti’âmat (who we, in a way, could also regard as the male and female side of the prime creator, resp.), who created a number of deities, from which further deity races arose. One such deity race is the one of the Anunnaki (so called because their ruler and leader is named Anu). They separated themselves off from the prime creators and wanted to live and act without them. Enûma Elish tells about a murder of the highest gods. The Anunnaki are told to have killed first Apsû and then Ti’âmat! Is it possible to kill the prime creators? Of course not! This merely symbolizes that they turned away from them and didn’t want to have anything to do with them, as if they were dead – that was the fall, the plunge out of the divine light into a relative darkness. Therefore, the Anunnaki are fallen deities. The one who is said to have murdered Ti’âmat is Marduk who also became the lord of the Earth. The Anunnaki have under his rule created new human beings on our Earth by means of genetic manipulation, and from them to-day’s humanity arose. The first attempts for this were not very successful, but then they had the new race they wanted to produce.

The “sons” and “daughters” of El ‘Elyon, including all of you and me, absolutely ARE gods / creators, but we’re NOT Prime Creator (and obviously neither are any of these little “g” gods being spoken of – not Yahweh and his ilk and not El ‘Elyon, with only 70 sons).  

We are though PART of Prime Creator.  I have always LOVED the term Prime Creator for the All That Is because of its implications – we are ALL gods / creators.  Creatures and Creators all in one.  

A fellow lightworker had said that it’s not arrogant to think you’re part of God, it’s arrogant to think you could ever be separated from God.  And THAT is just exactly where Yahweh was coming from, he shunned God and then claimed to be God.  

It’s asinine for someone to worship a past Christ because that is one soul worshiping another soul – the right hand bows to the left hand sorta thing.  It’s actually almost as silly to worship Prime Creator because we are part of Prime Creator – the hand bows to the head or heart sorta thing.  But since EVERYTHING is, ya know, part of the All That Is (duh), then it serves to HONOR AND RESPECT All That Is, everything, everyone.  Best to start with oneself and expand out from there.  “If ya can’t love yourself, how the hell ya gonna love somebody else?”

God / All That Is / Prime Creator though is the perspectives of all perspectives, literally.  So, yeah, the wise person bothers to utilize their DIRECT Divine Connection and go straight to God and draw on that higher perspective.

See my later comments on the Anunnaki’s genetic engineering.  

Correspondences with the Bible
The first sentence in the Bible reads, in the common translation: “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth” (Gen 1:1). The Hebrew word that is here translated as God is ’Elohim. It is a linguistic fact that cannot be denied that this word is a plural and hence means “gods”. It has been tried to explain this away through declaring it as pluralis majestatis, which actually doesn’t seem to be common in Hebrew. It rather looks as if one is trying to sweep an embarrassing question under the carpet.

In Hebrew, the sentence is: Bere’shit bara’ ’Elohim ’et ha shamayim ve-’et ha ’aretz. Therefore, some want to translate it as: “In the beginning the gods created the heaven and the earth”, but this doesn’t fit, since the word bara’ = “create” is in singular. Furthermore, the word for “heaven”, shamay, is also in plural: shamayim. However, the problem has a solution.

According to cabbalistic sources, the word bere’shit means not only “beginning”, but also “the first one”, the “original one”, the first entity that was, the highest God. The little word ’et could be seen as an accusative particle but can also be translated as “with” (in ve-‘et the word ve means “and”, hence: “and with”). We now arrive at the following translation, which fits grammatically: “The first one created the gods [together] with the heavens [cosmic worlds] and with the Earth”. This translation, therefore, refers to a prime creator, who first created “gods” and cosmic worlds, of which one is the Earth. According to Gen 2, Yahweh is one of these gods, one of the ’Elohim (since the Bible here calls him “Yahweh ’Elohim” in the Hebrew text, and not simply “Yahweh”). Some regard the ’Elohim as creator gods, who (themselves created) in their turn created other entities – human beings, animals and plants, like Yahweh did.

How I’ve heard this story is thus:  Anu (Yahweh) was the leader of the Anunnaki.  They came to Earth to mine for gold.  Anu left his two sons, Enlil and Enki, here in charge.  Enki was a genetics engineer.  

Yep, Enki created what we have come to know as homo sapiens.  He used a local hominid DNA (like homo erectus or cro-magnon… or whatever was around then) and also their own Reptilian DNA.  

His genetic engineering explains what some call “the missing link”, which means the archeologists see some kind of hominid (perhaps more than one) living here on Earth and then suddenly out of seemingly no where there is evidence of a new hominid (homo sapiens).  Yep, their / our human form was not a product of a slow evolutionary process but a product of genetic engineering.  

The conventional and “dogmatically approved” translation of bere’shit is based on be = “in, at” and re’shit = “beginning”. However dictionaries (such as [3]) state that re’shit can also mean “the first (of its kind)” and be can be a reference to the “origin”. Therefore, the word bere’shit can also be understood as a somewhat tautological expression for “the original first”, “the very first” or “the first of all”. A cabbalistic interpretation is that the word is a combination of beyt = “house, residence” and re’sh = “the supreme, the lord” placed inside beyt (between be and yt). This is then interpreted as “the lord in his residence”.

In a more exact transliteration is bere’shiyt and re’shiyt, resp., and thus one can say “between be and yt”. In -iyt, however, the letter y (actually being a consonant) phonetically marks the prolongation of i and therefore the more common (but less exact) transliteration is bere’shit. More exactly then with a stroke over the i that marks the length: ī.

There are some more peculiarities in the sentence. If one still wants to translate as “in … beginning”, it should more literally be “in a beginning” rather than “in the beginning” (because the latter would be bare’shiyt – a contraction of be-ha-re’shiyt – and not bere’shiyt). This seems to make little difference, but the word is actually written in an undetermined form as if there could have been more than one beginning (like “in one of the beginnings”). Or it could be a genitive, like “beginning’s” or “of the beginning”. This again makes little difference, but in this case, the word “create” would have another grammatical form [4]. Such little peculiarities also disappear if we accept the cabbalistic explanation that bere’shiyt actually can be understood as “the first one”.

Plurals in the Bible
First, we note that the Bible has two stories of creations of human beings. In Gen 1 it is stated that the gods – the ’Elohim – created humans in their image. Here the plural is obvious: “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness … So the gods [properly translated] created man in their own image … male and female they created them” (Gen 1:26-27). This, furthermore, means that the woman was created equivalent to man. They should reproduce diligently.

In Gen 2, we come to the second creation of humans. Here we meet Yahweh ’Elohim – hence one of the gods named Yahweh – who first created Adam and then Eve. He obviously makes his own creation and he forbids Adam to eat from the “tree of knowledge”. The two must later leave Eden and Yahweh ’Elohim said: “Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil” (Gen 3:22).

Second creation of humans?  There is more to this than just creating a man and a woman. 

Hopefully my memory will serve me here, but you can do your own research anyway…. Michael Tsarion tells that Enki actually created not one but two Adamic races.  

Enlil had wanted Enki to create a slave race since those from their own ranks (other Anunnaki) went on strike and didn’t want to mine for gold anymore.  Enki’s first creation was highly intelligent and didn’t go for that slave crap.  There’s reason to believe that this first race was androgynous or hermaphroditic.  And the “in our image, after our likeness” thing may indicate that the first Adamic race may have looked VERY reptilian… like their creators… keep reading.  But as this author also shows, the split gender thing for the second agamic race, homo sapiens, may be how we “resembled” the Anunnaki.  

As you will read about in this article also, but the author may have a slightly different take from what I’m saying here, but it’s all interconnected… there is reason to think that the Anunnaki (or some entities who were fed up with them) may have destroyed the planet Tiamat, the remnants of which are the asteroid belt.  Some think Tiamat was a very watery planet and has been referred to as “the life giver”, so there is reason to think that there was life there, including higher level life forms.  Some think Mars used to be the / a moon of Tiamat.  In that calamity many souls were released in a very traumatic way.  Some think that Enki actually wanted to create a race for those “lost” (trapped in this solar system) souls to incarnate into.  Some think it was out of compassion, but it may just be that Enki was aware that there were trapped souls around and knew they would then inhabit his new creatures… which sounds like may not have pleased his father Anu and his brother Enlil.  

But, yeah, the first Adamic race didn’t go for the slave bit, so, Enki was back to the drawing board and his second Adamic race, homo sapiens, had the genders split and also the brain now had two hemispheres instead of being contiguous.  The split into two brain hemispheres, amongst other things, essentially “dumbed down” the new race.  

And… “They should reproduce diligently.”  Go forth and multiply.  Yep, get t’ busy making us more slaves, thank you very much.

“In our image.”  And yet there shall be no “graven images” of “God”.  Graven means engraved.  The ETs didn’t want future generations of humans to know what they looked like.  Humans / homo sapiens DO NOT LOOK LIKE the ETs who created them. These humans / homo sapiens obviously more closely resembled their local hominid genetic component than their Reptilian genetic component.  So to interpret “in our image” in that way (that humans LOOK LIKE their creators) is not accurate, but consider that “image” is the root word of “imagine / imagination”.  They made humans from their imagination.  Indeed.  Enki was a genetics engineer.  

Also, as this author points out, Yahweh and company played down and hid the Divine Feminine, which IS one’s connection to God.  So… graven images, whether pictures or sculptures are a right-brain / intuitive / Divine Feminine thing so in Yahweh’s warped world, that was not to be.  On the other hand, as Leonard Schlain spoke of in his book “The Alphabet Vs. the Goddess”, alphabetic languages are left-brain, linear-sequential and help to reinforce the patriarchy.  

Now, at a SOUL level, we are absolutely in God’s / The All That Is’ / Prime Creator’s image, in this case both in God’s imagination and also we resemble God – we are Powerful Creators, just like God.  We’re part of God.  Why would we not be Powerful Creators?!

If we assume two creations of humans (which the conventional theology apparently doesn’t want to do), this also explains something in Gen 4 that would otherwise be a riddle. There obviously already were people of the first creation outside of Eden, to where Adam and Eve had to go. Cain killed Abel and Yahweh said: “…whosoever slayeth Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold” (Gen 4:15). Who would else be there to possibly kill him? Then Cain took a wife and had a son with her, etc. From where did otherwise these women come?

There were two Adamic races!  The first race, or at least someone from the first race went to “Eden” to tell the second Adamic race, the Adams and the Eves (there were more than just one of each) that Enki had created themselves (the first race) as a slave race and that was the Anunnaki’s intentions for the Adams and the Eves also, that they were Enki’s next try at creating a slave race.  

The first Adamic race was literally the “serpent in the garden” and since then serpents and snakes have been given a bad rap and that first Adamic race, who were just attempting to warn the second of their fate, were villified… by “Yahweh” / Anu.

The Serpent was not there to mislead the Adams and Eves but to warn them of who WAS misleading them.  The Eves were more naturally intuitive than the Adams so they knew that the Serpent spoke the truth and they had to work on getting that through the Adams’ thick skulls.  The Eves caught a clue.  The Adams may not have even been quick enough to catch a cold, beasts that they were.  😉   To this day, the Bible thumpers who are STILL duped by Yahweh have the audacity to say that it was “Eve” who was misled.  *shaking head*  As I’ve said, ignorance and arrogance often go together.  

And… down through history, the men have thought that THEY are best suited to be spiritual leaders while, yep, they can’t catch a clue and dis their very connection to God / their intuition and dis the women who could teach them about it.  *shaking head*  An old friend of mine used to say that women are the conscious Unconscious, while men are the unconscious Conscious.  Uh huh.  

In Gen 18:1-5 Abraham is visited by three men – Yahweh together with two others. In Gen 19 Lot asks Adam about the three, who later destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. They will all three have been ’Elohim.

In many Bible passages, gods are mentioned in a context which gives us the following impression: there are other gods but you should stick to only one of them. The well-known command in Ex 20:3 (below) could be understood as a “non-competition clause”. There are in Exodus more relevant passages, such as:

“Who is like unto thee, O LORD, among the gods?”                                                                    (15:11)

“Now I know that the LORD is greater than all gods…”                                                              (18:11)

“Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”                                                                                  (20:3)

“Thou shalt not revile the gods…”                                                                                                 (22:28)

“…make no mention of the name of other gods, neither let it be heard out of thy mouth.”          (23:13)

There is a large number of other examples in Ex 12:12; 20:5; 22:20; 22:28; 23.24; 23:32-33 and 34:14-16, in Num 25:2 and 33:4, in Deut 4:28; 5:7; 6:14; 7:4; 7:16; 7.25; 8:19; 10:17; 11:16; 11:28; 12:2-3; 12:30-31; 13:2; 13:6-7; 13:13; 17:3; 18:20; 20:18; 20:26; 28:24; 28:64; 29:18; 29:26; 30:17; 31:16; 31:18; 31:20; 32:16-17 and 32:37 as well as in many more passages in Joshua, Judges, 1Samuel, 2Samuel, 1Kings, 2Kings, 1Chronik, 2Chronik, Ezra, Psalms, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Hosea, Nahum und Zephaniah.

Another remarkable part in the Bible is the mentioning of the “sons of God” in Gen 6:2 and 6:4: “That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose … There were giants (tyrants) in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.” Here again the Hebrew text has ’Elohim and “the sons of God” are, correctly translated, “the sons of the gods”. The text makes a difference between them and the humans. Hence, they were not humans. Were they half-gods? And the “giants” who were born from them, where they maybe quarter-gods?

This last paragraph I interpret as… the Anunnaki bred with their human creations (the Eves).  

The Gnostic Christian view of Yahweh
In the early Christianity there were two mainstreams: the Paulinian and the Gnostic Christians. Saul had pursued Christians until he converted and became Paul. The year of his conversion is estimated to be between 33 and 35. The Paulinian Christianity began to develop only after that. Who were the Christians that Paul pursued? They will especially have been the so-called Christian Jews. This concept refers to groups among the earliest Christianity, to which belonged Jews who still adhered to Jewish customs – like Jesus and his disciples themselves. Out of these Christian Jews arose the movement of the Gnostic Christians. Because of his views, Paul cam into a conflict with this original Christianity [5]. Hence, the Paulinian Christianity didn’t arise out of the original Christianity, and with Paul, who hadn’t known Jesus himself, an obviously modified Christianity began, that distanced itself from the Christianity close to Jesus that was in the beginning.

Saul became Paul – Ah yes, the cabal directive, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” – infiltrate and corrupt!  Saul / Paul did NOT convert.  He was the beginning of the TRUE original Gnostic Christianity being hijacked!  

My insert here – read at this link: “Jesus” is also not a real person, but a composite character.  And this link.

One author of an article about this said, “The Jews kept waiting for a messiah so the Gnostics gave them one.”  

A composite character based on what / who?  First, based on many Pagan archetypes and allegories from many cultures throughout history, but also on the wisdom of the original Christians, the true Christians, the Gnostic Christians, the “New Agers” of their day, here to usher in the Age of Pisces, which is why “Jesus” is associated with the symbol of the fish – Pisces.  

“Jesus” is not a real person, but an allegorical character.  Doesn’t mean the story is a throw away.  The character of “Jesus” told allegories / parables himself.  Did you think the characters in his stories were real?  Of course you didn’t.  Do you think the stories are worthless because the characters in them aren’t real people?  Allegories are meant to teach you something.  They appeal to the right brain / Intuition / Divine Connection.  It’s the same reason why the Pagans and Occultists have archetypal “dieties” that are NOT entities, they are ENERGIES, which have been personified so that you use your right brain / Intuition / Divine Feminine / Divine Connection to interpret them, not your “pea brain” / left brain / logic / reason /  intellect but INTELLIGENCE, DIVINE INTELLIGENCE!  

The original Gnostic Jesus Story most assuredly has its merits and I strongly suggest that if you really want to know / gnow (gnosis) the Jesus Story that you go to the original Gnostic gospels, NOT the edited version(s) that Constantine the Great and the Council of Nicaea put in the New Testament.  They had a control agenda.  Conversely, the Gnostics wanted you to reawaken to who you really are.  They want you to know your own Christ Consciousness, achieve your own Christhood.  That’s the last thing that cabal people like Constantine and the Council of Nicaea want you to know.  

Yep, Jesus is just a character in an allegorical story, so it’s certainly NOT a story about Jesus.  So, who is this story about then?  It’s about YOUR potential.  “Have I not said ye are gods?  You too shall do these and greater things.”  I hope to God you DO learn a little something from it.  Find the Christ within!  

For the Gnostics, the creator of this world wasn’t the true prime creator, but a demiurge, a “craftsman”, a fallen angel, who also has an evil side. While the real God, the true prime creator (who Jesus calls “father”) is unrestrictedly good, an imperfect demiurge created an imperfect world. It has been shown that the Gnostics identified this imperfect demiurge-“god” with the god of the Old Testament, who they also called Yaldabaoth, who wants to keep humans in a state of ignorance in a material world and who punishes their attempts to achieve knowledge and insight (to “eat from the tree of knowledge”). The demiurge is a lesser god who wants to be the only one [6]. The text The Apokryphon of John (or The Secret Book of John) states: “He is impious in his madness that dwells in him. For he said, ‘I am God and no other god exists except me’, since he is ignorant of the place from which his strength had come” [7]. (Cf. Ex 20:23 and Deut 5:7). Could this be the explanation of all the abominable cruelties, which after all are literally described in the Old Testament (see below)?

“creator of this world”  Eh, this is a bit of a blending of things.  There are many creators that create at many levels.  I’d have to say – define “world”.  If the planet is what is being talked about, well, that would be a higher-level creator god who makes planets, solar systems, galaxies, universes… perhaps.  

Then as far as life in general on this planet goes, there were many ETs involved over much time at seeding and gardening the life on this planet.  Then there were the Anunnaki who created homo sapiens through genetic engineering.  

If “world” is not about the planet but is more defined like this: “all of the people, societies, and institutions on the earth”, then yeah, Yahweh had a lot to do with how things have gone here… since the creation and enslavement of homo sapiens.  

“He is impious… ”  This to me is what the word “hubris” is about.  Some like to define “hubris” as someone who thinks they are a god… and that is “bad” in some way.  Well, we ALL are gods.  What’s wrong with a god thinking they are a god?  Nothing!  But when they don’t acknowledge that everyone else is also a god and there is a Prime Creator, yep, THAT would be “hubris.”  

From Merriam-Webster – “English picked up both the concept of hubris and the term for that particular brand of cockiness from the ancient Greeks, who considered hubris a dangerous character flaw capable of provoking the wrath of the gods.”

Accurate.  Other gods.  I’d heard it said that “hubris” came from Greek theater and that hubris (as defined above) leads to nemesis – yes, the wrath of the gods.  It ticks off the “other  gods”.  That would include humans also.  Yep, Yahweh was a jealous god and was ticked that humans ended up with souls.  Whah.  

A similar view was expressed by Marcion (approx. 85-160) [8], the first theologian who made a difference between the God of Love in the New Testament and an evil god of the Old Testament.

The abominable cruelties of Yahweh
Who reads the Bible in an objective and unprejudiced way without blinders that fade out certain passages, will (or should…) become deeply indignant about the abominable cruelties [9] described therein.

The “lord” guides his people to the “promised land”, but that land isn’t free. People already live there in various towns. Therefore, the “lord” commands his people to mercilessly slaughter all of them. In nearly all cases not even a child, a woman or an old man is spared, but they should completely all be killed, so that his people can live in: “great and goodly cities, which thou buildedst not, and houses full of all good things, which thou filledst not, and wells digged, which thou diggedst not, vineyards and olive trees, which thou plantedst not; when thou shalt have eaten and be full” (Deut 6:10-11). With this, a veritable holocaust begins!

Gee, does any of this sound all too familiar – invaders from foreign lands urged to take over a “promised land” that they buildedst not?!!!  

So the deceivers, Yahweh’s ilk, used the Hebrews to do this in history.  Today, Yahweh’s ilk uses the radicalized Islamicists to do the same… amongst other migrants who are brainwashed and promised the world if they will just do Yahweh’s bidding, like oh, idk, voting Democrat perhaps?  Don’t think that I am demonizing Democrats (the left) here.  If you’ve been paying attention, I’ve been exposing the western religions (the right) for their control agenda throughout and now, in today’s world they are using mostly (but not entirely) the left to do so.  The global cabal who ultimately answer to Yahweh and his people play both sides of politics, but lately the Democrats are being used more intensely and radicalizing and brainwashing migrants to invade the U.S. and Europe, to “take what thou buildedst not” and yet to hate and tear down the very things and concepts they are taking. 

Are you starting to understand how Yahweh’s ilk and their “right of kings” mundane-level counterparts have and continue to use the western religions for divide and conquer?!  It’s just “the left” doing it this time whereas it used to be “the right”.  Is any of this getting through to you?!  They really haven’t changed their bag of tricks, just put a new mask on it and duped another part of society.  Hell, why even consider changing the tricks when they keep working?!  

And so history continues to repeat itself as humanity refuses to realize this is just a broken record.  “Oh, it’s ok if it’s ‘my people’ who are taking what we buildedst not… right?  ‘Cuz, ya know, we’re God’s ‘chosen people’… right?”  

What part of “ALL THAT IS” don’t you understand?!  ALL is of God.  What made you “special” in comparison to others and allows “your people” to get away with murder, rape, looting and pillage? Was it just the part that you’ve been duped by a “devil” like Yahweh who sold himself as God / All That Is?  … but boy oh boy when that holier than thou crap is aimed at you and it’s YOUR stuff that YOU built and it’s taken from you, then you scream foul.  WTF humanity?!  

There’s not two cents difference between what Yahweh’s “chosen people” did and what the radical Islamicists are doing now.  And yet there are Judeo-Christian types who have the audacity to point their finger at Islam… without researching the history of THEIR OWN religion.  

Gee, maybe if everyone would bother to research THEIR OWN belief system and CLEAN OUT THEIR OWN BRAINWASHED PSYCHES, they would have gotten a much earlier heads up about this VERY SAME TACTIC being used yet again!  

Furthermore, the “in here” / the Inner Causal Realms create the “out there” / the World of Outer Effects.  You change “out there” by working on YOU!  

When will you ALL catch on?!

More recently, now the cabal use atheist communist China to take what they buildedst not in the form of proprietary technology.  

Same old tricks, just using different ways to go about it… again and again and again.  Here are some key control elements and what these terms mean:

 Religion (regulate – as in, your Divine Connection is being regulated),

Government (control-mind), 

Education (training – like with a pet, aka domestication),

Media (medium between / go between),

Entertainment (maintain in a certain condition),

Technology (systematic treatment).

They use anything and everything to control Earthlings.  

In one city after the other, they murder and slaughter until no one is left. The only exception is in a few cases that they kidnap virgins. For what? It would certainly be naïve to claim that it would not be for sexual “services”.

When Moses by order of Yahweh could say as follows, he strongly disqualifies himself and his commissioner: “And Moses was wroth with the officers of the host… which came from the battle. And Moses said unto them, ‘Have ye saved all the women alive? … Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him. But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves’” (Num 31:14-18).

This rather looks like a mass human sacrifice for the “lord”…

For those who understand German I may suggest to read what the learned Karlheinz Deschner writes about this extremely blood-curdling common history of two world religions [10].

Obviously not just 2 but 3 world religions.  ALL of which have had their egos boosted, being told THEY are “God’s chosen people” in some way or another… so go out and kill all the others.  *yawn*  

Persons who regard themselves as Christians like to suggest that the victims would be “evil” people who lived in “sin”, and don’t want to understand how they this way betray Jesus’ teachings. There can be no worse sin than to kill in the name of God (or of his messenger Christ)! And if one kills in the name of Yahweh, or by his order, this shows clearly enough that he cannot be the true god. Jesus taught us that who takes to the sword will be undone by the sword, and even to love our enemies.

When Yahweh rages as follows, he demonstrates his fake divinity: “And if ye walk contrary unto me, and will not hearken unto me; I will bring seven times more plagues upon you according to your sins. I will also send wild beasts among you, which shall rob you of your children, and destroy your cattle, and make you few in number; and your highways shall be desolate. …And when I have broken the staff of your bread, ten women shall bake your bread in one oven, and they shall deliver you your bread again by weight: and ye shall eat, and not be satisfied. And if ye will not for all this hearken unto me, but walk contrary unto me; Then I will walk contrary unto you also in fury; and I, even I, will chastise you seven times for your sins. And ye shall eat the flesh of your sons, and the flesh of your daughters shall ye eat.” (Lev 26:21-29)

The macho behavior began already before the exodus from Egypt. Yahweh sent Moses several times to the Pharaoh to request letting the Hebrews free. The Pharaoh repeatedly declared that he would do that, but Yahweh the each time hardened his heart so that he, after all, refused: “…for I have hardened his heart, and the heart of his servants, that I might shew these my signs before him” (Ex 10:1). Yahweh insisted in showing his muscles and have all the ten plagues come over Egypt before he would let the Pharaoh allow the Hebrews to go. At last, he went through Egypt and killed all innocent first-born! (Ex 11:5, 12:12, 12:29, 13:15) For what did he want to demonstrate all this cruelty? In a similar way he hardened the hearts of the Hivites (living in the “promised Land”) so that they should not try to make piece (sic – peace?) with the Hebrews but meet them in battle so that they would be mercilessly destroyed (Josh 11:19.20). Everyone should die!

We might estimate that on the average a woman (married or not – even some unmarried had children) had five children in those days. The guess may be reasonable. Of the five only one, of course, was first-born. This would mean that he killed something like 20 % of the population!!!

Another of the many cruel incidents is where Yahweh requests that Abraham kill his own son as a sacrifice for him. When Abraham is prepared to do it, Yahweh stops him and makes it look like a test of Abraham’s slavish obedience. And that is, of course, a test that displays Yahweh’s cruelty. If he had tested Abraham’s love, he would have to declare him as failed … because then Abraham should have strictly refused to do such a thing!

So who, then, are these Anunnaki?
The Sumerian texts tell about a planet Nîbiru that like a comet moves in a long-stretched elliptic orbit with a revolution period of 3600 years, and that that planet is the home of the Anunnaki. Hence, the planet during more than 3000 years is so far away from the sun that everything must be frozen there. How can they live in such a world?

The answer will be that they are multidimensional beings, maybe 5-dimensional. They are said to be of a reptilian nature. We are only three-dimensional, i.e., we can only perceive three space dimensions and think only three-dimensionally. It seems that the Anunnaki have made us this way so that we should not perceive them, unless they appear in there three-dimensional form. This form (their three-dimensional body) is in the long period when the planet is far from the sun – apparently during more than 3000 years – in some state of hibernation, and then they act in other dimensions, invisible to us. In times when it is closer to the sun, they have visited us in their three-dimensional shape and that is told about in the Sumerian and related clay-plate texts. During other times they, however, influence us invisibly from the other dimensions and want to control how things are going on our planet and manipulate us their way, in politics, in a controlled science (leaving out things they don’t want us to know) and in business.

They, of course, need life energy. They could have had it from still higher dimensions, but they instead take it from us and want to keep us as a kind “milking cattle” for such energies, but without us being conscious of it. We shouldn’t know what is going on. Why do they do it that way? The answer will be that they separated themselves off from their divine origin – they “killed” the prime creators. Hence, they cannot expect to get energy from there. They love brutality – fight, war, violence, bloodshed and violent death. Why that? When a human being dies violently, his body is normally still full of life energy (his “batteries are charged”). This energy is released at the time of death and the Anunnaki can gather it. But when someone dies wasting away or in old-age weakness, there is hardly any energy left to “harvest” (his “batteries are empty”). It furthermore seems that they enjoy animating us to violence and war, like when a child plays war games with a computer. They have for this reason put aggressiveness in our genes, but also character traits like obedience to superiors and easily feeling fear. To have fear, especially fear of death, is an effective means for manipulation. When we feel rage and hatred in aggressions, we unconsciously also set life energies free, and we do the same when we have a strong fear. Obedience makes us more easily manipulated to do things we really don’t want to do.

In my Power of Words… post I talk about how humans are encouraged to be “humble” or exhibit “humility”, both of which literally mean “lowly”.  That’s how the Anunnaki view humanity.  

It should also be mentioned that they (being multidimensional beings) will know quite well what too few of us want to know: that there actually is no death. Only the body dies, but the soul is immortal. This doesn’t make things they do less cruel … but rather becomes a bad excuse. I wonder if it might not be the karma for many of them to become real “milk and slaughter cattle” after the end of their long lives …

We, however, get our life energy from above, through the light of the sun, since we have not intentionally and consciously cut off ourselves from that energy flow (yet we are not conscious of what is going on). The light energy is absorbed by plants that we eat, and we also eat animals (unless we are vegetarians) who have eaten plants and absorbed energy from them. So we indirectly do feed on energy from above.

Much of the archetypal information in the Bible has to do with satisfying Pagan religions to  convert their followers.  Paganism, to me, has to do with what I like to call “Being Earthlings… for Dummies.”  Paganism acknowledges the sun and the planet and its seasons, etc., essentially the environment we live in on Earth, and astrology informs us of the energies we, as Earthlings, as influenced by.  As I’ve said elsewhere, the word origin of pagan has to do with “villagers / country folk”, ya know, those who live on and work closely with the land and have to give a sh*t about the seasons for farming, hunting, and gathering purposes, etc.  They are “in tune” with the planet they live on.  These days the cabal still have the dumbed-down urban-dwelling “libtards” dissing the country / small town folk, making it sound like the rural folks are the idiots, when it is the urban dwellers who are completely out of touch with their planet, etc. and tend to have an SSDD (same sh*t different day) sort of existence – regardless of season or amount of daylight, etc., they do the 8 to 5, day in and day out.  *yawn* 

For more on what the present-day cabal have planned to literally block sunlight from the world see this video:

Mike Adams – Bombshell! Documents Show Global Engineering (terraforming!) Linked To Eugenics And Depopulation

Also read my post The Speed of Light = The Speed of Thought for more understanding of how Higher Light gets to us through the Sun and the Hidden Sun.  This “blocking of the sun” thing is about more than just cutting off food supplies, it’s about literally cutting you off from God!

This explains why the Anunnaki allegedly have very long life spans, of the order of thousands and even tens of thousands of years. In the state of hibernation, their three-dimensional bodies don’t age.

I would venture to say that the Anunnaki don’t really have 3D bodies.  They have higher-dimensional crystalline bodies, implying they have ascended at some point… then got “full of themselves” in all the wrong ways and love to lord that over 3D beings.  I sense that they can slow down the frequency of their 5D crystalline bodies to be “in the physical” here when they choose to be.  

I also get that they “mine for gold” to use for 3D-level purposes.  I won’t venture a guess on what that would be.  

I also am getting that Nibiru really doesn’t have much to do with them.  I also get that Nibiru is now no where’s near this solar system.  

This interpretation of the Sumerian and related clay-plate texts is, of course, another one than that of official science. Who, however, studies the original texts (of which translations are found in University libraries) will find that there are no real contradictions to such an interpretation. It is really possible, but official science denies it. Only few have dealt with the subject from this aspect, the best known being Zecharia Sitchin [11]. My book Es begann in Babylon (“It began in Babylonia”) [1] also does so, but describes several things differently than Sitchin does – which means that I don’t agree to everything he writes, especially not the remarkable embellishment of the Anunnaki (a.o., Sitchin doesn’t discuss the “primary murder” of the creator gods Anû und Ti’âmat).

In this case, (God informs me) THIS Anû is referring to the Divine Masculine (as opposed to the biological father of Enlil and Enki) and Ti’âmat here represents the Divine Feminine.  

And, astrologically, the planet Tiamat had Feminine energy and was destroyed, so that REALLY was a blow to Feminine energy in the Sol-ar system.  

In the fall of 2007, a rumor was around that Sitchin would have been arrested. This later turned out to have (highly probably) been a hoax (or maybe an intent was cancelled and later denied). No one should be astonished that some by all means strive to refute him as a crank or a liar. As an example, there is a website that claims that the words “Anunnaki” and “Nîbiru” would be found nowhere in the clay-plate texts. But I have an academic treatise by an ethnological scientist in which these words are certainly found in the translations [12].

As concerns channeling, I am very skeptical, since it is hard to separate the chaff from the wheat, and there obviously is much more chaff than wheat. There is, however, a book that deals with these things of which I (rather exceptionally) have a good feeling: Bringers of the Dawn by Barbara Marciniak [13]. The Anunnaki are there called “lizzies” (as diminutive of “lizards”), since they are reptilian.

I’m with this person – most channeled info is total garbage.  Barbara Marciniak’s Pleiadian channelings are an exception.  The “Ps” as Barbara calls them, very much resonate with me and they, through Barbara, have been awakening humanity to the Anunnaki and the global cabal for decades.  

Separating the wheat from the chaff in the channeling realm obviously takes more discernment skills than most “lightworkers” / Dark Clingers can muster as they consume one channeled message after another like eating M & Ms out of a bag.  Nom, nom.  And even if they come across very good, useful, practical, true info they still don’t do anything with it, don’t live it, don’t be it… just on to the next channeled massage. I saw someone had likened this to “spiritual masturbation”.  Indeed.  Goodness sakes.  Channeling porn.  Addiction issues anyone?

There is much information that indicates that the Anunnaki still to day have a secret influence, especially through secret societies like Zionism and related associations, like the Illuminati and certain Masonic orders. In them, only very few chosen ones at the very top of the pyramid know about the Anunnaki connection, but the mass of people – also of members – is kept in ignorance. (I suspect that something similar since almost 2000 years holds for the Church.)

Freemasonry was what the Knights Templar morphed into after that fateful Friday the 13th when the cabal monarchies and the popes came after them.  Knights Templar / freemasons were both leftovers from the original Gnostic Christianity.  But in typical cabal fashion, the cabal “joined what they couldn’t beat” and infiltrated and corrupted the Masons.  This started in earnest in the 1700s, one example being the Royal Society of Freemasons. 

The “harvest” of life energies from humans and animals gives a sense to the cruel practice of sacrifice. Of course, the meat is of no use to the “gods”, but the for us invisible life energies are. This underlines the remark above that all the murdering in the Old Testament may be seen as a mass human sacrifice for the “lord”. Since this life energy is especially contained in the blood, this also explains the command for the cruel practice of letting an animal bleed to death that is maintained in certain cultures. The blood – rather: the life energy in it – is for the “gods”, only the meat is for humans.

There’s something to these stories of “vampires” down through history, albeit metaphorical.  Doesn’t matter if there is something “special” to blood or not, these sick freaks THINK there is so their horrors go on.  Just the torturous death of slowly bleeding to death releases energies that the “vampires” / Anunnaki and their global cabal counterparts can absorb and get off on.  They do though also “get off on / get high on” the blood of tortured people and animals whose blood is then full of adrenaline.  See this report for starters:

And who, then, is Yahweh?
Sitchin in one of his books [14] takes the question up, who Yahweh may be. Is he also an Anunnaku? He is visibly trying hard to show that Yahweh isn’t an Anunnaku, but the god of the Anunnaki. His argumentation is, however, not very convincing. In my book [1] I demonstrate that his reasoning can also be seen to demonstrate that Yahweh is Marduk, and that is something he certainly wants to deny. It is a question of the point of view. Thus, one can actually set up the hypothesis that Yahweh is an Anunnaku! And that he during their physical absence from the Earth is a kind of “governor” of the Anunnaki. This fits to what is stated above about his abominable cruelty, on one side, and on the other side the violent nutrition of the Anunnaki with our life energies. Does he supply the Anunnaki with such energies from the Earth during their hibernation?

Yahweh, then (together with two other, see above) had Sodom and Gomorrah (more correctly ‘Amorah) destroyed. There are indications that this could have been done by means of a nuclear explosions. Certain geological peculiarities in the area may be such an indication. This allegedly was done because the inhabitants of the cities were prone to sin. However, Sitchins understanding of the clay-plate texts claims that the Anunnaki in the area were operating a basis for space traffic with Nîbiru. One gets the impression that they wanted to destroy this and eliminate all traces before they at that time gave up their three-dimensional physical presence on Earth. Sinai would at the time have been a forbidden area for humans. And that is from where Yahweh came – he is in the history of religions described to be a war-god from Sinai [2]! The thing about “sin” may then rather have been an excuse … or the “sin” was being in, or too close to, the forbidden area (so that they knew about it, which others should not).

Or… was “sin” a shorted version of “Sinai” and twist and turn and mix it about and here were are today.  See my points about the demonization of “demon” in Power of Words…to see one small example of how language gets corrupted over time.  

It is written in the Bible that the lord let “brimstone” and fire fall on the two towns. The Hebrew word that is here translated as “brimstone” is gaphrit, which rather means “pitch” (bitumen or tar) and generally refers to “inflammable material” [3], which may well be connected with explosions. Lot’s wife became a “pillar of salt” when this occurred (Gen 19:26). She had hesitated, stopped and looked back, and thus probably was too late to find protection and security, so that her body instantly died and became white from the radiation. As concerns “sin”, rabbinic sources like Talmud and Tanach but also gospels mention hostility towards strangers and denying hospitality [15], but later interpretations want to see voluptuousness and especially homosexuality here. If the latter would be true: why should so many heterosexuals and even children be punished along with the others? Actually: whatever the “sin” may have been: why punish also all the innocent? Here we again come to the unjust cruelty …

Would this be akin to Americans and Europeans not wanting rabid, radicalized Islamacist animals allowed into their country… and the lefty / “liberal” (not hardly) mainstream media (msm) spin it as being hostile and denying hospitality?  Perspective means a lot when looking at these old texts.  

And who is Jesus’ God?
In the New Testament Jesus presents a divine father to us, who much more corresponds to our expectations of universal love and universal good. He also talks about the Holy Spirit, who by many original Christians and by the Gnostics was understood to be a female manifestation of God. God as the prime creator thus appears as male and female at the same time. The prime creators Apsû und Ti’âmat were described as a pair – prime God and prime Goddess. Could there be a connection between the Holy Spirit and Ti’âmat?

See my discussion of the Holy Trinity in Interpretation … of Stairway to Heaven where I talk of the “Holy Spirit / Holy Ghost” is really the Divine Feminine.  But we can’t actually acknowledge the Divine Feminine if we’re trying to maintain the imbalance and dumbed-down-edness of a patriarchy. 

Ti âmat and Holy Spirit – as I’d already said, both represent the Divine Feminine, which is our connection to Prime Creator / All That Is through our Intuition.  

As far as interpreting Tiamat as a planet that was once in our solar system and was destroyed, astrologically, in this Dualistic universal realm, planets are either Masculine or Feminine energy and I certainly have every reason to think that Tiamat was Feminine energy and her destruction would have definitely messed with the Feminine energy in this Solar system.  

It isn’t easy to reduce the God, about whom Jesus spoke and Yahweh to a common denominator. The following quotation from the Gospel of John may be mentioned hereto:

“Then said Jesus to those Jews …”                                                                                           (8:31)

“’…If God were your Father, ye would love me:
for I proceeded forth and came from God…”                                                                            (8:42)

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do.
He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth,
because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own:
for he is a liar, and the father of it.’”                                                                                          (8:44)

“Jesus” here, in saying “your father” is speaking of the “god” of the Old Testament, Yahweh.  The icon of the “devil” – big, red, horned, hoofed, etc. – is not an actual entity, but was created by the Vatican to fear-monger.  In many ways it disses Feminine energy, sex, Divine Connection.  Devil spelled backwards is “lived”.  Live spelled backwards is evil.  

The WORD ORIGIN of “devil” goes back to “accuser” (also “slanderer”), just like the WORD ORIGIN of “satan”.  

But if that (now societal meme) “devil” archetype could actually be applied to anyone, it would be Yahweh who was an ET who dared to portray himself as God / Prime Creator / All That Is… and yet Yahweh is who Jews, Christians and Muslims think is God.  You’ve all been duped BIG TIME! … and it happened long ago… and your loved ones – parents, teachers and preachers – have passed on the disempowering, enslaving programs down through the generations to you.  

You describe “the devil” in a certain way, but who did / does what you say “the devil” does is actually the god of the Old Testament… who you worship as God.  *shaking head*  Learn more about “the devil” / “Satan” / Lucifer here:  Lucifer 

The global cabal answer to and were trained by Yahweh and his ilk – they project their crap onto others.  The cabal institution of the Vatican / the church created the icon of the devil to put their crap onto it.  To make you miss the fact that the descriptors used for the devil describe the god of the Old Testament called Yahweh.  

About whom did Jesus speak here? It can hardly have been Abraham, to which those he spoke to refer (8:39). The story of Abraham in the Old Testament gives no reason for that. It has been suggested that Jesus here spoke about Yahweh. One might object that the persons he spoke to probably were devoted to worldly things, materialists and in their true attitude servants of Mamon (the lord of richness). In that case, they were rather paying lip service in their belief. Is it imaginable that Jesus would speak about Yahweh as “the devil” or even “Satan”? The Greek text here has diabolos, which actually means “calumniator” or “defamer” and that would probably be a more suitable translation. That Yahweh isn’t the prime creator, but an anunnakian tribal god among others may in view of his undeniable cruelty even appear probable… Looked at it that way, the translation “calumniator” would fit.

Indeed.  Calumniator = making false statements.  That’s Yahweh, the yahoo, all over.  

But quite generally: Did Jesus want to teach original truths and was he for this reason killed by means of anunnakian influence? Did one want to prevent an attempt to give truth back to people? Has one for this purpose infiltrated the Church when it became clear that the new teachings could not be abolished [16]? People expected a Messiah, who would liberate them from Roman rule – but maybe someone came, who would show us the way to liberation from the Anunnaki, and no one really understood him…

The cabal love the archetype of Prometheus and his torture / punishment… for what?  For giving the Truth to humanity.  Geez, can’t have that!  

Rockefeller center details. New York City 2005

A hypothesis about Jesus’ mission and the Christianity
Against the background of these considerations I have come to the following hypothesis.

Jesus came from above, sent with a revolutionary message to humanity and born in the very area, where the Anunnaki had had their center. These still had an invisible influence over humanity from “behind the veil”. Jesus gradually brought people a truth, which these invisible rulers didn’t want them to know. His teachings about love, peace and spiritual as well as human independence were seen as a threat. Then he also in a cautious way taught that his “Father” isn’t the god they believed in. As it came that far, he had to die for it. The invisible ruler hoped that, with his death, his teachings would with time become forgotten. But it came to be differently.

As I’d said earlier there was no “Jesus” but this author seems to lean in the direction that there was.  Nevertheless, what is being pointed to with the archetypal character of Jesus does indeed bring an empowering message that the cabal did not want out.  What’s really being pointed to is an allegory of “Jesus” that the original Gnostic Christians put out, the Gnostics obviously being in touch with their own “Christ within”.  As I said earlier, Saul / Paul (and other global cabal entities) pursued and killed Gnostic Christians, which there were many of and the Gnostic Christian message / movement kept growing.  

But if the global cabal could wrap that all up in one character and then have that character crucified, they were “killing” the allegorical “Jesus” figuratively, metaphorically, symbolically, in the same way that they “killed” the creator gods Anû and Ti’âmat and tortured Prometheus from Greek mythology.  It wasn’t a literal “killing” but a metaphoric one, yes, in hopes that the True Christian teachings that came from the Gnostics would fall by the roadside.  

The “killing” both literal and figurative just never stopped with Yahweh and the followers of Yahweh in the form of “the Church”.  

Check out the pretty much wiping out of the Cathars in the 13th thru 15th Centuries for daring to say that the Old Testament “God” was not the real God / All That Is / Prime Creator.

From here:

Catharism (/ˈkæθərɪzəm/; from the Greek: καθαροί, katharoi, “the pure [ones]”) was a Christian dualist or Gnostic revival movement that thrived in some areas of Southern Europe, particularly what is now northern Italy and southern France, between the 12th and 14th centuries. “

“The idea of two gods or principles, one good and the other evil, was central to Cathar beliefs. This was antithetical to the monotheistic Catholic Church, whose fundamental principle was that there was only one God, who created all things visible and invisible. Cathars believed that the good God was the God of the New Testament and the creator of the spiritual realm. They believed the evil God was the God of the Old Testament, creator of the physical world whom many Cathars, and particularly their persecutors, identified as Satan.[11] Cathars thought human spirits were the genderless spirits of angels trapped in the material realm of the evil god, destined to be reincarnated until they achieved salvation through the consolamentum, when they could return to the benign God.

From the beginning of his reign, Pope Innocent III attempted to end Catharism by sending missionaries and by persuading the local authorities to act against them. In 1208, Innocent’s papal legate Pierre de Castelnau was murdered while returning to Rome after excommunicating Count Raymond VI of Toulouse, who, in his view, was too lenient with the Cathars. Pope Innocent III then abandoned the option of sending Catholic missionaries and jurists, declared Pierre de Castelnau a martyr and launched the Albigensian Crusade which all but ended Catharism.”

The part about that I bolded – When the Catholic Church talks about being monotheistic, they are doing so in an effort to hide the Truth.  What has been sold as “God” in the Old Testament was Yahweh, the ET.  They are attempting to hide the fact that Yahweh is NOT God / All That Is / Prime Creator.  The Cathars on the other hand are attempting to point this out.  Yahweh was a “god”, little “g”, as surely as we all are, but he shunned the All That Is and portrayed himself as that.  

Very interesting that the Cathars would be considered “dualistic” for merely pointing out that the so-called “God” of the Old Testament was NOT the All That Is / Prime Creator and hence not the God of the New Testament that the Gnostics originally spoke of through the allegorical character of Jesus.  I see this as more the Vatican twisting of Truth.  It was the Vatican that created the icon of “the devil”.  Also Zoroastrianism may have influenced other religions, where Duality of “good” and “evil” and also the concept that God / All That Is / Prime Creator had some “evil” counterpart.  Nope, no evil “counterpart” to God, just a little “g” god, psycho ET called Yahweh.  

Concerning the Cathars referring to Yahweh / God of the Old Testament as “Satan”.  I’d love to know if the Cathars themselves actually capitalized that.  No such name.  But the word “satan” means “adversary, accuser, opponent.”  Yep, Yahweh and the global cabal who answer to him go out of their way to be that satanic energy to Truth, Feminine Energy, humanity in general.  No doubt.  And many Jews, Christians and perhaps Muslims also still think that Yahweh, the “satan” that he is, is God.  Wakey, wakey time!

Pope Innocent III is known for saying, “Kill them all, let God sort ’em out.”  This was in reference to the crusades against the True Gnostic Christian holdouts called the Cathars.  The bulk of them lived amongst many Catholics who essentially said, “You’re not taking our Cathars!” who their Catholic neighbors knew were good people.  Pope Innocent III essentially ordered the killing of Catholics just to wipe out the Cathars… just as the author of this article I’ve linked to, and cut ‘n pasted here, says happened in Sodom and Gomorrah… as history kept repeating itself because humans don’t wake up to the control agenda.  Many “innocent” people – at least as far as the reason given for killing them – are killed in order for the cabal to kill off their enemies, which was anyone who dared speak the truth or may have known the truth.  Pope Innocent III doesn’t sound so innocent. 

I don’t agree with all Cathar beliefs but some of those beliefs obviously presented enough threat to “the Church’s” existence that the pope wanted the Cathars all dead.  Nevermind that the “Catholics” essentially stole the Cathars’ name.  Cathars mean “the Pure Ones”.  The Vatican is anything but pure.  Pure evil perhaps is all they are pure in.  

Many today are starting to understand the corruption in the Vatican but they act like that’s something new.  They blame it on the leftist-placed Pope Francis as if he’s to blame for millennia’s worth of corruption.  

Just one example – do you really think the rampant pedophilia within the Catholic Church is just since this new pope has been in?  Really?  There’s a lot of elderly folk around who would tell you different, who were subjected to it when they were children.  

Francis wasn’t around when Cathars and Catholics alike were being slaughtered to kill the True Gnostic Christian message of Empowerment.  He also wasn’t around when the Catholic Church / pope and the monarchies went after the Knights Templar on October, Friday the 13th, of 1307, who were also True Gnostic Christian holdouts.  

Many also like to blame the Jesuit part of “the Church” / Vatican for Vatican corruption, but the Jesuits were not formed until 1534.  By then “the Church” formed by Saul / Paul had done much damage.  

Alex Jones, as knowledgeable as he is about the present-day global cabal, says that recently “the anti-Christ has captured the Catholic Church.”  Yo Alex, the anti-Christ-Consciousness cabal STARTED the Catholic Church!  The cabal and their institution of the “the Church” do NOT want anyone realizing the Christ Within… that the True Gnostic Christians wanted everyone to realize.  

WHAT PART OF “THE Church / the VATICAN HAS ALWAYS BEEN DIRTY” DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND?!!!  Right from its inception!  They may have since layered on even more layers of dirt, but dirt is nothing new for “the Church”.  Wake up humanity!  Being half-awake is NOT awake.  Helping others clean out their psyche about the present-day cabal while you maintain the cabal’s historic disempowering programs in YOUR psyche is NOT getting the job done.  

Have you heard bad things – or perhaps nothing at all – about Pagans, Occultists, the Gnostics, the Cathars, the Knights Templars, the Freemasons?  Who did you hear it from?  Was it a cabal controlled source?  Did they say these groups were… what?… evil or anti-Christ? 

If there was / is any corruption in Pagan, Occult, Christian, Mason practices, it came AFTER the global cabal either infiltrated it or flat out hijacked it.  Like their directive – If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.  

Those of you who know the present-day cabal, you’ve got their number.  YOU KNOW that they take the nasty things they do and project them onto their “enemies”, ya know, the people who speak the truth.  They’ve ALWAYS been doing that.  

If some “main-stream” source, albeit even historical ones – ya know, like the 3 western religions!!! – say bads things about people, you might want to actually look into those people.  Chances are, they speak truths that the cabal don’t want you to know.  

Does this confuse you that I would say to learn what Pagans and Occultists have to say?  Is it because you have come to learn that the global cabal use Pagan and Occult knowledge?  Let me guess, you’re in one of the 3 western religions… and you drank their kool aid.  The cabal have used your religions to dis Pagan and Occult Wisdom because they know knowledge is power and they want to keep this info and its power to themselves.  They sure as hell don’t want you using it for good.  So they’ve made you think it’s evil.  It’s only “evil” with their warped intentions behind it.  

There is nothing inherently good or evil in the world.  It all depends on the intent behind it.  

I like to call Pagan and Occult Wisdom “Being Earthlings… for Dummies”.  The cabal, through the 3 western religions have dumbed you down, kept you in the dark, and oppressed you through your ignorance.  

On a more recent example of how the cabal operate…. Since I can’t remember when I’ve heard about those “crazy Scientologists” who won’t allow themselves and their children to be treated with modern medical treatments.  Well, the world is finally waking up to the horrors of the “medical industrial complex” in a bigger way recently.  See my post Useful Healthful Tips about just even vaccines and that’s just one thing.  

A little over a decade ago, I couldn’t help but notice that in a big, yes, “main-stream” way the Scientology people were being dissed and smeared left and right.  Young people were getting all fired up about this and acting like ANTIFA does today, donning masks and getting out in the street to harass Scientologists.  I had a friend whose partner’s son was all fired up about this.  They asked the young man if he had even read Hubbard’s book.  Nope, “not reading that crap” or something similar is what they said.  My friend asked how they could hate what Hubbard and Scientology were about if they hadn’t even read his book.  

I wondered what the cabal had a problem with Scientology over.  

Yep, I’ve got the cabal’s number too, perhaps even better than many of you.  I see their various propaganda campaigns spring up and getting people to hate on others about various stuff or whatever their propaganda push is about and I know there’s something up… yet again.  

I looked up Scientology and found out that Hubbard had been in the military and found out the cabal wanted to eventually get everyone on pharmaceuticals to control them.  He refused to go along with it and Scientology has been anti-drug / pharma.  There was my answer.  I don’t care what else Scientology has got going on, good, bad or indifferent – I got my answer.  The cabal just couldn’t have someone exposing their plans to get everyone on drugs.  

The Divine made SURE I got the message.  

I spent a couple months at the Center for Spiritual Living.  I was looking for peers, but didn’t really find any.  Their head reverend came closer than anyone else there, but, eh, nope, no reason to stay, but was happy to see that folks who maybe still aren’t so “self propelled” in their learning, growing and research and still want to do the church thing could at least hear empowering messages there.  While I was there I met a few folks.  One was a fellow who used to be in Scientology… until… he found out that all the founders of Scientology had been kicked out of Scientology.  Well!  If that doesn’t indicate infiltration and corruption (ya know, the cabal’s directive known as “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em”), I don’t know what would.  

Then, around the same time, I worked a temporary job at a small business.  The owner did not live locally but came to visit while I worked there.  This whole Big Pharma drug push was not something new to me, but God had a point to hammer home to me.  I got to talking to this owner about looking up Scientology and why there was such a big mainstream propaganda push against them.  He told me he was in Scientology and told me to wait while he went to his car to retrieve a copy of the video that Scientology put out called “Making a Killing”.  Great play on words there.  Yep, “they” (the cabal) are getting rich using pharmaceuticals to kill people or ruin their health.  It’s an older video now, but I’m sure it would be enlightening for many still today.  

Christianity spread, and through the murder of Jesus it was rather reinforced than weakened. Seeing this, the invisible rulers conceived a new strategy. They intended to infiltrate this Christianity and modify it in there own sense, so that it would no more be a threat to them but serve their purposes. This was done and led to the formation of a Church, while the original Gnostic Christianity was lost. Jesus’ teachings became twisted and falsified. In their place came the dogma of the Church and the real Christ was replaced by a fake “Christ”.

Again, the cabal directive, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” – infiltrate and corrupt!  “The Church” then hijacked the Gnostics’ True Christianity.  

The absolute worst way that more-modern “Christianity” has twisted the Jesus story is in getting people to worship him and be-lie-ve in him and thinking that’s all that’s required for “getting to the Kingdom of Heaven”.  If only.  You silly “Christians” (nope, not hardly) have much work to do in the way of Self Mastery (Christ-I-Am) in order to free yourself from this very corrupted mundane realm and “get to Heaven”.  

In every Church, the dead Jesus hangs on a cross with nails in hands and feet, with thorns in his head and with a wound in his side. This is a real voodoo-technique for blocking his power. The subconscious message to us is: “Jesus is dead! Now we are in power!” Then the triumph over his death was symbolized with the torture and murder tool he was killed with: the cross … If they had hanged him, I suppose the symbol of the Dogma would have been a rope with a slipknot…

Just like Prometheus… how dare “Jesus” (the gnostics, the True, original Christians) give humanity the Truth.  The Jesus on a crucifix is just another statue of Prometheus, demonstrating what happens to those who give the Truth to humanity.  

If I remember right, Hiram Abif, who has significance to the Freemasons (I’ll leave that to you to research) was hanged and in mason initiations they put a noose around the initiate’s neck.  Now all the men in “business / busyness” suits wear a tie around their necks.  Things that make ya go “hmmm?”  I’m sure if the cabal could literally get away with strapping a cross to everyone’s back in some symbolic gesture, they’d do that too.  Shh.  I guess I shouldn’t give ’em any ideas.  

Paul played an important role, maybe as an unconscious agent for the invisible rulers. He “converted” from being Saul, an enemy of Christians, to become the “apostle” Paul, who in a clever and sneaky way modified the teachings. That is how the alienation began, which later Constantine and others continued. They thereby also strove for a return to earlier patriarchal conditions, away from positive attitude to women that Jesus had. A new misogyny came into Christianity through the back door, the way the invisible patriarchal rulers wanted to have it. The possibility for a return of the Goddess could not be allowed. The female quality of the Holy Spirit should again be forgotten, and all tendencies for devotion to a divine femininity were tactically diverted to Mary.  She is, of course, revered in her own right, but this reverence at the same time serves a secret deviation from the Goddess, who anew became forgotten.

Again… infiltrate and corrupt.  

And who was Constantine?  Constantine the Great, a roman emperor, who, along with the Council of Nicaea, a bunch of Catholic bishops, put the Bible together in the 4th Century.  

And who, then, is Allah?
Islam arose around 600 years after Christianity and reveres Allah as the one and only god. The word actually means “The God” and thus isn’t really a name but a designation (like “Yahweh” isn’t really a name either, but also a designation that means “he is”). One of the central basic principles of Islamic confession is: “There is no god except ‘The God’” (La ilaha illa Allah). This reminds strongly of Yahweh’s “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” Under the hypothesis that Yahweh saw himself threatened by Christianity and, therefore, infiltrated it, one can envision that the same Yahweh wanted to create an analogous religion under a new denomination in a related people. On one side in order to have a have a “second track” for his influence and on the other side in order to be able to play the two off against each other in a Machiavellian sense of “divide and rule”.

No god except “The God”.  Again, some of the most damaging part about this is that we are ALL gods.  We are always creating, we are never not creating.  But if you do not acknowledge this, then you are creating unconsciously and haphazardly and look what a fine mess that has made in this world, eh?!  This is why my favorite term for God is Prime Creator because of the implications that we are ALL Powerful Creators.  Find out how YOU create here: How to Create

It’s my understanding that the religion of Islam was yet another Catholic Church creation.  Notice the common denominator.  

Years ago, I had a rather large list of email addresses of lightworkers with whom I would share info.  That sharing went both directions.  We were enlightening each other to details about this worldly situation.  I sent out something about the Freemasons being corrupt.  A friend wrote back, “I know many masons and they’re all good people.  If you want to know about corruption, check out the Vatican.”  I wrote back, “I know full well about the corruption of the Vatican, but I was raised Catholic and I have to tell you that most Catholics are good folks, just like you know masons to be.  But Joe Average Catholic and Mason don’t know what is going on in the upper ranks of their organizations.”  My friend wrote back, “You’re absolutely right.”  

Also other extraterrestrial visits?
It is highly probable that humans of this Earth have had contacts with extraterrestrials already before.
It seems quite possible that the Egyptians, Incas, Mayas and Aztecs had such contacts and that these extraterrestrials will not always have been Anunnaki. Regressions with persons, who once lived in Atlantis, indicate that the culture there had contacts with extraterrestrials, who gave them higher knowledge as a kind of development aid. They withdrew disappointedly when they saw that the knowledge was abused. One client experienced himself as a hybrid between extraterrestrials and humans, and suffered from being discriminated by both sides, since he didn’t really look like an Earth human, but also not like an extraterrestrial.

ETs have been here all along.  This planet was seeded and gardened and tended to.  Everything on this planet comes from ET DNA, ourselves included.  Not all were malevolent like the Anunnaki.  And not all Reptilians are bad either.  Those that came here were kinda outcasts of their own race.  Their Reptilian cousins are not thrilled with them either.  

Also, some benevolent ETs “made mistakes” by showing themselves to humans, hoping to awaken and guide humanity, but alas, the dumbed-down humans then wanted to worship these ETs.  Oops.  That kinda was counterproductive to these benevolent ET’s intentions.  

Very evil chapters of human history on our planet are the cruel conquests and destructions of above all the Latin-American cultures through European Yahwistic cultures. Why did the latter want that? A logical answer will be that Yahweh manipulated humans to that end, since he didn’t want competition in his influence on humankind. Thus, this will concern influence of other extraterrestrials than the Anunnaki or, maybe, rivaling Anunnaki groups.

It may be assumed that there were also other cultures on Earth before the anunnakian manipulation of human life here, and that they may in many cases have had benevolent contacts with other extraterrestrials.

In India, an ancient knowledge has to a large extent survived that probably also has to do with very early extraterrestrial contacts. The yahwistic attempts to eradicate this by means of the British rule (and earlier through the Muslim Moguls) luckily didn’t really work. Instead, the knowledge became accessible to the entire world, since ancient Sanskrit texts were translated to English! As if the plan backfired… (but to day business globalization is, instead, doing much damage to the Indian culture).

Are then all “Gods” only extraterrestrials?
There are authors who seem to claim that. But the true creator God certainly isn’t in that sense an extraterrestrial, since he – beyond that concept – is everywhere. That then some of his creations were regarded as “gods”, when they came from somewhere else to visit the Earth, is quite another matter.

The Anunnaki want to claim that they are our creators!
The Anunnaki are not our creators! They have by means of genetic manipulation in very ancient times only created the bodies of our prime ancestors but not created them out of pure energy, as the prime creator did when he created our souls. They are in no way our creators!

For clarity, the Anunnaki, yes, created our bodies, by combining the DNA from a local hominid with their own DNA.  Our SOULS are God’s / Prime Creator’s / All That Is’ creation.

Our bodies are not really “us”, they are “on loan to us from the planet” when we incarnate here.  It will be the same on 5D Gaia.  She and we will have crystalline bodies.  But yeah, it could be said that even though we create our 5D crystalline bodies as part of our personal ascension process, those bodies will be on loan from Gaia.  Our bodies are very much a part of the planet we live on and WE as souls are very much a part of the planet while we are incarnate there.  Our energies absolutely affect our planet.  

Are the Anunnaki mentioned in the Bible?
The Bible mentions a tall people called Anakim, the sons of Anak. They have to do with the Nephilim, who are the above-mentioned “sons of the gods” who came down to Earth to have children with the “daughters of man”. The following Bible passages mention “Anakim” and “Anak”: Num 13:22; 13:28; 13:33, Deut 1:28; 2:10-11; 2:21, 9:2, Josh 11:21-22; 14:12; 14:15; 15:13-14; 21:11, Judg 1:20.

The conclusion near at hand would be that these are Anunnaki (in their three-dimensional appearance) or probably rather there off-spring resulting from their sexual involvement with humans of the Earth.

Perhaps both.  

There is reason to think that some Reptilians can shape-shift – being higher dimensional beings – into human form.  Some say that is one reason that they want a blood sacrifice and literally drink human blood… enabling them to take on human form.  *shrug*

Also the old “right of kings” thing plays into all this.  The shapeshifting may though then be due to them being a mix of homo sapiens (which is already part Reptilian) and then being bred with Reptilians.  

The western (European) monarchies were / are more Reptilian than most of us and they do their best to keep it that way, which is why they marry their cousins, to “keep their bloodline pure”.  So, they think this gives them the right to rule over humanity.  

Barbara Marciniak’s Pleiadian contacts (the “Ps”) like to talk about how the “kings” (political rulers who are sell outs to the Anunnaki / Reptilians) think that if they control and kill off humanity by destroying / terraforming the surface of the planet, that they can hide away underground until they can resurface and rule the world without most of humanity.  These “kings” like to think the Anunnaki / Reptilians will reward them, but no, the Ps say these “kings” will be the Anunnaki’s dinner.  


Learn Why The Globalists Fear The Individual

Always love Nick Begich’s perspective. Sharp guy. Much here in this talk about essentially HONORING both the Individual AND our Collective Connection.
“… the power of the individual…” Yes, the POWER OF ONE. Many like to think that’s about us all being connected. No, not really so much. Someone needs to have courage enough to speak up.

Years ago, Dr. Heather Anne Harder, who ran for president in 2000, told me of a study (see Asch Experiment) where a group of people were tested. In the same room with them were people who were “in on it”, as in, they were part of the test. So, someone at the front of the room drew 2 circles on the board. Circle A was clearly bigger than Circle B. This person asked everyone, “Which circle is bigger?” Those in the room who were in on the test all said Circle B was bigger. Those who were being tested looked around bewildered… until one of them had the guts to go against consensus and declare that Circle A was bigger, then the others had the courage to do so also… but it took that one individual with guts enough to trust their own senses and speak their truth to dissent to what the “mob” was saying.  In so doing, they give others the “permission” to do so also.

Listening to Nick and Alex right here… well, it’s like reading my own frickin’ blog. I’ve not been so happy for humanity as I am in this moment. PEOPLE ARE WAKING UP TO WHO THEY REALLY ARE!

But… Alex STILL has yet to understand that Free Will is NOT something to cling to.  It’s dysfunctional and disempowering!  Wake up Alex!

Self Masteries Are Us

The following is a comment (ended up in spam) made to my blog and my response.

Hey, how’s it going?

I want to pass along some very important news that everyone needs to hear!

In December of 2017, Donald Trump made history by recognizing Jerusalem as the captial of Israel. Why is this big news? Because by this the Jewish people of Israel are now able to press forward in bringing about the Third Temple prophesied in the Bible.

Jewish Rabbis have publicly announced that their Messiah will be revealed in the coming years who will be a leader and spiritual guide to all nations, gathering all religions under the worship of one God. They deny Jesus as their Messiah, and the Bible tells us this Jewish Messiah will be the counterfiet that will bring about a false peace, and ultimatley the great tribulation.

They even printed a coin to raise money for the Temple with Donald Trumps face on the front and with king Cyrus'(who built the second Temple) behind him. On the back of the coin is an image of the third Temple.

More importantly, the power that runs the world wants to put a RFID microchip in our body making us total slaves to them. This chip matches perfectly with the Mark of the Beast in the Bible, more specifically in Revelation 13:16-18:

“He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666.”

Referring to the last days, this could only be speaking of a cashless society, which we have yet to see, but are heading towards. Otherwise, we could still buy or sell without the mark amongst others if physical money was still currency. This Mark couldn’t be spiritual because the word references two different physical locations. If it was spiritual it would just say in the forehead. RFID microchip implant technology will be the future of a one world cashless society containing digital currency. It will be implanted in the right-hand or the forehead, and we cannot buy or sell without it! We must grow strong in Jesus. AT ALL COSTS, DO NOT TAKE IT!

“Then a third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, “If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand, he himself shall also drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out full strength into the cup of His indignation. He shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb. And the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever; and they have no rest day or night, who worship the beast and his image, and whoever receives the mark of his name” (Revelation 14:9-11).

People have been saying the end is coming for many years, but we needed two key things. One, the Third Temple, and two, the technology for a cashless society to fulfill the prophecy of the Mark of the Beast.

Visit http://WWW.BIBLEFREEDOM.COM to see proof for these things and much more!

If you haven’t already, it is time to seek God with all your heart. Jesus loves you more than you could imagine. He wants to have a relationship with you and redeem you from your sins. Turn to Him and repent while there is still hope! God bless!

  • The above comment that I am replying to here was in my spam, but I felt it was actually worth addressing.

    “In December of 2017, Donald Trump made history by recognizing Jerusalem as the captial of Israel.”

    I really don’t care one way or the other about the state of Israel (Isis-Ra-El), but the state of Israel is a global cabal creation. No one, and I mean no one, has worked harder to fulfill Biblical prophecy than the global cabal. Many a supposed “Christian” evangelist type is going out of their way to ship all the Jews from all over the world to Is-ra-el (Isis-Ra-El). Why? What is their motive? Do they detest Jews so much they are just trying to get them out of their own backyard? Wtf? But then again, who the f*ck cares about such silly nonsense?!

    “Why is this big news? Because by this the Jewish people of Israel are now able to press forward in bringing about the Third Temple prophesied in the Bible.”

    And I sure as Heaven don’t give a crap about outward temples. Tend to YOUR OWN temple, which is your own being, in all its aspects – body, mind, emotions, spirit.

    “Jewish Rabbis have publicly announced that their Messiah will be revealed in the coming years who will be a leader and spiritual guide to all nations, gathering all religions under the worship of one God. They deny Jesus as their Messiah, and the Bible tells us this Jewish Messiah will be the counterfiet that will bring about a false peace, and ultimatley the great tribulation.”

    I myself, I AM a spiritual leader (albeit, an unknown one thus far) in ways you couldn’t even f*cking fathom and I actually probably will be a spiritual guide to all nations. Blah, blah, woof, woof. I myself deny Jesus (or anyone else) as MY messiah / savior. I’m not Jewish though. I may be considered “a Hebrew” though, which is just one who has Higher Knowledge.

    As I’ve said elsewhere – What is termed “being saved” / ascension / being Christed (all one and the same) is not something that someone else can do for you. It’s the ultimate exercise in Self Mastery. Really? You think someone else can take care of YOUR Self Mastery?

    I know that, especially in this day and age, everyone is into hiring someone else to do things for them, even raising their children for them. *shaking head*

    I can just hear the advertisement for this now:

    Are you experiencing the nagging urge to take care of your Self Mastery… but just can’t seem to find the time? We here at Self Masteries Are Us understand. We know there are football games to watch and beer to drink and even the global cabal to be exposed. So who really has time and energy to take care of their own Self Mastery? That’s why we started our service. Just dial Jesus-Christ and we’ll send you your own personal savior / messiah so we can get the process started, then we’ll take it from there so you can get back to your ever-so-important 3D activities.


    These people who think that if they just “believe in Jesus” they will “be saved”, well, first, Jesus is a fictitious, allegorical character, so that’s beyond silly, believing in a fairy tale character will save you.  But if he were a real person, it’s still just as silly. It’s like someone with cancer thinking that if they just believe in a healthy person, they too can be healthy.  Wouldn’t that be so wonderful and easy?!  Nice pipe dream.  Don’t actually Think, Say or Do anything healthy to, ya know, get healthy, just believe in someone who is healthy, who HAS Thought, Said and Done healthy things.  *shaking head*

    And… you’re STILL waiting for “the great tribulation” to happen? Where’ve you been? It’s been going on for quite some time and getting more intense for some folks all the time. But hey, whatever has to happen “out there” to drive you “in here” and get your own danged healing / inner work done!

    “Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666. ”

    Obviously YOU don’t have the “understanding” that is being talked about there. This number 666 thing refers to gematria. The “number of man”. That is not meaning “human”, but “man” as opposed to “woman.” MAN has been THE BEAST!!! Nothing wrong with Masculine energy in general, but without the balance of Feminine energy you get the imbalance of a patriarchy and that IS rather BEASTLY!  Men have been more beastly than beasts.  What? You haven’t noticed that… yet?  How much maiming and killing needs to go on before you catch on?    

    And ya know what’s the FIRST thing to go when the world is a patriarchy? YOUR CONNECTION TO GOD! Because INTUITION is your connection to God and that IS Divine Feminine energy.  This was all quite by design, by the ETs that the global cabal are minions of.  You dumbed-down, ignorant Bible thumper you.

    The number of “woman”, ya know, gematria-wise, is like 1080.

    Here are a couple articles about that:

    Hidden Messages: Sacred Numbers and Christianity

    Yep, look into Margaret Starbird’s work!

    I can’t / won’t deny that the cabal are attempting to RFID everyone. Like I said, they are going out of their way to fulfill Biblical prophecy. Never mind they are no better at interpreting it than most Judeo-Christians are.  But yeah RFIDing everyone is the utmost of control-freakedness.  Yep, over-the-top Masculine energy, off the frickin’ rails!

    Are you paying attention to internet censorship and the control over your ability to buy and sell either online or off that is HAPPENING NOW, WITHOUT putting a chip in you?!  Hello?!  If you still don’t understand that is all already going on, full tilt, listen to this.

    NONE of this would be happening without the imbalance of the patriarchy.  As I’ve said elsewhere, the answer to a patriarchy is NOT a matriarchy, but a patriarchy is much easier to control and sustain because men are not as naturally intuitive / Divinely Connected as women are and men are bigger and stronger and can muscle their way around, foolish as they have been / are to do so.  Some good-hearted men in this world now may even hold women on a pedestal, but for what?  For their beauty… not for their natural Divine Connection.  *shaking head*  Don’t kid yourselves that the patriarchy has not hurt men.  It absolutely has.  MEN’S Divine Connection has been SEVERELY impaired by the patriarchy.  MEN’S Divine Feminine has been denied.  They dis half of themselves by dissing or not acknowledging the Divine Feminine.  And when a patriarchy goes on for as long as it has, even women start to act like men, in all the wrong ways, jumping right over assertion and straight to aggression.  Not good folks. Time to quit identifying so closely with your MEAT SUIT.  What’s between your legs is NOT who you are. You are a soul of God, who, at a soul level, HAS NO GENDER!

    “He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads…”

    Have you considered that the “mark on their foreheads” has to do with being more left-brained (masculine energy) than right-brained and hence not so intuitive (intuition IS feminine energy) and hence not so connected to God?  Mmm?  Have you considered that the “mark on their right hand” is about being “heavy handed”?  Mmm? And not just “a hand” but the RIGHT hand, which is controlled by the left side of the brain (left side of brain & head and right side of body are masculine).  Yep, Masculine energy gone wild.

    We are all Powerful Creator Gods. Forgetting THAT would be the original “sin” / ignorance… forgetting who you really are! The only reason Powerful Creator Gods should give a sh*t about prophecy is to heed the warning therein. The prophecy heeded is the one that DOES NOT fulfill. Powerful Creator Gods don’t sit back and watch Biblical prophecy unfold, like they’re watching a f*cking movie. Power Creator Gods Create Anew! They create what THEY want, what THEY are Divinely guided to create.

    “Jesus loves you more than you could imagine. ”

    Do YOU love you? Do you love you enough to “save” yourself? Since you are the only one who can. Past Christs can’t save you, most especially fictitious ones.

    There is no “Jesus”. The New Testament stories, well, the parts that could be taken literally (the entire Bible is steeped in Sacred Symbology / archetypal info) are the stories of many people all lumped together under one “name” (yeah, “Jesus”), an allegory based on many Pagan archetypes from many cultures throughout history, but also on the wisdom of the Gnostic Christians, the New Agers of their day, here to usher in the Age of Pisces. That’s why “Jesus” is associated with the symbol of the fish – Pisces. And now we have a whole new herd of New Agers to help with a Planetary and Collective Human Ascension. And you’re not to WORSHIP anyone else – not those who have achieved their own Christhood or those of us who will soon achieve our own Christhood or those who are working on doing so. YOU could stand to get t’ busy working on YOUR OWN Christhood. Silly. Silly, brainwashed and disempowered so-called “Christian”. Time to put another bump on that word and be a Christ-I-Am. Oh my, but that WILL take some work and some responsibility and I know you’d love to shrug that Responsibility (and the Power that goes with it) and just hand that off to “Jesus” and Self Masteries Are Us, but sorry there Bub, you’re the only one who CAN save yourself. Best get off your “waiting for Jesus to come and save me” duff and GET YOUR INNER WORK DONE!

    “Have I not said ye are gods? You too shall do these and greater things.” ~ “Jesus”

    What you could stand to acknowledge is YOUR OWN CHRIST WITHIN. Do you know what your “good book” says about THAT? Best go have a look.

    “Jesus” is not returning. He would have had to show up in the first place, at least once to then be “returning”. The cabal has you waiting for something that will never happen… so that you don’t save yourself.  CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS is what is returning to this world… through YOU… if you let it.  You in or what?

    Screw some semi-fictitious character named “Jesus”. Work to attain your own Christ Consciousness. Nope, Self Masteries Are Us are NOT going to come rescue you, you must save yourself. You’re the only one who can. God and your higher self would be quite happy to help, just cut out the “middle men”, including all those long-dead ones in that book you’re thumpin’ on.

And Now… the Moment You’ve All Been Waiting For

Status seekers are rebuked, as “Headliners of Light” assume control of the process.



First Try

Oh. my. goodness. Alex Jones knows SO much, gets SO much (I do adore him and love his passion)… then he has his own brick-wall be-lie-f system that is SO not how it is.  Ok, I’m going to transcribe what he says here, starting at ~7:30 minutes.

“We have a new spirit, each person is new, but our body is an earth suit of all our ancestors together. And imagine, your grandmother, your grandfather, if they knew their father or mother, it’s electrochemical like electricity. You are completely connected as much as you are to your mother and father to people a million years ago. And they are an expression of you in a dream to the future, time-traveling through flesh, which seems like a long time to you in your life, but it’s really nothing. You are expressing something like a moth, that, like a, like a caterpillar becomes a moth or a butterfly. You are projecting through space-time genetically for this larger plan. We’re about to hit the final next level of the explosion and there’s an interdimensional attack obviously on this jump point. So you don’t wanna just live and enjoy yourself, because then you spiritually die. You only live forever by your progeny carrying on your genetic memories and genetic blueprint towards the future and defeating – you don’t think just God lets us launch on this planet without an attack – we’re under total attack.”

So close and yet so far.

Do we have what some call “cellular memory”, which is kinda what Alex is talking about here?  Yep, sure do.  Perhaps also called “ancestral memory”.  Yep.  Can’t / won’t argue that.

But, ah no, Alex, we are NOT “new spirit” / “new person”.  At a SOUL level, we live forever… or however long we choose to (perhaps).  We have all been around THIS block (Earth, in human incarnations) and many other blocks (other star systems / planets) SO many times, it’s not even funny.  This kinda reminds me of lyrics from Tracy Chapman’s song “First Try” (see below).

Ok, he’s using the word “spirit” (and some people like to distinguish between “soul” and “spirit”), but to me he is actually talking “soul” when he is using the word “spirit” at the beginning of what I transcribed.  Is “spirit” perhaps actually a good term to use concerning “cellular / ancestral memory”?  Yeah, perhaps.

But our SOUL doesn’t get just one try… and how he is talking “cellular / ancestral memory” here, well, if THAT is what some folks would call “spirit”, it’s not a “first / only” try that way either.

Also go to my Current Events… for Dummies post and search on the word “breed” and read what I wrote in comments there. Ahh… so people DO think the only way to “live eternally” is by breeding… and Alex Jones is one of those people. LMAO.  It truly IS about “keeping up to the Joneses”, like Alex Jones. LOL  Ahh, that does explain some people’s “need to breed”. lmao  Sorry Alex, but the be-lie-f system of that is just so silly.  Touch base with God / All That Is on that one.

And sorry again Alex, but there is no “devil”.  See my Lucifer post.

Alex says we’re going to live forever.  At a soul level we may do just that anyway… whether “humanity” lives on or not.  But!  We can save the human FORM by ascending ourselves to 5D.  


Unconditional Love

This blogger doesn’t allow for commenting on their blog apparently, so I guess I’ll have to answer on my own blog.

From my book  Awake & Aware – Top Priority: Self  :

Here are the four Greek words for the different kinds of love:

Eros – sexual, erotic or romantic love.

Storge – family love, the kind of love there is between parent and child or towards a pet.

Philia – brotherly friendship or affection.  It is the love of deep friendship or partnership.  It might be described as the highest love of which man, without God’s help, is capable.  

Agape – compassionate, selfless love directed equally toward all people. 

What this blogger, in this article, calls “unconditional love” is of the Agape sort.

I often joke, but seriously it’s how it is, I may not want someone in my life, but I can and do still love them in an agape sort of way… even if I have to “love them from afar”.

In case you didn’t fully absorb what I just communicated there – there may very well be conditions on whether someone is in my life or not, but there are NO conditions on my love for them.  It’s along the lines of – I may not condone their actions, I may not be willing to be subjected to their energies (due to Self Love and self respect), but I never stop loving them.  If you don’t understand that, you still have some things to learn about “unconditional love.”  Love just is.

Furthermore, all those other souls, at a soul level, are just like the soul that you are.  They’re just having a different experience.  But they are part of God as surely as you are?  Do you only love God just a little bit?  Only some parts of God?  Do you really think God is that way – only loves some souls?  If you desire to return to God, you’re going to have to love all of His / Her / Its parts.

Doesn’t mean we have to put up with their sh*t though or “be nice” to / with them.  Nope, we sure don’t.

“When we talk about compassion we talk in terms of being kind. But compassion is not so much being kind; it is being creative [enough] to wake a person up.” ~ Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoch

Frankly, what could be “kinder” than that?!  Yep, call those ENERGIES on the frickin’ carpet. You’ll be serving that SOUL well by doing so.

From the blog article link above:

“Even thou I know this earth is a school with a broad spectrum of light energies for students, I sometimes grow tired and lack patience with dark, stuck energies.”

Yep, I’m with ya.  But distinguish between the SOUL that is standing in front of you and the ENERGIES which they are currently carrying.  Mmm?!

Again, from link above:

“There is a very dark energy group at our earth school. They are bullies and always want to be in control. They provide valuable lessons to be learned by all of us, but still, they are tiresome.”

Yep.  And that lesson here would be how to set boundaries.  That serves both yourself AND the person / people you are setting boundaries with.  And the ultimate boundary is getting someone OUT of your life… if need be.

“One of the most shocking findings of my work was the idea that the most compassionate people I have interviewed over the last 13 years were also the absolutely most boundaried.”  ~ Brené Brown

Yeppers! No surprise here on that count.  Even if / when the persons we’re talking about are the global cabal. I’ve gotten several messages from God through Tarot over the last few months about humanity rejecting the cabal’s agenda. Uh huh. And as these things often go, people will get AS MUCH of something that they need. They’ll be driven to “Enough already!” levels, whatever that takes for everyone involved… till they learn to set boundaries.  Those who serve the dark are in the long run serving the light by making YOU go all in!  

The cabal are certainly a special case, since they are literally psychopaths.  Joe Average out there is not so far gone as the cabal.  They were just programmed by the cabal.  Unfortunately, that manifests outwardly as the same sort of energy.  You might be able to reach Joe Average.  The cabal?  Perhaps not so much.  The solution is the same.  It’s called setting boundaries.  

There cannot be a “villain” without a “victim”.  Aren’t you done with casting yourselves and others in these roles and reading off of that script?!  Stuck in Duality much?  Stop insisting on being a victim and stop giving authority of your lives away and then all the b.s. stops.  

Yep, the cabal are rather insistent.  But humanity has / had been rather insistent at living in gray areas… for a very long time.  It’s time to get off the fence.  If you want the light, if you want to reconnect with the Divine, most especially to FULLY acknowledge your own Divinity, yep, you’ll have to work at least as hard as the cabal have worked at darkness in order for you to get back to the light.  Have you reached YOUR “Enough Already!” level yet?  Ready to turn things around?

No one can truly take authority over your life… but you sure can give it away.  This whole Earthly realm “game” is currently about gaining (reclaiming) and maintaining authority over one’s own life… instead of continuing to give it away… as humanity has been doing for far too long!  


Ignorance and Arrogance

… are often common bedfellows.

This morning I sit in a coffee shop.  I wanted to listen to the State of the Union (SOTU) address and started to.

The person sitting next to me made some comment, which I didn’t hear with my ear buds in and video playing, so I stopped the video and asked what he’d said.  He said something about ignorance concerning the SOTU, something to do with “investigation”.  I wasn’t very far into the SOTU so didn’t know what he was referring to so asked if he was talking about the Mueller investigation.  Yep.

Frankly, the first thing out of my mouth should have been along these lines: “Really?  You’re looking at what’s on my computer screen… then have the audacity to comment on it?!  So now, can I see what’s on your computer screen?”  *shaking head*

I said, “You do know don’t you that Mueller, Obama and Clinton were the REAL Russian conspiracy?”  I watched the energetic brick wall go up on him.  I’ll just bet he’s got a problem with a wall at the U.S. southern border, but boy oh boy did that wall fly up between him and his fellow human… because of a difference of perspective.

I said, “Do you even know about the Uranium One deal?”  (said brick wall now getting mortared) I then went on to say, “Do you even know about the global cabal?”

“Ok, we’re done”, he says.

I said, “Look up ‘Uranium One’. ”

He starts to protest me even talking to him now…

I said, “Your ignorance is showing.  Tuck that in, nobody needs to see that.  I’ll turn away while you tuck that in.”  *covering my eyes*

I put my ear buds back on.  But nope, I tweren’t done yet.  I pull the buds back off.

I said, “Can I give you some advice?”

He starts protesting more (me thinks he doth protest too much) saying he’s done, he gets it, blah, blah, woof, woof.  Ya know how they want to just talk over you.  They think they “win” somehow if they don’t let you talk… ‘cuz you know, the Truth is determined by who can talk the most or the loudest.

I said, “No, just one line… (and insisted) … how’s about you accept the fact that the next person just might know something you don’t.”  (Thank you Jordan Peterson for that line.)

“How’s about YOU accept that?”, he says.

I said, “I do.  That’s why I know as much as I do, I keep my mind and heart open to information.”

I could have gone on to say what you should be able to infer and that is… he was NOT open to a different perspective.  As soon as he saw I was not in utter agreement with him he shut me out.  Done.  I, on the other hand, would have been quite happy to have a civilized conversation with him about this, but he closed me out.  I often do have civilized conversations with people who do not agree with me or know what I know, but they do demonstrate that they can manage a peaceful discussion.  Some of them even vow to go look some things up, ya know, actually do their own research when someone turns them onto something they are not aware of.

Not this guy.  Frickin’ Walking Zombie anyway.

Reminds me of what cellular biologist Bruce Lipton said about both humans and the cells that make up human bodies – one cannot be both open and closed at the same time (and can’t both move towards and move away from something at the same time).

He keeps trying to make me not talk to him.  Ah dude, I didn’t start talking to you!  You started this, but I’m about to finish it.

I said, “No, you had the audacity to just ASSUME that the person sitting next to you was just another programmed robot who hated Trump…”

“I get it, you’ve said enough…”

“And your ASSUMPTION spoke volumes so I’m just responding to it.”

“You didn’t have to say ‘ignorant’…”, he says.  Note, he was the first one to use that word, in the very first thing he said.

I said, “What’s wrong with ‘ignorant‘?  It just means you don’t know something.  It’s NOT even an insult.”

(Since he took insult to it when it was applied to him, he himself obviously DOES mean insult when he uses that term towards others.  Fine and well, but OMG don’t use it towards him.  *yawn*)

He couldn’t gather his things up fast enough and get the hell outta Dodge.

Good riddance… and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Nope, can’t be both open and closed at the same time.  Like the old disempowering program that Michael Tsarion refers to – “teacher = threat”.  If every time a “teacher”, be it a person or an experience, shows up and you perceive it as a “threat” then you’re closing yourself off from learning.  Why would you do that TO YOURSELF.  It’s not hurting the next person any that you shut them out.  “Tootles!  Come back sometime when we can talk longer.”

Address the Darkness

We’re here to create more light in this world.  Yep, we sure are.

But what happens when we turn up the luminescence?  The Light shines into the Darkness.  Great!  That allows us to see the Darkness better.  (Because of this happening, some silly humans think it means there’s more darkness in the world.  Nope, it’s always been there.  You can just see it now.)  Why is that a good thing?  Because the Darkness IS THE MAIN THING THAT WE ARE TO ADDRESS IN THIS ASCENSION EFFORT!

What?!… you say.

Yeppers.  Being aware of the darkness on a global scale is definitely significant because ya all could stand to QUIT PARTICIPATING IN IT.  Your continued (albeit unconscious) participation in it just continues to feed the old paradigm.  How do you quit participating in something that you are not even aware you are steeped in?  Mmm?  High time to actually learn about the world you’re living in.

Do you think of yourself as a “star seed” and that being caught in the old 3D Earth Matrix didn’t and couldn’t possibly happen to YOU?  Well surprise!  It did.  If you were more aware of the Truth of this world and your own programming, no one would have to tell you that I’M TALKING TO YOU!  Ask the Divine to help you know what you need to know in that regard.

And addressing ONE’S OWN DARKNESS WITHIN is THE ABSOLUTE TOP PRIORITY!  We create the World of Outer Effects / the “out there”, with our Inner Causal Realms / the “in here”.

The bulk of most people’s inner darkness is not of an out-and-out malicious sort.  It’s mostly ignorance, which comes from being programmed or conditioned with disempowering be-lie-fs.  Still causes lots of problems though.  The cabal do NOT have the numbers to actually create the destruction that they have in this world.  They needed humanity’s help.  They hijacked our creative energies and used them against ourselves, our fellow human, the planet and all of her lifeforms.

So… understanding the world you live in and what is REALLY going on “out there” will help you understand how YOU have been programmed so you can quit serving THEIR agenda.

If that information (in link) surprises you, well, boy oh boy do you have some catching up to do!  Did you think that you could escape looking that outer darkness in the face?  How’s about your own inner darkness, especially in the form of ignorance?  How do “lightworkers” actually help this world if you keep unconsciously participating in, feeding and energizing the darkness?

The global cabal is about to take a tumble (finally!).  But just because the programmers are gone does not mean the programs are.  Everyone needs to heal!

And that includes many a “lightworker” (Dark Clinger?) who thinks they have such a grip on reality, while they parrot the main stream media (msm) propaganda and promote the cabal’s “progressive” socialist / communist / authoritarian / totalitarian agenda… because these “lightworkers” are so very clueless.  WAKE UP “LIGHTWORKERS”!  For starters, why are you STILL identifying with political terms like “left” or “progressive”?  Lightworker my ass.  You’re so stuck in Duality, it’s not even funny.

Your precious “progressives” are going all out to make a world that resembles 1984 meets Atlas Shrugged.  AND YOU’RE HELPING THEM!  Goodness sakes!

Did you want your – in many lightworkers’ (LWs’) case, “leftist” – be-lie-fs and programs to continue to run your life or would YOU (ya know, YOUR SOUL, NOT your programs) finally like to actually run your OWN life.

Am I being harsh?  No where’s near as harsh as the progressive agenda.  No where’s near as harsh as the Truth… which will set you free… if you have the cojones to actually face the Truth and embrace it.  Maybe when it finally beats you over the head, you’ll quit resisting it.  Yep, you’ll have to release your be-lie-f system in the process.  Yep, much more work for “lightworkers” to do.

And all that Light stuff, ya know, like love, peace, abundance, joy, all-knowingness, etc. IS WHO WE NATURALLY ARE, IT’S NOT SOMETHING THAT WE NEED TO SEEK!  We just need to unbury our True Selves from under that crap heap of disempowerment, dysfunction, fears, ego issues, wounds, etc.  Then violà!  Your True Self will be revealed!

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”  ~ Rumi

And most important of all, addressing one’s OWN Inner Work / Healing Work / Shadow (darkness / hidden) Work is HOW PLANETARY AND COLLECTIVE ASCENSIONS GET DONE, ya know, your Soul Mission… re-member that?!  Oh yeah… that!  Gosh, sorry to interrupt your “play time” and your “pea-brain, mind-candy addictions”, but… there’s a planetary and collective ascension going on here that could use your participation.  You in or what?!

LIGHTWORKERS, GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT, ONCE AND FOR ALL AND DO YOUR OWN INNER WORK!  It’s the part of all this collective stuff that is YOURS to do and that no one else can do for you.  And… knocking out your own inner work is the absolute biggest bang for your buck that you’ll have to actually be able to assist anyone else.  Get off your Distraction Detour of so-called “serving” others when you have yet to address your own inner work.  You’re not serving sh*t until you knock out your own healing and ascension process.

If we were playing baseball / softball together, I’d be telling you to cover your own position on the field instead of putting your nose into the next person’s ability to play theirs… and then not covering your own!  Doh!  You can’t play their position for them… but you SURE CAN inspire them by how well you play your own.  You’d probably play your own position better by making and keeping it your TOP PRIORITY! … ya know, instead of trying to impress everyone else and “help” everyone else.  LEAD BY EXAMPLE!

Enough with the useless, egotistical codependency, which is useless, that you got going on with your fellow lightworkers (did I mention useless?), stroking each other’s egos for all the wonderful, flowery channeled messages you are putting out (*yawn*)… which isn’t getting the job done.  Most channeled messages are bogus anyway and they come from ET yahoos who do NOT have your best interest in mind.  (See comment below and also read posts As Below, So Above and Energy Discernment.)

As one fellow lightworker so aptly titled their article a while back – “Deal with your OWN shit, THEN serve.”

Priorities!  Get them straight or you are not gittin’ ‘er done.

Get the job done already!


(added 3/8/19)  Yep, let’s get those Higher Vibrational Portals of Light open shall we:

Some think that “Light Bringers” may refer to Luciferians.  Well, since “Lucifer” is REALLY the planet Venus when it is the Morning Star (it’s called Vesper when it’s the Evening Star) and there is otherwise no “entity” called “Lucifer“, I kinda say “eh” to that one.  Someone needs to castigate the planet Venus?  LOL

I see Light Bringers as lightworkers.  They could stand to get castigated.  Why?  Because the goal here is to ultimately reduce the darkness.  But one can truly only do so WITHIN THEMSELVES.

I have started to refer to those “lightworkers” who resist their own healing / ascension process as “Dark Clingers”.  By not addressing the darkness within themselves, they are feeding the “darkness” as surely as the so-called “Luciferians”.

If you “get” (understand) that THEE best way to help others and the world is TO DO YOUR OWN INNER WORK, for Christ’s sake (literally!) get after those lame-ass “lightworkers” (Dark Clingers?) who are doing everything but getting their own inner work done.  Pass this post along if nothing else.  Make them wanna don a bumpersticker that says “If you’re gonna ride my ass, pull my hair!”

Status seekers are rebuked, as “Headliners of Light” assume control of the process.


For those who OBSESS on the outer darkness, read the post Create Anew!

The Speed of Light = The Speed of Thought

When Einstein came up with his equation, he in no way meant to imply that the Speed of Light is a constant.  It’s not.  He knew this.  But it’s one of those quantum physics kinda things where you have to pick a point to define.  Einstein picked the Speed of Light in a vacuum. 

Now, it’s not that the Speed of Light cannot be defined mathematically in general.  But if you want it in rather simple terms, then yeah, pick a point.

Having said that, let’s talk Maxwell’s Equations a bit… Conventional science keeps trying to come up with some Unified Field Theory mathematical equation that basically sums up everything.  Huh, summing up All That Is.  Here, supposedly “Godless” scientists are daring to sum up the All That Is.  But whatever equation is proposed always has some exceptions, hence it’s really not the ultimate equation.  It’s my understanding though that Maxwell actually had it right… initially.

Unfortunately, someone else came along and “simplified” Maxwell’s equations.  Well no, that was NOT the intention behind this supposed “simplification”.  Nope.  What was actually done to Maxwell’s equations was that any reference to other dimensions and / or the Divine / Infinite Light was purposefully left out.  Those other dimensions and the Divine absolutely have influence on 3D so leaving them out will absolutely account for the exceptions that fall out of the incomplete math equations.  Just another case of dumbing down humanity.  Don’t let humanity know of other dimensions.  Religion had been doing its part in that for quite a while.  Now it was conventional science’s turn at it.

Years ago I read Alex Collier’s book “Defending Sacred Ground.  Alex was a physical-level contactee with entities from the Andromeda star system.  He did not “channel” them, or what have ya, but was actually visited by them and also was taken on board their ships.  He and the Pleiadian channeler Barbara Marciniak both played early roles in recent times in awakening Earthlings to the global cabal.

One thing the Andromedans told Alex was that the Speed of Light was not a constant.  They told Alex that The Speed of Light was the Speed of Thought.  Expressed a different way, the Speed of perceivable Light depends on one’s frequency of consciousness.

Then, in more recent years (and still quite a while ago now), I came across the book “Punk Science – Inside The Mind Of God” by Dr. Manjir Samanta-Laughton.  Manjir is a physician / medical doctor and yet in this book is talking physics but she’s not a physicist so it’s expressed in layman’s terms.  An interesting side note here is what I like to call the Divine putting information “into the atmosphere”.  She was inspired with this information and after turning out her book came to realize she was not the only one who was inspired with this same info, at the same time.  The other person is a physicist and so has expressed the same info in more math- / science-heavy terms.

And that sort of thing happens often.  Such things make me laugh at those that talk “copyright” or “plagiarism” when it comes to Divine wisdom.  Really?  You “own” Divine wisdom do ya?  Well you’ve certainly got some audacity / big cojones there, but dare I say you’re applying that energy in the wrong direction, a useless direction?!  I can’t count the times when I’ve expressed a concept to someone, who recognizes it, and they say “Oh that’s… So & So” and say someone’s name that I’ve never heard of.  Nope, certainly not my source of that info then.  Yep, many people at once can pick up on the info that the Divine “leaves in the atmosphere” for us all.

One thing Manjir discusses in Punk Science is black holes… which aren’t really black.  The center of a black hole appears black because it is beyond your level of perception.  The center of a black hole is actually Infinite Light.  It’s just so bright you can’t see it and hence perceive it as black.

The “event horizon” on a black hole is the limit of your ability to perceive light.  So… if a 3D-level person and a 5D-level person were to observe the same black hole, they would see the event horizon in a different place because the 5D-level person would be able to see a higher frequency light and hence be able to see further towards the center of a black hole.


So, I’m going to segue here a bit into… esoteric info, that has been available in this world for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.  

The number 12 is a big thing for Earthlings.  12 + 1 is also significant.

One example is the character of “Jesus” and his 12 disciples. The disciples are the 12 and Jesus is the +1.

Another esoteric reference to 12 + 1 is the 12 tribes of Israel (Isis-Ra-El) and the missing 13th tribe.

What does all this allude to?  The 12 signs of the Zodiac.  Much esoteric info alludes to astrology, ya know, as I’ve said elsewhere, this information is an Understanding Tool, or “Being Earthlings for Dummies.”  It explains the energetic environment that one lives in while on Earth.  This is pretty valuable info for not only living here on Earth but also for graduating beyond Earth and ascending on outta here or taking on Christ energies / Christ Consciousness / achieving your own Christhood.  Do I really need to tell you that the global cabal has made great effort over much time to keep you from knowing this?

So, with the Zodiac, what is the +1?  It would be the missing sign of the Zodiac, what the ancient Greeks called Ophiuchus and the Romans called Asclepius.  Where is this sign?  Between Scorpio and Sagittarius.  The tail of the constellation of Scorpio and the arrow of  the constellation of Sagittarius both point to Ophiuchus / Asclepius.

And what do we find in the sign of Ophiuchus?  The Galactic Center, which many perceive as a “black hole”… that really isn’t, it’s Infinite Light.

Egyptian mythology uses Isis to depict this “Hidden Sun”.  See the “veil”.

Isis - the Hidden Sun

What is significant to Earthlings about this “Hidden Sun” at the Galactic Core / Center… which is Infinite Light?  Well, it’s where the “river of souls” comes from… for starters.  It’s how our souls enter this 3rd Dimension from Infinite Light or higher dimensions when we incarnate as human on planet Earth.

AND… when I mentioned Israel above, why did I then say “Isis-Ra-El”?  Because THAT is what Israel stands for – hidden in plain view.  It’s the ancient Egyptian version of the Holy Trinity (also see Interpretation … of Stairway to Heaven post for more on that).

El = god (Father / Divine). ’El ‘Elyon is Hebrew for Prime Creator (maybe… or some higher level god of some sort).

Ra = sun (Son / Masculine) (due to Language of the Birds / Green Language – son = sun is again hiding information in plain view).

Isis = the hidden sun / Infinite Light from the black hole at the galactic center (Holy Spirit / Feminine).  

And just like with male and female genitalia, the sun, representing masculine energy is out there for God and everyone to see, while the black hole (which isn’t “black” at all, but is Infinite Light) at the galactic center, representing feminine energy, is hidden.

With all this in mind, to say that Pagan archetypal information is all about “sun worship” is trite and downright naive / ignorant.  

Janet Jackson once had a “wardrobe malfunction” and revealed a little something (she’d probably say “whatchu calling little”, lol), while people who say “sun worship” are having a “consciousness malfunction” – yep, their ignorance is showing – they could stand to tuck that in, nobody needs to see that sh*t!

Higher light FROM THE DIVINE comes through the hidden sun, then through the sun, to silly earthlings, who say dumb sh*t like “sun worship”.  *shaking head*

Any lightworker who is in or has been through their healing and ascension process knows that they FEEL increased solar activity through their own field(s).  Yep, Higher Light from higher dimensions / densities and from Infinite Light / God / All That Is / Prime Creator.

And brainwashed / disempowered / ignorant humans have the audacity to dis Pagans / Occultists who understand these things and in the process they dis Prime Creator Itself.  They shouldn’t have.  No really!  Dare I say their speed of thought and, hence, speed of light is damn slow?!

God! Enough Already!

“God is Truth.”

Apparently NOT when it comes to this F*CKED UP ascension project.

I have NEVER been lied to, deceived by, strung along by ANYONE the way I have been BY GOD during this f*cking ascension project… never without purpose… but ENOUGH ALREADY!  (some people have no f*cking idea… I had no f*cking idea how God could put the f*cking global cabal to shame in the category of deceit until the ascension-hell years started)

Enough with sacrificing the forerunners! … and the rest of the 1st wave for that matter… and even frickin’ GAIA at this point!

God, quit mollycoddling the “precious” frickin’ lightworkers (LWs), most especially the “seasoned” LWs who talk like they’re all that, but talk is frickin’ cheap!  Time for THE SEASONED LIGHTWORKERS to start making some of their own f*cking sacrifices for the almighty f*cking purpose of this ascension project.  It is way overdue that the seasoned lightworkers grow the f*ck up, pull their big kid pants on, STEP UP and F*CKING TAKE SOME RESPONSIBILITY IN THIS ASCENSION PROJECT ALREADY!

It’s HIGH TIME to allow Gaia and the 1st Wave to ascend!

God, enough already!  Either ascend me or kill be, but either way DO IT QUICKLY!

God, ascend me or kill me.
God, ascend me or kill me.
God, ascend me or kill me.
God, ascend me or kill me.
God, ascend me or kill me.
God, ascend me or kill me.
God, ascend me or kill me.
God, ascend me or kill me.
God, ascend me or kill me.
God, ascend me or kill me.
God, ascend me or kill me.
God, ascend me or kill me.



Just expressing… isn’t that what blogs are for?!

Massive Apocalypse

Here it comes!  That proverbial schtuff is about to hit the oscillating blades.

Ok now, don’t get your brainwashed panties in a bunch get.  I know many people have been led to be-lie-ve that “apocalypse” means the end of the world.  Ah, no, that’s NOT what that word means.  Learn what the words you are using REALLY mean!   We create through our Thoughts, Words and Deeds and you don’t even know what your words mean!

Along those lines though, the leftists are claiming the world will end in about 12 years.  First, define “world”.  Planet or human-made world?  The leftist cabal stooges started to say that in 2018.  2018 + 12 = 2030, as in Agenda 2030. They also love to use such, like with the carbon tax, to further take your tax dollar to make it even more difficult to survive… with or without environmental destruction.

Eh, I’ll give it 20 – 25 years… for the “end of the world”… AS WE’VE KNOWN IT.  And here I do mean the planet’s ability to sustain life here like what we’re used to seeing.  But, I don’t tell you this to fearmonger like these leftists are doing, it’s just me speaking true.  Not written in stone, but with current energies and inertia, yep, an extinction-level event looms on the horizon.  And nothing is currently slowing ANY of this down… while people sword fight with the cabal politicians over everything else.

I also don’t tell you things implying that “Something must be done!”, ya know, outwardly.  I tell you these things to inform you of what the cabal plans are… so…that you can withdraw your energies from their agenda and NOT feed it.  Resisting and fighting something, in and of itself, IS feeding it.  See my post Create Anew! for more on that.  It’s key now to tap into what I like to call your “Inner Technology”, to do your Inner Work , NOT to get preoccupied with the “out there” in an “out there” sorta way.

The leftists and the rest of the global cabal have their own fearmongering agenda and they are ALSO going out of their way to bring an extinction-level event.  Interesting that the things they never mention are chemtrails (geoengineering), fracking for oil, weather manipulation (like the “water bomb” that created the flooding in Louisiana in 2016), HAARP, etc.  The global cabal are literally terraforming this planet and THAT never gets mentioned when they talk “climate change.”  Hmm.  They’re doing fairly well with their terraforming… with your help! … by hijacking your creative powers and using them against you and your planet for their own agenda.  And no, not in the ways that the “climate change / global warming” yahoos are saying you’re doing it.  If you are in deep denial about the health, or lack thereof, of the Earth’s environment, you just might end up being part of the potential (and highly probable) extinction-level event.  Enjoy your Mad Max adventure.  (Note: since “Terra” is another name for Earth, perhaps we could say they are anti-terraforming the Earth, making it less Terra-like, less Earth-like.)

See 3D Earth and Planetary Ascension Project Overview (Review?! and comments there for more.

Hear what Mike Adams has to say about all this:

And more here:

Mike Adams – Bombshell! Documents Show Global Engineering (terraforming!) Linked To Eugenics And Depopulation

And even more:

The Ten Most Dangerous Threats to Humanity That Must be Defeated For Us to Live As Free, Conscious Beings – Part One

The 2 key things that the global cabal want to keep from you is the Planetary and Collective Ascension Project that is ongoing now AND their terraforming of this planet to essentially end life as we’ve known it here on this planet.  The race is on!

But, I digress…


Well, in a more immediate way, for the global cabal, the “apocalypse” is absolutely the end of their world.

The word origin / True Vibration of apocalypse is “uncovering, revealing”.  Sure wish ya all would quit using this word to mean “the end of the world”, especially when you mean the “end of the planet”, when technically, that’s NOT what it means!  Yep, it is the end of the cabal world though.  And as I wrote about above, “they” are doing everything they can to bring about the “end of life on this planet, as we’ve known it”.

But!  The apocalypse – UNCOVERING / REVEALING! – has been in full swing for quite some time now, but we now move into a time where even the most sleepy will have the Truth all up in their faces.

That will also apply to those who know some truths, but not all Truth.  Time for a shattering of be-lie-f systems.  Right, left or center, no matter how you identify politically (why are you still identifying with these divisive terms?), your be-lie-fs have been keeping you down, keeping you disempowered.  Time to release those be-lie-fs and embrace Truth.

See the following links for starters, then look in comments on this post for continuing updates.

More recent backstory summary of the above:

Will the truth ever come to light?

God has me intentionally posting this at 5:33 local time:

5’s and 3’s, such as 533 or 553 – The ascended masters want to prepare you for a big life change that is imminent. They want you to know that they are holding your hand through this change and that everything will be alright. Embrace the change, and look for the blessing within it.

Keep in mind folks, as the big names in the cabal take a tumble… Just because the programmers are gone does NOT mean the programs are gone!  Everyone needs to heal, to “deprogram”, otherwise you’ll all just keep perpetuating the same disempowerment, ignorance and dysfunction that the cabal wanted you locked into.

DO YOUR HEALING / INNER WORK!  And if you won’t go inward proactively, then the “out there” reflection of your individuated and collective creations just might drive you “in here” where you actually create the “out there”.

If you’re just awakening to the reality of this world, also see Current Events… for Dummies , the comments there and the comments on this post to get you caught up.

Also see BIG NEWS! for more.

Ascension Update Six

Gaia wanted to play cards today.

This is very direct verbiage from someone’s definition of the cards… as I have been directed by God and Gaia to use.


Tarot reading:

To 2nd Wave Lightworkers (those who just completed in the last year or so) on down through the lightworker ranks:

Now is a time to learn understanding and control while affirming and expressing your nurturing qualities, your earthiness.


To all lightworkers at every level:

You are now at a point to reap results from the positive efforts you have made in the past.  


To humanity at large:

A young woman with an active imagination and insight is willing to help you.  Stay centered and own your own power.  Flow toward new experiences, moving past the ordinary reality into Otherworldly dimensions.  


Last Call – You Don’t Have to Go Home, But Ya Can’t Stay Here

We’re right on top of a BIG shift.

Quite the buzz has been going on online about it, people have different takes on what’s coming, but all sense a very significant change.

Some are speaking of “The Event”, ya know, “The Event is coming!”  Whatever the f*ck “The Event” is.  I had to laugh to read someone pick apart some of this “The Event” nonsense – things that make it sound like there will be waving of magic wands to make change happen instantly.

I want it all
I want it all
I don’t know what it is
But I want it all

And I want it now
I want it now
I don’t know what it is
But I want it now

~ Eurythmics – “I Want It All” 

Well, that’s not how it works… until it does, but most of that “instant” stuff will only happen after your transition, in full, to 5D.

“The Event” has seemingly become the New Ager’s version of the Second Coming – just sit back and wait, do nothing, someone or something will come and save / rescue you.  Not!  Folks, stop looking “out there” for what you will only find “in here”.  As the title of the above links says – YOU ARE the Event!  YOU are your own savior.  Stop waiting.

“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”  ~ Hopi

Screw “The Event”.  No offense to whomever but… Don’t get distracted!

FOCUS on the MAIN EVENT here folks, which is ASCENSION.  Make it and keep it the main thing!  

What IS coming imminently?

  • 1st – Gaia and the 1st wave (the Original ~145,000 and another million forerunners) will ascend NOW!  (hopefully that’s more the kind of “now” that we understand, as opposed to the whole “eternal now” version those above the veil like to use) We WILL be going HOME (we’ve had enough to “drink” anyway – “last call” has been too long in coming for the Original ~145,000, who are too spent to do much more for this ascension effort from this level anyway, it’s the lightworkers’ time to step up to help this 3D world FROM this 3D world, from “inside” the program, if you will – in the world but not of it).  We, the ones TRANSITIONING IN FULL, will be the ones who have major instantaneous outward shift.  The rest of you may very well feel some energetic shift, but…
  • 2nd – The truth about the mundane world and the global cabal will very soon surface in a big way.  You may be blown away yourself by some of it and yet you’re more than likely better prepared to deal than those who will be waking up to a whole heap all at once.  Boys n’ girls, can you say “paradigm shift”?   I knew ya could.  These folks could use your light and support.
  • 3rd – Freshly Ascended Masters, from the first wave, will return and assist humanity in awakening to ASCENSION.  Even those awakened to the global cabal don’t necessarily know about the ASCENSION.  Some may have heard about it but unfortunately have heard from some charlatan so-called “lightworkers” / self-help-guru types, so have been turned off of the topic and who could blame them.  If their discernment skills work at all they probably don’t want anything to do with that malarkey.  Good.

Now, I have no frickin’ idea what people mean by “The Event”, and they don’t seem so sure themselves and there’s seemingly not so much consensus about the ever so nebulous “The Event”… but, by God, these 3 items I listed above sound rather eventful, eh?

There will be a bit of time between these 3 things, but not long.  I am told weeks at this point.

I saw someone had gotten some info through another’s higher self that beings will come and help humanity… because humanity is so far behind.  Yep, some of the forerunners will come back and help out.

That would be the REAL forerunners folks.  See Definition of Terms and Forerunners vs. LightWorkers posts.

I am now seeing (being shown) some who are not even 2nd wave, aka NOT complete and probably no where’s near, who are now calling themselves “the forerunners of the forerunners”.  LMAO  Boy will they be surprised… or perhaps just reinforce their denial… when the REAL forerunners show up.  *shaking head*  Well, I guess old ego trips die hard.  Perhaps they think they are leading from behind.  lol  I’m telling ya folks, if these non-forerunner lightworkers (LWs) are not aware of the REAL forerunners, ya gotta question their consciousness levels… and see their remaining ego issues.  They’re probably not as “all that” as they make themselves sound… I don’t care how big their ego issues or their following are – lots of codependents out there quite willing to enable, protect and defend their friends’ continued dysfunction (with friends like that…).

And… do they even know where GAIA’s ascension is at?  Do they care?  Now, THAT, Gaia’s ascension, sounds like THEE event if ya ask me, ya know, here in this time of PLANETARY ASCENSION, yep, I’d say it’s the MAIN event here folks.  Will you blink and miss it because you’re waiting for waving of magic wands?

We indeed ARE a bit behind on this ascension project.  It seemed to be like pulling teeth to get the more seasoned (not so much about “age”, but more “awakened for many years”) lightworkers (LWs) to move along to completion to become the 2nd wave.  Hey, I’m a seasoned LW myself.  These LWs, whether younger or older than myself, have been awake as long or longer than I have.  The difference is that folks like myself stepped up when many, many millions of other seasoned LWs did NOT proactively step up and those who have recently made it through to completion needed some major Cosmic Cattle Prod from those “upstairs”.

I am still seeing LWs, some of which have actually completed recently, who keep putting out supposed channeled messages that say, “No one thought you’d do this much / come this far IN THIS LIFETIME.”  That’s SO bogus.  Here we real forerunners HAVE BEEN ascension-ready for years, waiting for them to step up and take the torch from us to hold this whole ascension effort together and these people are still pondering the possibility that this is not a one-lifetime thing.  What they’re making such a stinking big deal about, that they just FINALLY knocked out, has already been done BY OTHERS.  I’d refer them here.  But hey, whatever it takes to turn their laggard / retarded / RESISTIVE ascension “efforts” into something grandiose.  Egomaniacs.  They’ve kinda covered both ends of the ego-issue spectrum – playing small, but talking big.

Planetary and collective ascensions are more of a “git ‘er done” sort of thing than these milquetoast types would like to acknowledge.  It’s like giving birth – both figuratively and rather literally as we birth a new planet – once the process starts, ya really can’t stop it, ya really don’t want to or attempt to slow it down either… and ah, yeah, all hands on deck and “Push, push, push!  Now breathe.  Again… Push, push, push!”  The next time you have a friend who is ready to give birth, tell her she’ll just have to wait while you take your sweet time getting ready to help her out.  I’m sure that will go well.

And now that some have been complete for almost a year now, a year and a half for others, they have still been having to release fears of showing their True Self.  Goodness sakes but some of these seasoned LWs have dug their heels in the whole danged way.  But, not to worry, the irritation of not being themselves will get to them even faster than ever before, helping them finally get over it.  Praise frickin’ be!

Those above the veil had to keep the Cosmic Cattle Prod up their butts to keep them moving.  And yet kudos to the recent ~6 million who did push on and completed… since they still left many of their fellow seasoned LWs in the dust.  (Ya know, those who fancy themselves to be the forerunners of the forerunners…..ROFLMAO.  Excuse my laughter but I swear there are no bigger egos than LW egos.  So arrogant and so clueless all in one.  lol  … from those who also fancy themselves to be oh, so intuitive.  I guess their egos keep winning that wrestling match.  lol  Yep, Ignorance and Arrogance are often common bedfellows.  These so-called “forerunners of the forerunners”, NOT, remind me of that old joke – “Hire a teenager… while they still know everything.”)

As I have harped on about for years (still can’t believe it’s been YEARS… since my own completion… since Gaia’s completion!), to too many deaf, seasoned-LW ears: doing your own inner work does more for others (and for the ASCENSION project) than anything else you could do for them!

I may be giving them more credit than they deserve though as many of them seem to have a major aversion to SERVING… good “lightworkers” that they are.  Not.  Dark Clingers.  That’d be a better name for ’em.

Goodness sake folks, you’re either part of the problem or part of the solution (soul-ution).  WHICH ONE ARE YOU?!  Are you going to feed the light or the dark?  How CAN you feed the light more and feed the dark less?  Ask the Divine to guide you.  Keep finding any and every way to do and be so.  How much of your energy do you put towards your lightwork?  ALL of it.

Many “lightworkers” go on about “Nothing happened in 2012”.  Whatever did or did not happen in 2012 was YOUR CREATION dear lightworkers!

The Original ~145,000 had Gaia prepared for her ascension at the end of 2011.  She had a few more things to go through over the next year but we transmuted out all the old garbage energy that had collected over millennia and unlatched / disconnected / freed her from 3D Earth (Gaia’s old physicality).  We then figuratively turned around and saw that there was NO ONE coming up behind us.  *hand over brows*, to fellow forerunner,  “Hey mate, can you see anyone coming up over the horizon?  Nope, me neither.”

What is going on THIS year, this current year of 2018, with the downfall of the cabal ‘n all, could very well have been happening in 2013… but the seasoned LWs had not done their part.

If they’d have been at least within sight of us forerunners back then, we would have promptly ascended Gaia RIGHT THEN and the lightworkers would be right there holding light in the world (3D Earth world) and their ability to do so at that time would have indicated they’d already had quite the influence on the collective building up to the state of being able to hold light in the world.

In that scenario, with a more proactive LW force, the ~ 1 million who are now ascending in the first wave with Gaia and the Original ~145,000 would probably have NOT ascended with us but instead would have been a couple years behind us and would have been “the 2nd wave”, since there would have been many more LWs bunching up behind them.  We could have had some major “wave action” then.  But instead of more LWs being right on the ~ 1 millions’ heels, here we are about 5 1/2 years later, just now having enough LWs up to speed to allow for anyone before them, GAIA INCLUDED,  to actually ascend!

… and yet, many 2nd Wavers are still scared / timid about showing themselves / shining their light and still not surrendering over to their own Divine Guidance.

And gosh oh gee, will some of the 1st wave returning to continue to help out in 3D satisfy some people’s need to “see ETs on Earth” or what have ya.  I guess we will technically be ETs at that point.  lol  … even though “from” (born) here / Earth.  Never mind that HUMANITY can be as up to their eyeballs in ETs as they’d like to be if and when they ascend beyond the 3D consciousness veil.  People!  Could we paaahlleeasse get our priorities straight already?!  If you have some need to phone home to ET just do it, but does that really have to be yet one more distraction FROM YOUR ASCENSION PROCESS?!  Really?  Ascension is your sure way to see ETs.  *shaking head*  Perhaps you could actually get ALIGNED with your ascension and that will get you to ET even faster!

*dreamily*  … if only we would have had a more proactive lightworker force…. but… then there’s the reality of how things actually have gone down.

The REAL forerunners, already weary from readying Gaia, have been in a holding pattern, playing Energetic Atlas, holding the world up, wondering if our knees were going to buckle before a 2nd wave would even start to form.  Meanwhile, 3D-level truther / info-warrior types were having to sword fight with the cabal… while the seasoned lightworkers took their sweet time getting their process knocked out.

The forerunners had done about as much as we could, including taking unusual and drastic measures toward holding this whole scene together and getting Gaia herself more involved because we just couldn’t do it anymore.  See Nova Gaia Grids Descend post for some of that.  Upon reading that, I hope you recognize the fact, that it really sinks in, that Gaia was then, and has been, since we pulled her nova grids down, ASSISTING THE VERY LWs WHO CAME TO HELP HER!  *shaking head*  Completely nuts!  

And the 3D-level folks’ hands were a bit full and besides, they could use some ripe and ready LWs to get ’em up to speed anyway AND someone, anyone had to get far enough along to take the torch from us real forerunners and HOLD LIGHT IN THIS WORLD!  I’m talking the sort of light that is purely energetic, time to literally be a “human antenna” sort of thing as opposed to just “spreading or shining light”.  And one can only be as good of a human antenna as they are cleared.  Personal blockages don’t make for good human antennae.

It’s like we all (3Ders, 4Ders aka the LWs, and 5D+ers) were sitting in a car together and the seasoned lightworkers sat there and pissed and moaned, “Why aren’t we moving?!” ….while it was they themselves who were in the driver’s seat…. with the key!

They’re looking at all of us, be it 3Ders or 5D+ers, and we’re saying, “What are you looking at all of us for?”  We’re all doing our part to hold this whole scene together while you seasoned LWs take your sweet time getting up to speed.  Quit looking down your nose at all the rest of us and get a frickin’ move on so we can ALL have that forward movement that YOU are so loudly calling for and that YOU will need to make happen.


This is how collectives get ascended – by INDIVIDUALS doing what’s theirs to do!

Finally, after several years of Cosmic Cattle Prod, when the “2nd wave”, the ~6 million, started to approach their completion in 2016, then the ACCELERATION started in earnest.  It’s like the collective awakening / enlightenment had been linear, steady, but a little overly much.  But in 2016, it went exponential!  Praise frickin’ be!  More than just lightworkers were picking up on that.  And what’s up with the acceleration?  Well, now there are millions of new human antennae.  Clear energetic channels… being that which connects Heaven to Earth.  Go figure.  Geez, who’da thunk it!  Really?  Millions of individuals KNOCKING OUT THEIR OWN INNER WORK could change and shift whole worlds?  Yep, really.  Not just in theory, but in reality, in actuality.  I guess they got enough cattle prod to realize that complaining that the shift hadn’t happened yet wasn’t enough to make it happen.

The energetic evidence of some major upcoming shift is just nuts.  Since I’d completed my own process and then later after my Energetic Service Work ended a few years later, I had kinda mostly lost the energetic palpable-ness (if you will) of where this ascension project was / is.  (Intuition working wonderfully though.)  But THIS?  I CAN FEEL THIS!  …this current… surge.  Still subtle but quite detectable.  I see many LWs are still having ascension symptoms, but to me it feels up, lifting, energizing.  Yep, excitement and anticipation are off the charts and I’m leaving them there!

I know post-ascended me won’t be dealing much with lightworkers, most especially the “seasoned”, “celebrity” or “spiritual commerce” sorts and certainly not the “guru wannabes” since they are all on path and are either not a concern or are too recalcitrant to accept guidance anyway.  I certainly don’t care to bang my crystalline head on recalcitrant LWs’ carbon-based brick walls.  I’ll just help get everyone else up to speed (ya know, doing the LW’s work for them again)… and the recalcitrant LWs can shut the lights off when they leave… since they seem to insist on being the last ones out.  If part of their refusal to serve their fellow being equates to them not talking to Joe Average – and filling Joe’s head with b.s. – that might actually best serve this ascension effort.

Instead, I’ll be talking to those folks out there who need to learn about Healing, Empowerment and Ascension.  The True Lightworkers best be doing the same.  We have some catching up to do.  The light is pouring in and yet there are still far too many in the world who haven’t even heard about ascension let alone know how to go about it.

Many are speaking of “the New Earth”.  The planet Earth itself won’t be changing much.  It’s the energy of the human collective that is shifting.

Some people who are tapping into info from above the veil, are seeing a very pristine future planet.  In some cases they are labeling that “the New Earth”.  No, that pristine planet they are seeing would be Gaia, not Earth.  As I keep saying, which many LWs still don’t understand – Earth is NOT ascending.  Her old soul essence Gaia is ascending.

I’ve heard others say that everyone’s carbon-based bodies will be converting to crystalline this year.  Ah, no.  That’s not how it works.  See here: What of the body during ascension?   One body does not “convert” to the other.  I’ve been ascension-ready for about 7 years now and no new crystalline body for me, not instantly, not gradually.  Never mind my old 3D carbon-based body is toast from all the Energetic Service Work.

You create your 5D crystalline body during your ascension process, but it is created in 5D and is a thing of 5D.  You get your crystalline body when you transition in full to 5D.  

AFTER you COMPLETE your ascension process – what I call being “ascension-ready” because until you FULLY transition, no matter how prepared you are, until you’re ascended, you’re not, so unlike many others who claim they have ascended, you won’t catch me saying I am… until I actually am! – you stay in the 3D world, even though not “of” it, and stay in your 3D carbon-based body, which is what keeps you in the 3D Earth realm – you literally wouldn’t be here without it – to be the human antenna connecting Heaven and Earth.  You’ll have to be connected on both ends in order to bring Heaven to Earth.  Your 3D carbon-based body is a large part of what keeps you GROUNDED into the Earthly realm!  Enough with your “escapism” ways, you are here to SERVE 3Ders, not run away from them.

Those of us who ascend, in full, and return to help out will technically not be either “in” or “of” 3D Earth.  We’ll just be visiting.

Furthermore, folks! make no mistake that this ascension thing is done by INDIVIDUALS.  Who advances in any way?  Those who do their inner work.  The members of the human collective absolutely benefit from the trail blazing done by the forerunners and the paving of that trail by the lightworkers and also benefit from lightworkers being clear energetic channels bringing light to / holding light in the world, but no one gets to ride anyone’s coattails.  Ass, gas, or grass, nobody rides for free.  You flow with all the incoming light and do your own inner work or there won’t ever be a crystalline body or ascension FOR YOU, even if every single person around you knocks out their ascension process.  No one else can do your work for you!  Remember this ascension thing is the ultimate exercise in Self Mastery.  Really, you think someone else can do that for you?

Sure, overall, the frequency of the collective has increased and will continue to do so but as anyone who has been in process really ought to know, it IS a process that takes time, even if these days it can take less time due to all the light in the world now, there will still not be waving of magic wands and instant change… for Earthlings.

And… Folks, really?  Do I really need to tell you that 3D Earth is NOT in good shape?!  Yes, this ASCENSION, YOUR ascension absolutely has to happen IN THIS LIFETIME because that’s about all the time ya all got.  Capisce?  That’s why Gaia asked to be ascended!  And if you don’t understand that yet, then Earth and some astrological energies will be happy to attempt to convince you.  Expect some major Earth changes over about the next decade.  And… Earth may see her 6th extinction-level event a decade or so after that.  And yet there is still all this healing and ascension process that so many Earthlings still need to go through… tick, tick, tick.

3D Earth is and shall remain continuing down a destructive path.  Perfect.  Nothing better than some continuing earth changes to keep everyone MOVING FORWARD and working together.

Nope… certainly can’t “stay here”.  Humanity has two choices – Extinction or Evolution.  Not kidding.  Did you see “stay here / stay the same” in those available choices?  Nope.  This is not me being overly dramatic or fear mongering, this is reality folks, this is the End of Life as We’ve Known It.  Truly.

The Divine doesn’t really want you to get all so comfortable here because you need to be focused on ascending and helping others ascend.  There is nothing to “go back” to anyway and stopping is as good as moving backwards as Earth won’t be supporting life for all that much longer.  There is only onward and upward… and yes folks, in THIS lifetime.

So yeah, you will more than likely feel the energetic difference in this world, but YOU’RE NOT DONE YET!  And if you’re not in the 1st wave, you’re not going anywhere… yet.  Yep, big shift, but you’re to stay here and be grounded and be a human antenna bringing Heaven to Earth.  Get comfy cozy in those big kid pants.

Many TRUE lightworkers are “coming online” as some folks who’ve only awakened in recent years, some just since 2012, who are catching up to and flying right by some of the seasoned LWs.  THANK GOD!

Note: I’ve added a wee bit of age data to the end of the Ascension Timeline Thus Far post.  Age, not necessarily “seasoned” (awakened for a long time), so not quite apples and apples, but one thing that really jumped out at me when receiving this info was the 30-somethings in the 2nd wave.  I’ve been awake for about 24 – 25 years so even if these folks have been awake since childhood, hey, way to frickin’ step up!  Yep, catching up and passing the older / seasoned LWs.  Again, THANK GOD.

There are LWs in their 60s and 70s who claim to have started channeling as a child and yet they have STILL NOT knocked out their own ascension process and even those that finally have are still scared to show themselves.  *shaking head*  To use conservative numbers here… if they were now 60 and have been channeling since they were 10, well, that’s 50 frickin’ years.  I’m 54 and have been awake for about 24 – 25 years, only half as long as they have and yet where the hell are they?!  And it’s SO not about age / generational or what have you ‘cuz there are plenty my age and younger who have been awake at least as long as myself and where the hell are they also?!

SEASONED LIGHTWORKERS, STEP THE HELL UP ALREADY!!!  GET YOUR OWN INNER WORK KNOCKED OUT!  Do I really need to point out the gravity of this situation to you?  Well, ok, ya talked me into it – A WHOLE WORLD FULL OF LIFEFORMS ARE COUNTING ON YOU!

There are now ~ 6 million lightworkers who have completed in the last year or so and who are now the new light holders for this Earthly plane.   Blessings to you all.  Thank you all for working on you!    Many more coming up behind them.  No stopping this ascension train now… but plenty of work left to do… and it will take some time… which is quite the commodity right now.

Now it’s time to serve others in no small way.



Below I leave a copy of something I left in comments a while back.  Take note that the 2nd, 3rd and 4th things that Gaia Portal addresses below are pretty much the 3 things I list above.  As Above so Below. lol

My interpretation below GP line:

Primary Light stations complete the process.
“2nd wave”, if you will, are complete and ready to go, ready to serve, ready to SHINE.

Favorites are eliminated.
That would be the “1st wave”. I’ve always joked, “Don’t ask to be one of God’s favorites, it’s more a curse than a blessing.” (Don’t recall ever asking for that status… hm… oh that’s right, I made that other fatal error, I told God, “Thy will be mine”.)

Shadow violators are eliminated.
The cabal are incapacitated.

The Light Worker Alliance commences the new works.
The next phase begins… and boy oh boy can the light really go to town now! Full steam ahead!

Power of Words & True Vibration of Words

I recently put out a post with a message from God, part of that being “Be aware of your words and intent.”  Uh huh.  ‘Cuz that’s how we create.  Not news to me, but the message from God had to do with humanity realizing this is how they create.

I was in an online discussion with a couple people and one brought up “humility” implying that it is a desired state to be in.  I told them humility was highly overrated.

I told them that “humility” comes from “humble”, which means “lowly”, ya know, like the whole “Jesus was a humble carpenter” bit.  Boy, did “the theys” (cabal) get and keep humanity down with that bit, as if “lowly” were “Christ-like”.  Au contraire mon frère.

I laugh because the character of “Jesus” supposedly said, “Have I not said ye are gods?  You too shall do these and greater things.”  Right in that line it’s implied that Jesus’ audience knows what “these (things)” are.  He couldn’t refer to “these” things he himself had already done without his audience knowing that he had done “these” (things).  Implication?  He showed himself.  He shone his light.  He didn’t hide himself… in the name of “humility”.

I’ve said it before and will say it again – Lightworkers, don’t help the cabal keep human divinity a secret!

And I told this person that I was NOT about to apply a term that means “lowly” to myself or to my Powerful-Creator-God fellow humans.  Nope.  Not feeding that disempowering paradigm.

My “highly overrated” comment made the third person chuckle.  They then posted a link to an old article about how the then recent discovery of the Gospel of Judas revealed that there were some “alien” entities in the world and the line about “ashes to ashes, dust to dust” was really an insult to humanity, basically calling humans “dirt”, but the broader implication being that humans don’t accomplish, learn, or grow much, just incarnate then die… rinse, repeat.  Over and over, just ashes to ashes, dust to dust, caught on the reincarnation hamster wheel.  Getting nowhere fast.  Stuck in a ‘tweener state, in a gray area.

So, in the middle of our “humility / humble” discussion, I had to ask, “Dust?  You mean like lowly?”  lol

And the “lowly” origin of humble is also tied in with “ground” and we circle back around again… to dust.

Dust and ground are not “bad” in and of themselves, but we could stand to recognize what was really being communicated with that ancient “dust to dust” line.  Someone was looking down their nose at humans and felt humans just couldn’t catch a clue.  Humans have had some help in being clueless.  See post Soul Experiences… for Dummies

This person had this to say about the etymology of “human”, which I wondered if all these “hu-” words (humble, humility) were tied to human:

Ultimately the word comes from an old Indo-European root meaning ‘of the Earth’, as opposed to (a bunch of words describing) God as being ‘of Heaven’ (it shares its root of ‘of the Earth’ with the word ‘humble’, by the way.)

In Latin the world evolved to mean specifically ‘man’ (modern Spanish ‘hombre’), and a side derivation kept the original meaning of earth, ground: ‘humus’.

But there is this to say about “Hu” also and that is about being a “god”:

One of the oldest names for the Supreme Being / Parambrahma / Allah is “HU”.

HU is Indivisible Oneness; HU is Eternal & Omnipresent; HU is Love

The All That Is.  I’d heard years ago that “hu-man” = “god-man”.  We are all gods.  We are God having the ex-perience of each of us, through each of us.

So, yes, it ties to the Earth / ground and yet also back to God.  In both cases, nothing “lowly” about any of that.  We’re all gods and this Earthly / human experience is the Masters Program, not kindergarten.  Not for the faint of heart… or soul.  While here, we are both Divine and Human.  “Jesus” was often referred to as both “the son of man” and “the son of God”.  Yeah, we could go in a variety of directions with this word, or all of these directions, but, it seems to me, that what most people interpret these words – humble / humility – to me ultimately keeps them from being and showing and shining their True Selves.  No help to anyone.

Very interesting the duality in all of this.  I’ve found similar duality of meaning in terms like “selfhood” which is ultimately about the Individuated experience and yet one dictionary definition makes it sound like “self mastery”, while another makes it sound like “ego mania” which is kinda anti-self mastery.

Whoever decided to assign the word “lowly” in association with all this seemed to be putting some disrespect on the Earth and the Earthly ex-perience.  About the only thing here that is truly “low” has been the frequency (and consciousness to go with it) in 3D and not just any 3D realm, but a heavily controlled one.

Nevertheless, “lowly” is the word origin of humble / humility and you trace all this word origin around and it all kinda points to what humans were “designed” for by the ETs who genetically engineered the homo-sapien form – slavery, to be a slave race.  See comment below about “servile”.

And what was really funny was that the person I was discussing “humility” with seemed to be offended by the idea that humility / humble means “lowly”.  They said that lowly was my word.  I told them no, it was not MY word, it’s the word origin of the word THEY were using.  The dictionary will, in the other direction, also define lowly as humble… right after it says lowly means “low in rank, status or importance”.

The first definition of “humble” that one dictionary gives is “having or showing a modest or low estimate of one’s own importance”.  This “humble” program in lightworkers (LWs) is probably a big part of why they didn’t fully grasp JUST HOW important them stepping up, doing their inner work (ya know, like a master would) IS / WAS to Gaia, to humanity, to their own Soul Mission.  Just how IMPORTANT THEY are.  *shaking head*  They just about let a whole world full of people and other life go down the tubes, themselves included, because of their disempowering humble / lowly / unimportant programs and language.  Just about got stuck in the ashes to ashes, dust to dust cycle… yet again.  *whew*  Earthlings dodge yet another bullet.

Screw humble / lowly.  Humanity, it’s time to pull your big kid pants on and BE REMARKABLE!  Time to acknowledge the Powerful Creator Gods that you TRULY are, to step the hell up and graduate beyond this world.  

Folks, perhaps you could bother to know your word origins / True Vibration of words because that is the energy you are creating with your choice of words.  Don’t take my word for it.  I’m just the messenger with some helpful words for you.  Take up discussion about this with the Divine.  The dictionary doesn’t always get it right (usually though) but the Divine can help you out with that… if ya let It.

Check this the heck out “… almost every word we use today has moved away from its root meaning.”  Yeah, that’s a problem.  The gal in this link seems to want to make the case for abandoning the root meanings of words and yet THAT is the vibration we are working with when we use the words we do.

People complain these days about political correctness (p.c.) and yet this corruption of our language is nothing new.  Even the whole Tower of Babel (babel / babble) episode, as long ago as that was, was not the beginning.  And methinks even that was not about creating different languages, but corrupting word meanings within one language.

In above link about moving away from root meanings, also check out that the root of “nice” = “foolish” or “lewd”.  lmao  I’m telling ya folks, if you want to set this upside-down world back upright, you best learn what your words mean.  Yeah?  You want to be “nice” do ya?

small detour here for a joke…

A gal returned to her hometown for a class reunion.  She eventually found herself at a reunion gathering, drink in hand, in a circle of old classmates.

She asked, “So, what did you all do after we graduated?”

Someone said, “I went to MIT and became a top rocket scientist at NASA.”

The gal said, “That’s nice.”

Someone else said, “I went to Harvard and have become a world-renowned lawyer representing many famous people.”

The gal said, “That’s nice.”

Someone else said, “I’ve recently ousted Ben Carson from his perch for world’s top brain surgeon.”  (lol)

The gal said, “That’s nice.”

They then all turned to her…


“Yeah, so, what did you do after graduation?”

The gal said, “I went to etiquette school.”

“And what did they teach you there?”

“They taught me that instead of telling someone they were full of bullsh*t, just tell ’em… ‘That’s nice.’ ”

(little did I know how close this old joke hits to what is really going on with the word “nice”)

Time to quit with the lowly bit (and yes also with the “nice” bit).  Read this blog to get some idea of how to get out of it.  Time to truly BE the GODS and GODDESSES that you are!  Ya know… CONSCIOUSLY!

And ya know folks, it’s about being the truest version of your True Self that you can muster in any given moment.  Just that simple.  Just keep yourself from keeping yourself from being yourself.  One can still be “just folks”, still be the “salt of the earth” and not have to take on “lowly” energy.  The implication I see in that “salt of the earth” line is it’s saying that these types are everywhere and are integral to the planet itself, which is VERY important.

I told these folks that I always say, “Who the hell am I?  I’m nobody.  If I can do this, so can you.”  And THAT is the biggest reason to just be one’s own Powerful and Glorious self, ya know, in front of God and everybody.  Not necessarily about getting on a soap box or blaring your message from a loud speaker (well, unless you are actually Divinely guided to do so!) or getting all pretentious in your New Ager purple flowy dress, it’s more about just not holding back.  Let True You actually join conversations and Speak True.  Heavens yes!  Talk about your spiritual achievements for Christ’s sake!  Very literally for Christhood’s sake, yours and others.  You are the example.  You.  Little ol’ you, who, yep, just looks like Joe Average.  But you’re not.  How will Joe Average know he can be more, just like you are now more than you once were, if you don’t demonstrate, if you don’t set the example and SHOW YOURSELF?!

And that online discussion made me think… this “humility” concept that this person was describing, well, we all know how that word has been peddled to us, but which nevertheless means “lowly”… but what they meant by it, the quality they meant to address, well, to me what is the utmost, the epitome of THAT state of being would be to COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY SURRENDER ONESELF OVER TO THE DIVINE, to strive to ALWAYS follow Its guidance no matter what that means, no matter how it makes you look to others, no matter what “be-lie-f” system of your own has to shatter (ya know like the “humility” program), etc.

And yet this person, who was so clinging to “humility” (almost an air of “See how humble I am.”  Ah, well, if ya have to point it out… lol), is yet just another lightworker who has admitted they allowed their pea brains to get distracted and addicted to “news” when they were being called to something else.  Do any of these folks have any vision or can they only “see” what is already manifest?  This person is just “reporting the news”.  They’re not “creating” in that mode, they’re just observing and reporting.  That’s called re-creation, creating again what you have before.  (Parks and Recreation, or in this case, Parked at Re-creation)  Keep looking at what is and focusing on it and guess what, you feed energy into it and re-create more of it.

Did ya care to actually help CREATE this ASCENSION?!

This person shirked their calling in favor of “reporting the news”.  I questioned them on what they were posting quite a while back.  I know others did also.  They literally answered me then that basically “but no one reads the ‘good’ stuff.”  Oh, that spoke volumes.  So it was more important to get as many visitors / readers / views as possible than to actually get on their Soul Mission.  lol  Gee, no ego issues there.  Not.

Meanwhile, little ol’ me, who no one has ever frickin’ heard of, was quietly getting a planet ascended for goodness sakes while this person was trying to make a name for themselves… then has the audacity to talk “humility” to me of all people.  Completely clueless!

The third person and I continued our conversation and at one point, in a small attempt to let these folks know my outer circumstances through the ascension hell years (since the lightworkers can’t seemingly “see” us true forerunners, (the “forerunners of the forerunners” as Karen Bishop would call us) I told them that my one and only one pair of sweat pants (that are wearing out), my one and only one pair of shoes, my old T-shirts, well, the ones that are big enough to stretch over my ascension-hell-years fat-suit, the clerk at the store counting out my “piggy bank” with me at the counter, well, these things just SCREAM “humble”.  lol  These people have no clue just what we forerunners released / let go of / sacrificed (just like “sacred”, word origin = “holy”, that means “whole” folks, where “heal” – to make whole – also comes from) for this ascension project.  And I’m not even into some “sacrifice paradigm” or what have ya (although, go to this post Soul Experiences… for Dummies and search on “sacrifice by fire”), but I can’t deny the knock-down, drag-out hell we forerunners went through for the collective …while this person was online trying to win popularity contests.  GAWD!

(circling back around again)  … as if all those who WERE / ARE called to do the whole alternative-news things don’t have that covered.  This “humility” person acts like a baseball player who tries to play someone else’s position, not trusting others to do their part and who then has left their own position wide open / uncovered.  What this person WAS being called to do, well, all those alt-news folks may not have a clue about that… but this person did! … but they’d rather reinvent someone else’s wheel than to step into the Divine role that they were / are ready for.  So scared of their own Power and hence refusing to take Responsibility.  THAT is NOT surrendering to the Divine, but it is “lowly” and yep, a cop-out.  Powerful GODS playing small.  *shaking head*  As if that helps others somehow.  Please!  (now I’m laughing – I checked to see how to spell cop-out and the example sentence the dictionary offered was “being ‘average’ is the lazy person’s cop-out”.  Ha.  Imagine how being “humble” / “lowly” is even more of a cop-out.  Not even with it enough to have delusions of adequacy.  lol)

This person also acted like they could just make up whatever definition they wanted for the words they use.  That’s a problem.  It’s been a problem.  Our language has gotten so corrupted.  I told them the goal is to consciously return to the True Vibration of words since that is the energy that words put out.  In essence – say what you mean!  And that’s what we are working with here – energy.  We’re returning to the True Vibration of everything… by stepping out of the illusion.  That includes the illusion and corruption we have created in our words and language.

Hey, I myself have not read the whole dictionary, but I get what I am telling you and have been looking up word origins for years because I want to know what energy I’m working with.

Here’s some fun etymology… I myself often use the term “inner demons”, yes usually in quotes, when what I’m really talking about is disempowering programs in one’s psyche… because I think it’s funny… because some folks, yes, still to this day, actually blame “demons” for everything – their idea of what a “demon” is.  In part, my word usage is “to meet them where they are and take them somewhere new”.

And yet the conventional use of the term “demon” is a “demonization” in and of itself.  Demon comes from dæmon which literally means “diety” (or “genius”) which literally means “god”.

There are some derivatives, created by adding a suffix, that have to do with “lesser gods / dieties” implying something “between humans and God”.  Ah, so much to learn from word origins, how informative the frickin’ dictionary can be about world history, who knew?!  Sadly the IMPLICATIONS here – and the collective brainwashing to go with it – is often overlooked.  Humans keep acknowledging the “godliness” of these entities who were a “go between” betwixt humans and God… but humans don’t acknowledge their own godliness.  

This suffix thing is obviously at least part of the mix-up on this word.  Dæmon / demon had a suffix added which added the “lesser” part, but later the “lesser” suffix got dropped and yet they kept the “lesser” definition.

In case you didn’t quite follow that, let’s just express it in English.  Start out with the word “god”.  Add a prefix (in this case) that means “lesser”.  Later drop the prefix, so you’re back to “god”, but the definition that you mean for it now is “lesser god”.

And there’s one small example of how language gets corrupted.

And “genius” sounds to me like one’s soul or Divine Intelligence since “genius” is from late Middle English: from Latin, ‘attendant spirit present from one’s birth, innate ability or inclination,’ from the root of gignere ‘beget.’  Ah, so that’s what all those begets in the Bible are about!

Ah, so the Bible thumpers ARE right – demons / dæmons ARE responsible for everything!  It’s just that “demons” are NOT some “evil” entities like the Bible thumpers have been conditioned to think.  We’re talking about Divine Intelligence here!  YOUR Divine Intelligence.  Creators, gods.  Yep, you are the Creator of your life and reality… ya little dæmon.

By the way, the “lesser demons” referred to are ETs.  Yahweh, ya know, the “God”, no, that would be “god” of the Old Testament, an ET who shunned God / the All That Is / Prime Creator and painted himself as “God”, dissing not only humans / homo sapiens, which his kind created, but dissing his own kind and everyone else since we are all little “g” gods being part of God / the All That Is / Prime Creator.  Yahweh, the yahoo, wanted to be God and the only God / god of any nature.  He was very jealous and rather full of himself in all the wrong ways.

We create through our Thoughts, Words and Deeds, so yes, the True Vibration of the words you use will affect you and your creations… whether you are consciously aware of it or not.  You’re never not creating.  You’re always creating.  Do you care to start creating consciously?

This “humility” person said that word meanings were often a point of argument in their comments section.  Huh.  Sounds like other messengers have been sent also.  How many have to be sent before they allow the message to actually sink in?

To help put things in perspective, I told them that we are returning to God (and our True Selves).  In that process we are not changing God (or redefining Him, well, beyond within our own pea brains), we are just stepping out of our illusions of what God is (and what we are).  What we are doing here, in this healing and ascension process, is, yes, “evolution” but it’s more significantly just a RETURN.  We’ve been living in an illusion.  We are just to step out of the illusion and RETURN to our Powerful and Glorious God/dess Selves.

It’s the same with words.  We want to return to the True Vibration of words, not attempt to change their meanings – ‘cuz that’s what we HAVE been doing, which has corrupted our language and distanced us from the Divine, it’s been part of the Separation Paradigm –  but instead learn what the words REALLY mean as opposed to their warped and corrupted “meanings”.

It’s some of what leads to Mastery of Creation.  You work with what God gave you, in its PUREST form, not some twisted form you’d like to apply to it willy nilly, at your whim.  Old paradigm conditioning showing there (hey, tuck that in, nobody needs to see that!)  Kind of the mentality of “If it don’t fit, force it!”… just bend those words to whatever you will them to be rather than surrender over to the Divine essence that permeates all creation.  As I said, this forcing things to our whim is what we HAVE been doing and what a fine mess we made by doing so.  That’s evidence of the imbalance created by a patriarchy.  Yep, if it don’t fit, force it, to hell with the Divine’s hand in language and whatever else.  Humanity, all the little “Mini Me” levels, thought they could do it better than the Divine.

Some think themselves so clever… in all their pea-brain overuse.  “To hell with laws of the Universe, I’m making up my own laws!”  Yeah, how’s that going for ya?  You seem to have great difficulty just knocking out your own healing and ascension process, or even just keeping yourself from being distracted from your process, and yet you think you’re ready to change the whole Universe, eh?  And how?  By not giving a crap about Divine law?  *shaking head*  ‘Cuz you know better than God, right?  So much for “humility” (ya know, in your warped definition of that word, not that THAT quality is warped, but you’re using the wrong word to describe it and sorry honey, as much as you’d like to delude yourself, you are also NOT living your idea of “humility” either).  A few little ego issues to still work out there, eh?  You seem to be getting ahead of yourself a bit.  Perhaps you could Master your own Christhood first, then maybe you can take on creating Universes some other time, well, ya know, other than your own little universe.  Just a suggestion.  lol  Ya know, like some raffles, you need to be present to win.  You’re currently working on being Christed.  Focus on that.  And use the Divine and Universal Laws to help get you there.  Let go of “clever” and actually tap into some INTELLIGENCE!  Use your intuition to actually utilize “God’s brain” if you will, instead of clinging so to your own tiny pea brain.

Someone else had said something about basically leaping to telepathy, as if to say that negates the need to correct our language.  So, it sounded like mastering words / language was a bother to them.  Sounds rather ungrounded to me.  And ah, yeah, this whole adventure is about mastery… of every aspect of your life.  It’s as if they are saying, “I failed 1st grade, so, that means I can continue on to 2nd grade, right?  Or maybe even just take a leap to Senior in high school, ya know… since I failed 1st grade so horribly.”  Uh huh.  Then there’s reality.

Ya know folks, I point you to information (one definition of “light”).  You don’t necessarily have to take up some major study on these things I bring to your attention, but just you actually being OPEN to these things then allows more ways for the Divine to get necessary information to you.

I encourage you all to NOT stop with this post.  Take this topic of the Power of Words and True Vibration of Words to the Divine for some discussion.

How to Create

You are a Powerful Creator – you are never not creating, you are ALWAYS creating.  

But if you don’t acknowledge the FACT that you are a Powerful Creator, if you think that everything that happens in your life is by chance, just happenstance or sheer luck (good or bad) then you are creating unconsciously.  Well, that sure can, has and will continue to make a big mess.  Done with that yet?

So, how do you create?

First and foremost, we create through our Thoughts, Words and Deeds.  You must align your thoughts, words and deeds with your goal – always / all ways.

When you think about something, you put energy into it.
When you then talk about it, that puts more energy into it.
When you act on it, that puts even more energy into it.

Intention.  When it comes right down to it, everything starts with Intention.

Ya know the old line, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”, well, whoever says that and be-lie-ves it does NOT truly understand Intention, how to set it or use it.  I’d dare say that they are confusing random, whimsical passing thoughts for True Intention.  In short, they don’t really MEAN their supposed “intentions”.

The word origin of “intend / intention” has to do with “tend”, “stretch”, “direct” and, drumroll please… “purpose”.

First of all, Intention is another “in” word (inward) implying that it starts from an inward place, from one’s Divine Self.  This is no little thing, ya know, to actually include your Divine Self in your Intentions.  And someone who TRULY means to Intend something also knows that when they are called to think (in a focused way… and mean it), say or do something, they WILL do so.  ‘Cuz hey, if they don’t TRULY plan on aligning their Thoughts, Words and Deeds with their Intention, just how “intentional” are they really being about manifesting something?!

But all those random, casual thoughts do add up – especially when they are intense, focused and repetitive.  See info about “worry” further down.

Ritual.  At this point I want to discuss ritual because until you get good at setting Intentions, ritual can help you focus your Intentions.  And that’s really all that ritual is.  Ritual comes from “rite” which means “usage”.  Many think of it as a traditional thing but no, not at all.  Ritual is more personal than that… and more spontaneous.  You might come up with a ritual in the moment, which you and no one else has ever used before or ever will again.  Again, and expanded – it’s a physical-level action that helps you focus your Intention.  We’re in a physical realm so our physical actions matter towards manifesting our desired creation.  Now, that action doesn’t necessarily need to be a direct action, as in… oh, let’s say you want a new house, a very direct action towards that goal might be to grab a hammer and a nail.  But ritual can be very much less direct, but yet is still physical.  You’re expending physical energy with the Intention (yep) of FOCUSING your Intention.  Intention piled on more Intention.  That ritual might be as simple as lighting a / some candles or holding a crystal you feel guided to, maybe… doing a “rain dance” or the like.  Whatever works for you, just about assisting in focusing your Intention.

Energy flows where attention goes.  Wherever you are putting your attention, you are feeding that energy.

Are you sure you’re feeding what you want to feed?  Fighting and resisting something is still putting energy into it.  What we resist persists.  

Now, I’ll have to refer you back to Intention.  The Intention you come from is really the biggest thing that determines where your energy is going.  You can change your Intention and yet, in some cases, you just might say and do the same things outwardly that you were before you changed your Intention – maybe, depending on what it was you were saying and doing before – is it truly in line with your goal? – but now you come from a different Intention.

Ok, an example of where you really DO need to change your actions: if you want to be healthy, you must think, talk, eat and live in a healthy way.  Wishing / hoping / praying / waving a magic wand doesn’t make it happen.  Again – You must align your Thoughts, Words and Deeds with your goal!  If you think or talk about how you’re going to get or you have some ailment because an ancestor had that ailment is NOT a healthy thought and will not lead to health.  Eating conventional food that is nutrient-deficient and / or toxin-laden will not lead to health.  Being an utter couch potato will not lead to health.

But here’s an example that is profound in our current world situation of where you can change your intention, but may not really change your words or actions all so much:  Instead of “fighting / resisting” the cabal, just inform people about them, come from an Intention of getting to the Truth and sharing that Truth with others… so you can all redirect your energy, in this specific case – so you withdraw your energy from the cabal’s creations, so you also stop fighting their creations and instead just QUIT PARTICIPATING IN / feeding your energy into their creations, ‘cuz, as you’ll learn as you get to more Truth, “they” have hijacked your creative energies and have you unwittingly feeding their agenda, yes, in some cases, that includes merely by fighting it.  Yep, so, outwardly, in some cases, your words and deeds towards learning and spreading Truth may not even change (or at least only subtly, BUT THE SUBTLE IS SIGNIFICANT!), but that different Intention is a world of difference!  See post Create Anew!

OF COURSE you’ll have to clean up your Thoughts and Words along the lines of fighting / resisting.  Stop saying “I’m fighting the cabal.”  You may as well be saying “I’m feeding the cabal.”  Here’s a better thing to say: “I’m informing my fellow human about the Truth of what the global cabal are doing… so that they quit feeding it… also.”

Don’t misunderstand though, you have every right, oh Heavens, you have every obligation to stick up for yourself and to set boundaries.  As I’ve said elsewhere, you are the piece of the multi-verse that YOU were put in charge of.  If it’s not YOUR job to stick up for YOU, then whose job is it?!  If there is ever a time when you have the full Power of God at your back, it’s when you are sticking up for yourself and you’re in the right to do so.  Mind my words.  I said “… at your back” for a reason.  God does not lead your life.  You do.  But when you are doing the Empowered, Sovereign thing to do, yep, you’ll have God’s backing… because you’ll be in alignment WITH God’s Power and Light… which is also about aligning with YOUR OWN Power and Light.  High time to remake that alignment.

And… “sticking up for yourself” is a much better INTENTION than “fighting the cabal”.  Capisce?!  Yep, even if how you actually go about it doesn’t change all so much.

Just flat creating what you want is even better yet!  Make that “you” with a capital ‘Y’ – You, as in, YOUR DIVINE SELF and now you’re really cooking with fire (spirit).

Get really good at Standing in Your Own Power and you won’t draw a lot of garbage to you in the first place and… will more easily and quickly dispel that which does manage to find you.

As I talk about throughout this blog, don’t forget that you draw to you what you fear.  Release the fears and then you no longer have any reason to draw that.  Just keep in mind that there is nothing “criminal” with having fears.  If you repress fear thinking that you’re not “supposed to” have fear, well… you cannot RELEASE what you REPRESS.  You must let it surface, but then go about understanding what it’s about so you can release it.  The Divine would love to help you.

Emotions and Feelings further fuel or supercharge the Thoughts, Words and Deeds.

Emotions are also, more importantly, closely connected with Spirit.  So being in touch with your Emotions, understanding what they are communicating, will help you align your “Mini-Me” creations with the Divine’s agenda.  THAT is the biggest and best way to utilize your Emotional energy in your creations, is to just allow your Emotions to be the Divine Communication Tool they were meant to be and following the subsequent guidance that comes with that Emotional Communication.

But yes, in this process of Self Mastery, you’ll need to (re)learn what your Emotions are REALLY telling you.  Might be a bit different than what the programmed version of you thinks.  Ask the Divine for help on understanding what your Emotions are truly communicating to you.

KNOWING that something will happen helps to manifest it.  In part, it’s that thing of acting like that which you wish to manifest already exists. Envisioning… and Knowingness.  Not “knowledge”, mind ya (lol) in a lower-mind way, but knowingness in an intuitive / Divinely guided way.

Expectation holds a space for that which you choose to manifest.

Some say that expectation sets you up for disappointment.  I say – so what if it does!  In the short term it may very well come with some disappointment.  Are you going to squelch your joy and excitement of anticipating that which you care to manifest just for fear of a little disappointment?  (Fear.  That means you still have some things to work on.)

FEEL IT!  Feel it ALL!  The excitement of expectation… with a little disappointment from time to time.  What’s so frickin’ scary about feeling a little disappointment?  Ya know… for one who is a Master… or is working on their mastery.

And… by NOT getting excited in expectation of that which you care to create, you are holding back putting energy into that which you want to create.  Why would you do that?

To feel even less disappointment, make sure you are aligning your expectations with the Divine’s agenda.  You’ll then be combining your Knowingness (which comes from Intuition / Divine Connection) with your Expectation.  

The expectation then has to do with Big Picture, long-term, end goals.  For instance, I fully expect that this ascension project will be very successful.  Do I know exactly who will ascend and when?  Do I know all the steps leading up to it?  Nope.

I’d say what’s most important is that you set your goals with the Divine.  And yeah, EXPECT to reach that goal.  But!  Little “Mini Me” you could stand to release expectation of the HOW to get to that goal.  Let the Divine provide its higher perspective to you on the how.  Because if you invest in some Mini Me expectation of how, then the REAL solution or path or what have ya, well, you might trip over it and not recognize it for what it is because you have invested in your own pea-brain-level expectation.  I like to use this analogy – if your goal is to be healthy and yet you think that what is required for that is doctors and money, but that is really not the way, then, yep, you won’t recognize the real path when it shows up.  Stay open to the Divine’s version of the “how”.

And, well, in a slow, dense realm like 3D, yes, it may take a while to manifest something.  Yes, you may have to hold your focus – using the proper Thoughts, Words and Deeds –  holding your energy, your knowingness and your expectation for a very long time.  So do it.  Remember, 3D Earth is the Masters Program, not kindergarten.

You know you can do it.  You HAVE BEEN doing it for quite some time now… but what exactly were you “expecting” and hence creating before?  Was it along the lines of “Worry is a prayer for something you don’t want” ?  You’ve held onto energy for extended periods of time by worrying about something you don’t want and have had plenty of personal experience with manifesting that which you put so much energy and focus on with your worry.  Yep, by this time, you ought to know that you can, have and will again hold the energy, focus, expectation of something long enough to make it manifest.  Now you can actually consciously create what you want instead of unconsciously creating what you don’t want.

And… BE PRESENT!  This moment is a gift, that’s why we call it “the present”.  And the Present is where / when we create.

Scott Adams had recently spoken of the old line “history repeats itself” but he said it has no business repeating itself because every moment is different.  Indeed.

Unfortunately programmed humans (you maybe, without you realizing it?) are into “re-acting” – acting as they have before – rather than responding – Responsibility, the ability to respond – to the present moment.  Their programming / be-lie-f system keeps them from BEING PRESENT and also from having to take on the Responsibility of thinking, judging and discerning for themselves IN THE MOMENT… without bias, without prejudice, ya know, without carrying energy from old moments into the present moment… without having some unthinking, unfeeling robotic, programmed “box” to put everyone and everything into.  (*tsk tsk* “But GAF, thinking / discerning is just so bothersome.”  Whah!  Poor mindless, heartless, programmed, silly, robotic humans.  Oh, don’t bother them with such hard work.  Eee gad!  LOL)

Time to be a heretic, which literally means “someone who thinks for themselves” and to release Duality‘s hard and fast / black and white rules, which cannot possibly take into account the varied and subtle differences from one moment to the next.  Don’t even think for a second that you have the next moment figured out BEFORE YOU GET TO IT.  Trust and Flow!  You’ve got what it takes to be the Powerful Creator God/desses that you were meant to be… being Responsible (able to Respond), Responding to the Present moment.


When you first start off on your healing and enlightenment path, in your transitioning process, which is 4D, Life and the Divine conspire to demonstrate to you what a powerful creator you are and you may find that as you CONSCIOUSLY master your creation abilities, while in 4D transition, you can easily and quickly draw to you what you desire.

But, when you have “completed”, that is, when you have finished your ascension process, what I call being “ascension-ready“, at 5D consciousness levels, but are as yet not totally transitioned to 5D, you will be in 3D still, “in the world and not of it”.  This is your time to serve!  You may not be manifesting much at all for yourself “out there” in the 3D realm, past supporting your vital signs… and supporting your Service Work.

If you need it, it will be there.  If it’s not there, you must not need it.  If you’re really having to work really super hard for something or every move you make towards something seems to be thwarted, perhaps it’s time to check in with the Divine to find out what you REALLY need.  It may not be what your “Mini Me” pea brain thinks it is.

When you are Complete, first, you’d best serve yourself (in not driving yourself bonkers) and others by aligning your “Mini Me” will with Divine Will.  You are here during a Planetary and Collective Ascension.  You are here to help the collective now, sometimes in ways that you could not before your own completion.  I can’t emphasize enough – get in alignment with the Divine and your Soul Mission of this Planetary / Collective Ascension… because nothing else matters… AND not much else of anything is going to manifest.  Gaia Portal said something about that recently:  “Egoic creations are ignored.”  If you like exercises in futility / pissing up a rope, then go right ahead and attempt to manifest your personal mansion on the Riviera… when the Divine has other business for you to tend to.

And don’t act like that desired Riviera mansion will somehow demonstrate to your fellow human how joyful you are or advanced or whatever, ‘cuz gee, no spiritually unadvanced people have ever had mansions on the Riveria… right?  Yeah, right.

You are here to demonstrate how you ARE Joy and Abundance, by nature, no matter what your outer circumstances.  Material things don’t give you joy and many folks with plenty of material things know this first hand.  You ARE Joy!  Just let yourself be your True Joyful Self.  It’s not something you have to seek, but more something to just relax into… ‘cuz it’s already you.

And you could stand to get into a different sort of “Life of Abundance”, a more Divine-centered / soul-centered Abundance, which shallow, materialistic ways won’t give you.  It’s not about being “impoverished” or the like (*shrug*, well, maybe), it’s just about having your priorities straight. Nothing wrong with having things, just don’t let them have you… and recognize that… if it’s not there, you must not need it.  Perhaps being bogged down with material crap is crippling your ability to do your light work.  So what?  Do you honestly think that when you are doing the Divine’s Will (ya know, YOUR Divine Will) that suddenly the Divine will quit supporting you?  Really?  Ye of little faith.  Again… If you need it, it will be there.  If it’s not there, you must not need it.  That pretty much applies to everything, including material things and experiences.  Perhaps there’s an experience you want or think you need, but do you?  Did it occur to you that the experience right in front of you, in this moment, is just EXACTLY what you need?!  Maybe it’s not personal.  Perhaps YOU don’t necessarily need that experience FOR YOU, but perhaps it serves your Service Work TO OTHERS!

Yep, through your own ascension-process completion, you learned to make yourself your top priority.  The Divine guided you on how to stand on your own two feet, to be an empowered and sovereign being.  Now that you finally and truly know how, it’s now time to serve your fellow human.

It’s time for you to start asking the Divine about THE ASCENSION (the entire project) and not just about your own bidness. Dare I say… time for big kid pants. 🙂

How long can you hold your focus for a collective ascension?  Long enough to make it manifest?

“Making miracles is hard work, most people give up before they happen.”
~ Sheryl Crow – “Maybe That’s Something”

How much of your time, effort, energy, focus will it take?  ALL of it!  No really.  There is nothing else to focus on, to put energy into… past keeping your vitals signs – which is about being grounded, NOT about being caught up in the old disempowering paradigm, but being realistic about and honoring your human, physical self AND getting down to the business of actually living your Soul Purpose, being that which connects Heaven and Earth… yep, connected on BOTH ends.

And if and when you get into the flow of following Divine Guidance, you won’t be spinning your wheels or chasing your tail or wasting time and energy about something that is just not important or is just an out-and-out DISTRACTION.  Then you’ll find you have plenty of free time, just for you and your enjoyment (important that you tap into and share your Joy with the world)… if you just follow guidance.

Acknowledge that everything else that is going on in your life is supporting you on your Soul Mission.

Be Present!

(also see comment below about “manifesting-simplified” – search on what I just put between quotes)

Ascension Update 5

God gave me info through Tarot today about The Ascension.

(cards indicated by bolded, bullet points below)

  • Giving and receiving, balancing of polarities.

Ah.  I heard that and thought – Masculine and Feminine.  Balancing and integrating those.

And yes, there seems to be some need for this message now as I observe (am shown) “out there” that some folks want to swing the pendulum from patriarchy to matriarchy.  Nope, not what’s being called for here.  We don’t have time for that Dualistic nonsense.

Time for Balance, Wholeness and Integration.  

And “giving and receiving”…

… for those who saw my last post… everywhere I look I keep coming across this Service to Self (STS) / Service to Others (STO) crap (Ra Material / Law of One b.s).  Argh!  I’m being shown just how pounded into lightworkers’ subconscious this “belief system” is.  I had to laugh at the last time I saw it, it was in comments and yet it was to someone that could stand to hear the STO side of this and yet, I know they get the Serving Self concept so just probably dismissed it anyway.  LOL.

But!  Folks!  If you want UNITY, you’ll have to release Duality!  Most especially when it comes down to things which, in this world of Duality, can be expressed as Masculine or Feminine… ya know, everything. lol.  Learn about Duality so you can remove yourself from it… so you can put the pieces together and Unify.

Masculine and feminine energies are not “opposites” but complements, as in “to complete”, they complete each other.  Swinging back and forth between this is “good” and that is “bad” and just flip-flop the this with the that and all is well.  NOT!  You can’t keep wanting to “throw out” or “kill” parts of yourself or exchange this part for that part and expect to be WHOLE and INTEGRATED.  Time to “re-pair” – put the pair back together, the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine in Sacred Union within EACH of us, not in that dysfunctional “my other / better half” nonsense.  As if someone else could complete YOU.  No, you complete yourself.

I’d recently interacted with someone who thinks that 4D is about heart and 5D is about mind (*rolling eyes*, sorry, but it just had to be “said”) and that somehow heart is good and mind is bad.  They also recently spoke of swinging from a patriarchy to THOUSANDS OF YEARS OF a matriarchy…. and that ascension to 5D is some grand conspiracy to make us somehow leap over heart and go straight to mind.  *shaking head*  Goodness sakes.  As if we haven’t already been camping out in left-brain lower mind, ya know, since we’ve been in the patriarchy for quite some time.

In their reality (don’t make it your reality folks) 4D = Heart = good (not accurate), while 5D = Mind = bad (again, not accurate).  So, they have dissed Dimensions / Densities (Ds) and also themselves in that, clinging to a Dualistic mindset (while they scream to the high heavens about “heart”) that promotes the idea that some Ds are “good”, some “bad” and some parts of self are “good” (heart) and some “bad” (mind).  They are also part of the “Ra Religion” apparently and deem Other to be “good” while Self is “bad”.

Completely clueless.  Clearly demonstrating how steeped in Duality they are… and are NOT consciously aware of that.

This is Duality 101 here… and this person fancies themselves a gnostic.  Me thinks that they found their “esoteric knowledge” (gnosis) in a book (or a few 100) OR perhaps they got it out of a Cracker Jack’s box… and not so esoterically – INWARDLY!  Mmm.  And I am seeing that this person who has served as a good example of a bad example is in “good company”, as in, there are many, MANY more lightworkers who have been caught up in some obviously insidious disempowering belief systems.

Now, as far as the mind goes, we have been too steeped in mind for a very long time, nothing new there, overusing our pea brains at the detriment of our body, emotions and spirit (intuition).  But that still doesn’t make the mind “bad”.  Maybe we are underutilizing the communications and wisdom from our body, emotions and spirit because this world had brainwashed us into thinking those parts of us were “bad.”  Enough already!  Time to stop dissing any and every part of Self.  Time for balance.

  • Be aware of your Words and Intent.

Yep, been getting that whole “Power of Words” theme coming up also.  And it’s all tied together.

Folks, we create through our Thoughts, Words and Deeds.  Mind your words!  Now we’re in Creation 101.  This is as fundamental as it gets.  Get this!

Are you mindlessly parroting something you learned years ago, even when you yourself have, through PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, come to realize that those words you continue to parrot aren’t really so true?  “LIGHTWORKERS” this needs to stop!  If you TRULY want to serve others you’d best be more self-aware than that!  We have enough going on with those who very intentionally want to promote darkness without “lightworkers” mindlessly assisting the cabal agenda (and obviously still operating under the cabal’s programs) by broadcasting far and wide this disempowering nonsense.

  • You are now at a point to reap results from the positive efforts you have made in the past.

Folks, it’s time for some “fine tuning”.  So, SO many of you out there get what I’m telling ya here, but you MUST align your Thoughts, Words and Deeds with your goal if you want to reach your goal.

You all seem to think / feel it’s so very important to get your message out and yet you keep being part of the problem instead of part of the solution, because you are not cleaning up your language to match the housecleaning you’ve done inwardly.  Folks, I shouldn’t have to tell you that it will get downright uncomfortable for you if you don’t align your outward expression with your inner knowingness… and you’re at a point where you can make this SUBTLE BUT VERY PROFOUND shift, this refinement of your energy right now, quickly and thoroughly.


Too Long a Soldier

Dedicated to the Light Warriors.

Did you know soldier comes from a word that literally means “solid” ?!  …which in turn means “safe” and “entire”.

My eyes have seen the glory and the suffering and the pain
I’ve been too long a soldier
Too long, too long a soldier
I’ve been too long a soldier

Rock on Light Beings.

Dress Rehearsal


It’s almost showtime.

There are still many folks out there in the world who are unawakened.  Unawakened to both the mundane and the Heavenly.  They don’t know the truth of the horrors of this world and who has been running it.  They also don’t know the truth about themselves, who they really are.  Life is about to thrust the truth of the world all up in their faces.

They could use your light.

Have you rehearsed?  No really.

Ya know, we can all blabber away online and it’s great that we do document things as we go, never know who it may be useful to down the road.  But for the most part, when we do that, we’re preaching to the choir.  If folks are reading your writings, watching your videos, it’s probably because they are awakened.  Yep, the choir.  There’s really no reason to even have any concern whatsoever about those folks.  They’re on path.  Score!

But the unawakened could use your help.  In many cases, those unawakened souls will not be interacting with you online and through your sites, but in your day to day life, out there, in person.  In some cases it’s just strangers who have a brief interaction with you.

That’s your chance to be the Spiritual Minuteman, the Spiritual Opportunist.  Seize any and every opportunity, no matter how brief, to bring a wee bit more light into someone’s life.  You won’t often get time to have lengthy discussions.  So, how can you get the biggest bang for your buck in your brief interactions with your fellow human?  Have you considered such?  What words will you use?  What concepts will you convey in a sentence or two?

I like to use the following as an example, but your interactions may not involve this topic, but just to give you some idea…

When speaking of those who have been secretly running this world for many years, I like to use the word “cabal”.  Most people who don’t know about the cabal don’t even know that word.  With just that word, you’ve conveyed an awful lot more light / information than you would with, oh, say, “globalist” or “establishment” or the like.  People will probably ask you to repeat the word and they’ll be looking it up first chance they get.  You just shifted their paradigm with one word.

We silly lightworkers often like to use little one-liner wisdom tidbits, such as:

“Energy flows where attention goes”,
“What we resist persists”,
“We create through our Thoughts, Words, and Deeds”,
“The only way out is in”,
“Lightwork is an INSIDE job.”
“If you need it, it will be there. If it’s not there, you must not need it”, even things like
“What you think of me is none of my business”, etc.

You know, things that stick with people much like advertisement jingles, little lines that make them think, perhaps even set them back on their heels.  What tiny wisdom tidbits do you have that you like to share?

Let’s run with that last one I offered up – “What you think of me is none of my business”.  First, it resonates with people.  I have often had people say they like how that’s worded.  Ooh, an opening to expand on the concept a bit.  I then go on to say, “… because… your thoughts about me, don’t determine my life and my reality, my thoughts do.”

What other ways can you “meet” folks “out there”, get their attention, create an excuse to share some light?  My old “Fire the Grid” T-shirts (I have two) always have and still do get people’s attention and often inquiry.  I can get totally “left field” on ’em at that point.  😉  lmao

Back when I was consuming books, often being in the middle of half a dozen at a time, I would almost always have a book with me wherever I went, including sitting at the bar… whether I actually read any of it or not and I made sure I held the cover up or laid it facing up so that people could read the often very interesting book title.  It very often resulted in some very fun, interesting and Spiritual-Opportunist conversations.

Folks, get ready.  BE ready.  Ask the Divine to help prepare you to be the ultimate in Spiritual Minutemen.  Uber Spiritual Opportunists.



I’m going to invite you to (re)read my Service to Self, Service to Others post.

There are WAY too many lightworkers out there who are still MINDLESSLY (and I don’t mean that in a good way in this case, sometimes it IS good to “lose one’s mind”, but…) parroting this “Ra Material” (and how many other channeled ETs) nonsense about STS / STO.

As someone who wrote a book with the subtitle “Top Priority: Self”, I just can’t stomach all these lightworkers putting out such DARK and disempowering nonsense as to even imply or allow someone to infer (which would be easy to do when using such lingo as STS / STO) that Serving Self is somehow “bad” in some way.  So, SO disempowering.  AHH!

If you get where I’m coming from, please help me call all these lightworkers on the carpet about the silly, dysfunctional and disempowering notions they are putting out there.  Oh Heavens, send them this post!  GAWD but this sh*t is frickin’ old!

What sits in the back of my mind as I write this is… years ago, Byron Katie wrote that she had never been much of a spiritual person and yet she’s always lived by “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”  Problem was – she didn’t love herself.  As drag queen Ru Paul says, “If ya can’t love yourself, how the hell ya gonna love somebody else?”  Indeed.

Below is a comment I left someone recently.  They received it well and they understand what I am saying… but they could stand to clean up their language.

“With the choice of Creating reality through either the perception of STO or STS.”

I have to call b.s. on the STS / STO bidness.

First, this whole either / or thing is very dualistic, limiting and not reality. “We leave a more “dualistic” view behind…” Actually not. The whole STS / STO nonsense IS dualistic. Others are “good”, self is “bad” nonsense. You even speak of them as being “polarities.” *shaking head* Purdy darned dualistic.

The truth of the matter is, the goal you are shooting for is TO SERVE, period, whether self or other. But PRIORITIES matter.

I told someone else this the other day:

“The whole concept that Service to Self is bad in some way is some of the most disempowering programming running on this planet, even before Ra (and a whole host of other ETs started talking this STS / STO nonsense) and above the veil also as ETs didn’t get it right either.

ETs needed to learn some things about these things. They have. Unfortunately, many of the “Ra Material” RELIGION followers cling very dogmatically to their religion and belief system… and that OLD, outdated (ya know, since ETs have learned some since then) Ra Material… and they have their priorities screwed up because of their Ra Material / STS-STO be-lie-fs.

In this regard, the flight attendant has much better info than Ra does as the flight attendant wisely advises to… put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others with theirs… because that’s the proper order of things.”

See more here:
“In reality, TRULY serving self is actually what best enables one TO serve others.”

I’ve understood AND LIVED this prioritization, putting self first, for many years and it is what has ENABLED me TO serve others at the high level that I have. I had and still have my priorities straight.

*name*, from what else you’ve written, here and elsewhere, I know you get what I’m saying. But we create through our Thoughts, Words, and Deeds and anything that even implies, even if just initially or whatever, that serving self is bad is the kind of thing that would make me say a line that people often say to children who cuss – “Language!” It’s kinda along the same lines as Christians saying the nonsense “God-fearing”. Again, “Language!”

Don’t take my word on this, just let me provide you with the next question you can take to the Divine… over this STS / STO nonsense.

“The only “constant” in Creation is “change”.” Perhaps it’s high time to change up your language concerning such.

Also, just to say… my focus right now is on those who are new or yet to awaken to the whole ascension thing and first impressions mean a lot. I have been familiar with this whole STS / STO mentality (if you will) for many years and yet at first glance, first impression it’s just reinforcing Joe Average’s disempowering program of putting Other above Self. They really don’t need help with that.

Love Alive

“Love Alive”

The sky was dark this morning
When I raised my head
I stood at the window
Darkness was my bane

Suddenly a sunbeam arc
Thrilled me to my weary heart
It was the prettiest thing I’d ever seen

I knew I had to keep my love
Keep my love alive
Keep my love – keep my love alive

Baby I want you to roll me
Hold me in your love
No more habits, promises and jive

Ever since I was a baby girl
Wanted one thing most in this world
It was to keep my love –
Keep my love alive

I gotta keep my love –
Keep my love alive
Keep my love – keep my love alive

You’re up there under the spotlight
Your silver trophy shines
With all you got, my lord!
You must get high

You need a whole lot more than money
You need more than to survive
You gotta keep your love
Keep your love alive


Or Luci… for short.  🙂

Excerpt from Awake & Aware – Top Priority: Self :

Demonization of Lucifer

This leads us now into how Lucifer, the light bearer has been demonized. For a good, concise history of the term Lucifer, see:

The term Lucifer was only used in the Bible once. It was in reference to a fallen Babylonian king, not a fallen angel or an “angel” of any sort. Lucifer is Latin for “light bearer / bringer.” Latin. So of course that wouldn’t be in an old Hebrew manuscript. In the Hebrew text the expression used to describe the Babylonian king before his death is Helal, son of Shahar, which can best be translated as “Day star, son of the Dawn.” (As the afore mentioned article states “The name evokes the golden glitter of a proud king’s dress and court much as his personal splendor earned for King Louis XIV of France the appellation, “The Sun King”). So when translated into Latin, yes the term Lucifer meaning “light bearer” would be a good choice. Amazing that “the light bearer / bringer” morphed into the Prince of Darkness. Hilarious actually.

Lucifer is associated with the planet Venus as it is the brightest thing in the sky past the Sun and Moon. More specifically, it is Venus when it is the Morning Star, low in the east in the morning. When Venus is the Evening Star, low in the west in the evening, it is called Vesper. Fundamentalist Christians could stand to note that the Bible has Jesus referencing himself as the morning star. I would guess that the concept of Jesus being a “fallen angel” wouldn’t sit well in a fundamentalist Christian mind. The symbology, in this case, is more about an awakening of consciousness than anything else.

The planet Venus is the lightbringer, the first radiant beam that does away with the darkness of night. It is a symbol of the development of the divine light in man, for the first awakening of self-consciousness, for independent thinking and the real application of free will. It means the bringing of the light of compassionate understanding to the human mind. In this broader view the connection of the morning star with Jesus makes good sense, because compassion is the essence of Jesus’ teaching.

From “Some Light on Lucifer” by Ina Beldris

The metaphor of Lucifer being applied to the Babylonian king had to do with him thinking he could rise above God. Little ‘g’ god perhaps? What “god” are we talking about here? A jealous one perhaps not the One True God?  

Regardless, this was word play to do with the fact that since Venus is in an inferior / lower orbit than Earth, we never see it traverse across the sky as the Sun and Moon do.   So it could not rise as high as those two orbs. The king could not rise as high as God / god.

So, somewhere over time, through translations, the idea of an evil fallen angel was concocted. I’m not sure that this was all that unintentional. Since Lucifer ultimately meant Venus as the Morning Star and Venus represents feminine energy, then perhaps those wanting to maintain the imbalance of the patriarchy may very well have been demonizing feminine energy.

The icon of “the devil” is also a conglomeration of feminine symbols and “connection” symbols put together. How ‘bout them there horns. Michelangelo made his statue of Moses with horns. Some say this is a misinterpretation but I can see it may be a very intentional use of the Language of the Birds (the Green Language). The horns represent the connection to spirit. According to the Wikipedia entry for Michelangelo’s Moses:

The mistake in translation is possible because the word “keren” in the Hebrew language can mean either “radiated (light)” or “grew horns”.

Another interesting interpretation of these horns can be found online in the article called Moses and Those ‘Horns’ by Eloise Hart. An excerpt from that article:

Here possibly is where the idea of horns originates. For in the Mystery language horns are the sign of the successful neophyte, of one who has passed the dread tests of initiation and quite literally touched divinity.

The red of the devil represents the bride or sexual feminine energy. (White would represent the pure youthful sister feminine energy and blue would be the old wise woman feminine energy. Huh. Red, white and blue.) So, gee, two birds with one stone there – demonize women and sex by making “the devil” red. It’s my understanding, decades ago, the Vatican admitted that “the devil” icon was of their own making. Not that that admission helps much to undo the damage done since this icon has become “common knowledge”, never mind untrue common knowledge.

The corrupted use of the term Lucifer has most certainly, over time, become it’s own entity in the collective conscious, a rather nasty entity, but a rather universal meme at this point. This situation reminds me of a sci-fi book I read years ago called Cirque. It was millennia in Earth’s future and the city of Cirque sat on the edge of an abyss. The citizens dumped their garbage into the abyss along with willing all their “sins” into it as well. After many years something started to grow there and it was rather nasty. Our story reminds me of that novel because in our ignorant and veiled state we have dumped our crap onto an entity we’ve dreamed up named Lucifer. OUR crap. Nothing quite like shifting responsibility. And we’ve done it for so long that the story of that character has grown into something quite nasty. If there were any “fallen angels” here it would be us. We Earth humans. Stuck under a Sea of Glass as William Henry tells of. And just like a glass ceiling, this Sea of Glass is there but we can’t see it. And yet awareness of it plays a huge role in our ability to pass through it. We can regain that connection to spirit, grow our horns if you will, by becoming aware of that veil, that Sea of Glass.

In this discussion I can’t help but talk about angels in general. And interesting that Lucifer would be considered an angel. I’ve often wondered if angels are really entities or would it be more accurate to say they are energies. Then tying such symbols to math, are archangels the same as arc angles. Angels are supposedly here to serve human kind. Perhaps in our dense state of being we have such a tough time wrapping our minds and hearts around what angels are that we’ve collectively personified them as a way to tap into that energy. We can utilize that energy by calling on our personified image of them.

What’s interesting for me concerning Lucifer is that the collective idea / creation of what Lucifer is never resonated with me. I understand the Hebrews never have considered there to be some “devil” type entity. I’d have to say I’m with ‘em on that count.

If I were to personify Lucifer it would be like this: Lucifer anchors the world of polarity and duality, basically the world of illusion or Maya as some cultures call it. And also Free Will, so we can have the experiences we choose to have here. He does what he does because we asked him to. An ungrateful job for sure since we don our veils, cross the river of forgetfulness and check in here with little to no memory of setting up this whole video game ourselves.

And in this personification, Lucifer, the Light Bearer is there to catch us when we reach a low point. Even if we go so deep into darkness that we drop out the bottom, we still end up in a place of light, in the Light Bearer’s arms. Hey, as long as we’re dreaming things up and creating our own reality, how’s about we make it a good one.

And associating Satan with Lucifer has never sat well with me either. The article Some Light on Lucifer by Ina Beldris had this to say:

There is yet another reason why it makes no sense to read the Devil into Isaiah 14: the traditional role of Satan in the Old Testament. Satan comes from the Hebrew satan, which means “opponent” or “adversary.” According to Strong’s Concordance, this word appears in 1 Chronicles, Job, Psalms, and in Zechariah. In Psalms “satan” is used both in the plural (accusers) and in the indefinite sense (an accuser). In Chronicles and Zechariah its usage is ambiguous, while in Job “satan” as The Accuser appears only in the first two of its 42 chapters. It is important, however, to keep in mind that the texts of the Old Testament did not reach their “final” version until after the Babylonian exile. Before this exile there is no evidence in Hebrew scriptures of an Accuser as a force that opposes God, and even after the exile it is still doubtful. Though the story of Job is very old, its final version is dated after the exile, after the Hebrews came into contact with the dualist Zoroastrian religion with its god of good and its god of evil.

Yes, the dualist Zoroastrian religion. So we’re talking from Persia (Iran) which is next to the area of Sumeria / Babylon (Iraq). Now we’re back to Enki and Enlil who account for “God’s” (more like gods’) schizophrenia in the Old Testament, which may have been built, in part, from Sumerian texts if you trace it back far enough. Enlil was the one that wanted to use Enki’s newly designed human beings as a slave race. He also very much wanted to keep humans in the dark about divinity, technology and pretty much anything beyond what the five senses can detect. So, ah yeah, I could see how the people living under that rule could view that as evil and also how Enlil could fit the role of “Satan” as “accuser” and “adversary.”

Dodging the Arrows

A while back, someone had said something to this effect: “No one talks about the consequences of shining one’s light.”


Make no mistake folks, when you bring light to a world of darkness, your light creates chaos.  Creates it.  No doubt about it.

I chuckle at all the lightworkers who talk like chaos is “bad” or undesirable in some way.  They point to the fact that the cabal likes to create chaos.  Yes, they do, but they are often their own worst enemy and are rather clueless about chaos.  Good thing for all of us… on both counts.

Creating chaos is the reason why we “lightworkers” are here.  We didn’t come here to “fit in”.  We sure as hell didn’t come here to just leave everything to continue going down the destructive path it had been on.

Dual meaning of Chaos = Crisis or Opportunity.  Which do you choose?

Yep, people’s “little demons” will be SO ticked and yep, they may lash out at you.  Your light is shining into another person’s darkness, stirring the pot.  And that IS desirable.  By stirring their pot, your light has provided them an opportunity to see all that sludge at the bottom of their pot, to give them half a chance to know they have some healing work to do.  And I say “your light” as opposed to “you” stirring their pot because there’s a good chance that you may not even have to say or do anything with some folks, just being in the same room might be plenty enough.

And yep, their darkness will come out and shoot arrows at you.


Like the second of “The Four Agreements”:

2. Don’t Take Anything Personally
Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.

Those arrows flying at you are not about you.  The “archer” may not be consciously aware of that… but you can be.  Now that you know, there is no reason FOR YOU to allow it to be about you, ‘cuz it’s not.

Don’t engage with them from the same re-active energy that they are.  As an old friend and their spouse used to say about arguments “Remember the rule – only one crazy person at a time.”

And I say “from the same energy” because your INTENTIONAL ENERGY is what matters.  You may or may not engage in discussion with someone.  And ya just might even “speak their language” right back at them.  If someone comes at me speaking asshole-eze, (like Chinese), well, I figure that’s the language they understand.  And hey, I just happen to be fluent in asshole-eze… lucky for them.  Speaking “their language” may not always be what’s called for, but sometimes it is just the thing to actually get their attention.  Just be present and flow with your intuition.

But regardless, even if speaking asshole-eze to someone, I come from a different energy, a different Intention and you can bet I’m coming from a conscious intention while their re-active energy is more often than not unconscious, although even if someone may be aware of their issues and triggers, if they are still getting triggered then they still have some work to do.

And that Intentional energy matters.  Your Intention is the biggest part of your whole exchange with people.  And don’t think they won’t detect the difference.  They might even do so consciously.

Perhaps at that point in the interaction a wry smile :-/ (breaking the “dead pan” gaze 😐 ) or a wink would be in order.  😉

Let their arrows fly right on by and just beam love at this person.  Yeah, easier said than done.  Do it anyway.  lol

And right there is an example of “re-sponding” rather than “re-acting” (acting as you have before).  I often think of re-spond like “transpond” – take the incoming energy and transform / transmute it before sending it back out.

If you do “allow” others’ arrows to hit you, then you know that you yourself have more to work on, if you’re still taking THEIR schtuff personally.

And when such things no longer bother you, you’ll know you’ve reached quite a milestone in your healing and self-empowerment process.  Let’s toast that achievement in advance.  Cheers!

For the Love of Big Brother

See that old timeline sailing by.  “Like a train passing in the distance… “

The bullet dodged.  Before ya know it, it’ll be far in our rear view mirror.  Just a few speed bumps between here and there.

Let’s celebrate the passing of the Orwellian timeline… while we can still see it… eh?

Skin Problems

I’ve recently had a case of psoriasis.  It’s not typical for me to have skin issues.  I know some lightworkers have had skin issues as they work through their process and I’ve felt for ’em and figured it had to suck.  I’ve now had my small taste of it and yep, it’s been confirmed – it sucks.

So, I thought I’d bother to document my experience here, one of the biggest reasons being to demonstrate to the newbies how this whole Divine guidance thing works.  You may not get your guidance in exactly the same way as I do but nevertheless perhaps this will help ya get the flavor of it.  Intuition and paying attention play major roles.

… and also to provide some physical-level / nutritional info that may help some folks.  Frankly, I do believe I found the smoking gun on this one and I’ve been my own lab rat for this.


So… Initially, I got the psoriasis, mostly on my right hand, ring finger, but also a bit more across my index and middle finger and my pinky knuckle and one tiny patch on my left index finger.  It eventually took over a fair amount of both hands.

Me being me, I wanted first to know the energy behind this.  So the following comes from Louise Hay’s book “Heal Your Body”, which describes the thought energy (Probable Cause) behind physical ailments (Problem) and provides an affirmation (New Thought Pattern) to repeat and remind yourself of the new energy you’d like to take on.

  • Problem:  Psoriasis
  • Probable Cause:  Fear of being hurt.  Deadening the senses of the self.  Refusing to accept responsibility for our own feelings.
  • New Thought Pattern:  I am alive to the joys of living.  I deserve and accept the very best in life.  I love and approve of myself.  

The probable cause didn’t resonate all so much here, but I have had relationship stuff on my mind – past, present and future – and that’s what shows up here throughout, so yeah, I get it.  But regardless, I’m absolutely on board with the new thought pattern for sure.

Many more components to this though, some of which did absolutely resonate as far as the current thought and emotional energy I had going on, not necessarily that the thoughts were chronic or problematic but just happened to be the thought energy at the time when I first got the psoriasis so I look at it as those thoughts determined where the outward symptom would appear, even though it runs deeper nutritionally (see later on), but we’ll look at a few components:

  • Problem:  Right Side of Body
  • Probable Cause:  Giving out, letting go, masculine energy, men, the father.
  • New Thought Pattern:  I balance my masculine energy easily and effortlessly.    

The part here that resonated a bit – Giving out, letting go – giving and letting go, like with new and old relationships respectively.

I’m not too focused on the whole masculine energy thing here because I’ve had a repetitive-stress fracture at the base of my left thumb for quite some time.  At the physical level, that has to do with picking up a laptop computer too many times over too many (ascension-hell) years and perhaps not in the most proper way.  I’ve adjusted things in that regard and it’s not been doing too bad but I did something to it again here recently so I’ve been putting arnica on that.  Then one day I jump up to save the pot on the stove that was threatening to boil over and hey, I’m not used to moving very fast for years now, and I slammed my left-hand ring-finger knuckle into the corner of the doorway.  lol  So, if I have masculine / feminine things going on it’s obviously at least balanced.  lol  But I can so relate this back to relationships.  So, we’ll cover that side too:

  • Problem:  Left Side of Body
  • Probable Cause:  Represents receptivity, taking in, feminine energy, women, the mother.
  • New Thought Pattern:  My feminine energy is beautifully balanced.

So now, hands:

  • Problem:  Hands
  • Probable Cause:  Hold and handle. Clutch and grip. Grasping and letting go.  Caressing. Pinching.  All ways of dealing with experiences.  
  • New Thought Pattern:  I choose to handle all my experiences with love, with joy and with ease.  

And fingers, specifically the ring finger where I had the worst patch of psoriasis:

  • Problem:  Ring finger
  • Probable Cause:  Represents unions and grief. 
  • New Thought Pattern:  I am peacefully loving.

This resonates to do with releasing old relationships and embracing new ones.

And Louise also said that a rash is about frustration over delays.  Yep, I’ll definitely buy that one.  Try as I might to just be present and yep “look forward to… ” a wonderful future, I’m just so ready to move on!  … with my / a life.  But yep, enjoying some things lately that I haven’t been able to for years – getting out ‘n about to walk, get fresh air and sunshine, to dine out, hit a happy hour or two.  Ah, semblances of a life again.  And I flow with it as I know that not only is this enjoyable in the moment, but it’s preparing me for the future, ya know, when I have a life at levels like never before!  Easing me back in.


So now, onto the physical level.  My default for research on physical-level causes of ailments is always “nutrient deficiencies”.  That went in my search engine along with “psoriasis”.  What I came across that resonated (getting confirmation from the Divine by using my dowsing rod, my best “yes / no” answer tool) was zinc deficiency.

So some things I found out:

  • Zinc is a trace mineral we need.  Don’t need much but do need it.
  • Zinc and copper compete for absorption, so too much of one can deplete the other and sources of copper that people don’t think of are water pipes and copper cookware.  We need both copper and zinc but need the proper ratios.  Vegetarians / vegans (not me, but just fyi) will be even more susceptible to copper buildup and hence zinc deficiency.
  • Zinc can be depleted from the body from stress.  (Gee, like the stress of ascending a planet, ya mean like that?  lol  And, in my case, a few self-induced physical-level stresses as you’ll soon read)
  • The body has no way to store zinc so you must get it through food on a regular basis.
  • Zinc is involved with hair and skin, wound healing and pH balance.

Some info on psoriasis and zinc deficiency.

And some info on  different forms of zinc supplements, to see which are most absorbable, etc.

More info on zinc here and here.

And here I’d like to say “keep reading” (a ways down) because I just had personal experience with one of the biggest causes for nutrient deficiencies of all sorts…


These things below I do regularly, but it was now time to do them daily until I healed.

I took multivitamins (which had some zinc but not much), liver support supplements, antioxidants, some immune support herbs and magnesium (which is also a common deficiency and aids in absorption of some other minerals and nutrients) for a week before I finally got my hands on a zinc supplement.  Had a bit of a mini-detox due to all that.  After I got the zinc I did other supplements only when guided to.

I also took vitamin E, which is always good any time you need to heal and it’s used by the body for repairing damaged skin.

I started doing pumpkin seeds and kefir daily.  The first kefir I had was non-dairy made from cashew milk and cashews are high in magnesium.

I did flax oil daily.

I took baths with epsom salt (magnesium), sea salt and eucalyptus essential oil.

Best my skin has felt in an overall way for quite some time due to all of the above.  Ah, a good dose of self nurturing.  My elbows, knees and knuckles are no longer dry.

I used some (very old, lol) polysporin (that my roomy had) on the worst of my psoriasis with a band aid and it helped it feel better.  I noticed one of the components in it was bacitracin zinc, which is an antibiotic actually made from bacteria… but, ah yeah, zinc.  May be something to that, but it was also helpful to just have some salve of some sort on it to soften the skin and open the pores so it could drain, which made it stop itching.


During the ascension-hell years (starting early, like 2010 or so) I have gotten quite a few moles and skin tags.  I’ve not had much luck at finding what that was about.  I’ve found some info that a potassium deficiency can contribute to that, but that has not resonated and I eat a lot of high-potassium foods (mostly tomatoes and avocados) and God wasn’t telling me that was the issue either.  So, if I continue with the zinc, I’ll be curious to see if that clears up also.  I know that fruit seeds / pits like the “bitter almond” from apricot pits can and do help with such but I’ve just not gotten to that yet.

I’d smoked tobacco (natural, hand-rolled cigars, not too bad as far as tobacco goes) for 3 years between 2012 and 2015, purely for something to do during the ascension-hell years as I’m really not a tobacco smoker, just got completely bored outta my gourd in an outward way as I had been a human-antenna, shut-in and isolated, exhausted… and bored… for too many years.  My body finally had enough of that tobacco thing though and made itself clear on that one.  I went for about 5 months without smoking then started to smoke some wacky tobaccy, so been doing that for over 2 years now.  It has been no where’s near as harsh on me as tobacco.  Throughout all of the smoking, my throat and lungs haven’t hurt, I’ve had no problem breathing, don’t often cough, but nevertheless I knew I’d asked a bit much of my throat and lungs in recent years and would have to say that even though they’ve been working fine, they did feel a bit raw at times and mucousy (excuse my Buffy-ism, lol).

Seemed like I’d remembered there was a lung-skin connection so I looked that up.  See here.  And that says the spleen is tied in also.  I have reason to think I may have had mononucleosis about a decade ago and my spleen hasn’t been completely well since, even though I do astragalus and GSE (grapefruit seed extract) semi-regularly, both of which help a lot but it’s not completely gone away.

My hair is fairly gray now too and I’ve been taking some Fo Ti / He Shou Wu for that, but only occasionally.  I do see that Fo Ti is a good source of zinc and other goodies.  From above link:

Fo-Ti root is extremely rich in zinc and its daily consumption prevents deficiency of this vital trace mineral. Animal foods that are considered high in zinc usually have 3-8mg per 100g (with the exception of oysters which are on par with Fo-Ti root), whereas He Shou Wu contains 42mg per 100g! 

I got gray hair at the temples at midlife / Uranus opposition and took He Shou Wu / Fo Ti daily for several months and the gray hair went away.  It was not as gray as it is now though and again… hmm… that zinc thing.

Some of my passing thoughts as this all went on:

  • For years I’ve known that outward symptoms indicate inward problems.
  • I thought of an anti-smoking poster I’d seen years ago in a high school that showed the portrait of a teenager with what was perhaps tar and nicotine all over their face and it said, “What if your outside looked like your inside?  Would you still smoke?”  I looked at my hand – yep, again, outward symptoms of inward problems.


In late 2014, which I found out later, was when the Divine quit using me for Energetic Service Work, I could tell I wasn’t being used for Energetic Service Work anymore but my physical energy wasn’t bouncing back.  6 months later, since I didn’t know how long my car would last, I started shopping at a natural food store that was more local.  One of their specialties was sandwiches, which I started to indulge in.  I have also kept bread around, which was unheard of for me for many years.  I have eaten more gluten and dairy in the last 2 1/2 + years than I had for many years.

Gluten and dairy (and also soy and corn) have casein in them, which is what glues are made out of, and they coat the beginning of your small intestines (duodenum), which is where you would normally absorb the bulk of the nutrients from your food, but the casein prevents nutrient absorption.  

All old news to me.  Prior to this, for many years, my gluten and dairy consumption was reserved for all-natural desserts (eaten away from other food) or perhaps a time or two per month I’d go out for breakfast and just break all the rules.  These things were not gone from my life, they were just a rare treat.

But after 6 months of not doing Energetic Service Work and yet not bouncing back in my personal energy, just completely used up, I was just fed up with being exhausted and stuck in a holding pattern waiting for others to step up and relieve us – and in no way was I anticipating then that I’d still be here almost 3 years later waiting for the 2nd wave to step up enough to allow for the 1st wave’s ascension – not to mention pretty bored with my ascension-hell existence, so comfort food seemed like just as good a choice as any.  lol

So, that all was obviously catching up to me… and time getting away from me – time being so very meaningless by this point and yet I still have to deal with time to some degree even when “in the world and not of it”.  I’d done a Tarot reading somewhere in all this and one message that came out was that I “lost my grounding”.  Grr.  In the world and not of it and yet have always been well grounded.  I so blew it.  lol  I guess after years of intense Energetic Service Work, I figured I deserved an extended “treat” but it doesn’t work that way.  And sadly, silly brain-dead me, it took me asking the question over and over “Why did the deficiency happen and when?” before it hit me – oh duh!  I’ve been eating gluten and dairy regularly FOR YEARS!  O.M.G.

Nothing quite like using myself as a guinea pig… to essentially be a good example of a bad example.   😐  *face palm*  And yet 3 years of throwing my hands up in regards to food still hasn’t done the number on me that 4 years of intense Energetic Service Work did.

In the last year or so, I’ve also started to do quite a bit of iced tea.  Through the years I always had bottled iced tea around, but on average might do one single-serving bottle every other day.  Well, I was up to a quart / day, every day and usually with my food.  Not good.  This is like so many areas in my life where I have come full circle… back around… to where I never was in the first place – I’ve never been a huge iced tea drinker, but hey, I was just twiddling my thumbs anyway so might as well have an experience or two while I’m still here.  lol  Gawd.  So now I find out that coffee and tea, especially when drank with your food, can block zinc absorption.  It’s recommended to wait at least 30 minutes after eating to drink coffee or tea.  If you insist on drinking tea with your meal, consider putting lemon in it, the vitamin C in the lemon will help you absorb zinc and other nutrients.  

I’d say that most everything I’m telling you about here played a role in my manifestation of psoriasis, but these last things I’ve mentioned – gluten, dairy and tea with food – I’m sure are the biggest factors.  And those are the same factors that play into MANY people’s ill health.  Our bodies can put up with a whole hell of a lot – smoking, pollution, etc. – IF we fuel them properly.  It’s kinda tough for our amazing 3D carbon-based bodies to work their wonders when we aren’t getting enough nutrients or eat things that block nutrient absorption.

So… I’ll be cleaning my act up again.  Groan.  I must say it was nice to “let my hair down” concerning food for a while.  It wasn’t good for my physical health but I must say it’s been enjoyable to eat…oh, I don’t know… a grilled cheese sandwich… and just not care.

And it’s been enjoyable to eat better again also.  Just had some out-of-the-ordinary experiences to shake it all up a bit.


Then what may have been what really pushed me past the tipping point is that I had been shopping at natural food stores, but the local place closed for a couple years while their building is replaced… then my car broke down (*shaking head*) so I’ve been walking locally and scrounging what I can.  One local store is attempting to cater to the natural-food-store customers so has taken on more natural, organic products but it’s taken a while for them to make that shift and I’ve eaten out more than I have for years and also eaten more stuff with refined sugar in it than I have for years.  I’m sure I saw a nitrate or nitrite or two also, amongst other bad nasty food additives.

My teeth got plaque for the first time in years because of the conventional food.  I’d also been using Alex Jones’ “Super Blue” toothpaste recently since my roomy and I have been testing out his products, which was great as far as my gums went (and tooth problems as old fillings are falling out and I see that the barbarian dentists had drilled my teeth down to where there was almost more filling than tooth), but I had to go back to brushing with baking soda to combat the plaque.  And my teeth were staining too, which again had not been happening for years and during the ascension-hell years I was so not brushing my teeth every day, too exhausted, and yet still didn’t get plaque and staining when I was eating pristinely and brushing with baking soda.  I’ve done sweets my whole life but when I can shop at a natural food store I can get desserts made with whole, raw sugar.  Totally different thing.


One day I was searching the internet for something completely unrelated – because this is how these things work, accidents never happen – and came across an article from about 15 years ago from a chiropractor.  I was so supposed to read it because it truly had nothing to do with what I was searching for but I was so drawn to it and completely sucked in by it.

One thing this chiropractor spoke of was – if you have some symptoms of something and you are treating it and doing so properly – like taking the right supplements for a nutrient deficiency – and yet the symptoms aren’t going away quickly, it may be because those particular symptoms are not the only things going on, but just the ones that you can see or are most bothered by, but it may not be the most urgent thing that needs tending to – again, outward symptoms of inward problems.

They also said that the body will go into triage mode and address the most urgent thing first, but will not fully heal one body part then move onto the next, but instead will go back and forth.  They gave the example of something that was adversely affecting both kidneys and heart, but kidneys more so, so they get top priority, but it makes no sense for the body to fully heal the kidneys 100% only to have the heart give out a few days later.  The body will tend to the kidneys long enough to stabilize them then do some work on the heart… because now it’s the heart that is the most urgent since the kidneys did get some healing.


So that message was brought to me before I got the zinc supplements.  When I started taking the zinc, I knew I was getting better right away but there was definitely an ebb and flow of things, two steps forward, one step back kinda thing.

I’ve been taking the zinc for just 2 weeks today and for the last two days I have seen a major breakthrough happening.

First, I couldn’t help but notice that my throat and lungs feel better and cleaner than they have for years (the problems developed slowly but the healing is happening fast and I can’t help but notice the difference).  Ah, yes, healing the inward issues.  And I’m still currently doing the wacky tobaccy and yet my lungs are quite happy to use the zinc for healing anyway.

A couple days ago my psoriasis had seemingly turned the corner and stopped with the ebb and flow and was just continually getting better.  The inflammation stopped happening and the skin just needed to finish healing, which I am observing happening by leaps and bounds.

I’ve felt a bit lethargic in the last couple days and sense it is because my body is putting on a big healing push.  God confirms.


So, bottom line, for me, the psoriasis was caused by a zinc deficiency, which was caused by eating too much gluten, dairy and tea, especially due to consuming all of this with (or too close to) food as these all serve to block nutrient absorption.

See Healing – Physical for more info.


Hope that helps some folks.  Not a fun experience, but my body did what was necessary to communicate to me – the body never lies – and I did my part by listening to it and the Divine and following their guidance.

The Lie of Omission

… and related ways of duping, manipulating and oppressing humans that the global cabal have used… such as revisionist history.

Yep, just like Winston Smith’s job, in George Orwell’s “1984”, working as a reviser of history at the Ministry of Truth.

“Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future.”  ~  George Orwell

Yep, if you have control over information in the present, you can change the way that people see the past.  That then steers their creative energies in a certain direction and hence determines the future.

Hmmm… let’s start here… someone online said something that got me thinking.  What I got out of it had nothing to do with the angle this person was coming from and yet a significant point came from what they asked.

So, the setting is this current world situation where cabal stooges (both the knowingly so and also the unwitting) use race-baiting as some of their latest “divide & conquer” tactics.  There was discussion of race going on in some online forum and I feel that this person asking the following genuinely could not understand how we got from point A to point B on this.  Yeah, I hear that.

So, what this person online said was something to this effect:

“Any European could tell you that Spanish people, i.e. people from Spain are white.  How is it then that the “hispanic” suddenly become “people of color” when they are from the Americas / Latin America?”  

Yes, why indeed would someone of Spanish ancestry be considered “brown” or a “person of color” and yeah, just because they were in / from “Latin” America (again relating back to Spanish)?

Now, there is certainly a bit of blurring of lines and meanings since many times “hispanic” refers to people who speak Spanish and yet that somehow gets blurred into an ethnicity in some way.  Sorry, but if some blonde-haired, blue-eyed Scandahoovian were to speak to me in Spanish, I wouldn’t then call them “hispanic”… would you?

And yet, can any of us truly deny that there are plenty of Latin Americans who are not creamy white.  Nope, they indeed are brown, which the cabal stooges with all their race-baiting / divide & conquer so love to point out… and yet these Latin Americans are repeatedly labeled as “hispanic”.

Do I really need to point out that their “brown” skin, in most cases, comes from American Indians of various tribes?  Kind of a “duh” isn’t it?

And yet, even though we are constantly reminded of their “non-white” status, we also keep hearing them being called “hispanic” – the emphasis is on their European ancestry not on their American ancestry… which is what gives them the brown color.  I guess the cabal stooges are kinda getting mixed up on all their deceptions and kinda giving themselves away.  Yes, dear cabal, why ARE the “Latin” Americans “brown” and why don’t you ever reference THAT ethnicity?  If they are purely Spanish, they would not be brown and if they are brown there’s more going on there than just pure Spanish… but we’re to call them hispanic.  Obviously too many lies for the liars to keep track of.

Also, all this hubbub about sports teams having supposedly “derogatory” American Indian names… well, first, I sincerely doubt that most Joe Average American Indians even give a crap at all, let alone are offended by sports teams having American Indian referenced nicknames / mascots.  Perhaps only “liberal”-college-educated American Indians have a beef with such.

But I’d like to make you all think about some things here.  Ok, let’s just go with this idea that these team nicknames / mascots actually are derogatory in some way.  Fine and well, then change the stinking names.  But I’ve yet to hear of anyone actually proposing that those (supposedly) “derogatory” American Indian references be replaced with another American Indian reference that held them in a better light.  Nope.  No proposals of that… only of just ERASING any reference to American Indians.

Nothing new to that concept.  See video I left in comments on America for more on how the cabal have done their best to hide / erase any evidence of American Indians even existing in some cases or being anything other than “savages” in other cases (and also some evidence of the Anunnaki being in the Americas).

Sadly, the brainwashing and revisionist history does seem to work.  Here’s a story.  About a decade ago, I met this person who is Puerto Rican.  In our conversation, the Mayans came up.  I said something about how the cabal have people thinking that the Mayans were all killed off or otherwise “disappeared” from the face of the Earth somehow.  I said there are still Mayans in the world.

This Puerto Rican said, “Funny you should say that…” and proceeded to tell me… years ago, when they lived in Puerto Rico, they had a friend in Florida who wanted to move to Seattle and planned on packing up their car and taking the long drive.  The Floridian asked their Puerto Rican friend if they would come over to Florida and take that long drive with them.  Yep.

So they were driving through Montana and saw a sign for an Indian reservation.   The conversation went something like this:

The Puerto Rican asked, “What is that?”
“An Indian reservation.”
“Indians?  You mean like cowboys ‘n Indians?”
Laughing, “Well, yeah.”
“So what’s that sign for.  Is it like a museum?”
Laughing, “No, that’s where the Indians live.”
“Where they live?  But there aren’t any Indians anymore.”
“Yes there are!”

The Puerto Rican made their friend turn around so they could drive through the Indian reservation to see the Indians for themselves because they just couldn’t believe it.

They told me they had that notion – that there were no longer Indians in the world – put in their head as a kid and it stuck.

Here’s a story about King Tut, Tutankhamun, who could have been known as Tutanaton instead.

You see, the suffix to his name, the “amun” part had to do with the Egyptian pantheon of deities.  This is where the term “amen” comes from.  How many Christians would keep saying “amen” if they knew it was technically pagan?  Ha, ha, ha.  But then again, many a Jew and Christian disrespect paganism having no clue that Judeo-Christian scripture is paganism hidden in plain view.

The suffix “aton” had to do with “the one god”.  I won’t say “the one TRUE god” because that is not what the whole “aton” thing was about.

Akhenaten (-aton), was a “Hyksos”, which in ancient Egyptian meant “rulers of foreign countries”.  (See Michael Tsarion for more on the Hyksos.)  The Hyksos basically invaded northern Egypt and performed a coup and Akhenaten became the Egyptian king.  The Hyksos were the ones to introduce this concept of “the one god”, but they really didn’t care about the “one TRUE god”, no, it didn’t really matter all so much which one god it was.  Their motive was to dumb people down.  They did a bit of looting too of gold statues and such in the name of getting rid of the pantheon of deities.

Later, King Tut had pressure on him from both sides about which suffix to use on his name.  This essentially had to do with how the Egyptians as a nation would view Spirit / the Divine.

King Tut, the boy king, even though young, obviously had a few things going for him.  You see, he could understand the concept of one god (essentially the All That Is).  That was no problem for him, but he argued that even if taking on this new concept of “the one god”, perhaps there was still a place for the pantheon of deities.  Indeed there was there boy king.

The Egyptian pantheon of gods later morphed into Greek and Roman gods – our solar system planets’ names.  No accident there.  Across the board, the stories of these gods provide Archetypal and Initiatory Rites information about the Earthly realm and the human experience.  So… you might have guessed… the archetypal info about these Egyptian / Greek / Roman pantheon of deities is, in part, describing the energetic influence from the planets, etc. who bear these “deity” names.  Much information there on how to navigate this human, Earthly experience.  There was indeed very valuable information for humans in the pantheon of deities and yes, it was the Hyksos’ desire to dumb-down and control the Egyptians that made them push their one-god theory.

The Romans and the Catholics, in the 4th century, through the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great and the Catholic bishops of the Council of Nicaea did a similar number on the world when they put the Bible together.  They looked to the entirety of the world’s recorded, documented information and produced just one book from it.  You can bet the Lie of Omission is huge in regards to the Bible.  It’d be kinda like in today’s world where Chris Cuomo from CNN is telling everyone that only the press can look at Wikileaks and no one else can – “Oh no, don’t look over there.  We’ll tell ya all ya need to know.  We’ll be your one source.”  Can you say “controlling the narrative”?  Yep, the Romans and the Catholics were kinda losing their influence / control and wanted it back so they made one book, and kinda like the Hyksos with their one god, the biggest part of this “one book” thing was that it was the only one that anyone was to be focused on.  Don’t look at that whole world of information, no, only look at the one book that they want you to look at.

“Jesus” of the New Testament is a composite character, meaning that the stories are about more than one person but they are lumped together under the “name” of “Jesus” and you can bet that a lot of all of their life stories got left out.  A whole lot of lie of omission there.  In today’s world, especially in news reporting, people might call this “controlling the narrative”.   Yes, sometimes the fake news people will just flat out lie, but their biggest tact at controlling the narrative is to just leave out information – more than likely EMPOWERING info – that they don’t what you to know about and also overly emphasizing other things, all to fit their control agenda.

The Catholics also hid away information about Duality and the Divine Feminine / Divine Masculine / Sacred Union by renaming the feminine aspect of the Holy Trinity as the “Holy Ghost / Spirit”.   (See Interpretation … of Stairway to Heaven post for a bit more on that.)  Yes, they hid the powers of feminine energy and also of sexual energy away from Joe Average but they kept it to use themselves.  The Vatican is full of men, supposedly celibate men (obviously homosexual drug orgies don’t count  😉  ), but the cardinals dress in red – the “sexual bride” part of the Sacred Feminine – to bring energetic balance.

These days, the leftists keep trying to associate the whole white supremacy / KKK (Ku Klux Klan) thing with those on the right.  Nope.  lol  I’ve heard some folks correcting this “stinkin’ thinkin’ ” as of late, but I’ll come at it from the direction I learned about it, and that was a lot of years ago and no, sorry, don’t have any handy dandy references, only a story.  I’m sure God and Google can help you with the rest.  And hey, I’m not responsible for “your” truth anyway, you are.  😉

The way it was presented to me was… way back when, when the KKK first started – contrary to today’s conventional thinking – they did not threaten, intimidate and kill only blacks.  They did indeed do so with others also.  So, then what did the victims of the KKK have in common?  They were Republicans.

The blacks had just been freed and given voting rights.  Many of them were drawn to the Republican party since it was more spiritual / religious as were the blacks themselves.  Suddenly there was a hoard of new voters, created out of thin air, who were mostly joining the Republicans.

The Democrats were not happy and used some pretty nasty ways to work towards solving their new problem.  Yes folks, the KKK came from the Democrats.

These are just a few examples of the Lie of Omission and other deceptions that have happened down through time that many folks still don’t know about and new revisions of history are obviously still going on in recent times.


I had a bit of discussion with someone a while back.  We spoke of healing and clearing out “shadows”.  It ended in a mention of purity because of name meanings.

And yet, in our quick-fire discussion, when it comes right down to it, we weren’t talking so much about a state of purity, but really more the process of purification.

The alchemy metaphor of turning lead into gold is about turning a mundane-level human into the god/desses that we truly are.

When you heat metal, the dross (impurities) rises to the top and can then be skimmed off, leaving only the pure metal.

The healing process is the “heat” applied to humans (metal) which drives the impurities (dross) to the surface (bringing subconscious programs to a conscious-level awareness)  where we can acknowledge and examine them, then clear and release them.

The concept of “crossing the Lake of Fire” is the same.  We walk through the “fire” of healing to burn off the dross of the disempowering programs that were planted into us in this Earthly realm.

And this discussion started with… we don’t need to seek love, joy, peace, abundance, all-knowingness, etc. because we ARE those things naturally.

People just need to clear out all the crap – fears, ego issues, disempowering programs, old emotions they repressed – which is a result of living in the old 3D Earth paradigm.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”  ~ Rumi

Sadly, far too many lightworkers want to have all those awesome things that we naturally are without going through the purification / healing / shadow-work side of things.  They think that the “train” that goes to “Heaven” is going to allow them to bring all their baggage with them.  Nope.  That old 3D level baggage is too low of frequency, it won’t be allowed through.  Cling to it and YOU won’t be allowed through.

The only humans who don’t need to heal are those who already have.  If anyone tells you that healing is not necessary for ascension, then, I’m just gonna say it – they don’t know what they are talking about / are in denial (misinformation) or they are intentionally attempting to lead people astray (disinformation).  Period.


Folks, there are no “shortcuts”, no work-arounds, no way to cheat the healing and ascension process.  You’ll only be cheating yourself.  You can’t skip the healing process or go around it, you must go through it.

The dross of disempowerment will not let loose of the metal of a human without the fire of healing.


Also see post Healing / Inner Work – What Is It?

Individuation and Collectives

Each and every one of us is an Individuated Soul having an Individuated Experience.

We are also part of a Collective.

Well, many really.  We’re in the “All That Is” (God’s) collective for sure, but also in many sub-collectives, the most important one in this moment being the human collective as we pull off a planetary and human-collective ascension.

It does not serve / is not serving you or any collectives you are a part of to deny either side of this – your Individuation or your Energetic Connection to the Collective.

Collectives are made up of Individuals.  Collectives themselves don’t “do” or “be” much of anything, only the Individuals within those collectives do.  The collective isn’t healing per se, but the individuals within it are.  If you think the world’s consciousness needs to be raised, then raise yours!  (thank you Lao Tzu) ‘Cuz that’s how it’s done!

I’m not going to remember the exact quote or who it was from, but someone told the story of a spiritual teacher and their student.  The student had awakened to the fact that they were One with everything, but in speaking of it, they made it sound like they were not an Individuated entity any longer.  The teacher then asked if the student was warm.  The student said they were warm.  The teacher said, “Then who is feeling that?”

And all that needs to occur is that one wakes up to the fact that they are at One (atonement – at-one-ment) with everyone and everything else because we are ALWAYS energetically connected to the collective, to everyone else.  One just awakens to that fact.  Nothing else changes in a general sense, but much can now change for the awakened individual.

Unfortunately, many lightworkers / spiritualists are still stuck in Duality.  They get all “either / or” about things.  Like the afore mentioned student who thought that awakening to their Oneness with All meant that they were no longer having an Individuated experience.  Not true.  We are always connected and yet are having an Individuated experience.  It’s not “either / or”, it’s “and / both”.  Yep, at the same time.  Let go of the “either / or”, the hard-and-fast / black-and-white rules of Duality.  

I love to express that Power and Responsibility go hand-in-hand.  You only have Power over that which you are Responsible for and you only have Responsibility for that which you have Power over.  And that would be YOU!  You are the piece of the Universe that you were put in charge of.  You don’t get to make choices for others and that includes after you wake up to the fact that you are connected to others.  Changing “I” to “We” really doesn’t cut it.  If you said “we” about something, implying that you are including me in that, well, I’d have to tell you to get your funny ideas off MY creations.  You don’t get to make my choices for me – ever.  Capisce?

But what you DO have is influence.  What each Individual within the collective learns or heals goes onto the “Telepathic Collective Innernet”, if you will, and the energetic connection between us all provides opportunities for us to benefit from each other’s learning / re-membering (putting the “members” back together – body, mind, emotions, spirit).  We have energetic influence on each other.

And as I’ve said before, Love is a higher vibration than Fear and hence has more influence.  Careful about your disempowered desire to put Love in a cage (more on that), as if to say that Love is all “nice” and fluffy and Fear looks all creepy.  Not necessarily.  To your “inner demons” / disempowered programs / be-lie-f system, Love – and the Truth that goes with it – is one scary frickin’ thing!  Especially the straight-forward, “tough love” sort, which I’ve come to notice is more perceived as “tough love” by those on the receiving end (in their programmed state) than those dishing out that supposed “tough” love.  I can give it to ya straight all day, every day and don’t feel “tough” at all about it.  It sometimes amuses me though to see someone squirm so… really under their own inner knowingness… that I just re-minded (put the mind back into it) them of.  And in those moments, those moments of Truth, regardless of whether one’s True Self cares to respond in any way, one’s dysfunctional, programmed self often has a very knee-jerk re-action (acting again as you have before) because the Truth threatens its existence.

Christ energy has been associated in esoterica (“eso” means “within”, to do with symbology and wisdom concerning one’s Inner Work, not the conventional, warped meaning of esoteric) with “The King of Terror”.  Why?  I’d guess that many a lightworker who has intensely resisted their process, resisted surrendering to their own Divine Self, denied the reality of this ascension scenario and their own service work as part of that, well, they could probably give you some idea of what the hell is so terrifying about being Christed.  Advice?  A little less resistance and denial makes the ride a little less bumpy.  As the old joke goes, is that the voice of experience talking there?  Sure is.  I had just enough resistance way back when to convince me not to do that anymore.  I guess I’m just not a very good masochist (although someone needed to tell that to those “upstairs” / above-the-veil and to laggard “seasoned” lightworkers who refused to step up and take Responsibility – the ability to respond – when it came time for us forerunners to do the Energetic Service Work which was originally meant to be theirs to do, read this blog to understand).

When some individuals in the collective awaken / heal / raise their frequency / raise their consciousness, that influences others.  And because of entrainment, the lower frequency naturally wants to rise up to the higher frequency.

So, no matter how you slice it, YOU are your top priority.

If you’d like to help others heal, the best way to do that is to tend to your own personal Individuated healing.  You won’t do that by shirking or denying your Responsibility in your own personal healing process or by obsessing on helping everyone else’s healing, which is just distracting you from your own healing.

And being all “love and light” or “kumbaya” or (to get all Bud-beer on ya) “I love ya man!”, well, that stuff looks nice – so much for cosmetics – but it’s not accomplishing much towards this ascension effort.

It’s a matter of priorities.  As I’ve said before, just like the flight attendant instructs you: Put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others with theirs.

Do you really think that person next to you who is waiting for your assistance with their “oxygen mask” really needs to hear “I love ya man!” right then?  Especially in dissertation form?  They’d probably just like some assistance with their own oxygen mask, thank you very much, as they are dealing with sheer survival, but instead they’re hearing you yammering on about “love thy neighbor” instead of getting your own danged oxygen mask on!  All talk, no action.  All foam, no beer.  How’s about you demonstrate your love for your neighbor by loving yourself enough to do what it takes to complete your healing and ascension process.  Ya know “love thy neighbor as thyself.”  Byron Katie wrote a book called “I Need Your Love – Is That True?”  She said that she never really had been much of a spiritual person, but she has always lived by “love thy neighbor as thyself” – problem being: she didn’t used to love herself.  Yep, she loved her neighbor as she loved herself – she didn’t.  She’ll get no awards for uniqueness there, that’s been the sad story of pretty much all silly humans in this world.  It all needs to start with Self Love.

Yeah, yeah, I know some of you so want everyone “out there” to be all healed and I truly do hope you’d like to help with that since it is ultimately your soul mission after all… but… You must make and keep yourself your top priority.  How much will you help the next person heal when you’ve yet to heal yourself?  How much will you help the next person raise their consciousness when you’ve yet to raise yours?  What real good is “love thy neighbor as thyself” when you don’t even love yourself?  You can only give as much as you’ve got. 

Something to remember in all this is that Other just might have a little something for you too.  Jordan Peterson had said something to the effect of – embrace the fact that the next person just might know something you don’t.  Ya don’t say.

“We are all here on earth to help others; what on earth the others are here for, I don’t know.”  ~W.H. Auden    

LOL, well JP (above) just gave ya a clue!

Here’s some not-so-small examples:

Many New Age lightworkers tend to be left of center politically and even though some of them have been doing their inner work, they still can’t see straight about the present-day global cabal and often serve the cabal as useful idiots, ya know, parroting the msm and pushing progressivism, having no clue what agenda they serve.

Many Judeo-Christian types can see the present-day cabal, can name names and list their crimes against humanity and yet don’t understand how the global cabal used religion early and often to dumb them down and disempower them and made them dis the wisdom of Paganism and the archetypal information of the Occult… even though Western religious scripture is STEEPED in Pagan and Occult symbolism – hidden in plain view.  Yep, still plenty of useful idiocy going on right of center also.

Hey, one of the latest persecuted groups in this world are the Christians – you’d have to be blind, deaf and dumb (as in stupid) not to know it – but that doesn’t mean that the b.s. that Christians have been fed is true.

What the persecution is is just more of that tired old divide and conquer tactic that the cabal ought to be well-known for by this time.  Keep people dumbed down and brainwashed and use them against each other.

Governments are going after Christians.  The case in the ass they have against modern-day Christians is that many Christians are onto the present-day global cabal.  See my post Who Was Yahweh? for more on how this is the same ol’, same ol’ from the global cabal, down through history.  Anyone who brought the Truth, of any nature, on any topic, to humanity was persecuted.  Also see that post for more about how the Original, TRUE Christian movement, led by the Gnostics, was hijacked by the cabal.

The left, both in earlier decades, which was the more-sane version and the more recently off-the-rail “progressive (communist / socialist)” duped version of the left have actually helped the right get to a more sane and centered place.  Oh hell, the cabal have helped with that also.  Case in point, many brainwashed Christians used to have (some still do) a case in the ass (all puns intended) against gays, but once the “awakened” Christians saw that the cabal is all about killing EVERYONE, well, that helped snap many a Christian out of their dissing of gays and be more “live and let live”.  Now it’s the rabid leftists that are anything but live and let live.

Regardless to how the cabal have used one religion against another in “divide and conquer” fashion, what’s even worse is how religion has been used against its own people, to oppress and dumb-down its own people.  Many a disempowered and brainwashed Christian and their preachers have certainly done a number on oppressing their own.

Once Joe Average Christian actually wakes up to their own Christ within (go to The meek shall inherit the Earth post and search for “Christ-I-Am”) instead of waiting for some past Christ to swoop in and “save” them, well, look out world because the cabal gig is most definitely up then.

Note, “Jesus” is actually a fictional character in an allegorical story, told by the True, Original Christians, the Gnostics.  A very EMPOWERING allegory, but the characters are fictional.  Not even REAL Christs can save anyone else, let alone fictitious ones.  YOU are YOUR own savior – YOU are the one who lives YOUR life, Thinks YOUR Thoughts, Speaks YOUR Words, Does YOUR Deeds.  Who did you think would save you… but you?!

I might go so far as to predict that the EMPOWERED Christians, who acknowledge their own Christ within, just might fly right by many a New Age lightworker (LW), especially if said LWs fight their own awakening about today’s global cabal who make the enslavement of socialism sound so very attractive.  I’m amazed that there is anyone who doesn’t understand at this point, that “both sides” of, well, frickin’ everything has been hijacked by the global cabal.

And why lightworkers, of all people, still identify with any political label is beyond me.  Wake up!  What you want is the truth, not another be-lie-f system with its control agenda.

The New Agers contrarily can see the old cabal tactics used by religion, especially concerning dissing Pagan and Occult wisdom… even when they are clueless about the present-day cabal.

Plenty of be-lie-f systems to be shattered yet… all around.  How will YOU face the shattering of YOUR be-lie-f system?  Don’t make the mistake of thinking you ARE your beliefs.  No, you HAVE beliefs and you’ll be much better off without them.  What you want is your inner / Divinely-connected KNOWINGNESS of the Truth, not a be-lie-f.

Yep, you are here to help others, but the “others” just might have some help for you too.  You all have some things to learn from each other.  Notice where my emphasis is at.  I said “learn from” not “teach to” each other.  You can even learn from those who refuse to learn from you.  You are in charge of YOUR learning, not someone else’s.  So take care of what is yours to take care of.  Please be what I call “good students of life” and bother to keep learning.  I feel sorry for those who know it all since they have nothing left to learn.  What a drag that must be.  *yawn*

(and… when will they / you all get over identifying as “left” or “right”?  You’re still stuck in Duality.  Time to get to Unity and some Masculine and Feminine INtegration!)

And folks, down through the ages, you can bet that what the global cabal have most wanted to keep from you is your ability to ascend out of this Earthly realm, to keep you from knowing who you truly are.  They have kept the truth of God, dimensions, ascension and most significantly your own creative powers from you.  The planetary and collective ascension that is happening RIGHT NOW is the single biggest reason for the control through history and for the major uptick in recent times to attempt to gain complete and utter control over all of us.  Not only are they having “time pressure” due to many people waking up to them, the Ascension Project is moving forward (finally even beyond linear ways), which is REALLY putting a time-crunch on the cabal.

But you must get your priorities straight.  Tend to your own healing as your top priority.  Tend to the “in here”.  Nothing does more towards helping your fellow human than that.

And why is that?  Because of your Energetic Connection to the Collective.

Do you see how both parts of this – Individuation and Collective Connection – are intertwined?  And both are important.

I always like to remind people that the words “Individual” and “Indivisible” come from the same root word.

(Who’s really different here?  Who is the individual?  lol)

Don’t act like the Individuated Experience and the Energetic Connection to the Collective are mutually exclusive, like it’s one or the other, either / or.  That’s Duality thinking there.  They most assuredly interconnect, as all does.  But don’t drop the ball on your part in all this by denying your own personal Responsibility (ability to respond) of your own healing process.

I laugh to see lightworkers who deny their Individuation as they try to escape the work of their own healing process and they’ll scream “collective” stuff at ya… oh, up until they actually manage to hammer out their own healing and ascension process all the way to completion, then they start denying all that “collective” stuff when the topic of Service to the Collective comes up.  lol

I’m still seeing some rather advanced lightworkers still talking about 3D and 4D physically separating.  *shaking head*  No.  Not happening.  As I’ve said before, 3D and 4D go together.  Enough with attempting to “escape” 3D.  Those folks still firmly in 3D are your mission.  This is NOT the time for lightworkers to be leaving those 3Ders.  It’s time to REALLY connect to them.  If you’re “scared” to be in the same world as 3Ders, you yourself still have some work to do, some fears to release, some “old paradigm” to release yourself yet.

It’s called light “work” for a reason.  But ya don’t have to get all down about it and make “work” seem like a dirty word.  You don’t need to quit using the word “work”, just change your attitude about it.  Look that word up and see all its meanings so you know and maybe you could stand to drop the associations you may have with work = chores / drudgery.  Do you really think that artists think artwork is some major drag?

Lightwork is a Labor of Love that we perform here – both literally and figuratively.  With the right attitude it’s the most Joyous Labor of Love that could ever be.

Read Awake & Aware – Top Priority: Self for more on how to get your priorities straight.

Sacred Symbology

I’d thought about writing about this a while back, then find this video today (below).

He’s discussing the symbology of Baphomet (and some other things).  This is an example of Sacred Symbology that the global cabal use and so folks who know about the cabal often (wrongly) think that the symbol of Baphomet is evil.  Nope.

I’ve felt it is / was one big, fat representation of Duality – Light and Dark, Heaven and Earth, Feminine and Masculine, etc.  This fellow is obviously in agreement.  But hey, as long as “they” have you thinking that Baphomet is “evil” then you won’t bother to learn about the Duality that the figure of Baphomet points to.  And if you don’t understand Duality, you’ll have a tough time stepping out of it and into Unity.  How do you unplug from something that you don’t even understand you are immersed in?!

There are numerous representations of Feminine and Masculine energy – Moon and Sun, woman’s breasts but implied male genitalia with the rod of the Caduceus… with the two snakes, which again represent the Feminine and Masculine components to Kundalini energy stored at the base of the spine.

This fellow gets it covered and I don’t agree on all he says and he gets off on some tangents, but he’s making you think and that’s always good, plus he’s entertaining.  lol


So… let’s get into this Sacred Symbology, shall we.

Just like with Michelangelo’s horned depiction of Moses, the horns represent Divine Connection.  See the wavy lines around the horns on Baphomet.  It indicates energy waves.

Also the goat head and horns look like the uterus and fallopian tubes so there is Feminine energy represented there.

The goat legs to me represent animalistic nature, including Earth element / mundane desires.

The wings can be angelic and yet also represent Air element.

Not sure what that round thing is behind the Caduceus but it seems to have scales on it and it’s located near the 2nd chakra / desire / sexuality / reproduction – Water element.

The Fire element seems to be represented with a flame from the crown chakra.  Appropriate since Fire is associated with Spirit.

“Solve” and “Coagula”/ Dissolve and Coagulate – “separate” and “join together” – like the breathing in and breathing out of the whole Separation experience and recovering from that and Unifying again.

The two-finger mudra of both hands, one pointing up, one down kinda looks like the Prana Mudra or Mudra of Life (I see there is some difference between the two hands, one has the thumb tucked and the other open, it all means something) and to me that two-handed gesture together represents the prana tube connecting Heaven and Earth through the being.

If you’d like, plug “Jesus mudra” into your search engine and see how many depictions of Jesus you find using various mudras.  Then, if ya care to, look up the mudras and find out what they mean.


And… from wikipedia:

Since 1856, the name Baphomet has been associated with a “Sabbatic Goat” image drawn by Eliphas Levi which contains binary elements representing the “sum total of the universe” (e.g. male and female, good and evil, on and off, etc.).  On one hand, Lévi’s intention was to symbolize his concept of “the equilibrium of the opposites” that was essential to his magnetistic notion of the Astral Light; on the other hand, the Baphomet represents a tradition that should result in a perfect social order.

What I’ve bolded there… that’s what I’m telling ya, the “Sabbatic Goat” image is one big, fat representation of Duality!  And Levi seemingly understood Duality and how important INtegration of polarities was… regardless of who later hijacked that symbology and what their intention / purpose was to use it.

The cabal kinda understand “duality” and have many depictions of it, but ya know, most especially at this late date, “satanists” themselves probably don’t truly know the meaning of the Baphomet symbology.  As I think was attributed to the character of “Jesus” talking to the establishment, and I paraphrase: “You have the knowledge, you won’t let anyone else have it and yet you yourselves don’t know what to do with it.”  The knowledge spoken of was esoteric knowledge, but yes, the establishment / cabal keep attempting to use esoteric info in an exoteric way.  Just clueless.

No such entity as “Satan”.  Satan is just a word that means “adversary” or “accuser”.  It’d be like if you were a boxer and instead of just referring to the other guy in the ring as AN opponent, you instead start calling him Opponent, as if that were his name.  I will give ya though, those who associate themselves with / worship “satan” absolutely take on adversarial and accusatory energy and consciousness, indeed they do – and words, like everything else, have energy and vibration, so by using that word over and over, yep they’re tapping into the energy of that word – but that doesn’t turn that word into an actual entity.  This has certainly served the experience of Duality though.

No one by the name of “Jesus” either, so Christians have that in common with Satanists – they both worship non-entities.  The character of “Jesus” was / is a composite character – based on actual stories from MANY different people’s lives, all lumped together under one “name”, based on many Pagan archetypes from many cultures throughout history, but also on the Gnostic Christians.  They were the New Agers of their day, here to help usher in the Age of Pisces.

The stories of the New Testament are rather archetypal though and hence useful – the Spanish pronunciation of Jesus, ya know, “Hey Zeus”, may give you some clue to archetypal info imbedded in that “name”… just like all the pantheon of gods symbology / archetypes.  All these “dieties”, in various cultures across the world, aren’t entities either.  It’s EXTREMELY useful information to humans though, just need to understand how to interpret the info.

These dieties represent energies that one is immersed in while on Earth or are the personification of energies that one can draw to themselves and use.  So, not ENTITIES, but ENERGIES.  One example – Ganesha in the Hindu religion is a god of wisdom, success and good luck and the Hindu tradition calls Ganesha the Vighneshvara. “Vighneshvara” in Sanskrit language means one who is the lord of obstacles or difficulties so calling on “Ganesha” can help YOU overcome obstacles and difficulties.

Why have and use archetypes and allegory?  For the same reason that the character of “Jesus” used parables – to appeal to humans’ right brain, which is about Intuition.  It also then becomes a sort of “shorthand” if you will.  For example, in the Ganesha info in the prior paragraph, I have highlighted what energies Ganesha is about.  But by calling on Ganesha, you are essentially saying all of that… by just saying one word.

So… when I hear of Christians calling on Jesus, I have no issue with that, even though Jesus is not an entity and has no business being “worshipped” whether he was / is an entity or not.  What folks are actually calling on by calling “Jesus” is Christ Consciousness.  I would wish for them to understand that is THEIR OWN Christ Consciousness on which they call and to know that AT A CONSCIOUS LEVEL.  Boys ‘n girls, can you say EMPOWERMENT?!  I knew ya could.  Ya know, just what the global cabal don’t want for you.

Ya know, John Dee, who was (if I remember right) Queen Elizabeth I’s mystic (or whatever), contacted some higher dimensional entities to help him.  With what?  Well, unfortunately, with controlling humanity.  These entities said they would help him but he had to warn people before he did anything to them.  In today’s world, often movies are used for this purpose.  If you understand how to interpret the movie message then you do indeed get the heads up.  But, as I’ve said elsewhere, those who want you to know the Truth and those who want to keep it from you BOTH present it to you in symbolic form.  So, no matter their intention, they are cluing you in.  Do YOU have the eyes to see and ears to hear?  Yes, either way, they are providing humanity with a shorthand to use to communicate with.  The Matrix movies come to mind.  George Orwell’s book “1984” also provides that shorthand – think of his terms like “newspeak”, “thought crime”, “big brother”, etc.  For those who are familiar with the stories (books or movies) they can communicate a whole lot in a short time by using the shorthand references from the stories.

And the Jesus archetype is essentially ABOUT YOU.  Yeppers folks, you too can liberate yourself from this world and be Christed.  It will start by NOT worshipping some past ascended master / Christ and instead acknowledging your own “Christ within”.  Why in the world would one soul worship another soul?  Disempowered much?  Have you bothered to check what your “good book” scripture has to say about the Christ within yourself?!  (Go to The meek shall inherit the Earth post and search for “Christ-I-Am”.)  The biggest lie of the Bible is the Lie of Omission – what was left out of the Bible – but it’s far from being a throw away.  Seriously Christians, see what the Bible has to say about YOUR Christ within.  Might I suggest you take God with you on your research adventure, ya know, utilize that DIRECT Divine connection OF YOURS to get to the Truth and maybe look outside the Bible so you can get a fuller picture.  God will help you with that too.  Did you think communicating with God was reserved for people who lived in ancient times, ya know, like in your “good (god) book”?

When you do look into this, you just might have to “sacrifice” your oh, so precious be-lie-f system though.  Eee gad!  lol  Just remember folks, you HAVE beliefs.  It’s not that you ARE those beliefs.  You might feel like a part of you is dying (you may go through that many times over in your healing and ascension process) but it’s NOT you but programming that has been implanted into the human psyche over millennia.  Let it go.  It no longer serves you.


None of this, yes, SACRED Symbology is “evil”.  There is nothing inherently good or evil in the world, it all depends on the intent behind it.  As I love to say… it’s like all those superhero stories ask, “Do you use your powers for good or for evil?”

The cabal have loved it though when you think that things like Sacred Symbology, the occult, paganism, magick etc. are evil because that keeps you from utilizing the powers therein.  They have you scared of the occult.  There’s nothing to be scared of in that direction.  But continuing down the path you have been on, creating out of ignorance, now THAT ought to concern you!

And no, you WON’T utilize Sacred Symbology / the occult in the same way as the cabal, well, I hope ya won’t.  Hey,  you’re never not creating, you’re always creating, but until you wake up to some things you’ll be creating unconsciously.  The cabal have been happy to hijack your creative energies to use for things that you never would… well, IF you understood what your energies are actually going towards promoting and maintaining.

Since you’re always creating anyway, wouldn’t you like to do so CONSCIOUSLY?!  Then you can create what YOU want, for you and for the world… instead of being the cabal’s unwitting pawn.  See my post “How to Create” to start getting some idea of how Powerful Creator God/desses like yourself actually create.

Your Intentions behind your “magick” will be much better than the cabal’s and I sincerely doubt you’ll feel moved to be chopping heads off any chickens (unless it’s time for dinner) – although some non-cabal / non-“evil” / non-“satanist” folks, Judeo-Christians included, still do just that, the whole sacrificing animals thing … because… they are stuck in an even older paradigm, the Old Testament.  “Jesus”, a composite character – many people’s stories lumped under one “name” – came to usher in a new age – the “New Agers” of their day, that age being Pisces, which is why “Jesus” is associated with the symbol of the fish – and here we are urging another big shift as the Age changes again from Pisces to Aquarius and yet there are Judeo-Christian animal sacrificers who haven’t even gotten into the Age of Pisces yet.  They’re not just one but two ages behind.


But yeah, the Baphomet symbology is communicating information about Duality and if folks are too scared to look at such for fear of it being “evil” then they missed an opportunity to learn about the dualistic realm they have been living in… that they could actually free themselves from if they’d bother to learn about it.  As I’ve said, Sacred Symbology and other occult information helps you understand the energetic environment you are living in on Earth, ya know, “Being an Earthling for Dummies”.  

The single biggest way that the global cabal have used the occult against you is by convincing you that it is evil or nonsense or superstitious.  It’s the frickin’ manual for how to live on Earth and hence it’s also the manual for how to heal and ascend (be Christed) on outta the Earthly realm.  They have brainwashed you into dissing the very knowledge and wisdom that will free you from their control.  As one of my favorite researchers Michael Tsarion likes to say, “You were sold a lie and worse yet, you bought it.”  Time to wake up folks!  


If such is old hat to you, this might be boring.  If you just woke up then this fellow and I just dumped a boatload of new search terms on you.  You’re welcome.  🙂

As One Door Closes, Another Door Opens

But it can be hell in the hallway.

And yet that time in the hallway is very healing.  Hell, hall, heal.  Huh.

I’ve seen many a conditioned soul, who knows they really need to let something or someone go and yet they’re in a scramble to find its / their replacement before they let the first thing / person go… so scared to be alone or go without or not have everything planned out.

It’d be much healthier and healing to release what you need to and allow yourself that healing hallway time.

One key thing is to demonstrate to the Universe – through your choices on where you put your energies – that you value yourself.  If you won’t do that why would you expect others to do so?  Ya know.  The Universe will faithfully reflect your creations back to you.

You release what you need to out of self-love, self-respect, self-care.

Let go of people, partnerships, jobs, whatever, BEFORE the new comes to replace it.  And that’s really the proper order of things.  Some say to “make room”.  I like to say you don’t put a new building on an old, crumbling foundation.

When you release something / someone and take some down time, then you can mourn if need be, which even includes mourning things you’re glad to let go of.

And you can also process what you just came out of and where you’d like to go… instead of just bringing all the old crap with ya, getting a new partner or job or whatever that looks remarkably like the old one, because you’re still in a repeating pattern… because you didn’t allow any down time in between to sort through the growth, learning and healing opportunities that old relationship or situation provided you.

The hallway time has its place.  As much as I like to tell folks “don’t tell yourself you can’t know something”, there are going to be times when you just don’t know what’s going on, what you just came out of, what’s next.  Sometimes ya just gotta let the mystery be… and spend some time in the hallway.

“Listen, it may feel like hell, but, sometimes, lost is where you need to be.  Just because you don’t know your direction doesn’t mean you don’t have one.” ~ Battlestar Galactica

To Whom It May Concern

Me loving myself does NOT mean I don’t love you.  Me loving myself is what has ENABLED me to love you at levels that you may not even fathom at this point.

My “winning” is not making you somehow “lose”.  Contrarily, my “winning” has and continues to set up an energetic field that you can tap into if and when you too are ready to WIN, it assists you in your “winning”.

My success can have more influence on your potential success than it will EVER have on your supposed “failure”.

Me having something does not keep you from having the same.

Me not playing small is not an issue.  You playing small is.

You seeing me as having “better than” issues is you projecting your “lesser than” issues onto me.  Oh no, I couldn’t accept!  And you shouldn’t have!  No really.

Me having a Divine connection is not keeping you from having one.

Me talking about my Divine connection and the information it brings is not somehow negating or dismissing your Divine connection.  It’s to encourage your own connection and enhance it.

Me not putting up with your fear energy does not mean I have fears of my own.

Me setting boundaries with you or attempting to jar you loose from the rut you are stuck in is not unkind, it’s downright compassionate.

I do NOT neglect my own self-nurturing and self-care to hold your hand or say “how high” because you want me to jump to your so-called “needs”.  Tend to your own self-nurturing and self-care, don’t expect me or anyone else to do so – not our Responsibility and also not within our Power.  Knee-jerk catering to your so-called “needs” would NOT be a service to you, but a disservice.  It would be enabling your dysfunction.  I love you too much to do that to you… and definitely love myself too much to let you wear me out.


What you think of me is none of my business.  Your thoughts don’t determine my reality.  Thank God!

Ascension Update – IV

That is a roman numeral for 4… but it also looks like I.V.  lol  Hook me up!

More card-playing with God.  Tarot reading:

  • muddled thinking has lead to a serious misjudgment
  • you must relinquish some of your self-imposed responsibilities in order to achieve any of your goals
  • you are more intuitive than usual and should trust your instincts

I’m told this is about the ~6 million lightworkers (LWs) who have completed recently.

The muddled thinking has to do with the mundane world.  Some of these LWs don’t really understand the truth of the mundane and hence have been putting their energies into things they really don’t want, for themselves or the world, but they don’t understand that is what they are doing.  Ask for the truth of things to be brought to you… but then you’ll have to actually be open to it… even when it beats against your be-lie-f system.

Relinquishing self-imposed responsibilities – time to get their priorities straight and this ASCENSION PROJECT is their priority now.  If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.  Let go of all the headless chicken activity and FOCUS on light work!  Basically about Intention and also about making oneself “available” to others.  Making your life simple and uncomplicated and slowing down, being present and responsible (able to respond) so as to be a Spiritual Minuteman / Spiritual Opportunist.  Offer your consciousness up to those who stand in front of you in the moment.

And ah, yeah, this group is fully connected back into the Divine and are through the challenges of their own ascension process so yes, their intuition ought to be working quite well.  Time to actually follow it.

New Beginning

No band-aid big enough folks.  Let the old fall away.  Time to start all over.

“New Beginning”

The whole world’s broke, it ain’t worth fixing
It’s time to start all over, make a new beginning
There’s too much pain, too much suffering
Let’s resolve to start all over make a new beginning

Now don’t get me wrong, I love life and living
But when you wake up and look around at everything that’s going down –
All wrong
You see we need to change it now, this world with too few happy endings
We can resolve to start all over make a new beginning

Start all over
Start all over
Start all over
Start all over

The world is broken into fragments and pieces
That once were joined together in a unified whole
But now too many stand alone, there’s too much separation
We can resolve to come together in the new beginning

Start all over
Start all over
Start all over
Start all over

We can break the cycle
We can break the chain
We can start all over
In the new beginning

We can learn, we can teach
We can share the myths, the dreams, the prayer
The notion that we can do better
Change our lives and paths
Create a new world

Start all over
Start all over
Start all over
Start all over

The whole world’s broke, it ain’t worth fixing
It’s time to start all over, make a new beginning
There’s too much fighting, too little understanding
It’s time to stop and start all over
Make a new beginning

Start all over
Start all over
Start all over
Start all over

We need to make new symbols
Make new signs
Make a new language
With these we’ll redefine the world

Start all over
Start all over
Start all over
Start all over

Ascension Update… the Third

God was in the mood for cards again.  So, Tarot reading:

  • Rebirth / transformation
  • Beware of burning bridges
  • Time to get on or strengthen your spiritual path

I’m told this is about the most sleepy folks.  These would be the folks who are really duped by the cabal and their msm stooges.

As I was going through this reading, “libtard” kept coming up in my head.  lol  I always say the “lib” part of that is not the issue, it’s the “tard” part.  Being “liberal”, well, what most folks would consider true liberalism, is not an issue, but many on the left are retarded in their knowledge of the reality of this world situation.  Many liberals have gotten duped into actually pushing “progressivism”, not knowing what “progressive” is really implying.  And frankly what do the”Democrats”, have to do with true liberalism, especially these days?!  They epitomize hypocrisy.  They are illiberal / anti-liberal.  Communist, socialist, authoritarian, totalitarian are better descriptions of the high-ranking Democrats and also their fellow cabal-stooge counterparts on the right.

And… it’s probably long overdue that we start to call that spade a spade.  I often caution folks to not just assume that people are talking about the same thing just because they are using the same words.  Liberals seem to think that “progressive” means “progressive liberalism”.  I frankly can’t remember the last time that anyone in the higher ranks of the Democratic party have actually used the word “liberal”, they always say “progressive.”  So, how’s about we all start calling it what it really is and including the word “communist” somewhere around that word “progressive” – “progressive communism” or “communist progressivism” or just flat progressivism / communism.  Maybe that will help the liberals wake up to the fact that “progressive” is not about “liberal”.  Capisce?!

There is no difference between communism and socialism, except in the means of achieving the same ultimate end: communism proposes to enslave men by force, socialism—by vote. It is merely the difference between murder and suicide.  ~ Ayn Rand

… which is why…

America was not founded to be a democracy.  We were founded as a republic to protect Americans from the tyranny of a democracy.  Because a democracy, like socialism, has failed every time it’s been tried, because the people vote in socialism.  ~ Peter Schiff  (added Feb. 14, 2019)

In general, the Joe Average folks right of center are more awake to the present-day global cabal and their players and tactics.  When the folks left of center wake up to it, they may or may not abandon some of their liberal ideals.  This isn’t about left or right.  That used-to-be libtard is not necessarily going to suddenly become a conservative.  This is about who is awake and to what.  When Joe Average “libtard” truly wakes up to what “progressivism” really is, they’ll realize that it in no way aligns with their own perspective on things, quite the opposite.  Liberals, go look up the #walkaway movement to know why your fellow liberal is walking away from the Democrats.  You’ll find an ocean of testimonies from your fellow liberals who have awakened to the fact that the “progressive” Democrats do NOT represent them.

The unawakened on the left think what is going on right now is about left / right and that it’s just a difference of opinion.  But in that is the assumption that the sleepy left and the awakened right are looking at the same body of knowledge when they are not.  Those unawakened on the left, when they do awaken to the global cabal, they may surprise themselves at how much they then agree with those who are awakened on the right… because now… they are indeed finally looking at some of the same body of knowledge that the right have been looking at.

And those on the right seem to know quite a bit about the present-day version of the global cabal, but they still have apparent programming / brainwashing that was laid into the human psyche centuries and millennia ago, mostly by organized religion, especially Western religion.  They still have some things to learn.

You can bet the cabal used religion early and often to dumb people down because humanity’s innate sense of “otherworldliness”, that beyond this Earthly realm, is real insistent.  Instead of religion helping you to spirit / the Divine, it has been used to keep you from it, to drive a wedge between human-level you and God & your own Divine self, to “head you off at the pass”, if you will.  

Fear has also been used by religion to manipulate people away from important sources of information.  Goodness sakes, but isn’t the Vatican-created icon of “the Devil” one of the biggest clues about that?!  Another use of fear by religion to steer humans is the demonization of the Occult – which literally means the “culture of light”, eee gad, not that!, which I like to call “Being Earthlings… for Dummies” – and Paganism – which, when it comes right down to it, is acknowledgement, honoring and celebration of THE PLANET YOU LIVE ON, again, eee gad, not that!  How dare you actually be a good steward to the planet you live on.  Here is the word origin of pagan for some clue:

late Middle English: from Latin paganus ‘villager, rustic’, from pagus ‘country district’. Latin paganus also meant ‘civilian’, becoming, in Christian Latin, ‘heathen’ (i.e. one not enrolled in the army of Christ). 

Those damn small-town and country folks, ya know, who live near / in nature and have to actually work with it!  (I said sarcastically.)  Sorry, but that sounds all too familiar in this day and age – danged rural people in “flyover country” anyway!  Another eee gad!

So… many right of center have been hamstrung by religion, getting next to nothing out of it, including not getting any worthwhile DIRECT Divine connection and hence no personal Divine guidance.

Then there are many down through history for whom religion just didn’t resonate and was a downright turn off.  Unfortunately for many like that, they closely associate religion with God, so when they toss out religion, they unfortunately toss out God and all else Divine, including acknowledging their own Divine Self.

And just in the last 2 examples I just gave, yep, the cabal used religion to drive a wedge between you and the Divine.  They won.  You lost.  Time to reverse such.

You don’t need a preacher man, the “good book” or any other go-between / middleman (unless of course you are actually guided there), you have a DIRECT Divine Connection.  High time to use it already!

Ya know the old line, “If ya can’t beat ’em join ’em.”  Well, I think most folks interpret that to mean that you just cave in to the other side and do as they are doing.  Years ago I had a revelation about that line, that it’s really a cabal directive.  It means if they can’t out and out destroy their “enemies” (pretty much humanity) in some way, silence them or even kill them off, then join them / infiltrate them and corrupt them from within.  

They most assuredly have done that with religion over time and also with such things as the Freemasons, who at one time were helping to keep Truth in the world.  Down through history, both those who have wanted you to know the Truth and those who don’t have displayed the Truth in symbology.  Those who DON’T want you to know it can hide it in plain sight, while those who DO want you to know it would have been killed off if they just spoke the Truth openly.

Many know that many of the founding fathers of the United States were Freemasons and they also know that the Masons are now rather corrupt, especially in the upper ranks.  So they think they are putting 2 and 2 together to say that the founding fathers were corrupt.  No, the Masons were not always corrupt.  The infiltration and corruption started about the same time the U.S. started… and George Washington knew this and gave his fellow Masons a heads up about it.  The Royal Society of Freemasons were an early part of the cabal monarchies infiltrating and corrupting the Masons.

And dear lightworkers, as I’ve said elsewhere, the New Age Movement is absolutely at the forefront of this Ascension Project, but you can bet that the New Age realm is just as corruptible as anything and everything else… and has been.  Your discernment is absolutely required for you to get to the Truth and that would include Energy Discernment ‘cuz some folks who put out both disinformation (they know it’s a lie) and those who put out misinformation (they don’t realize it’s a lie) can and do use all the same words, terms, phrases that the rest of us do… to lead you astray.

Furthermore, the Truth is for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.  It’s up to YOU to get to the Truth.  It’s up to YOU to sleuth through the symbology, the archetypal information, the subtle Divine guidance, to come to know the Truth in a very personal way.  And those who don’t have the urge, the drive to do so, just won’t get there, even if and when the Truth is handed to them on a silver platter.

Science has also been used to keep people from knowing about other dimensions.  This is why they can’t come up with some Unified Field mathematical equation that works in all cases, there are always exceptions BECAUSE THEY DO NOT INCLUDE OTHER DIMENSIONS and the influence of those dimensions on 3D.

Both religion and science have been used to keep you from knowing the Powerful Divine Creators who you really are and you can bet the cabal’s main objective is to keep you from spirit and yes, keep you from knowing about the ascension and how to ascend.


But, this reading – for the most part – has to do with those who have yet to or are just waking up to the present-day global cabal.

And that first card is the biggy.  What would spur a rebirth / transformation in the most sleepy of the sleepy?  Perhaps a MOATB – Mother of All Truth Bombs!  Here it comes…


See Current Events… for Dummies for more on the global cabal.

3D Earth

Just a few things to understand about 3D Earth that then may in turn help one understand more about the ascension.  As always, I encourage you to take further questions to the Divine.

The Original Intent for our co-creation here on Earth was that it would be 3D and Dualistic.

But it didn’t stay at that level.  Because the whole free-will thing got hijacked by the cabal, the separation paradigm got even more intense.  It could be said that both at a “world” level (I mean the realm we co-created as opposed to the planet herself) and at an individual level, you could think of it being sub-3D levels but yeah, it definitely affected the planet.

As I’d said in the Planetary Ascension Project Overview (Review?!) post we are not here to ascend Earth, but Gaia.  Gaia has been ascension-ready since early 2013.  She’s set.  She and the first wave cool our heels as we wait for the lightworkers to get their feet under themselves so they can hold things together for 3D / 4D Earth.

So, I’m told that any gridwork being done in recent years is really about Earth, not Gaia.  And if we are not ascending Earth, what is that gridwork about?  It’s to bring the Earth grid out of sub-3D and up to a FULL 3D level.  It helps to release old paradigm stuff that, yes, was even MORE dense than just 3D normal levels.  And the grid release then in turn helps people release from those sub-3D levels.

Then, at the same time, there are many lightworkers who are bringing in and holding light in the world, to lead by example, to offer another choice, another option, to make it more apparent.  Every chance being offered.

In the What of the body during ascension? post, I describe how this same sort of thing is the case for a person’s 3D carbon-based body.  The 3D body does NOT convert into a 5D crystalline body, so ya could say that we are NOT ascending our 3D carbon-based body, just like we are NOT ascending Earth.

Our 3D carbon-based body and our 5D crystalline body (resulting from the ascension process) are two very distinct bodies.  You’ll be in your 3D body until you transition IN FULL and then don your crystalline body in 5D.

But the 3D body had been at sub-3D levels also, just like Earth, so the healing and ascension process reactivates everything in the body so one has FULL 3D capacity at the physical level.  And you can bet that one’s consciousness levels – so then also thoughts, words & deeds – play a role in getting one’s physicality working more fully.  Everything is interconnected.

As I’ve said in these other posts, 3D will remain 3D and whoever chooses to stay at that CONSCIOUSNESS level, for however long, can do so.

And while any of us are still here, regardless of what level of consciousness, while in the 3D world, pre-ascended, we’ll be in our 3D carbon-based body.

And our 5D creations are in 5D.

I saw that Gaia Portal had recently said:

“Assistance comes as dark hu-beings require.”

Again, this is another re-minder, even though there is still long, ongoing catastrophic stuff that will remain a part of the 3D experience, no HUGE and SUDDEN catastrophic events are being allowed to happen.  If CERN actually punches a hole, the angels patch it over.  If a missile, especially nuclear, gets launched when that’s just not gonna work out well, it gets dealt with in some safe way by ETs.  If some harmful energy starts to reach some critical point lightworkers may be transmuting it.  Individuals’ own creations are not being interfered with, but all this assistance buys folks time.

I had to laugh (or as my cockney friend says, “I gotter larf.”)   The inspiration for my post Fear showed up the other day.  They responded to the Savin’ Me post basically saying that I’m worth saving.  Ah, ha, ha.  They are implying that’s why one day they tried to fill my comments with fears and worries about “what they are doing with colliders” or whatever.  LOL  *shaking head*  Still clueless I see.  Very, VERY clueless.


Return to Innocence

“Return To Innocence”

Love – Devotion
Feeling – Emotion

Don’t be afraid to be weak
Don’t be too proud to be strong
Just look into your heart my friend
That will be the return to yourself
The return to innocence

If you want, then start to laugh
If you must, then start to cry
Be yourself don’t hide
Just believe in destiny

Don’t care what people say
Just follow your own way
Don’t give up and use the chance
To return to innocence

That’s not the beginning of the end
That’s the return to yourself
The return to innocence

It’s a return to innocence

Self Love

If someone asked me to name just one thing and only one thing that is critical for ascension I’d have to say Self Love.

And heading off down the path to Self Love will involve learning and healing an awful lot more than just what one might initially think of as Self Love.

If Self Love is the goal sitting out on the horizon, then pull yourself back to the present moment and see what the current next step in that direction is.  The Divine would be happy to help – just ask.

Your ultimate in Self-Love goal will be at the end of many steps, many dominoes having to fall to get to that goal.  It might surprise you what all various disempowering programs will be discovered and will have to be released in order to get to your Self-Love goal.

Regardless of how one gets to Self Love, both the goal and the journey is what opens doors and opens one’s eyes to so much more.

The “self love is bad” program really hits to the core of so many problems in this world.  Think about it for a second.  Just pull yourself up out of all this human drama, your own included, and think about that – a program put in people’s psyches that makes them not love themselves.  Just about can’t get more debilitating than that.

I’d recently quoted someone who said that love of God and Self Love are one and the same.  That right there is something that gets “hidden in plain view” when someone is running the “self love is bad” program.  Folks might think they “love God” and yet haven’t truly mustered or mastered loving themselves yet.  God loves you too and would like you to be the Powerful Creator God/dess that you truly are and He would love to work through you but that’s a bit difficult to do when you don’t love yourself.

Part of that “self love is bad” program involves not trusting yourself.  If there is ANYONE you could stand to trust, it ought to be yourself.  And yep, we’re talking about debilitating programs here so yeah, quite understandable if someone who is disempowered doesn’t trust themselves but can you not see how basic, how fundamental, how foundational Self Love is?  How in the world will you navigate through much of anything if you don’t trust yourself?  Do what is necessary to regain your self-trust.  Healing and Divine Connection are key in that.  They are also key in ascension.  It’s all one and the same.  It’s all a return to Self.

And Fear is the opposite of Love.  Fear, in its many guises, is ultimately the “cause” of all the crap in the world.  Fear had gotten so big in this world that it had taken on a life of its own, become an entity unto itself… almost.  The beauty thing here is that Fear is a really slow frequency, a long wavelength.  Love on the other hand is high frequency, short wavelength.

If you were to see your composite energy field as a signal on an oscilloscope, then superimpose Fear and Love onto your energy field, you’d see how Love would win out.  Love IS winning out in this world.  Fear, being a slow, low frequency, doesn’t touch your energy field as often as the fast, high frequency of Love does, hence Love ultimately has more influence.

There’s an awful lot of “narrative” on narcissism these days.  Actual narcissism can be problematic and the down side of that is more shadow work for some folks to do.

But if YOU are bothered by people who love themselves or even by those who are narcissistic, yep either way, the “bothered by” part is YOURS.  Own it.  That’s the first step towards healing YOUR issue on this.  And ya know, all the narcissists in the world could heal – which you get no say in – and yet that doesn’t mean that YOU will quit being bothered by them – since they also get no say in YOUR healing – their healing won’t mean YOU have healed.  If you don’t address your side of things, then you’ll be stewing on past episodes with narcissists until long past when the cows come home.

And isn’t making someone else’s narcissism all about you, well, isn’t that narcissistic?

*holding up one index finger* while saying, “You” and *circling that finger with the other index finger* while saying, “Universe”.

Like the second of “The Four Agreements”:

2. Don’t Take Anything Personally
Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.

Tell them, “What you think of me is none of my business.”  It will set them back on their heels… but more importantly, it will re-mind yourself that others’ issues, thoughts, words, actions really aren’t about you.  Why make them about you?  Narcissist!  lol  😉

And… if / when you actually heal your issue and quit being bothered by narcissists, watch them no longer even show up in your life… because you don’t need them anymore.    If you need it, it will be there.  If it’s not there, you must not need it.  

Perhaps people who are narcissistic were neglected as children, which psychologists have come to know is the absolute worst form of child abuse, even outweighing physical and sexual abuse because at least those things get them attention.  But with neglect, the child can’t figure out why their parents hate them so very much that they don’t want anything to do with them.

Narcissists and those bothered by narcissists both need to learn to love themselves, to know they ARE love.  It doesn’t come from “out there”.  It comes from “in here”.

But this “narcissism” term is being applied willy-nilly to people who are NOT narcissistic (the wisdom of children: “Point a finger at me, you’ve got 3 more pointing back at you”) but who, yep, they do adore themselves, and why shouldn’t they?!

Can you all not hear / observe the propaganda campaign that the cabal and their mainstream media (msm) stooges are putting out with this?  It’s one of their dying efforts at refreshing the “self love is bad” program.

The New Ager / lightworkers with their “kill the ego” disempowered program is more of the “self love is bad” program.  Ego is just one’s Sense of Self.  Really?  What do you plan to do after you’ve “killed” your Sense of Self?  Do you think that’ll bring you to “collective unity”?  Not hardly.  You don’t even know who YOU are and you think you’re gonna know the next person?

You think SELF SOVEREIGNTY comes from LOSING your Sense of Self?  Really?

The only way I’d care to lose my sense of self is if and when the time comes to just completely let go of my Individuated Soul experience and melt back into the Isness, losing my sentience, no longer existing.

I guess one could drop out the bottom to get to that point too, submitting to their ab-users and along the way to losing their individuated experience, they become some drop in a soulless, homogenized cesspool of human ooze.  What a way to go.

“Self Centered” also gets such a bad rap.  Self Centered – Centered on Self.   And yet where else would one BE centered but on Self?  What?  Should one be centered somewhere “over there”?  And yet many a programmed human does just that – attempts to be centered somewhere outside themselves.  Gee, can’t imagine why they are so off-kilter.  (I’m all for “kilts off” but not off-kilter, lol.)

Self Love, Self Respect, Self Nurturance, Self Healing.  Self Mastery.  Self Realized.  These are the ultimate goals and the starting point all in one.  There’s only so much you can do for others when you’ve not put yourself FIRST.

Make no mistake, YOU are your TOP priority.  You get yourself to that place and then you maintain it.  I understood this years ago.  That’s why I wrote the book on it.  😉

Awake & Aware – Top Priority: Self

… and also why I have been able to serve this ascension project to such a high capacity.  I had my priorities straight.

I’ve carried a photo of myself in my wallet for years.  The only photo I’ve carried.  For a shorter time, but for many years also, there has been a fortune cookie message attached to that photo.  It reads: “Our first and last love is… self love.”

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