Love Alive

“Love Alive”

The sky was dark this morning
When I raised my head
I stood at the window
Darkness was my bane

Suddenly a sunbeam arc
Thrilled me to my weary heart
It was the prettiest thing I’d ever seen

I knew I had to keep my love
Keep my love alive
Keep my love – keep my love alive

Baby I want you to roll me
Hold me in your love
No more habits, promises and jive

Ever since I was a baby girl
Wanted one thing most in this world
It was to keep my love –
Keep my love alive

I gotta keep my love –
Keep my love alive
Keep my love – keep my love alive

You’re up there under the spotlight
Your silver trophy shines
With all you got, my lord!
You must get high

You need a whole lot more than money
You need more than to survive
You gotta keep your love
Keep your love alive



Or Luci… for short. ¬†ūüôā

Excerpt from Awake & Aware РTop Priority: Self :

Demonization of Lucifer

This leads us now into how Lucifer, the light bearer has been demonized. For a good, concise history of the term Lucifer, see:

The term Lucifer was only used in the Bible once. It was in reference to a fallen Babylonian king, not a fallen angel or an ‚Äúangel‚ÄĚ of any sort. Lucifer is Latin for ‚Äúlight bearer / bringer.‚ÄĚ Latin. So of course that wouldn‚Äôt be in an old Hebrew manuscript. In the Hebrew text the expression used to describe the Babylonian king before his death is Helal, son of Shahar, which can best be translated as “Day star, son of the Dawn.‚ÄĚ (As the afore mentioned article states ‚ÄúThe name evokes the golden glitter of a proud king’s dress and court much as his personal splendor earned for King Louis XIV of France the appellation, “The Sun King”). So when translated into Latin, yes the term Lucifer meaning ‚Äúlight bearer‚ÄĚ would be a good choice. Amazing that ‚Äúthe light bearer / bringer‚ÄĚ morphed into the Prince of Darkness. Hilarious actually.

Lucifer is associated with the planet Venus as it is the brightest thing in the sky past the Sun and Moon. More specifically, it is Venus when it is the Morning Star, low in the east in the morning. When Venus is the Evening Star, low in the west in the evening, it is called Vesper. Fundamentalist Christians could stand to note that the Bible has Jesus referencing himself as the morning star. I would guess that the concept of Jesus being a ‚Äúfallen angel‚ÄĚ wouldn‚Äôt sit well in a fundamentalist Christian mind. The symbology, in this case, is more about an awakening of consciousness than anything else.

The planet Venus is the lightbringer, the first radiant beam that does away with the darkness of night. It is a symbol of the development of the divine light in man, for the first awakening of self-consciousness, for independent thinking and the real application of free will. It means the bringing of the light of compassionate understanding to the human mind. In this broader view the connection of the morning star with Jesus makes good sense, because compassion is the essence of Jesus’ teaching.

From ‚ÄúSome Light on Lucifer‚ÄĚ by Ina Beldris

The metaphor of Lucifer being applied to the Babylonian king had to do with him thinking he could rise above God. Little ‚Äėg‚Äô god perhaps? What ‚Äúgod‚ÄĚ are we talking about here? A jealous one perhaps not the One True God? ¬†

Regardless, this was word play to do with the fact that since Venus is in an inferior / lower orbit than Earth, we never see it traverse across the sky as the Sun and Moon do.   So it could not rise as high as those two orbs. The king could not rise as high as God / god.

So, somewhere over time, through translations, the idea of an evil fallen angel was concocted. I’m not sure that this was all that unintentional. Since Lucifer ultimately meant Venus as the Morning Star and Venus represents feminine energy, then perhaps those wanting to maintain the imbalance of the patriarchy may very well have been demonizing feminine energy.

The icon of ‚Äúthe devil‚ÄĚ is also a conglomeration of feminine symbols and ‚Äúconnection‚ÄĚ symbols put together. How ‚Äėbout them there horns. Michelangelo made his statue of Moses with horns. Some say this is a misinterpretation but I can see it may be a very intentional use of the Language of the Birds (the Green Language). The horns represent the connection to spirit. According to the Wikipedia entry for Michelangelo‚Äôs Moses:

The mistake in translation is possible because the word “keren” in the Hebrew language can mean either “radiated (light)” or “grew horns”.

Another interesting interpretation of these horns can be found online in the article called Moses and Those ‚ÄėHorns‚Äô by Eloise Hart. An excerpt from that article:

Here possibly is where the idea of horns originates. For in the Mystery language horns are the sign of the successful neophyte, of one who has passed the dread tests of initiation and quite literally touched divinity.

The red of the devil represents the bride or sexual feminine energy. (White would represent the pure youthful sister feminine energy and blue would be the old wise woman feminine energy. Huh. Red, white and blue.) So, gee, two birds with one stone there ‚Äď demonize women and sex by making ‚Äúthe devil‚ÄĚ red. It‚Äôs my understanding, decades ago, the Vatican admitted that ‚Äúthe devil‚ÄĚ icon was of their own making. Not that that admission helps much to undo the damage done since this icon has become ‚Äúcommon knowledge‚ÄĚ, never mind untrue common knowledge.

The corrupted use of the term Lucifer has most certainly, over time, become it‚Äôs own entity in the collective conscious, a rather nasty entity, but a rather universal meme at this point. This situation reminds me of a sci-fi book I read years ago called Cirque. It was millennia in Earth‚Äôs future and the city of Cirque sat on the edge of an abyss. The citizens dumped their garbage into the abyss along with willing all their ‚Äúsins‚ÄĚ into it as well. After many years something started to grow there and it was rather nasty. Our story reminds me of that novel because in our ignorant and veiled state we have dumped our crap onto an entity we‚Äôve dreamed up named Lucifer. OUR crap. Nothing quite like shifting responsibility. And we‚Äôve done it for so long that the story of that character has grown into something quite nasty. If there were any ‚Äúfallen angels‚ÄĚ here it would be us. We Earth humans. Stuck under a Sea of Glass as William Henry tells of. And just like a glass ceiling, this Sea of Glass is there but we can‚Äôt see it. And yet awareness of it plays a huge role in our ability to pass through it. We can regain that connection to spirit, grow our horns if you will, by becoming aware of that veil, that Sea of Glass.

In this discussion I can’t help but talk about angels in general. And interesting that Lucifer would be considered an angel. I’ve often wondered if angels are really entities or would it be more accurate to say they are energies. Then tying such symbols to math, are archangels the same as arc angles. Angels are supposedly here to serve human kind. Perhaps in our dense state of being we have such a tough time wrapping our minds and hearts around what angels are that we’ve collectively personified them as a way to tap into that energy. We can utilize that energy by calling on our personified image of them.

What‚Äôs interesting for me concerning Lucifer is that the collective idea / creation of what Lucifer is never resonated with me. I understand the Hebrews never have considered there to be some ‚Äúdevil‚ÄĚ type entity. I‚Äôd have to say I‚Äôm with ‚Äėem on that count.

If I were to personify Lucifer it would be like this: Lucifer anchors the world of polarity and duality, basically the world of illusion or Maya as some cultures call it. And also Free Will, so we can have the experiences we choose to have here. He does what he does because we asked him to. An ungrateful job for sure since we don our veils, cross the river of forgetfulness and check in here with little to no memory of setting up this whole video game ourselves.

And in this personification, Lucifer, the Light Bearer is there to catch us when we reach a low point. Even if we go so deep into darkness that we drop out the bottom, we still end up in a place of light, in the Light Bearer’s arms. Hey, as long as we’re dreaming things up and creating our own reality, how’s about we make it a good one.

And associating Satan with Lucifer has never sat well with me either. The article Some Light on Lucifer by Ina Beldris had this to say:

There is yet another reason why it makes no sense to read the Devil into Isaiah 14: the traditional role of Satan in the Old Testament. Satan comes from the Hebrew satan, which means “opponent” or “adversary.” According to Strong’s Concordance, this word appears in 1 Chronicles, Job, Psalms, and in Zechariah. In Psalms “satan” is used both in the plural (accusers) and in the indefinite sense (an accuser). In Chronicles and Zechariah its usage is ambiguous, while in Job “satan” as The Accuser appears only in the first two of its 42 chapters. It is important, however, to keep in mind that the texts of the Old Testament did not reach their “final” version until after the Babylonian exile. Before this exile there is no evidence in Hebrew scriptures of an Accuser as a force that opposes God, and even after the exile it is still doubtful. Though the story of Job is very old, its final version is dated after the exile, after the Hebrews came into contact with the dualist Zoroastrian religion with its god of good and its god of evil.

Yes, the dualist Zoroastrian religion. So we‚Äôre talking from Persia (Iran) which is next to the area of Sumeria / Babylon (Iraq). Now we‚Äôre back to Enki and Enlil who account for ‚ÄúGod‚Äôs‚ÄĚ (more like gods‚Äô) schizophrenia in the Old Testament, which may have been built, in part, from Sumerian texts if you trace it back far enough. Enlil was the one that wanted to use Enki‚Äôs newly designed human beings as a slave race. He also very much wanted to keep humans in the dark about divinity, technology and pretty much anything beyond what the five senses can detect. So, ah yeah, I could see how the people living under that rule could view that as evil and also how Enlil could fit the role of ‚ÄúSatan‚ÄĚ as ‚Äúaccuser‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúadversary.‚ÄĚ

Dodging the Arrows

A while back, someone had said something to this effect: “No one talks about the consequences of shining one’s light.”


Make no mistake folks, when you bring light to a world of darkness, your light creates chaos. ¬†Creates it. ¬†No doubt about it. ¬†I chuckle at all the lightworkers who talk like chaos is “bad” or undesirable in some way. ¬†Creating chaos is the reason why we’re here. ¬†We didn’t come here to “fit in”. ¬†We sure as hell didn’t come here to just leave everything to continue going down the destructive path it had been on.

Dual meaning of Chaos = Crisis or Opportunity.  Which do you choose?

Yep, people’s “little demons” will be SO ticked and yep, they may lash out at you. ¬†Your light is shining into another person’s darkness, stirring the pot. ¬†And that IS desirable. ¬†By stirring their pot, your light has provided them an opportunity to see all that sludge at the bottom of their pot, to give them half a chance to know they have some healing work to do. ¬†And I say “your light” as opposed to “you” stirring their pot because there’s a good chance that you may not even have to say or do anything with some folks, just being in the same room might be plenty enough.

And yep, their darkness will come out and shoot arrows at you.


Like the second of “The Four Agreements”:

2. Don’t Take Anything Personally
Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.

Those arrows flying at you are not about you. ¬†The “archer” may not be consciously aware of that… but you can be. ¬†Now that you know, there is no reason FOR YOU to allow it to be about you, ‘cuz it’s not.

Don’t engage with them from the same re-active energy that they are. ¬†As an old friend and their spouse used to say about arguments “Remember the rule – only one crazy person at a time.”

And I say “from the same energy” because your INTENTIONAL ENERGY is what matters. ¬†You may or may not engage in discussion with someone. ¬†And ya just might even “speak their language” right back at them. ¬†If someone comes at me speaking *sshole-eze, (like Chinese), well, I figure that’s the language they understand. ¬†And hey, I just happen to be fluent in *sshole-eze… lucky for them. ¬†Speaking “their language” may not always be what’s called for, but sometimes it is just the thing to actually get their attention. ¬†Just be present and flow with your intuition.

But regardless, even if speaking *sshole-eze to someone, I come from a different energy, a different Intention and you can bet I’m coming from a conscious intention while their re-active energy is more often than not unconscious… at least on this matter… that they are re-acting to.

And that Intentional energy matters. ¬†Your Intention is the biggest part of your whole exchange with people. ¬†And don’t think they won’t detect the difference. ¬†They might even do so consciously.

Perhaps at that point in the interaction a wry smile :-/ (breaking the “dead pan” gaze ūüėź ) or a wink would be in order. ¬†ūüėČ

Let their arrows fly right on by and just beam love at this person.  Yeah, easier said than done.  Do it anyway.  lol

And right there is an example of “re-sponding” rather than “re-acting” (acting as you have before). ¬†I often think of re-spond like “transpond” – take the incoming energy and transform / transmute it before sending it back out.

If you do “allow” others’ arrows to hit you, then you know that you yourself have more to work on, if you’re still taking THEIR schtuff personally.

And when such things no longer bother you, you’ll know you’ve reached quite a milestone in your healing and self-empowerment process. ¬†Let’s toast that achievement in advance. ¬†Cheers!

Skin Problems

I’ve recently had a case of psoriasis. ¬†It’s not typical for me to have skin issues. ¬†I know some lightworkers have had skin issues as they work through their process and I’ve felt for ’em and figured it had to suck. ¬†I’ve now had my small taste of it and yep, it’s been confirmed – it sucks.

So, I thought I’d bother to document my experience here, one of the biggest reasons being to demonstrate to the newbies how this whole Divine guidance thing works. ¬†You may not get your guidance in exactly the same way as I do but nevertheless perhaps this will help ya get the flavor of it. ¬†Intuition and paying attention play major roles.

… and also to provide some physical-level / nutritional info that may help some folks. ¬†Frankly, I do believe I found the smoking gun on this one and I’ve been my own lab rat for this.


So… I got the psoriasis, mostly on my right hand, ring finger, but also a bit more across my index and middle finger and my pinky knuckle and one tiny patch on my left index finger.

Me being me, I wanted first to know the energy behind this. ¬†So the following comes from Louise Hay’s book “Heal Your Body”, which describes the thought energy (Probable Cause) behind physical ailments (Problem) and provides an affirmation (New Thought Pattern) to repeat and remind yourself of the new energy you’d like to take on.

  • Problem: ¬†Psoriasis
  • Probable Cause: ¬†Fear of being hurt. ¬†Deadening the senses of the self. ¬†Refusing to accept responsibility for our own feelings.
  • New Thought Pattern: ¬†I am alive to the joys of living. ¬†I deserve¬†and accept the very best in life. ¬†I love and approve of myself. ¬†

The probable cause didn’t resonate all so much here, but I have had relationship stuff on my mind – past, present and future – and that’s what shows up here throughout, so yeah, I get it. ¬†But regardless, I’m absolutely on board with the new thought pattern for sure.

Many more components to this though, some of which did absolutely resonate as far as the current thought and emotional energy I had going on, not necessarily that the thoughts were chronic or problematic but just happened to be the thought energy at the time when I first got the psoriasis so I look at it as those thoughts determined where the outward symptom would appear, even though it runs deeper nutritionally (see later on), but we’ll look at a few components:

  • Problem: ¬†Right Side of Body
  • Probable Cause: ¬†Giving out, letting¬†go, masculine energy, men, the father.
  • New Thought Pattern: ¬†I balance my masculine energy easily and effortlessly. ¬† ¬†

The part here that resonated a bit –¬†Giving out, letting¬†go –¬†giving and letting go, like with new and old relationships respectively.

I’m not too focused on the whole masculine energy thing here because I’ve had a repetitive-stress fracture at the base of my left thumb for quite some time. ¬†At the physical level, that has to do with picking up a laptop computer too many times over too many (ascension-hell) years and perhaps not in the most proper way. ¬†I’ve adjusted things in that regard and it’s not been doing too bad but I did something to it again here recently so I’ve been putting arnica on that. ¬†Then one day I jump up to save the pot on the stove that was threatening to boil over and hey, I’m not used to moving very fast for years now, and I slammed my left-hand ring-finger knuckle into the corner of the doorway. ¬†lol ¬†So, if I have masculine / feminine things going on it’s obviously at least balanced. ¬†lol ¬†But I can so relate this back to relationships. ¬†So, we’ll cover that side too:

  • Problem: ¬†Left Side of Body
  • Probable Cause: ¬†Represents receptivity, taking in, feminine energy, women, the mother.
  • New Thought Pattern: ¬†My feminine energy is beautifully balanced.

So now, hands:

  • Problem: ¬†Hands
  • Probable Cause: ¬†Hold and handle. Clutch and grip. Grasping and letting go. ¬†Caressing. Pinching. ¬†All ways of¬†dealing¬†with experiences. ¬†
  • New Thought Pattern: ¬†I choose to handle all my experiences with love, with joy and with ease. ¬†

And fingers, specifically the ring finger where I had the worst patch of psoriasis:

  • Problem: ¬†Ring finger
  • Probable Cause: ¬†Represents unions and grief.¬†
  • New Thought Pattern: ¬†I am peacefully loving.

This resonates to do with releasing old relationships and embracing new ones.

And Louise also said that a rash is about frustration over delays. ¬†Yep, I’ll definitely buy that one. ¬†Try as I might to just be present and yep “look forward to… ” a wonderful future, I’m just so ready to move on! ¬†I’ve got my beloved on the other end of a telepathic connection, which is wonderful, but I’d just love to get to them in person already and move on with my / a life. ¬†But yep, enjoying some things lately that I haven’t been able to for years – getting out ‘n about to walk, get fresh air and sunshine, to dine out, hit a happy hour or two. ¬†Ah, semblances of a life again. ¬†And I flow with it as I know that not only is this enjoyable in the moment, but it’s preparing me for the future, ya know, when I have a life at levels like never before! ¬†Easing me back in.


So now, onto the physical level. ¬†My default for research on physical-level causes of ailments is always “nutrient deficiencies”. ¬†That went in my search engine along with “psoriasis”. ¬†What I came across that resonated (getting confirmation from the Divine by using my dowsing rod, my best “yes / no” answer tool) was zinc deficiency. ¬†See some info¬†here.

So some things I found out:

  • Zinc is a trace mineral we need. ¬†Don’t need much but do need it.
  • Zinc is a common deficiency in humans due to modern agricultural practices, mainly chemical fertilizers.
  • Zinc and copper compete for absorption, so too much of one can deplete the other and sources of copper that people don’t think of are water pipes and copper cookware. ¬†We need both copper and zinc but need the proper ratios. ¬†Vegetarians / vegans (not me, but just fyi) will be even more susceptible to copper buildup and hence zinc deficiency.
  • Zinc can be depleted from the body from stress. ¬†(Gee, like the stress of ascending a planet, ya mean like that? ¬†lol ¬†And, in my case, a few self-induced physical-level stresses as you’ll soon read)
  • Zinc is involved with hair and skin and also wound healing.

More info on zinc here.


These things below I do occasionally but it was now time to do them daily until I healed.

I took multivitamins (which had some zinc but not much), liver support supplements, antioxidants, some immune support herbs and magnesium (which is also a common deficiency and aids in absorption of some other minerals and nutrients) for a week before I finally got my hands on a zinc supplement.  Had a bit of a mini-detox due to all that.  After I got the zinc I did other supplements only when guided to.

I started doing pumpkin seeds and kefir daily.  The first kefir I had was non-dairy made from cashew milk and the cashews were helpful also.

I did flax oil daily.

I took baths with epsom salt (magnesium), sea salt and eucalyptus essential oil.

Best my skin has felt in an overall way for quite some time due to all of the above.  Ah, a good dose of self nurturing.  My elbows, knees and knuckles are no longer dry.

I used some (very old, lol) polysporin (that my roomy had) on the worst of my psoriasis with a band aid and it helped it feel better. ¬†I noticed one of the components in it was bacitracin zinc, which is an antibiotic actually made from bacteria… but, ah yeah, zinc.¬† May be something to that, but it was also helpful to just have some salve of some sort on it to soften the skin and open the pores so it could drain, which made it stop itching.


During the ascension-hell years I have gotten quite a few moles and skin tags. ¬†I’ve not had much luck at finding what that was about. ¬†I’ve found some info that a potassium deficiency can contribute to that, but that has not resonated and I eat a lot of high-potassium foods (mostly tomatoes and avocados) and God wasn’t telling me that was the issue either. ¬†So, if I continue with the zinc I’ll be curious to see if that clears up also. ¬†I know that fruit seeds / pits like the “bitter almond” from apricot pits can and do help with such but I’ve just not gotten to that yet.

I’d smoked tobacco (natural, hand-rolled cigars, not too bad as far as tobacco goes) for 3 years between 2012 and 2015, purely for something to do during the ascension-hell years as I’m really not a tobacco smoker, just got completely bored outta my gourd in an outward way as I had been a human-antenna, shut-in and isolated, exhausted… and bored… for too many years. ¬†My body finally had enough of that tobacco thing though and made itself clear on that one. ¬†I went for about 5 months without smoking then started to smoke some wacky tobaccy, so been doing that for over 2 years now. ¬†It has been no where’s near as harsh on me as tobacco. ¬†Throughout all of the smoking, my throat and lungs haven’t hurt, I’ve had no problem breathing, don’t often cough, but nevertheless I knew I’d asked a bit much of my throat and lungs in recent years and would have to say that even though they’ve been working fine, they did feel a bit raw at times and mucousy (excuse my Buffy-ism, lol).

Seemed like I’d remembered there was a lung-skin connection so I looked that up. ¬†See here. ¬†And that says the spleen is tied in also. ¬†I have reason to think I may have had mononucleosis about a decade ago and my spleen hasn’t been completely well since, even though I do astragalus and GSE (grapefruit seed extract) semi-regularly, both of which help a lot but it’s not completely gone away… but perhaps zinc has been the missing ingredient for my spleen to heal completely.

My hair is fairly gray too and I’ve been taking some Fo Ti / He Shou Wu for that but wasn’t real religious about it until recently and yet, here again, has the zinc been the missing piece? ¬†I got gray hair at the temples at midlife / Uranus opposition and took Fo Ti for several months and it went away. ¬†It was not as gray as it is now though and again… hmm… that zinc thing.


Some of my passing thoughts as this all went on:

  • For years I’ve known that outward symptoms indicate inward problems.
  • I thought of an anti-smoking poster I’d seen years ago in a high school that showed the portrait of a teenager with what was perhaps tar and nicotine all over their face and it said, “What if your outside looked like your inside? ¬†Would you still smoke?” ¬†I looked at my hand – yep, again, outward symptoms of inward problems.

Then what may have been what really pushed me past the tipping point is that I had been shopping at natural food stores, but the local place closed for a couple years while their building is replaced… then my car broke down (*shaking head*) so I’ve been walking locally and scrounging what I can. ¬†One local store is attempting to cater to the natural food store customers so has taken on more natural, organic products but it’s taken a while for them to make that shift and I’ve eaten out more than I have for years and also eaten more stuff with refined sugar in it than I have for years.

My teeth got plaque for the first time in years because of it. ¬†I’d also been using Alex Jones’ “Super Blue” toothpaste recently since my roomy and I have been testing out his products, which was great as far as my gums went (and tooth problems as old fillings are falling out and I see that the barbarian dentists had drilled my teeth down to where there was almost more filling than tooth), but I had to go back to brushing with baking soda to combat the plaque. ¬†And my teeth were staining too, which again had not been happening for years and during the ascension-hell years I was so not brushing my teeth every day, too exhausted, and yet still didn’t get plaque and staining when I was eating pristinely and brushing with baking soda. ¬†I’ve done sweets my whole life but when I can shop at a natural food store I can get desserts made with whole, raw sugar. ¬†Totally different thing.


One day I was searching the internet for something completely unrelated Рbecause this is how these things work, accidents never happen Рand came across an article from about 15 years ago from a chiropractor.  I was so supposed to read it because it truly had nothing to do with what I was searching for but I was so drawn to it and completely sucked in by it.

One thing this chiropractor spoke of was – if you have some symptoms of something and you are treating it and doing so properly – like taking the right supplements for a nutrient deficiency – and yet the symptoms aren’t going away quickly, it may be because those particular symptoms are not the only things going on, but just the ones that you can see or are most bothered by, but it may not be the most urgent thing that needs tending to – again, outward symptoms of inward problems.

They also said that the body will go into triage mode and address the most urgent thing first, but will not fully heal one body part then move onto the next, but instead will go back and forth. ¬†They gave the example of something that was adversely affecting both kidneys and heart, but kidneys more so, so they get top priority, but it makes no sense for the body to fully heal the kidneys 100% only to have the heart give out a few days later. ¬†The body will tend to the kidneys long enough to stabilize them then do some work on the heart… because now it’s the heart that is the most urgent since the kidneys did get some healing.


So that message was brought to me before I got the zinc supplements.  When I started taking the zinc, I knew I was getting better right away but there was definitely an ebb and flow of things, two steps forward, one step back kinda thing.

I’ve been taking the zinc for just 2 weeks today and for the last two days I have seen a major breakthrough happening.

First, I couldn’t help but notice that my throat and lungs feel better and cleaner than they have for years (the problems developed slowly but the healing is happening fast and I can’t help but notice the difference). ¬†Ah, yes, healing the inward issues. ¬†And I’m still currently doing the wacky tobaccy and yet my lungs are quite happy to use the zinc for healing anyway.

A couple days ago my psoriasis had seemingly turned the corner and stopped with the ebb and flow and was just continually getting better.  The inflammation stopped happening and the skin just needed to finish healing, which I am observing happening by leaps and bounds.

I’ve felt a bit lethargic in the last couple days and sense it is because my body is putting on a big healing push. ¬†God confirms.


Hope that helps some folks.  Not a fun experience, but my body did what was necessary to communicate to me Рthe body never lies Рand I did my part by listening to it and the Divine and following their guidance.

The Lie of Omission

… and related ways of duping, manipulating and oppressing humans that the global cabal have used… such as revisionist history.

Yep, just like Winston Smith’s job, in George Orwell’s “1984”, working as a reviser of history at the Ministry of Truth.

‚ÄúThose who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future.‚ÄĚ ¬†~ ¬†George Orwell

Yep, if you have control over information in the present, you can change the way that people see the past.  That then steers their creative energies in a certain direction and hence determines the future.


Hmmm… let’s start here… someone online said something that got me thinking. ¬†What I got out of it had nothing to do with the angle this person was coming from and yet a significant point came from what they asked.

So, the setting is this current world situation where cabal stooges (both the knowingly so and also the unwitting) use race-baiting as some of their latest “divide & conquer” tactics. ¬†There was discussion of race going on in some online forum and I feel that this person asking the following genuinely could not understand how we got from point A to point B on this. ¬†Yeah, I hear that.

So, what this person online said was something to this effect:

“Any European could tell you that Spanish people, i.e. people from Spain are white. ¬†How is it then that the “hispanic” suddenly become “people of color” when they are from the Americas / Latin America?” ¬†

Yes, why indeed would someone of Spanish ancestry be considered “brown” or a “person of color” and yeah, just because they were in / from “Latin” America¬†(again relating back to Spanish)?

Now, there is certainly a bit of blurring of lines and meanings since many times “hispanic” refers to people who speak¬†Spanish and yet that somehow gets blurred into an ethnicity in some way. ¬†Sorry, but if some blonde-haired, blue-eyed Scandahoovian were to speak to me in Spanish, I wouldn’t then call them “hispanic”… would you?

And yet, can any of us truly deny that there are plenty of Latin Americans who are not creamy white. ¬†Nope, they indeed are brown, which the cabal stooges with all their race-baiting / divide & conquer so love to point out… and yet these Latin Americans are repeatedly labeled as “hispanic”.

Do I really need to point out that their “brown” skin, in most cases, comes from American Indians of various tribes? ¬†Kind of a “duh” isn’t it?

And yet, even though we are constantly reminded of their “non-white” status, we also keep hearing them being called “hispanic” – the emphasis is on their European ancestry not on their American ancestry… which is what gives them the brown color. ¬†I guess the cabal stooges are kinda getting mixed up on all their deceptions and kinda giving themselves away. ¬†Yes, dear cabal, why ARE the “Latin” Americans “brown” and why don’t you ever reference THAT ethnicity? ¬†If they are purely Spanish, they would not be brown and if they are brown there’s more going on there than just pure Spanish… but we’re to call them hispanic. ¬†Obviously too many lies for the liars to keep track of.


Also, all this hubbub about sports teams having supposedly “derogatory” American Indian names… well, first, I sincerely doubt that most Joe Average American Indians even give a crap at all, let alone are offended by sports teams having American Indian referenced nicknames / mascots. ¬†Perhaps only “liberal”-college-educated American Indians have a beef with such.

But I’d like to make you all think about some things here. ¬†Ok, let’s just go with this idea that these team nicknames / mascots actually are derogatory in some way. ¬†Fine and well, then change the stinking names. ¬†But I’ve yet to hear of anyone actually proposing that those (supposedly) “derogatory” American Indian references be replaced with another American Indian reference that held them in a better light. ¬†Nope. ¬†No proposals of that… only of just ERASING any reference to American Indians.

Nothing new to that concept. ¬†See video I left in comments on¬†America¬†for more on how the cabal have done their best to hide / erase any evidence of American Indians even existing in some cases or being anything other than “savages” in other cases (and also some evidence of the Anunnaki being in the Americas).


Sadly, the brainwashing and revisionist history does seem to work. ¬†Here’s a story. ¬†About a decade ago, I met this person who is Puerto Rican. ¬†In our conversation, the Mayans came up. ¬†I said something about how the cabal have people thinking that the Mayans were all killed off or otherwise “disappeared” from the face of the Earth somehow. ¬†I said there are still Mayans in the world.

This Puerto Rican said, “Funny you should say that…” and proceeded to tell me… years ago, when they lived in Puerto Rico, they had a friend in Florida who wanted to move to Seattle and planned on packing up their car and taking the long drive. ¬†The Floridian asked their Puerto Rican friend if they would come over to Florida and take that long drive with them. ¬†Yep.

So they were driving through Montana and saw a sign for an Indian reservation.   The conversation went something like this:

The Puerto Rican asked, “What is that?”
“An Indian reservation.”
“Indians? ¬†You mean like cowboys ‘n Indians?”
Laughing, “Well, yeah.”
“So what’s that sign for. ¬†Is it like a museum?”
Laughing, “No, that’s where the Indians live.”
“Where they live? ¬†But there aren’t any Indians anymore.”
“Yes there are!”

The Puerto Rican made their friend turn around so they could drive through the Indian reservation to see the Indians for themselves because they just couldn’t believe it.

They told me they had that notion – that there were no longer Indians in the world – put in their head as a kid and it stuck.


Here’s a story about King Tut, Tutankhamun, who could have been known as Tutanaton instead.

You see, the suffix to his name, the “amun” part had to do with the Egyptian pantheon of deities. ¬†This is where the term “amen” comes from. ¬†How many Christians would keep saying “amen” if they knew it was technically pagan? ¬†Ha, ha, ha.

The suffix “aton” had to do with “the one god”. ¬†I won’t say “the one TRUE god” because that is not what the whole “aton” thing was about.

Akhenaten (-aton), was a “Hyksos”, which in ancient Egyptian meant “rulers of foreign countries”. ¬†(See Michael Tsarion for more on the Hyksos.) ¬†The Hyksos basically invaded northern Egypt and performed a coup and Akhenaten became the Egyptian king. ¬†The Hyksos were the ones to introduce this concept of “the one god”, but they really didn’t care about the “one TRUE god”, no, it didn’t really matter all so much which one god it was. ¬†Their motive was to dumb people down. ¬†They did a bit of looting too of gold statues and such in the name of getting rid of the pantheon of deities.

Later, King Tut had pressure on him from both sides about which suffix to use on his name.  This essentially had to do with how the Egyptians as a nation would view Spirit / the Divine.

King Tut,¬†the boy king, even though young, obviously had a few things going for him. ¬†You see, he could understand the concept of one god (essentially the All That Is). ¬†That was no problem for him, but he argued that even if taking on this new concept of “the one god”, perhaps there was still a place for the pantheon of deities. ¬†Indeed there was there boy king.

The Egyptian pantheon of gods later morphed into Greek and Roman gods – our solar system planets’ names. ¬†Across the board, the stories of these gods provide Archetypal and Initiatory Rites information about the Earthly realm and the human experience. ¬†Much information on how to navigate this human, Earthly experience. ¬†There was indeed very valuable information for humans in the pantheon of deities and yes, it was the Hyksos’ desire to dumb-down and control the Egyptians that made them push their one-god theory.


The Romans and the Catholics, in the 4th century, through the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great and the Catholic bishops of the Council of Nicea did a similar number on the world when they put the Bible together. ¬†They looked to the entirety of the world’s recorded, documented information and produced just one book from it. ¬†You can bet the Lie of Omission is huge in regards to the Bible. ¬†It’d be kinda like in today’s world where Chris Cuomo from CNN is telling everyone that only the press can look at Wikileaks and no one else can – “Oh no, don’t look over there. ¬†We’ll tell ya all ya need to know. ¬†We’ll be your one source.” ¬†Yep, the Romans and the Catholics were kinda losing their influence / control and wanted it back so they made one book, and kinda like the Hyksos with their one god, the biggest part of this “one book” thing was that it was the only one that anyone was to be focused on. ¬†Don’t look at that whole world of information, no, only look at the one book that they want you to look at.


“Jesus” of the New Testament is a composite character, meaning that the stories are about more than one person but they are lumped together under the name of “Jesus” and you can bet that a lot of all of their life stories got left out. ¬†A whole lot of lie of omission there. ¬†In today’s world, especially in news reporting, people might call this “controlling the narrative”. ¬† Yes, sometimes the fake news people will just flat out lie, but their biggest tact at controlling the narrative is to just leave out information – more than likely EMPOWERING info – that they don’t what you to know about and also overly emphasizing other things, all to fit their control agenda.


The Catholics also hid away information about Duality and the Sacred Feminine / Sacred Masculine / Sacred Union by renaming the feminine aspect of the Holy Trinity as the “Holy Ghost / Spirit”. ¬† (See¬†Interpretation ‚Ķ of Stairway to Heaven¬†post for a bit more on that.) ¬†Yes, they hid the powers of feminine energy and also of sexual energy away from Joe Average but they kept it to use themselves. ¬†The Vatican is full of men, supposedly celibate men (obviously homosexual drug orgies don’t count ¬†ūüėČ ¬†), but the cardinals dress in red – the “sexual bride” part of the Sacred Feminine – to bring energetic balance.



These days, the leftists keep trying to associate the whole white supremacy / KKK (Ku Klux Klan) thing with those on the right. ¬†Nope. ¬†lol ¬†I’ve heard some folks correcting this “stinkin’ thinkin’ ” as of late, but I’ll come at it from the direction I learned about it, and that was a lot of years ago and no, sorry, don’t have any handy dandy references, only a story. ¬†I’m sure God and Google can help you with the rest. ¬†And hey, I’m not responsible for “your” truth anyway, you are. ¬†ūüėČ

The way it was presented to me was… way back when, when the KKK first started – contrary to today’s conventional thinking – they did not threaten, intimidate and kill only blacks. ¬†They did indeed do so with others also. ¬†So, then what did the victims of the KKK have in common? ¬†They were Republicans.

The blacks had just been freed and given voting rights.  Many of them were drawn to the Republican party since it was more spiritual / religious as were the blacks themselves.  Suddenly there was a hoard of new voters, created out of thin air, who were mostly joining the Republicans.

The Democrats were not happy and used some pretty nasty ways to work towards solving their new problem.  Yes folks, the KKK came from the Democrats.


These are just a few examples of the Lie of Omission and other deceptions that have happened down through time that many folks still don’t know about and new revisions of history are obviously still going on in recent times.


I had a bit of discussion with someone a while back. ¬†We spoke of healing and clearing out “shadows”. ¬†It ended in a mention of purity because of name meanings.

And yet, in our quick-fire discussion, when it comes right down to it, we weren’t talking so much about a state of purity, but really more the process of purification.

The alchemy metaphor of turning lead into gold is about turning a mundane-level human into the god/desses that we truly are.  When you heat metal, then the dross (impurities) rises to the top and can then be skimmed off, leaving only the pure metal.

The healing process is the “heat” applied to humans (metal) which drives the impurities (dross) to the surface (bringing subconscious programs to a conscious-level awareness) ¬†where we can acknowledge and examine them, then clear and release them.

The concept of “crossing the Lake of Fire” is the same. ¬†We walk through the “fire” of healing to burn off the dross of the disempowering programs that were planted into us in this Earthly realm.

And this discussion started with… we don’t need to seek love, joy, peace, abundance, etc. ¬†because we ARE those things naturally.

People just need to clear out all the crap Рfears, ego issues, disempowering programs, old emotions they repressed Рwhich is a result of living in the old 3D Earth paradigm.

Sadly, far too many lightworkers want to have all those awesome things that we naturally are¬†without going through the purification / healing / shadow-work side of things. ¬†They think that the “train” that goes to “Heaven” is going to allow them to bring all their baggage with them. ¬†Nope. ¬†That old 3D level baggage is too low of frequency, it won’t be allowed through. ¬†Cling to it and YOU won’t be allowed through.

The only humans who don’t need to heal are those who already have. ¬†If anyone tells you that healing is not necessary for ascension, then, I’m just gonna say it – they don’t know what they are talking about or they are intentionally attempting to lead people astray. ¬†Period.

Folks, there are no “shortcuts”, no work-arounds, no way to cheat the healing and ascension process. ¬†You can’t skip it or go around it, you must go through it.

The dross of disempowerment will not let loose of the metal of a human without the fire of healing.

Individuation vs. Collectives

Each and every one of us is an Individuated Soul having an Individuated Experience.

We are also part of a Collective.

Well, many really. ¬†We’re in the “All That Is” collective for sure, but also in many sub-collectives, the most important one in this moment being the human collective as we pull off a planetary and human ascension.

It does not serve / is not serving you or any collectives you are a part of to deny either side of this – your Individuation or your Energetic Connection to the Collective.

Collectives are made up of Individuals. ¬†Collectives themselves don’t “do” or “be” much of anything, only the Individuals within those collectives do. ¬†The collective isn’t healing per se, but the individuals within it are.

But what each Individual within the collective learns or heals goes onto the “Telepathic Collective Innernet”, if you will, and the energetic connection between us all provides opportunities for us to benefit from each other’s learning / re-membering. ¬†We have energetic influence on each other.

And as I’ve said before, Love is a higher vibration than Fear and hence has more influence. ¬†Careful about your disempowered desire to put Love in a cage (more on that), as if to say that Love is all “nice” and fluffy and Fear looks all creepy. ¬†Not necessarily. ¬†To your “inner demons” / disempowered programs Love is one scary frickin’ thing! ¬†Especially the straight-forward, “tough love” sort, which I’ve come to notice is more perceived as “tough love” by those on the receiving end than those dishing out that supposed “tough” love. ¬†I can give it to ya straight and don’t feel “tough” at all about it. ¬†It sometimes amuses me though to see someone squirm so… really under their own inner knowingness… that I just re-minded them of.

Christ energy has been associated in esoteria with “The King of Terror”. ¬†Why? ¬†I’d guess that many a lightworker who has intensely resisted their process, denied the reality of this ascension scenario and their own service work as part of that, well, they could probably give you some idea of what the hell is so terrifying about being Christed. ¬†Advice? ¬†A little less resistance and denial makes the ride a little less bumpy. ¬†As the old joke goes, is that the voice of experience talking there? ¬†Sure is. ¬†I had just enough resistance way back when to convince me not to do that anymore. ¬†I guess I’m just not a very good masochist (although someone needed to tell those “upstairs” / above-the-veil that when it came time for me to do energetic service work, read this blog to understand).

When some individuals in the collective awaken / raise their awareness / heal / raise their frequency / raise their consciousness, that influences others.  And because of entrainment, the lower frequency naturally wants to rise up to the higher frequency.

So, no matter how you slice it, YOU are your top priority.

If you’d like to help others heal, the best way to do that is to tend to your own personal Individuated¬†healing. ¬†You won’t do that by shirking or denying your Responsibility in your own personal healing process or by obsessing on helping everyone else’s healing, which is just distracting you from your own healing.

And being all “kumbaya” or (to get all Bud-beer on ya) “I love ya man!”, well, that stuff looks nice – so much for cosmetics – but it’s not accomplishing much towards this ascension effort.

It’s a matter of priorities. ¬†As I’ve said before, just like the flight attendant instructs you: Put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others with theirs.

Do you really think that person next to you who is waiting for your assistance with their “oxygen mask” really needs to hear “I love ya man!” right then? ¬†Especially in dissertation form? ¬†They’d probably just like some assistance with their own oxygen mask, thank you very much, as they are dealing with sheer survival, but instead they’re hearing you yammering on about “love thy neighbor” instead of getting your own danged oxygen mask on! ¬†All talk, no action. ¬†All foam, no beer. ¬†How’s about you demonstrate your love for your neighbor by loving yourself enough to do what it takes to complete your healing and ascension process.

You must make and keep yourself your top priority. ¬†Yeah, yeah, I know ya all so want everyone “out there” to be all healed and I truly do hope you’d like to help with that since it is ultimately your soul mission after all. ¬†But you must get your priorities straight. ¬†Tend to your own healing as your top priority. ¬†Tend to the “in here”. ¬†Nothing does more towards helping your fellow human than that. ¬†And why is that? ¬†Because of your¬†Energetic Connection to the Collective. ¬†Do you see how both parts of this are intertwined? ¬†And both are important?

I’m still seeing some rather advanced lightworkers still talking about 3D and 4D physically separating. ¬†*shaking head* ¬†No. ¬†Not happening. ¬†As I’ve said before 3D and 4D go together. ¬†Enough with attempting to “escape” 3D. ¬†Those folks still firmly in 3D are your mission. ¬†This is NOT the time for lightworkers to be leaving those 3Ders. ¬†It’s time to REALLY connect to them. ¬†If you’re “scared” to be in the same world as 3Ders, you yourself still have some work to do, some fears to release, some “3D” to release yourself yet.

I always like to remind people that the words “Individual” and “Indivisible” come from the same root word.

Don’t act like the Individuated Experience and the Energetic Connection to the Collective are mutually exclusive, like it’s one or the other, either / or – that’s Duality thinking there. ¬†They most assuredly interconnect, as all does. ¬†But don’t drop the ball on your part in all this by denying your own personal responsibility of your own healing process.

I laugh to see lightworkers who deny their Individuation as they try to escape the work of their own healing process and they’ll scream “collective” stuff at ya… oh, up until they actually manage to hammer out their own healing and ascension process all the way to completion, then they start denying all that “collective” stuff when the topic of Service to the Collective comes up. ¬†lol ¬†It’s called light “work” for a reason. ¬†But ya don’t have to get all down about it and make “work” seem like a dirty word. ¬†You don’t need to quit using the word “work”, just change your attitude about it. ¬†Look that word up and see all its meanings so you know and maybe you could stand to drop the associations you may have with work = chores / drudgery. ¬†Do you really think that artists think artwork¬†is some major drag?

Lightwork a Labor of Love that we perform here – both literally and figuratively. ¬†With the right attitude it’s the most Joyous Labor of Love that could ever be.

Read Awake & Aware РTop Priority: Self for more on how to get your priorities straight.

Sacred Symbology

I’d thought about writing about this a while back, then find this video today (below).

He’s discussing the symbology of Baphomet (and some other things). ¬†This is an example of Sacred Symbology that the global cabal use and so folks who know about the cabal often (wrongly) think that the symbol of Baphomet is evil. ¬†Nope.

I’ve felt it is / was one big fat representation of Duality – Light and Dark, Heaven and Earth, Feminine and Masculine, etc. ¬†This fellow is obviously in agreement.

There are numerous representations of Feminine and Masculine energy – Moon and Sun, woman’s breasts but implied male genitalia with the rod of the Caduceus… with the two snakes, which again represent the Feminine and Masculine components to Kundalini energy stored at the base of the spine.

This fellow gets it covered and I don’t agree on all he says and he gets off on some tangents, but he’s making you think and that’s always good, plus he’s entertaining. ¬†lol

I’ll add that just like with Michelangelo’s horned depiction of Moses, the horns represent Divine Connection. ¬†See the wavy lines around the horns on Baphomet. ¬†It indicates energy waves.

Also the goat head and horns look like the uterus and fallopian tubes so there is Feminine energy represented there.

The goat legs to me represent animalistic nature, including Earth element / mundane desires, sexual energy included.

The wings can be angelic and yet also represent Air element.

Not sure what that round thing is behind the Caduceus but it seems to have scales on it and it’s located near the 2nd chakra / desire / sexuality / reproduction – Water element.

The Fire element seems to be represented with a flame from the crown chakra.  Appropriate since Fire is associated with Spirit.

“Solve” and “Coagula”/ Dissolve and Coagulate – “separate” and “join together” – like the breathing in and breathing out of the whole separation experience and recovering from that and unifying again.

The two-finger mudra of both hands, one pointing up, one down is the Prana Mudra or Mudra of Life (I see there is some difference between the two hands, one has the thumb tucked and the other open, it all means something) and to me that two-handed gesture together represents the prana tube connecting Heaven and Earth through the being.

If you’d like, plug “Jesus mudra” into your search engine and see how many depictions of Jesus you find using various mudras. ¬†Then, if ya care to, look up the mudras and find out what they mean.


None of this, yes, SACRED Symbology is “evil”. ¬†There is nothing inherently good or evil in the world, it all depends on the intent behind it. ¬†As I love to say… it’s like all those superhero stories ask, “Do you use your powers for good or for evil?”

The cabal have loved it though when you think that things like Sacred Symbology, the occult, paganism, magick etc. are evil because that keeps you from utilizing the powers therein. ¬†They have you scared of the occult. ¬†There’s nothing to be scared of in that direction. ¬†But continuing down the path you have been on, creating out of ignorance, now THAT ought to concern you!

And no, you WON’T utilize Sacred Symbology / the occult in the same way as the cabal, well, I hope ya won’t. ¬†Hey, ¬†you’re never not creating, you’re always creating, but until you wake up to some things you’ll be creating unconsciously. ¬†The cabal have been happy to hijack your energies to use for things that you never would… well, IF you understood what your energies are actually going towards promoting and maintaining.

Since you’re always creating anyway, wouldn’t you like to do so CONSCIOUSLY?! ¬†Then you can create what YOU want, for you and for the world.

Your Intentions behind your “magick” will be much better than the cabal’s and I sincerely doubt you’ll feel moved to be chopping heads off any chickens (unless it’s time for dinner) – although some non-cabal / non-“evil” / non-“satanist” folks still do just that, the whole sacrificing animals thing, Judeo-Christians included… because… they are stuck in an even older paradigm, the Old Testament. ¬†“Jesus” (a composite character, many people’s stories lumped under one “name”) came to usher in the Age of Pisces and here we are urging another big shift as the Age changes again from Pisces to Aquarius and yet there are Judeo-Christian animal sacrificers who haven’t even gotten into the Age of Pisces yet. ¬†They’re not just one but two ages behind.


But yeah, the Baphomet symbology is communicating information about Duality and if folks are too scared to look at such for fear of it being “evil” then they missed an opportunity to learn about the dualistic realm they have been living in… that they could actually free themselves from if they’d bother to learn about it. ¬†As I’ve said, Sacred Symbology and other occult information helps you understand the energetic environment you are living in as an Earthling, ya know, “Being Human for Dummies”.


If such is old hat to you, this might be boring. ¬†If you just woke up then this fellow and I just dumped a boatload of new search terms on you. ¬†You’re welcome. ¬†ūüôā

As One Door Closes, Another Door Opens

But it can be hell in the hallway.

And yet that time in the hallway is very healing.  Hell, hall, heal.  Huh.

I’ve seen many a conditioned soul, who knows they really need to let something or someone go and yet they’re in a scramble to find its / their replacement before they let the first thing / person go… so scared to be alone or go without or not have everything planned out.

It’d be much healthier and healing to release what you need to and allow yourself that healing hallway time.

One key thing is to demonstrate to the Universe ‚Äď through your choices on where you put your energies ‚Äď that you value yourself. ¬†If you won‚Äôt do that why would you expect others to do so? ¬†Ya know. ¬†The Universe will faithfully reflect your creations back to you.

You release what you need to out of self-love, self-respect, self-care.

Let go of people, partnerships, jobs, whatever, BEFORE the new comes to replace it. ¬†And that‚Äôs really the proper order of things. ¬†Some say to ‚Äúmake room‚ÄĚ. ¬†I like to say you don‚Äôt put a new building on an old, crumbling foundation.

When you release something / someone and take some down time, then you can mourn if need be, which even includes mourning things you’re glad to let go of.

And you can also process what you just came out of and where you‚Äôd like to go‚Ķ instead of just bringing all the old crap with ya, getting a new partner or job or whatever that looks remarkably like the old one, because you’re still in a repeating pattern… because you didn‚Äôt allow any down time in between to sort through the growth, learning and healing opportunities that old relationship or situation provided you.

The hallway time has its place. ¬†As much as I like to tell folks “don’t tell yourself you can’t know something”, there are going to be times when you just don’t know what’s going on, what you just came out of, what’s next. ¬†Sometimes ya just gotta let the mystery be… and spend some time in the hallway.

‚ÄúListen, it may feel like hell, but, sometimes, lost is where you need to be. ¬†Just because you don‚Äôt know your direction doesn‚Äôt mean you don‚Äôt have one.‚ÄĚ ~ Battlestar Galactica

Moving Beyond “Awakening Shock Syndrome”

Bravo Jeff! I don’t reblog…until I do. I’ll make this exception since I completely and utterly agree with all you’ve said here. My blog will attest to that. In this whole ascension gig we are connecting Heaven and Earth and facing the Truth of both… and know when it’s time to move along… from whatever step / rung you are on. Thanks for what you do and be.

(Also see post Create Anew!)

Deus Nexus

Source:Divine Cosmos | by Jeff Street

As always, my articles are simply my perspective that I offer in the spirit of discovery and empowerment ‚ÄĒ take what resonates and leave the rest.

One of the things that I‚Äôve noticed that seems to happen to many people early in their spiritual awakening is they become hyper-aware of all the lies, manipulation, and control that‚Äôs been going on in our world, and they are shocked and appalled ‚ÄĒ and rightfully so.

Some people get so fixated on these unsettling revelations, so obsessively focused on them, that get themselves stuck in a state that is very counter-productive that I‚Äôve dubbed ‚ÄúAwakening Shock Syndrome‚ÄĚ.

Although awareness is good, fixation is not ‚ÄĒ here‚Äôs why and how we can move beyond it.

Disturbing Truths

There‚Äôs plenty of disturbing truths to get obsessed over ‚ÄĒ ‚Äúconspiracy‚ÄĚ theories abound on the internet and in our‚Ķ

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To Whom It May Concern

Me loving myself does NOT mean I don’t love you. ¬†Me loving myself is what has ENABLED me to love you at levels that you may not even fathom at this point.

My “winning” is not making you somehow “lose”. ¬†Contrarily, my “winning” has and continues to set up an energetic field that you can tap into if and when you too are ready to WIN, it assists you in your “winning”.

My success can have more influence on your potential success than it will EVER have on your supposed “failure”.

Me having something does not keep you from having the same.

Me not playing small is not an issue.  You playing small is.

You seeing me as having “better than” issues is you projecting your “lesser than” issues onto me. ¬†Oh no, I couldn’t accept! ¬†And you shouldn’t have! ¬†No really.

Me having a Divine connection is not keeping you from having one.

Me talking about my Divine connection and the information it brings is not somehow negating or dismissing your Divine connection. ¬†It’s to encourage your own connection and enhance it.

Me not putting up with your fear energy does not mean I have fears of my own.

Me setting boundaries with you or attempting to jar you loose from the rut you are stuck in is not unkind, it’s downright compassionate.


What you think of me is none of my business. ¬†Your thoughts don’t determine my reality. ¬†Thank God!

Ascension Update – IV

That is a roman numeral for 4… but it also looks like I.V. ¬†lol ¬†Hook me up!

More card-playing with God.  Tarot reading:

  • muddled thinking has lead to a serious misjudgment
  • you must relinquish some of your self-imposed responsibilities in order to achieve any of your goals
  • you are more intuitive than usual and should trust your instincts

I’m told this is about the ~6 million lightworkers (LWs) who have completed recently.

The muddled thinking has to do with the mundane world. ¬†Some of these LWs don’t really understand the truth of the mundane and hence have been putting their energies into things they really don’t want, for themselves or the world, but they don’t understand that is what they are doing. ¬†Ask for the truth of things to be brought to you.

Relinquishing self-imposed responsibilities – time to get their priorities straight and this ASCENSION PROJECT is their priority now. ¬†If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans. ¬†Let go of all the headless chicken activity and FOCUS on light work! ¬†Basically about Intention and also about making oneself “available” to others. ¬†Making your life simple and uncomplicated and slowing down, being present and responsible (able to respond) so as to be a Spiritual Minuteman / Spiritual Opportunist. ¬†Offer your consciousness up to those who stand in front of you in the moment.

And ah, yeah, this group is fully connected back into the Divine and are through the challenges of their own ascension process so yes, their intuition ought to be working quite well.  Time to actually follow it.

New Beginning

No band-aid big enough folks.  Let the old fall away.  Time to start all over.

“New Beginning”

The whole world’s broke, it ain’t worth fixing
It’s time to start all over, make a new beginning
There’s too much pain, too much suffering
Let’s resolve to start all over make a new beginning

Now don’t get me wrong, I love life and living
But when you wake up and look around at everything that’s going down –
All wrong
You see we need to change it now, this world with too few happy endings
We can resolve to start all over make a new beginning

Start all over
Start all over
Start all over
Start all over

The world is broken into fragments and pieces
That once were joined together in a unified whole
But now too many stand alone, there’s too much separation
We can resolve to come together in the new beginning

Start all over
Start all over
Start all over
Start all over

We can break the cycle
We can break the chain
We can start all over
In the new beginning

We can learn, we can teach
We can share the myths, the dreams, the prayer
The notion that we can do better
Change our lives and paths
Create a new world

Start all over
Start all over
Start all over
Start all over

The whole world’s broke, it ain’t worth fixing
It’s time to start all over, make a new beginning
There’s too much fighting, too little understanding
It’s time to stop and start all over
Make a new beginning

Start all over
Start all over
Start all over
Start all over

We need to make new symbols
Make new signs
Make a new language
With these we’ll redefine the world

Start all over
Start all over
Start all over
Start all over

Ascension Update… the Third

God was in the mood for cards again.  So, Tarot reading:

  • Rebirth / transformation
  • Beware of burning bridges
  • Time to get on or strengthen your spiritual path


I’m told this is about the most sleepy folks. ¬†These would be the folks who are really duped by the cabal and their msm stooges.

As I was going through this reading, “libtard” kept coming up in my head. ¬†lol ¬†I always say the “lib” part of that is not the issue, it’s the “tard” part. ¬†And frankly what does the left, “Democrats”, have to do with true liberalism, especially these days?! ¬†They epitomize hypocrisy. ¬†They are illiberal / anti-liberal. ¬†Communist, socialist, authoritarian, totalitarian are better descriptions of the left and also their fellow cabal-stooge counterparts on the right.

Being “liberal”, well, what most folks would consider true liberalism, is not an issue, but many on the left are retarded in their knowledge of the reality of this world situation.

In general, the folks right of center are more awake currently to the global cabal and their players and tactics. ¬†When the folks left of center wake up to it, they may or may not abandon some of their liberal ideals. ¬†This isn’t about left or right. ¬†That used-to-be libtard is not necessarily going to suddenly become a conservative.

And that first card is the biggy. ¬†What would spur a rebirth / transformation in the most sleepy of the sleepy? ¬†Perhaps a MOATB – Mother of All Truth Bombs! ¬†Here it comes…

3D Earth

Just a few things to understand about 3D Earth that then may in turn help one understand more about the ascension.  As always, I encourage you to take further questions to the Divine.

The Original Intent for our co-creation here on Earth was that it would be 3D and Dualistic.

But it didn’t stay at that level. ¬†Because the whole free-will thing got hijacked by the cabal, the separation paradigm got even more intense. ¬†It could be said that both at a “world” level (I mean the realm we co-created as opposed to the planet herself) and at an individual level, you could think of it being sub-3D levels¬†but yeah, it definitely affected the planet.

As I’d said in the¬†Planetary Ascension Project Overview (Review?!)¬†post we are not here to ascend Earth, but Gaia. ¬†Gaia has been ascension-ready since early 2013. ¬†She’s set. ¬†She and the first wave cool our heels as we wait for the lightworkers to get their feet under themselves so they can hold things together for¬†3D / 4D Earth.

So, I’m told that any gridwork being done in recent years is really about Earth, not Gaia. ¬†And if we are not ascending Earth, what is that gridwork about? ¬†It’s to bring the Earth grid out of sub-3D and up to a FULL 3D level. ¬†It helps to release old paradigm stuff that, yes, was even MORE dense than just 3D normal levels. ¬†And the grid release then in turn helps people release from those sub-3D levels.

Then, at the same time, there are many lightworkers who are bringing in and holding light in the world, to lead by example, to offer another choice, another option, to make it more apparent.  Every chance being offered.

In the¬†What of the body during ascension?¬†post, I describe how this same sort of thing is the case for a person’s 3D carbon-based body. ¬†The 3D body does NOT convert into a 5D crystalline body, so ya could say that we are NOT ascending our 3D carbon-based body, just like we are NOT¬†ascending Earth.

Our 3D carbon-based body and our 5D crystalline body (resulting from the ascension process) are two very distinct bodies. ¬†You’ll be in your 3D body until you transition IN FULL and then don your crystalline body in 5D.

But the 3D body had been at sub-3D levels also, just like Earth, so the healing and ascension process reactivates everything in the body so one has FULL 3D capacity at the physical level. ¬†And you can bet that one’s consciousness levels –¬†so then also thoughts, words & deeds – play a role in getting one’s physicality working more fully. ¬†Everything is interconnected.

As I’ve said in these other posts, 3D will remain 3D and whoever chooses to stay at that CONSCIOUSNESS level, for however long, can do so.

And while any of us are still here, regardless of what level of consciousness, while in the 3D world, pre-ascended, we’ll be in our 3D carbon-based body.

And our 5D creations are in 5D.

I saw that Gaia Portal had recently said:

“Assistance comes as dark hu-beings require.”

Again, this is another re-minder, even though¬†there is¬†still long, ongoing catastrophic stuff that will remain a part of the 3D experience, no HUGE and SUDDEN catastrophic events are being allowed to happen. ¬†If CERN actually punches a hole, the angels patch it over. ¬†If a missile, especially nuclear, gets launched when that’s just not gonna work out well, it gets dealt with in some safe way by ETs. ¬†If some harmful energy starts to reach some critical point lightworkers may be transmuting it. ¬†Individuals’ own creations are not being interfered with, but all this assistance buys folks time.

I had to laugh (or as my cockney friend says, “I gotter larf.”) ¬† The inspiration for my post¬†Fear¬†showed up the other day. ¬†They responded to the Savin’ Me post basically saying that I’m worth saving. ¬†Ah, ha, ha. ¬†They are implying that’s why one day they tried to fill my comments with fears and worries about “what they are doing with¬†colliders” or whatever. ¬†LOL ¬†*shaking head* ¬†Still clueless I see. ¬†Very, VERY clueless.


Return to Innocence

“Return To Innocence”

Love – Devotion
Feeling – Emotion

Don’t be afraid to be weak
Don’t be too proud to be strong
Just look into your heart my friend
That will be the return to yourself
The return to innocence

If you want, then start to laugh
If you must, then start to cry
Be yourself don’t hide
Just believe in destiny

Don’t care what people say
Just follow your own way
Don’t give up and use the chance
To return to innocence

That’s not the beginning of the end
That’s the return to yourself
The return to innocence

It’s a return to innocence


If someone asked me to name just one thing and only one thing that is critical for ascension I’d have to say Self-Love.

And heading off down the path to Self-Love will involve learning and healing an awful lot more than just what one might think of as Self-Love.

If Self-Love is the goal sitting out on the horizon, then pull yourself back to the present moment and see what the current next step in that direction is.  The Divine would be happy to help Рjust ask.

Your ultimate in Self-Love goal will be at the end of many steps, many dominoes having to fall to get to that goal.  It might surprise you all the various disempowering programs that will be discovered and will have to be released in order to get to your Self-Love goal.

Regardless of how one gets to Self-Love, both the goal and the journey is what opens doors and opens one’s eyes to so much more.

The “self-love is bad” program really hits to the core of so many problems in this world. ¬†Think about it for a second. ¬†Just pull yourself up out of all this human drama, your own included, and think about that – a program put in people’s psyches that makes them not love themselves. ¬†Just about can’t get more debilitating than that.

I’d recently quoted someone who said that love of God and self-love are one in the same. ¬†That right there is something that gets “hidden in plain view” when someone is running the “self-love is bad” program. ¬†Folks might think they “love God” and yet haven’t truly mustered or mastered loving themselves yet. ¬†God loves you too and would like you to be the Powerful Creator God/dess that you are and He would love to work through you but that’s a bit difficult to do when you don’t love yourself.

Part of that “self-love is bad” program involves not trusting yourself. ¬†If there is ANYONE you could stand to trust, it ought to be yourself. ¬†And yep, we’re talking about debilitating programs here so yeah, quite understandable if someone who is disempowered doesn’t trust themselves but can you not see how basic, how fundamental, how foundational Self-Love is? ¬†How in the world will you navigate through much of anything if you don’t trust yourself? ¬†Do what is necessary to regain your self-trust. ¬†Healing and Divine Connection are key in that. ¬†They are also key in ascension. ¬†It’s all one in the same. ¬†It’s all a return to Self.

And Fear is the opposite of Love. ¬†Fear, in its many guises, is ultimately the “cause” of all the crap in the world. ¬†Fear had gotten so big in this world that it had taken on a life of its own, become an entity unto itself… almost. ¬†The beauty thing here is that Fear is a really slow frequency, a long wavelength. ¬†Love on the other hand is high frequency, short wavelength.

If you were¬†to see your composite energy field as a signal on an oscilloscope, then superimpose Fear and Love onto your energy field, you’d see how Love would win out. ¬†Love IS winning out in this world. ¬†Fear being a slow, low frequency, doesn’t touch your energy field as often as the fast, high frequency of Love does, hence Love ultimately has more influence.

There’s an awful lot of “narrative” on narcissism these days. Narcissism can be problematic and the down side of that is more shadow work for some folks to do. ¬†But can you all not hear / observe the propaganda campaign that the cabal and their mainstream media (msm) stooges are putting out with this? ¬†It’s one of their dying efforts at refreshing the “self-love is bad” program.

The New Ager / lightworkers with their “kill the ego” disempowered program is more of the “self-love is bad” program. ¬†Ego is just one’s Sense of Self. ¬†Really? ¬†What do you plan to do after you’ve “killed” your Sense of Self? ¬†Do you think that’ll bring you to “collective unity”? ¬†Not hardly. ¬†You don’t even know who YOU are and you think you’re gonna know the next person?

You think SELF-SOVEREIGNTY comes from LOSING your Sense of Self?  Really?

The only way I’d care to lose my sense of self is if and when the time comes to just completely let go of my Individuated Soul experience and melt back into the Isness, losing my sentience, no longer existing.

I guess one could drop out the bottom to get to that point too, submitting to their ab-users and along the way to losing their individuated experience, they become some drop in a soulless, homogenized cesspool of human ooze.  What a way to go.

Self-centered also gets such a bad rap. ¬†Self-Centered – Centered on Self. ¬† And yet where else would one BE centered but on Self? ¬†What? ¬†Should one be centered somewhere “over there”? ¬†And yet many a programmed human does just that – attempts to be centered somewhere outside themselves. ¬†Gee, can’t imagine why they are so off-kilter. ¬†(I’m all for “kilts off” but not off-kilter, lol.)

Self-Love, Self-Respect, Self-Nurturance, Self-Healing. ¬†Self-Realized. ¬†These are the ultimate goals and the starting point all in one. ¬†There’s only so much you can do for others when you’ve not put yourself FIRST.

Make no mistake, YOU are your TOP priority. ¬†You get yourself to that place and then you maintain it. ¬†I understood this years ago. ¬†That’s why I wrote the book on it. ¬†ūüėČ

Awake & Aware – Top Priority: Self

… and also why I have been able to serve this ascension project to such a high capacity. ¬†I had my priorities straight.

Ascension Update – the sequel

Playing cards with God again:

The Magician
Spiritual path of self-control.
This is about those who are not “on path” yet. ¬†Time to get on path.

10 of Cups
Strong friendships or love brighten your existence.
This is pretty much about everyone.
(How’s that for good news?!)

9 of Swords
This card indicates a time of great misery, sadness, and depression.
This is about those who intentionally follow the dark.  The cabal basically.

Savin’ Me

“Say it if it’s worth savin’ me.”

I say what I do to folks, even when their disempowered programs, conditioning and fears don’t want to hear it… because you’re all worth it.

I can’t save you but I might wake you up to the fact that you can save yourself. ¬†You have no idea what depths and breadths and heights that I have and would go to for your salvation. ¬†Join me in that effort and we’re all set.

Lightworkers, SAY IT to your fellow human. ¬†Let them know that the way “out” is IN. ¬†Lots of fear running around loose out there. ¬†Let folks know that their inner work is where they can and will make a difference, not by getting caught up in all the fear and chaos “out there”.

They’re worth savin’. ¬†It’s what we’re here for.

“Come please I‚Äôm callin‚Äô “

“Savin’ Me”

Prison gates won’t open up for me
On these hands and knees I’m crawlin’
Oh, I reach for you

Well I’m terrified of these four walls
These iron bars can’t hold my soul in
All I need is you
Come please I’m callin’
And all I scream for you
Hurry I’m fallin’, I’m fallin’

Show me what it’s like
To be the last one standing
And teach me wrong from right
And I’ll show you what I can be
And say it for me
Say it to me
And I’ll leave this life behind me
Say it if it’s worth saving me

Heaven’s gates won’t open up for me
With these broken wings I’m fallin’
And all I see is you

These city walls ain’t got no love for me
I’m on the ledge of the eighteenth story
And all I scream for you
Come please I’m callin’

And all I need from you
Hurry I’m fallin’, I’m fallin’


Hurry I’m fallin’

And all I need is you
Come please I’m callin’
And all I scream for you
Hurry I’m fallin’, I’m fallin’, I’m fallin’


Hurry I’m fallin’

Say it for me
Say it to me
And I’ll leave this life behind me
Say it if it’s worth saving me

Bring Me To Life

“Bring Me To Life”

How can you see into my eyes like open doors?
Leading you down into my core where I’ve become so numb
Without a soul my spirit’s sleeping somewhere cold
Until you find it there and lead it back home

(Wake me up)
Wake me up inside
(I can’t wake up)
Wake me up inside
(Save me)
Call my name and save me from the dark
(Wake me up)
Bid my blood to run
(I can’t wake up)
Before I come undone
(Save me)
Save me from the nothing I’ve become¬†

Now that I know what I’m without
You can’t just leave me
Breathe into me and make me real
Bring me to life

(Wake me up)
Wake me up inside
(I can’t wake up)
Wake me up inside
(Save me)
Call my name and save me from the dark
(Wake me up)
Bid my blood to run
(I can’t wake up)
Before I come undone
(Save me)
Save me from the nothing I’ve become

Bring me to life
(I’ve been living a lie, there’s nothing inside)
Bring me to life

Frozen inside without your touch
Without your love, darling
Only you are the life among the dead

All this time I can’t believe I couldn’t see
Kept in the dark but you were there in front of me
I’ve been sleeping a thousand years it seems
Got to open my eyes to everything
Without a thought, without a voice, without a soul
Don’t let me die here
There must be something more
Bring me to life

(Wake me up)
Wake me up inside
(I can’t wake up)
Wake me up inside
(Save me)
Call my name and save me from the dark
(Wake me up)
Bid my blood to run
(I can’t wake up)
Before I come undone
(Save me)
Save me from the nothing I’ve become

Bring me to life
(I’ve been living a lie, there’s nothing inside)
Bring me to life

Thank U

“Thank U”

How bout getting off of these antibiotics
How bout stopping eating when I’m full up
How bout them transparent dangling carrots
How bout that ever elusive kudo

Thank you India
Thank you terror
Thank you disillusionment
Thank you frailty
Thank you consequence
Thank you thank you silence

How bout me not blaming you for everything
How bout me enjoying the moment for once
How bout how good it feels to finally forgive you
How bout grieving it all one at a time

Thank you India
Thank you terror
Thank you disillusionment
Thank you frailty
Thank you consequence
Thank you thank you silence

The moment I let go of it
Was the moment I got more than I could handle
The moment I jumped off of it
Was the moment I touched down

How bout no longer being masochistic
How bout remembering your divinity
How bout unabashedly bawling your eyes out
How bout not equating death with stopping

Thank you India
Thank you providence
Thank you disillusionment
Thank you nothingness
Thank you clarity
Thank you thank you silence…

Mental Health Hotline

Hello, and welcome to the Mental Health Hotline.

If you are obsessive-compulsive,
press 1 repeatedly.

If you are codependent,
please ask someone to press 2 for you.

If you have multiple personalities,
press 3, 4, 5, and 6.

If you are paranoid, we know who you are and what you want.
Stay on the line so we can trace your call.

If you are delusional,
press 7 and your call will be transferred to the mother ship.

If you are schizophrenic, listen carefully
and a small voice will tell you which number to press.

If you are manic-depressive,
it doesn’t matter which number you press; no one will answer.

If you are dyslexic,
press 9696969696969696.

If you have a nervous disorder, please fidget with the pound key until a representative comes on the line.

If you have amnesia, press 8 and state your name, address, telephone number, date of birth, Social Security number, and your mother’s maiden name.

If you have post-traumatic stress disorder, s-l-o-w-l-y a-n-d-c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y press 000.

If you have bipolar disorder, please leave a message after the beep or before the beep or after the beep. Please wait for the beep.

If you have short-term memory loss, press 9. If you have short-term memory loss, press 9. If you have short-term memory loss, press 9. If you have short-term memory loss, press 9.

If you have low self-esteem, please hang up. All operators are too busy to talk to you.

Service to Self, Service to Others

I wrote the following over 2 years ago in an email to someone who asked my perspective on this whole STS / STO schtuff, duality, channeling.

They asked if they could post it and did. ¬†I did not have a blog myself then, but now I do, so guess I’ll post it now.

Without naming them, I thank them for their questions.


Well, service to self in what way? ¬†At what level? At what frequency?¬†At a 3D level – with greed, selfish inconsiderateness, not caring who ya step on or ab-use / misuse? ¬†Purely for money or for fame or a following? ¬†Or lust or perhaps out of fear… of being lonely or whatever other dis-empowered motive.¬†

Or service to self at a higher level – self-respect, self-love, getting healed…¬†….¬†¬†to then be able to turn around and help the planet by transmuting millennia of shit energy out or help others and not because you heard someone say some fancy term or line and want to parrot it to others but because you’ve experienced it yourself FIRST, you’ve LIVED it, you KNOW it, you know what works and what doesn’t.

Because you know if you don’t take care of yourself and heal and self-nurture then you really have nothing to offer the next person. ¬†Because if you’re dead you have no help to offer the 3D world.¬†Because, as I said before, what we TRULY have to offer anyone else is our consciousness and how can you offer it to the next person if you don’t get there yourself, FIRST?!

“If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?”¬†

And on the flip side, service to others in what way, at what level, at what frequency, from what agenda or motive?¬†People who have egos and subconscious that are programmed in dis-empowered ways are often ass-kissers, boot-lickers, will do anything to make a buck, to keep a job, to get along, to have a friend, to be popular, to be liked, to have low frequency “power”.

To be “slothful”, to follow someone else’s agenda rather than their own agenda, to “go with the flow” to “fit in”, no matter what the cost to themselves or others, doing all the wrong things because others do and they want to “succeed” at low frequency levels and cave in to all the things they feel in their gut and heart and intuition to be wrong because “that’s just the way it is”.

People who don’t have the guts to tell someone what they need to hear to heal. ¬†People who will enable other’s dysfunction so as not to rock the boat… that often so desperately needs to be rocked. ¬†People who don’t want to rouse the rabble that so desperately needs to be roused.¬†¬†


Then again, duality in what way? ¬†That there are just some things that are complementary, like masculine and feminine? ¬†Neither is bad, but that difference is most certainly part of duality. ¬†Both could stand to be integrated within each individual and no one needs to be androgynous or have a sex change to incorporate both. ¬†Just one example of complements, which means “to make complete”.

Other examples of duality though, in some cases, some dark sides of things could stand to be let go of like ignorance and thinking there are things that just can’t be known. ¬†Like ego issues that on one side make one feel grandiose while on the other side make people “play small” and claim “I’m only human” as some sort of cop-out, some excuse to not be all they can be.

And societal programming that deems that some things are bad or wrong when in reality there may be nothing wrong with them or in some cases, these things judged as “wrong” or “bad” are actually strengths and are downright healthy.

In this planetary ascension, those who get themselves to a 5D level are serving themselves , serving their own soul by healing, clearing, releasing and upgrading.  Nothing wrong with that.  If 7 billion people would have been self-centered (centered on self) in THAT way, we and Gaia would have all been outta here long ago and the work, the burden would have been spread around evenly and not just put on a small minority of people.

Heal themselves first, then and only then can they go on to serve the planet and others in any higher level energetic capacity.

And yet along the way, in the effort to offer consciousness they can do that for the next person on some topic that they are even 1/2 a step ahead on.

Yeah, I don’t like the ambiguity of these terms STS & STO. ¬†Those terms are very black and white and biased in its perspective, in its assumption that everyone will just see it the right way, the most healthy way for all involved… and those terms are too easily misunderstood / misinterpreted in a very harmful and dis-empowering way… and nobody bothers to explain.


Btv (Below The Veil – BTV) or atv (Above The Veil – ATV) there are WAY too many assumptions that just because different entities / beings are using the same terms / words, there must be an understanding, there must be the SAME interpretations and definitions because it’s the same word. ¬†Errr! ¬†Wrong answer!

A recent channeled message said this:
“Even though the techniques necessary to fulfill your dreams have been outlined for some time, those techniques were ignored, misunderstood or denied.”

Ok, if we apply that to your run-of-the-mill LW (Lightworker – Information Worker), yep.

But look at all the channelled messages that didn’t get these people on the right track in the first place. ¬†How many channelled messages have said some emotions are good and some bad? ¬†Don’ feel angry or bored or whatever. ¬†What?

From a bunch of unemotional non-humans who don’t know wtf they are talking about?! ¬†¬†Oh, they are proving now they can dish out the tough love message (about time) and yet where are they accepting the responsibility for their part, their role in the misunderstanding?¬†How many times have the human channeller’s gotten the message wrong, stated it wrong or misinterpreted it after the fact and yet where are these channeling entities to make that correction?

“Hey there dear human, we can tell by what you told others that you did not correctly interpret our message, so we’d like to explain further…” ¬†Do they even bother to check in and see how humans, especially their own channeling human is interpreting their message?

And why are human channellers just swallowing all these messages without question? ¬†And even when the message is a good one, why aren’t they making sure that they themselves actually understand it and LIVE it?¬†¬†ETs and LWs, a match made in hell. ¬†The blind leading the blind.

Bottom line?

TRUE service is never bad!

This whole STS / STO business superficially makes it sound like serving oneself is bad while serving others is good.  That right there is one of the most disempowering programs running in this world.

You must make and keep yourself your top priority!

And there are those “lightworkers” who have so much dysfunctional dogma to defend around this whole STS / STO line and would love to distract you with the tomes of it that I’m sure there is, whether it takes all that to get the gist across or not. ¬†They have no clue how steeped in their “religion” they are. ¬†They don’t like to be alone in their distraction and “worshipping” of entities who like to push this STS / STO line, but eventually they’ll have to face the reality that putting one self first is the proper order of things. ¬†Anything else is just keeping them from moving forward on their own healing, empowerment and ascension path… and hence, keeping them from being of any TRUE service to others. ¬†The more they resist their own healing and Divine connection, the longer they postpone their ability to even BE of much TRUE SERVICE to anyone else.

I told someone it’s about frequency so perhaps expressing it in “light vs. dark” instead of “self vs. other” terms would have been better.

They said that “in Ra’s cosmology dark has its purpose”. ¬†Gee, ya think?!

But there’s so much dogma they have to defend in their worship of Ra. ¬†Who the hell is Ra?! ¬†That’s a rhetorical question… for all you info-overload / news addicts types who’d now like to tell me who “Ra” is. ¬†lol ¬†(Yeah, yeah, I’ve utilized so-called “Ra energy”, once upon a time. ¬†*yawn*) ¬†Overuse your pea brain much? ¬†A little unbalanced there perhaps? ¬†(And Ra is not the only channeled ET source to talk about this whole STS / STO thing. ¬†*yawn* ¬†Old crap that just seems to keep catching more new people.)

Is Ra your higher self? ¬†Is Ra God? ¬†(“God is Source. ¬†Everything else is just Re-Source.”) ¬†Then who the hell is Ra? ¬†To you?! ¬†A frickin’ nobody, that’s who. ¬†He’s your peer at best… if even. ¬†I’m glad that the Ra Material spoke to you… how long ago now? ¬†You’ve not learned and grown any since? ¬†Perhaps it’s time to step out of grade school and get on to high school. ¬†No doubt you’re allowing Ra to serve as a “middleman” when you could instead be utilizing your direct connection to God / Prime Creator / All-That-Is… as Sovereign Beings do. ¬†Ooh, but that just might require you put yourself first, eh? ¬†Dang. ¬†Gosh oh gee, now who do you think is going to best serve others, those who are utilizing their direct connection to God or those who aren’t?

I told them in MY cosmology, SELF has its purpose.  Duh.  Goodness sakes but this whole healing and ascension business IS about SELF, gee, ya know, since Self is the part of All-That-Is that YOU were put in charge of, that YOU have anything resembling control over.  Ready to actually take some Responsibility yet?

You don’t make choices for others or for the collective, you make YOUR OWN CHOICES. ¬†The whole collective connection thing just is AND IS THE SINGLE BIGGEST INFLUENCE YOU HAVE ON OTHERS. ¬†By making certain choices, you energetically are making that choice more available or perceivable to others, but you still don’t get to choose for them.

So now, what do YOU have to donate to that Collective Innernet? ¬†Is it worth a darn? ¬†Maybe cleaning up your own back yard would put the absolute best quality energy out there to others, eh? ¬†Use your Inner Technology to that end instead of the headless-chicken “altruism” tango.

Our Inner Causal Realms CREATE the World of Outer Effects. ¬†Your preoccupation with “helping” / “saving” / “rescuing” others is like… stepping up to a mirror, seeing you have something on your face and trying to wipe it off… in your reflection. ¬†The “in here” CREATES the “out there”. ¬†Your greatest creative work, MOST ESPECIALLY TOWARDS HELPING OTHERS, is done within!

But people like this think they can somehow magically “join with others” when they’ve yet to tend to joining all aspects of themselves. ¬†Their priorities are screwed up. ¬†They are caught up / distracted in “serving” others “out there” with their rabid altruism – that often does more harm than good as it is often truly based in their own ego issues not on True Divine Service as guided by the All-That-Is – when they would BEST serve others by tending to their own self stuff FIRST / as their top priority “in here”. ¬†They dis the very simple but wise guidance even from the “flight attendant” who advises them to don their own oxygen mask before assisting others with theirs.

In reality, TRULY serving self is actually what best enables one TO serve others.  Priorities!

And there is an awful lot of disservice parading around as service because people have yet to learn what truly SERVES oneself and others and what does not.  Perhaps some discussion with the Divine on such things would be in order.  (just skip the middlemen)

“This Is SO Hard!”

This whole healing and ascension thing can be quite challenging.  Yep, sure can be.

And yet each and everyone of us is a powerful creator who creates through our Thoughts, Words and Deeds. ¬†Are you sure you want to make an already challenging experience worse yet by constantly telling yourself “It’s so hard!”

My own healing and ascension process was challenging, but I really don’t recall myself saying that whole “it’s so hard” bit.

I’ve said similar though since I’ve been used to energetically assist all the people out there who keep making things worse by constantly telling themselves how hard it is. ¬†And yet we forerunners just forged on, gave our feedback to God, stepped up to do our part when God worked to change things up for that whole situation.

Are you all ready yet to release the “It’s so hard” paradigm? ¬†Clean up your language then! ¬†Enough with refreshing your own “It’s so hard” program.


Things ain’t what they used to be it’s theme park living A to Z

(John Prine was making me get in touch with my “Inner Twang”, so these ladies got some of that to offer up.)


Things ain’t what they used to be now I believe in all extremes
Things ain’t what they used to be and that won’t change till we’re a hundred and three
Let’s never try to solve it babe – the equation of you plus me

Things ain’t what they used to be can you believe it all we’ve seen
Things ain’t what they used to be it’s theme park living A to Z
Let’s never try to solve it babe – the equation of you plus me

It’s all the same we’re here today yesterday is just a dream
Ancient history
It’s all the same we figured out what to take and what to leave
For the honey bees

Things ain’t what they used to be no money and no guarantee
Things ain’t what they used to be our future’s in a cup of China tea
Let’s never try to solve it babe – the equation of you plus me


Ascension Update

I guess this is a note from our “sponsor” (word origin = promise solemnly) about the current overall picture.

Today Jesus needed someone to talk to and God obviously needed someone to play cards with. ¬†So, below is the resulting Tarot reading. ¬†He let me know about this yesterday but I’m just now getting there…


Ace of Pentacles
Taking the creative inspiration of Spirit and turning it into physical works.

Knight of Wands
Shift into a new paradigm.

The Warrior
This is a card of powerful forward-moving energies, indicating that you can master adverse circumstances through your determination and courage. Spiritually, this card speaks about the development of the Will. We are all subject to many fears, and it is the warrior’s purpose to seek them out and defeat them.


I said “Jesus you look tired”
He said “Jesus so do you.”

Huh, this explains all the channelers.  Those above the veil obviously just need someone to talk to.


While out sailing on the ocean
While out sailing on the sea
I bumped into the Savior
And He said pardon me
I said “Jesus you look tired”
He said “Jesus so do you,
Sit down son
‘Cause I got some fat to chew”

Everybody needs somebody that they can talk to
Someone to open up their ears
And let that trouble through
Now you don’t have to sympathize
Or care what they may do
But everybody needs somebody that they can talk to

Well he spoke to me of morality
Starvation, pain and sin
Matter of fact the whole dang time
I only got a few words in
But I won’t squawk
Let ’em talk
Hell it’s been a long long time
And any friend that’s been turned down
Is bound to be a friend of mine


Now we sat there for an hour or two
Just eatin’ that Gospel pie
When around the bend come a terrible wind
And lightning lit the sky
He said so long son I gotta run
Appreciate you listening to me
And I believe I heard him sing these words
As he skipped out across the sea


Enabling Others’ Dysfunction

… which is dysfunctional on your part, if you’re doing it.

I recently read an article from someone who was basically asking lightworkers to step up.  Overall it was an ok article.  One thing I read there though jumped out at me as it was way off base and very disempowering.

They basically had made up a list, sorta like “You may still have work to do if…” and made a list of experiences one may be having.

But this one item was “If you are still being triggered and are triggering others.”

Err! ¬†Wrong answer! ¬†… to the last half of that.

You cannot and do not even want to try to make yourself responsible for others’ triggers. ¬†That does not serve you or other. ¬†You are taking on burdens that are not yours. ¬†You’re walking on eggshells for others’¬†buttons and triggers. ¬†The world is full of people with a whole lot of different buttons and triggers. ¬†Are you going to remember all their triggers and walk on eggshells for each different issue? ¬†That’s a lot to keep track of. ¬†What if walking on eggshells for one person triggers the next person? ¬†What will you do then? ¬†That’s quite the jig you’re dancing there… to please others… over their issues. ¬†Theirs. ¬†Don’t stake claim to their crap.

And you’re not doing the other any good by walking on their eggshells. ¬†You’re sending the other the message that what they are doing is ok, that their blow up because you bumped into their trigger is ok to aim at you and you will just adjust for it. ¬†SO messed up.

In that moment of you triggering them, there are a whole lot of empowering messages you could bring to them right then, but what, instead you’re going to just enable their continued dysfunction… and yours?

One more time we come back to Power and Responsibility going hand in hand. ¬†You have absolutely no Power over the next person’s triggers. ¬†They have some healing to do there and you can’t do it for them, so why would you want to try to take Responsibility for those triggers?

But here again, you do have influence. ¬†So rather than doing some hippy dance on a world full of eggshells, you instead remind the other they were just triggered and it’s THEIR trigger and they could stand to own it and by doing so they will start to heal that issue associated with their trigger. ¬†Now THAT is called shining one’s light. ¬†You’ve communicated through your words and also through your actions, including demonstrating that you are not about to enable someone’s continued dysfunction by tip toeing around them and their triggers and issues.

That right there is a true expression of Love and Compassion.


Masculine and Feminine

“Be what you want the world to be.”

How’s about some balance?!

For eons here, Masculine energy has been over-utilized and Feminine energy under-utilized.  But the answer to a patriarchy is not a matriarchy.  This is about balance and integration, not about another pendulum swing.

Part of one’s personal ascension process is to integrate the Masculine and Feminine. ¬†As each and every person becomes more balanced, integrated and whole that in turn makes the world more balanced, integrated and whole. ¬†We’re to bring balance, not REPLACE Masculine with Feminine. ¬†Masculine energy is not going away. ¬†We just usher in more Feminine energy to balance.

Masculine and Feminine energies are not opposites, they are complements, as in, “to complete”. ¬†They complete each other, make whole / holy. ¬†We’re talking about energies here, not people, not the “my other / better half” bullsh*t. ¬†No one else completes you. ¬†You must complete yourself. ¬†Now… two healed people coming together.. now THAT is literally a match made in Heaven. ¬†Good stuff there.

This is also about finally stepping out of the dysfunctional / unevolved characteristics of both Masculine and Feminine.

Ya know, since forever, the two-party political system¬†has used the Republicans to utilize Masculine energies and used the Democrats to utilize Feminine energy. ¬†Do I really need to tell ya that they’ve used the “down” side, the dysfunctional characteristics of both masculine and feminine with the political¬†parties. ¬†The Republicans are overt and tell you what they will do, whether you like it or believe it or not, then they do just that – take that! ¬†The Democrats are covert and they deny they do something and do it anyway – a little manipulation anyone?

But yeah, those are a couple small examples of using these energies for nefarious reasons and purpose, but you can bet that down the road, how folks utilize both of these energies will be in a more evolved way.

So, just what ARE Masculine and Feminine energies? ¬†Well, first and foremost, don’t think that you can make a good judgement of that by going with societal ideas of what women and men should be, what roles they’re “supposed” to play. ¬†There are some rather natural roles that come with the different genders but don’t confuse that with societal b.s. that is thrust on everyone.

You can search this blog for those terms for starters, and the web also and use some understanding tools like astrology, etc. to understand what is really meant by these terms.  This is SO NOT about gender.  The understanding tools can also help you understand the unevolved vs. evolved characteristics of both.

When it comes right down to it, in this Earthly realm that is Dualistic, any and all that exists here can be considered a Masculine or Feminine energy.  Day & night, summer and winter are a couple examples of Masculine & Feminine energies.  Day / summer / solar energy is masculine, active, assertive.  Night / winter / lunar energy is feminine, rest / gathering energy, passive.  Many, many cycles of Life, going back and forth between the Masculine and Feminine.

So, a small example (it’s subtle but the subtle is very significant and it accumulates, you’re always creating) of an overuse of Masculine energy and an underuse / honor of Feminine energy – and yes folks, one imbalance which is demonstrated¬†just as much by women as by men – is how silly humans just insist on being so go, go, go around “holiday time” in the dead of winter. ¬†Party, party, party. ¬†Frickin’ outdo the Griswold’s at outdoor Christmas lights. ¬†Goodness sakes, don’t actually get into the feminine darkness of winter, oh no, just flood the wonderful, peaceful winter darkness with lights every frickin’ where… maybe so ya can’t see the stars for so long you’ll forget they’re there… at a time when one really ought to be resting and gathering energy… in preparation for… summer, the next masculine half of the cycle… because if you don’t capitalize on the Feminine rest / energy-gathering of winter, then you won’t be able to really fully utilize the next Masculine active cycle either. ¬†You must honor both halves of this or you’ll be burning your candle on both ends.

Now, for a very big example of this imbalance that is old and far reaching is how, centuries ago, humans were discouraged from using their intuition, even taught to fear it, that it was bad or demonic or what have ya… or could get you killed by someone who feared it. ¬†The majority of the people killed during the Inquisition were women. ¬†They were feared and demonized because, eee gad!, they were intuitive.

Huge, HUGE blow to Feminine energy right there and here again, one that has affected women even though they tend to be more naturally intuitive and has really struck a blow to men because not only is their (in many cases) intuition not quite as natural to them, but the women who could teach them have been conditioned not to do so.  (Also see Holy Trinity info in Interpretation … of Stairway to Heaven)

The Feminine side of the sleepy masses was gutted by demonizing intuition and now, in recent times, they’re going after the Masculine energies by dissing men and making men seem unimportant and downright obsolete. ¬†“They” never quit.

In a dualistic realm, the Masculine is considered light and the Feminine dark. ¬†It’s not that “dark” means “bad”. ¬†The Masculine is visible and the Feminine is hidden. ¬†Just male and female genitalia give some hint to this. ¬†The Knights Templars built many cathedrals. ¬†What you see of the cathedrals is the Masculine part, but it’s said that there is as much underground as what sticks up above the ground and what’s underground, that which is hidden, is the Feminine part. ¬†Often there are Black Madonna statues in the underground part of the cathedrals. ¬†It represents the Earth in part and Feminine energy / dark / hidden / shadow.

So, here again, I have to chuckle at many lightworkers who are so pushing Feminine energy, fine and well in general, ya know to balance things out so we can finally step out of the patriarchy, but many of these lightworkers seem scared as hell to address their own shadow aspects. ¬†*shaking head* ¬†You’re not going to bring the Feminine energy balance to your own life and bring it to the world if you’re not courageous enough to face your own shadow / darkness.

I’d recently said in comments that the cabal likes to hijack current energies…

I feel the Millennials / Gen Y folks were to actually help usher in Unity Consciousness but the cabal influenced them at an early age, especially through the education system, to do everything in groups. ¬†They were essentially “trained” to be codependent. ¬†They were taught to find unity “out there” or horizontally rather than unifying vertically with all aspects of themselves “in here” first before unifying with others. ¬†(See¬†Unity¬†post.)

I feel in this same way the cabal have hijacked this Masculine and Feminine integration thing with all this “trans-trender” / gender-fluidity propaganda push. ¬†This is a step in the direction of transhumanism, pretty much just turning humans into cyborgs. ¬†Here again, they are making people turn an “in here” thing into an “out there” thing. ¬†As if some boy / man has to put on a dress or have body parts removed in order to get in touch with their Feminine aspects (or vise versa). ¬†Not. ¬†This integration may not exclude crossdressing or what have ya (hey, whatever turns your crank) but don’t confuse the two. ¬†Don’t get distracted with trying to change your “out there” when the task at hand, along with your other healing and ascension work, is ENERGETIC integration “in here”.

Hey, addressing and honoring the physical part of you is part of all of this and yeah, loving and accepting all parts of you, including your human aspects, including ¬†your physical body is important and, for the most part, one is either male or female in this dualistic Earthly realm. ¬†Hey embrace it, it’s you… for now. ¬†Transgenders also. ¬†But there again, it’s not necessary to alter your body, just accept it. ¬†It’s temporary. ¬†Whether you depart from this world through the death portal or through the ascension portal, your current 3D carbon-based body is temporary. It’s also part of the experience you are having, so have it. ¬†You can do or be something else in some other life, perhaps in some other place… and if you want a new outward gender after you ascend, it’s QED… but for now, how’s about being right here, right now. ¬†I cast no judgement, but if it were me and all else was the same, only thing different was that I felt I was transgender, I absolutely would not take hormones or have surgery. ¬†I respect my body too much for that. ¬†And that thing I just said about one’s current¬†body being temporary… I KNOW it. ¬†… and I love me, all aspects of me. ¬†My body has been a total champ in this ascension effort, which I completely appreciate and don’t hesitate to express that to my body.

I’m not so comfortable in my ascension-hell-years fat-suit either, complete with next to no energy, but… it’s temporary. ¬†And our 3D carbon-based body is what we have… until we don’t. ¬†It’s not only our vehicle to motor around in on the 3D physical plane it is also kind of our vehicle outta here since we are in it while we go through our healing and ascension process, so it serves to take care of it as best ya can. ¬†You’ll be in that body until you die or cross over the consciousness veil and fully transition to 5D.

Folks, please look up information about Masculine and Feminine energies, perhaps some esoteric info – word origin of esoteric = “within” or “into”. ¬†And inwardly is where your Masculine and Feminine integration will happen.


Sacred Symbology / Sacred Geometry.

Feminine and Masculine energies before becoming a Merkaba (above).  

Feminine pyramid (top) has its foundation in “Heaven” and yet has a point reaching to Earth. ¬†The Masculine pyramid (bottom) has its foundation in “Earth” and yet has a point reaching to Heaven. ¬†

The two united in the Merkaba.  In a 2D depiction, the Star of David represents the Merkaba with its two equilateral triangles.  In a 3D depiction, a Merkaba is a Star Tetrahedron Рtwo tetrahedrons, which are 4-sided objects with each side being an equilateral triangle.


Don’t worry when you find that sometimes Feminine energy gets the “Heavenly” position at times and the “Earthly” position at others. ¬†Same with Masculine. ¬†Don’t allow this to confuse you. ¬†It’s a natural physics / metaphysics / Divine plan sort of weaving and dancing of these two energies in such a way that naturally wants to bring balance. ¬†Let’s just say that Duality contains all the components that one needs for Unity, it’s just about integration.

For example, with the depictions of the Merkaba as shown above, the Feminine is more Heavenly and the Masculine more Earthly.

But, when you look at the 4 elements of astrology, you see that Fire (Spirit) and Air (Mind) elements are Masculine and yet are more Heavenly energies, while the Earth (Physical) and Water (Emotional) elements are Feminine and yet are more Earthly energies.

And also notice in the picture above of the pre-united Masculine and Feminine that the Watery Feminine downward-pointing pyramid is on an “Air” background, which is Masculine. ¬†The Fiery Masculine upward-pointing pyramid has an “Earth” background, which is Feminine.

Also, as I say, there is a close connection between:

Mind (Masculine, Air element, Heavenly) and Body (Feminine, Earth element, Earthly).

And also a close connection between:

Spirit (Masculine, Fire element, Heavenly) and Emotions (Feminine, Water element, Earthly).

You Got This!

Ha, when I first typed in that title, muscle memory made me type “You God This”. ¬†Accurate.

As some of you may recall, years ago there was a mass UFO sighting (literally, as in unidentified flying objects) over Phoenix, which came to be known as the Phoenix lights.  Many people saw them.

So, not long after, I’d heard someone tell a tale about this. ¬†They or someone they knew had contacted a news agency of some sort in Phoenix as this was going on. ¬†They asked the news person what was going on there. ¬†The news person said, “I’ll check the wire” meaning the AP (Associated Press) news wire. ¬†This person who contacted them laughed. Here they were contacting someone local to this news event who wanted to “check the wire” when in reality, they would be the ones to put that news ON the wire because they were local to the event.

Well, I’ve seen parallels of that story in our ascension story.

First, as you can read about in the post¬†The Higher Self, the higher self (HS) works with us to regain our Divine connection, but once we have, we’re kinda on our own, our higher self having fulfilled its duties and obligations to us. ¬†Then it’s time for us to step into some bigger shoes.

So, yeah, during the personal healing and ascension process, the HS assists and guides and you can bet that they can and will draw on other humans’ healing experiences in order to guide their own human. ¬†There are plenty of areas of common ground concerning healing, oh heavens, there were frickin’ blueprints set up by the ancients for this. ¬†So, while healing and working on your ascension process, you are receiving guidance on how to go about that.

When we complete our ascension process, then we step into service work for the collective.

When my friend and I were working above the veil (atv) we came to realize early on that, even though we still had God’s guidance and assistance, we were the “frontline”. ¬†We’d reached a point where God could not guide us based on anyone’s prior experience as we were now in uncharted territory. ¬†It was now we forerunners who were to be “putting the news on the wire”. ¬†God was looking for cues from us as much as we from Him. ¬†He could not advise us on things no one else had done before. ¬†He could and did provide us with a higher perspective, an atv perspective and He certainly assigned us to some tasks.

And what we did atv and energetically to assist in this planetary and collective ascension is done now, but everyone else can count on there being plenty of new ground to cover in this massive ascension project.  Many lightworkers who have now recently or will soon complete / become ascension-ready / fully embody their Christ Consciousness will now find themselves in uncharted territory.

Do you think Lewis and Clark refused to continue on their mission just because they couldn’t get guidance from home? ¬†Lightworkers, time for you to put the news on the wire.

With increased awareness comes increased responsibility.

Lightworkers step up!

You Got / God This!

“The Work” of Ascension

I won’t mention names, but I just came across a video where someone talked about ascension. ¬†They mention two names of people who talk ascension. ¬†One of these people I know to be out and out fraudulent and the other well, I’ve had absolutely no draw to them myself (need I say more?), nevermind you’re hard pressed to look at anything ascension-related without running across them.

But in mentioning them, this video maker kinda poo-pooed ascension. ¬†No wonder considering who they’ve been listening to on this matter. ¬†They said it sounded like the rapture or something. ¬†To me the rapture always sounded like something done to or for you, but that’s not how it works. ¬†Ascension is something you do for yourself… that no one else, God / All That Is / Prime Creator included, CAN do for you. ¬†Others have blazed and paved the trail for you, but we can’t make ya walk it.

This video maker also said these two who talk of ascension keep talking about doing “the work” with no explanation of what “the work” is.

They said these two ascension talkers act like you have to be “special” in some way to ascend. ¬†Oh, you do have to do your inner work, but past that, this whole ascension gig is not an elitist thing. ¬†It’s for anyone who chooses it and does “the work”. ¬†No one can do “the work” for you and no one can keep you from it… only you.

If anyone asks you what “the work” of ascension is, please refer them to this blog and tell ’em to start reading from the beginning. ¬†There’re currently only just over 100 posts, which are basic healing, empowerment and ascension fundamentals… not my own personal daily diary entries. ¬†I don’t have all the answers for you. ¬†What I give you is the overall gist of this healing and ascension process so you have some idea of where to start and what it’s about. ¬†The details FOR YOU are for you and the Divine to work out.

But yeah, I’m happy to let my blog serve to answer the question of ¬†– What is “the work” of ascension? ¬†No one ought to be left wondering what that is.

Take it from me and The Love Guru – The only way out is in! ¬†(I’ve said that for years and lmao to hear the Guru say it. ¬†So wise he is! ¬†ūüėČ )

Darren, the only way out is in.

See post¬†Healing / Inner Work ‚Äď What Is It?

Check out the One of These Things… page for what to expect of this blog.

Let go, let God


To the Divine.  Your own Divine Self.

Allow yourself to Live ON PURPOSE, to live your soul mission.

Get out of your own way.  To hell with your mundane level plans.  If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.

Bypass all the middlemen, go straight to Source / God / All That Is / Prime Creator. ¬†This ascension is a big project, don’t allow the middlemen, humans or ETs, to get between you and God.

Don’t let a book, including¬†“the good book”, get between you and God either. ¬†But then again, in the 4th century, when the Romans and the Catholics put the Bible together, you can bet they wanted it to get between you and God, that was EXACTLY their intention / motivation… and you’re helping them do just that. ¬†They got ya. ¬†Why would you go through a bunch of ancient authors that have been interpreted and translated by many, MANY others, over and over (*yawn*), when you can utilize your direct Divine connection and go directly to God?!


Again, I offer this from ‚ÄúThe Angels Within Us‚ÄĚ by John Randolph Price:

The next¬†coded¬†instruction is to stand still. ¬†In the ancient schools ‚Äústand still‚ÄĚ meant to enter into a state of¬†serenity and trust through complete¬†surrender to the Presence within and to have faith in the activity of the Spirit. ¬†For a greater understanding of what this means, imagine yourself as a musical instrument, a clarinet for example. ¬†See the¬†instrument as you would on a¬†Saturday-morning¬†children‚Äôs cartoon ‚Ästalive and animated. ¬†It has free will, which means that it thinks it can play itself, so it functions in the world by¬†striking its own keys, blowing its own squealing notes. ¬†And all the time the Master Musician is waiting to¬†play the most harmonious melody the world has ever heard.

As time passes, the little clarinet discovers metaphysics and begins to tell the Master Musician within what notes to play for it: ‚ÄúOh Mighty Spirit, play the note for a new car for me, for¬†money in the bank and a new job.‚ÄĚ ¬†At first this new way of playing brings results, but they are not lasting. ¬†Then the little¬†clarinet seeks to make his demonstrations¬†more ‚Äúspiritual‚ÄĚ and begins to listen for instructions from the Master within as to¬†what notes to play: ‚ÄúLord, give me the note for health¬†and happiness and I will surely play it in your name.‚ÄĚ ¬†And again some fruit falls from¬†the tree, but the taste is not satisfying. ¬†Finally the clarinet‚Äôs consciousness evolves to the point where it declares, ‚ÄúI surrender to the great I AM THAT I AM. ¬†Master, play your notes through me!‚ÄĚ

Who Will NOT Ascend?

Years ago, I’d come across a TV evangelist who had made a revelation. ¬†There are passages in Matthew 24 which describe “who would not get to the Kingdom of Heaven”. ¬†This evangelist thought to look at this list the way you would read an ingredient list on food packages – what there is the most of is listed first, then on down the line. ¬†On this list are the usual suspects like murderers and thieves, etc. but at the top of the list – the fearful.

A few weeks back I came across someone’s comment on a blog. ¬†They were basically saying that if it wasn’t for the “Religion of Peace” then perhaps all others would be able to embrace 5D, etc.

I had this to tell them:

What those of the “Religion of Peace” (how Orwellian is that?!) have to get from all this is one thing. What they are helping others with is another thing. Everyone else, individuals or collectives at some level or other, including the nation level, are learning how to¬†set boundaries and stand in their own power.

Europeans are struggling with concerns about “being racist” vs being raped, both literally and figuratively. Some rape victims won’t even report the crime because they don’t want to “play into racism.” If that isn’t the epitome of some severe lack of self-respect and self-love, I don’t know what is. And what? Like NOT reporting the crime is somehow helping the criminal / thug? Really?

As drag queen Ru Paul says, “If ya can’t love yourself, how the hell ya gonna love somebody else?”

Sad the level things need to get to before people start being MORE Self-Centered, as in Centered on Self. It all starts with self. Read the book “Awake & Aware – Top Priority: Self” for how to get one’s priorities straight.

So, this person makes it sound like if we can just somehow get rid of all the “villains” out there then everyone else will be magically ready to ascend. ¬†Nope, don’t think so. ¬†Sorry to have to break this to ya, but the “victims” won’t be ascending either.

There is much talk these days of doing one’s “shadow work”. ¬†Rightly so. ¬†Yep, you’ll have to connect with the Divine as part of your healing and ascension process, but you’ll also have to address your shadow.

In many cases, one’s shadow, one’s own darkness has mostly to do with ignorance, ya know, that whole “in the dark” thing. ¬†The ignorance causes disempowerment. ¬†Just being “nice” and not being an ax murderer is not enough. ¬†If you attract ax murderers you won’t be ascending before they will. ¬†Not really a joke – we draw to us what we fear.

So, there will be many “shadow parts” that you will eventually just release because they belong to a disempowering experience and you’ve had enough of that.

There are also “shadow parts” that really aren’t “bad” or even “dark” but people have allowed society to convince them that these characteristics are not desirable. ¬†Folks could stand to realize this and embrace these characteristics, to reclaim them and utilize them, not to mention gift the world with them.

No folks, what you’ve possibly “done unto others” really isn’t what will keep you from ascending – everyone is redeemable. ¬†We just might get some reformed ax murderers ascending too. ¬†Yep, good chance of that. ¬†They turn around and do the inner work, yep, they’re in.

But what you do to yourself with your disempowering thoughts and beliefs and how you ab-use yourself and allow others to ab-use you, those kinds of things can and will keep you from “the Kingdom of Heaven”. ¬† There’s that Power and Responsibility thing again. ¬†You want your Power? ¬†You’ll have to take Responsibility for your own creations.

In¬†K.I.S.S. ing Ascension, I describe how, in broad terms, ascension is about Divine connection AND healing, which in LARGE PART has to do with addressing one’s shadow, one’s own darkness.

It reminds me of a twist on the first step of all those 12-step programs, so instead of “admitting you have a problem” it’s more a case of starting from a point of acceptance. ¬†Not acceptance like in “condoning” something, but more of acceptance as in “this IS how things are in this moment”. ¬†Denial is more than just a river in Egypt and there is no “healing” happening or perhaps not finishing as long as you are not willing to face your shadow, your own darkness.

Just being nice, wearing the crystals and the flowy purple dresses, saying “Namaste”, putting out flowery messages and “playing a part” aren’t enough to get the job done.

That superficial makeover isn’t the deep clean required.

The first step is looking right at your darkness.  Ask the Divine to assist.

Grand Illusion

“Grand Illusion”

The obliteration of your isolation
the complete explosion of your fondest notion
This disintegration is your elevation
It’s a grand illusion, it’s a grand illusionYou’re crying, you’re trying so hard now
You’ll be laughing¬†a hundred thousand years
There is only one day and tonight is the night
It’s a grand illusion

The devastation of your separation
The disillusion of your constitution
It’s exhilaration, it’s your liberation
It’s a grand illusion, it’s a grand illusion

You’re crying, you’re trying so hard now
You’ll be laughing a hundred thousand years
There is only one day and tonight is the night
It’s a grand illusion

War Pigs

Dedicated to Senator John McCain.

Judgement Day is here John.

“War Pigs”

Generals gathered in their masses
Just like witches at black masses
Evil minds that plot destruction
Sorcerers of death’s construction
In the fields the bodies burning
As the war machine keeps turning
Death and hatred to mankind
Poisoning their brainwashed minds
Oh lord yeah!

Politicians hide themselves away
They only started the war
Why should they go out to fight?
They leave that role to the poor

Time will tell on their power minds
Making war just for fun
Treating people just like pawns in chess
Wait ’til their judgement day comes

Now in darkness world stops turning
Ashes where the bodies burning
No more war pigs at the power
Hand of God has struck the hour
Day of judgement, God is calling
On their knees the war pig’s crawling
Begging mercy for their sins
Satan laughing spreads his wings
oh lord yeah!


Concerning lyrics below, well no, Columbus was not “lost”. ¬†He had a map. ¬†He didn’t “discover” diddly in¬†this¬†sense of the word:

find (something or someone) unexpectedly or in the course of a search

Like I heard an American Indian comedian say years ago (and I paraphrase), “How can you ‘discover’ a land where people already live? ¬†That’d be like me going out into the parking lot and ‘discovering’ that Lamborghini.”

No, they’d known of the land to the west called La Merika. ¬†When Columbus set sail it was a Kodak Moment, a public relations stunt, a way to announce to the general masses that it was time to get their slave selves, at their own expense and effort, to the new land, to build that up for the cabal. ¬†So, Columbus DID “discover” La Merika, but more in this definition of the word:

divulge (a secret)

And what would prompt people¬†to move to La Merika? ¬†Well, what’s said on the plaque at the Statue of Liberty gives a hint:

“Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

The PTWs (powers that were) ¬†just made things so unbearable in people’s¬†home countries that folks would expend their own energies and resources to get themselves to the New World.

Well Tracy, the worm has turned.  No more conquering of Americans.

And… concerning the lyrics…

The meek shall inherit the Earth… while the masters will ascend to Gaia.


You were lost and got lucky
Came upon the shore
Found you were conquering America
You spoke of peace
But waged a war
While you were conquering America

There was land to take
And people to kill
While you were conquering America
You served yourself
Did God’s will
While you were conquering America

The ghost of Columbus haunts this world
‘Cause you’re still conquering America
The meek won’t survive
Or inherit the earth
‘Cause you’re still conquering America


You found bodies to serve
Submit and degrade
While you were conquering America
Made us soldiers and junkies
Prisoners and slaves
While you were conquering America


Your hands are at my throat
My back’s against the wall
Because you’re still conquering America
We’re sick and tired hungry and poor
‘Cause you’re still conquering America

You bomb the very ground
That feeds your own babies
You’re still conquering America
Your sons and your daughters
May never sing your praises
While you’re conquering America


I see your eyes seek a distant shore
While you’re conquering America
Taking rockets to the moon
Trying to find a new world
And you’re still conquering America


The ghost of Columbus haunts this world
‘Cause you’re still conquering America
You’re still conquering America
You’re still conquering America


Here’s someone who understood what was going on in this world:

Russell Means:  Americans Are The New Indian


Two adventurers were moving through the jungle when they came upon some tribal people.  They quickly hid so they could observe.  The tribal people had this big stone zero-shaped sculpture and they were bowing down to it.

One adventurer turns to the other and says, “Is Nothing sacred?”

Understanding Tools

This is the term I like to use with such things as astrology or face reading or the like.  Ya know, the kinds of methods that allow you to understand yourself and others better.

I always like to say – Two ways to understanding, either through compassion or personal experience… but these understanding tools can help also.

I always like to emphasize the proper balance in perspective concerning¬†the individual and the collective. ¬†Individual and indivisible come from the same root word. ¬†But collectives are made up of individuals, each doing their part. ¬†“Collectives” technically don’t really “do” much of anything. ¬†The individuals within the collective do. ¬†And like the old line – it takes all kinds to make the world go ’round.

In so many ways we have so very much in common. ¬†From the most sleepy and dysfunctional person to the most conscious, from the wounded to the healed, when it comes right down to it, we all have so much more in common than we have differences. ¬†And there are really only so many variables here. ¬†Many variables and yet still only so many. ¬†Using astrology as an example, everyone’s birth chart has the same 12 signs and 10 planets. ¬†Yep, all sorts of subtly in characteristics according to house, degree, what aspects what, etc. but it’s all Earth-centric, all about the energies an Earthling has to deal with, is exposed to, has to work with.

And yet, the differences do exist. ¬†Just because someone is different (maybe you yourself are the someone) doesn’t necessarily mean these differences are¬†“issues”. ¬†But before we come to understand some of what’s behind the differences, it can be easy in a 3D-Earth-paradigm state of mind to judge and find fault with others who are only just being themselves and bringing to the world what they came to bring.

The face reading I learned was based on the 5 element theory of Chinese medicine.  So, the 5 elements are the 4 of astrology РFire, Earth, Air (or Metal in Chinese medicine), Water Рand the 5th element is Wood.

Because I’ve come to understand the differences in personality between the 5 elements, I just see people being themselves when others may have some issue with these people’s personality traits.

For example, if, in a gathering of people, one person, no matter what topic or who brings it up, this one person always somehow makes it all about them, well, the next person might see this as problematic “They’re so full of themselves!”, whereas I would just know I was observing a Fire element.

Another person there may be very forceful and loves to use a closed fist gesture.  The next person may see them as angry or aggressive, but I just see a Wood element.

I’ve often thought that this disempowering 3D Earth paradigm has made everyone feel like there is something wrong with them. ¬†Is there anyone who feels like they fit in anymore? ¬†Even the straight, white male now feels oppressed and persecuted. ¬†Yep, “the theys” used their salami tactics to carve away at one social group after another and now they’ve caught them all.

And the programming has people wanting to be something other than themselves “Oh, I wish I had a nose like hers”… while she probably wishes she had a nose like the next person. ¬†So, just what is that ever-elusive gold standard that everyone seems to be shooting for?

How’s about looking no further than the mirror. ¬†That seems like a fine gold standard to aspire to.

In some discussion on the Enneagram of Personality, which is a personality typing method involving nine (enne) personality types, someone had said that the conventional psychology / psychiatric world has a “disorder” or mental problem or the like¬†for every one of these personality types.

Sure, there is an up and a down side to every type, element, sign, whatever. ¬†There are unevolved and evolved characteristics for each. ¬†But really? ¬†No matter who? ¬†Everyone has a disorder? ¬†Now, no doubt that folks got stuff to heal but just the old paradigm’s way of assigning some bad label to every frickin’ personality type, being all judgy about it… and of course they don’t want people to know that whatever issues they may have they can heal. ¬†Don’t frickin’ empower anyone whatever ya do… just make ’em feel like there’s something wrong with them… that can’t be fixed… or worse yet, “Here’s your prescription.”

By learning and using understanding tools, you come to understand yourself and others better. ¬†You come to know that we don’t all have the same needs, desires, talents, skills, foibles, whatever. ¬†By understanding your own element (or sign or type, etc) you can relax into being you and not pressure yourself to be like others. ¬†By understanding others’ elements, you can allow them to be themselves without reading anything else into it. ¬†Knowing such things help people work together.


My face reading instructor does Feng Shui also, but she doesn’t do it in a traditional way, like the desk has to be in this room facing that direction kinda thing, but instead focuses on the elements of the people living there. ¬†So here are a couple of stories about people learning about theirs and others’ elements and then working towards more harmony.

She went to advise a couple of gals who were roommates.  One gal was an Earth element while the other was Metal.

Earth elements just love their “things”. ¬†Earths like and can put up with a rather large amount of clutter. ¬†If someone is a hoarder you can probably count on them being an Earth element. ¬†They’re the ones you can almost count on having a mantle full of family photos. ¬†They love their Earth tones.

Metals on the the other hand can be rather ascetic, liking a sparsely furnished and decorated place.  Less is more.  Monochromes over colors.   If any element abhors clutter it would be Metals.

So they were informed about themselves and each other. ¬†Their solution? ¬†They literally divided the shared living areas right down the middle. ¬†One half of the living room was very Earth and the other half very Metal… and that worked for them. ¬†They came to understand what both of them needed, they allowed that for themselves and the other.

In another case, she was asked to come do Feng Shui for a couple whose young son would not come out of his bedroom when he was home and he always kept the door closed. ¬†It didn’t take long to understand why that was. ¬†Upon first meeting, she knew the parents were both¬†blatantly obviously Fire elements. ¬†The son was obviously Water.

They then showed her their son’s room. ¬†Just outside his room, across from the door was this huge painting that was VERY Fire element. ¬†It was modern art with big splashes of red. ¬†Yep, totally understandable why the Fire parents like this painting, but it was a bit much on their energetically sensitive and emotional Water son. ¬†Subconsciously, that painting may have seemed like a murder scene to the Water son. ¬†She explained this to the parents who then promptly took the painting down and their son no longer hid in his room and if in there didn’t feel a need to always have the door closed.


Are you still being all judgy about yourself and others… even and perhaps especially with the stuff that has nothing to do with anything other than just element, personality type or what have ya? ¬†Ya know, like they (you) didn’t assault anyone, it’s not wounds or dysfunctions, they (you) just have their (your) own preferences and their (your) own way to be. ¬†No crime in that. ¬†Ask the Divine to bring you just the right understanding tools so you can actually see things for what they really are.

Ask for Compassion so you can cut yourself and your fellow human some slack, knowing that all differences aren’t “bad” in some way and even the wounds and dysfunctions are healable and EVERYONE IS REDEEMABLE. ¬†Kinda the whole point of what we’re doing here. ¬†Don’t act so surprised when some former Walking Zombie actually wakes up. ¬†Don’t act surprised when the former Walking Wounded actually heal. ¬†Don’t act surprised when the formerly disempowered step into their own Power.

Some of people’s differences have to do with strengths, not weaknesses. ¬†Some with energies that piss off people’s “inner demons”. ¬†Why do you think the Divine sent them with that energy? ¬†It all has its place.

Let the Divine and the Understanding Tools help you see more clearly and with it create more loving and accepting relationships.

Everybody Lay Down

Hey there “meek”, aren’t you tired of laying down?

“Everybody Lay Down”

Everybody go ’round, go ’round, go ’round
Everybody lay down, lay down, lay down
Don’t nobody make a sound
Everybody lay down

Everybody give up, give up, give up
Nobody hang tough, hang tough, hang tough
Life a little too rough
Everybody lay down

Everybody say hey, don’t nobody say no
Everybody say wait, don’t nobody say go
Everybody lay down

Everybody cry loud, cry loud, cry loud
Nobody too proud, too proud, too proud
To tell you what they’re all about
Everybody lay down

Everybody don’t care, don’t care, don’t care
Nobody play fair, play fair, play fair
Maybe everybody too scared
Everybody lay down

Everybody say hey, don’t nobody say no
Everybody say wait, don’t nobody say go
Everybody lay down

Everybody’s wanting higher
Everybody wanna touch the fire
Nobody willing to lay it all down

Everybody want heaven
Everybody say amen
One thing is certain
You gotta lay it all down

Everybody say hey, don’t nobody say no
Everybody say wait, don’t nobody say go
Everybody lay down

The meek shall inherit the Earth

… while the masters will ascend to 5D Gaia.

The meek submit to the worldly paradigm, while the masters surrender to the Divine.


quiet, gentle, and easily imposed on; submissive


a skilled practitioner of a particular art or activity

Master of what?  Of oneself.

To get there, just be the truest version of your True Self that you can muster in any given moment.  One foot in front of the other.


Alternate title – Don’t Put YOUR Sh*t on Me.

Are you projecting onto others what is yours? ¬†Your dysfunctional programs might just love that but it’s not serving you, others or the world. ¬†It’s certainly not serving this ascension project. ¬†Ready to let go of that yet?

First, there’s the concept of “mirroring”. ¬†Basically, if something about someone else really bothers you, you more than likely have that very same issue yourself and you don’t like it in yourself any more than you do in others and yet you deny that it is yours. ¬†Like stepping up to a mirror, seeing you have something on your face and you try to wipe it off… in your reflection.

And this might be about a character trait that is not even “bad” per se, but one’s¬†programming has made them think it is bad.

One tact you might consider is to actually allow yourself to consciously express this trait that you have, that you see mirrored in others and yet that bothers you so.  Perhaps then you can break away from being so judgy about it.

Projection¬†is a little different than mirroring. ¬†One significant difference between mirroring and projection is that with mirroring, both parties share the same traits or issues or perhaps even complementary issues, whereas with projection the one doing the projection is the one who has these traits or issues and puts that on others as if other people have these issues when they don’t.

Programmed humans are also into that whole misery loves company thing, hanging out with people with similar issues and programs. ¬†Life in an echo chamber. ¬†They’ll speak of resonance but what are they supposedly “resonating” with? ¬†Each other’s dysfunction? ¬†Yep, similar frequency and issues. ¬†It’s called codependency folks.

And they just hate it when someone or something comes along and stirs their pot. ¬†They like their little codependent “friends” (with friends like that…) ¬†and call them their teammates but anyone who is not right in stride with them are seemingly not their teammate.

I love sports analogies, most especially where the word “team” comes up. ¬†So, this person would be like a member of a high school sports team. ¬†They’re a Sophomore (and in real life and spiritually really rather sophomoric to boot) and they will only see other Sophomores as their teammates. ¬†The Freshman, Juniors and Seniors, in their warped reality, are somehow not their teammates. ¬†*scratching head*

But whether they consciously realize it or not, when new and fresh input comes along, they ARE having Divine-level resonance. ¬†It’s just also affecting their little “demons” / disempowered programs / conditioning, which are re-acting. ¬†So… resonance with something that is true will be indicated by a strong emotional response, which may not always be a warm and fuzzy feeling or even an “ah ha” moment. ¬†Instead it might be very intense denial or rejection… or projection. ¬†Hey those little demons / programs recognize healing wisdom when they see / hear it and that’s the last thing they want. ¬†They’ll fight it tooth and nail.


Once, over several months, myself and others¬†witnessed a lightworker who obviously had anger issues. ¬†From what I could tell, by both things said and the outward symptoms – usually coming in the form of projection – they had pent up anger, which was a “bad” thing according to some “program” implanted in them, probably in childhood. ¬†I’ve seen this person say since that as a child, they were indeed told not to express anger.

That’s how it was in their case and lord knows what program their parent was running to say that to them, but these things can come about in different ways. ¬†Perhaps as a child someone had someone else’s anger all up in their face, it scared them and they made the subconscious association that “anger = bad / scary / wrong”.

Regardless, for some reason, some “programmed” reason, people then judged anger as bad and repressed their own anger.

This particular lightworker’s “inner child” probably had a whole lot of anger and could stand to express it. ¬†Their¬†unexpressed / stuffed down anger had no place to go. ¬†It was their traveling companion. ¬†And as much as this person so wanted to put on rose-colored glasses, their anger issues made them see red… everywhere. ¬†If someone came along and stirred their pot so that they could get a bit of a glimpse of that sludge at the bottom that they so desperately tried to ignore – intentionally doing so or just innocently triggering¬†this LW’s issues, doesn’t matter which – then came the projection. ¬†They kept saying others were angry when they were not. ¬†They’d ask others why they hold so much anger within them when it was they themselves doing that.

They also said anger as if it’s a bad thing, something to be avoided at all costs. ¬†Not a healthy perspective.

They also love to go on about joy. ¬†I told them that if they were really tapping into TRUE JOY, then anger wouldn’t scare them – not their own or anyone else’s… and I told them that anger was ok. ¬†And it is. ¬†Anger happens. ¬†Let it.

They kept doing the whole “put on a happy face” thing and kept talking about all the joy they have… as if they were trying to talk themselves into it. ¬†Perhaps they’d best tap into that joy by being authentic in their emotional expression ALWAYS.

Don’t say you’re up when you’re down
It’s Elemental ¬†

~ Tears for Fears “Elemental”

This reminds me – I’d heard this lead guitarist interviewed. ¬†He also wrote songs and¬†he’d come to realize that if the band members were having to tap their foot in order to keep time while playing the song, then there was something not so right about the song.

And if someone has to keep telling themselves they are joyful, something is not so right with their “song” either.

Joy is who we are.  Not something to look for.  Just allow it.

And how will you know your True Self in your True Joy if you keep judging emotions as bad, stuff them down and then project your emotions onto others? ¬†They’re YOUR emotions, own ’em… and for goodness sakes, express ’em. ¬†If not, you’re not healed / healing. ¬†You might fool yourself in that regard but you’re not fooling anyone else.

Has someone stirred your pot and showed you what further work you have to do?  Did you kill the messenger when you could have been thanking them?  The messenger is there for your sake.  The Divine sent them, whether you or they are even consciously aware.

Also see Understanding Tools.

Trust and Flow

And that title is a nod to my best mentor, an astrologer and intuitive who said that all the time – ¬†Trust and Flow. ¬†She passed from the world on 4/11/11 and I couldn’t forget that if I wanted to since she always had the 411 for me… and her name was Monica, which means “advisor.” ¬†Love you Monica, thanks for helping me help this world.

As I spoke of in my¬†Stepping Stones and Individual Path¬†post, well, essentially… to every thing¬†there is a season, and a time¬†to every¬†purpose under¬†the¬†heaven. ¬†And in order to scale to the next rung on the ladder, you must be willing to release the one you’re on.

In my¬†Create Anew!¬†post (meant for those who obsess on cabal plans and schemes) I spoke of how someone at one time or another will learn the truth about the mundane world, learn about the global cabal in all its faces and facets and down through history and yep, it can be a rather big story with so much interesting stuff to learn about. ¬†But there comes a time to stop looking at that, stop putting your energy into it. ¬†Looking at such – past the time of when you get the plot of this Earthly story and you’ve learned enough about the wounds and dysfunctions that occur due to the influence of the old 3D Earth paradigm – is just becoming an obsession and it’s just info overload of details… and a distraction. ¬†So you let it go. ¬†(Know where you are in this. ¬†Is it time to look at that or time to let it go?) ¬†But don’t worry, if you’re to know something you’ll be informed. ¬†Trust and Flow.

I offer¬†a little story¬†here that really is about¬†Trust. ¬†Let go, let God. ¬†Trust in both one’s mundane self and in the Divine. ¬†Trust that the information will come to you and that you will recognize it for what it is when you see it.

So, when I woke up, it was a dual awakening, if you will, for I learned / remembered the truth about the mundane and the Divine in tandem.  But in the beginning it did tend to be weighted a bit more towards the mundane, then later the scales tipped more towards the Divine.  Perfect.  I could learn about what caused the wounds and dysfunctions and how to get out from under that illusory crap heap.  That right there helped tremendously towards me understanding who I really was, that I was a Divine and Powerful Creator so segue right into deeper comprehension of the Divine.  And then during the ascension-hell years it was pretty much only bare necessity / keep my vital signs going as far as mundane level and otherwise ALL Divine and this almighty ascension project.

But, years ago, a while after I’d let go of my global cabal studies, some information was brought to me. ¬†It came in snippets over a¬†couple¬†incidents, not all in one shot. ¬†It was short n’ sweet and I’ll keep it that way.

I was not listening to much mainstream anything about then. ¬†I didn’t listen to the news. ¬†I only watched a few TV series and always recorded them so I could skip all the commercials. ¬†In the car I listened to tapes and not the radio. ¬†For the most part, the only “news” I got was from little bits heard while surfing the TV or radio, which I rarely did anyway and magazine covers at the store and coworkers, etc.

I won’t mention names here but if anyone is familiar with this story then you may know who this is about.

But… I was in my car one day and heard that a U.S. senator and his family had been killed in a plane crash. ¬†Well, I knew from the plot of this Earthly story that plane crashes and being suicided are the cabal’s favorite ways to kill off political enemies. ¬†At that time, since my focus was off the mundane, I didn’t know a whole lot of names in politics and this guy wasn’t from my state so I knew nothing about him. ¬†But I had every reason to think the cabal wanted him dead and made it so. ¬†I understood the what.

So, then later that day or the next, I was surfing the TV, again, not typical for me, but accidents never happen. ¬†I caught a news story about this senator. ¬†All they said about him was his name, that he and his family were in a plane crash and killed and… that… he was kinda “known for”… if there was a bill in congress that had bipartisan support, this senator was often the one or one of two dissenting votes. ¬†Ah, now I understood the why.

Ya know, how – well, at least in the past, but that’s changing as government gets a makeover – if something just flew through congress with bipartisan support it was often something that in a very big and bold way was taking away people’s rights. ¬†The stooges and idiots in congress could argue abortion or idk, homosexual this or that until the frickin’ cows come home, finding no common ground, no compromise… BUT! if it was something that just wholesale violated and dashed constitutional rights across the board, then gosh oh gee, they sure could agree on that and in record time. ¬†Jerks.

Well, from just the few clues the Divine insisted I see, I had the whole frickin’ picture. ¬†No mess, no strain on my part.

Years later, a few years ago, I saw someone left a comment on a blog. ¬†They’d written a book about this senator’s suspicious death. ¬†They gave a tiny tidbit of info about the book. ¬†But I didn’t need to read the book, the Divine already got me the memo.

Energy Discernment

How’s yours?

I want to tell a tale here, but now that I think about it, it’s kinda (remotely? maybe only in a Ricochet Rabbit kinda way? lol) along the lines of this line from Gaia Portal’s message from the 6th:

External evidences are no longer necessary for those who question.

To me, this has to do with reading energy, with feeling for resonance, checking in with the Divine… with sheer knowingness… instead of “external evidences”.

“Those who question.” ¬†Let your first request be asking the Divine to reveal the Truth to you, then get to asking, inwardly… anything, everything. ¬†Ask and ye shall receive. ¬†Let the Divine do all the work, you just need to be open and receptive.

First, there are and will be external evidences of some things, but evidence can point either to or away from the Truth. ¬†I’d just heard congressman Trey Gowdy tell FBI Director Comey that one witness might say the traffic light was green while another witness says it was red. ¬†Both are evidence, but not both are true. ¬†So the spin doctors might tell you there is evidence of something… oh, but leave out the part that there is also evidence against it.

And there is an implication here also of “proof” – ¬†“Prove it to me!” ¬†“What proof do you have?” ¬†For you? ¬†Well, none frankly. ¬†Not I nor no one has either the Power or the Responsibility to prove diddly to you. ¬†You will think and believe as you choose. ¬† The onus of¬†the Truth FOR YOU lies firmly on YOUR shoulders. ¬†What I or anyone else has for you is information, yeah light, and information is one definition of light… and also perspective and consciousness, but it’s ultimately up to you to discern the Truth and it is you, your life and your reality that will pay the consequences – good or bad – for what “truth” you accept.

Life and the Divine do have a certain fondness for Truth though and they know you deserve Truth and they, Life and the Divine, also have a certain insistence about getting the Truth into your noggin.  They love ya THAT much.

I’ve come to realize that some folks are obviously triggered by that phrase “the truth”. ¬†Even when the possible details of “the truth” are not being discussed, some folks have obviously been programmed with such self-limiting programs as “No one can know the truth.” ¬†They literally re-act when someone dare to say that phrase “the truth.” ¬†Well, they can replace their “no one can” with “I can’t” because their limiting thoughts are creating their own reality and no one else’s. ¬†Does that just irk you when someone says “the truth”? ¬†Are you sure you want to maintain the “I can’t know truth” program? ¬†God is Truth. ¬†Many of you speak of reconnecting to God / the Divine / Source and yet you seemingly don’t want to connect with Truth. ¬†How far do you think that will get you in your own healing and ascension process… and connecting with Source?!

People talk of “your truth” and I highly encourage everyone to speak your truth as that in turn encourages others to do so and now we have an exchange of information / light. ¬†But even though “your truth” creates your reality, it may not be in line with The Truth and yes folks, there is The Truth, no matter how much your disempowering programs tells you there isn’t.

And, when creating at the level of slowly-but-surely ascending a big ol’ planet and its many lifeforms, having that knowingness about your creations is¬†kinda key, perhaps mostly just for your own sanity since, as I’ve said, most of your outwardly manifested creation is happening in 5D not in 3D. ¬†You’re influencing the energy here through both your Doingness and Beingness, but the 5D physicality of it all will be yours when you get to 5D. ¬†Just KNOW it.

But you must surely KNOW the HUGE energetic shift that is happening currently… right?! ¬†Feel it? ¬†Sense it in the world around you ?

And just to include this great tidbit:

Judgement is a left-brained logical function based in reason and 

Discernment is a right-brained intuitive function based in knowingness.  Use it!


Now, the tale on my mind….

Must be a couple years ago now, I had commented on a blog and someone else said a few things to me and asked me to email them. ¬†I knew I was to go there so there I went. ¬†We communicated for a few months then something came up for them that I was to help them realize consciously and at that point we both knew our time together was over. ¬†I guess our “reason” was done. ¬†I know from this person’s blog that they get that a lot, that people coming and going thing. ¬†Don’t we all. ¬† Purpose served. ¬†Move along now, nothing to see here.

But one day we were online at the same time and were emailing, kinda in real time, had a few different threads going, then this person slipped in a new thread.  It had no subject title, just a link with no comment by them.

I could see by the link what source it was from. ¬†I was aware of this source and it’s been around for a lot of years but I’ve read very little from them as I’ve had no draw. ¬†I still didn’t have any draw to it with it sitting there in front of me. ¬†That was my first sign and usually the only sign I’d ever need. ¬†If I’d have run across that online somewhere no way would I have read it.

… but this person sent it. ¬†I made myself open it. ¬†About a paragraph in and it was too much. ¬†I about wanted to hurl. ¬†That was my next sign. ¬†And me, silly me, long past such nonsense and WAY too sensitive to energies to be doing such. ¬†*shaking head*

I set it aside for then but later on I decided I’d just force myself to read it. ¬†Ugh. ¬†It was like schlogging through some energetic equivalent of quick sand, sewage, and Le Brea tar pits. ¬†Yuk. ¬† ¬†Ok, ok, I know, I wasn’t supposed to go there!

But words-wise, the kinda general gist of it at just a word level, well, I could see how someone who doesn’t discern energy well could have read that message and read the exchanges between the person who sent it to me and myself and I could see how they might think, “You two must love that kind of thing, it’s right up your alley, oh hell, it sounds just like the things you talk about.” ¬†Uh huh. ¬†And yet, yep, reading it made me wanna hurl.

I wrote back to this person and asked “Are you TRYING to make me hurl? ¬†Whataya doin’ to me?” ¬†I then told them what I’ve told you.

They write back, “It made me feel the same.”

I was laughing¬†and told them that was a whole lot like “This tastes horrible. ¬†Here taste it!”

You shouldn’t have. ¬†No really.

Words aside, there was something energetically or intentionally sick and wrong about that message and we both picked up on it.

I told this person that with such there have been times when I would’ve picked it apart with the Divine’s assistance, to learn what the real intention is and hence real meaning, but felt no need to do that in this case and had tortured myself enough with it.


Taking outside information inwardly, to your Divine Self, asking about specifics is always good. ¬†Truths mixed in with lies can sometimes make ya swallow a lie, but you don’t need to just let such things sit at a pea brain (lower mind) level. ¬†Ask the Divine.

Reincarnation and Karma

These topics were brought up in comments (thank you TYM Рobviously my muse today).  See previous post comments.  You may want to read those first for some background.

I had enough to say about it that it was time to write a post.

A few years back, during the ascension-hell years (well for me anyway), I took up discussion with God about karma and reincarnation.

Well, first, let’s back up a bit… I’ll just start by saying that I’ve always had a slightly different perspective on what karma is. ¬†Many people seem to think of it as… “you were bad / good before so you’re being punished / rewarded now” kinda thing.

To me karma has been more about unfinished business. ¬†It’s energetic business for sure. ¬†Often times intense emotional energy is involved. ¬†But it’s not so “judgy” as the conventional ideas of karma.

I’ll offer up as examples a couple of stories I’d heard many years ago from a fellow who was¬†interviewed on a radio show. ¬†He was a chiropractor. ¬†Well, unbeknownst to him years before, he had a natural healing gift. ¬†Well it started to surface and his first clue was when several clients would tell him he was making them feel so good and he hadn’t even touched ’em yet. ¬†Over time it became apparent that he had a healing gift. ¬†Then some of his clients would go into a trance state and start talking about all sorts of things. ¬†He came to realize they were accessing past-life events. ¬†He started recording his sessions to study later. ¬†So these are the stories (Reader’s Digest Condensed Version – omg, how dated is that? ¬†Giving my age away again) of two of his clients.

A woman, during a session with him, went into trance and started talking in German. ¬†He had no idea what she was saying but it was recorded so he had it translated later. ¬† In a past life she had been married to a military officer in Nazi Germany. ¬†She had secretly been helping people escape persecution from the Nazis. ¬†When the war ended, her husband came home and had said that he was so glad the war was over, he was so tired of killing people. ¬†Because of this she thought she could open up to him about helping people. ¬†Mistake. ¬†He got ticked and proceeded to beat, rape and kill her. ¬†Perhaps needless to say, she left the world in a very emotional state… and hadn’t had the chance to work through that emotional energy. ¬†In her modern-day lifetime, that past-life emotional energy (probably especially due to the rape) manifested in her reproductive organs, like with ovarian or uterine cancer (can’t remember which).

Another client, a man, went into trance and what came out was that he had been a priest in a past life and had been captured by someone and was tortured on the rack, castrated and killed. ¬†Just like with the lady client, he had left that lifetime in a traumatic, highly emotional state and didn’t have time in that life to work through it. ¬†It greeted him in his modern-day life as testicular cancer.

In both cases, they were dealing with unfinished business. ¬†Neither had been “bad” per se in their former lifetime and so didn’t “deserve punishment” but nevertheless, they had some things to finish up.


So… flash forward many years later and I take up some in-depth discussion with God about what the deal is with karma and reincarnation.

So, I’m told that my concept of unfinished business is accurate. ¬†Karma is energy that stays in the 3D Earth realm (matrix?) and if / when you return it’s there waiting for you. ¬†A chance to finish that unfinished business.

But what I got from God in recent years is… that leftover energy is very personal, it’s one’s own energy so doesn’t really affect the overall 3D realm, well, unless we are actually here incarnate then that energy affects the world THROUGH us, BUT¬†just because that energy is still in the 3D matrix, waiting for you to work it out, it does NOT determine if or that you must reincarnate and deal with it. ¬†If you do return, yep, danged handy to work that out so it doesn’t become a stumbing block in your current incarnation and if you want to ascend from here you’ll be needing to heal such things. ¬†But if you do not reincarnate, your leftovers aren’t hurting anyone else. ¬†And they are also NOT requiring your return.

I was told that I myself offer a good example. ¬†I have incarnated here before, but when I left I didn’t get trapped into thinking I had to return. ¬†I am here now to help Gaia and humanity and that was by choice, not because of karma. ¬†I did indeed have past-life karma though, see here, and I did have that come up for healing and knocked that out.

So… what I’m told is that ultimately what determines one’s “escape from the wheel of reincarnation” is just sheer consciousness, having a high enough level of consciousness to see this Earthly realm for the illusion it is and not feeling any need / musts / shoulds to have to return. ¬†That level of consciousness may not be all that is required for ascension and it may indeed still involve leaving some unfinished business / energetic leftovers in the 3D Earth realm, but it will keep you off the reincarnation hamster wheel when you pass through the death portal.


Some of what came up in our comments had to do with souls having this “pull” towards “loved ones” from their incarnation(s) and that holding them to the Earth realm. ¬†This reminds me of people who are so concerned that they will ascend and leave their “loved ones” behind.

First, you have neither the Power nor the Responsibility to get anyone else ascended.  You do have influence though.  Use it.

Second, who do you mean by “loved ones”? ¬†You mean your “family” and “friends”? ¬†Only them? ¬†So the neighbor down the street who you could really live without who was your, idk, family or friend in a prior life, you’re not concerned about them? ¬†Yeah, yeah, I know you’re having a rather unique relationship right now with, ya know, your “loved ones” and not to play that down mind ya, but when it comes right down to it, they’re just another soul, no more and no less significant than any other.

Yeah, I would hope you do have some sense of SERVICE for¬†your fellow human since that’s ultimately your (and everyone’s) soul mission in a time of planetary ascension, but I would also hope you have sense enough to realize that your greatest influence towards assisting others is to do your own inner work. ¬†I really hope you don’t hold back on / resist your own healing and ascension process out of concern for others… only to learn down the road that they are actually prepared… and you aren’t.

Reverse Speech with David John Oates

For anyone who is not familiar with reverse speech, well, take a gander.

I’ve known of this and Oates for many years. ¬†Wonderful information comes through.

In a nutshell, by listening to someone’s speech in reverse, some messages come through and often times it’s when someone stutters, stammers, puts in filler words like “uh” whatever, ya know, when someone goes “off script” literally in some cases like with prewritten speeches, but also in a more metaphoric way when someone’s just gathering their thoughts or searching for the right word to say. ¬†The reversals are essentially from one’s own subconscious… which doesn’t lie. ¬†Reversals can even be detected on infants who can’t speak forward yet.

So, what might show up in reverse could be anything from confirming or denying what’s being said in forwards to, regardless of topics being spoken of, the reversals might show what’s really on the speaker’s mind concerning some completely unrelated topic.

I thought I’d offer up this video of David John Oates on with Jeff Rense. ¬†What Oates has found with Trump is that he’s just pretty darned straight up. ¬†His reversals jive with his forward speech. ¬†He means what he says, no deceit, no b.s. and is usually very present and his reversals don’t indicate his mind being elsewhere.

So on the Jeff Rense show just prior to this one, David and Jeff were really surprised to see reversals that were just not tracking as closely as usual to the¬†forward speech and they couldn’t figure out what was up. ¬†So they got some additional¬†clues before this show. ¬†I’m with David and Jeff on thinking that Trump, just before this speech, had come to realize some more horrors of this world.

From there just run with whatever reversals you’d like to check out from David.

David John Oates – Reverse Speech – youtube

Something to See

“Something To See”

No war no greed
That would be something to see
I hope I live that long

No blood in the streets
Just a distant memory
The history books recount

Now we’re all free
Now we’re all free

No war no greed
That would be something to see
I hope I live that long

No want no need
The struggle to end poverty
Finally has been won

Now we’re all free
Now we’re all free

No war no greed
That would be something to see
I hope I live that long

Hold my consitution
And have the courage of heart and mind
To right what is wrong

Now we’re all free
Now we’re all free

But now you can’t believe
What you’re told
You can’t believe what you hear
The speeches of the politicians
Ring untrue and insincere
You can’t believe what you read
You can’t believe what’s said
They count the targets and the bombs
But do not count the dead
They do not count the dead

No war no greed
That would be something to see
I hope I live that long

Not lose my faith
In every word on the page
In the face of freedom

No war no greed
No war no greed
No war no greed

Current Events… for Dummies

Ok, I’m going to put out my perspective here and frankly, if I do say so m’self, I’ve got a pretty good perspective on this whole sitchiation. ¬†Hopefully folks can learn a bit from it.

This may be so cursory it’s not even funny, but my Sadge Moon loves the Big Picture so I’ll let you and the Divine hammer out the details.


Let’s see, to really comprehend¬†current events one would have to know some things about the past, about how we got to where we are.

First, this Earthly realm is 3D so it’s very dense and slow. ¬†It’s Duality so that brings its own illusory component.

And if the aforementioned doesn’t make things cloudy and confusing enough, about oh, 10,000 to 14,000 years ago (or so) there was a great calamity. ¬†The fall of Atlantis perhaps? ¬†And that stemmed from power trips from “aliens”, literally, as in “not originally from here” who were messing with the locals and other aliens / visitors.

There were many souls who left through the death portal (how’s that for a euphemism?) and those still incarnate were thrown into survival mode for thousands of years. ¬†So that whole scene wasn’t doing a whole lot for helping people maintain their Divine connection. ¬†Things don’t get shared and documented when your tech has been blown away, you’re busted down to caveman level and you’re in constant survival mode.

Some wisdom survived. ¬†Some cultures maintained esoteric knowledge. ¬†The Druids were a biggy in this regard. ¬†Michael Tsarion can help you understand that history and also the wisdom maintained there. ¬†But, try as they might, the Druids weren’t able to keep the precious esoteric knowledge from those who would abuse it.

What always comes to mind for me is what “Jesus” (ya know, that “composite character” of the New Testament, ya know, from the Bible, aka, the product of Constantine the Great and the Council of Nicea) supposedly told the establishment… and I paraphrase, “You have the knowledge, you won’t let anyone else have it and yet you don’t know what to do with it.” ¬†To this day the global cabal still don’t know what to do with the esoteric knowledge they’ve worked so hard to keep from all of us. ¬†They get all hung up on the “out there” of it all, using the esoteric in exoteric ways, trying to do outwardly what can only be done inwardly, to utilize Outer Technology when it’s Inner Technology that’s called for. ¬†They get all obsessed with the nuts and bolts of it all and they do some bad, nasty, “dark” sh*t, completely lacking in Love and Compassion, kinda mostly consciously although they certainly don’t see the full spiritual repercussions for themselves, silly cabal anyway. ¬†Just because they think themselves “Illumined” does not make them so. ¬†They’ve worked hard to keep the people from knowing the esoteric wisdom so they are like the one-eyed man in the land of the blind, but they still do not have full “sight” / consciousness. ¬†Far from it.

The cabal has its various facets. ¬†They work together in an overall way but they don’t agree on everything and in some cases don’t even like each other. ¬†I often think of them as various coaches on a football team – they are all on the same team, working together but have different ideas on how to go about it. ¬†There are religion, government, media, education, commerce, technology, medicine, food, etc. components. ¬†They lie, trick, deceive and poison to gain and maintain control over people. ¬†They energetically feed off of fear. ¬†They love killing off humans and other lifeforms but they love the slow, fearful, agonizing sort of lingering death so they can get their extended energetic jollies. ¬†Sick psycho f*cks that they are. ¬†Excuse my French but it warranted the emphasis.

They’ve been up to their shenanigans for millennia but they really turned up the heat in the last century or so.

Right now there is much going on concerning the “Deep State” which is basically a bunch of bureaucrats who are not elected but appointed and also people within the various agencies and they can and have often been around for years in government as presidents and congressmen come and go. ¬†If their allegiances are to the cabal and not the Constitution then the country is ruled by tyrants and unelected ones at that.

David Icke is a really good source on comprehending¬†the whole cabal thing. ¬†Tsarion and Icke can and do provide info about both distant and more recent history – and that would be a much truer version of history than you find in your history textbooks or through the mainstream media (msm) – but I’d recommend Tsarion for the more distant past and Icke for more recent stuff, like last century or so. ¬†Lots of videos and articles put out by these two, but with David, I’d strongly encourage anyone and everyone to read at least one of his books. ¬†Check out his book list and see which one sparks an interest. ¬†Now, it’s gonna read like a history book because that’s exactly what it is.

Alex Jones is all over this stuff too. ¬†Jones really knows politics and history and he’s just such a wonderful example of emotional expression. ¬†He just expresses in front of God and everyone. ¬†Many lightworkers (LWs) could learn from that. ¬†His emotional expression would have been awesome to utilize in transmuting crap out of Gaia a few years back as we readied her for ascension, but he’s having to be in “release maintenance” mode I’m sure just for his own sake as he looks at reams of horrific news day in and day out. ¬†His love for humanity is unmistakable. ¬†What a mother lode of passion that man is. ¬†Alex and his InfoWars gang have daily news shows to keep you current.

All three will tell ya that the cabal like to document everything they plan and do and they laid out some recent plans a century or two ago and wrote it all down and one can just read the stuff and see how it’s all playing out. ¬†The cabal aren’t prophets, they’re architects. ¬†They weren’t predicting, they were planning, then set about to manifest their plans… over decades, generations, centuries. ¬†Meanwhile Joe Average has a tough time digesting this information in part because poor Joe has been so beaten down and dumbed down that he can’t imagine anyone actually making plans generations out and many people cooperating ¬†especially people who don’t even like each other in some cases. ¬†Yep, even the cabal have got something to teach others in the dept. of cooperation, longsightedness, diligence and patience.

Along those lines, it’s downright asinine for people to say that some of the global cabal political stooges are “incompetent”. ¬†People say such, as if to say that these politicians were aiming to help their country and fellow human and just fell on their faces and made a big mess. ¬†No. ¬†They were never aiming to help anyone but themselves and the mess WAS their goal. ¬†They meant¬†to make the mess, to cause the destruction. ¬†They’d been hitting their mark on that for many years. ¬†Pretty tough to call that incompetence.

And many people still don’t understand the level of environmental destruction and, brace yourself, don’t know that the cabal are very literally terraforming this planet. ¬†Not kidding. ¬†(It’s also called geoengineering.) ¬†Strange to use a term like “terraform”, Terra being Earth, when it’s being used to make Earth less Earth-like, less Terra-like. ¬† They’re trying to¬†“terraform” humans too for that matter. ¬†And yep, the “cabal” themselves couldn’t do it by themselves. ¬†We’ve all played into it to some degree or another at some time or another. ¬†Our own creative energies hijacked and used against us and our planet.


So… let’s fast forward to the immediate now and talk some specifics of what is going on right now.

Contrary to what the msm propaganda machine says about Trump, he is working for the light and no dear lightworkers (LWs), not in some roundabout, indirect way like a frickin’ burr under your saddle, but very directly so, very INTENTIONALLY so.

If he or anyone is serving as a proverbial burr under your saddle you’ve got some work to do. ¬†Someone’s light is shining into YOUR darkness. ¬†Tend to your own bidness… and while you’re at it, thank the Divine for sending you Trump so you can wake up to your own issues. ¬†The question you need to be asking is not why does the guy push your buttons or stir up fear in you, the question is WHY DO YOU HAVE THE BUTTONS AND FEARS. ¬†Whose? ¬†Whose buttons and fears? ¬†Own ’em. ¬†Now you can actually get about healing that instead of playing the victim. ¬†And again, shut off the war-mongering and fear-mongering msm already. They’re obviously scaring the crap outta you… then feeding on your fears.

Trump knows he’s working for God. ¬†He sees a good part of the true big picture here but not all of it. ¬†He’s not perfect, he’s not your savior – you are! ¬†He’s got plenty enough left to learn, plenty of space to grow into¬†– same with many of you still, especially if you can’t get past your conditioning, which is being constantly “refreshed” from the msm and hence you can’t understand that Trump is working WITH us – but he’s absolutely the sort to flow with those growth and learning opportunities.

If you don’t understand that I strongly suggest you get to know him as directly as you can and not go through someone else’s filters, bias and agenda… certainly NOT through the msm’s lies. ¬† The msm is the global cabal’s mouthpiece, yes, their propaganda machine. ¬†They work to maintain your continued enslavement and disempowerment. ¬†Tired of listening to them yet?

Here’s an example – don’t only look at the tweets from President Trump that the msm tell you about (who definitely cherry pick and then do their spin on ’em), but look at ALL of his tweets, including all the ones where he is reporting his progress to his bosses, the American people. ¬†Wow, how awesome is that?! ¬† He actually IS transparent rather than just paying transparency lip service like Obama did. ¬†But the msm refuse to report on Trump getting his job done and fulfilling his campaign promises, then act like he’s not or that he’s not focused on his job or won’t talk about it when it is THEY, the msm who refuse to focus on, well, much of anything “real”, the president’s job included. ¬†Just the typical msm magician’s trick of waving one hand, “Look over here! ¬†Look over here!”, while it’s the other hand that is up to something. ¬†The msm try to control the narrative, intentionally talking A LOT about some things and not about others.

And some of what Trump says in his tweets or how he says it, well, he’s just so playing the msm and they fall for it, over and over, seemingly just can’t wait to expose themselves more, lining up to take a number. ¬†He talks about doing his job, often daily for weeks on end and the msm say nothing. ¬†Then he throws some chum out there for them and they go for it. ¬†Beyond predictable.

I had to chuckle the other day… I went out for breakfast at this busy cafe and sat at the counter. ¬†Got to talking to a couple people. ¬†One of them brings up, out of the blue, all the Trump tweet stuff. ¬†I told them it sounded like they listened to the msm. ¬†Come to find out, they really didn’t know there was any other way to get news, not so computer / internet savvy… but did have an i-phone so I know they have the means. ¬†I slung terms at them like “mainstream media”, “alternative media”, “Alex Jones” to which this person said something about conspiracy so at least I know they’ve heard of Alex, lol, thank you msm for at least shooting yourself in the foot by telling the world about Alex Jones… and I said “global cabal”. ¬†“Global what?” they say. ¬†Ha! ¬†But just after that whole scene, I was thinking – do people¬†really¬†think that there is nothing else going on in the world, nothing else to report on but some of President Trump’s more colorful tweets? ¬†I just find even THAT to be so hilarious. ¬†Alex likes to say folks are “low information”. ¬†Indeed. ¬†I’m sure if this person actually went and looked up Alex they got a tsunami of information. ¬†Whoosh!

And looping back… Obama was / is pretty much ALL deceit, ALL the time… which, yep O, Life and the Divine would just LOVE for some transparency from you too and all your cabal cronies including the msm who have been covering for ya all. ¬†And in lieu of your volunteered transparency, Life and the Divine would happily settle for exposure.

I do declare, it is the Apocalypse!  Word origin of apocalypse = uncover, reveal.  Indeed.  Apocalypse Now!

And that exposure will apply to everyone, yourselves included dear lightworkers.  Time for the light to shine into every dark corner, yours too.

And here’s a novel idea, perhaps you could include the Divine in your quest for Truth about Trump. ¬†I frankly don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want to draw on the Divine’s higher perspective on everything that is going on here.

Trump cares about Truth, Justice and the American way. ¬†He’s definitely for the Constitution and is a States’ Rights advocate which is about as constitutional as it gets. ¬†He’ll openly talk about what he knows about the cabal – although he may not think of them by that term, he might think of ’em as “globalists” or maybe “establishment”. ¬†I prefer “cabal” as it communicates more and is a word that many of the unawakened are not even aware of. ¬†“Globalist” doesn’t show the whole picture and I could see how Joe Average might see “establishment” as like career politicians or similar. ¬†It goes beyond such things. ¬†Trump openly talking about “the cabal”, well, that’s why he so resonated with so many people – Republican, Democrat, whoever, he just called the political cabal stooges on the carpet, called ’em on their b.s. ¬†The awakened Americans couldn’t believe their ears. ¬†Wow, someone actually running for president who could actually pull it off, who actually openly, honestly talks about the cabal… and on the stage of either presidential campaigning or in office, the msm have a tough time censoring that. ¬†I don’t know that¬†Trump sees the full picture of the global cabal yet, but he ain’t scared to talk about the parts he does understand. ¬†And when he tweets, the msm just hate that. ¬†They used to be the valve for information and now they aren’t. ¬†He passes the ball over their heads, directly to the people. ¬†Double plus whah to you, fargon msm iceholes.


I had to laugh that I saw someone do an astrological reading on Trump and one thing that came up is he “likes to win”. ¬†No… really? ¬†I couldn’t tell. ¬†But there was comment from this astrologer about there being some concern about that… and ego this and ego that… blah, blah, woof, woof. ¬†I told my friend about this and said, “Hey, we have a president who is actually working for the Truth and the Light and he wants to win! ¬†Frickin’ Score!” ¬†Would you prefer Truth and Light don’t win out here? ¬†Really?

Lightworkers, you’d best want to “win” also, because the Divine does and you might as well get aligned with that because the Divine¬†is NOT giving up on this ascension project and all the many folks who still need to wake up and heal. ¬†You being “in it to win it” is not only going to make your efforts more effective, it will also improve your attitude, perhaps get you out of “oh poor me” mode and step into those Powerful Creator shoes that have been waiting for you.

Lightworkers, it’s long past time to get over being scared / fearful of or timid about showing yourselves! ¬†You certainly didn’t come here to not show yourselves. ¬†Shine! ¬†In front of God and EVERYBODY! ¬†Gods are NOT fearful or timid.

For Christ’s sake (very literally), don’t help the cabal keep human divinity a secret!


Do you think you’re being “humble” by not showing yourself, by not shining your light, by not letting others know what you have achieved? ¬†Do you know that the word origin / True Vibration of the word humble = “lowly”?! ¬†Ah, did that just turn your whole “humble” gig into a total cop-out or what?! ¬†Enough with playing small already! ¬†Time to demonstrate the powerful creator god/desses you are… in order to give others a clue that they too are god/desses!

You fancy yourselves leaders…

(loving to use the term forerunner when you have no clue about us “forerunners of the forerunners” – so much for high consciousness. ¬†Do you know where your Ascension Project is currently? ¬†Will Gaia and the 1st wave be long ascended before you even catch on that someone blazed a trail for you that you’ve been strolling on?)

… so, by God, LEAD already! ¬†Lead by example.

I was in an online discussion with a couple people and one brought up “humility” implying that it is a desired state to be in. ¬†I told them humility was highly overrated.

I told them that “humility” comes from “humble”, which means “lowly”, ya know, like the whole “Jesus was a humble carpenter” bit. ¬†Boy, did “the theys” (cabal) get and keep humanity down with that bit, as if “lowly” were “Christ-like”. ¬†Au contraire mon fraire. ¬†I laugh because the character of “Jesus” (and others) supposedly said, “Have I not said ye are gods? ¬†You too shall do these and greater things.” ¬†Right in that line it’s implied that Jesus’ audience knows what “these (things)” are. ¬†He couldn’t refer to “these” things he himself had already done without his audience knowing that he had done “these” (things). ¬†Implication? ¬†He showed himself. ¬†He shone his light. ¬†He didn’t hide himself… in the name of “humility”.

And I told this person that I was NOT about to apply a term that means “lowly” to myself or to my Powerful-Creator-God fellow humans. ¬†Nope. ¬†Not feeding that disempowering paradigm.

My “highly overrated” comment made the third person chuckle. ¬†They then posted a link to an old article about how the then recent discovery of the Gospel of Judas revealed that there were some “alien” entities in the world and the line about “ashes to ashes, dust to dust” was really an insult to humanity, basically calling humans “dirt”, but the broader implication being that humans don’t accomplish, learn, or grow much, just incarnate then die, rinse, repeat. ¬†Over and over, just ashes to ashes, dust to dust, caught on the reincarnation hamster wheel.

So, in the middle of our “humility / humble” discussion, I had to ask, “Dust? ¬†You mean like lowly?” ¬†lol

And the “lowly” origin of humble is also tied in with “ground” and we circle back around again… to dust.

Dust and ground are not “bad” in and of themselves, but we could stand to recognize what was really being communicated with that ancient line.

And what was really funny was that the “humility” person seemed to be offended by the idea that humility / humble means “lowly”. ¬†They said that lowly was my word. ¬†I told them no, it was not MY word, it’s the True Vibration of the word they were using. ¬†The dictionary will, in the other direction, also define lowly as humble… right after it says it means “low in rank, status¬†or importance”.

Folks, perhaps you could bother to know your word origins / True Vibration of words because that is the energy you are creating with your choice of words. ¬†The dictionary doesn’t always get it right (usually though) but the Divine can help you out with that… if ya let It.

Check this the heck out “… almost every word we use today has moved away from its root meaning.” ¬†Yeah. ¬†That’s a problem. ¬†The gal in this link seems to¬†want¬†to make the case for abandoning the root meanings of words and yet THAT is the vibration we are working with when we use the words we do.

In above link, also check out that the root of “nice” = “foolish” or “lewd”. ¬†lmao ¬†I’m telling ya folks, if you want to set this upside-down world back upright, you best learn what your words mean. ¬†Yeah? ¬†You want to be “nice” do ya?

small detour here for a joke…

A gal returned to her hometown for a class reunion.  She eventually found herself at a reunion gathering, drink in hand, in a circle of old classmates.

She asked, “So, what did you all do after we graduated?”

Someone said, “I went to MIT and became a top rocket scientist at NASA.”

The gal said, “That’s nice.”

Someone else said, “I went to Harvard and have become a world-renowned lawyer representing many famous people.”

The gal said, “That’s nice.”

Someone else said, “I’ve recently ousted Ben Carson from his perch for world’s top brain surgeon.” ¬†(lol)

The gal said, “That’s nice.”

They then all turned to her…


“Yeah, so, what did you do after graduation?”

The gal said, “I went to etiquette school.”

“And what did they teach you there?”

“They taught me that instead of telling someone they were full of bullsh*t, just tell ’em… ‘That’s nice.’ ”

(little did I know how close this old joke hits to what is really going on with the word “nice”)

Time to quit with the lowly bit (and yes also with the “nice” bit). ¬†Read this blog to get some idea of how to get out of it. ¬†Time to truly BE the GODS and GODDESSES that you are! ¬†Ya know… CONSCIOUSLY!

And ya know folks, it’s about being the truest version of your True Self that you can be in any given moment. ¬†Just that simple. ¬†Just keep yourself from keeping yourself from being yourself. ¬†One can still be “just folks” still be the “salt of the earth” and not have to take on “lowly” energy. ¬†I told these folks that I always say, “Who the hell am I? ¬†I’m nobody. ¬†If I can do this, so can you.” ¬†And THAT is the biggest reason to just be one’s own Powerful and Glorious self, ya know, out in public. ¬†Not necessarily about getting on a soup box or blaring your message from a loud speaker (well, unless you are actually Divinely guided to do so!) or getting all pretentious in your New Ager purple flowy dress, it’s more about just not holding back. ¬†Let True You actually join conversations and Speak True.

And that online discussion made me think… this “humility” concept that this person was describing, well, we all know how that word has been peddled to us, but which nevertheless means “lowly”… but what they meant by it, the quality they meant to address, well, to me what is the utmost, the epitome of THAT state of being would be to COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY SURRENDER ONESELF OVER TO THE DIVINE, to strive to ALWAYS follow Its guidance no matter what that means, no matter how it makes you look to others, no matter what “be-lie-f” system of your own has to shatter (ya know like the “humility” program), etc.

And yet this person, who was so clinging to “humility” (almost an air of “See how humble I am.” ¬†Ah, well, if ya have to point it out… lol), is yet just another lightworker who has admitted they allowed their pea brains to get distracted and addicted to “news” when they were being called to something else. ¬†Do any of these folks have any vision or can they only “see” what is already manifest? ¬†This person is just “reporting the news”. ¬†They’re not “creating” in that mode, they’re just observing and reporting. ¬†That’s called re-creation, creating again what you have before. ¬†(Parks and Recreation, or in this case, Parked at Re-creation) ¬†Keep looking at what is and focusing on it and guess what, you feed energy into it and re-create more of it.

Did ya care to actually help CREATE this ascension?!

This person shirked their calling in favor of “reporting the news”. ¬†I questioned them on what they were posting quite a while back. ¬†I know others did also. ¬†They literally answered me then that basically “but no one reads the ‘good’ stuff.” ¬†Oh, that spoke volumes. ¬†So it was more important to get as many visitors / readers / views as possible than to actually follow Divine guidance.

Meanwhile, little ol’ me, who no one has ever frickin’ heard of, was quietly getting a planet ascended for goodness sakes while this person was trying to make a name for themselves… then has the audacity to talk “humility” to me of all people. ¬†Completely clueless!

The third person and I continued our conversation and at one point, in a small attempt to let these folks know my outer circumstances through the ascension hell years (since the lightworkers can’t seemingly “see” us true forerunners, the “forerunners of the forerunners” as Karen Bishop would call us) I told them that my one and only one pair of sweat pants (that are wearing out), my one and only one pair of shoes, my old T-shirts, well, the ones that are big enough to stretch over my ascension-hell-years fat-suit, the clerk at the store counting out my “piggy bank” with me at the counter, well, these things just SCREAM “humble”. ¬†lol ¬†These people have no clue just what we forerunners released / let go of / sacrificed (just like “sacred”, word origin = “holy”, that means “whole” folks, where “heal” – to make whole – also comes from) for this ascension project… while they were online trying to win popularity contests. ¬†GAWD!

(circling back around again) ¬†… as if all those who WERE / ARE called to do the whole alt-news things don’t have that covered. ¬†This “humility” person acts like a baseball player who tries to play someone else’s position, not trusting others to do their part and who then has left their own position wide open / uncovered. ¬†What this person WAS being called to do, well, all those alt-news folks may not have a clue about that… but this person did! … but they’d rather reinvent someone else’s wheel than to step into the Divine role that they were / are ready for. ¬†So scared of their own Power and hence refusing to take Responsibility. ¬†THAT is NOT surrendering to the Divine, but it is “lowly” and yep, a cop-out. ¬†Powerful GODS playing small. ¬†*shaking head* ¬†As if that helps others somehow. ¬†Please! ¬†(now I’m laughing – I checked to see how to spell cop-out and the example sentence the dictionary offered was “being ‘average’ is the lazy person’s cop-out”. ¬†Ha. ¬†Imagine how being “humble” / “lowly” is even more of a cop-out. ¬†Not even with it enough to have delusions of adequacy. ¬†lol)

This person also acted like they could just make up whatever definition they wanted for the words they use. ¬†That’s a problem. ¬†It’s been a problem. ¬†Our language has gotten so corrupted. ¬†I told them the goal is to consciously¬†return to the True Vibration of words since that is the energy that words put out. ¬†In essence – say what you mean! ¬†And that’s what we are working with here – energy. ¬†We’re returning to the True Vibration of everything.

Hey, I myself have not read the whole dictionary, but I get what I am telling you and ¬†have been looking up word origins for years because I want to know what energy I’m working with.

Here’s some fun etymology… I myself often use the term “inner demons”, yes usually in quotes, when what I’m really talking about disempowering programs in one’s psyche… because I think it’s funny… because some folks, yes, still to this day, actually blame “demons” for everything – their idea of what a “demon” is. ¬†In part, my word usage is “to meet them where they are and take them somewhere new”.

And yet the conventional use of the term “demon” is a “demonization” in and of itself. ¬†Demon comes from daemon which literally means “diety” (or “genius”) which literally means “god”. ¬†(There are some derivatives that have to do with “lesser gods / dieties” implying something “between humans and God”, ah, so much to learn from word origins.)

And “genius” sounds to me like one’s soul or Divine Intelligence since “genius” is from¬†late Middle English: from Latin, ‚Äėattendant spirit present from one’s birth, innate ability or inclination,‚Äô from the root of gignere ‚Äėbeget.‚Äô

Ah, so the Bible thumpers ARE right – demons / daemons ARE responsible for everything! ¬†It’s just that “demons” are NOT some “evil” entities like the Bible thumpers have been conditioned to think. ¬†We’re talking about Divine Intelligence here! ¬†YOUR Divine Intelligence. ¬†Yep, you are the Creator of your life and reality… ya little daemon.

We create through our Thoughts, Words and Deeds, so yes, the True Vibration of the words you use will affect you and your creations… whether you are consciously aware of it or not. ¬†You’re never not creating. ¬†You’re always creating. ¬†Do you care to start creating consciously?

This person said that word meanings were often a point of argument in their comments section.  Huh.  Sounds like other messengers have been sent also.  How many have to be sent before they allow the message to actually sink in?

To help put things in perspective, I told them that we are returning to God (and our True Selves). ¬†In that process we are not¬†changing¬†God (or redefining Him, well, beyond within our own pea brains), we are just stepping out of our illusions of what God is (and what we are). ¬†It’s the same with words. ¬†We want to return to the True Vibration of words, not attempt to change their meanings – ‘cuz that’s what we HAVE been doing, which has corrupted our language and distanced us from the Divine, it’s been part of the Separation Paradigm – ¬†but instead learn what the words REALLY mean as opposed to their warped and corrupted “meanings”.

It’s some of what leads to Mastery of Creation. ¬†You work with what God gave you, in its PUREST form, not some twisted form you’d like to apply to it willy nilly, at your whim. ¬†Old paradigm conditioning showing there (hey, tuck that in, nobody needs to see that!) ¬†Kind of the mentality of “If it don’t fit, force it!”… just bend those words to whatever you will them to be rather than surrender over to the Divine essence that permeates all creation.

But they think themselves so clever… in all their pea-brain overuse. ¬†“To¬†hell with laws of the Universe, I’m making up my own laws!” ¬†Yeah, how’s that going for ya? ¬†You seem to have great difficulty just knocking out your own healing and ascension process, or even just keeping yourself from being distracted from your process, and yet you think you’re ready to change the whole Universe, eh? ¬†And how? ¬†By not giving a crap about Divine law? ¬†*shaking head* ¬†‘Cuz you know better than God, right? ¬†So much for “humility” (ya know, in your warped definition of that word, not that THAT quality is warped, but you’re using the wrong word to describe it and sorry honey, as much as you’d like to delude yourself, you are also NOT living your idea of “humility” either). ¬†A few little ego issues to still work out there, eh? ¬†You seem to be getting ahead of yourself a bit. ¬†Perhaps you could Master your own Christhood first, then maybe you can take on creating Universes some other time. ¬†Just a suggestion. ¬†lol ¬†Ya know, like some raffles, you need to be present to win. ¬†You’re currently working on being Christed. ¬†Focus on that. ¬†And use the Divine and Universal Laws to help get you there. ¬†Let go of “clever” and actually tap into some INTELLIGENCE! ¬†Use your intuition to actually utilize “God’s brain” if you will, instead of clinging so to your own tiny pea brain.


Over time I’ve seen a few lightworkers who say that “winning and losing” is old paradigm. It was especially funny to see that one person who was saying this was also promoting a hashtag of #LoveisWinning and someone called ’em on it, saying that if they weren’t buying the whole win / lose thing then perhaps a different hashtag was in order. lmao

In a Dualistic realm, the illusion part of winning / losing is the “losing” part. ¬†In “God’s realm”, The Realm of the Absolute, there is ONLY¬†winning. ¬†There is no “failure” because you just keep after it… until you win. ¬†You can think of the whole journey as the path to winning. ¬†Yeah, so there are some bumps along the way. ¬†So what. ¬†Just do your best to not get off on some distraction detour.

Folks, if ever there was something where¬†one person winning then helps the next person win, it would be ascension! ¬†Our collective energetic connection plays a big role in that. ¬†As I’ve said elsewhere, God is not allowing for failure on this. ¬†Let me translate that for you – if something doesn’t work, then something else gets attempted. ¬†And be thankful that we forerunners didn’t call it quits and slit our wrists during our intense energetic service work or none of ya all may even still be here. ¬†You’re welcome. ¬†Now don’t YOU give up on everyone else. ¬†We didn’t give up on you lightworkers! ¬†It’s not a case of “Oh well, we tried, we give up, let’s take our ball and go home” ¬†Ah no. ¬† Be in it to win it. ¬†No one else loses because of your winning. ¬†Quite the contrary.

And be thankful that the POTUS is also in it to win it because 3D would be one out-of-control mess right now if he hadn’t gotten in… *shuddering* I shudder to think. ¬†Trump is (as Kryon has said, see info at end of post) a Wild Card, yep, gotta say it… a Trump card, played at the nth minute. ¬†3D dodged a major bullet right there. ¬†There’s plenty of work since and continuing forward because the cabal are not giving up easily. ¬†Many will more than likely have to be prosecuted for their crimes and imprisoned (or die) before they’ll stop their nonsense. ¬†And that all brings more opportunity for more people to wake up to the truth of things. ¬†And that right there is the biggest and best reason to prosecute these, ah, well “people” (use that term loosely with these psychos). ¬†It is not for revenge or punishment, not even really so much for justice, but really more for Truth. ¬†It provides a chance for those who have been unwittingly supporting these cabal stooges to wake up to who it is they’ve been supporting.


And on states’ rights, I’d heard Larry Nichols (who used to be a hitman for the Clintons, who trained them in their wicked political ways but watched them go off the deep end with it and so he has worked hard for many years to now expose the Clintons), who is a big states’ rights advocate, say that the founding fathers didn’t so much know what we all might want and need down the road but they did know what they didn’t want for the country. ¬† They knew they didn’t want an authoritarian government. ¬†So, as Larry said, the Constitution wasn’t so much about telling people what to do but telling the federal government what NOT to do. ¬†The “what to do” part was covered by allowing for each state to maintain its sovereignty and states’ rights and decide for themselves what they wanted for their state… and that allows for “competition” in a good way, allowing for many ideas to see fruition. ¬†Don’t like what your state is up to? ¬†Then either work to change it or move to another state. ¬†The states will then learn from their own and each other’s trial and error.

And Larry told a semi-recent tale …¬†There was a bill that went through a state’s congress and all it needed was the governor’s signature, but the governor made the mistake of asking their state attorney general to ask the feds if it was ok to do this. ¬†Errr! ¬†Wrong answer. ¬†By doing that they were giving the authority of their state over to the feds. ¬†Much to be learned from this on a personal level. ¬†No one can truly take authority over your life but you sure can give it away.

And as far as worldly governments go, the U.S. Constitution is about as close to documenting one’s God-given rights as any could be.


Because I was holding a higher space for others for years, I very intentionally did not allow my focus onto 3D events and yet if you spend any time online you can’t help but see some of it peeking out at ya (SO glad the campaign is over, I was SO sick of seeing Killery’s ugly mug popping up here, there and everywhere, I can’t EVEN imagine the amount of money spent on advertising by her…to no avail). ¬†So with no effort, oh hell even trying to avoid the news, I couldn’t help but notice that the global cabal can’t stand Trump and are fighting him on every front. ¬†Well, there’s yer first sign. ¬†But then, if you don’t understand the global cabal, don’t “know them by their fruits”, don’t understand their methods and don’t know their names (and many¬†names are quite knowable), then you might not pick up on their all out assault on the elected president… and on you!

Words like treason, insurrection, traitor, sedition come to mind.  Such is and will continue to be exposed.

This isn’t about left or right, this is about Truth and it’s about who is awake and to what.

The cabal have played both sides of the 2-party system (and every other form of political parties / systems in countries across the globe) for a long time. ¬†They have players in both parties. ¬†They were having such a sh*t hemorrhage over Trump getting in that even George Bush Sr. came out with a video (did ya catch it?) endorsing Hillary and FINALLY admitting what those of us who have known the truth for years have known – that the Bushes and the Clintons have been good friends for years. ¬†What?! ¬†But that doesn’t fit the political brainwashed paradigm. ¬†Well, Bill Clinton is a Rockefeller bastard. ¬†Rockefeller did favors for Bush (I do believe by getting him into the CIA) so Bush returned the favor by looking out for his bastard son Bill. ¬†And they’re all in cahoots… even when they put on such a good show of being “political enemies”. ¬†They’ve been good actors alright. ¬†So much so that they have all the actors duped. ¬†They can outact the actors.

There are battles of light and dark going on everywhere.  The various alphabet agencies have cabal stooges and patriots alike working for them.  They are currently in a civil war.  One side is attempting a coup on the presidency and government.  The other side is running a counter-coup.  All of us who care about the Truth are playing our role in the counter-coup.

Those “White Hats” (as some like to call them) inside the agencies who care about Truth, Justice, the Constitution and their fellow human, they leak, hack or whistle blow about what their agency is up to.

I’ve not liked LWs obsessing on the so-called “White Hats” in their various roles because the LWs need to play their own role and do their own inner work. ¬†Those White Hats won’t “save” you and yet does it really surprise you to think there are, ya know, “good guys” in, oh say, the CIA for example?! ¬†Wherever there is darkness light will be shined.

And the Divine is always in on the deal, always playing their hand, lining things up, helping folks wake up. ¬†So, case in point – Trump’s head and heart are in the right place overall, he’s got the necessary skills required at this moment, but yeah, still some things to learn, some bigger picture perspective to take in.

For example, Trump has basically said¬†that Snowden was a traitor and should be in prison. ¬†For what? ¬†For exposing the traitors in the NSA who are illegally spying on each and every American citizen. ¬†Oh well now… what’s coming to light now is that both the Bush and the Obama administrations were using the various agencies to spy on Trump and his family for like a frickin’ decade. ¬†Yep, them and me and you and everyone. ¬†Interesting how Life and the Divine bring all this stuff to a head. ¬†Trump didn’t see what a HERO Snowden has been to disclose what the NSA has been up to. ¬†Now the NSA’s crap has hit Trump directly. ¬†I’d wager that before this is all said and done, a certain President Trump will pardon Snowden.

The Trump admin seemingly also has issue with Wikileaks… now. ¬†Gee, just loved ’em before election time. ¬†Come on there Trump admin folks, pull your heads out! ¬†Wikileaks is helping to disclose the Truth in the world and they do so VERY professionally, I might add. ¬†Downright enviably so. ¬†That Wikileaks Truth helped to get Trump elected. ¬†Now you’ll bite the hand that fed you… and that cares for and stands for TRUTH? ¬†You’d best get yourselves FULLY aligned with Truth for Truth IS God and vise versa so that will mean also aligning yourselves with others who align with Truth. ¬†Get your priorities straight. ¬†Step out of the old paradigm b.s. “rules” and for Christ’s sake (again, literally) support the disclosure of TRUTH!

And even though frickin’ spying on the Trumps for that long, the cabal, try as they might, can’t come up with anything that will stick to Trump. ¬†He’s so frickin’ squeaky clean it’s not even funny. ¬†Some could consider the man a downright “saint” compared to me, well, you know, from a tainted and judgy 3D Earth perspective. ¬†ūüėČ ¬†And I helped get a planet ascension-ready, so I’d wager he and his folks can turn the big ship of a country around… perhaps not achieving quite the lofty, saintly accomplishments as we *cough, cough* forerunners, but hey… ūüėČ ¬† *breathing on knuckle / ring and shining it on shirt front*

All they have about him is just smear, lies.

I had to laugh that around the time of the election I saw someone leave a comment on a blog saying, “All the lightworkers only talk about Hillary’s bad stuff and none of Trump’s.”

First, I want to know where these LWs are who see these truths.

Second, well, you see, there’s just THAT much bad sh*t to say about her. ¬†It’s not smear when it’s true.

Presently, while the cabal Democrats, Republicans, msm, the technocracy are doing everything they can to bring Trump down, he has his teams working in the background – not intentionally “quietly” but when the msm won’t report on it then the sheeple don’t find out about it – busting many pedophile rings. ¬†Only a matter of time before they start arresting the big names in the cabal. ¬†And if you weren’t aware of all that, well the cabal are and that’s why they are in such a sh*t-panic and going so outside-the-law to try to stop Trump. ¬†Just unsane, truly. ¬†The cabal are all a bunch of pedophiles, satanists and have crimes against humanity a mile long. ¬†And those terms are NOT just me slinging insults. ¬†That’s reality, literally. ¬†(Never mind that “satan” was not a name and hence not an entity. Yep, the cabal worship a non-entity. ¬†They may have managed to keep humanity duped for a long time but¬†they still aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed.)

So, ah yeah folks, Trump is our teammate. ¬†Make no mistake about it. ¬†Get your head out of the New York Slimes and the Washington Compost (currently owned by Bezos of Amazon who is in a contract with the CIA and helps them leak damaging info about their “enemies”, which, at least indirectly, could be you) ‘cuz they’re just feeding you a load of crap and would be happy to sell you down the road and have been. ¬†I told someone recently that they’d literally be better off to shut off the msm and not even replace it with anything than to continue to listen to it. ¬†Perhaps their own intuition might stand a chance then without the constant msm brainwashing.

But it’s ok, you don’t have to stop there. ¬†The Truth is certainly in this world… and well documented! ¬†And the Divine would be happy to guide you to the pieces of the puzzle that you need to learn.


But there are many “truthers” and “lightworkers” who don’t really know the truth of things as much as they’d like to think. ¬†David Icke, as much of a one-man army that man was for so many years and what a HUGE role he’s played in exposing the cabal, he thinks Trump is cabal. ¬†I even heard David say something like, “Even though Trump has money, if the cabal wanted to stop him they could, so he must be one of them.” ¬†Goodness sakes David, how many frickin’ times has someone said that about you, not about the money but that the cabal kill off people left and right, just willy nilly, then get back to eating their breakfast, so if Mr. David Icke is not working for the cabal, why haven’t they killed him off yet? ¬†Hmm? ¬†Gee David, idk, is it because you are doing the Divine’s Will and hence have Divine Protection and are also tapping into that soul-centered quality called¬†Courage, which further protects you?! ¬†Gosh, could your pea brain possibly compute that it’s the same for Trump? ¬†Ya think? ¬†I’ve seriously considered starting a post titled “Who are you and what have you done with David Icke?” ¬†and the content would have to beg the question of David – Do you not recognize your own success when you see it? ¬†Has your intuition completely gone out the window? ¬†Are you really that stuck in a groove, an endless loop tape, a skipping record? ¬†“This is the way it’s always been and this is the way it will always be…. Beep.” ¬†lol ¬†But dear Grasshopper, you came to change things up here AND IT’S WORKING! ¬†Now all that’s left is you need to recognize that.


Also see info I’ve left in comments below and on¬†Exposure¬†and also see Kryon’s message I left in comments on¬†Upcoming Chaos. ¬†If ya haven’t caught on yet, I’ve buried some info in comments here and there, hopefully pertaining to the topic of that post.

Read¬†Awake & Aware – Top Priority: Self¬†for some good “Awakening 101”.




If you knew that you would die today
If you saw the face of God and Love
Would you change?
Would you change?
If you knew that love can break your heart
When you’re down so low you cannot fall
Would you change?
Would you change?

How bad how good does it need to get?
How many losses how much regret?
What chain reaction
What cause and effect
Makes you turn around
Makes you try to explain
Makes you forgive and forget
Makes you change
Makes you change

If you knew that you would be alone
Knowing right being wrong
Would you change?
Would you change?
If you knew that you would find a truth
That brings a pain that can’t be soothed
Would you change?
Would you change?

How bad how good does it need to get?
How many losses how much regret?
What chain reaction
What cause and effect
Makes you turn around
Makes you try to explain
Makes you forgive and forget
Makes you change
Makes you change

Are you so upright you can’t be bent
If it comes to blows
Are you so sure you won’t be crawling
If not for the good why risk falling
Why risk falling

If everything you think you know
Makes your life unbearable
Would you change?
Would you change?
If you’d broken every rule and vow
And hard times come to bring you down
Would you change?
Would you change?

If you knew that you would die today
If you saw the face of God and Love
Would you change?
Would you change?

Sticks and Stones…

Wisdom of Children: ¬†“Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me.”

Awakened: ¬†“What you think of me is none of my business.”

How true!

Other people’s words and thoughts don’t create your life and reality…

… but YOUR thoughts and words do!

Anyone who thinks and speaks of “how done unto” they are by someone else’s words and thoughts are in victimhood. ¬†Ain’t no one else keeping them in victimhood. ¬†Their victim status is self-imposed.

Are you mindful of your thoughts and words?  Are you creating what you want?

Are you a limitless creator creating an experience of limit? ¬†How’s that working out? ¬†Is it still as fun as it used to be? ¬†lol

People seem to be screaming for Power. ¬†If you want your Power you’re going to have to take Responsibility. ¬†Power and Responsibility go hand in hand. ¬†How can and will you create what you want when you have yet to acknowledge that your life and your reality are YOUR CREATION?! ¬† You’re never not creating. ¬†You’re always creating. ¬†How’s about doing so consciously.

Start anew by acknowledging your own creations thus far.  Take a look around.  Yep.  All yours.  Own it.  Good, bad or indifferent, you done it up right!  You powerful creator you.

Now, if¬†you’ve chosen to create consciously… see anything you’d like to change up a bit?

Do you still listen to / watch the msm (mainstream media)?



No really.

Do you like being lied to? ¬†Do you have some aversion to the Truth? ¬†What in the world there “truthers” and “lightworkers”?

It’s time to SEE the TRUTH.

Let the cabal stooge propaganda machine known as “main stream media” (how “main stream” is it anymore with only about a 5 or 6 % confidence / approval rating?) fall by the wayside already.

And for goodness sakes, quit letting it keep polluting your mind, your energy field, your outlook and hijacking your creative energies.

No really.

It’s one thing to monitor them occasionally to see what new b.s. they’re up to but when you find YOU are parroting THAT paradigm out your own mouth / keyboard… *shaking head*

Time to put your big kid pants on and perhaps also your thinking cap. ¬†ūüėČ ¬†Time to choose. ¬†Are you moving onward and upward or staying behind? ¬†Put all your energies behind your decision. ¬†If you want to be godlike you’ll have to Embrace the Truth. ¬†Consuming and regurgitating msm lies is not getting you closer to Truth.

Folks, at this point in time, what don’t you get about this?

(also see Current Events… for Dummies)

Heaven’s Here on Earth

Bring Heaven to Earth through YOU!

“Heaven’s Here On Earth”

You can look to the stars in search of the answers
Look for God and life on distant planets
Have your faith in the ever after
While each of us holds inside the map to the labyrinth
And heaven’s here on earth

We are the spirit the collective conscience
We create the pain and the suffering and the beauty in this world
Heaven’s here on earth

In our faith in humankind
In our respect for what is earthly
In our unfaltering belief in peace and love and understanding

I’ve seen and met angels wearing the disguise
Of ordinary people leading ordinary lives
Filled with love, compassion, forgiveness and sacrifice
Heaven’s in our hearts

In our faith in humankind
In our respect for what is earthly
In our unfaltering belief in peace and love and understanding

Look around
Believe in what you see
The kingdom is at hand
The promised land is at your feet
We can and will become what we aspire to be
If Heaven’s here on earth

If we have faith in humankind
And respect for what is earthly
And an unfaltering belief that truth is divinity
And heaven’s here on earth

I’ve seen spirits
I’ve met angels
Touched creations beautiful and wondrous
I’ve been places where I question all I think I know
But I believe, I believe, I believe this could be heaven

We are born inside the gates with the power to create life
And to take it away
The world is our temple
The world is our church
Heaven’s here on earth

If we have faith in humankind
And respect for what is earthly
And an unfaltering belief
In peace and love and understanding
This could be heaven here on earth


They’re having such a good time David lost his pants!

“Set yourself free! ¬†Ha, ha, ha.”

What you need is Revival!


Well I passed you by this morning
You were stumblin’ down the street
And by the look upon your face
I could tell you wasn’t
Feeling too sweet

You dropped down to the bottom
That’s what you
Gone and did
Livin’ in a bad dream
Finally flipped your lid

Well – Superman I’ve got
News for you
And everybody else
That’s listenin’ too
There’s a new way out
If yer ready to hear
We’re gonna make it clear

What we need is revival!

Look at that girl
She’s the saddest thing
You’ve ever seen
Washed up and faded
Like a dirty old pair of jeans

She’s running round in circles
But she don’t have a single friend
Looks like her own bitterness
Has twisted her till the end

Well – Mona Lisa look me in the eye
And tell me when
You’re gonna get satisfied
I’m gonna spell it out
Right in front of you
This is what you have to do –

Get ready for revival!

It’s gonna lift you
Right up
From your prison cell
Play it out loud
Like a ringing bell
You go

Are You Living or Dying?

Are you unconsciously in constant fight or flight mode? ¬†If so, it’s your slow suicide.

Excerpt from “Awake & Aware – Top Priority: Self”:

Bruce (Lipton) says there are basically 3 perceptions of our environment – growth opportunity, threat (protection mode) or neutral (background music). The body’s cells (and our entire being) move towards growth opportunities and away from threats. But what’s important is the word “perception”. What came into my mind is Michael Tsarion’s line about that disempowered conditional state of “teacher = threat.” If we perceive as a threat those people and circumstances that in reality are growth opportunities we just missed the opportunity. Dual meaning of Chaos – Crisis and Opportunity. Which do we choose to view it as?

And Bruce gives the scientific observation of what spiritualists have known since the word go – love is the stimulus for growth / opening up, and fear is the stimulus for protection / closing off. Love will make us want to move towards it, through Hell and high water, scaling mountains to get to it. “River deep, mountain high”, as Tina Turner sang.

Bruce observed that a cell cannot be in both growth mode and protection mode at the same time, cannot be both open and closed at the same time, cannot be both moving towards and moving away from outside stimulus. The entire organism, the human body, behaves in the same manner as the individual cells – as above, so below – the holographic nature of everything. We as human beings also cannot be in growth mode and protection mode at the same time. When we are in constant fight or flight mode due to the “perceived” threat of our environment when in reality there is no threat, we are actually slowly killing ourselves because we are not growing, not creating, not getting blood to all parts of our bodies and also not replacing cells, etc. If there really was a bear chasing you, the common cold you have is not as high priority as the bear so the immune system also shuts down. But if the “threat” is only perceived and not real and this perception is constant we’re dying, not living.

Another lower priority body function, when in fight or flight mode, is the reproduction system. It’s really not all that critical to be making babies when that bear is chasing you down. I knew someone that was having almost constant menstruation. She was stressed, worked a lot, overdid substances that were not healthy and it was all about dodging her issues. Her diet and lifestyle were escapes from her wounds and issues. Her body was screaming at her to make a change. Her solution? Rip out the “offending” body part. She had a hysterectomy. She did not stop working so much, did not reduce stress in her life, did not quit abusing her body with harmful substances, and did not tend to her healing. Nothing changed for her except that now she doesn’t have a uterus. Dr. Lorraine Day says this type of thing would be like taking your car to a mechanic because the transmission is not working and the mechanic takes your transmission out and gives you your car back. We don’t have spare body parts. When the warning light in your car comes on, you set about to find out why. You don’t rip out the warning light. Doesn’t your body and your entire being deserve at least as much respect and care as your car?

Bruce speaks of the HPA axis, which stands for hypothalamus / pituitary / adrenals. The hypothalamus interprets the perception. The pituitary or “master gland” gets the info to all cells. ¬†If in protection / threat mode, the adrenals send out stress hormones. Arms and legs are nourished in a “fight or flight” mode. But the energy is shifted away from other body parts, away from growth, maintenance and immune functions. Like I wrote about in the Other Health Issues section, Bruce says that every organism that can affect human health is ALWAYS there. Any blood test would verify this. It’s not something we “catch” from someone or something else. They are called “opportunistic” organisms, as they are always there just waiting for the immune system to not be functioning properly so they can multiply and thrive. So a constant fight or flight way of being or staying in a stressful environment unnecessarily is allowing for these buggies to cause illness. Look out for yourself. If you’re dreaming up stress that isn’t there, do what it takes to correct your stinkin’ thinkin’. If you are in a truly stressful environment perhaps it’s time to remove yourself from it before it literally kills you.

Neal Slade, in his book The Frontal Lobes Supercharge, talks about the amygdalae in our brains, which serve as switches. This is that same kind of situation that Bruce Lipton speaks of with the HPA axis. The amygdalae (Greek for almond, as they are almond shaped) sit behind our eyes, about an inch inside our temples. They are switches that switch between the reptilian brain and the frontal lobes. The reptilian brain is concerned about survival. It’s that “fight or flight” part of our brain. The frontal lobes are about creativity and growth. Here again, the reptilian mind certainly has its place. If a bear really is chasing you down the reptilian brain kicks in and you can operate at top performance to run away or do whatever is necessary to survive. But we’ve gotten to the point where we are experiencing so much fear about all myriad of things, even those things that don’t even happen, worrying about what might be, that we find ourselves in constant fight or flight mode, constantly “clicked” into reptilian brain. When we are using our reptilian brain, our frontal lobes and hence our growth and creativity are out of the picture.

If we learn to “click” our amgydalae forward and tap into our frontal lobes, it will help not only our growth and creativity but also even our survival, as we will anticipate, with a clear mind, any impending dangers long before they become an emergency. Often this switch is made unconsciously but we can also do this consciously. A technique that Neil offered was to visualize the amygdalae just behind your eyes (I find that mine are right at the bottom of my eyeball) and an inch inside the temple. Think of a feather tickling that front edge of those almond-shaped switches. That puts you into your frontal lobes and into growth and creation mode. I find that when I get it just right, a spontaneous smile overcomes me.

The frontal lobes are also where our free will comes from. Dr. Joseph Dispenza in “What the Bleep!? Down the Rabbit Hole”, in discussing this said they’ve tested people with a choice between two things. They said either was fine, whatever they wanted. They flat could not choose. If they were told one was right and one was wrong then they could choose. Bottom line – they were choosing based on conditioning not on free will. They were choosing according to old neural connections of the familiar rather than kicking in their frontal lobes.¬†


God informed me He had info.  So we did a Tarot reading.

Just this:

Beware of using trickery or deceit, for your actions will be exposed, bringing disfavor and penalties down upon you.

God says this is about the cabal.

Not really news in a general sense so I asked God why the message now.

God says the exposure period starts in earnest now.

Frank and Ernest at it again. ‘Bout time they got busy. lol

Americans, Ask Trump To Add Alternative Health To Obamacare Repeal!

Best health care? ¬†Make the right choices. ¬†Be proactive about your health. ¬†Take Responsibility for your health and healing. ¬†Always best to not seek “out there” what you will only find “in here.”


This president is open to alternative healthcare and they’re redoing the healthcare system so now is the chance to get alternative healthcare covered. ¬†Join Alex in asking the president and congress to include alternative modalities. ¬†Don’t forget to include energy work, such as Reiki, in your communications.

Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition

First, there has been a bipartisan cosponsored bill introduced into U.S. Congress by the name in the title of this post.

It’s time! ¬†And that time would be 4:20. ¬†ūüôā

Americans, please look up this bill, then contact your congressmen and senators and your president who is a big States Rights guy and who is also a good listener, so talk to him. ¬†Let them know it’s time to decriminalize this God-given plant.

That’s great that people want to use it for “medicinal” reasons, although I’d much rather see them actually address the root physical, mental, emotional and spiritual causes behind their pain and illness and not depend on weed just to mask pain, etc. ¬†That pain is communicating something to you. ¬†Listen to your body and learn its language.

But products from marijuana are absolutely healthy and good medicine with a variety of uses, including burn treatment and cancer cures, not just providing comfort.

And “recreational” use? ¬†Well, I’d have to say that I’m with Roseanne Barr on this one when she said something to the effect of – ALL uses of marijuana are medicinal. ¬†Ha. ¬†I know it serves my soul. ¬†ūüôā ¬†It’s a natural connection to both Heaven and Earth. ¬†What’s not to love about this plant?!

And the reasons for its original criminalization had less to do with its “recreational” or “medicinal” uses and more to do with its industrial uses. ¬†It was chemical and petroleum and other industries¬†that pushed for the legislation that made it illegal. ¬†They knew they couldn’t compete with it. ¬†That’s what’s called “private interests” that in no way was in the public’s best interest nor in the planet’s best interest, never has been, never would be.

Time to get over all the reefer madness once and for all. ¬†I had to laugh to hear some Bible-thumper type going on about how the rioters in the streets must be on weed. ¬†Ah, ha, ha. ¬†Oh hell no, the potheads are (in most cases, at home) laughing, singing, painting, writing, munching, crashing, philosophizing (including solving all the world’s problems ūüėČ ¬†) and staying out of trouble. ¬†lol ¬†The implication that potheads are violent makes me laugh. ¬†As a matter of fact, I was thinking just the other day that weed ought to be used as a military tool, ya know, how they used to drop propaganda leaflets out of airplanes onto civilians from enemy countries? ¬†Well, drop some bales of weed, some pipes, papers and lighters onto their military forces, wait about an hour then just casually walk in and the enemy forces will be all chillaxed and groovin’, happy to see ya all show up and handing ya a j. ¬†“Hello there mate!” ¬†War’s over, you and your newfound tokin’ buddies from, ya know, the “enemy nation”, ha, ha, ha, can go home now and enjoy yourselves. ¬†lol

There is really no reason for this plant to be illegal and most assuredly at a federal level. ¬†This has been and always will be a States Rights issue which the feds never did have any business in. ¬†They created an unconstitutional law. ¬†An unlawful law. ¬†It’s time for the states to take back their state’s powers on this and many other topics and that will help the current president reduce the size of federal government, which he wants to do and that too is long overdue.


In the 1996 and 2000 U.S. Presidential campaigns, Dr. Heather Anne Harder ran a grassroots campaign.  I heard of her before the 2000 election and helped her campaign.  She wrote the following about marijuana, which the 2000 Seattle Hemp Fest made as their manifesto.  If you care to, you can read the original by going to the Wayback Machine / and plugging in her campaign site

HEMP: A True Gift from God

¬†Hemp has the potential to be the best thing that has happened to American farmers in recent history. If only we can awaken the people to their political power. Hemp has four major uses, food, fiber, fuel and medicine. This one crop can provide the basics of life‚ÄĒ-food, shelter, clothing and medicine. Industrial hemp has little in common with its cousin the “marijuana” plant. Hemp plant can be grown in most climates, requires little fertilizer and water and NO pesticides nor herbicides. De-regulating hemp production only makes sense.

Both Presidents Washington and Jefferson grew hemp. Americans were legally bound to grow hemp during Colonial times. The Federal government even subsidized hemp during WWII. In 1807 California produced 125,000 pounds of Hemp. 40% came from Santa Barbara.

Hemp is among the oldest industries on the planet, going back more than 10,000 years to the beginning of pottery. The oldest relic of human industry is a bit of hemp fabric dating back to approximately 8,000 B.C.

Hemp played a major role in the stabilization and economy of our nation for many decades. It wasn‚Äôt until it became a threat to the natural resource companies back in the thirties did it first experience a ban on its growth. After all, hemp oil is clean, renewable, cheap, and clean while fossil fuels were limited, expensive and dirty. Those who stood to make a fortune in fossil fuels couldn‚Äôt compete. Also contributing to hemp bashing was William Randolph Hearst. Seems he had a huge financial interest in the timber market. It was his newspapers that spear-headed the hemp bashing in order to influence public opinion. Using the Mexican word for hemp, “marijuana,” Hearst turned the public against hemp by playing on their fears and misled the public concerning the nature of hemp/marijuana. Until then people were comfortable with hemp‚ÄĒbut this Mexican marijuana was a whole new ball game.

Hemp fell out of favor and was thus outlawed because of the combined attacks of a handful of these corporate giants, who put their own self interest above the best interests of this nation. These spin doctors together stifled the hemp production in this country. Now we must re-examine the facts and search our hearts for truth. Then we must take action. Only by working together can we break the corporate/financial hold that still controls Capital Hill.

Hemp provides low cost high quality food. Hemp seed can be used for both people and animal food. It is high in many nutrients including protein. Hemp contains all of the essential amino acids and essential fatty acids necessary to maintain healthy human life. Hemp can be made into snack bars, cookies, burgers, and porridge or can be roasted and eaten alone. No other single plant source provides a complete protein nutrition in such an easily digestible form, nor has the oils essential to life in as perfect ratio for human health and vitality. Hemp can be brewed with coffee or beer. Currently we import hemp seed from Canada. Now it is time to create domestic hemp seeds for our own use.

Hemp is good medicine.¬†Hemp has long been recognized for its medicinal qualities. Hemp relieves side effects or symptoms of glaucoma, AIDS, cancer chemotherapy, migraines, muscular dystrophy, PMS, asthma, and other medical conditions. From 1842 through 1890‚Äôs a powerful concentrated extract of “marijuana” was the second most prescribed drug in the U.S. In all the medical literature written, none list any of the ill effects claimed by today‚Äôs drug warriors.

Hemp has many non-food uses. Hemp is made into body care products, lamp lighting, printing, lubrications, household stain removers, varnishes, resins, and paint. Back in 1935, approximately 58,000 tons of hemp seed was used just to make non-toxic paint and varnish. When hemp was banned, these safe paints were replaced with toxic petro-chemical versions. In 1930 people did not know about poisoned rivers, or deadly landfills or children dying from chemicals in house paints.

Hemp is most known for its fiber. Hemp fiber is extremely versatile. Hemp fiber is known for its strength, length, durability, and its resistance to rot. Hemp fiber is also made into a wood-like composite which is twice as strong as wood. All hemp products are bio-degradable.

Hemp reduces our dependency on trees. Hemp is made into paper products as well. Using hemp can eliminate our dependence on trees. One acre of hemp produces the same amount of paper as four acres of trees, four times a year, at 1/4th the cost of wood pulp paper and with 1/5th the pollution. Hemp only takes a 90-100 days to mature for harvest, while most trees take 50 to 500 years. Hemp paper can be recycled ten times, as opposed to three times for most tree-based paper. Hemp paper production can reduce waste-water contamination normally associated in paper production. Hemp production reduces the need for acids, and lends itself to environmentally friendly bleaching instead of harsh chlorine compounds. Hemp paper does not yellow with age and is acid free.1,500 year old hemp paper has been found. Lucky for us our Constitution was written on hemp paper. Hemp crops would save thousands of acres of U.S. forests as well as forests around the world.

Hemp is good for the earth. Hemp anchors soil and protects it from run off. It preserves topsoil and subsoil structure as does forests. Hemp cultivation requires few chemicals. Hemp is easy to grow and actually restores and replenishes soil nutrients. Eco-friendly hemp can replace most toxic petro-chemical products. Research is being done to use hemp in manufacturing biodegradable plastic products. These products include plant based cellophane, recycled plastics, resins made from hemp seed oil, to name but a few. The most hazardous toxic waste comes from petro-chemicals and nuclear power. Hemp can safely, cleanly and completely replace them both.

Hemp is good for the American farmer and the community job market. The farmer and even the rural community has the most to gain from the restoration of the domestic hemp production. One acre of hemp produces 3-4 tons of biomass every 90-100 days. Because of hemp’s bulkiness, local processing plants, weaving accommodations and other facilities are needed. This creates a new job market within the existing farm community. This in turn provides a tax base for these communities so that they no longer have to rely on taxing the farmers’ land. The affordability and availability of hemp will create an unprecedented increase in local cottage industries. Everybody wins.

Hemp could end our dependency on fossil fuels. Fossil fuels, such as natural gas, oil, and coal, are non renewable resources since they are the by-product of eons of natural decomposition of Earth’s ancient biomass. Fossil fuel contains sulfur, which is the source of many of the aggravating environmental pollution problems threatening America. When burned the ancient carbon dioxide trapped in these fossil fuels are released and increase the effects of global warming and the greenhouse effect. On the other hand dried hemp biomass burns with virtually no ash or sulfur. Its growth removes carbon dioxide, which it releases when burned. The amount of carbon dioxide taken from the atmosphere equals the amount released thus it does not contribute to worsening the global warming or greenhouse effect.

According to Environmental chemist, Stanley E. Manahan, if we dedicated about 6% of continental U.S. land to hemp biomass cultivation could supply¬†all¬†current demands for oil and gas. This production would not add¬†any¬†net carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Pyrolysis is the process of converting organic biomass into fuel similar to the process currently used to create charcoal. Hemp “charcoal” has the same heating value as coal, with virtually no sulfur to pollute the atmosphere. Hemp yields approximately 10 tons per acre in four months, is drought resistant and produces a heating value of 5,000-8,000 Btu/per pound of dried hemp. Hemp biomass can also be converted to methanol. Some car manufacturers have already indicated a willingness to make cars that would run on methanol fuel.

Hemp plants could replace all fossil fuels and their harmful by-products, reducing pollution. Using hemp cultivation for the new “energy farming” would create another cash crop for American farmers. Hemp is both beneficial for the American energy consumer, and good for the atmosphere. Hemp is the only crop capable of making America energy independent.

Only politicians and their campaign contributors stand in the way of such radical common sense. (Why do we continue to allow this subversion of our Constitution when their restrictions fly in the face of reason and the best interests of this nation?)

Hemp is good for the tax base of county, state and the federal government. A legally regulated hemp crop would yield billions of dollars in tax revenue. A new hemp industry would replace thousands of jobs being lost in the wood pulp industry and in other agricultural & industrial occupations.

If hemp were de-regulated and taxed at the same rate as pipe tobacco, over ¬Ĺ billion dollars could be raised annually in Texas alone. Nationwide hemp tax could fund state programs for universal health care for everyone. If hemp were taxed at the same rate as cigarettes, which pose a much greater health hazard, over a billion dollars could be raised just in Texas.

Hemp is good for the national economy. Hemp production proponents claim that hemp could be worth considerably more than $40 billion a year and yield 50,000 safe products. We currently import hemp products from China, Thailand, England, France, Spain, Holland, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Canada, and Australia. Hemp is grown legally in most industrialized countries of the world. What do these countries know that we don’t?

In 1942, after Japan cut off our imported hemp supply, and our national prohibition of hemp production was in place, we experienced a dangerous shortage. Our legislators waged a national campaign and literally begged and bartered with farmers to once again grow¬†“Hemp for Victory.”¬†Farmers and their sons who agreed to grown hemp were given a waiver from serving in the military. We even asked kids in the Kentucky 4-H club to grow at least a half-acre but preferably 2 acres of hemp each. Amazingly, growing hemp was bad, but it became good, but after the war was over it became bad again. Only in Washington could such irrational behavior under mounting evidence be rationalized. We can no longer afford to allow the hemp production to remain a matter of ignorance verses politics. This insane prohibition against one of the world most valuable plants must stop.

Even Thomas Jefferson smuggled special high quality fiber strain hemp seeds from France for American use. Jefferson knew, as do many people now living, that hemp has great tensile strength and durability. It is used to produce more than 5,000 textile products ranging from rope to fine lace. The woody “hurds” remaining after the fiber has been removed contains more than seventy-seven percent celloulose, and can be used to produce more than 25,000 products ranging from dynamite to cellophane.

Hemp is already a profitable cash crop in several American states‚ÄĒwhy not let all states have the choice to grow hemp? After all hemp has been around for a long time. If offers little surprise to the American consumer. Humans have safely used hemp for thousands of years, for food, fiber, fuel, food and medicine. It is only our archaic preoccupation with someone‚Äôs potential use of recreational use of marijuana that keeps us from opening this wondrous crop to all farmers. Some law enforcement officer is afraid someone may grow the wrong kind of hemp rather than industrial hemp. This is ridiculous.

In the puritans time it may have been considered prudent to stop someone from getting high‚ÄĒbut in this day and age it makes no sense to lock up non-violent hemp offenders. Over 300,000 Americans a year are arrested for marijuana possession, at a cost of $840,000,000 to taxpayers. At a time when prison costs are skyrocketing and we are forced to release violent criminals because of prison cell shortages, we must reconsider our priorities. Once-productive citizens become wards of the state, sometimes along with their families.

I have never used drugs of any kind, not even not inhaled, but going to Indiana University during the sixties allowed me to watch my classmates who did. I truly only knew of one other person on campus who chose not to partake. (It is said that if you can remember the sixties you really were a part of them.) Like all college students before and after them, these marijuana smoking students grew up and became productive citizens with few exceptions. I do not support the use of drugs but I strongly oppose our government’s refusal to succumb to common sense. They have no Constitutional authority to determine our behavior or to regulate what we can do with our bodies. To add insult to injury they refuse the fundamental rights for farmers to grow such a miraculous plant because it looks like one that may make people high. Instead they sit by (probably counting their campaign contributions) while our land, water, and air are polluted. This nation grows ever more dependent on foreign imports and 500 farmers go under each week! If I were in Congress, I would be deeply concerned about the karmic dept that these collective actions will reap.

How long will the American people sit back and take this subjugation from those who are elected to “serve and represent” them?

The criminalization of hemp is unconstitutional and its continuation is perpetuated by corrupted influence of campaign contributions. The hemp industry in America could supply jobs, strengthen the economy and help restore a more peaceful and healthy environment. Henry Ford once said, “Why use up the forests which were centuries in the making and the mines which required ages to lay down, if we can get the equivalent of forests and mineral products in the annual growths of fields?”

A few states are beginning to grow hemp but without federal deregulation these attempts are minimal at best. We as a nation must ask ourselves some important questions. Whose campaign contributions are preventing our legislators from opening up our farms to grow hemp? Who benefits from these restrictions? Why on earth are we subsidizing tobacco growers while blocking the legal and profitable production of hemp?

At a time in history when we can map the genes in a plant, I find it inconceivable that our legislator‚Äôs can‚Äôt tell the difference between industrial hemp and the high-inducing “marijuana” plant. In 1937, when hemp was first outlawed, our legislator‚Äôs stupidity could be rationalized, but not in the year 2000.

People must begin to become vocal and outraged against these federal intrusions on our freedoms. Hemp is good for everybody.

What the world needs now is love sweet love-‚Äďand the decriminalization of industrial hemp!



Heather‚Äôs comments:¬†Each of my position statements have started from being asked the same question repeatedly. Thus I write on the topics that people want to know about‚ÄĒexcept this one. I have seldom been asked about my stand on hemp production in this country. Instead it grew out of my farm position paper. In it I suggested we allow farmers to choose to grow hemp. I wanted some facts and figures so I began to read on the topic. In that research I became aware of really how badly this country¬†needs¬†this crop. Hemp holds the solutions to many environmental and ecological problems that we now face. I am now a impassioned proponent of hemp. I am ready to march on Washington on this issue alone. Why haven‚Äôt you, the voter, asked the other candidates and me about hemp? Hemp is important for the future of this nation and our sustainable future. It is time we demand accountability from our legislators and the truth from our candidates! We do not need their moralistic rules and restrictions nor their unfair and sometimes unholy alliances with self-serving big business. We need hemp. This country‚Äôs future depends on it!

Upcoming Chaos

As if we’ve not seen enough. ¬†Ha!

My friend sent me the following video. ¬†This fellow does linguistic predictions, sampling the internet for ideas of where things are headed. ¬†He gives a great overview of what is currently going on “out there” in 3D / 4D land.

I myself have been scanning the internet very intensely for months now and I feel like I’m seeing much of what he is – although I don’t look at money / economic stuff, mostly because it’s boring as hell and also very strongly because I have complete and utter faith in the Divine and humans. ¬†The other day I’d told my friend, “I’ve never felt so confident for the human race.”

Yep, even though I already know they are, this dude makes it sound like Truth and Light are winning.

Sounds like potential major chaos in upcoming months. ¬†Look to all this with “higher eyes”. ¬†Dual meaning of Chaos – Crisis or Opportunity, which do you choose? ¬†A chaotic window is an excellent time to introduce some higher light into the whole situation.¬† Seize this opportunity!

Along those lines… I want to point out something from the Gaia Portal message from the 1st.

Moon seekers are disappointed.

hu-beings recognize Sol as the leader of all.

As soon as I read it, I knew this had to do with feminine and masculine energies (Moon & Sol / Sun), but it took a fews hours before I had a powwow with God and found out that it translates as this:

Those seeking rest or cave time will be disappointed.

hu-beings recognize that it’s time to lead in an ACTIVE / proactive way. ¬†Time to get busy “out there”, rubbing elbows with the folks who could use your light.


If there are things that this fellow talks about that you are unfamiliar with, take notes!  Then do some research on all these various topics.  Time for the Truth to come out big time Рthe good, the bad, the ugly.


Power and Boundaries

This gal (video below) does body language readings. ¬†I do face reading and can read certain issues off of body style and posture, so this gal is right up my alley. ¬†The body doesn’t lie.

This one is of Creepy Joe Biden.

Folks call him creepy for good reason as you’ll see. ¬†But even though that creepiness seems to be Joe’s go-to default, this video demonstrates the difference between those “holding their own space” and those who allow others to violate their space and / or that of their family members.

It’s a good example of how no one can truly take authority over you, but you sure can give authority of your life away. ¬†

And folks, if the situation that this world full of people got into could be summed up in a sentence it could be just that – This is what happens when powerful creators give authority of their lives away. ¬†What a mess that allows for huh? ¬†Evil enters the world when good men fail to act… or allow their creative powers to be hijacked.

Pay attention to your own body language Рare you really communicating what you think you are / would like to?  Do you need to do a better job at setting boundaries?

This video is a microcosm example of how people need to stand in their own power and be more self-aware and aware of their surroundings throughout every facet of their lives.

Check out more of her videos. ¬†Interesting stuff. ¬†Bombard’s Body Language.


Right this minute… we’re still unascended. ¬†*yawn*

This is a bit of a ramble, covering a myriad of current whatever, hopping around a bit… but that will be good for your brain-hemisphere integration… lol… so enjoy! ¬† ūüėČ

A couple weeks after my last post, I was “released” to go online and observe 3D again, which I have done with glee as I have observed the great awakening and healing that is happening collectively. ¬†My friend and fellow forerunner who¬†I talk about on this blog has also been in 3D-observation mode.

Many people are stepping up, taking on more active roles in not only advancing their own awakening / awareness / consciousness¬†but also in assisting in the awakening of others… and exposing the cabal at every turn… and the cabal often unwittingly assisting in their own exposure. ¬†Time to sound the Trumpets of Truth.

God has given me the following info about folks who are awakened and yet not necessarily “lightworker” types, ya know, folks who are not all so far along on their inner healing work like LWs, but they are most assuredly awakened to some things about the world.

I’ll just show the component parts of the message:

  • The effects of present actions on future desires.
  • Stay centered and own your own power.
  • Self-control will help you to work with others to accomplish a task or goal.

Now, because of observing 3D for half a year, this info is not news to me. ¬†I knew many folks were all over this stuff, so I asked why this was being presented to me now. ¬†God tells me that these awakened folks are empowered and cooperating enough (and enough of them) to allow for the first wave’s ascension. ¬†When it comes right down to it, these folks’ empowerment levels and cooperation is creating greater stability at a 3D level. ¬†Hallelujah and the angels sang!

That empowerment / cooperation mode also helps them to be more easily guided by the Divine whether they are conscious about that or not. ¬†They have in essence made a conscious choice to step up and do what is necessary to gain their own freedom. ¬†They are literally “activated”, ready to take action. ¬†Making such a conscious choice allows one to be more of a Johnny on the Spot. ¬†To just always do the right thing. ¬†What is the right thing? ¬†Well, it really can’t necessarily be determined ahead of time. ¬†One must be present to win. ¬†What is the “right” thing to do or be in THIS moment? ¬†The next moment may demand a much different response.


I have not bothered to blog all this time since my focus has been on 3D and the focus of the lightworkers (LWs) coming up behind us forerunners could stand to NOT be on 3D. ¬†You’re all holding a higher-light space for the world. ¬†It’s not appropriate for you to focus on 3D. ¬†Yep, you’re gonna know that whole 3D thing is still going on and Life and the Divine may even want you to actually see some of it, so you’ll be shown. ¬†So don’t sweat missing any important “news”, just trust and flow. ¬†Let the Divine bring info to you rather than you constantly looking and especially when looking in all the wrong places. ¬†Divine guidance baby. ¬†Let it work its magic(k) for you.

I myself (and other forerunners) am really NOT of the 3D / 4D collective at this point, not even really as a light holder because that’s up to others now. ¬†I sense that we forerunners have been here as back-up / emergency type stuff only, for a while now. ¬†And even that will¬†not be necessary much longer.

In the lightworker realm, I’m getting that we’re still mostly on target for about 6 million reaching completion / ascension-readiness this month / year. ¬†I get that ~ 1 million are already complete. ¬†Both the 5 million behind them and the next 9 million behind them are close on their heels. ¬†Things clicking right along. ¬†All helping to “pull up” those not as far along as themselves.


Sandra actually acknowledges the forerunners’ ascension:

At ¬†44:15, she says,¬†“…¬†and your brothers and sisters who are going to… through the veil, over the veil, over the rainbow, ya know, before you into that full embodiment, give them your support, as much as possible.¬†¬†Ya know, there’s no judgement of you went first, you go second, how come that person… ya know I’ve seen these lists circulating around of ‘these are the 144,000 that are going to ascend’ and they put me on that list. ¬†I’m like, ya know what, my ascension is between me and Source and has nothing to do with anybody else, ya know, that’s your personal journey…”

Obviously she knows that she is not one of the 144,000. ¬†And I’m with her – no judgement in that. ¬†But, ah, so nice to hear from someone who knows where they are at in their own process and knows their current role in all this… and fully embraces it! ¬†So refreshing.

I recommend Sandra as a source on ascension info . ¬†She is currently the only one I could actually bring myself to recommend. ¬†On other topics there are plenty I could recommend, but not on ascension itself. ¬†She’s rather in tune with the overall project, the energies, the current¬†Divine scheme, the bigger picture and most assuredly has a higher, spiritual, mission-oriented perspective.

I also had to chuckle at that list because we forerunners have been in “stealth” mode for the most part. ¬†Hardly anyone even knows our names… at least not without tapping into Divine info on such. ¬†That sounds like quite the daunting undertaking – getting a list of 144,000 + names from the Divine that you wouldn’t even know on a mundane level. ¬†Have fun with that. ¬†lol

I’d recently heard a Christian type say that it would be saints and not celebrities who would “save” the world. ¬†These saints are not known on Earth but are known in Heaven. ¬†Indeed.


And yep, time for the new light-holder LWs to support both those who are coming up behind them and us forerunners who went before them. ¬†We held it all together for the LWs so now they / you can hold it all together for others… as begrudging as some of them may still be about their present / upcoming service work. ¬†Folks, it’s what you came for! ¬†Revel in it.

I am seeing though that some LWs are finally starting to see the difference between “waiting on” / “catering to” others and SERVING others. ¬†The whole “catering to” thing does NOT serve either you or others.

A good lightworker does NOT enable others’ dysfunction by feeding it and that’s what most of that “catering” stuff results in… enabling continued dysfunction… both your own and others’.

SERVING is a whole other animal. ¬†Sometimes you just set a good example, or offer up a tidbit of wisdom (Spiritual Minuteman), sometimes you show compassion, sometimes you dish up some “tough love”, sometimes just serving as a human antenna holding the light… but enough with enabling dysfunction already. ¬†Stop feeding the old paradigm.

And a very significant part of making that distinction between catering and serving is about priorities – you have to put and keep yourself first. ¬†You’re of no use to anyone else if you don’t look out for yourself. ¬†Setting boundaries is a big part of this. ¬†Please see my post Useful Healthful Tips and scroll down to a link to a short Bren√© Brown video about setting boundaries. ¬†Demonstrating self-love and self-respect is some of the best example you could possibly set for others.

In the whole microcosm / macrocosm scheme of things, this same energy of honoring self and setting boundaries is also now happening in no small way at the nation level.  More and more nationalist / populist type people are stepping up to be new political leaders in countries worldwide, telling the global cabal to take a hike and shove their globalist / authoritarian / crimes-against-humanity agenda up their cabal *sses.  The worm has turned.


And along those lines… I’d heard Sandra Walter say recently that love of God / Source and self love are one in the same. ¬†Indeed. ¬†God is not “out there”, He’s “in here”. ¬† He’s not some separate entity dictating to us. ¬†Loving God to the utmost, most assuredly at some point in one’s evolution, becomes obviously intertwined with accepting one’s own creative powers, that they themselves are a powerful creator. ¬†Playing small is not going to bring you closer to God aka closer to your own Divine Powerful Creator Self. ¬†Yeah you.

“We all will be Christed when we hear ourselves say –¬†We are that to which we pray” ~ lyrics from “Innocence Maintained” by Jewel

“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” ¬†~ Hopi

Many of you now understand such things. ¬†Help others understand these things so that they quit perpetuating disempowering energy. ¬†Merely “believing in…” some past ascended master / Christ won’t get the job done. ¬†If only. ¬†Expecting Christs to swoop in and “save” you is not reality. ¬†Christs know better. ¬†Christs know playing savior is a disservice to others. ¬†You want guidance from a Christ, ask away, but for them to save you… no, they will not. ¬†They CAN not. ¬†Not able to.

“(If) you’re waiting for a miracle, you’re waiting for the sea to part. ¬†Well, that’s an old miracle. ¬†So, what about this? ¬†What if the miracle was you? ¬†What if you had to be your own messiah? ¬†Then what?” ¬†~ from TV series “Transparent”

Enough with “believing” in general. ¬†And enough with that being about someone else.

KNOW thyself, thy most powerful and awesome self.

What soul, whose soul are we talking about ascending here?  YOUR soul.  Whose Responsibility to get it ascended?  Hmm?  And within whose Power to make that happen?  Hmm?

Nothing against Christians, most especially in specific, ūüôā ¬†…

and hey, gotta give it to the Christians that they get the importance of God in all this. ¬†As I’ve said before – in all my sovereignty, God is not left out, quite to the contrary and those above the 3D consciousness veil, ya know, ETs, who are truly sovereign are guess what? – in connection with God all the time! ¬†Go figure! ¬†Not all “upstairs” are though, even though they don’t have the excuse of a 3D consciousness veil …

but I’ll use the following to demonstrate one way that a subtle difference in message equates to a vast difference in outcome.


  • Jesus is a god, worship him, he is your savior.

Let me translate that for you:

Jesus is a god, you are not. ¬†Someone / something outside yourself must save you. ¬†So just “wait”, do and be nothing towards saving your own butt.


  • Jesus is a god who demonstrated what is possible for a soul while human.

Let me translate that for you:

Jesus is a god… and SO ARE YOU! ¬†You are the ONLY one who has either the Power or the Responsibility to save you. ¬†Be your own salvation as only you can be.

Now best get on with it there dear Joe Average because as many a recently completed LW could tell ya, this whole ascension thing is a process. ¬†It takes time, a commodity that you don’t have all that much to waste at the 3D Earth level. ¬†STOP WAITING! ¬†Git ‘er done!

“Have I not said ye are gods? ¬†You too shall do these and greater things.” ¬†~ Jesus H. Christ

High time for folks to get to tending to those “greater things”, which they are quite capable of. ¬†Help them know that.

This is not the time to be waiting for some Christ to return and save one’s sorry arse. ¬†This is about BEING CHRISTED. ¬†This is about the return of Christ CONSCIOUSNESS and yes, that means through each and every one of YOU!¬†

I’ve always felt the word Christian is missing a “bump”. ¬†Instead of an ‘n’ on the end, it’s an ‘m’ on the end. ¬†Then it reads Christ-I-Am. ¬†!!!


Ok, here’s another one. ¬†This old religious meme of “God-fearing.” ¬†Goodness sakes. ¬†First and foremost, fear is an illusion. ¬†That’s why it stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. ¬†If your goal is to return to God, to regain Christ Consciousness, God’s on board with that, so what He’d like is for ya all to step outta fear… most especially about Him / Her / It.

And yep, He’d most certainly like to see ya all pull the wool from your eyes about the whole illusion, which yes, most assuredly includes fear. ¬†Fear is debilitating. ¬†It’s disempowering. ¬†It makes mere mortals out of powerful gods.

God would like ya to KNOW Truth.  One needs to step out of fear to know truth.   Fear is illusion.  God IS Truth.  Truth is nothing to fear.  The truth shall set you free.

You create your life and reality in part through your words. ¬†Folks, could ya all consciously release this “God-fearing” meme and the disempowerment that comes with it and for the love of Mike (old Christian political correctness phrase there, ha!) could ya also quit teaching that disempowerment to others by constantly repeating it. ¬†Erase such garbage from your vocabulary.

I know many reading this totally get all that too.  Help others understand these subtle but significant and literally life-changing differences.


Time to shine folks… in no small way. ¬†Lightworkers, you’re about to become “big man on campus”. ¬†It’s your turn for service work. ¬†No reason to be all “dready” about it (excuse the “Buffy-ism”). ¬†Consider it as the mark of success that it truly is.

And, to not only keep yourself going, but to also practice your creative skills, let your imagination run wild. ¬†Create your 5D life, much of which will not be manifested outwardly on 3D Earth, but eventually may be on 5D Gaia… depending on things you’ve decided on, which can be changed later on when you’re fully on 5D Gaia anyway. ¬†But have some fun with your newly found access / connections, etc.

Consider your new crystalline body. ¬†How would you like your body to look? ¬†Ever wanted to do some tweaking in that regard? ¬†What part of the world would you like to live in or go see, etc. ¬†And that could happen by flying there, ya know, like Superman or Neo. ¬†Really envision the pristine beauty of Gaia. ¬†Allow yourself to indulge in multidimensionality. ¬†You’ve earned it.

And folks, things are moving very quickly and you want to support that acceleration, which, in part, means that those “awakened” folks out there (no, not just online but that person standing right in front of you, ya know, on the physical plane, in person, remember that? lol) who don’t know as much about healing and ascension, but are aware of the truth about the mundane world – and who may or may not also desire and sense their return to God – are primed and ready to receive your wisdom. ¬†Hand them that ball and let them run with it.

Ascension Time!

Here we go!

I can’t believe I’m writing this. ¬†My hands are shaking as I am. ¬†I’ve known this is coming, have sensed progress out of the lightworker community in recent months like I’d not sensed for far too long. ¬†Do I really need to tell you all that you are advancing by leaps and bounds these days?!

And I’ve known for a short while that I’d be talking about this. ¬†On June 1st, Gaia Portal said, “Hue-manity brings the news.” ¬†I understood that message that day. ¬†So, here I am, a Hue-being here to bring the news. ¬†As some of you who have been reading this blog have heard me say so many times, I just about don’t do much of anything without Divine guidance. ¬†You can bet that God wants this message put out.

And that would be THEE news.

Gaia and the ~1,145,000 humans who are ascension-ready (what we have for a “first wave”) will have FULL ASCENSION imminently. ¬†Off to 5D for us.

Folks, this sh*t’s for real. ¬†Ascension is a real thing. ¬†KNOW it.

And the fact that Gaia and the first wave will very soon be able to ascend IN FULL says an awful lot about those who will not be ascending with us / at the same time. ¬†If enough of you all weren’t far enough along, weren’t spiritually mature enough, we wouldn’t be able to do this now. ¬†Kudos.


So, a little bit of an update on the overall situation for this entire ascension project:

I was told in May that of the ~15 million lightworkers who have in recent months gotten themselves far enough along in their process to hold the light for 3D / 4D, about 40% or ~6 million will more than likely be complete / ascension-ready / full Divine embodiment this calendar year.

Folks, the REAL forerunners (or the forerunners of the forerunners) worked fricking miracles with only ~145,000 of us.  Just think how much can and will happen with ~6 million humans COMPLETE and another ~9 million close on their heels.


And, as I’d discussed with someone recently¬†(hey D.! ūüėČ ), upon your completion, your mission is to basically make your own replacements. ¬†Time for service work BIG TIME! ¬†Shine your light! ¬†You’ll be allowed to ascend IN FULL to 5D Gaia once there are enough others coming up behind you who are far enough along to take over light holding duties and service work from you.

But yes, there will be a period of time when you will very much be “in the world and not of it” and in no small way. ¬†Yep, you’ll still be here, functioning, interacting with others and yet SO NOT¬†part of the whole 3D / 4D Earth realm.

As I’d later said (hi again D! lol):

First, my ‚ÄúGaia Portal‚ÄĚ post:

I was urged to do that post to point out little subtleties in meaning / info / communication in mostly the Eireport message but also a little bit of Gaia Portal. 

So, Eireport spoke of the ‚Äú‚Ķ in the end, speeding up the awakening of all‚Ķ‚ÄĚ I explained that where / when that whole process speeds up is AFTER someone wakes up.¬†

So, anyone and everyone who is ‚Äúin 4D‚ÄĚ, basically, you have had your initial awakening and are ‚Äúon path‚ÄĚ, regardless as to where you are on that path and for how long, 4D is speeding up now. It could be said that 4D itself is ‚Äúmore awake‚ÄĚ, there‚Äôs much more ‚Äúenergetic information‚ÄĚ for someone‚Äôs knowingness to get a clue from. The collective conscious internet sort of thing.¬†

So, people who wake up will be on the fast track. 0 to 60 in record time. Ya know.

And, these days, the ‚Äúpath‚ÄĚ is rather well-trodden by many a lightworker. Information abounds. Get someone awakened and empowered and get them in the mode of following their own guidance and finding their own answers and they‚Äôre set.

Where will lightworkers get their biggest bang for the buck concerning moving this human ascension project along? PUT YOUR ENERGIES TOWARDS WAKING PEOPLE UP! Just get them to catch the spark, ‚Äúlight one candle‚ÄĚ and, these days especially, they‚Äôll be quite ‚Äúself-propelled‚ÄĚ. Just hand them the ball and they will run with it.

Don’t create dependency (others dependent on you). ¬†Instead, encourage their own self-epowerment and self-sovereignty. ¬†And, of course, you walking the talk, being the living example is a biggy.

And folks, this can also be about any¬†step of someone’s awakening and not just their initial awakening, as in, if you are even just 1/2 a step ahead of the next person and yet the Divine is urging you to say or do something to / for them, then do it. ¬†In most cases it’s going to be about a very small effort on your part, perhaps even just sharing a tiny tidbit of info or doing something in front of someone, but it may make a world of difference to them. ¬†Shine the light for them to take that next 1/2 step. ¬†Every little bit helps.

Time to be the Divine Johnny on the Spot, a Spiritual Minuteman, a Spiritual Opportunist.

Really tap into your Divine guidance about what to say to whom when. ¬†And when not to say something even though you know it yourself. ¬†Work with the Divine. ¬†Better yet, let the Divine work THROUGH you. ¬†Just get outta the way. ¬†Turn yourself over to the Divine…. COMPLETELY!


From “The Angels Within Us” by John Randolph Price:

The next¬†coded¬†instruction is to stand still. ¬†In the ancient schools “stand still” meant to enter into a state of¬†serenity and trust through complete¬†surrender to the Presence within and to have faith in the activity of the Spirit. ¬†For a greater understanding of what this means, imagine yourself as a musical instrument, a clarinet for example. ¬†See the¬†instrument as you would on a¬†Saturday-morning¬†children’s cartoon –¬†alive and animated. ¬†It has free will, which means that it thinks it can play itself, so it functions in the world by¬†striking its own keys, blowing its own squealing notes. ¬†And all the time the Master Musician is waiting to¬†play the most harmonious melody the world has ever heard.

As time passes, the little clarinet discovers metaphysics and begins to tell the Master Musician within what notes to play for it: “Oh Mighty Spirit, play the note for a new car for me, for¬†money in the bank and a new job.” ¬†At first this new way of playing brings results, but they are not lasting. ¬†Then the little¬†clarinet seeks to make his demonstrations¬†more “spiritual” and begins to listen for instructions from the Master within as to¬†what notes to play: “Lord, give me the note for health¬†and happiness and I will surely play it in your name.” ¬†And again some fruit falls from¬†the tree, but the taste is not satisfying. ¬†Finally the clarinet’s consciousness evolves to the point where it declares, “I surrender to the great I AM THAT I AM. ¬†Master, play your notes through me!”


Slow down. ¬†Let go of your busyness / DOingness and mostly just do what the Divine guides you to do. ¬†Be still and quiet often so you can get the guidance. ¬†If you only act upon what the Divine guides you on, you’ll get the biggest bang for your buck, you won’t have wasted motion and effort, no tail chasing, no wheel spinning, you won’t wear yourself out “catering to others”. ¬†Let the Divine do all the work. ¬†You just let it work through you.

(See also Free Will is Just a Veiled Consciousness State post.)

Lightworkers, you got this!  Blessings to you all.  Time to truly know what powerful creators you are.



At the same time I’m writing about Bill Nye telling people¬†what to fear – to just “not worry your pretty little heads about what we are doing with food (which you still have other options / choices on anyway)” and instead “worry about this virus which you, on a personal level, can’t do one whole hell of a lot about anyway (and wouldn’t be harmful anyway if you ate real food)”- then someone is visiting my blog and brings their fears of things “out there” here.

It may not have been their intent to fear monger and yet the end result is the same. ¬†Reading one of their comments about made me want to hurl. ¬†And they kept posting comments here, there and everywhere and regardless of the post, they found some way to work it back to “Folks, fear this!” (Bill Nye, is that you?!) and over something that at best Joe Average might be able to protest about or write their congressman about, but other than that not much for Joe Average to do… but worry and fear, which is totally counterproductive to this whole ascension effort.

And I’m not interested in fear mongering and am not going to enable anyone else who is (intentionally OR unconsciously) doing so. ¬†It won’t happen here, thank you very much. ¬†Sorry, not sorry.

But this whole ascension thing is for everyone. ¬†It’s not an elitist type thing, it’s here¬†FOR EVERYONE and it all comes down to personal choice and… healing, clearing and releasing fears. ¬†Healing and ascension is something available to anyone and everyone. ¬†The “big, bad cabal” can’t keep you from doing it!

And as I’ve said before, we have everything we need. ¬†3D Earth and the Divine will provide you with all that you need to support yourself in every way. ¬†You just need to make the right choices and you’re set. ¬†It’s the choices we make about our day to day personal lives that have a big influential impact on the world. ¬†Energy flows where attention goes.

This person claimed they were a forerunner, but obviously not, since a forerunner would not be carrying fear about these things “out there”. ¬†We forerunners have cleared all our fears “in here”. ¬†That’s how it’s done.

We forerunners were also used to hold off destructive forces so a forerunner would know that measures are being taken to fend off such things because WE TRANSMUTED SUCH THROUGH OUR OWN PERSONAL FIELDS, which we could not have been used for if we were not clear energetic channels ourselves, which was the case because we completed our healing and ascension work. ¬†Believe me, if you were used for such, you’d have known it. ¬†Those who have been used for it, DO know it.

And this also is right on the heels of Eireport’s message, which I brought additional clarity to on some things, including that one need not worry about any big and sudden horrific sh*t happening on 3D Earth because those above the veil (including higher selves influencing their humans in key places, even the more sleepy humans and ETs) and some advanced humans below the veil can, have and will continue to hold off such destructive forces. ¬†For all of those who haven’t already experienced transmuting off crap energy from the world, you may very well be used for such down the road. ¬†This tidbit of information seemed to be news to this person. ¬†Forerunner my ass. ¬†Sorry again, not sorry again.

If you still have fears about the cabal and / or the “out there”, then you still have work to do “in here”. ¬† Acknowledge the fear and work to release it.

On the flip side, even though WWIII has been kept from happening, amongst a whole host of other nasty sh*t, there are ongoing destructive forces that are more slowly but surely creating a scorched earth scenario. ¬†And who is doing this? ¬†Humans. ¬†Not just the cabal, who’d be hard-pressed to create as much destruction on their own as the entire collective have done together.

So Joe Average has been an unwitting pawn in the cabal’s agenda… and with things that Joe Average absolutely DOES have some personal choice in, that they don’t need a big group of friends to make these choices and changes with, they can make them quite on their own.  Awakening and healing play major roles in people changing their choices.  High time to get our priorities straight.

No matter how you slice it, the answer for this entire scenario is for people to wake up and heal.

The answer is NOT that people, lightworkers included, continue to keep their focus on the cabal’s doings “out there” and try to get others all fearful about these “oh so scary things out there” that are beyond most people’s mundane-level influence anyway. ¬†Who cares?! ¬†Ya all could stand to quit concerning yourselves with such and tend to what you DO have control / influence over – your own healing and consciousness raising and influencing others’ healing and consciousness raising.

For any and all of you who understand what I am saying, it’s key that you step out of all that fear. ¬†You are creating a new space, a new energy and SOMEONE NEEDS TO DO THAT, so please, those of you who get this, please keep yourself and the new space / energy pristine. ¬†We can’t expect those who don’t understand this to do this, so… those who do understand, this is what is being asked of you.

There are also plenty of places where acting / doing has its place also. ¬†Here again, there are plenty of folks who get that part of things and they’re on it. ¬†It’s the stage of their growth / evolution that they are in. ¬†But if you are beyond that, there are very important ways for you to BE and you could stand to BE that because, here too, not everyone understands the significance of such, so it’s really important that those who do understand play that role.

Info about the cabal has its place and there are plenty of places where people post about and discuss such for those who still need to learn about it, but as my One of These Things…¬†page says, those topics are not for THIS blog. ¬†I am keeping this blog a pristine space concerning such.

But hey, go to all those oodles of other sites that just love to discuss all that sh*t until they’re blue in the face. ¬†Go get your fill! ¬†Perhaps if you do that you’ll get sick and tired of it and finally release it.

You are all powerful creators. ¬†Be very careful about where you are putting your energies because your “in here” is creating your “out there”. ¬†Seize the opportunity to change the things you can… and that would be YOU. ¬†YOU are who / what you can change. ¬†Please do so by facing your fears, then healing, clearing and releasing those fears… so that you are not participating in creating the very thing you don’t want. ¬†Then you also serve as a good example to others of another option.

The cabal only have influence. ¬†We too have influence. ¬†The cabal like to dabble in insane destructive nonsense. ¬†When we are advanced enough, we can fend off any harm from such b.s. ¬†So… stop worrying about “out there” and tend to “in here.” ¬†You want to help this world? ¬†“In here” is where you’ll get the greatest effect at influencing the world for good.

The “evil”, “bad”, “darkness” which is “out there” is not your concern. ¬†Clean out the darkness from within yourself. ¬†That is what you have the Power and Responsibility to change.

If you haven’t already done so, read Create Anew!


Just being a good tool of the Divine here.  More being dictated to / through me.

This message is from God, directed to the ~15 million lightworkers who are taking on light holding duties right now.

The message was given to me through a Tarot reading. ¬†It’s short and sweet and God wants it left that way, so here it is:

  • Psychic talents will unfold if you hold to your spiritual path.
  • You can achieve an emotional balance at this time.
  • Empower yourself as you conceive, create and experience in a conscious way.

You’ll Know Them By Their Fruits

Chelsea Handler has a new show on Netflix.

One person she talked to was Bill Nye (the science guy). ¬†In the few minutes they talked Bill Nye really pulled a typical cabal trick. ¬†Is Bill Nye cabal? ¬†Lord knows, but even if it’s at an unconscious level, he’s certainly serving the cabal and in similar fashion as to how they do things. ¬†Programmed much there dear Bill?

He was there to talk about GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms). ¬†He said that viruses introduce their own genetics into foods and sometimes new foods are the result. ¬†He uses this to justify humans messing with food genetics, ya know, since viruses do so. ¬†I think I can safely say that the viruses that naturally alter foods don’t have the same agenda as Monsanto and the cabal do.

He gave absolutely no details whatsoever about GMOs, only said that it was his opinion that GMOs were safe to eat. ¬†It’s like a Wizard of Oz Xmas ornament I once had that said, “The Great Oz has spoken!” ¬†In this case, the Great Bill Nye has spoken. ¬†Well, to that, I’d say – pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

When they were talking about viruses, he brings up a particular virus and tells Chelsea and her audience if they want to be scared about something, that virus is the thing.

So right there, in a very short span of time, he told people what to fear and what not to fear.  Such typical cabal antics.

Folks, if you give a sh*t about yourself, don’t eat GMOs and don’t fear viruses just because the cabal and their pawns (unwitting pawns or no) tell you they’re a scary thing. ¬†*yawn*

I really had to chuckle since another segment of that episode was about a new movie about magic and Bill Nye was totally doing the whole magician’s “Look over here! ¬†Look over here!” bit, distracting people from making choices about what they actually have a choice in, such as what food (use that term loosely with GMOs) they put down their throat AND directing them to put their energies towards something they have no control over, such as viruses. ¬†And if people would bother to eat natural, whole, organic food, and quit fearing microbes, then viruses would be of no concern anyway since eating REAL, healthy food and thinking proper thoughts actually support your immune system. ¬†Go figure.

Gaia Portal

Various… (being dictated to me. ¬†Significance? ¬†You decide. ¬†Significant now? ¬†Maybe later? ¬†Prefacing more to come?)

In Eireport’s June 1st message, they said this:

The rise in frequencies of this collective planetary body, called ‚ÄúEarth‚ÄĚ, ‚ÄúGaia‚ÄĚ, etc., has, until this moment in the evolution of Gaia, been relatively constant. In other words, the increase has been similar to a straight line. This is about to change‚Ķ drastically.

And by ‚Äúdrastically‚ÄĚ we mean ‚Äúdramatically‚ÄĚ, not in a manner which will cause any major adjustment to the planet‚Äôs 3D structure (such changes are occurring in a very ‚Äúmanaged‚ÄĚ way‚Ķ¬†we¬†are, in large part, ‚ÄúThe Managers‚ÄĚ). But it also is affected by hu-being and Hue-Being consciousness. Such consciousness has been rising at an unexpectedly (to us, at least) high rate. This is, in the end, speeding up the awakening of all, and increasing the planetary vibration to such an extent, that a strongly ‚Äúperceived‚ÄĚ breakout is poised to occur.

We cannot say when in the 3D timeframe this will occur, but it is very, very close.


I am to address a few things here.

Concerning that in bold above – the 3D structure, “The Managers” and some other things…

First, the we of “The Managers”. ¬†Without getting into any specifics of who the¬†we¬†are, what can be known (go inward, ask your own questions on this and get your own answers) is that these are beings above the veil (atv) that are being spoken of. ¬†I just want to put an exclamation point on that for anyone who may still be confused on such. ¬†Yes, those atv are indeed assisting in various ways with this ascension. ¬†No doubt about it. ¬†Just as there are parts to this that can only be done from within the Earth program, like what we all are doing, there are also components to this that can only be performed from outside the program. ¬†So, there’s that.

And… 3D Earth being managed. ¬†Yes indeed, from both atv and below the veil (btv). ¬†The forerunners (Original ~ 145, 000) were used to hold off destructive forces of the 3D timeline at one time. ¬†My friend and I chuckle when we see supposed “lightworkers” (or whatever they choose to call themselves, “truthers” or whatever) talking about the collapse of the financial system, etc. just so wanting to bring it on, or whatever other calamity they can dream up. ¬†We laugh because we know how very disconnected they are from this whole ascension agenda as evidenced by where they are putting their energies.

Make no mistake and I’m one of the biggest advocates of this I know of – it’s you first. ¬†You have to put yourself first – self-love, self-respect, self-healing, self-empowerment, etc. etc. BEFORE you are of much help to others. ¬†It’s YOU FIRST! ¬†But, it’s not “you only.”

I’ll remind you again, we’re here to get Gaia ascended AND as many humans as possible. ¬†The 3D Earth structure blowing up right now would work against this whole human ascension effort. ¬†It would actually work more towards the cabal’s agenda. ¬†It’s not gonna happen folks. ¬†There’s a possibility that all the lightworkers / lightholders coming up now, you may be used energetically to hold off destructive energies also, to buy people more time.

There is plenty enough to be concerned about here on Earth, not the least of which being how long the environment can support life, plenty of reason to maintain a sense of urgency throughout this effort – not panic, not fear, just urgency – but make no mistake that “the light” is absolutely MANAGING this situation to some degree.


Ok, next:

But it also is affected by hu-being and Hue-Being consciousness. Such consciousness has been rising at an unexpectedly (to us, at least) high rate. This is, in the end, speeding up the awakening of all, and increasing the planetary vibration to such an extent, that a strongly ‚Äúperceived‚ÄĚ breakout is poised to occur.

First, this “high rate”… this is what happens when millions of lightworkers get this close to their completion. ¬†Don’t ever underestimate the value of your own inner work to the entire ascension project.

Gaia Portal has defined “Hue-being” as “Gaia Companions” and “hu-being” as “Gaia Travelers”. ¬† Those who assisted Gaia with her own ascension process are the “Hue-beings”. ¬†That would be the Original ~ 145,000 forerunners. ¬†hu-being (little ‘h’) is basically anyone who has awakened to some degree, is on path, the lightworkers.

The general, unawakened masses? ¬†For the most part, Gaia Portal does not talk about them. ¬†They have here though in this passage I quote from Eireport’s message. ¬†The “all” are the unawakened masses. ¬†They are neither the “Hue-s” nor the “hu-s” that Gaia Portal ¬†speaks of.

Ok, so now what God would like me to communicate is the significance of the “in the end” part of what I bolded above…¬†putting some of this info together then adding some more…

3D is being managed from both atv and btv, to hold things together enough to buy people time to wake up, IN THE END.

The “when” of the increasing Hue and hu consciousness affecting the “all” is AFTER those individuals in the “all” have awakened. ¬†Before then, 3D life is just 3D life.

But these days, with the increased consciousness levels of more and more lightworkers, when someone wakes up they’re stepping onto the fast track. ¬†4D, the transition zone, is where the increase in consciousness speeds up as compared to how it used to be.

Gaia Portal had recently said (June 4):

The trudging paradigm is relinquished.


And that’s it for now… (here, I’ll *shrug* with ya ūüôā ¬†)

These Are Days

“These Are Days”

These are the days.

These are days you’ll remember.
Never before and never since, I promise, will the whole world be warm as this.
And as you feel it, you’ll know it’s true that you are blessed and lucky.
It’s true that you are touched by something that will grow and bloom in you.

These are days you’ll remember.
When May is rushing over you with desire to be part of the miracles you see in
Every hour.
You’ll know it’s true that you are blessed and lucky.
It’s true that you are touched by something that will grow and bloom in you.

These are days.

These are the days you might fill with laughter until you break.
These days you might feel a shaft of light make its way across your face.
And when you do you’ll know how it was meant to be.
See the signs and know their meaning.
It’s true, you’ll know how it was meant to be.
Hear the signs and know they’re speaking to you, to you.

From Surrendering to Reveling

This big group of lightworkers (LWs) who are about to be unleashed into the world, the ~15 million strong (Release the frickin’ hounds! – you know who you are), you’ve all had much practice in surrendering. ¬†You may still have plenty enough of that to still do in some ways.

But now it’s time to segue into a different way of being. ¬†There is still much “work” ahead, time for that “long haul” stuff, but hopefully a “labor of love” in more ways than one, in every way.

So, surrendering is / was like stepping in dog doo. ¬†It sucks, now you’ve got some shoe cleaning ahead of you but you completely surrender¬†yourself to the task, to the moment and just git ‘er done.

Reveling is more like a dog comes upon¬†that same steamy pile of poo, takes a sniff… and… does a barrel roll in it. ¬†Little doggy Nirvana. ¬†“Look at all the sh*t I’m stirring up!” ¬†lol

Just get it all over ya.

Fully, very consciously acknowledge your beacon that shines into the dark places in your fellow human. ¬†And when that light has stirred their pots, has roused their rabble, has shattered their beliefs, when their arrows come flying at ya, just let ’em fly right on by and beam love at them.

Let yourself smile and laugh at it all – the sparks igniting, in more ways than one, the healing… and¬†the absurdities of the world, especially those. ¬†Allow yourself to have a sick sense of humor about all the 3D drama because it is so very outrageously hilarious.

Enjoy yourself.  Time to bloom.


A clip from the movie Erik the Viking where a bunch of vikings set out to find Valhalla.

A Catholic monk travels along with them, not ¬†expecting them to find anything since it’s not part of his belief system.

Earlier in the show, along their journey, the monk would see things and point it out to the vikings, but they couldn’t see these things since they was not part of their belief system.

They finally do find Valhalla…


As a forerunner, I can so relate. ¬†As I’d recently said in comments, in 2010, when I was in my own personal ascension process, I’d emailed my list of lightworker (LW) friends about what I was experiencing and my sense of it. ¬†One thing I’d said was, “We’re being asked to step up in a much bigger way into a much more significant way of creating.” ¬†I got no response to my emails. It didn’t take long to realize they weren’t going through what I was.

I still have that email address that I used with my LW friends, and yet over the years and most especially in a big way from 2010 on, I have heard very, very little from anyone at all from that old group.

A couple years ago, one of these LWs emailed something to me. ¬†I made a comment back to them. ¬†They then asked me what I’d been up to. ¬†lol ¬†I told them. ¬†I wrote a big long email about the planetary / collective service work I’d been doing.

They then responded again and by what they said it was apparent that they literally didn’t even “see” the story I’d told them. ¬†I forwarded this email exchange to my friend who also saw what I did – this person just flat could not “see” my paradigm.


Let’s toss in a little Self-Love too, eh. ¬†This is getting to be a nice brew.


Doctors have come from distant cities
Just to see me
Stand over my bed
Disbelieving what they’re seeing

They say I must be one of the wonders
Of God’s own creation
And as far as they see, they can offer
No explanation

Newspapers ask intimate questions
Want confessions
They reach into my head
To steal the glory of my story

They say I must be one of the wonders
Of God’s own creation
And as far as they see, they can offer
No explanation

Ooo, I believe, fate smiled
And destiny laughed as she came to my cradle
Know this child will be able
Laughed as my body she lifted
Know this child will be gifted
With love, with patience, and with faith
She’ll make her way, she’ll make her way

People see me I’m a challenge to your balance
I’m over your heads how I confound you
And astound you
To know I must be one of the wonders

They say I must be one of the wonders
Of God’s own creation
And as far as they see, they can offer me
No explanation

Ooo, I believe, fate smiled
And destiny laughed as she came to my cradle
Know this child will be able
Laughed as she came to my mother
Know this child will not suffer
Laughed as my body she lifted
Know this child will be gifted
With love, with patience and with faith
She’ll make her way, she’ll make her way

Kind and Generous

Woo hoo! ¬†youtube’s working! ¬†I know… it doesn’t take much to thrill me. ¬†*sigh*

Well, I was listening to songs online the other day, then youtube went out.  This was the last song I had listened to so it was downloaded and still working, so I just kept playing it over and over.  I felt like I was getting gratitude from God, Gaia, the Multi-verse.

So, I’m gonna pass that along…

All who have healed and are working on their healing, all who have assisted Gaia and who have, are and continue to assist their fellow humans in their awakening and healing, I want to…

thank you, thank you
thank you, thank you
thank you, thank you
thank you, thank you

Group hug!     O

“Kind & Generous”

You’ve been so kind and generous
I don’t know how you keep on giving
For your kindness I’m in debt to you
For your selflessness, my admiration
And for everything you’ve done

You know I’m bound…
I’m bound to thank you for it

You’ve been so kind and generous
I don’t know how you keep on giving
For your kindness I’m in debt to you
And I never could have come this far without you
So for everything you’ve done

You know I’m bound…
I’m bound to thank you for it

I want to thank you
For so many gifts
You gave with love and tenderness
I want to thank you

I want to thank you
For your generosity
The love and the honesty
That you gave me

I want to thank you
Show my gratitude
My love and my respect for you
I want to thank you

I want to…

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

How to Parallel Park

lol ¬†But seriously folks… not kidding. ¬†lol ¬†No really.

In recent years, in my visits to future 5D Gaia, I’ve often had imaginings of other ascended humans, but who were perhaps at a “5D-only” level ask me, “If you could go to 3D and teach humans just one thing, what would it be?”


I suppose you’ve guessed my answer by this point.

Hey! ¬†It’s OBVIOUSLY a sorely needed skill in 3D.


So… here goes…

As you are approaching the parking space and slowing down, turn on your turn signal, in the direction of the parking space.  That gives the folks behind you some heads up on your intention.  A little communication goes a loooooonnnng way.

You pull up next to, you know, PARALLEL to, the car you will park behind. ¬†You’ll want there to be about 12 – 18 inches between your car and that one. ¬†Pull up ALL THE WAY until your car sits right next to the other.

Then, you start to back STRAIGHT up, do not turn yet!  Move slowly.

When (and only then) your back axle is in line with the very back edge of the other car (the bumper or whatever else is back there) THEN you start to turn your wheel.  Your car will pivot on its back inner tire and you want to pivot around the back end of that other car.

You then want to think of aiming the inner, back side of your car at the back, inner corner (curb, if there is one) of that parking space, as you continue to back up slowly into the space.  

When the front end of your car (I almost said “your” front end, but we’ll just leave that alone… for now, lol) can safely clear the back end of the car in front of you, then you can start to slowly turn your wheel the other way to swing the front end of the car into the space as you continue to back up slowly.

If you’ve performed well, then your car’s inner tires should be within 12 inches of the curb (you’ll learn how to adjust your car to get closer as you get better if you desire).

Jockey the car  forward or backward as necessary to center your car in the parking space.

When parking on a hill, last thing, turn your tires toward the curb, with the downhill side of your inner tire to the curb. ¬†Then if your transmission (almost said tranny, but we’ll leave that one alone too, danged p.c. crap anyway) or brake gives out while you’re out of your car, then it won’t roll down the hill, perhaps ruining many a person’s day.


Now, sit and read through this slowly, visualizing being in your car as you do this, converting the words into images. ¬†Keep doing that until you no longer need this handy dandy “cheat sheet” here. ¬†See.

Then take it to the street.

Hope this helps ya. ¬†I’m quite sure that if it does, it ABSOLUTELY¬†WILL¬†, no doubt about it, help to make you, everyone around you, and the world a much happier place.


Today’s Lessons:

  • Visualization.
  • Consideration. ¬†(GAF? ¬†as in Give A F*ck!?)
  • Motivation.
  • Laughter is the best medicine.
  • The little things matter, there is energy within every Thought, Word and Deed. ¬†All your little things add up to changing the world.
  • When do you shine your light? ¬†Always.
  • Else? ¬†Did I miss anything? ¬† ūüėČ


God, where are You?

One day God and the Devil were talking.

God said, “Ugh, all these humans praying to Me and petitioning Me for this, that and the other. ¬†Sometimes I just feel like hiding behind the furthest star.”

The Devil said, “You don’t have to do that. ¬†Just hide right behind their eyes. ¬†They’ll never look there.”

What of the body during ascension?

There seems to be a bit of confusion about what is happening / will happen to one’s body during the ascension process.

Many have said that this time we are “taking our bodies with us”. ¬†What is meant by that is that we do not have to die to leave this world. ¬†Instead we can ascend. ¬†But technically,¬†these¬†bodies we are NOT taking with us. ¬†We are taking our human FORM, but not these actual bodies.

We are talking about two different bodies here – the 3D physical carbon-based body and the 5D physical crystalline body.

Well, we could also include the light body but when it comes right down to it, we are not “creating” a light body, but our human self is just reconnecting to it in a conscious way. ¬†The light body is the vehicle / vessel that our soul resides / travels in, no matter what dimensional level we are in / at. ¬†It’s always with us.


The physical 3D carbon-based body does go through much change during the ascension process.  It needs to in order to facilitate the energetic, frequency and consciousness changes that we go through.  More DNA is activated,  pineal gland activated, etc.  Without these physical activations, we  cannot FULLY access our Divine essence.

And yet these physical “upgrades”, well, technically, they are not something “new”. ¬†They are part of being in 3D! ¬†They’re part of our 3D physical vessel. ¬†They’ve always been available to us, whenever we are here, but we, as the human race, hadn’t been using our 3D vessel to its capacity for quite some time.

You could look at this as the 3D body’s awakening, if you will. ¬†Just as you, your mind, has come to “re-member” (put the members back together – body, mind, emotions, spirit) things from before you incarnated, your carbon-based body is also remembering what potential and access it has, here in 3D… it’s FULL 3D-level potential.

Just remember, WE HAVE EVERYTHING WE NEED, right here, right now, always, all ways. ¬†Everything we need to pull this off is available to us and always has been. ¬†That includes the proper food to eat provided by the planet, the physical vessel having all it needs BY DESIGN, access to the Divine for guidance. ¬†All we need to do is make the right choices and we’re set.


And your awakening assists in your body’s awakening because your body’s cells respond to their environment.

Receptors on the cell membrane “read” what’s outside the cell. ¬†It’s at the cell membrane / wall where it’s determined what will be allowed in. ¬†(hope I get this right, from memory, what’s that?)

The proteins inside the cell, align themselves with the… whatever it is outside the cell that wants in – ¬†a food or water molecule, whatever. ¬†Then the proteins makes a mirror image of it.

If what’s outside that wants in is a common, regular thing, that the cell has seen a lot of, then the cell will recognize it as such and knows just what to do.

If it’s something new, then the cell takes that mirror image, that the proteins created, to the DNA, which is just a map, a blueprint. ¬†DNA doesn’t change or control anything, it’s just a reference that provides the cell with an answer to “What is this and what do we do with it?”

And that right there is some clue to “junk DNA” or what had been unused in most silly humans for far too long. ¬†No “junk” to it. ¬†It’s very valuable. ¬†Once something new comes along in the environment and stimulates the “need to know” if you will, then all that so-called junk now has purpose.

Your thoughts, beliefs and state of consciousness are ALSO a part of your body’s “environment”! ¬†Ya know, that “environment” that your body’s cells are responding to. ¬†

When your beliefs and your attention shift, that shifts your body also.  Our bodies are the outward manifestation of our energy.

If you’d like to learn more along the lines of what I’m talking about here, then cellular biologist Bruce Lipton is your guy.


And yet, there is only so much shift your 3D carbon-based body can do.

One thing to remember here is that not only has Earth been 3D and Duality, but due to past traumatic collective catastrophes and the cabal’s influence, people have been even more dumbed down, have succumbed to the separation paradigm and disempowerment to the point where some don’t even know what spirit or the Divine is anymore. ¬†And we¬†hadn’t used some parts of our¬†DNA because of it.

And through poor diet and brainwashing, our pineal gland got calcified and deactivated. ¬†I’ve heard some say “well how do you know this?” ¬†Well, how one can know such is through Divine communication and doesn’t have to be through medical means. ¬†But what the Divine tells me on this is this: calcification of glands does happen. ¬†The reason for it is nutritional, not the least of which being magnesium deficiency, which is very common and not by accident. ¬†For more on that, see the post¬†Alzheimer‚Äôs and Cholesterol, Water and EVERYTHING, Listening to Your Body‚Ķ and some other things. ¬†And yes, you can bet that calcification does affect the pineal’s¬†ability to function fully. ¬†But yes, just flat not using one’s pineal / third eye can cause it to “get out of shape”, if you will. ¬†But being out of shape is a bit different than the calcification. ¬†I can’t stress enough the importance of a natural, whole, organic diet. ¬†See post¬†Healing ‚Äď Physical.

And… it is my understanding that we are NOT getting more strands of DNA as many like to report. ¬†I can’t say such things don’t ever happen. ¬†It’s a mutation. ¬†Mutations happen. ¬†But additional strands of DNA is NOT ascension-related. ¬†We don’t need more than the standard 2 strands of DNA to ascend. ¬†We just tap into / utilize more of our DNA that we weren’t before. ¬†It wasn’t that what we are now utilizing wasn’t there before and we had to create it. ¬†It’s been there waiting for us to wake up enough to use it.

Here’s something to run past your own inner knowingness to check for resonance – our new 5D crystalline bodies won’t even have glands or DNA.

As I’ve said elsewhere, when it comes right down to it, our 3D carbon-based bodies are “smarter” / more conscious than our 5D crystalline bodies are / will be. ¬†Why? ¬†Because they need to be. ¬†At this dense, slow, 3D level our lower minds have enough to deal with without having to monitor every little body function. ¬†When we are in 5D, our own consciousness will be much higher and our crystalline bodies will just resonate, literally, with whatever it is we are asking of them. ¬†And we can and will control our body functions at the same time we’re doing whatever we care to do. ¬†And we’ll have plenty enough consciousness for all of it.

Our 3D carbon-based bodies also feel things about our energetic state – blockages and the release of them. ¬†Your energetic blockages are ultimately what is responsible for “ascension symptoms”. ¬†The ultimate solution is to do your inner work, but in the moment, treat the physical symptoms – if you’re tired, rest; if you crave a certain something, then eat that. ¬†Get the food and supplements you know will help with the physical-level symptoms. ¬†Listen to and take care of your body. ¬†(See info on ascension symptoms at end of¬†Useful Healthful Tips¬†post.)

Then, past your own personal completion, then there’s the whole human antenna energetic service work, which takes even more toll. ¬†So plenty going on with the 3D carbon-based body during all of this and it would serve you to honor and support, nutritionally and through your thoughts / communication, ¬†your carbon-based body as it will need all the help it can get.


But during our ascension process, one of the things that happens is we create our 5D crystalline bodies. ¬†Where are they? ¬†In 5D! ¬†… along with the rest of our 5D Gaia creation. ¬†While you’re still in 3D, get used to not physically seeing “out there”, in a manifested way, most of what you are creating. ¬†Why? ¬†Because you are not creating it in 3D. ¬†You are making a 5D creation. ¬†You’ll have to use your higher consciousness if you want to “see” it in a clairvoyant way while still residing in 3D / 4D.

At the point of transition, our consciousness will move from the 3D carbon-based body to the 5D crystalline body. ¬†The same thing is happening with Gaia. ¬†She will leave her old 3D body, Earth, behind. ¬†Now with us, our old carbon-based bodies will just turn into energy and go back to Infinite Light / All That Is, so no carcasses laying around in 3D. ¬†lol ¬†But Gaia’s old carbon-based body provides a home to billions of people and many more lifeforms so it kinda needs to be here for them.


Also see post 3D Earth.

The Trickster, 4th Ray Energy, Divine Love

Ah, but humans just hate it when they are subjected to trickery.

Over the years, relationships and synchronicities brought so many healing opportunities and much Divine guidance to me. ¬†But, in 2010 when I was in my own personal ascension process, I was isolated and shut in, so under those circumstances relationship and synchronicity can’t work their magic. ¬†Sure, maybe the internet or TV or something could still bring some synchroncities but, eh…

… that was ok because the Divine will do what it needs to do, including playing the trickster. ¬†The Divine may be the best / worst (however you choose to view it) trickster I’ve ever seen.

So, with this particular incident, it was the Divine working directly with me, not through my fellow human or what have ya, so can’t even factor¬†in a human component (relating / interacting) as there was none.

I was doing a lot of Tarot as it was hard to “hear” in any other way as I rode the peaks and troughs of the ascension process. ¬†But my higher self (HS) and I were quite the team and we utilized Tarot well together to get me info.

So, this one time, I was led to believe something by my HS.  That started a process in me, a release-type thing, and since it was part of the ascension process itself, these sorts of things tended to be a deeeeeep clean.

About the time that I was finishing up what I was to get out of this process – accompanied by a wryly smiling HS – I realized I’d been duped. ¬†I was livid. ¬†Jesus H. Christ! ¬†If ya can’t trust your own HS to be straight up with ya, who can ya trust?!

And yet, I couldn’t deny the benefit of the resultant process. ¬†I knew that my HS was coming from proper intent and just doing whatever it took to get the job done.

Reminds me of the line – “There is nothing inherently good or evil in the world (or cosmos apparently ūüėČ ), it all depends on the intent behind it.”

Have I played the trickster myself? ¬†You. can. bet. I. have. ¬†Yeppers. ¬†I’ve learned from the best! ¬†And then had the best’s, the Divine’s, guidance to do just that.

And I am evolved.  Just like the Divine, I come from proper intent.  I allow myself to be used by the Divine, for the Divine to work through me.  There are many routes to getting the message across and trickery is one of them.

And being used by the Divine in such a way is not for the faint of heart. ¬†It takes some strength, courage, big *ss cajones and also the ability to dodge the subsequent bullets like Neo in Matrix… ‘cuz I know that none, and I mean NONE of that whole process is about me, including those bullets. ¬†And I know the medicine that the Divine trickery is delivering and know its value to my fellow human. ¬†I’m just getting the hell out of the way and allowing the Divine to work through me, energetically beaming love the whole time.

Yeah, after all these years, I’m no rookie at much of anything in this whole healing arena, including serving some of the not-so-savory “duties” in assisting in healing people.

Through Soul-Centered Astrology, I had learned years back that I came to bring 4th Ray energy into this world, which is Harmony Through Conflict. ¬†Omg, the re-actions just to that title when I’ve discussed such with some lightworkers ¬†– “We don’t need any more conflict!” ¬†Obviously, yes, you do! ¬†As an old lightworker friend of mine likes to say, “Why do you think God sent me to you?!”

These types are often passive aggressive and have some major confrontation-avoidance issues. ¬†They don’t understand what 4th Ray energy is about and don’t want to, would just rather re-act from a place of programming and ignorance. ¬†They’ll come right out and advise “Avoid conflict.” ¬†They may as well be saying “Avoid harmony!” for that is the end result. ¬†Yes, often the “road to Heaven” goes through “Hell”. ¬†Be courageous enough to cross that Lake of Fire because Heaven awaits on the other side. ¬†(And when going through Hell, it’s best to keep going. ¬†ūüôā )

An analogy¬†of Harmony Through Conflict energy working its magic would be… Person A has some pent up thoughts and feelings about Person B. ¬†They have not talked about it and yet they are holding a grudge towards Person B who has no clue wtf but may very well be feeling the effects. ¬†Eventually an argument erupts. ¬†Now all the emotions are finding expression. ¬†Communication is happening again. ¬†Cooperation can now happen. ¬†Ah, sweet Harmony… that came… Through… Conflict. ¬†Score! ¬†Guess that whole confrontation / conflict thing weren’t so bad after all, eh?

And someone who carries 4th Ray, Harmony Through Conflict energy delivers that energy to others. ¬†The cosmic crowbar here to get you unstuck. ¬†Oh no, don’t mention it. ¬†My pleasure! ¬†pssssfft

When we talk about compassion we talk in terms of being kind. But compassion is not so much being kind; it is being creative [enough] to wake a person up. ~ Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoch

… even if waking them up may take a few sticks of metaphoric dynamite. ¬†And this isn’t just about someone’s initial awakening, but also all the continuing awakening throughout their healing and ascension process.

What often happens is that when that 4th Ray energy works on someone with inner conflict, they project that outwardly and yep, you guessed it, right onto the person carrying the 4th Ray energy.

Oh to joy! ¬†Whoopti-frickin’-do! ¬†*looking up* “You shouldn’t have! ¬†No really!”

Yep, what was on my soul’s mind?

Yeah, when the Divine first started to really kick in my soul-centered astrological energies, it was not all so fun. ¬†Nope. ¬†But I did it anyway. ¬†It’s what I have to bring to the world. ¬†It’s necessary. ¬†And in my own evolution I learned to dodge people’s¬†arrows, which weren’t about me anyway.

It’s funny to hear people re-act with “we don’t need no stinkin’ conflict” when they know they are talking 4th Ray energy. ¬†What? ¬†Some Divine Rays are good and some not, don’t have a place, we can live without? ¬†So some astrological signs are bad too I suppose? ¬†“Sorry folks, no births this month, you’ll just have to wait.”

From here:

“The rhythm of the 4th RAY flows from: a relative state of harmony >>> change appears >>> tensions of struggle >>> a battle >>> death to old form >>> construction of a new form >>> harmony.”

The conflict that is at the crux of all this has to do with a conflict between the inner and the outer. ¬†Someone may have learned some tidbits of wisdom, which, on a completely conceptual level, they totally “get” it… but are not applying it, not actually living it. ¬†Well, for any of you who have experienced this, you’ll know that conflict between inner and outer does not sit well with you¬†energetically. ¬†¬†It may make you feel like you’re being ripped apart by two diametrically opposed energies. ¬†You are. ¬†You have not allowed your outer experience to reflect your inner knowingness. ¬†You’re not showing yourself, not shining your light, not living your wisdom.

Someone recently said, and I paraphrase, that Divine Love is not some blissed-out, ungrounded thing, it has a mission.  Yep.  I agree.  Divine Love is not milquetoast and neither are those who embody it.

Divine Love has many faces, many energies, many tools to use. ¬†They all matter. ¬†They all have purpose. ¬†The Divine does not only love you when you are progressing along just fine, it also loves you when you’re stuck and the Divine loves you too much to just leave you stuck.

Folks could stand to let go of their funny notions / programming about what Love is, how it looks and what it can be. ¬†Love has no limits. ¬†You can’t put it in a box. ¬†You might not initially like the way it looks in some guises and yet… it’s just gonna love ya just the same.

Secret Life

How’s about ya all make your secret lives not so secret anymore?!

Show thyself!

Indeed, enough with ignorance and despair!

“Secret Life”

From red giant to supernova
Back to you and me
A cloaked entity within
A virtual reality

Mechanised and organised
To me it’s plain to see
The hand that’s been busy
Weaving fantasy

It’s so hard to understand
And often we are blind
But if truth were an ocean
Would it fit in the pool of a human mind

You’re all alone
And it doesn’t seem quite fair
Why we’re all left in ignorance
Turning to despair (turning to despair)

Philosophy and theology
Offer us a glimpse
At something more incredible (incredible)
Than you and I

So call on the secret life
Call on the secret life
Show me the way of life
Bring on the secret life

Evangelists, scientologists
And others I won’t mention
Offer lessons in codology
To all with good intention (intention)

Listen at your peril
Put your soul in detention
Resensitize yourself
To this incredible dimension

When you’re all alone
And it doesn’t seem quite fair
Why we’re all left in ignorance
Turning to despair (turning to despair)

Philosophy and theology
Offer us a glimpse
At something more incredible (incredible)
Than you and I

So call on the secret life
Call on the secret life
Show me the way of life
Bring on the secret life

I think, therefore I am
I think, therefore I am

And you’re all alone
And it doesn’t seem quite fair
Why we’re all left in ignorance
Turning to despair (turning to despair)

Philosophy and theology
Offer us a glimpse
At something more incredible (incredible)
Than you and I

So call on the secret life
Call on the secret life
Show me the way of life
Bring on the secret life

Call on the secret life (turning to despair)
Call on the secret life (turning to despair)
Show me the way of life (turning to despair)
Bring on the secret life (turning to despair)

Call on the secret life (turning to despair)
Call on the secret life (turning to despair)
Show me the way of life (turning to despair)
Bring on the secret life (turning to despair)

[Fade out]

My Twin Flame

I’ve considered writing about this before but God had not given the go-ahead… until now.

I met my twin flame, in person, in 2003.  They were involved in an activity that my then partner (now ex) and I were also in.

I found them attractive but I couldn’t help but notice, especially when standing / sitting next to them that the energy was completely overwhelming – through the roof, make your skin crawl, downright unnervingly overwhelming. ¬†And this is not typical for me. ¬†Just because I’m attracted to someone doesn’t mean I get all whacked out about it.

Also, my partner (now ex) and I just kept running into my twin flame.  It was uncanny.  Everything that had to fall into place to make these synchronistic meetings happen was just nuts.

I’d also sent an email to the whole group once, many of which commented on it when in person, but my twin flame actually answered the email. ¬†Some of the things said, well, really the things misspoken (mistyped), totally jived with what I later found out about experiences we’d had together before. ¬†Accidents never happen.

Well, I couldn’t help but take note that this person was significant to me in some way.

Now, mind ya, I am describing this person as my twin flame and yet, back then, that term twin flame hadn’t even entered my paradigm yet.

Well, the activity we were in got totally out of hand with all the drama queens involved so my partner (now ex) and I opted to bow out.  And yet, even after that, we still kept running into my twin flame.

So, we met in the spring and by fall of that year, I was wondering wtf was up with this person.  Over about 3 to 4 days I got the biggest part of my answer, still not knowing a danged thing about the whole twin flame thing.

I asked my astrologer for a reading. ¬†I made my best guess at my twin flame’s birthday, which I found out later was not completely accurate and yet perhaps it was close enough as I got the info I needed, perhaps outer planets involved anyway, which take a while to move. ¬†My astrologer also gave me a Tarot reading. ¬†This was all done through email and unfolded over a few days, the same few days that my partner (now ex) and I attended a Body, Mind, Spirit Expo. ¬†The bottom line from my astrologer was that this person and I had a past-life together.

So, while at the expo, my partner (now ex) and I heard a psychic talk about using your “mental view screen”. ¬†We also heard a psychology-type person (don’t know exactly what) talk about past-life regression work that they did and they gave a free book to anyone who would bother to stick around for a signed copy so my partner (now ex) and I got a book, which also had a meditation cd included.

After the last day of the expo, late in the evening, my partner (now ex) and I went to a place known for great espresso and desserts.  While there, I was given a vision, yep, on my mental view screen.  Clairvoyance not being my forte, well, it was a bit overwhelming, even though what I was shown was completely innocuous.  My partner (now ex) knew something was up and asked if I was ok, not something that was typical of them to do.

And what was I shown? ¬†The place, the setting of… my twin flame’s and my past-life together. ¬†Over several days I got more details. ¬†As soon as this all came to my conscious awareness, then I quit running into my twin flame. ¬†I figured I’d gotten the message –¬†there was healing to be done concerning this past-life.

I spent about 2 years knocking out the healing required.  Did a lot of Tarot readings and journaling in that time and utilized the past-life regression book and cd we had acquired.  After that, I figured I was done with this person, that the reason for us being brought together had been realized and addressed.  My ex and I split up not long before I finished my 2 year healing of this past life.  Not long after, I ran into my twin flame again.

About a year and a half later, I found my journal pages and sat in front of the fireplace and made a release ritual out of tossing the pages into the fire.  I felt really done then.

But, about a year and a half after that, I dreamt about my past-life personality, who I was in that past life. ¬†Later, when awake and had remembered the dream, I just knew this past life personality and I had some work to do that day but didn’t know quite what. ¬†Well, later, in the afternoon, it all came to me – I was to do a “redo” of that past life. ¬†Like when you’re kids playing a game and someone asks for “do overs”.

Again, I made a ritual out of it, lit some candles, got a crystal for each chakra, laid down on the couch and, well, I could say I imagined all this and yet it was as if it was fed to me.  30 minutes later I had redone that life and it had a much happier ending.

One key piece in this redo, which I just knew was the case – I could only change my own choices, not anyone else’s. ¬†I knew right where I could have made a better choice. ¬†It changed everything, not just for us but also for the community around us, ya know, back then.

Here again, I felt as done as done could be with this person and yet again, not long after, then I ran into them again.

So, that brought us up to about 2008, which, as I have come to understand in more recent times, was when my twin flame and I had originally planned, at a soul level, to come into each other’s lives. ¬†Well, that didn’t happen. ¬†I’m sure by that point the Divine was well aware that I could / would play a significant role in this planetary ascension so we were not brought together in such a way that would result in us being in each other’s lives in a significant way outwardly.

Considering all I’ve been through with this ascension project, I can totally see why our original plan / soul contract was not being fulfilled. ¬†No way did I have much of anything to offer anyone as the Divine was insisting that I help everyone instead. ¬†Groan.

Well, towards the end of 2009, I was using a Doreen Virtue angel card deck for a reading. ¬†I got the Twin Flame card. ¬†That was the first time I’d seen that term. ¬†I found info about it online that resonated, which was that when we break off into individuated souls, back when we were still in the Divine realms, we come off in clumps that some call soul groups or soul tribes. ¬†Then smaller groups which tend to be soul mate connections, which on Earth can be any and all sorts of relations – family, partners, business partners, friends or some other close relationship where you know each other very personally. ¬†And the last soul that you break off from is your twin flame.

That same night, after the day I got the Twin Flame card, I dreamt of my twin flame, one of the few times that I dreamt of them and it was actually them and not something or someone else representing them in some way. ¬†In the dream they were shown to me and a voice said, “Would you like that?” ¬†I said, “Sure.” ¬†The voice said, “Then have that.”

Not long after, a telepathic connection was happening between us.

In the summer of 2011, I ran into my twin flame twice in 6 weeks, the first time was the day after my birthday.  They got to see me in my ascension-hell-years fat suit.  Joy.

In the middle of 2012, I was guided by my twin flame’s higher self to communicate some things to them through email, still having their address from years before. ¬†I was given info through Tarot that would assist them in their healing / ascension work. ¬†I was told what to say and from my mundane-level self’s perspective, I was flying blind as I really didn’t know this person from Adam on a personal level.

In the fall of 2013, I was informed that my twin flame was ascension-ready.

The ascension hell years continued as we forerunners and those above the veil did everything possible to get the next “wave” of lightworkers to actually flow along with their process.

I connected telepathically with my twin flame very often. ¬†It was nice. ¬†But I couldn’t help but notice that it was I who initiated the connection. ¬†Initially I wondered if they were not so good on transmit or I was not so good on receive or something. ¬†I had my friend (who I speak about on this blog) “look into” it for me. ¬†What my friend came back with, in part, was that my twin flame had asked, “Are we always stuck with the same person?” ¬†Stuck. ¬†Their word. ¬†Well, isn’t that special. ¬†Not.

Over the years, I continued to send an email now and again, maybe even sending songs or something. ¬†Perhaps there was an implied message of “Feel free to actually respond to one of these emails any time.” ¬†After being informed of their ascension-readiness, I then emailed them and flat asked them to email me. ¬†Nope. ¬†They live about a 15 minute drive from here and I know where they live and I was even so bold as to leave them a note at their door, twice, over many months, to no avail.

Well, by the spring of 2015, I was fed up with them. ¬†Here was my twin flame, ascension-ready and had been in telepathic connection with me for almost 6 years and son of a gun if I could get them to acknowledge my existence in a more concrete way, specifically through email. ¬†When I’d asked them to email me, I let them know that was all I was looking for since that was all I could muster due to my planetary ascension work. ¬†And outwardly, due to my overall isolation and also changing where I got groceries (which was often, not always, a place that we would run into each other), I haven’t been in much of a situation TO run into them recently but I’d been convinced long before that if we were supposed to run into each other, we would… but didn’t.

I quit bothering to make the telepathic connection and, as you may well have guessed, if I didn’t make it happen, it didn’t happen.

In the summer of 2015, out of sheer boredom / something to do as I sat my ascension-weary butt in a chair day in and day out, I started to look up people online, including “back home” where I grew up. ¬†I thought of someone who I’d had a crush on when I was in high school. ¬†Well, as soon as they were in my conscious awareness, I knew that they were an unconventional thinker, about spirituality and other things and were¬†well aware of how messed up 3D Earth was. ¬†I just knew that they would get this whole healing and ascension thing.

Not long after, this person’s higher self (HS) was in contact with me and asked if I would assist their human in their healing process after my ascension. ¬†I said I would.

Then not long after that, their HS told me their human had intuited that a “lover” would be arriving in their life. ¬†Initially, I just thought, “Well that’s cool!” ¬†I did a Tarot reading to jump start the intuition and get some more details and eventually had to sit back and laugh as their HS was informing me that their human’s “approaching lover” was me. ¬†Talk about being the last to know. ¬†lol

This person is extremely intuitive and their HS let them know that I was someone who they had known of. ¬†We didn’t really know each other but we would know each other’s name and face. ¬†But that’s all their HS told them for a while.

We then developed a telepathic connection.  We were getting pretty close and there were some things about me that their HS was not telling them.  I finally told their HS that it was high time they knew some things.  Their HS was in agreement and let them know.  Their HS let me know when the message was sent and when it was received and as soon as this person had the info they started making guesses as to who I was.  I was not their only guess but I was their first guess.  (You can bet there will be some sh*t-flipping about being one on a list.)  Since they had flat guessed my name, their HS felt it was only right to give them confirmation.

I realized that high school crush had gone both ways.  They were thrilled to find out it was me.  That right there was a far cry from the energy shown to me by my own twin flame.  I was thrilled to find out that they were thrilled to find out it was me they had been in connection with.

Well, I was quite prepared to let this person know of my twin flame upon my physical arrival into their life. ¬†That was no big deal to me. ¬†I’d done the multiple partner thing at a 3D level and pulled it off with integrity. ¬†I was sure that an ascended version of me would handle it quite well. ¬†This person’s HS felt they could handle it, though they’d had some jealousy issues with an ex of theirs. ¬†Their HS has since gotten this person to do some massage, then Reiki, specifically to help them release the jealousy issue. ¬†I understand they’ve done quite well with it. ¬†And kudos to their HS for getting things lined up for success.

Meanwhile, back at the twin flame ranch, as I said, I quit connecting and yet whenever I thought of them it resulted in me being ticked off. ¬†There is only so much of that before I just can’t deny the message that the emotions bring.

A few weeks ago, I let my twin flame go. ¬†I announced it to my friend. ¬†Within a week from then, I was checking in with God to see if He had any info for me. ¬†Yep. ¬†I suspected it was about ascension, but no, it was God telling me that I’d made a decision about my twin flame and that it was the right decision to make. ¬†And twin flame or no, I deserved better.

Surprise twin flame story ending? ¬†Perhaps. ¬†Regardless of whether twin flames do typically outgrow each other or what, as I’ve said many times, many a plan, both individually and collectively, have had to be abandoned as this very dynamic planetary ascension project unfolds. ¬†Rest assured, in more ways than one, none of us are / will be coming out of this experience the same way we came in.

And again, I can’t deny the emotions – now when I think of my twin flame, I don’t get ticked. ¬†More confirmation.

5 Element Theory

I got to thinking that the cycle of elements in the 5 Element Theory of Chinese Medicine is showing itself in the progression of this ascension project.

For many years, lightworkers, spiritualists, healers, “way showers” of all sorts brought higher light / information into the world. ¬†Some embraced the wisdom and lived it, but in the larger human collective all those ideas were still just that, just ideas.

This reminds me of the first element,¬†Water,¬†which is just that – ideas, imagination, dreams, feelings, potential. ¬†It’s a buoy bobbing around with no particular place to go. ¬†It’s just energy, unformed as of yet.

Then I feel that the forerunners represent the¬†Wood¬†element. ¬†Woods have a good “push”. ¬† They get things started. ¬†I always like to say that babies aren’t born and seeds don’t sprout without a good push. ¬†Wood has to overcome the inertia of Water, get that potential actually moving. ¬†It’s often said that getting started is 90 % of the job.

There were many lightworkers / way showers who didn’t advance in earnest with their inner work until recently (some who are still dragging their heels) but are moving along with it now. ¬†But right along with them are a new breed of lightworker who have been rather abruptly awakened in recent years, put on the fast track and are being whisked away ¬†on the ever-rising energies of the ascension.

I’ve seen several of these folks out in cyber land and I’m impressed. ¬†They seem less tainted from the whole New Age (and old age for that matter) dogma and just call it like they see it and frankly I think they’re using their 3rd eye / 6th sense very well. ¬†And they express themselves very well and share their journey.

To me, this group is the Fire element.  They bring new spark, new energy, drive, motivation, joy, to the whole project.  I think they will help to put new life into old way showers and bring a less tainted perspective to those still running some dogma programs.

So, if this is kinda where we are now, then what of the last two elements?  Well, they may give you a heads up of what is to come, eh?

The next in the cycle would be¬†Earth¬†element. ¬†These element types do the “long haul” work, the meat of the project, just getting done whatever needs to get done. ¬†It may not be glamorous, but it is very significant.

The last element would be¬†Metal. ¬†Metals do the refinement, the finish work, the editing. ¬†They cross the t’s and dot the i’s. ¬†They make it presentation-ready. ¬†What exactly would / could that mean for this specific project? ¬†Your guess is as good as mine. ¬†Hopefully they’ll be dusting up after a very successful project.


Planetary Ascension Project Overview (Review?!)

Why are we all here?  Because Gaia asked us to be.

For what?  To ascend Gaia and to assist as many humans as possible to also ascend.

What / who is Gaia?  She WAS the old soul essence of Earth.  Was.  She is no longer.

When Gaia ascends, will Earth be a soulless empty shell?  Nope.  Early last year Earth was assigned a new soul essence and that one brings a different energy and is quite prepared for what will unfold in / on 3D Earth.

What are we NOT here for?

  • To save Earth
  • To shift, raise or eliminate 3D
  • To “defeat” the cabal

Why is it important to understand that we are / will not alter 3D?  Because everyone who is still doing that whole 3D ignorant, dualistic, disempowered, dysfunctional paradigm experience has every right to do it and it is in their best interest, for their highest good to do so.

As the 3D Earth experience intensifies on its destructive path, that affords all 3Ders more and more opportunity to actually wake up to it, change directions and get on their healing path and ascend to 5D Gaia.

I’d recently commented to someone that a few years ago I went to a coffee shop on the beach on a pleasant day and sat outside at their only outside table. ¬†Someone came along and asked if they could join me. ¬†I said yes and we had a good conversation. ¬†The state of the world came up and, me being me, I talked to this person about the cabal. ¬†They were obviously not aware but they didn’t get bent out of shape or anything. ¬†They indulged me and asked some good questions.

One thing they asked was – What if the cabal could be removed from the world? ¬†I told them that would not serve many people’s chances of awakening and healing. ¬†Just because you remove the programmers does not mean you have removed the programs. ¬†People need to heal. ¬†The cabal’s presence and keeping up with their usual shenanigans provides endless opportunities for people to wake up.

I’ve found that people need to get fed up, get to “Enough already!”, get their fill… before they will let go of something, even the things that frustrate and tick them off or make them sick, literally and figuratively. ¬†The cabal will serve to help get them to their “Enough already!” point, whatever level that may be for each of them. ¬†I saw someone else recently say “evolve or exit”. ¬†I like to say “evolution or extinction.” ¬†Sounds intense eh? ¬†It IS intense.

On the flip side, all the lightworkers in the world living, being, doing, talking and walking their True Selves will demonstrate another option for people.  They, YOU will be in the world and not of it.

The new soul essence of Earth will intensify the Duality experience.  The polarities will be even more extreme than they have ever been.

For all you lightworkers – stay calm, centered and grounded. ¬†(See Useful Healthful Tips for quicky visualization techniques for this.) ¬†Don’t merely think, believe, hope or wish to be protected, but KNOW that you are… and you will be. ¬†Stay in your center and just like the eye of the storm is calm, you too shall remain calm by being centered. ¬†Tornadoes may be flying around you and bombs dropping all around. ¬†Stay out of fear and your intuition will be clear and will steer you safely through the minefields.

A new “Garden of Eden” will occur due to the new Earth soul essence. ¬†This time no one will be forbidden from eating the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge… of good and evil. ¬†There won’t be 50 shades of gray anymore. ¬†Light and dark will be even more polarized and more well defined and distinguishable.

And some people’s ego issues are still getting them riled up about this whole forerunner / lightworker thing. ¬†Get over it folks. ¬†No one is more important than anyone else. ¬†No one is less important. ¬†But ALL ARE IMPORTANT.

I was a lifelong athlete. ¬†I take the whole teamwork thing seriously and I don’t just pay it lip service. ¬†Will I call my team mates on their / your crap when I see it? ¬†Yeppers. ¬†Why? ¬†Because I’m more important? ¬†Nope, because YOU ALL are JUST AS important and I won’t allow you to sluff off. ¬†This team, this game, this project demands that you all play your position – no weak spots on the field / court. ¬†Don’t let the team down. ¬†Now, be happy that we’re not on a football team years ago where we’d take ya out behind the barn and have a little “come to Jesus” talk with ya.

And don’t forget all the “benchwarmers” who haven’t awakened yet. ¬†They want in the game too… they just don’t know it yet. ¬†Help them know it.

Definition of Terms

Let’s get on the same sheet of music, eh?!

I see others using terms for things, which…

  1. Don’t jive with how I define things.
  2. Are inconsistent.
  3. Are just flat not defined.
  4. Are often mish-mashed together with other terms causing more confusion rather than clarifying things.

If we all don’t define terms the same way, then it’s not safe to assume we’re all talking about the same thing. ¬†So, I will define some terms / groups / roles, so that regardless of how you or others define things, at least you know where I’m coming from and what I’m really talking about here.

I don’t know about you, but I’m quite done with vagueness.

Please see “Ascension Timeline Thus Far” for more details on the following.

~145,000 who were the first to complete both their “general healing” (my term) and their ascension process during this planetary ascension. ¬†Most were finished with their personal ascension process in early 2011 (with a few exceptions).

This group is / was also responsible for readying Gaia for her ascension.

There were prior “ascended masters” down through the ages, but they only got themselves ascended and were not working on also ascending the planet or assisting the collective with their ascensions. ¬†No doubt their ascensions tested the “ascension blueprint” that was left by the ancients and also brought light into the world, but when they were “ascension-ready”, they ascended.

The situation now is not just about individual ascensions but also Gaia’s ascension and service to the human collective, providing the energetic and informational (light) “environment” necessary to provide an opportunity to / option of / a better chance for / buy some time for others.

Ya know the line – “Have I not said ye are gods? ¬†You too shall do these and greater things.” ¬†We’re all doing the “greater things” part of this during this planetary / collective ascension effort.

We forerunners and the next group, (see below) have been “ascension-ready” for years and yet have been held here to do energetic service work for others.

Current “Ascension-Ready” folks (who were NOT forerunners)
~ 1,000,000 who have been ascension-ready / complete since 2013.
This group did NOT assist Gaia in her preparation work, but they did help anchor in higher light for other humans.

First Wavers
Both of these first two groups (above). ¬†These two groups are ascension-ready and will ascend WITH Gaia. ¬†These are the ONLY humans who are currently “ascension-ready” / complete. ¬†They will be the “first wave” of ascenders.

Second Wavers
Currently ~ 15 million lightworkers who have gotten urged along, in no small way, since the fall of 2014.

They are now taking over light anchoring / holding duties from the forerunner / ascension-ready folks.

They were part of a larger group of ~22 million lightworkers who were kinda mostly at approximately the same level for the last several years, ~7 million of which just did not keep advancing with / as the other ~ 15 million did.


Behind these ~15 million are some recently and abruptly awakened folks who the Divine have on the fast track. ¬†They more than likely will quickly surpass the ~ 7 million afore mentioned LWs. ¬†They are demonstrating that, challenging as it is, they are willing to “trust and flow” along with the process and follow Divine guidance, while the ~ 7 million continue to resist their own process.

The ~15 million, many of them could have been either right in step with forerunners or, if not that, then they could have been right in step with those ~ 1 million who were ascension-ready in 2013.  Either way, they could have already been second wave and relieved us forerunners a while back.

Then these freshly awakened folks may have literally been third wave and yet now will more than likely just catch up to the second wavers.

Regardless, all that any of us can do is to face the current reality of how things are in this moment and deal with it realistically. ¬†Plans made before incarnation may not apply any more. ¬†It’ll serve you to be as dynamic as the situation itself is. ¬†If the Divine wants / needs to use you for something, then by God, let It do so for you are tied to the collective whether you care to be or not.

Though much has changed and many plans have been abandoned, etc. since some of us have incarnated, this one thing has held true throughout –¬†It really never was anticipated that all humans would ascend all at once and¬†that’s why such terms as “first / second wave(rs)” have become part of our “ascension vernacular”, if you will.


I’ll just add here… Gaia Portal had this line in one of their messages last month:

Gaia mission nears completion.

Out of curiosity, I looked online to see how people interpreted this line. ¬†I had to chuckle to find someone scratching their head about what could this “Gaia mission” possibly be that is nearing completion.

Ah, folks, it’s that thing that we’ve all been talking about, ya know, the “A” word – ASCENSION!

GAIA’s ascension.

What’s the problem? ¬†Is it because you look around and see many a person who is most obviously not ascension-ready and it just won’t compute in your pea-brain?

Like I said, it’s not an all-at-once ascension, there will be waves. ¬†Gaia Portal is letting you know that Gaia herself is almost ready to ascend. ¬†Well, really more precisely –¬†everything else that needs / needed to fall into place, MOST ESPECIALLY like lightworkers completing so they can / could take over holding light in the world from the forerunners… is nearing completion.

If Gaia and the 1st wave were to ascend before there were other light-holders to carry the torch, then we might be the only ones to ascend.


One’s lower mind, which is still far too overused by too many humans, lightworkers included. ¬†Folks, get out of your head already. ¬†Enough with all your endless analysis. ¬†Get into your heart and FEEL all of this. ¬†Go inward. ¬†And this from an air sign (me) who just loves to use my pea brain but who is also sharp enough to know that sometimes it’s best to “lose one’s mind”.

Do you understand why those who meditate speak of “quieting one’s mind”? ¬†Sometimes the chatty lower mind just needs to stfu so one can hear their whisper of an inner voice. ¬†Eventually one becomes a “moving meditation” who has mastered the use of their mind and balanced it by listening to all other aspects of oneself – body, emotions, spirit (intuition).

Some people are such the intellectual, in such an imbalanced / overused way that they are not very intelligent. ¬†They are easily distracted and taken off path, thinking themselves so clever while they feed their pea-brain addictions and ignore Divine guidance. ¬†There are different kinds of genius and there can be great genius in recognizing when it’s a good time to “lose one’s mind” and FEEL more of this in a less brainiac sorta way. ¬†The mind is a very useful tool. ¬†Keep it that way by not allowing your “mind candy” addictions to become stumbling blocks and distractions that keep you off your healing and ascension path. ¬†Get out of your own way already! ¬†A TRULY brilliant mind knows when to get the hell outta the way and let other aspects of self get the job done… and do it better.

And goodness sakes folks, get and keep your priorities straight. ¬†Learn and know what you need to TO ASCEND. ¬†Follow your Divine guidance on THAT. ¬†After you are ascended you can and will know anything you God-blessed well please. ¬†So, in the meantime, follow the Divine cookie-crumb trail so you actually make your ascension and don’t end up like Cate Blanchett’s character in Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skulls. ¬†With all your pea-brain “I want to know!”, you just might miss the boat.

Will You Know? … when Gaia and the first wave have ascended?

Those of you who are not ascension-ready, when Gaia and those who ARE currently ascension-ready, when we ascend, will you know?  ASK to know.  Ask now.  Ask God and Gaia to let you know when it happens.

You can view it as good news, to you personally and for everyone else.  It means that, first, we got Gaia taken care of, ascended, safe and sound.  THAT is the ultimate reason for this effort.  It also provides somewhere for all other humans to ascend to.

And those of us who go with Gaia demonstrate how very possible this all is… for you… for everyone… how very REAL ascension is.

I’ve often told people, “I’m a nobody. ¬†I have had no greater potential than the next person and yet I did it, I COMPLETED my healing and ascension work. ¬†If I can do it, so can you.”

When you come to KNOW that this not-so-little thing has just occurred, that the planet and some humans have actually ascended… tell the world!

Forerunners vs. LightWorkers

Where to start? Ok, how’s about with this…

A reader of my site, who had a problem with me getting after lightworkers (LWs) had said, ‚ÄúWhy can‚Äôt we all just be lightworkers? Why do some have to be forerunners?‚ÄĚ

Believe me honey, a part of me would have rather NOT been a forerunner, thank you very much. I‚Äôm SO glad that I have been able to help with this planetary ascension project and that we actually ARE gittin‚Äô ‚Äėer done, but on a personal level, it has sucked. Plain and simple. Oh yeah, it‚Äôs had its awesome moments for sure. Ya can‚Äôt work on a project this grand, actually be successful at it and not feel great about that, but what it‚Äôs done to us personally has not been fun. More appropriate words would be ‚Äútorturous‚ÄĚ, ‚Äúagonizing‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúexhausting.‚ÄĚ Did I mention ‚Äúno life‚ÄĚ in that? No world travel, surfing, snorkeling, 5 mile runs, working out at the gym, attending ‚Äúenlightenment‚ÄĚ conferences, painting, playing an instrument, dancing, etc. for us. (all literal, specific examples from LWs who only think they are forerunners) Oh to even have the energy required for any of those ‚Äúout there‚ÄĚ activities. Many, many days in the last several years, I‚Äôve had just enough energy to get something to eat‚Ķ before I fell asleep again. ¬†No joking.

This person asking this question, like some others, seems to take offense that I differentiate forerunners from lightworkers in general. There’s definitely some ego issues behind them having an issue with this.

Let’s go there a bit…

First of all, no one can truly offend you, you can only ‚Äútake offense‚ÄĚ. Don‚Äôt like feeling offended? Then quit choosing to take offense. Whose feelings are we talking about here? Yours.

And‚Ķ after feeling like I‚Äôve been singing solo on this bit for so long, I‚Äôm happy to see a few LWs starting to wise-up about this whole ego thing. Maybe if enough join that choir, people will stop trying to ‚Äúkill their ego‚Ä̂Ķ or perhaps they‚Äôll just chop off their own head to seal the deal. To hell with just cutting off one‚Äôs nose to spite their face, just lop off the whole noggin. Does it really matter what part of you it is? If you vilify some part of you, what chance do you really stand of being whole / integrated / complete? Enough already!

Ego is just one’s sense of self.

Ah, but where DOES one get their sense of self? If it’s from a tainted 3D Earth paradigm, that’s not so good. But one’s sense of self can come from the Divine and your ego can absolutely work with the Divine. So, how’s about YOU actually work in cooperation with your ego?! What a concept! Talk to your ego. Explain things. Ask it to let the Divine help it out a bit.

Ego ISSUES come from being programmed in a disempowered way in this world. The ego is just one of many human parts that have been tainted by the disempowering programming.

Really problematic programming happens at the subconscious level, most of those programs being implanted into the subconscious when we are 6 years old and younger (which is why the global cabal want your children in the education system at a younger age so they can program them the way they want).

Then people are conditioned to not listen to their intuition and to repress their emotions. They get poisoned at a physical level with conventional food and brainwashed to ignore their own senses and keep eating the poisons and living disempowered lives.

Hmm. Sounds like this whole ‚Äúissues‚ÄĚ thing goes well beyond just ego. ALL parts will need to be healed.

Eee gad, did I just say the ‚Äėn‚Äô word, ooh not that, another thing that bothers LWs‚Ķ but if you have a goal, now you have conditions, if you want to make your goal you have to release some things and embrace others. Yep, I said NEED. Read it and weep if you must‚Ķ then get over it. The only time ‚Äúneed‚ÄĚ does not apply is if you are still asleep, still exercising your free-will / veiled consciousness state, then you can do whatever you want‚Ķ no matter how dysfunctional it is.

But when you‚Äôve awakened and committed to your healing path and gone down it far enough, then the Divine grabs ya by the ear, the way old battle-ax schoolmarms used to do and says ‚ÄúYou‚Äôre mine now!‚ÄĚ and you WILL be used for energetic service work, like it or lump it.

It all begins when the soul would have its way with you. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

The ego is one’s sense of self and also cares very much about one’s survival. But, yeah, it got programmed in a disempowered way, making unhealthy and inaccurate associations.

Because we create through our Thoughts, Words and Deeds, then whatever programs are running in our psyches are creating our reality… until we wake up to those programs and heal, clear and release them.

But‚Ķ I had to chuckle when I saw that someone had said that if someone says they are ‚Äúthe One‚ÄĚ ‚Äď ya know, they are self-realized, they know they are a part of God and also a very powerful creator in and of themselves, that they flat know that they are ‚Äúall that and a bag of cosmic chips‚ÄĚ ‚Äď well, if that bothers you, it‚Äôs not THEIR ego issue but YOURS.

No doubt. Too many LWs still steeped in programmed ego, suffering from ‚Äúlesser than‚ÄĚ issues, seeing everything as a ‚Äúcompetition‚ÄĚ- in the negative sense of that word. (Is there another sense to that word? We‚Äôll get to that.) They are still succumbing to the old disempowering program ‚Äúteacher = threat‚ÄĚ, regardless of what form that teacher comes in ‚Äď a person, a situation, a personal experience. Rather than learning from it they dis that teacher in every way possible. This is how the old programs hold on for dear life.

I’m in complete agreement with this person. The ego issue is not in knowing who you truly are and being so courageous as to boldy state it, but in having low self-worth issues and being bothered by those who don’t.

This quote never gets old:

‚ÄúOur deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‚ÄėWho am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?‚Äô Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won‚Äôt feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It‚Äôs not just in some of us; it‚Äôs in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.‚ÄĚ ~ Marianne Williamson

When it comes right down to it, if you ‚Äúhide‚ÄĚ yourself, when you are quite well aware of who you really are, that is just a DISservice to your fellow human. If you walk on eggshells for their ‚Äúlesser than‚ÄĚ / lack of self-worth issues, then you are essentially enabling their dysfunction. Come on folks, get over what others think of you and quit hiding yourself. Not only is that crippling to you, it‚Äôs also not helping others. Get serious about your soul mission of ASCENSION already.

What makes forerunners different than other lightworkers? Well, one big component would be having a ‚Äúgit ‚Äėer done‚ÄĚ attitude ‚Äď people who were very PROACTIVE about their healing.

It‚Äôs also about timing to some degree. Basically, the forerunners were the ones who had finished their ‚Äúgeneral healing‚ÄĚ (my term) by about 2009 or earlier. We then were (finally) allowed to move forward into our intense ascension process late that year or a bit later.

The transmutation work and light anchoring work that we did could not have been done by just anyone, but had to be performed by someone who was COMPLETE in their healing and personal ascension process. In order to channel that much energy to and fro, we had to be a clear channel ‚Äď issue-free, fear-free, blockage-free.

Then ‚Äď more silly, disempowering and limiting notions from LWs ‚Äď a while back someone had said that EVERYONE has blockages and always will have. ¬†OMG. ¬†I told them I don‚Äôt and, of course, they don‚Äôt want to believe that and told me all my blockages will come back some day. ¬†lol ¬†Goodness sakes. ¬†It‚Äôs like they‚Äôre trying to put a curse on one of the most advanced souls around, ya know, me. ¬†Yeah, good luck with that honey.

It’s also as if they think that if they have not experienced it (being blockage-free, or anything else for that matter), it hasn’t happened yet, ‘cuz, ya know, they’re the first to do everything. ¬†If they haven’t done it, it hasn’t been done. ¬†Right?!

I’d refer them here.

In saying that NO ONE can be blockage-free, what they are really saying is ‚ÄúI cannot be blockage-free. ¬†I will ALWAYS have blockages.‚ÄĚ ¬†Careful‚Ķ the Universe is listening‚Ķ and is quite happy to cooperate in delivering your creation to you. ¬†Are you SURE you want to create such limits for yourself?!

So, for anyone who is not ascension-ready, what you are all working on now is your own healing and ascension process.  As you do so, you raise the overall frequency of 3D / 4D.

Don‚Äôt underestimate how important your own personal process IS to the collective effort. Every bit of your healing that you knock out adds a wee bit more light to the world, which needs all it can get, so keep after it. ¬†Once you complete then you’ll REALLY be effective at influencing the world.

At the same time, quit feeding your energy into what you don‚Äôt want. ¬†Energy flows where attention goes. ¬†Think only of what you want and not of what you don’t want. ¬†Worry is a prayer for something you don’t want.

And… If ~ 7 billion humans would have all been doing their inner work at the same time, this would have been much easier on all of us.

So, this specific person who had asked me this initial question about forerunners vs. general lightworkers, I know Life and the Divine have them on the fast track. They had their awakening about the time we forerunners were moving into our own intense ascension process (as opposed to just “general healing”, there was a definite line between the two for myself and most other REAL forerunners because we weren’t allowed to move into our intense ascension process until the nth minute, hoping more folks behind us would get more up to speed).

I woke up about 22 years ago. I had time to knock out my healing and yet was doing it in a rather ‚Äúdark‚ÄĚ world. That was the challenge we faced. But, things moved slower then and we had many years to do our ‚Äúgeneral healing‚ÄĚ and actually, due to the overall collective situation, we weren‚Äôt allowed to move into our intense ascension process until years later in some cases. Some of us had some thumb-twiddling time in between.

Those who are being abruptly awakened in more recent years I‚Äôm sure are as overwhelmed with their own general healing in the same way that the ascension process was overwhelming for us forerunners. Folks on the fast track like this may not notice much difference between their general healing and their subsequent ascension process ‚Äď one will probably segue right into the other. And if / when you get on path here in recent years, you‚Äôre doing it in a much more light-infused environment. Double-edged sword that. Yes, lots of light to help you along, but‚Ķ then again, lots of light to help you along. Kinda like jumping onto a moving train. Wee!

But who am I really getting after in the LW ranks? Well, not these folks who were recently put on the fast track and aren‚Äôt far enough along anyway to really be ‚Äúlight holders‚ÄĚ. But the sheer fact that their healing and ascension process is full speed ahead indicates that they are not resisting their process. Good for them!

But there are LWs who have been awake as long or longer than I have. ¬†Some of them even served as my teachers / re-minders back in the day ‚Äď although ‚Äúgod‚ÄĚ forbid (little ‚Äėg‚Äô god, as in each individual creator) they actually allow me and others like me to return the favor and teach them some things. ¬†So, as you may have guessed, this also includes ‚Äúcelebrity lightworkers‚ÄĚ. ¬†They‚Äôre out there preaching to beat the band and they haven‚Äôt even completed their general healing, let alone their ascension process. ¬†They don‚Äôt take the bull by the horns, but they instead wait until something pushes them. ¬†It didn‚Äôt help any that those above the veil (atv) who were directing energies took so danged long to realize that these LWs were not going to proactively keep advancing, but would only do so with a good push, so those atv have been giving it to them since about the fall of 2014… ¬†about the same time the Divine would no longer allow me to be used for energetic service work (Read this blog for more details.)

Yeah, those atv had better have come up with something to prod the lightworkers on BEFORE all the forerunners were completely spent or oops there goes an ascension project down the drain. ¬†I’d guess that many a lightworker had no idea that a relatively small number of forerunners, already weary from getting a planet ascension-ready, were holding off destructive forces in THEIR world. ¬†Perhaps they thought it was all held together as if by magic. ¬†Hmm. ¬†Who do they think was performing the magick? ¬†… while they took their sweet time, not a care in the world “wondering what is next” and “waiting for the next thing”. ¬†*shaking head* ¬†Gee, can’t imagine why those “upstairs” had to apply the Cosmic Cattle Prod. ¬†This whole ascension gig is NOT a spectator sport.

Not to mention that… meanwhile in 3D… the cabal just a’kept on making their moves towards complete and utter control of the unawakened. ¬†Tick, tick, tick for the 3Ders who lightworkers are to be helping. ¬†Yep. ¬†Precarious. ¬†Many of you have no idea. ¬†… especially before we had the RIGHT support from those above the veil… which we really didn’t get until a few months before the Divine no longer allowed me to be used for energetic service work.


So if we‚Äôre talking years prior to 2009 (before the ‚Äúascension hell‚ÄĚ years started), when someone awakened doesn‚Äôt have anything to do with it. How old someone is has nothing to do with it.

So a forerunner would be someone who:

  • Awakened long enough ago to give them time to complete their ‚Äúgeneral healing‚ÄĚ work BEFORE 2009 (mostly).
  • Was proactive in getting that healing work done. Just being ‚Äúawake‚ÄĚ is not enough.
  • Moved into their intense ascension process and completed that in short order, maybe a year or less.
  • Got used mercilessly FOR YEARS by those above the veil (atv) to do transmutation and light anchoring energetic service work for Gaia and the human collective from about early 2011 till very recently (including having their energetic service work put towards things that not only didn‚Äôt help but impeded progress ‚Äď read this blog for more details).


So, there are lightworkers who are NOT forerunners who think they are special and deserve special privileges. ¬†About the only way they are ‚Äúspecial‚ÄĚ is in a Dana Carvey‚Äôs Church Lady kinda way. ¬†ūüėČ

Forrest Gump might say, ‚ÄúSpecial is as special does.‚ÄĚ

They see the role that FORERUNNERS ENDED UP WITH as the role that these same souls CAME FOR… and their own role is different.  Not true.  Granted, much of the heavy lifting has been done so they missed out on some of the work.

“There were jerk offs too numerous to mention
When everybody shared the dream
But when it came time to share the nightmare
They were conveniently no where to be seen‚ÄĚ ~ Pat Benatar ‚ÄúTakin‚Äô It Back‚ÄĚ

As I said, in order to assist the planet and collective through energetic service work, one had to be COMPLETE in their own healing / ascension process. THAT is what determined who the forerunners were.  It’s about what we have done SINCE we’ve been here on Earth, not about what was planned before we incarnated.

And realistically, you can’t send in some specific,¬†designated 144,000 to do a certain task – blaze the trail, lay in new blueprints and get Gaia prepared for her ascension – and count on them to actually wake up in a heavily veiled world, ya just can’t count on that happening. ¬†As long as they had time to knock out their own healing, pretty much anyone was in the running to be a forerunner.

And sadly, many LWs who, yes, woke up many years ago, have demonstated that even those who woke up early really weren’t proactive about knocking out their own process in a timely fashion, which equates to nothing more than – just keep after it, yep, be proactive.

Yep, even though we had enough to “play the role of” the 144,000, not many stepped up to fill in the waves behind us. ¬†I must admit, it was a while after I was completely spent and not being used for energetic service work that it really dawned on me just HOW far behind so many “older” LWs were. ¬†When I was seeing just how much of a push they were getting from those atv and for how long, it made me wonder if they’d knocked out much at all of their healing process prior to… oh 2012, but I really should say 2009 because that is when it was decided that we forerunners could not wait any longer if we were going to tap into the various astrological and cosmic energetic opportunities of the times and keep Gaia moving along and get her dross transmuted.


Many, many plans, both collective and individual, have had to be abandoned to keep up to this very dynamic situation which has been very precarious at times. ¬†Believe you me, we forerunners know. ¬†We FELT it! … sometimes like an elephant sitting on your chest.

What has been the reason for it being so precarious? Because so very many who came to awaken still hadn‚Äôt / haven‚Äôt and others who ‚Äúawakened‚ÄĚ weren‚Äôt diligent about their healing work. ¬†That left very few people to do one gargantuan job. As the old line goes ‚Äď Many hands make light work (light here meaning ‚Äúeasy‚ÄĚ). ¬†We didn‚Äôt have many hands.

So, for years now, my friend (my fellow forerunner, who I refer to on this blog, who did work with me above the veil) and I have been VERY intimately connected into this planetary ascension effort.  We have worked very closely with God and Gaia on this and we do indeed know some details of the bigger picture here.  See Ascension Timeline Thus Far for some of that detail.

This big group of LWs, who I speak of here recently, have been a major wrench in the works of this collective effort. They have been the bottleneck. Many of them really have no excuse to not be as far along as we forerunners are. They really could have been shoulder to shoulder with us. They woke up many, many years ago and have had plenty of time to knock out their healing.

But most of them are still too caught up in 3D ways, turning spirituality into commerce or boosting their egos with how many followers they can collect. Glad they are available to folks for information purposes ‚Äď that is, if their info is even worth a darn ‚Äď but they forgot to make and keep the main thing the main thing. And if they are not in and through their ascension process themselves, they‚Äôre not going to be the best about giving advice at this point in time.


A few days ago I added the following update in comments on the Nova Gaia Grids Descend post:

A wee bit of an update‚Ķ first of all, I‚Äôll go ahead and preface this with ‚Äď this is what LWs are currently working on. I bother to say that because THAT is the part that is different here. These have been ongoing issues for the LWs so the issue part is going to sound like a broken record‚Ķ but now they are actually working on these things.

These are the messages I have gotten and some elaboration on each.

‚ÄúRemember that you have been helped by the generosity of another, and you should be generous with your own time and advice when someone needs it.‚ÄĚ

This is not so much about giving advice but stepping up to do energetic service work. The forerunners (the REAL forerunners) have had our asses kicked holding off destructive forces to give LWs time to get up to speed. Now it’s their turn to hold light for others.

‚ÄúLack of harmony‚ÄĚ

What I’m getting about this is that it’s not about a lack of inner harmony but a lack of harmony amongst humans. We’re still talking LWs here and the attitude they have had. They weren’t being proactive about knocking out their healing / inner work so that has put so much burden on forerunners that we are completely spent and God won’t allow some of us to be used any more. How’s THAT for giving your all?! The LWs have also put 3Ders at risk by not stepping up in a timely fashion, knocking out their inner work so they can do service work for 3D level folk who still could stand the chance of waking up and healing.

‚ÄúHigh ideals.‚ÄĚ

The LWs are being asked to aim for high ideals. And these ideals are quite reachable. Forerunners have proven that. So anyone thinking that COMPLETION is not possible, well, sorry folks, it’s already been done, so by you saying that NO ONE can be whole, complete, healed, issue-free, blockage-free is just another way for you to delay / resist YOUR OWN process. When you say such, you’re not telling the universe about anyone or anything but yourself and your own creation. QUIT LIMITING YOURSELF!

God is not allowing me to let this one slide. This is the Lesson Du Jour.

It‚Äôs very important that this big group of LWs acknowledge others. They pay a lot of lip service to ‚Äúteam‚ÄĚ and yet are very lousy teammates themselves. They want to do their own thing. They have next to no awareness about the big picture of this ascension project and have seemingly had no desire to know. It‚Äôs like they‚Äôre on a basketball team and while the game is going on, they want to sit on the court and play tiddlywinks‚Ķ then get ticked if they get hit in the head with a basketball. Ah folks, sorry to have to break this news to you but there‚Äôs a planetary and human ascension going on here and your participation is not only requested but required.

On one side, it’s about acknowledging those who went before them. For goodness sakes folks, this is NOT for OUR sakes (forerunners that is). It’s not as if we are the types to need our egos stroked. *yawn* to that old crap. It’s important TO THE LIGHTWORKERS themselves because there is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to draw on from those who blazed the trail that they are now… strolling on, doing the 100 meter mosey on. And they don’t even have to talk to / hear from any of us directly, they just need to acknowledge that there is a wealth of information available to them and TO ASK TO KNOW IT.

On the other side, this big group of LWs seem to see Joe Average as something to be avoided at all costs. Eh! Wrong answer.

Now, I’ll give ya this, you have to make and keep yourself your top priority or you’re not worth a darn to the next person. Part of looking out for yourself includes setting boundaries with others and, if need be, releasing other people. Hey, if they don’t care to come along on your healing ride with you, then consider yourself graduated beyond them and move along. The senior class might miss the junior class but they don’t stay in high school past their time because of it. And those specific individuals that you release, well, you may or may not ever have them return to your life.

But 3D folks in general? Well dear LWs, those folks are a very big part of your soul mission. They specifically are pretty much what your present role is all about. You can and will be assisting them both outwardly / person to person and also with energetic service work. See Yo Lightworkers…. post.

God informs me that this sort of message ‚Äď the LWs acknowledging both who came before them and those who will come after AND acknowledging their own current role in this ascension effort ‚Äď will be coming into the world through many sources now. So that is something to watch for.

It’s time to do more than just pay lip service to Unity and Oneness. ¬†If you won’t acknowledge anyone other than those who are right in lock step with you, you got no business talking Unity and Oneness in a collective, connected way and you obviously still need to keep working on your own Self-Unity until you can acknowledge the rest of us.


And, as promised, let’s talk competition… speaking of language being corrupted. Do you know what competition really means? The word origin, the original vibration of the word compete? It literally means AIM TOGETHER. No reason to take my word for it, a dictionary can help you out.

God, Gaia, the Universe would all like to see you all being a bit more COMPETITIVE in the TRUE VIBRATION sense of that word and AIM TOGETHER with ALL the rest of us‚Ķ and‚Ķ git ‚Äėer done!

Interpretation … of Stairway to Heaven

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Everyone else and their dog has had a shot at it, why not me?

(See the checkerboard flooring?  Duality!  Climb the stairs to get out of duality.)

This song is very inspired / in-spirit. Many writers, oh heavens, many humans are inspired with wisdom that they themselves sometimes don’t even know the significance of, at least not when first inspired.

Are the words satanic? ¬†… as so many¬†people insist on saying? ¬†I’d say not. ¬†Are they occult? ¬†I’d say so. ¬†But many¬†people wrongly associate the occult with satanism.¬†¬†The¬†symbology involved is actually Sacred Symbology. ¬†It’s not “satanic” or evil.

Sacred Symbology IS very powerful though… which is why the cabal use it.

There is nothing inherently good or evil in the world, it all depends on the intention behind it.

It’s high time Joe Average uses the knowledge and power of the occult to work light in the world and quits shying from doing so because the cabal have propagandized them about the “evils of the occult” or because Joe can see the evils of the cabal who, yes, do indeed utilize the power of the occult.

It’s like all those superhero stories, “How do you choose to use your powers – for good or for evil?”


For a good overview of what magick and the occult are, expressed in more modern terms from a more recent understanding of the mind, etc. and how you can use them for your benefit, see the following video. ¬†Much of what is discussed are good healing techniques. ¬†Those two parts I always talk about that will lead to ascension – healing and Divine connection – can and are achieved through the proper use of magick. ¬†“Proper” use? ¬†All about Intention baby. ¬†Really no more complicated than that.

A key point in this video that I always like to point out myself is¬†that the “out there” is created “in here”. ¬†Our Inner Causal Realm creates the World of Outer Effects. ¬†The “out there” is a reflection of the “in here”. ¬†By working on ourselves, on our own healing, on our Divine connection and guidance and where we put our focus, we can influence the world around us.

Self needs to be the top priority.

I’d heard it expressed once (and I paraphrase) that trying to fix the “out there” actually, ya know, out there, would be like if you stepped up to a mirror and saw you had something on your face and you went to wipe it off… in your reflection. ¬†Doesn’t work so well.

This video actually communicates much of the same that I have expressed on this blog and yet in some cases it’s expressed in a slightly different way, which I love as it provides a bit of added nuance in understanding on these things.

Overall I thought this was a very good presentation, but I don’t agree with him on astrology, which he added towards the end, which is not about magick per se, as he himself says, so I wish he would have just left it out. ¬†Astrology is more of an understanding tool, a way to understand the energies we chose to take on when we incarnated and it also explains the cosmic energetic environment / influences on Earthlings and on specific individuals.

He sees astrology as a “clock” which has nothing to do with the planets themselves. ¬†Not true. ¬†At a 3D level, energetic influences from the planets and distant stars / constellations (represented by the signs of the Zodiac) are absolutely real. ¬†The science behind that is Torsion Field Physics – rotating / spinning celestial bodies put out a torsion field. ¬†That is where the energetic influence actually comes from.


[Note: See post “Core…” for info on EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) for a way to quickly and easily release old subconscious programs that don’t serve you / aren’t healthy, etc.]


The meaning of the occult has been lost to most people, as has the word origin / the true vibration of many words. Human language, along with many other parts of human life, has gotten corrupted over time.

Some would say occult means “that which is hidden.” ¬†Well, it did indeed become hidden because there were power-hungry people who wanted to use the power of the occult but didn’t / don’t want others to do so. ¬†So, they wanted to hide it away for themselves and they would literally kill anyone else who knew of it, so that was plenty enough reason for everyone else to hide it away.

But the origin of the word “occult” means the “cult / culture” of “oc / ak” or light. Occult means the culture of light.

Even Life itself tends to reserve the disclosure of occult meanings only to those who truly want it.

People¬†may not even think of the culture of light as going by that word “occult” but if they¬†truly desire and intend to get to the truth of life, of this world and beyond, then such will, over time, be revealed to them.

But if someone does not truly desire to know and understand, then not even the truth knocking at their door or provided on a silver platter will get through to them.

We are in a world of duality and this song flat says it itself – two paths to take – so either you are moving towards the light or away from it.

One way to think of light is knowingness and not necessarily in a logical sort of way (although not denying that either) but more as an intuitive knowingness. And the complement would be darkness, which could be interpreted as ignorance, which ultimately results in disempowerment.


So, with this as a backdrop, I’ll interpret these song lyrics.

There’s a lady who’s sure all that glitters is gold
And she’s buying a stairway to heaven.
When she gets there she knows, if the stores are all closed
With a word she can get what she came for.
Ooh, ooh, and she’s buying a stairway to heaven.

In this context “gold” refers to materialism. This lady is trying to buy her way into “heaven”, basically trying to buy her happiness and joy through material things and lots of them.¬†She also seems to have the means (money) to get what she wants. ¬†At that level, money talks.

There’s a sign on the wall but she wants to be sure
‘Cause you know sometimes words have two meanings.

When it comes right down to it, these lines are as much an explanation or a heads up for the listener of the song as describing what the character herself understands. They tell you that THAT is exactly what is going on here – same words having two meanings. And the lady of the song knows this too. ¬†Is the “sign” she is seeing telling her one thing or something completely different? ¬†Is she interpreting the “signs”, the subtle divine guidance, correctly?

In a tree by the brook, there’s a songbird who sings,
Sometimes all of our thoughts are misgiven.

In this world of illusion, which does indeed have its good side, its brooks and songbirds, but nevertheless is still an illusion, it’s easy to have doubt and apprehension… what is real, what is not? ¬†Do you put your energies into the illusion which is so tangible, seemingly so real OR do you put your energies into what you know in your heart of hearts to be the TRUE reality and yet which is so danged subtle.

There’s a feeling I get when I look to the west,
And my spirit is crying for leaving.

The west is associated with endings or death – “my spirit” is crying to leave this world. This is not the spirit’s natural world but is an illusion for the sake of experience.

In my thoughts I have seen rings of smoke through the trees,
And the voices of those who stand looking.

I’ll say I’m not sure of exactly how to interpret these lines but I’ll go ahead and say that the divine has many ways to send you messages and I’ve often joked that for those who refuse to “see” the signs, who deny the guidance, I’ll say, “How many more ways can the message get sent to you? ¬†What is left? ¬†Smoke signals?”

The voices of those who stand looking? ¬†*shrug* ¬†? ¬†Those beings who are outside the illusion of this Earthly realm, those of¬†the higher realms, putting their voices into the person’s thoughts… ?

And it’s whispered that soon, if we all call the tune,
Then the piper will lead us to reason.

If we ask for guidance, we will get it. “Ask and ye shall receive.”

And a new day will dawn for those who stand long,
And the forests will echo with laughter.

A new day, a new creation will indeed manifest for those who commit themselves to its creation, who are diligent, then there will indeed be much joyous laughter.

If there’s a bustle in your hedgerow, don’t be alarmed now,
It’s just a spring clean for the May queen.

If there is a stirring beneath the surface, inside you, it’s a chance to cleanse and purify yourself. Flow with it.

Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run
There’s still time to change the road you’re on.

In this world of duality, a free-will realm, you can move to the light or away from the light, but even if you’ve chosen darkness, albeit perhaps unconsciously, you can always choose again and turn back to the light.

Your head is humming and it won’t go, in case you don’t know,
The piper’s calling you to join him,

When you catch the “spark”, when you get some clue of the divine message, you just can’t shake it, it does indeed make your head hum and the divine is calling you to follow its guidance.

Dear lady, can you hear the wind blow, and did you know
Your stairway lies on the whispering wind?

The divine guidance is often subtle. Are you tuned in to catch that subtle guidance?

And as we wind on down the road
Our shadows taller than our soul.

As we move through our earthly lives, we move further into darkness / ignorance / disempowerment / separation from spirit (shadows) and further away from our conscious awareness of our souls.

And also, again, here is reference to the West, which is endings / death – your shadow would be “tallest” / longest when the sun is low in the sky, like about to set in the West. ¬†The metaphor being that as we go further into life, towards the west, the end of our life, the memories of our Earthly life can seem much bigger than our connection to our own soul,¬†which feels like a very faint and¬†still fading distant memory.

There walks a lady we all know
Who shines white light and wants to show
How everything still turns to gold.

Is this lady we all know, is she the Holy Spirit?

Let’s diverge a bit to talk about that…. The way that Catholicism presents the Holy Trinity is with “Father, Son, and Holy Spirit / Ghost”.

Now let’s think¬†about this for a minute, eh. ¬†What exactly is this Holy Trinity metaphor pointing to? ¬†In a¬†nutshell, it’s about 2… mmm… entities (beings? ¬†forces?) uniting and¬†creating yet a third entity. ¬†Ok, so a metaphor for that which contained “Father and Son” would also contain “Mother”. ¬†It takes a Father and a Mother to make a Son.

But the PTWs (powers that were, the cabal in all its various forms over time) created an imbalance in this world by creating a patriarchy, hiding feminine energy from the world / other people in any way¬†they could (not too difficult as the feminine is the “hidden”, the subtle side of duality naturally anyway), while maintaining the knowledge and power of it for their own use. ¬†So, the¬†feminine aspect became the “Holy Spirit”, hidden under another name.

In the Holy Trinity metaphor:

The Father is God – All That Is / Prime Creator / Divine / Infinite Light /¬†the “void”/ INFINITE POSSIBILITIES ¬†(many names, one God) – Heaven

The Son is the physical realm, human / incarnate soul, masculine energies – Earth – and…

The Mother / Holy Spirit, feminine energies, is the connection between Heaven and Earth. ¬†And this connection can be seen from our human perspective as Intuition, Inspiration, Imagination (all the “in-” words / wards, inwards, which is where you will find all these things). ¬†It’s how the Divine gets information (another “in-” word / ward) to us.

“The Lovers” card from the Gilded (covered with gold! ¬†love the synchronicity) Tarot deck represents this relationship:

The masculine energies (material, worldly, physical, human realm) look to the feminine energies (intuition, etc.) for information, who in turn look up to the Divine for information.

For an interesting perspective on the Holy Trinity, kinda from a science angle and yet told in layman’s terms, see the book “Punk Science¬†– Inside The Mind Of God” by¬†Dr. Manjir Samanta-Laughton.

So, in the song… the Divine wants to shine the light for you and show you… gold! And in this case, here is a word already used in this song, which now has a different meaning, just like the lyrics told you sometimes words have!

Early in the lyrics it meant money and materialism, but now it’s more to do with alchemy, with turning lead into gold, which is a metaphor for changing a mundane level human into a god, which is their true essence. And “Hu” was a god and hence “hu-man” means “god-man”.

And if you listen very hard
The tune will come to you at last.

If you learn to recognize the divine’s subtle guidance and do whatever you have to do to hear it, you will indeed hear it.

When all are one and one is all

When you again realize your own personal wholeness and unity, then also see your unity with all else, but this order is significant – unify all parts of your own individuation first – recognize and reconnect with your soul and your creative powers – then you can truly unify with other beings.

To be a rock and not to roll.

Be committed, firm, diligent in knowing the truth, in knowing your true divine and powerful self, be a rock…and in not getting caught back up into the world of illusion and distraction that wants to keep you from being your powerful and divine self, do not roll back into ignorance and disempowerment and separation from the divine / spirit / your soul.

And she’s buying a stairway to heaven

… not with money, but by doing her inner work.

And THAT is the true way to Heaven.


Let’s talk priorities.

First, your center. ¬†Where? ¬†On self. ¬†Let’s rephrase that… Be self-centered.

What? ¬†… did I just say that?!

*whiplash maybe? at least get that stubborn kink out of your neck?*  *shrug*

Lots of talk of Unity. ¬†Many seek it outwardly / horizontally, reaching out to “unify with their fellow human”, who may or may not be so hip t’ dat anywho.

Any unity “out there” can mean next to nothing if we don’t get that whole unity thing down “in here”.

Unify FIRST with self.  Body, mind, emotions, soul, higher self.  YOU, with a capital YOU.  Individuated you.  Going inward / vertical now!

At holiday festivities in Berlin:

Wow, this place is amazing!   
It was built on the site of the very first sector of the wall that was pulled down. 
The tooth (?) huh?
All those people down there believe the wall was dividing the world. ¬†East and west were separating people into us or them. ¬†But the real division, the only one that has ever mattered was never horizontal. ¬†It’s vertical. ¬†*laughs* ¬†Enjoy yourselves! ¬†

~¬†from the TV Series “Sense8”

Make your connections “out there” really count by connecting / integrating all the parts of individuated YOU “in here.”

You’ll bring much better energy and wisdom, much higher frequency and consciousness to every “out there” encounter / exchange. ¬†You’ll really connect with them in your respective “in here’s” and life will be grand…. even if for only a brief but awesome exchange. ¬†You’ll get to be the Spiritual Minuteman, being ever so Present, so In the Moment.

Ok, ok, bring out the pom-poms, “Healing! ¬†Healing! ¬†Healing! ¬†Completion! ¬†Completion! ¬†Completion! ¬†Let’s do this thang!”

You want to heal the world?  FIRST heal yourself.  Tell the universe:

“The buck stops here! ¬†I will no longer pass along my woundedness to others by lashing out at them over my wounds. ¬†The cycle of woundedness stops with ME. ¬†Right here . ¬†Right now. ¬†I am healing and will continue to heal my wounds and disempowering programming so that I can be the absolute best channel of light that I can be.”

Here we are folks, in the Age of the Selfie.  This is your grand opportunity to make it ALL ABOUT YOU.

Self love.  Self nurturing.  Self respect.

Self HEALING… with a capital HEALING.

What more is on your plate? ¬†Ask the Divine… then git ‘er done! ¬†

It’s the absolute BEST way to help this world and your fellow human.

Self-Unified.  Your TOP priority.

Life Uncommon

“Life Uncommon”

Don’t worry mother, it’ll be alright
And don’t worry sister, say your prayers and sleep tight
It’ll be fine lover of mine
It’ll be just fine

Lend your voices only to sounds of freedom
No longer lend your strength to that which you wish to be free from
Fill your lives with love and bravery
And you shall lead a life uncommon

I’ve heard your anguish
I’ve heard your hearts cry out
We are tired, we are weary, but we aren’t worn out
Set down your chains, ’til only faith remains
Set down your chains

And lend your voices only to sounds of freedom
No longer lend your strength to that
Which you wish to be free from
Fill your lives with love and bravery
And we shall lead a life uncommon

There are plenty of people who pray for peace
But if praying were enough it would have come to be
Let your words enslave no one and the heavens will hush themselves
To hear our voices ring out clear
With sounds of freedom
Sounds of freedom

Come on you unbelievers, move out of the way
There is a new army coming and we are armed with faith
To live, we must give
To live

And lend our voices only to sounds of freedom
No longer lend our strength to that which we wish to be free from
Fill your lives with love and bravery
And we shall lead…

Lend our voices only to sounds of freedom
No longer lend our strength to that which we wish to be free from
Fill our lives with love and bravery
And we shall lead a life uncommon

Nova Gaia Grids Descend

Does that title sound familiar? ¬†Gaia Portal just came out with a message by that title. ¬†As soon as I read the message, it felt like a very “getting down to business” sort of message. ¬†Hours later I got an intuitive hit about it.

So, initially, I got that this “higher level grids¬†descending” thing is not typical, for any planetary ascension. ¬†With only that info I hit up my friend to see if they got anything. I then wrote this post before hearing back from them. ¬†Their info is at bottom of post.

What God tells me now is that ordinarily the lower level physicality of the planet is just left behind, regardless of what is going on with the planet’s lower level “health” or lack there of, if you will, so the grids of the higher aspect of the planet are basically not presented to the lower aspect… ever.

Well, with that info right there, I got my answer already on what was going on Monday Feb. 8th. ¬†It felt like deja vu all over again. ¬†(in this context this could be rightly confused with deja poo – that feeling that you’ve heard this crap before) ¬†Reason being, I felt like I was having ascension symptoms Monday, affecting the whole kit and caboodle – anxiety, frustration, some physical level discomfort, even a bit woozy. ¬†I really haven’t had ascension symptoms for 5 years, except for a couple brief, mild episodes early last year and have not been used for energetic service work for over a year (nervous twitchy things can and do still happen, this whole ascension affair does a number on your nervous system).

God tells me that I and other forerunners did indeed assist in getting this ball rolling – the descending of Gaia’s grids. ¬†That explains the symptoms. ¬†And on the flip side, the next few¬†days now I’ve felt exhilarated. ¬†I can’t remember the last time I used that word.

I later did a Tarot reading, which always jumpstarts even more intuition, to get more info about why this is occurring.  And that right there was as detailed as my question was.  So the following was basically just what God wanted to communicate.

Ok, I’m just going to break up the messages I got into the component pieces.

God had this to say about forerunners:

  • moving away from troubled waters to calmer seas
  • God is now “giving back”, expressing His love for what we forerunners have done
  • successful completion of something we worked hard for, we’ll be rewarded for our efforts, it’s time to celebrate
  • we will gain the admiration and acclaim of both peers and others

I asked if this will adversely affect 3D level folk. ¬†No, not really. ¬†And anyone, even those who haven’t awakened and gotten on path yet, when they do get on their healing, the energies presented by Nova Gaia’s grids descending will help them along with it… as long as they run with it and don’t resist.

I’m told though that this will not “save” 3D Earth per se. ¬†It will essentially have the same effect as what we forerunners have done for years – hold light in the world, at the 3D / 4D level. ¬†It basically balances things and also makes the option of “light” be a bit more pronounced / apparent.

It buys 3Ders some time and yet, yep, it will pretty much still be a scorched Earth scenario for 3D Earth. ¬†And as I always say, when it comes right down to it, if someone needs or desires more 3D experience, they have every right to have it and the volume be turned up as high as need be to get them to “hear”. ¬†I’ve always said that “fed up” closely precedes great change. ¬†People have to get their fill, hit rock bottom, reach “Enough already!” before they will let go of something and those tipping points occur at different levels / degrees for different people. ¬†You really can’t – not as in “shouldn’t” but more as in “not able to” – mess with people’s free will and if you could, it may just be prolonging the inevitable for them.

But the Divine never gives up on ’em. ¬†It will just get louder and more “in yer face” about Its urgings.

Now, what God had to say about lightworkers in general:

  • powerful forces are at work in your life, breaking down the old order so that the new one may emerge
  • the necessity of letting something go (there’s that again)

And I saved this till last and I’m going to express it the same way that the Tarot deck defined a particular card meaning.

  • “When individuals fall short of his expectations, he is intolerant of their failure.”

Now, I had to inquire further as those are pretty darned strong words there. ¬†If it came out of me, I’d not be surprised, but this is from God and even though I often joke that He is “my” God and hence communicates to me in my kind of way (gee, go figure), this was, well, a big wow.

As my ventures in Tarot often go, sometimes I’m asked to flex a bit on the meanings given. ¬†I asked God if that was the case here. ¬†Nope. ¬†I asked if He is the “he” in this message. ¬†Yep.

So, first, it’s as “no punches pulled” as it sounds. ¬†God is fed up with the ineptness of the lightworkers, who we have used any and every tactic on, from below the veil and above the veil and they resist, resist, resist. ¬†God has reached the point of “Enough already!”

(after I picked up my jaw off the floor…) ¬†Praise be, I say!

Also, He will NOT tolerate the failure of this project and will also NOT give up on the many 3D level folk who just haven’t gotten the opportunity to wake up yet.

The descending Nova Gaia grids now negates the need for lightworkers to hold the light for 3D / 4D levels.

For any of you who are currently on path / in transition (4D levels), I can’t emphasize enough, don’t resist your process. ¬†It will be YOU who pays for it now, in spades. ¬†Either flow with the energies or you’re gonna get clobbered.

For those of you who flow along with the energies, things will probably be moving at light speed, pun intended. ¬†Enjoy the ride! ¬†Like a snail riding a turtle, “Weeeeeee!”


So, the following is what my friend got on this.  On Monday they had experienced some major grief and sadness feelings and feeling sorry for themselves.  (yes, me too on that last one)

I can’t get a complete / straight answer right now, about what’s happened / happening.
But I’ve got some pieces of the puzzle or tidbits so far, most I was given/ picked up on during¬† sleep. I had it all in sleep, but I couldn’t get out of bed¬† to write it, as if¬† my body was paralyzed.
So here’s what I can remember:

Collective  decision by the  145,000 (meaning the group I call the forerunners, gaf)
( the originals ) and by God’s consent, no outside interference, no off world assistance¬† necessary, because WE got this now

Enough light quotient maintained / measured in LW 15 000 000, so forerunners have been released fully and camouflaged/ or made invisible so that LW (lightworker(s), gaf) have no choice BUT  to fully connect with the nova Gaia grid and maintain nodes of 5D frequency. 
Watch for signs of more intense ‘frying’ in LW’s¬†
(this was/ had to be measured by this new moon for cosmic alignment prior to spring  equinox)
The Gaia Nova grid ‘ LW’s ladder’ is¬† descended and visible, that they can see it clearly now, and have to step on it (it will disappear /ascend out of vision /sight again )

Never Gets Old

A man sat on his porch one day. ¬†A car pulled up. ¬†Someone stepped out and yelled, “Get in, the floods are coming.”

“No thanks. ¬†God will save me.”

The car drives off.

The flood waters come.  The man goes upstairs.

A boat pulls up and someone yells to the man, “Get in, the floods are coming.”

“No thanks. ¬†God will save me.”

The boat pulls away.

The flood waters rise.  The man gets on his roof.

A helicopter comes and someone yells,¬†“Get in, the floods are rising.”

“No thanks. ¬†God will save me.”

The flood waters rose. ¬†The man drowned. ¬†He gets to Heaven and meets God. ¬†“God, why didn’t you save me?”

“I sent a car, a boat and a helicopter.”


Being Human is Wonderful!

Someone needs to break that fact to lightworkers.

EVERYONE came here for this current incarnation to help get this planet and her inhabitants ascended.  In order to help here, you must BE HERE.

Let’s look at some of the ways that lightworkers resist their own soul mission by dissing humans.

  • Cling to labels like “starseed” and say,¬†“I’m from this planet” or “that star system”. ¬†Well, no, actually, you are from the All That Is / Source / God. ¬†So, you’ve had some experiences elsewhere. ¬†*yawn* ¬†That’s nice. ¬†I’m sure your little, ya know,¬†human¬†pea brain just LOVES all that distraction from healing with all that info you’re preoccupied with about where you’ve been. ¬† So intellectual, but not so intelligent. ¬†So really, who the hell isn’t a frickin’ “starseed”? ¬†Goodness sakes. ¬†Come on folks, be here, be now. ¬†Tend to the task at hand already!¬† Enough with your fascination of where you’ve been. ¬†Be Present! ¬†Furthermore, your HUMAN experience, your knowledge and understanding of the human experience will help you far more here than any tidbit of info you’re getting about your experiences elsewhere. ¬†Strive to truly know what it means to be human and that will go far in your efforts on this ascension project.
  • Will eagerly and readily open themselves up to and allow any Tom, Dick and Harry ET to speak through them, but won’t listen to their fellow human who is actually getting the job done. ¬†In these lightworkers’ (LWs’) paradigm, any being from above the veil (atv) = good, human = bad. ¬†Scary assumption that. ¬†Not only are they disrespecting their fellow human with this unhealthy association, they are also doing so, most especially, with themselves, not to mention that non-humans / ETs don’t always have their sh*t together. ¬†Just being above the veil (atv) / 3D consciousness veil or from elsewhere doesn’t mean diddly as far as that goes. ¬†It must irk these “starseeds” to look in the mirror and see a human looking back. ¬†No wonder they have no sense of urgency in their own inner work since that eventually means doing service work… ya know… for / with humans. ¬†Eee gad! ¬†Not that! ¬†Not for dreaded humans! ¬†Ah, excuse me, why do you think you came here? ¬†Hello?! ¬†And hate to break it to ya, but all those other humans are all from elsewhere at some time or other too… just. like. you. ¬†They are no more “from here” or are no more or less “human” than you are. ¬†Pull your nose out of the stars, especially just enough so you quit looking down it at your FELLOW human.
  • Would also rather think of themselves as “starseeds” than as Divine beings. ¬†So, not only will they listen to ETs over advanced humans, they’ll also listen to ETs over listening to their own higher self or God. ¬†The Divine is all-knowing and humans who have completed while here are as advanced as souls can get and most assuredly understand how to heal from Earth life. ¬†Earth is the masters program while higher dimensional levels are still just kindergarten. ¬†And yet it’s the least advanced dimensional levels that these LWs want to draw information from. ¬†Wtf? ¬†Someone attending the Masters Program is getting advice from kindergarteners? ¬†Huh?
  • Judge emotions and emotional expression to be bad. ¬†Humans have more emotion than ETs could even dream of. ¬†Emotions are a very big part of being human, a very SPECIAL AND AWESOME part of being human. ¬†Emotions are powerful – will you have that emotional power working for you by expressing it or burning you up from the inside out by repressing it? ¬†Emotions¬†are a very key connection to Spirit. ¬†Squelch emotions, cut off Spirit. ¬†So, here again, the LWs hurt themselves by thinking emotional expression is bad. ¬†I feel for ’em ‘cuz they are obviously stuffing down their own emotions and that’s never good. ¬†Such leads to physical level dis-ease. ¬†Our “in here” manifests “out there”. ¬†It all starts at the energy level. ¬†Eventually years worth of emotions will all have to surface. ¬†Putting it off only makes it worse. ¬†Put it off long enough and it will literally kill ya.
  • They can’t get on with their ascension in earnest because they still have yet to even “arrive” here on Earth, to fully and readily BE HUMAN. ¬†In order for Heaven and Earth to be connected THROUGH you, you can’t just be connected to Heaven, you must also be well-grounded into Earth. ¬†Enough with your escapism ways and your rejection of your human / earthly life. ¬†Folks! ¬†It’s really important that you “make home” here. ¬†Be here.
  • To them, “ascension” (if they even still use that word, many have made it a taboo) and spirituality in general are seemingly akin to escapism. ¬†They want so desperately to run from the bad nasty world “out there” and yet it’s not the “out there” that poses a threat to them, only the disempowered state of their own “in here.” ¬†“No matter where you go, there you are.” ¬†Can’t run from / escape yourself. ¬†Nope, they are certainly not ready for ascension, not by a long shot, for many reasons, but not the least of which being their reluctance to just be human. ¬†Anyone who ascends to 5D Gaia will still be in human form and yes, will take human emotions with them also. ¬†I guess “starseeds” are going to have to get over their own self-hatred before they are willing to keep their human form for eons to come.

And yet, with all their resistance to being human and being an Earthling, they still manage to get caught up in 3D materialism and disempowerment and cling to that. ¬†Funny that. ¬†The good stuff about being human, they diss, but the crap part of being human they just roll around in. ¬†*shaking head* ¬†I don’t know, maybe all the disempowered dysfunctional parts of being human remind them of their “starseed homes”, makes ’em homesick. ¬†From what I’ve seen of what has gone on “upstairs”, I wouldn’t doubt my own suspicion¬†on that.

Lightworkers, it’s time to grow up already. ¬†This group of ~15 million, you are far enough along that the Divine can now use you for Its purposes. ¬†You’ll be used to anchor light, whether you like it or not. ¬†Best to flow with it as best you can. ¬†And all of you in this group are not ascension-ready, so that means you still have blockages that the light passing through you will continue to work on. ¬†Remember that pain is caused by resistance. ¬†So… don’t resist… unless you like cosmic levels of masochism. ¬†I’m sure the Universe would love to play the Dominant to your Submissive and hook you up to the spanking machine. ¬†Have fun with that. ¬†50 Shades of Self-Torture.

For this big group of ~15 million lightworkers who are now taking over light anchoring duties from forerunners, I received a message through Tarot concerning this group:

“They may be storing a lot of useless junk, in all senses, because they are loath to let anything go.”

Gaia Portal just said:

“Simulation similarities are noted in hu-beings.”

In Gaia Portal’s own definitions, Hue-beings are “Gaia Companions” and hu-beings are “Gaia Travelers”. ¬†Unless and until you are “ascension-ready” you are just a traveler, not a companion. ¬†That presently includes most lightworkers.

So, I was told to focus on these two definitions of simulation:

the act or process of pretending; feigning.
an assumption or imitation of a particular appearance or form; counterfeit; sham

God tells me that the first doesn’t quite apply as it implies that they KNOW they are pretending. ¬†They don’t. ¬†Not quite yet anyway… at a conscious level. ¬†Denial is more than just a river in Egypt. ¬†Perhaps a harsh awakening is in order.

Is what they are doing though, is it counterfeit / sham?  Yes it is.

“Surrender” was another word used in the Tarot reading and also “Skills”, as in, they have the skills, the know-how, they can’t claim ignorance. ¬†Now they actually have to use those skills, WALK it, BE it, LIVE it.

Now the question remains – will they let go willingly or will they let Life, the Divine and current energies beat it out of them?

Yo Lightworkers! You got next. How to BE the LIGHT.

Lot’s o’ talk of light and beingness, but here again, I really sense this is yet another case of people using the same words and yet have different ideas of what those words mean, so… they’re really not communicating. ¬†They think they’re talking the same thing, but maybe not so much.

So, I’ll bother to define things as we go here so we are actually communicating.

What is light? ¬†Well, in one¬†regard it’s photons. ¬†One could also say everything is light, just different frequencies and densities. ¬†But regardless of what that label could be applied to…

Light is information.

You came here to work the light, to be the light, to spread the light. ¬†You are here to bring information… at every level… in all ways. ¬†Not just any information though, but higher frequency information.

So, first… You. ¬†It’s always you first. ¬†What you have to offer the other is your consciousness. ¬†You can only give as much as you’ve got there. ¬†So follow Lao Tzu’s advice and if you want the world consciousness to rise, then raise yours.

What is consciousness?  Awareness.

The biggest part of your consciousness comes (or can) from the “unseen”, from your inner knowingness, from your Divine True Self. ¬†Go read my “Divine Guidance…” post if you think the Divine doesn’t speak to you.

But information can come to us through outer means also. ¬†Now with increased awareness comes increased discernment, which includes paying attention to what draws you, what doesn’t, what repulses you, etc.

Remember back in the days of… books, lol… you’d be asked to do a term paper on something and you’d go researching. ¬†Ah, so many books, so little time. ¬†So you learned how to research. ¬†Skim the Table of Contents and Index, etc. ¬†But now, with the World Wide Information-Overload, er, I mean Web, even bothering looking at today’s equivalent of Tables of Contents / Indices is often still too much waste of time and effort. ¬†Now it’s even more important to actually use those intuition skills ya been honing.

If you are just not drawn there, then hey, don’t waste your time – be it a site, an article, whatever. ¬†Careful on not throwing out babies with bathwater, but…

So, I’m not just talking about going to what you ARE drawn to, but also NOT going to what you’re not drawn to. ¬†And if you do push past that no-draw and just insist on reading some garbage because it’s on the webpage on your screen, then check to see how much it repulses you. ¬†Learn that the no-draw and repulsion are connected. ¬†Next time, don’t go there.

This big group of lightworkers coming into more extensive service work, you have tapped into your creative powers more fully so careful what you focus on. ¬†Energy flows where attention goes. ¬†Think only of what you want and not of what you don’t want.

You’ll come across more of the useful stuff and less of the garbage when you actually DO less and BE more so you just flow along and can actually tap into Divine Guidance.

As they say, “Put it out there.” ¬†Ask. ¬†Who? ¬†God, the universe, your soul, your higher self (2 different individuated entities there, did ya know? ¬†See “The Higher Self” post), your own knowingness. ¬†Then stay calm and let the answers come, let the direction come. ¬†Less activity, more progress.

One time someone had asked me, “Do you think that things come in answer to our prayers or do you think we bother to make the prayer because we can sense this thing coming?” ¬†My answer, “Both.”

Does the Divine, ya know, other parts of the Divine that are not just individuated us, do they assist us? ¬†Oh sure, but it’s back to the raising consciousness / awareness thing. ¬†Ya know God / Infinite Light / The Void / Infinite Possibility is hanging right there next to you. ¬†Like that spider that came to sit with Miss Muffet. ¬†But until your own awareness increases enough to even want to see it, it will just sit there, the Divine just a’ chomping at the bit, so eager to help ya out… once ya ask. ¬†And asking the question in itself helps you see the answer. ¬†“Oh, hello there little spider buddy.”

Of course after the guidance / direction then comes doing your part – God helps those who help themselves… and follow Divine guidance.

So… beingness. ¬†Yes, BEing very often absolutely does include a lot less DOingness. ¬†Ya know, that whole still and quiet thing. ¬†Meditators and contemplators understand what that’s like. ¬†Now it’s time to BE that always. ¬†To be a MOVING meditation, not just when you sit in the corner and chant “om” (if you do that).

And it’s time to AVAIL yourself. ¬†Let go of all of the 3D trivialities. ¬†Slow down. ¬†Enough already with the rushing around gig. ¬†Be present… so that you can be a Spiritual Minuteman… responding in the moment… so that you can BE there for people NOW. ¬†Yeah, that person there, that one standing right in front of you. ¬†They could use your presence.

Lightworkers (LWs) really could stand to shut down the outer-activity, headless-chicken, endless distraction Warp Drive, fo’ sure. ¬†But there is more to BEingness than just less doing.

When do you BE the light? ¬†Always. ¬†No matter who is watching. ¬†No matter if no one is watching. ¬†It’s about allowing that Inner You to be shown outwardly. ¬†Always. ¬†Would you say it to a fellow lightworker? ¬†Then say it to your neighbor. ¬†Would you do that in front of lightworkers? ¬†Then do it in front of your neighbor.

If you cuss in front of your roommate, then why hold back on those expletives in front of lightworkers? ¬†Yep, ¬†we have higher frequency but we still just might cuss or drink or whatever upon occasion. ¬†It’s not about being a prude or a goody two shoes.

I swear (every pun intended) I’ve cussed more during these intense, ascension-hell, energy-work years than the entirety of the rest of my life. ¬†Saving the world through Harsh Language! ¬†Ha. ¬†Really not kidding since the forerunners’ energy fields, emotional included, were used to transmute energy. ¬†Expressive, expletive, cuss-like-a-sailor harsh language OR game of nuclear bomb egg toss via WWIII? ¬†Hmm. ¬†Don’t need to stroke my non-existant long beard too long on that one. ¬†Yeah, I think we made the right call there, don’t you? ¬†Hey, in the moment, I may not have known just exactly WHAT I was transmuting, but I did know that I was absolutely going to feel it and intended to, didn’t fight it… and cussed the blue streak to go with… in order to transmute it. ¬†I didn’t know the “what”, but I did get and do and be the “that”.

And that “in front of others” thing… after all, just think about it – ok, so you’re a lightworker (that don’t impress me much – any Shania Twain fans out there? lol), you’ve awakened to some things, and yet you’re still human and I don’t mean that in an “only human” / “I’m doomed to be a mess-up” / cop-out / disempowered sort of way, (who in the hell put that frickin’ “only” in front of human?) but you are demonstrating what humans can do and be, what is achievable BY HUMANS… while human, while still here. ¬†Hu was a god. ¬†Hu-man literally means God-man. ¬†We are all gods / goddesses. ¬†(Screw that “only” b.s.)

And yet we are also all totally nobodies (no bodies), no different than the next person.

And that next person… they. could. stand. to. see. that. in. you! ¬†To see your True Self shining through, but without putting on aires. ¬†Let them see the “just folks” part of you. ¬†Be real. ¬†Be real in a Heavenly way and also in an Earthly way. ¬†No matter how ya slice you, you come up AUTHENTIC.

Another way that you are going to be bringing light to the world is in your upcoming “human antenna” energy work. ¬†Light will literally come through your personal fields, affecting mind, body and emotions and you’re gonna let it. ¬†Whatever can get through / past whatever blockages you still have will be delivered to the world… energetically. ¬†And yep, energy is everything too, but I’m not talking about conversing with the neighbor here. ¬†It’s more pure energy, that is unseen, unheard (well on the 5 senses level), but more than likely very much felt by you and that includes physically. ¬†And I’m not talking about when you are with / interacting with people in any way, but also when you’re sitting on your butt at home. ¬†No matter where you go, there your human antenna is.

And that light will continue to work on your blockages also. ¬†And you’re gonna let that happen too. ¬†No really, you will.

You didn’t just come here to get yourself ascended. ¬†If that were the case, we forerunners would have been gone long ago. ¬†For myself, probably about a decade ago. ¬†We’ve gone through sheer hell keeping the world from destruction to buy you some time to get up to speed.

Now, it’s your turn. ¬†You may not experience what we did and what we did is done, but it’s time for you to step up. ¬†This started out being all about you and in maintenance mode, that will continue. ¬†But it’s time for some REAL energetic service work now.

But, just like with your mental-type awareness, you can also only pass on as much energetic, etheric-level light / information / consciousness / awareness as you yourself can muster. ¬†Keep PROACTIVELY, in a committed, diligent, literally asking-for-it kinda way working on your own personal HEALING¬†so that more of that light can get through you and to the world. ¬†Be the clearest channel of energy you can possibly be. ¬†That doesn’t happen if you fight or resist the healing process that you asked for. ¬†Like the old line, “You knew the job was tough when you took it.” ¬†Fighting it only creates unnecessary challenge. ¬†It’s enough challenge without the resistance.

Do you see at all how very important your own healing is to others?! ¬†And to knockout that healing as quickly as you can muster and that comes by just letting it happen, because it’s a process and takes some time, then those you influence, they’ll need some time too, so… tick, tick, tick. ¬†That clock doesn’t matter on a multi-dimensional level, but it does for anyone still in 3D, so help them out by helping yourself out first. ¬†As the flight attendant says, “Put on your own oxygen mask before helping others with theirs.” ¬†But the 3D Earth Airplane has some holes in it so you can’t take your sweet time donning your own oxygen mask or those other folks who could use your help will have suffocated by then. ¬†A little urgency here folks. ¬†A little pep in your healing step there, eh.

I very strongly suspect that people can knock it out faster now than in the past but… ¬†Yep, a whole lot of your old 3D life will be falling by the wayside so you can work on your top priority – your own healing. ¬†You’re gonna let that happen too.

Folks, nothing, I mean NOTHING is going to help others more than you doing your own inner / healing work. ¬†Nothing. ¬†Are you literally holding back, scared to “leave others behind”? ¬†You’re leaving yourself behind by doing that and really not doing one whole hell of a lot for anyone else. ¬†Anyone who even dares to worry about such still has some¬†inner work to do yet, because you still have not grasped this whole Unity thing – we are never not connected.

And you’ll do more to urge others along by getting out in front and setting the example than you’ll do by hanging back with them. ¬†You didn’t come here to “fit in”. ¬†You didn’t come here to be silent. ¬†You didn’t come here to get caught up in the 3D program… and stay caught up. ¬†Yep, had to be here, incarnate to do this and yep part of that was experiencing the caught up part, but then let it go already. ¬†Keep asking for and finding ways to let go of more and more of the 3D paradigm… without losing your grounding. ¬†You’re not only Walking Between the Worlds, you are connecting the worlds, connecting Heaven and Earth through you, in the world but not of it. ¬†3D and Duality are not “bad” per se, but there has been a lot of disempowering programming and all the useless distractions that go with it… that could stand to be released.

And… don’t forget about those other humans still firmly in 3D.

I’ve done one-on-one healing work with folks in the past and when healing energy is introduced then people’s little “demons” lash out. ¬†Many, many times in so many ways – not the least of which being these intense recent “ascension hell” years through energy work – I have gone to the depths of someone else’s hell with them, to offer them a hand, to help them find their way out, their way through. ¬†I went unscathed, but for the need / want of a little energetic clearing.

Get yourself out of hell so you can go back in and guide others out.

You are to disconnect from 3D, not from 3D humans.  Capisce?

They are why you are here now. ¬†I mean that in a general sense, as in that’s why you incarnated now when you did, but I also mean a much more immediate NOW, as in, that is the next stage for this ascension project – a big group of lightworkers who will very soon be taking ¬†over light anchoring / holding duties from forerunners.

Yep, always you first, but…

Vow to complete and with your completion you will help others complete.

You got your oxygen mask on yet?  Others could use your help.

I’ll let Shania take it from here…

Healthy Selfishness

I love¬†the term “self-centered” – centered on self… but…

Ayn Rand was someone who had promoted healthy selfishness. ¬†Regardless of what your views of Ayn Rand might be, well, I couldn’t help but chuckle when I heard that someone had asked her once, “I know what you’re saying, but why do you choose to use the word ‘selfish’?” ¬†Ayn responded, “For the same reason that it bothers you.”

Yep, time to release some disempowering programming concerning being self-centered and get your priorities straight.

The following quote was included in the book below.

You are the cup. It is your responsibility to fill up your own cup. You do not drink from someone else‚Äôs cup. You do not let others drink from your cup. You fill up your cup by giving time to yourself every day. You establish and maintain a healthy relationship with your Creator daily. Daily meditation and contemplation fill up your cup. Regular self-care. Eventually, after time, you are giving and receiving daily, the blessings of spiritual well being. ‚ÄúYour cup runneth over.‚ÄĚ (and continues to do so, because you continue to give to your self.) Eventually, the constant continual inflow, creates OVERFLOW, causing your cup to ‚Äėrunneth over‚Äô. (You didn‚Äôt think it was real did you?) It is this overflow that you gift to the world at your choosing. This overflow is pure unconditional love in its highest vibration. The supply is endless. There are no strings attached to your giving. You have found your self and given generously. You love your self. YOU ARE THE CUP!

~ Joanie Vogel


For more on how to get your priorities straight in this healing and spiritual work ya all do, see the book “Awake & Aware – Top Priority: Self”


What is Ascension?

In short, ascension is a complete transformation.
(If you’re new to ascension, you may want to start reading from the beginning.)

Ascension involves all aspects of one’s being – body, mind, emotions, spirit. ¬†It’s about enlightenment, it’s about spiritual / Divine connection, raising consciousness, it’s about empowerment and being healed and healthy at all levels. ¬†

It’s a process that eventually means TOTALLY¬†transitioning from the 3rd Dimension (3D) to the 5th Dimension (5D). ¬†It’s quite¬†achievable in THIS lifetime and it is what these times are about. ¬†This is a time of planetary and collective ascension!¬†

Enlightenment about what?  Well, about both the Heavenly and the mundane.

You can’t just reach to Heaven (5D+), you must also release the Earthly realm (3D/4D) in full. ¬†In order to do that you’ll need to learn the truth about the mundane world.

This Earthly world is one of illusion by design that we co-created to experience the 3D physical realm along with Duality. ¬†Then even more illusion was piled on by a controlling elite / global cabal. ¬†They know you better than you might know yourself and are quite happy to deceive and manipulate you. ¬†And the cabal are control freaks and they know it takes a lot to keep powerful gods like yourself down and they’ve been doing so for centuries / millennia.

So, if you want your power back, you’ll have to understand how you’ve been programmed in a disempowered way and your own creative powers used against you, your fellow human and your planet.

In a nutshell – you are a Powerful Divine Creator soul who incarnated into a human body on planet Earth and¬†as soon as your feet hit the ground, you started to get programmed and brainwashed… to be less than who you really are.

Many say that ascension is about evolution and that’s true, but it’s perhaps more precisely a re-membering of who¬†you¬†truly are.

Ascension is a return to your True Self.  

Ascension is the Ultimate End Goal that enlightenment, healing and empowerment are parts of.  

But at the very end of that process, when COMPLETE transition happens, it will very much be like the Biblical “one¬†will stay and one will go”. ¬†When you transition¬†to 5D, if there was a 3D-level person standing next to you, they would just watch you disappear. ¬†You would move into a frequency beyond their perception. ¬†


There are still far too many lightworkers (LWs) who still do not understand what ascension truly means.  They are some of the worse offenders as far as putting out misinformation about ascension.  Some of them continue to put out messages that big change cannot and does not happen in a short time or in a big leap.  While other LWs make it sound like ascension has already happened.

Christ, many of these LWs won’t even use the word ascension anymore, like it’s a dirty word. ¬†This is how far from the mark they are. ¬†They’ve turned¬†the very thing that they came for, their own soul mission, into a taboo. ¬†Goodness sakes. ¬†Stuck much? ¬†Caught up in the old 3D paradigm much? ¬†*shaking head*

These LWs may have busted through a few of their own self-imposed limits and yet they still find some way to create new limits.  THERE ARE NO LIMITS!  When the Divine keeps repeating that message, they are not kidding around.  They mean it.

What’s the matter? ¬†That big leap hasn’t happened yet so it won’t? ¬†Excuse me? ¬†lol ¬†Anyone with that attitude could stand to release “instant gratification” on their way to “instant manifestation.”

We didn’t come here to keep “re-creating” the same ol’, same ol’. ¬†You can’t look at / to the old paradigm, the 3D level and create anew based on the old you still see “out there”. ¬†You don’t put a new building on top of a crumbling old foundation. ¬†The new comes, in part, from letting go of the old – COMPLETELY. ¬†“If you keep doing what you’ve done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve got.” ¬†You keep putting energy into the old, you’ll keep experiencing the old. ¬†Are you being given Divine guidance / hints that you still need to release the old even more? ¬†Best do that then, eh?

OF COURSE big change can / does / will happen and yes that includes outwardly.

No doubt, there is much preparation to become “ascension-ready” on a personal level. ¬†It takes time. ¬†It is a process. ¬†And things happen slowly at 3D levels. ¬†This part the lightworkers get / understand… perhaps a little too well. ¬†I say too well because many lightworkers think that this ascension is going to take lifetimes. ¬†Ah, no! ¬†Get through your ascension process now because Earth may not be supporting life in the future so there may be no bodies or not many to incarnate into, so best finish up your healing and ascension NOW, in THIS lifetime. ¬†*shaking head* ¬†Furthermore, the more people who complete their ascension process, the more light is streaming into this world. ¬†Light works on your darkness. ¬†If you don’t work to release your darkness, the light will “fry” it outta ya. ¬†Those who resist the light hard enough will find themselves exiting this world through the death portal. ¬†Best to flow along with this light explosion.

And yes, in a much larger sense, until we each eventually advance up through all dimensional levels again and decide to release our individuated experience and melt back into the Isness (God / All That Is / Infinite Light), we will continue to learn and grow. ¬†No doubt about it. ¬†I can tell you, just at this level, I’ve been personally ascension-ready for years and yet the things I’ve learned since my own personal completion, while still here… well, wow is all I’ll say here. ¬†See other posts to get more details.

But along that very long path, our souls absolutely can, do and will continue to have great leaps from one level to another… when we reach a high enough frequency we bump up… and that includes bumping up in an outwardly manifested / formed way. ¬†We are about to bump up from 3D / 4D to 5D. ¬†It won’t be some massive collective ascension, all 7 billion people all at once. ¬†Oh what a dream… pipe dream, that is. ¬†There will be a small number ascend WITH¬†Gaia, then it’s back to individual ascensions, with the freshly-ascended 5D Gaia as the goal.

An analogy for how this ascension thing works is like tuning an old analog radio. ¬†As you move from one frequency (one radio station) to the next, there is a transition where the old frequency (radio station you’re moving away from) starts to fade out and the new frequency starts to fade in. ¬†You can pick up bits of both at once for a while. ¬†But there is a point you reach where the old frequency / station is COMPLETELY gone and ALL that is in your reality is the new frequency / station.

And using the term frequency is very appropriate as essentially, THAT is the difference between “dimensions” or “densities”. ¬†3D is a slower / lower frequency than 5D is.

Ascending from 3D to 5D requires one increase their frequency. ¬†For YOU, what does it mean to raise one’s frequency? ¬†It has to do with choices you make about your body, mind, emotions, spirit.¬† Your everyday choices!¬† Better quality food = better quality physical health. ¬†Actually FEELING your emotions makes for a healthy emotional state. ¬†Thinking self-affirming and self-empowering thoughts. ¬†Efforts to receive and follow Divine guidance.

Do you still see 3D around you? ¬†(even if you personally aren’t participating in / feeding energy into that frequency paradigm anymore) ¬†Then you are not ascended. ¬†You may be in transition (4D) and you may be letting go of more and more of 3D. ¬†Oh heavens, you may actually be completely healed and ascension-ready, like we original forerunners and other first wavers are, and have even let go of as much of 3D as possible without letting go of your vital signs and yet you are not “in” 5D, because if you were, you would not even sense 3D around you anymore. ¬†You wouldn’t be in need of food, clothing and shelter for starters.

But LWs mistakenly think that this intense healing process is never-ending and ALWAYS gradual. ¬†That is not true. ¬†And yet, powerful creators that they are (just like every other being), by saying that big leaps don’t happen, they are creating a reality where big leaps don’t happen… for them. ¬†You don’t have to make their reality your reality.


Let’s talk about creation and process and manifestation speed and what the situation is with this specific planetary ascension shall we.

The lower your vibration, the lower / slower your rate of manifestation. ¬†This is a blessing. ¬†No really. ¬†The lower your vibration, the further you are from Divine connection, the further you are from your True Self – that whole “separation” paradigm. ¬†At a¬†low frequency, your choices can create one whole hell of a mess for yourself and others. ¬†So there is a built-in check and balance – low frequency means slow manifestation. ¬†What that allows for is a chance for you to see the path you are on, where you are heading and get some glimpse of what you are creating BEFORE your creation has completely manifested. ¬†“If you continue down the path you’re on, you’ll get to where you are going”… but you can change paths. ¬†Seeing your creation developing before it’s completely manifested¬†gives you a chance to reconsider your choices and creations and change course if need be.

For a simple example – You find yourself in an unhealthy state. ¬†First of all, you didn’t get there overnight. ¬†Losing your health was a process in and of itself. ¬†Your health, or dis-ease, is a result of your choices. ¬†The more you stick to your unhealthy path, the more unhealthy you become. ¬†But, as the old line goes, as long as you’re not 6 feet under, then you still have a chance.

Get on a healing, healthy path and you’ll be in process in a different direction. ¬†That’s the beauty of free will – Don’t like your choice(s)? ¬†Then choose again!

And just like with losing your health in the first place, you won’t get to a healthy and healed state overnight either. ¬†But eventually you can and will reach a point where you have no ill health at all. ¬†You’re not in constant, endless transformation. ¬†There is an end to it. ¬†Your personal ascension process¬†may be followed by service work and yet, when that time is complete, the transition happens in a moment, a flash, a blink of an eye.


Now, some of us have been ascension-ready for a while now and yet we are not ascended. ¬†Not quite yet. ¬†This gig has not been about individual ascensions only, but also an effort for the planet and the collective, so some of us have been held here, in service, even if we ourselves personally are complete and ready to move on. ¬†And those of us who are TRULY ascension-ready don’t kid ourselves that we are “in 5D” as many lightworkers like to come out and say every other week or so. ¬†For us forerunners especially, our very depleted physical state from having done FAR too much energetic service work is our constant reminder that we are indeed still “in” 3D.

Some of us absolutely vibrate, have a personal frequency and consciousness that is at 5D or higher, have a multi-dimensional access to 5D or far beyond, but presently, we’re still right here sharing this mundane level Earth with many others who are at various levels of awareness / consciousness / frequency.

And it’s often those LWs who are still in 4D transition (NOT ascension-ready) who claim we’re all (this week… or was it last week? ¬†Or last year ? … I can’t keep up) “in 5D”.

A vibration of, an awareness of, the consciousness level of 5D is different than actually residing in 5D.

We may very well be raising the overall frequency here on 3D Earth or perhaps at least making that higher frequency option more perceivable to others, but Earth and all humans in 5D? ¬†… right this minute? ¬†Nope.

The collective here has been at a very low frequency, very disempowered, very unconscious… and still exercising their free will. ¬†That has made for a VERY dynamic planetary ascension scenario. ¬†Many plans in this larger planetary / collective effort have been tried and many abandoned since they have not worked. ¬†And new plans adopted. ¬†And it continues to move forward.

Just because that big leap has not happened for you,¬†us or Gaia YET, does not mean that it won’t. ¬†Don’t get caught in the passive trap that so many LWs are in, just “waiting to see what’s next”. ¬†You didn’t come here to¬†watch¬†the change, you came here to BE the change. ¬†You came to MAKE the change happen. ¬†If not you, then who? ¬†If not now, then when? ¬†There is no change to be watching if no one is making it happen. ¬†Make it happen!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to stay present and tend to your own personal healing / ascension work and service work, following Divine guidance in every moment to guide you through your current / next step… until you find yourself in 5D.

5D Gaia won’t appear on 3D Earth. ¬†If you want to experience 5D Gaia, you’ll have to get yourself there. ¬†And when you get there, there will be no mistake you have transitioned COMPLETELY.

Also see K.I.S.S. ing Ascension and What of the body during ascension?

Priorities – Following Divine Guidance

What don’t lightworkers (LWs) understand about following Divine guidance?

I don’t even have to prejudge or make wild guesses about what is going on with them because they readily admit all the details (gawd but I’ve been watching these posers for FAR too long) and yet there is seemingly some disconnect going on with them. ¬†A disconnect between their intuition and actually following it.

And I’m talking about the types who have made it “a” business, not merely their business, to be a “spiritual teacher”, or so they fancy themselves to be. ¬†They unfortunately end up being a good example of a bad example. ¬†They do more for demonstrating how clinging to old paradigm ways DOESN’T work as opposed to being an example of how well following Divine guidance actually works.

The Divine, their soul, their higher self, God have a plan, a purpose, a path and a mission for them. ¬†Sometimes these lightworkers’ mundane level plans actually do fall in line with what the Divine wants for them, but either way, they will refuse to take the Divine’s advice.

In the case of their mundane level plans NOT being in line with the Divine’s plans for them, well, just let go, let God already, eh?! ¬†To hell with this stubborn insistence that they have their own way about something that is obviously not what they are to put their energies towards and not in line with their soul mission. ¬†Like the old line – “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.” ¬†Instead they make their own brick wall, then beat their own head against it. ¬†How’s about doing GOD’s will? ¬†Is that really such a stretch, ya know… for a “lightworker”?

In the case of their mundane level plans actually lining up with the Divine’s plan, they still refuse to follow Divine guidance… even when they REALLY desire the goal… and the Divine may be wanting to be in full cooperation with the LWs’ plans and goals and yet, hey, as these LWs well know and often preach “it’s a process”. ¬†By God (literally) but it is indeed a process! ¬†Did it ever occur to these LWs that there may be a long line of dominoes or many steps along the path BEFORE they can get to their goal? ¬†There may be a certain order to things. ¬†And yet, what do they do? ¬†They refuse to take the NEXT step, in the proper direction that the Divine is advising them on NOW and they come up with all sorts of “alternative routes” to their goal, so clever they are, all of which are just postponing them even getting on path, let alone realizing their goals.

Ya know, sometimes it’s tough to see how the next step is in line with the end goal, but sometimes the step they are refusing to take and how that does line up with the goal is so blatantly obvious it frickin’ hurts.

Lightworkers, the Divine is guiding you in the way it is for a reason. ¬†Why does anyone need to tell YOU this of all people?! ¬†Many of you have been at this for decades. ¬†You can’t claim ignorance. ¬†You have all the information, the intuition, the tools.

Enough with chasing your own tail, spinning your wheels getting no where fast… and masterbatively banging your head on your own brick wall. ¬†Get out of your own way!

Core Issues / Wounds / Programs / Fears / Beliefs

Ok… so, briefly, in broad, general terms, usually how this whole Earthly human experience tends to go is…

As soon as we hit the ground we start getting programmed with the paradigm of people in our lives, everyone from family to school, media, religions, whatever.  We get conditioned to be fearful and take on disempowering, unhealthy beliefs.

Also because of dysfunctional human existence, we tend to experience wounding of some nature.

All pretty much part of the human experience. ¬†We often don’t consciously¬†recall how or when we got programmed or where our fears originate from or where those funky beliefs came from.

The energy of our childhood wounds then becomes a repeating pattern in our adult lives, just with new actors in the old roles.  The energy of childhood wounds that involved parents, siblings, teachers, preachers, general 3D Earth paradigm, then are played out with partners, friends, coworkers, etc.

At some point, we get so far from our True Self that something has to give. ¬†Hopefully that state of “fed up” results in going down the path of healing.

I want to tell my own tale of using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to heal. ¬†I did other things also like Reiki and got attuned myself and a whole host of other things, but my EFT story is a good one for this topic of those “core” things listed in the title.

Kinda late in my “general healing” process I discovered EFT, got the manual, learned it. ¬†The manual suggested making a list of 100 irritations throughout your life. ¬†I set out to do this and got about 60 incidents. ¬†But then promptly forgot about my list and would just use EFT on the fly with whatever came to mind. ¬†I did this for months and with all those little things that came to mind, I felt the release happen and the new levels of freedom that came with.

So, to add here, I had learned how to read body type and posture that indicate what type of wounding one has.  I had an abandonment wound as was evidenced by my apparent inability to sit up straight Рeither bent over or slumped down, but not good sitting posture.

Well, one day I’m sitting in the bathtub. ¬†I was so bent over that it felt like my guts were in my lungs. ¬†And this is after years of healing and I’d not seen evidence of my abandonment wound for a while, but here it was in spades.

Then two issues from my childhood came to mind. ¬†Right then and there, in the tub, I “tapped out” (used EFT) those two issues. ¬†I felt better. ¬†I vowed to find my list of 60 irritations and tap them all out.

I get the list and see that the two things I’d just tapped out in the bath were 2 of the top 3 things on my list. ¬†As I read the rest of the list, all the adult stuff with partners, etc., I found there was no longer any emotional charge.

By tapping out those two childhood wounds I had obviously hit the core issues.  All the other things on my list were just the repeating pattern of those core issues.  That was pretty much my EFT breakthrough there and I used it very little after that.

Follow Me

Blondie – “Follow Me” (… and from “Camelot”)

“Follow Me”

Far from day, far from night
Out of time, out of sight
In between earth and sea
We shall fly, follow me

Dry the rain, warm the snow
Where the winds never go
Follow me, follow me
Follow me………….

To a cave by a sapphire shore
Where we’ll walk through an emerald door
And for thousands of breathless “evermore’s” my life you will be

Only you, only I
World farewell, world goodbye
To our home ‘neath the sea
We shall fly, follow me

Only you, only I
World farewell, world goodbye
To our home ‘neath the sea
We shall fly, follow me
Follow me, follow me
Follow me, follow me

Excitement vs. Joy

I’ve seen some folks out online struggling with this whole idea of living in joy. ¬†They still see the ups and downs of emotions and can’t understand how someone could be in a constant state of joy and still have “bad” things happen and “bad” emotions happen.

Hey, emotions happen. ¬†Life happens. ¬†You can pretty much expect for those two things to keep happening. ¬†And that’s preferable, eh?!

Many people talk of happiness. ¬†Happiness has to me always felt a bit superficial as opposed to Joy. ¬†It reminds me… in the 5 Element Theory of Chinese Medicine, the Fire Element’s challenge in life is to convert Excitement into Joy. ¬†And, to me, excitement and happiness are very similar.

I think a good analogy of the difference between Excitement and Joy is – If you burn a piece of paper, it catches on fire quickly, burns rapidly with a big woof of flame and then it’s spent and out. ¬†Done. ¬†And that is like Excitement or Happiness.

Then you have¬†a fire in the fireplace or a campfire where it’s been burning for a while, you have some nice big logs on the fire and they are definitely burning, but there’s not much flame and what flame you can see is more blue than yellow, yet the wood is glowing red and the heat radiating out is completely awesome. ¬†That’s Joy.

Then you decide you want more of a light show so you toss a few pieces of paper on your radiant fire and you get some big flare ups of yellow flame… ah, some Excitement… on top of the Joy.

Then someone comes along and tosses a glass of water on your radiant fire. ¬†The fire is dampened in one small spot and a poof of smoke goes up, but good luck putting that fire out with that little low. ¬†It’s a radiant heat that isn’t going away.

Yep, you’ll continue to have the ups and downs of emotions. ¬†Yes, you’ll continue to have a life that brings outside mirrors to you about your inward creations. ¬†Good, bad or indifferent.

For humans who have been conditioned away from Joy, finding Joy again can be unnerving. ¬†Sounds ludicrous and yet…

Years ago, while doing my “general healing” (my term), before my actual ascension process, I had at one point knocked out enough healing that I was starting to just naturally feel levels of Joy that I’d not felt for many years and yes, it was unnerving. ¬†So weird that Joy could become so foreign to us and yet, yep. ¬†But I knew that this was no little milestone and that our own Joy is the goal we aim for when we’re healing and here it was for me, but boy did I have to just stop myself and smell that rose and just sit in that Joy, immerse myself in it. ¬†Just let it engulf me. ¬† Yow! ¬†Talk about a rush. ¬†An overwhelming, unnerving rush. ¬†To quote Blondie, “It’s so plush.”

I had sense enough to make myself embrace that Joy, even if that was the new challenge.

Not long after that, I had someone come into my life for a short time. ¬†They too had knocked out some significant healing right about then and they too were really starting to feel some major Joy again. ¬†They looked like a little kid, all full of wonder. ¬†And yes, they too found it unnerving. ¬†I then witnessed them get into self-sabotage mode. ¬†It was just too much for ’em. ¬†They weren’t around much longer so I don’t know if they eventually managed to feel their Joy or not. ¬†Hope so.

But yeah, as nuts as it can sound, embracing Joy when it arrives can sometimes be as challenging as facing old “demons”, wounds, programs or fears or what have ya… but DO. IT. ANYWAY. ¬†Sit in it. ¬†Slop around in it. ¬†Get it all over ya. ¬†Just take it. ¬†Take it like a hu-man. ¬†(Hu was a god.)

Not Only Dogs Smell Fear

I’ve found that people have this innate desire, even though in most cases it’s an unconscious desire, to help others step out of fear. ¬†It’s as if they want people to show them their spines.

I’ve seen so many instances where someone, perhaps in a position of authority, browbeats, bullies and abuses others over and over… until… a person puts their foot down and says “Enough already!” – you know, when they set boundaries. ¬†Then the a-hole backs off. ¬† One could say they know they were out of line and once called on it can’t argue or defend, but I have sensed that there is more going on there than just that. Even more than just the one person stepping into personal power.

I really do think that even the most unconscious “idiots” and “a-holes” just want to see people’s true power and even if said to be “power hungry” (in a 3D sense) it’s like it’s more than that. ¬†Like they just can’t stand to see people being so pathetically docile. ¬†Like a glimmer, a faint memory of who we really are is permanently imbedded into them that even high levels of sleepiness just can’t squelch.

How that manifests outwardly in interactions between people may be rather intense and extreme and yet it may have to be so in order to dislodge that persistent fear.  Then watch how this sub / dom (lol) sort of relationship they once had then levels out  to more equal standing, neither party having to be at extremes any longer because personal power has been accepted and boundaries set.

And this also is very energetic, as in, we draw to us what we fear. ¬†It’s not a crisis but an opportunity. ¬†Dual meaning of Chaos – Crisis or Opportunity, which do you choose? ¬†Our fears get bigger and closer until we dare to face them. ¬†And once we do face them and see how silly they are and truly release them, then we no longer need to draw those experiences to us. ¬†There is no longer a “charge” there.

What’s that current “a-hole” in your life trying to draw out of you? ¬†Are they really the “bad guy”? ¬†They have brought you a gift, an opportunity. ¬†Will you seize it and capitalize on it?

Funny Notions

Nope, not funny ha ha.

Here I want to talk about some disempowering programs that are obviously still running in lightworkers (LWs) / New Agers / spiritual “leaders” (no, not so much) and they work to propagate these funny notions to their readers / clients.

Some emotions are good, some are bad.
Yep, too many LWs still hung up in that old program, still stifling their own emotions, telling others how to feel, prejudging others who are merely expressing their emotions in the moment.

Folks, repressing your emotions is SO debilitating. ¬†There is a difference between an emotional “re-action” – acting again as you have before, which indicates a need for further healing – and an emotional “re-sponse” – as in Responsibility – the ability to respond… to any and all experiences IN THE MOMENT.

See post “Healing – Emotional”.

And often these same folks who are judging emotions to be good or bad are the same ones to play the judgement card, see next.

Don’t judge self or others. ¬†
What are we talking about here? ¬†Are you talking about riding yourself and others hard, all the time, and most especially about what you or they are doing or have done when unawakened / unenlightened / not so conscious? ¬†Well, that’s rather useless.

But if you have awakened a bit and have the goal of healing and ascension, then put your Thoughts, Words and Deeds in line with your goal. ¬†Make honest self-assessments. ¬†Don’t be scared to call a spade a spade with other people either. ¬†And when someone else does the same for you, use it as constructive criticism or, on the other hand, a test for you – are you sure about your present perspective on things? The other is either offering a chance to expand your awareness or just making you even more sure of where you’re at right now.

See post “Healing / Inner Work – What is it?”

Don’t offer up any info / knowledge / wisdom / advice unless the other person¬†asks for it.¬†
Excuse me?!  You came here to spread the light not to sit down and shut up.

Often times, the other person has no idea you have anything useful for them and often don’t even know enough to ask an intelligent question of anyone, let alone know that they can ask it of YOU. ¬†But YOU know what you know, so why not share your wisdom. ¬†Meanwhile, the cabal and all those duped¬†by the cabal (including LWs who have not completed their healing) are just slathering the world in their highly brainwashed and disempowered perspective.

Do you defend this funny notion because¬†otherwise¬†you might have to actually take Responsibility? ¬†You might¬†have to actually be proactive in your light work? ¬†Are you scared to talk to others, scared they’ll roll their eyes or worse? Whah! Get over it. ¬†See any opportunity there to work on yourself more? ¬†Tap into that soul-centered quality called Courage and do some actual light work. ¬†No, not just online preaching to the choir, nodding emphatically, like a bobble-head doll no matter what anyone puts out. ¬†Bring that soul-centered Courage out into the world, to spread light with anyone and everyone you come across.

SPEAK YOUR TRUTH! ¬†Be a “Divine Opportunist” in your light work. ¬†Yep, in a good way, seizing any and all opportunity to spread light, to introduce enlightening, empowering perspectives into EVERY conversation. ¬†No really. ¬†You don’t have to make up excuses to say something or change the topic or the like or drag up a soap box to stand on. ¬†Just join the conversation. ¬†YOU. ¬†True You, not some mask. ¬†Odds would have it that True You has something enlightening and empowering to say about anything and everything – sports, weather, news, work, family, friends, health, healing, media, government… tiddlywinks… you name it. ¬†All that mundane-level you has to do is just allow your True Self’s wisdom to actually come out of your mouth.

Did you want to get down to the business of helping this planet and her inhabitants or are you going to stand idly by and watch it all go to hell? ¬†Be proactive in your own healing and in your service to others. REAL light work, out in the world, touching people’s lives… well, that sure beats the hell out of sitting online with the choir, either bitching about or worrying about 3Ders.

And hey, it’s not as if¬†you have¬†anything better to do and be than¬†to be yourself. ¬†In the 3D world there is plenty¬†else¬†to do, but there is nothing BETTER to do.

And sometimes it doesn’t take much. ¬†I¬†practice what I preach and I DO bring light to others, always, all ways. Here’s one small example – I overhear my neighbors talking – one is sick. ¬†Our physical paths literally intersected, so I asked, “What kind of sick are you?” ¬†He said, “Cold or flu or the like.” ¬†I asked him if he uses grapefruit seed extract (GSE). ¬†Nope, he’d never heard of it. ¬†In the moment he was very receptive to the info. Did he then use it? ¬†I don’t know, but I did my part, gave him the info, gave him the opportunity – I then don’t attach to what he does with it – Compassionate Non-attachment. ¬†Not only had he not heard of it, I’m sure he’d have never¬†thought to hit me up – “Hey you, stranger neighbor person, I’m sick, do you know anything that will help? ¬†Perhaps something I’ve not tried, perhaps not even heard of?” ¬†Sounds silly doesn’t it?! ¬†‘Cuz it is. ¬†He didn’t know what I know… but I do. It was no accident that I overheard their conversation then found myself right next to them as we both went about our business. Life created the opportunity to spread light and I seized it.

(and along those same lines)

Truly spiritual¬†people don’t talk about spirituality.
Again.. Excuse me?!  So again, those who are not spiritual or are still disempowered to whatever degree can just blabber away, flapping their jaws (and you know they will), but those who truly have something substantial to offer have to stfu?  I think not!  Folks, how in the hell can such crap truly resonate with you?  No really.  LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE!

Some will say spiritual adepts should just BE and not talk about it. ¬†Oh, when it comes down to what you can best do for yourself, yep, a whole lot more BEing and a whole lot less doing would be most useful. ¬†And showing off your beingness, yep, that’s great in person – a little show of kindness, staying calm, oh hell, even a good ration of well-timed shit-flipping at someone can go a long way towards spreading light out in the world.

Say it straight, simple and with a smile. ¬†Words I live by. ¬†Can you sense me smiling? ¬†ūüôā

But when we’re talking about people interacting online, well, I can sit here and BE all day, every day and I can even come and read your blog, but you can’t see me being then. ¬†I have to say something in order to offer up any assistance.

And beingness IS about saying and doing things that are in line with your True Self.  Your true self would not dream of holding back, of repressing your own truth, of not being light in everything you do or say.

Get out of the fantasy that lightwork has to be done as a business (busyness). ¬†Trust me folks, there are MANY people in EVERY walk of life, every kind of industry that could use your light. ¬†Don’t wait to become a life coach or whatever the hell in order to spread light. ¬†You do it right where you are with whoever is there. ¬†You LIVE it. ¬†You BE it.

You might never make a dime off of it.

Having just read that… now what do you think and feel? ¬†Are you going to just not spread light because you don’t make money at it? ¬†Really?

Lightworkers, step up! ¬†You are the ones you’ve been waiting for. ¬†If not you then who, if not now, then when?! ¬†Shine on!

Useful Healthful Tips

If you find the following info helpful, you may want to check back to this post periodically as I may very well update it as I think of things.

In some cases, I’m just giving examples of some uses for these things, but look ’em up and find out more. ¬†Cures what ails ya.


Physical Level

Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE)¬†– antimicrobial (virus, bacteria, fungi, etc.), so for colds, flu, strep, etc., yet won’t mess with your beneficial bacteria / flora. ¬†This will knock out a cold, flu or whatever like nothing else, in record time. ¬†Some people take it daily.

Sea Salt –¬†for cough / tickle in throat. ¬†Got some phlegm choking ya up? ¬†Pop a bit of sea salt in your mouth and let it dissolve. ¬†It will sooth your throat and act as a natural expectorant.

Baking Soda & Hydrogen Peroxide for Oral Care¬†– Instead of Toothpaste (the conventional versions of which are often some¬†nasty chemical concoctions). ¬†I use baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) regularly and mix in peroxide upon occasion. ¬†Baking soda, along with being a mild abrasive, is a natural whitener and is usually the “secret ingredient” in expensive tooth whiteners. ¬†Any whiteners that use something else, you probably don’t want anyway. ¬†Baking soda has an alkaline pH so it neutralizes the acids created by bacteria living in your mouth and hence fights plaque. ¬†I used to get a lot of plaque before I cleaned up my diet and started brushing with baking soda, but not anymore. ¬†A box of baking soda and a pint of peroxide are a couple dollars a piece and last a good long time. ¬†Being healthy doesn’t have to equate to being broke.

Arnica Gel –¬†homeopathic topical medicine for bruises, sprains, strains, etc. ¬†Speeds healing. ¬†Some report it’s the best bone fracture medicine there is.

Calendula Gel –¬†homeopathic topical medicine for open wounds – cuts, scraps, insect bites, sunburn, etc.

Those last two items¬†ought to be in every athlete’s gym / bat bag.

Vitamins A (beta¬†carotene), C and E –¬†When you have something that needs to heal, these supplements can speed recovery. ¬†ACE it. Some say selenium is useful to add to this, so then it’s ACES.

Astragalus –¬†Supports your immune system / spleen.

He Shou Wu / Fo Ti –¬†Chinese herb that supports your kidneys (amongst other things). ¬†Kidneys manifest outwardly in hair so if your hair is dry, brittle, gray, or nonexistent you might want to give this a whirl. ¬†It absolutely knocked out my gray hair at midlife. ¬†I’m gray again after years of extremely intense energetic work so I’m now taking this again. ¬†We’ll see how it goes this time.

Zinc РFor Skin Problems amongst other things.  See my post (click link).

Manuka Honey –¬†All honey has antiseptic and healing properties but manuka is even more so. ¬†There are varying potencies of manuka honey, but I just get a low level. ¬†This is reported to be the best burn medicine in the world, speeding healing and leaving little to no scarring. ¬†One thing I used it for was on cuts, scratches, etc. on animals, then if they lick it off, it won’t hurt ’em to eat it and they’ll get some benefit through that route also.

Don Colbert’s Detox –¬†From his book “Toxic Relief”. ¬†This truly works in a supportive way. ¬†He makes you figure out all the supplement dosages yourself (he tells ya, just doesn’t put it in all in one place, at least not in the version of his book I read years ago), but… ¬†and I won’t kid ya, you’ll spend some bucks on supplements to do this, but if you have it to spend, it’s well worth it – Health is Wealth.

Superfeet Arch Supports –¬†For plantar fasciitis. ¬†There are many arch supports around, but not like these and they are much less expensive than prescription orthotics. ¬†I’ve used them for years. ¬†When I get a new pair of shoes, I get a new pair of Superfeet to go in them. ¬†They support your arch, raise your heel just a bit and have a heel cup that keeps your foot in place. ¬†(I’d tried a different brand that did not have the heel cup, just the raised arch and it literally made my foot want to slide out the side of my shoe, which showed the evidence of my weight shifting outwardly. ¬†With SF, your foot stays in the right place and yet you have the arch support.) ¬†This raises your arch to a more natural position, your Achilles tendon won’t be overstretched and your entire body lines up better – legs, knees, hips, back, everything. ¬†Some doctors and shoe salesmen will tell you to only wear them part-time initially to get used to them, but I call bullsh*t. ¬†Get them and use them ALWAYS, in all your shoes. ¬†Any time spent without them is just putting unnecessary stresses on your feet and body.

Essential Fatty Acids –¬†For prevention of torn ACLs (anterior cruciate ligament). ¬†Sources are reporting the connection between such injuries and EFA deficiencies (especially Omega 3 fatty acid deficiency). ¬†I know that these sorts of sports injuries seem to be far more common than they were when I was growing up. ¬†EFAs are very important and fundamental in many body functions. ¬†(The two posts at bottom of this section will have more info on EFAs.)

Alpha-lipoic acid –¬†For support of your nervous system. ¬†Gee, that may come in handy for ascension symptoms, eh? ¬†Your own “upgrades” and also doing energetic service work does a number on your nervous system.

Food seeds are good for you – Yes, contrary to conventional propaganda. ¬†Apple seeds, peach and apricot pits, etc. ¬†Yep, they do contain cyanide but in such a way that your body’s cells can deal with it safely… but cancer cells can’t!
Cyanide? Are Apple Seeds Poisonous or Good For You?

The Perfect Seed: Why Everyone Should Add Pumpkin Seeds to Their Diet

Food matters in grounding –¬†If you’re having problems staying grounded, eat some protein, the heavier the better – meat is better than beans, yellow peas and brown rice. ¬†Beef is better than chicken or fish. ¬†Eating a good natural / organic steak will get your butt back on the ground, even when you still have your head WAY up in the clouds. And if you are to serve in bringing Heaven to Earth / raising Earth to Heaven, you’ll need both.

Don’t take vaccines –¬†the following is an extended documentary about vaccines. ¬†Make informed decisions about vaccines. ¬†If this link goes away, look up the title and find it elsewhere. ¬†The Truth About Vaccines. ¬†

InfoWars / Alex Jones –¬†BOMBSHELL: Study Proves Unvaccinated Children Are Healthier

Breaking: Doctors Admit Vaccines Cause Convulsions, Brain Damage, And Death In Children


Also see posts¬†Healing – Physical¬†and¬†Alzheimer’s and Cholesterol, Water and EVERYTHING, Listening to Your Body and some other things¬†for more diet / nutrition and exercise fundamentals.


Mind-Body Connection

How your body expresses your thoughts –¬†Use Louise Hay’s “Heal Your Body” book as a reference to understand what afflictions with your body are telling you about how your creative thought energy is manifesting in your physicality and provides affirmations to shift the energy.


Energetic Level

Chakra System – there are 7 main chakras and each corresponds to a gland. ¬†You could think of your chakras as being the places where the Divine connects into your physicality. ¬†I’d like to recommend the book “Wheels of Life: A User’s Guide to the Chakra System” by Anodea Judith. ¬†It was not a book that I “read” per se, but it was an awesome reference. ¬†An understanding of the chakra system can assist you in knowing what you need to work on.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)¬†– method of healing / clearing / releasing of unhealthy / disempowering subconscious programming and associations. ¬†This is done by saying a “negative affirmation”, which starts with “Even though ___” (insert what you are releasing) then finishing with “I still deeply love and accept myself” while tapping acupressure points. ¬†Easy to learn and do, can do it anywhere, don’t need a partner or special equipment. ¬†The originator¬†of this technique,¬†Gary Craig (emofree), meant for it to be free and many folks still honor this so they have put out the manual online for free, go find it. ¬†I very highly recommend this. ¬†You can literally quickly knock out issues that years of conventional psychotherapy doesn’t help.

See post Core Issues / Wounds / Programs / Fears / Beliefs for info on my own experiences with EFT.

The Power of the Mind –¬†yes, YOUR mind.

One example Рinstead of using a chiropractor or massage therapist for the kinks and knots, use your mind to pinpoint the exact location and feel the healing / clearing / releasing happening with a jolt / convulsion.  Keep returning / holding your focus there until fully cleared.

Another example…¬†to be

Calm, Centered and Grounded:

  • Calm – breathe deep into your center of mass which is two inches below your belly button.
  • Centered – visualize your prana tube which runs up your back, extending up into Heaven and down into Earth, connecting Heaven and Earth through you.
  • Grounded – place your feet flat on the floor / ground and visualize roots coming out of the soles of your feet, sinking deep into the core of Mommy Earth.

Forgiveness –¬†Just remember, forgiveness is for the forgivER, not the forgivEN. ¬†You release YOURSELF¬†by forgiving. ¬†And one of the beautiful things about this is that it then doesn’t even matter if someone actually wronged you in some way or if you just think / feel they did.

But you don’t need to say your forgiveness TO them. ¬†Remember, it’s not about them, it’s about you. ¬†The only way it becomes or continues to be about them has to do with how you treat them because you think they’ve done you wrong. ¬†If you’re holding a grudge against someone, even if it’s just at an energetic level, that will put a strain on your relationship if you are still around this person.

Now, just come up with your own personal short, generic affirmation that you can say any time forgiveness is in order. ¬†One ¬†affirmation that I used was “I forgive you and release you. ¬†There is no forgiveness that I withhold. ¬†My forgiveness for you is total. ¬†I am free and you are free.”

If it is you yourself who you feel needs forgiveness, then forgive yourself. ¬†Someone else’s forgiveness of you is THEIR business, not yours. ¬†You can’t force them to forgive you. ¬†If you did screw up with them, then just apologize and let them tend to the forgiveness.

Boundaries, Empathy, and Compassion –¬†Bren√© Brown does such a good job with this. ¬†She’s right on from the very first line:

“One of the most shocking findings of my work was the idea that the most compassionate people I have interviewed¬†over the last 13 years were also the¬†absolutely¬†most boundaried.”

I’ll let her take it from here.

Brene Brown – Boundaries, Empathy, and Compassion


All Levels

Laughter –¬† No really, I mean to the all levels thing. ¬†How to categorize what level of your being laughter is about. ¬†It has to be all. ¬†And that may make laughter a short-term but instant moment of Self-Unity¬†and that may be why Laughter Breaks Up the Illusion.

Just in case you weren’t sure where to get started with some good laughs, ha, here’s a suggestion. ¬†This is one of the funniest standup comedy shows I’ve seen for quite some time.


Divine Communication

Angel Numbers –¬†Seeing the same number or number pattern coming up? ¬†Doreen Virtue’s angel numbers may be one way to get meaning from Divine number messages.


Ascension Symptoms

As one goes through their healing and ascension process, “ascension symptoms” can and do occur. ¬†Your physical body will exhibit all sorts of symptoms – achy joints, indigestion, needing more rest, etc. ¬†Treat the symptoms at the physical level – If you’re tired, then rest. ¬†Those achy joints will benefit from getting enough water, sea salt and EFAs and other proper nutrition. ¬†It may not make the ascension symptoms completely vanish immediately, but it will help you feel better until they pass. ¬†It’s critical that you take care of your body while going through your process.

While you are in process, yes, take care of the physical side of things as best you can but also take note as to just what is giving you symptoms, what body part, then look up Louise Hay’s “Heal Your Body” book (or online) and find out what the energy and thoughts are that affect those¬†particular body parts.

As you go through your process you are “frying out” energetic blockages. ¬†Where you still have blockages, the energy will get hung up there and will work on those blockages. ¬†This is what causes most ascension symptoms.

For you more advanced lightworkers who are at or nearing completion, you may be shifting to doing energy work for the collective and you may continue to experience what feels like symptoms. ¬†In both the treating of the symptoms and in doing the energy work itself, treat it just like it was your own healing work to do. ¬†You’ll more than likely feel it very much the same way as you do your own process and it will be made to feel very personal and just flow with that. ¬†So, whether it is still your own work to do or you are assisting the collective, you’ll handle it the same way. ¬†The only way you may have any clue about whether it’s your own or energetic service work will be just through your own sheer KNOWINGNESS.

You’ll more than likely feel some emotional symptoms too. ¬†Best advice? ¬†FEEL YOUR EMOTIONS!

See sections above and posts beginning with “Healing“.

The Higher Self

Here I’ll document what I have become aware of concerning the Higher Self (HS).

Ok, first of all, initially, years ago, that term “higher self” did not sit well¬†with me. I thought that perhaps it was some New Agey term for God / the Divine used by people for whom religion had left a bad taste in their mouth… and some not-so-wonderful ideas about God in their minds. ¬†I myself never had those hangups about God or that term for All That Is / Prime Creator. I connected with God directly for years.

Just to give some chronological order to this… I have found out in more recent years, that I was done with my “general healing” (my term) in 2006 and if we were doing individual ascensions, I would have been able to move into my own intense ascension process then, but was held back from it for the planetary / collective effort, you know, what we all signed up for. But I wanted to put in this data point as I was NOT working with my HS at that point.

(And let me say, to anyone who is still working on their healing and ascension, don’t become daunted by my tales of healing and ascension work that lasted for many years. Yours may not take that long. It’s really very much up to you at this point. I was a trailblazer. You tell me, which is easier – cutting the trail or just walking it after it’s cut? There’s so much light in this world now that wasn’t here then. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other.)

Sometime in 2008, I was guided to a diagram of the Crystal Palace Within which is the pituitary, pineal, thalamus and hypothalamus. ¬†And in the¬†diagram it showed the Big Dipper and Little Dipper / Ursa Major and Ursa Minor and the North Star / Polaris up above this human head and lines drawn to connect the Crystal Palace Within to the North Star /¬†Polaris. ¬†There were just a few words there, which I don’t remember now… and I had no urge to look into it any further at that point.

In early 2009, I was led to read a book that used the term “higher self” a lot and at one point defined it as “the part of God dedicated to you.” THAT resonated. Not long after that, God flat told me to now connect to my HS. God would still be there for me, but I needed to solidify my connection to my HS. By the end of 2009, I was “hearing” my HS as well as I had heard God over the years.

Now, just to show a bit of God’s funny bone here… I’ll need to preface this story with… I had recent to that time heard a standup comedian say that his wife had asked him, “Are you having sex behind my back?”
To which he replied, “Who did you think it was?”

As I’ve said elsewhere, I had realized years ago that when connecting with different entities, I would tend to feel / sense them on or near a certain body part. This isn’t all so important anymore for my connection, but I do find it still helps if it’s tough to “get ’em on the line”.

Where I felt God was… in the upper, back, left side of my brain extending up and back at an angle. Well, when God told me I was to connect with my HS, I asked my HS something, don’t remember what, don’t remember the answer, but I do remember where I felt it and it was… in the upper, back, left side of my brain extending up and back at an angle.

I told God, “It feels like you.”
To which He replied, “Who did you think it was?”

I still laugh as I write this.

And solidifying that connection with my HS came just in time. Early in 2010, I then moved into my intense ascension process.

Later in the year, I saw that Tom Kenyon’s Hathors had given a message titled Crystal Palace Within. ¬†I perked up! ¬†Ah, I recognize that. ¬†It was put out early, but it is a meditation for pineal gland activation that was meant to be done on Halloween that year so I did so.¬†¬†I am SO well grounded and normally don’t get really heady, dizzy, woozy as I hear some folks talk about in their healing / spiritual process, but after that activation I was actually woozy for a couple days. It obviously took.

And this is what some would call “descension” or when the HS fully descends / connects into one’s human self.

Then, in late summer of 2012, my friend and I had both gotten messages from our HS to the effect of “You don’t need me anymore.” Excuse my abbreviated French, but I just have to say it – wtf? Here we were obviously still “in the program” and still under the consciousness veil to some degree, certainly not feeling “fully conscious / all knowing” or the like… no nice new shiny crystalline bods… and our HSes are saying we don’t need them anymore.
*deer in the headlights look*

Well, I then reconnected to God more directly again and have since learned that, first and foremost, one’s “higher self”, well, really isn’t. lol HSes are individuated entities unto themselves who work with us as our soul travels down through dimensions. The HS stays in the Divine realms and serves as a tether for us, but once we (our soul, which is what travels through the dimensions) remake that Divine connection and raise our frequency and consciousness enough, perhaps even well beyond just ascension-ready / 5D-only levels, then the HS has served its purpose.

If one finds themselves still “doing time on planet earth, waiting for the return of the mother ship” (as an ex of mine used to say when asked what they were doing) even after this Divine reconnection has occurred, well, too bad, so sad… (and God now jokes again, “Don’t forget the ‘your Dad’ part.”) ¬†… your Dad. ¬†lol

But God is still here for us.

But, ah yeah, it floored me to learn this little tidbit.

(May 2017, Note: I’ve seen that others who are completing recently are having this experience now, kinda getting the message from their HSes of “You’re on your own now.”)

Against All Odds – Tales From Above the Veil

How many times have we heard that phrase “against all odds” applied to this planetary ascension? ¬†And yeah, we all know just what a huge task this was that we took on. ¬†But some yahoos above the veil (atv) learned that going against God, Gaia and human ascension forerunners was even more against all odds.

Another tale from above the veil.  As usual, some literalness with some colorful metaphors added in.

At one point my friend and I picked up on more monkey business from those atv. ¬†My friend got the intuitive hit about it being related to mob and gambling type things, that those upstairs were literally betting on the ascension of Gaia and her inhabitants – will they (we) make it or not. ¬†My friend decided to “go in”.

Upon hearing this through email, I hit up my higher self (HS) and asked, “Do you think you could show me what my friend will see / is seeing.” ¬†My HS responded, “I think we can do this.” ¬†Then, almost immediately, not-so-clairvoyant me found myself “in” (atv) and what I saw was a big stadium that was a casino-type place.

My friend and I walked in shoulder to shoulder.  Our atv allies and the archangels where right behind us.  We walked into the stadium and light was flowing out ahead and beside us, flowing like water, seeping into every crack and crevice.  Our atv allies started to round up all the ETs that were there gambling and took them back to their home worlds.  Meanwhile the archangels went around and touched all the gaming tables and as they did, the tables disappeared.

My friend asked someone, “Who is in charge?” ¬†They pointed to a curtained area at the far end. ¬†We walked there and there were two big body guards out front. ¬†Again my friend asked who was in charge. ¬†The guards pointed over their shoulder and we brushed past them and threw the curtains open.

This mob boss type guy bolts upright and asks, “What is this about?”
My friend says, “We’re here to shut this place down.”
He said, “On whose authority?”
God’s voice comes booming through the atmosphere, “On MY authority! ¬†Bring him to me.”

Two archangels step forward and each take an arm of the mob boss and they float up and away.

We all leave the stadium and all the archangels surround the stadium and lay their hands on the outer wall and the stadium disappears leaving behind a pristine meadow that looked like it had old growth, like the stadium had never been there.

I felt God was sending the message “Push, pull or get outta the way” to anyone atv. ¬†If they were going to be putting energy into our ascension, it needed to be to help, not on betting on the potential outcome. ¬†God tends to be, or at least used to be, rather hands-off about things, letting all His creator / creatures at all levels create on their own, but, by this time, we were well aware that God was utilizing us because He’d gotten fed up with how this planetary ascension was going and how those atv had mishandled their part in this, so He was seemingly in no mood for nonsense at that point.

The “Superpowers” of Higher Dimensions

Here I will tell you what God has told me about this.  What does God tell you?

In 5D, we can fly, or as I like to think of it, it’s more like levitation on steroids. ¬†I’ve known this for quite a while and yet Tom Kenyon’s Hathors brought some confirmation by saying that in 5D, while we are there, that level feels every bit as “physical” as 3D, but it is less dense, there is no mass and hence no gravity… hence the levitation / flying. ¬†That may offer its own challenges but we’ll be much better equipped to deal with that and much more.

We do not need to eat or sleep because we draw energy directly from God / Infinite Light. ¬†We still can eat and sleep, but don’t have to. ¬†And to me, that’s what much of 5D is compared to 3D – no “have to’s”.

We can shapeshift, but still within human form. ¬†So, you’ll look like what you want to look like, without doctor-assisted self-mutilation, er, I mean elective cosmetic surgery. ¬†Sex change anyone? … without the surgery and hormones?

We can also fully regulate our bodies, like adjust our temperature regardless of outside temperature and yet 5D Gaia’s climate will be mild.

Because we don’t need to eat and can regulate our bodies, we don’t need to work and there is no money in 5D.

In a nutshell, to sum up the situation for each 5D-level human post-ascension – we have power over our own being, at all levels of our being, which is why we can shapeshift and alter body temp, etc.

And for the record, our new 5D-level crystalline bodies will actually not be quite as conscious and self-sufficient as our carbon-based 3D bodies. ¬†Why? ¬†Because they don’t need to be. ¬†Since they are crystalline, our new bodies will be very responsive, instantaneously vibrating to whatever we intend for them while we are much more conscious ourselves.

Our 3D carbon-based bodies have their own consciousness because at the dense 3D level, our lower minds don’t work very fast and have plenty enough to do without regulating body functions. ¬†This is one more reason why, as you transition from 3D THROUGH 4D to 5D, you could really stand to honor your body, take care of it, communicate with it and listen to its communications. ¬†It’s part of you and needs to be made healthy as part of your work to become healed, whole, integrated, complete. ¬†Our 3D carbon-based bodies do listen to our thoughts and beliefs though and will faithfully outwardly manifest our energy and hence always provide feedback to us about our own creations, even if those creations are unconscious. The body doesn’t lie.

(You may also be interested in this post: What of the body during ascension? )

Now, I’ll mention some other even higher level dimensional “superpowers”, but what I’m saying here is, that’s what an ascended human IN 5D would experience. ¬†Bear with me…

So, let’s say a human, who, through their service work here and raising their consciousness to levels even beyond 5D, have achieved a 7D level even before ascension. ¬†In 5D they will have all the 5D “superpowers” and yet will also be able to shapeshift beyond human form. ¬†Want to be a panther for a day?

Someone who has attained 9D levels while in 3D, in 5D will be able to teleport and that includes between dimensions and they can also teleport other people and things.  One thing this means is that 9D and greater humans will be able to teleport themselves and others to 3D to continue to give a helping hand to pre-ascended humans.

It’s my understanding that after Gaia’s ascension, while the pre-ascended lightworkers help keep light in 3D, ascended humans will be targeting mostly Joe Averages who show good potential for awakening, healing, service and ascension. We’ll basically prioritize based on potential, but if and when people show promise, we’ll get them just the right info / confirmation of their own intuitions and some well-placed support.

We will not be targeting lightworkers since, in some cases, they’re well on track and in other cases, they are too recalcitrant to take good advice from beings that are both below the veil and above the veil and they’ll just have to get over that before much more energy is spent on them. ¬†We won’t be banging our crystalline heads on their carbon-based brick walls.

Someone who has attained 11D + (on into Divine levels), in 5D can instantly manifest.  Basically, the higher dimensional level humans will have the power to create, alter or move beings and things other than just themselves.

This is just a small sampling but will hopefully help you dream big and / or provide you some confirmation on your own inklings about such.

Keep in mind, that not all higher dimensional entities are equal. ¬†A “fresh” soul coming down from the divine into 11D, 9D, 7D, etc. will not have the experience and the knowledge gained from having existed in the dense 3D “classroom”. ¬†3D is not kindergarten, it’s the masters program.

Don’t forget that just wishing for ascension is not enough. Many people like to think that ascension will liberate them, but that’s not the true order of things. You must first liberate yourself from limit and disempowerment, then that enables your ascension.

“Whatever you do, don’t move too fast or too far…”

New Age “lightworkers” often¬†have that message to tell you – “slow down, stop your process, take your time, don’t expect big change, cling to your free-will / veiled state, no matter how much light streams into this world don’t flow with it, just resist, resist, resist… ¬†and while you’re at it, open your wallet to me for my next let light in course”.

“How much will this cost guru?…
I’ve seen them overlooking God in their own essence.” ¬†~ Alanis Morissette “Baba”

For they ARE gods, and they’re creating very slow progress for themselves and they want to use YOUR creative powers to help them create a half-assed pseudo healing… ‘cuz if you’re not completely healed, perhaps you’ll go back to your guru in their very 3D-like world… with your wallet open. ¬†Cha ching! ¬†Cha ching!

These “lightworkers” (no, not very much light, remember, not too far, not too fast)¬†don’t want to be alone in their very 3D-like, yet somehow supposedly “improved” reality so they preach their “not too fast, not too far, not too big, keep your dreams SMALL, keep playing small” rot so they have some company in their half-assed so-called progress… or lack there of.

People, regardless of where you are in your own healing and ascension process, don’t let these “lightworker” crabs pull you back into the boiling 3D pot with them. ¬†Goodness sakes but how they have turned “lightwork” into one big steamy pile of crap that serves no one, themselves included, but they are too stuck in their own delusional mud to realize how they even hold themselves back.

Many of them admit to being urged by the Divine to stop peddling whatever they are peddling… then they post another solicitation for your money… then another… and another. ¬†When they are in money grubber mode, just watch, it’s one post after another reminding you to pull out your wallet, then they mix in a few advisory posts, ya know, telling you not to dream too big or move too far, too fast.

So just how spiritual are these folks if they let their money fears veto Divine guidance? ¬†As if they don’t trust the Divine to look out for them.

Yep, healing is a process. ¬†Yep, it doesn’t happen overnight and yet it’s exactly for this reason that you could really stand to keep moving along with your healing. ¬†“Cramming for the test” doesn’t work in this case.

They’ll also admit that they are getting guidance about their own health and healing, etc. and that they have put that off. ¬†They won’t take the time and make the effort to tend to their own back yard… while they just can’t seem to shut off the spigot of b.s. that flows from their blogs and social media sites.

They’ll also tell you that there is still money in 5D. ¬†First, they seemingly can’t expand either their imagination or their consciousness enough to acknowledge the truth on that. ¬†Also, by “be-lie-ving” that there is still money in 5D, they can then justify, not only to all their readers but mostly to their delusional self, their “spiritual commerce”.

When the light streams in, accept it, work with it PROACTIVELY and let it drive your darkness out… but quit driving with the brakes on just ‘cuz the New Age “lightworkers” (not!) ¬†want your company in their very 3D-like realm, complete with constantly feeding the paradigm of commerce… from your wallet to theirs.

There are masculine and feminine cycles to your process – times to assert and push and time to rest and gather energy. ¬†Time to put the push on? ¬†Then do so. ¬†Time to rest and gather energy? ¬†Then do that. ¬†It does no good to try to force the process either, but just flow with it. ¬†Furthermore, those rest / gather energy times are what supercharges your ability to really get some issues hammered out when it’s push time. ¬†But encouraging people to not flow with the process is just asinine. ¬†NOT healing is what conditioned souls do. ¬†Telling them to put off their healing even more is not what I’d call good lightwork.

If there is anything that could stand to be slowed down and just flat dropped it’s all the 3D useless and distracting busyness that so many people, lightworkers included, are still FAR too caught up in. ¬†There is SO little that currently goes on in 3D that is actually necessary, and all that busyness is so counter to your healing that it’s not even funny… and that could include so-called “spiritual” busyness and distraction. ¬†So many folks so eager to read the next channeled message when they have yet to even absorb or apply the last one they read. ¬†They’d be better served to be still and quiet and do their inner work and listen to their own inner voice and Divine guidance instead of immersing themselves in everyone else’s message…. and that includes all these lightworker guru types that are seemingly better at preaching than practicing.

Yep, one needs to do what one needs to do to keep a roof over their heads and food in their bellies, ‘cuz if you’re dead, you’re surely not helping this world. ¬†And that is the importance of being well grounded, but these folks most assuredly have their priorities messed up. ¬† They’re not knocking out their own healing and cling to 3D commerce ways.

These are the same sorts who will also scream plagiarism.  Really?  So what are they saying?  That perhaps their information is NOT Divinely guided?

Because the Divine surely has no copyright on Its wisdom!!!

Really? ¬†You came to this world to spread light and you are going to quibble over who gets to claim “ownership” to the Divine wisdom that you¬†just might allow to seep out upon occasion?

And there are so many who are too eager to teach, learn and do channeling. ¬†And of what / whom? ¬†Whatever Tom, Dick and Harry ET who wants a podium to preach from? ¬†Many of these entities from above the veil weren’t even checking in with God and they’ve never personally set foot on Earth and yet you’re going to take advice from them?

Where are the gurus encouraging people to listen to their own inner guidance? ¬†Where is God in their reality? ¬†No where in my sovereignty is God left out. ¬†Why would either humans or ETs NOT want to draw on God’s perspective? ¬†Ya know, the ultimate perspective, the one that encompasses all other perspectives. ¬†Try THAT Unity on for size dear lightworkers. ¬†You like to talk Unity and yet connecting directly with All That Is and leaving out the “middle man” just doesn’t occur to you? ¬†Huh?

Where is Gaia in all this?  She is why you came here in the first place.  Get your own inner work done so you can actually be of some use to this planetary ascension process.

Folks, it’s long past time to do what those “lightworkers / spiritual-leader gurus” (those who can’t, teach) have failed to do – LEAD BY EXAMPLE. ¬†And if that means creating so big that these little piddly ante New Age “lightworker” gurus can’t even see your creation in their “playing small” world, then so be it.

Joe-Average folks (who don’t know a thing about New Agers and their tripe) who CAN see what you’re¬†BEing¬†and creating, will be happy to skip right over all that New Age guru crap (obviously designed to slow them down anyway) and get on with their own healing… and you’ll help them do just that.


Because Someone Could Stand to Say It

I know at least one person who has the sheer audacity to speak the truth, the EMPOWERING truth, even if some may deem it as politically incorrect. ¬†And that would be me. ¬†If not me, then who? ¬†If not now, then when? ¬†Someone could stand to present a distant goal to people, even if it is far from their present paradigm. ¬†I’ve already established I’m a crack pot (If you’re one step ahead, you’re a genius; if you’re two steps ahead you’re a crack pot. ¬†I have often joked that I look forward to when so many others catch up that I become a mere genius. ¬†ūüėČ ¬†), so let’s have some crack pottery, shall we?!

I mean no disrespect and this man did indeed help this world, but I’d dare to say he could have done more. ¬†Why? ¬†Because he did not heal himself obviously. ¬†So as far as leading by example goes, not so good. ¬†Wayne Dyer died a few days ago. ¬†He was 75.

A facebook page, which I look at occasionally, put out a post about his death and told the story of the world finally discovering him. ¬†He’d been speaking to small groups for some time, but his self-help “career” just wasn’t taking off. ¬†Late one night, on his way home from doing an interview with someone, he thought,¬†¬†“What’s the point?” ¬†¬†On the heels of that he got a phone call to be on the Today show and then it took off for him.

I looked up info on him and found an article / obituary that had a picture courtesy of Hay House publishers, which is Louise Hay’s publishing company and was Dyer’s publisher.

The article said they did not know for sure the ultimate cause of his death, but…

In an interview posted to the¬†KPBS-TV, San Diego, website in 2012 after his leukemia diagnosis, Dyer said he’d begun looking at the illness as¬†“just the body’s way of responding to, perhaps, psychological traumas, you know, from failed relationships in the past, or whatever it is,¬†and that the body just always knows what it’s doing – and the body is perfect.”

Right there in his own words, he’s revealing that some part of himself knew he’d not healed, ya know, from those “… psychological traumas, you know, from failed relationships in the past, or whatever it is…”

He’s right, the body is pretty sharp, obviously more so than he was as he neglected to listen to it. ¬†Our bodies are an outward manifestation of our energy. ¬†His body was expressing his thoughts and beliefs.

I looked up leukemia in Louise’s Hay’s book “Heal Your Body”. ¬†The probable cause:

Brutally killing inspiration. “What’s the use?”

Affirmation to shift energy:

I move beyond past  limitations into the freedom of the now.  It is safe to be me.

Regardless of being “discovered” and being a best-selling author and supposedly successful, he didn’t heal himself and it showed up in his own words and manifested in his physical body. ¬†He obviously never stopped telling himself “What’s the point / use?”

Sadly, this is another case of “… those who can’t, teach.” ¬†So close and yet so far. ¬†Obviously this man did not “complete”. ¬†That’s just one soul, and we all live with the consequences of our choices, but it saddens me that this is someone that many people looked to for healing advice and yet he did not live his own advice and could have stood to have looked up his own publisher’s (Louise Hay) wisdom and advice, as I did, to give himself some clue.

I can certainly understand if he felt like “What’s the point / use” and yet, that indicates an¬†attachment /¬†investment into others’ choices. ¬†Perhaps Wayne could have stood to exhibit some Compassionate Non-Attachment for others, to provide them with the info, but to not get attached to what others do with what he offered them. You know, that whole honoring others’ free will thing.

Wayne, what you brought to the world WAS of use, to many. ¬†But your body’s dis-ease revealed that you did not know / think / believe yourself just¬†how much use¬†your work in this world was. ¬†I hope that now you can indeed see that.

Taking Emotional Power to the Yahoos Above the Veil

Not so long after we dealt with the “high council” (see ET “High Council” Meddling Revealed), in the summer of 2012, I had another “download” of claircognizant knowingness. ¬†My HS (higher self) and God informed me that we would now be taking our emotional energy to higher dimensions. ¬†At the time, my lower mind just kinda wondered if God wanted the higher D entities to be more emotive. ¬†Not much later, I came to understand that what I had been given a heads up on then was that we would use the power of our emotional energy to do work above the veil. ¬†And yes, we often found that it took quite a lot of emotional energy to even get the attention of those above the veil.

Again I asked my friend how this resonated and, as was the case over and over, my friend, in their own way, had received the same message on the same day. ¬†My friend’s message was delivered in a more visual way. ¬†Their HS took them in a dream / vision to a big stadium. ¬†In the center was a big table with a bunch of ET council types there. ¬†It was at a 9D level and over time we came to understand that it was / is 9D where all the council / federation bureaucratic yahoos tended to be – those self-appointed to make up hard and fast, black and white rules for everyone else… and you guessed it… they were usually the first to break their own rules. ¬†Sound familiar? ¬†Again, as below, so above.

Well, upon my friend’s and their HS’ arrival, these yahoos asked what right my friend had to be there. ¬†At that point my friend just unleashed this big sampling of emotional energy all over them. ¬†Every flavor and intensity of human emotion was sent to them. ¬†These ET yahoos were totally blown away by it and when they finally gathered themselves again, they just communicated that my friend did indeed have every right to be there.

Upon hearing my friend’s story, I knew exactly what it reminded me of, so I went and found this video clip and sent it over:

(Beldar Conehead’s high school homecoming game fireworks.)

… to which my friend responded, “Per-xactly!”

Gay Marriage

Yep, let’s talk about this topic as it is a real-life situation that can help us discern between empowerment and disempowerment.

If my perspective is stretching you a bit, good! ¬†I didn’t end up being a GAF by sheer chance. ¬†I get personal empowerment and self-sovereignty. ¬†I live it. ¬†And that’s why I can be out there on your horizon, coaxing you along to even MORE self-sovereignty. ¬†If you’re one step ahead you’re a genius; if you’re two steps ahead you’re a crackpot. ¬†I’m quite fine if you think I’m a crackpot. ¬†I’m courageous enough to throw this crackpot perspective out here for you to chew on so that some day you too can be a crackpot, a sovereign crackpot at that.

First of all, to preface this, I’m bisexual, so no issue here with homosexuality or heterosexuality. ¬†I get it. ¬†Both sides. ¬†You find yourself in a physical realm, a dualistic one at that, with the genders split and you find another soul whom you love in an eros sort of way and you want to express that love physically. ¬†Cool.

From a spiritual perspective, at a purely soul level, we have no gender, so does one really need to ask if God has an issue with homosexuality? ¬†Really? ¬†This whole realm is just an illusion anyway, just a virtual reality, a video game for us to play in. ¬†Well, many a religious person may think there is an issue with homosexuality and I’ll just say that those religious folk could stand to make a REAL connection to God / the Divine. ¬†If they did that, really did do that, they’d see how silly they are having a problem with homosexuality.

But this gay marriage thing has had me many times saying “be careful what you ask for.” ¬†I’m sure there are many people who think that the U.S. Supreme Court “legalizing” (did ya catch that red flag?) gay marriage is progress. ¬†I’d say at best, it’s one big, fat sidestep. ¬†As far as I care, the gays were not the ones steering this effort towards “legalizing” gay marriage. ¬†They were being herded there by the cabal. ¬†I guess hets just weren’t toeing the state-sanctified-marriage line enough for the cabal’s taste, so they really got to pushing the gay marriage thing.

The gays, the ones who are still unenlightened and disempowered, just clamored for their “human right” to have their life choices and relationships blessed by the government. ¬†Hello, McFly!

I saw that right after the supreme court ruling, some official from one state, in an effort to avoid issuing marriage licenses to gay couples suggested that they stop issuing marriage licenses all together. ¬†I saw that and thought, “NOW we’re getting somewhere!” ¬†Because the REAL crux of this situation would at least be addressed then.

At this point, I’m going to insert a quote I found online. ¬†What was said was very significant and really nails this whole situation:

We can resolve the gay-marriage question by getting the state out of the marriage business. The simplest way to do this is with an amendment to the state constitution that forbids the state from defining marriage, issuing marriage licenses’, giving benefits to or imposing penalties on anyone based on marital status.

We don’t need the state to stick its nose into our relationships for the simple reason that anything the state touches turns to (waste). Inheritance issues can be handled with standard wills or contracts. Other relationship issues that the state presently meddles in can be handled with simple contracts.

This would result in a smaller and less intrusive state government, and might even save a few tax dollars. Everyone could mind their own business. We would all be winners.

That person very¬†succinctly covered all the bases here, but one thing I want to elaborate on a bit is this part “…¬†¬†¬†giving benefits to or imposing penalties on anyone based on marital status“.¬†¬†That right there is often¬†the very thing that has gays demanding to be further enslaved¬†by the state (meaning the government, at whatever level) through the state¬†licensing of gay marriage. ¬†I can’t count the times I’ve heard gays regurgitating the concerns that the political system has¬†gotten them¬†fired up about – things like “employment benefits”. ¬†They want gay partners to be able to get such things as medical insurance benefits from their place of employment (perhaps that’s not an issue anymore with the new “forced medical insurance” parading around as socialized medicine – regardless of your views on what socialism is, I’d dare say this new “healthcare system” ain’t it, in any way).

Well folks, for some of you, I may appear to¬†be going¬†way¬†out on a limb here, but I’m gonna do it¬†anyway – here’s a novel idea – how’s about ya all just proactively take care of your¬†health so you don’t need medical insurance? ¬†Whoa! ¬†What a¬†concept! ¬†Now there’s a real show of personal empowerment and sovereignty¬†right there.

Other concerns are things like not being allowed into a hospital to see your gay partner. ¬†Has anyone really been affected by this? ¬†(see out-on-limb comment above – what are they doing in the hospital in the first place?) ¬†And if so, is it just¬†another case of drawing to you what you fear? ¬†Because that’s¬†the way things work energetically. ¬†If you fear¬†something, you keep drawing it to you. ¬†It’s not a crisis, it’s an opportunity (dual meaning of Chaos = Crisis or Opportunity, which do you choose?). ¬†An opportunity to acknowledge your fear, face it, see it as the False Evidence Appearing Real that it is, then¬†release it and for goodness sakes, get over it. Then watch this issue not show up in your life “out there” anymore because you are no longer creating it “in here” with your fears.

Before the supreme court ruling, I saw a young gay man out on the street attempting to get petition¬†signatures for some “gay rights” something or other. ¬†I told him, “Quit giving authority of your life away by demanding acceptance from others, most especially the government.” ¬†And sadly, that’s pretty much the very “sidestep” that has been taken here – unawakened, unenlightened and disempowered gays have demanded to be further controlled¬†by the government, have asked the government to grant them permission and charge them fees for their GOD GIVEN RIGHT to be in partnership with¬†whomever they choose.

Folks, quit asking the cabal and government into your lives already.  Quit worrying about what others think and feel about you.  Whose life is it anyway?

Now, if you haven’t already done so, go read Create Anew!

ET “High Council” Meddling Revealed

One day in the summer of 2012, I was overcome with emotion.¬† I was ticked.¬† I knew it was about this ascension, but that’s all initially.¬† Then, within a few minutes, the claircognizant communication from God kicked in and I just knew.¬† The whole communication was purely knowingness except I was given just these words – “the high council”.¬† What I knew was that some entities above the veil who were known as the high council were messing with this ascension.¬† It felt very “invasive”.

This title of the high council was not something I’d heard of in my outward life recent to this time.¬† There was nothing in my mundane level existence to put that title in my mind.

I didn’t “hear’ anything or “see” anything, I just knew.¬† I wanted to and did chew these entities a new one.¬† I felt their presence as if they were sitting in a semi-circle in front of me and I told them to get out of our ascension business.

I wrote up an email to my friend, told what I was sensing and asked, “How does this resonate with you?”

Well my friend said, “Oh, I’ll tell ya how it resonates…” My friend’s HS (Higher Self) had allowed the goings on above the veil (atv) to be revealed in dream state while my friend was sleeping. ¬†It was presented very much like an alien abduction / probing type experience. ¬†My friend initially thought it was the Greys, but I reminded my friend about the message I got about “the high council” (HC).

My friend has the ability to “go in” to the higher dimensions and look around and interact. ¬†Upon doing so, they found that the HC (High Council) were studying our new crystalline bodies. ¬†They were just so curious about consciousness and what it is exactly. ¬†My friend got after them and yet a few more days went by and we both knew they’d not buzzed off.

My friend went in again.  This time some Pleiadians were there as the greeting party.  They communicated they knew someone who could help and put my friend in a tight, shiny silvery body suit (why was that necessary?  Lord knows, lol) and off they went to see this entity.  This being was built like Michael Clarke Duncan, but with a pointy head, on the back.  My friend was ready to get down to business over this, even though their HS cautioned to take it slow and the Pleiadians looked rather tentative.  Well, my friend told our tale to this being and even though what seemed like his personal assistant was telling him he had other plans, he waved off his assistant and off they all went to address the High Council.

Upon arriving, the MCD look-alike ET dude proceeded to chew ass, ordered the HC away from our crystalline bodies and our ascension and banished them from this space.  He then turned to my friend, who he told had big bollocks / balls / cajones.

Ah, it would be so nice to say that our troubles were then solved, but we found that dealing with these yahoos atv (above the veil) was much like dealing with the cabal – winning a battle did not necessarily mean the war was won. ¬†If particular entities were dealt with, then sure enough some other ET yahoos would come in and do the same thing, or they’d quit meddling with those of us whose consciousness was high enough to shoo them, then move on down to humans who were not consciously aware of the ET meddling or we’d get them to stop one thing and they’d move on to something else.

Definitely as below, so above.  (See post by that title РAs Below, So Above.)

Where Two or More Are Gathered – Tales From Above the Veil

In early 2012 I got the urge to seek out someone I was aware of from a site I visited. ¬†I knew they’d left their email somewhere, so I went looking and as they say, the rest is history.

A new friendship was formed and it was a friendship between peers, which I probably wouldn’t have to tell any true forerunner is quite a gem to cherish indeed… if you even come across a true peer in recent times. ¬†For better or worse – my friend is a true God-send.

I’ve often said that the further I progressed the more I kept finding myself in a smaller and smaller minority. ¬†It got to the point where there was certainly no one in my physical life who was where I was / am and online they were few and far between and as far as being in my personal sphere, they were like ships passing in the night. ¬†So yes, to be guided to a true peer – who is not by any means my identical twin, but we do indeed see eye to eye on most everything – was one of the blessings that has helped me through these extremely challenging years.

But we didn’t get to roll around in our mutual appreciation and welcomed support for too long before we saw what was in it for God. ¬†Uh huh. ¬†Grr. ¬†Oh yes, we were put on tasks, mostly above the veil (atv), to further this ascension along.

In upcoming posts, I’ll tell our tales from above the veil (I’m a poet and don’t know it, ‘cuz my feet are long and they show it – ‘cuz they’re Longfellows).

I’ll describe in words what we had communicated to us from our HSes (Higher Selves) and God through all our senses. ¬†I’ll describe it as it was presented to us. ¬†As these things go, the information is probably not to be taken completely literally as it is presented in metaphors that are perhaps from a human perspective and yet this is how the Divine presents things.

Considering that many times these communications were more than just words and pictures, there is no way for me to communicate the total feel of the experience in just words, but it’s what we have to work with here so I’ll do my best.

Free Will is Just a Veiled Consciousness State

We could stand to honor¬†other people’s¬†free will. ¬†After all, it’s not as if we can arm-twist them into waking up – but don’t act like your own free will is something to be clung to and cherished.

What happens when you wake up, not only to the state of the world, but wake up to who you truly are? ¬†Well, some of what happens is you re-make your Divine connection, you live On Purpose, living your life purpose and do your best to fulfill your soul assignment. ¬†You have then, in essence, told God, “Thy will be mine” and you WILL be used for Divine purposes. ¬†Your consciousness veil is sufficiently thinned that even human-level you really wouldn’t want to do anything but God’s will at that point anyway. ¬†But that also means that you basically lost your free will. ¬†Oh sure you can make the little choices, like what you eat that day and yet even those choices are made intuitively and with good sense (I won’t say common sense since good sense is still not all so common) that supports your Divine work and your ability to do it and not feel so drained by it.

It reminds me of a question posed by Barbara Marciniak’s Pleiadian contacts – How much of your time and energy could you stand to put toward your light work? ¬†Their answer – ALL of it.

What? ¬†Like you’re gonna tell God “I’m not working for you today” (or this week, month, year)? ¬†Oh uh huh.

Free will is the result of donning a consciousness veil. ¬†It just means that in our veiled state, we can and do choose anything and / or everything to experience, even if it’s disempowered, dysfunctional, unhealthy, ab-usive or what have you. ¬†Because of the veil, we forget who we truly are and then make choices that are “outside” ourselves, that allow us to experience what we are not, to step outside ourselves in order to look back upon ourselves.

But when the illusion is revealed to you, do you really want to keep doing things that you were only doing because you were under a dense consciousness veil?  Really?

Defending your right of free will after you’ve awakened is like defending your right to be a disempowered, dysfunctional mess at a point when you know better.

This sort of thing is like a monkey trap. ¬†If you keep clinging to part of the old realm, the old paradigm, to free will / veiled consciousness, hoping to take it with you, then you’re not going anywhere. ¬†You’re still stuck in the trap.

Alzheimer’s and Cholesterol, Water and EVERYTHING, Listening to Your Body… and some other things

I’ll talk about some health issues here, some¬†of which I personally have had issue with, others not.

Alzheimer’s is a result of not having enough cholesterol.¬† It has been said that 100% of the people put on statin drugs (used to lower cholesterol) develop Alzheimer’s.

The body naturally produces cholesterol and it is used for a variety of normal functions and also as “backup” solutions, hopefully temporary backup solutions.¬† The brain needs cholesterol to function properly.

The body needs proper Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) to function optimally. ¬†When a nutrient is termed “essential” it means that the body itself cannot produce it so the body needs to obtain the nutrient from food. ¬†The cell membrane, which interprets and responds to its environment, definitely needs proper EFAs to do its job right.

The medical industry and then the general populace were misled about the whole “cholesterol clogging blood vessels” thing. ¬† Starting decades ago, people were led to consume poor oils and fats such as margarine, shortening (yeah, as in shortening your life span) and corn oil.¬† These hydrogenated oils are what has caused / is causing these sorts of blood vessel clogging issues.

These poor quality fats and oils cling to the vessel walls and that creates a rough surface which causes the blood to not flow smoothly, creating eddies. ¬†Not good. ¬†The body, wisely, compensates for this by lining that rough surface with cholesterol to smooth it out so the blood will flow properly. ¬†That’s why cholesterol would build up in the blood vessels. ¬†When they first discovered cholesterol in big quantities in the arteries of bodies they were performing autopsies on, they did not dig down to see what was under that cholesterol – a rough surface caused by poor quality fats.

And this is a case that really should be a temporary backup system response and should not have to be continued.  But some people chronically consume improper oils and fats.  They keep eating the poor oils and fats and the body keeps compensating by lining the blood vessels with more cholesterol and years later, vessels clog up.

The body really does do an amazing and awesome job at taking care of itself, even when forced into backup mode with the crap that most people feed it.  Just think how well it would do if you actually give it what it needs.

I use flax oil to supplement my EFAs and if I don’t get enough proper EFAs, then dry, cracked lips are my first clue… and that’s as far as it gets because I won’t let it get any worse.¬† And the positive feedback then comes with nice moist, smooth lips after proper EFA consumption.

Consume good oils like olive oil for salad dressings and other things, although you don’t really want to cook with olive oil as heat makes it go rancid, turning a great oil into a bad one.¬† Walnut oil and flax oil are good.¬† Careful with cooking with these though too – get the details about heat tolerance on oils.

I cook with grape seed oil.  It does better with high heat.

The absolute best thing to cook with would actually be pork lard, but good luck even finding pork lard around in most places these days.  Skip the fricking shortening and margarine.  Instead, do the lard and good old butter.  Much better!

Store oils in a cool, dark place. ¬†I don’t like to refrigerate most oils but I do keep them in the cupboard. ¬†I once made the mistake of leaving¬†my homemade salad dressing on the counter instead of in the cupboard. ¬†It was in a clear glass bottle. ¬†It didn’t stand a chance to the natural light. ¬†So it went rancid without me knowing it and I was consuming it for many days in a row and for about 5 days developed a new symptom every day. ¬†I researched the symptoms, found out it sounded like I needed EFAs and yet my dressing had olive oil and walnut oil which are good EFAs. ¬†Well, I looked at the bottle and I guess I would say the oil looked like it had “bloomed”. ¬†Visually, it kinda resembled honey that had crystalized. ¬†Of course it wasn’t hard like that but it was no longer translucent and instead looked cloudy like it had many mini cotton balls in it.

And don’t get caught up in thinking cholesterol is bad.¬† You need it. ¬†Your body produces it so it’s not as if you’re only getting it from foods. ¬†And your body produces it for good reason.

When you get done reading this post, come back and click this link to learn more about cholesterol:  Cholesterol РFriend or Foe?  Great article.


Another big issue is dehydration, which chronic issues with that can manifest into outward illnesses like arthritis, asthma, glaucoma, allergies, lupus, high blood pressure, diabetes, ulcers and many more.¬† Many people are years, even decades, behind on their water.¬† And sea salt also plays a role in proper hydration.¬† These dehydrated people often don’t drink much if any water and also tend to consume a lot of caffeine and alcohol.

I have a glass of water beside me constantly.¬† I even drink water if and when, and at the same time as, I indulge in caffeine or alcohol.¬† And I acknowledge that if I do indulge in those drinks, I’ll need even more water to make up for it.

If there is any fundamental health thing that is more immediately important than anything else – other than perhaps breathing air – it is proper water and sea salt consumption.¬†Water even plays into your body getting enough oxygen. The red corpuscles carry oxygen to body parts, but they actually can’t carry enough by themselves, they depend on water molecules that cling to the corpuscles to aid in bringing additional oxygen to body parts.

I strongly recommend the book, “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water” by¬†Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, M.D. to anyone and everyone.

Here’s a novel idea – instead of going for the coffee first thing in the morning, drink a glass of water. That will perk you up quicker and better than coffee. It’s what you need. ¬†You are dehydrated from not having any water while you slept and you lose an awful lot of water through your breathing. ¬†Gee, can’t imagine why ya feel so groggy. ¬†Drink water!

I see now they are peddling moisturizers to use after the bath / shower. Instead of putting their pricey products on the outside of you, just put a glass of water down your gullet.

Sea salt goes hand in hand with water for proper hydration.¬† Bare minimum, you need 1 quart of water per day for every 50 pounds of body weight. ¬†(So, for example, if you weigh 150 pounds, you need AT LEAST 3 quarts of water per day.) ¬†You need more if it’s hot out or you’re working / playing hard and sweating it out.¬† For every 1 quart of water, you need 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt.¬† If you drink more water, also increase your sea salt. ¬†(Also see post Healing – Physical.)

Not enough water and sea salt play into arthritis. ¬†I get plenty of water, but I may not always get enough sea salt.¬† I love it and eat it liberally on the foods I like to salt, ¬†but some things I don’t want it on.¬† Well, if I don’t get enough, then my body’s clue to me is creaky knees.¬† I will then literally put about 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt in my hand and just pop it in my mouth, let it dissolve a bit, then wash it down with water.¬† I’ll do that several times per day, usually only for a day or two, then I’m caught up again and my knees feel fine.

Back problems? ¬†Dehydration may be playing into that also. ¬†The spine has a lot of weight to support and I can’t remember the numbers now but there’s a signifiant percentage of one’s weight is actually supported by the WATER in one’s spine, well, if the water is there. ¬†If you’re dehydrated, you’re asking your spine to provide all that support without the help of the water.

Years ago, I met someone who had chronic arthritis.¬† They said they’d pay anyone $10,000 to cure their arthritis.¬† After I heard how much they love their coffee and hardly ever drink water, I shared this information with them about water and sea salt and proper hydration.¬† They told me that someone had told them the same thing 20 years earlier.¬† But obviously they didn’t get the clue then and probably didn’t from me either and hence they are still suffering from something that is well within their power to heal.¬† Perhaps needless to say, myself and the person they talked to 20 years earlier, did not receive $10,000 from them.¬† lol¬† I would have gladly split it with that person.¬† ūüôā

Around about that same time, I put an ad online looking for someone to go biking with.¬† Biking has never really been my thing, but I’ve done a little of it.¬† Well, I found someone and we met.¬† They told me all about their diabetes and how they were now wearing an insulin pump.¬† Red flag there.¬† We rode 18 miles that day in 85 degrees F.¬† About 3/4 of the way through, I ran out of water.¬† They too had brought water with them but had not touched a drop.¬† Omg.¬† Red flag number 2.¬† I recommended that water book to them.

Water and sea salt play into diabetes in this way – well, if you get enough of both, you’re set. ¬†But if you don’t get enough water, then your body uses salt to retain some water so that it has some to use in the MANY VITAL processes it performs that require water.¬† If you also don’t get enough sea salt then your body doesn’t have that to use to retain water so it uses sugars to perform that function.¬† Not ideal, but hey, this is what you’re giving your body to work with and it does what it can.¬† So in order to maintain sugar in its system, the body shuts down insulin production. ¬†The body is doing this on purpose and it’s doing so as another backup system.

And yet this person I’d met would rather wear an insulin pump, which is really undoing / defeating the good “triage” backup system that their body had going on… rather than just drink the water that they were carrying with them anyway.

Another chronic dehydration symptom is glaucoma.¬† Obviously the body thinks that the eyes are just purdy darned important for its survival.¬† So people don’t get enough water and the body hoards the water in the eye so it can still work.¬† And sadly, doctors tell glaucoma patients to do what?¬† Drink less¬†water.¬† Double plus GAWD to that one.¬† They really need to get MORE¬†water, then the body doesn’t need to hoard / retain it and the water can flow in and out of their eyes and not cause them to swell up with retained water.

Dehydration also plays into high blood pressure or hypertension (which is really a better descriptive term for it).¬† The amount of water in your system varies and that includes in your blood.¬† As the amount of fluid in your vessels varies, the body makes adjustments.¬† You see, you don’t want your vessels to be at the same tension if the amount of fluid in them goes down.¬† That will cause air pockets and if an air bubble gets to your heart or brain, well, b’ bye.¬† So, the body constricts the blood vessels if it’s low on water.¬† If you don’t want high blood pressure / hypertension, get more water… and sea salt, which helps you retain workable amounts of water in your body.¬† Yeah, yeah, I know what the medical industry says about salt and high blood pressure, but they are in some cases deluded and in others out and out liars. ¬†Yep, I said it.¬† And I won’t be taking it back.¬† I swear the term “doctor” is short for indoctrinated. ¬†And I don’t recommend standard processed table salt either, but sea salt.¬† The salt in it, all the trace minerals in it, yep, our bodies REQUIRE it.¬† It’s as fundamental as it gets.

Dehydration can also result in asthma and allergies (magnesium deficiency is also part of asthma, see below).¬† You see, histamines help you deal with things that could cause an allergic reaction.¬† But when you’re dehydrated, then the histamines have a backup duty of regulating what little water you do have and “deciding” what body parts and functions get some water and what doesn’t.¬† While your histamines are busy doing that, they aren’t able to keep up on dealing with potential allergies as much.


I understand that if someone has a severe enough asthma attack to merit going to the hospital emergency room, what they’re given for it is high doses of magnesium and the reason being that a deficiency of magnesium is what caused the asthma in the first place… but the hospital staff neglect to clue their asthma patients in to that.

A personal story – I developed a heel spur once that got pretty bad.¬† I had it for well over a year.¬† I quit running in that time and even did my best to not walk on concrete or pavement, to no avail.¬† I eventually went to the doctor, just to get confirmation that it was indeed a heel spur.¬† All I needed was an x-ray, which indeed revealed to both myself and the doctor that, yep, I had a heel spur, the biggest one that doctor said they’d ever seen.¬† And their solution?¬† Chop, chop, chop.¬† They wanted to cut it out.¬† So not only was that not necessary, but it would have also cut out the symptoms, giving me no feedback on if the REAL issue was addressed or not. ¬†After all, the issue was not just in my heel but throughout my body, but at the time, my heel was what was providing me with feedback about my state of health.

And just to interject some sanity into this to counter all the unhealthy conditioning pounded into most doctors’ heads, Dr. Lorraine Day, who saved herself from breast cancer with nutrition instead of toxic chemicals (doh!), corrects the medical industry’s attitude by saying, “We don’t lose our health because of a deficiency of pharmaceuticals or surgery.”

Well, I looked online, but just wasn’t finding the right information and also got a bit of information overload.¬† So, I turned to my long email list of lightworker friends I had at that time and asked if anyone knew a natural cure for a heel spur.¬† Sure enough, one gal wrote back and said that she had had bone spurs in her neck at one time and they are caused by a magnesium deficiency.

So, I got some magnesium citrate (and you want plant-based magnesium as opposed to like, well, soil-based which is what plants eat, not us).¬† Started out at a low dose, and increased it daily until I got the runs (magnesium, especially more than your body needs, serves as a laxative – think Milk of Magnesia) then backed off the dose just below that.¬† I took it for 8 weeks.¬† My heel kept feeling better and at the end of that time I had no indication whatsoever of a heel spur and haven’t since.

Bone spurs are calcium deposits.¬† So be careful about this because many people recommend more calcium for bone spurs.¬† We need calcium, but we need even more magnesium than calcium and then they work together synergistically.¬† Most people get plenty enough calcium from their diet so don’t need more.

Magnesium deficiency, along with many other deficiencies, is often a result of “better living through chemistry” agriculture.¬† Chemical fertilizers are not only low in / devoid of magnesium but are anti-magnesium, loaded with phosphorus.¬† We (and plants) need both, but the ratios are not proper.¬† So, if you eat conventionally grown foods, there is a major potential for nutrient deficiencies and I was raised on conventional food and didn’t switch over to whole, organic food until well into my adulthood.

At the time I got the heel spur I was also smoking, which is not typical for me, but I was at midlife, sold my house of 16 years, broke up with a partner of 9 years, then got the landlady from hell.  And not only was I smoking, but I was smoking some rather rank, poor quality tobacco.  And tobacco smoking will also contribute to magnesium deficiency.


Don’t take my word on any of this. ¬†Be your own authority. ¬†Do your own research. ¬†It’s your health and your life.

Read my other posts that have “Healing” in the title.

Also see Useful Healthful Tips

Dis-ease / lack of ease, disempowering thoughts / core beliefs, stifling emotions, nutrient deficiencies, toxins, the medical mafia, Big Pharma, all play into making people sick.

4D as a Dwelling Realm – A Short-Lived, Impractical and Canceled Ascension Experiment

In early 2012, the world was informed through a few sources and many a person’s intuition, that a new 4D (4th dimension / density) level hologram was being formed.¬† Some called it the 3 Earth scenario because supposedly what was happening was that there was a 4D level, semi-permanent, dwelling hologram being created because many humans who were on the ascension path were not moving along to ascension completion, readying themselves for a 5D level.

So, the premise was that there would eventually be a split and the result would be 3D, 4D, and 5D levels of Earth, separate but existing at the same time.¬† Those in the 4D hologram could move along later to 5D, but in the meantime, they’d be away from the destructive 3D timeline.

But 4D is NOT ascension, mind ya, it is still duality and still has limits.

If you were to say that 4D “belonged to” one or the other of the dwelling levels of 3D or 5D, it would be 3D. ¬†Why? ¬†Because if you have not passed all the way through 4D you will not be getting to 5D. ¬†Anything of lower frequency AT ALL than 5D will not get to 5D. ¬†Period.

Now, I’m gonna tell ya right now, this whole 4D as a dwelling realm thing has never sat well with me.¬† I’ve always known that 4D is a transition zone, a place to move through on the way to 5D.¬† Even the Hopi said years ago that we had been in the 3rd World, would¬†quickly¬†move through the 4th World, into the 5th World.¬† Basically, each individual moves into and through 4D as they do their healing work and solidify their conscious connection with the Divine.¬† And yes, the whole goal is ascension.¬† The level that the 4D ladder leads to is 5D Gaia (and beyond).

We had been informed that once they got into the 4D hologram, there would be constant pressure on them to keep moving towards completion. ¬†My friend clairvoyantly saw the 4D hologram as glowing green. ¬†I heard this and laughed because green is the color of healing. ¬†And that constant pressure seemed to be necessary.¬† This level of people seem to need a constant cattle prod at their rumps to keep them moving along.¬† We got information over the years that at every big energetic push, they would indeed move forward, but as soon as the peak of that energetic push would ease off, they’d stop moving forward.¬† They seemed to take no initiative, were not proactive, were not taking the bull by the horns.¬† God, Gaia, the Cosmos, we forerunners… we all handed them the ball and they refused to run with it.

So, that initial part of the formulation of a 4D dwelling realm, the first heads up on this, back in 2012, seemed to kinda come into the world in a short period of time and many people started to talk about it.

The following that I tell you about is information that came to my friend and me over time, often the information came quite a while after the actual occurrences themselves, but sometimes it came right as things were happening.

The ascension forerunners were not responsible for the creation of the 4D hologram, which the two of us call “The Dome”, but we forerunners had to keep fending off the 3D timeline, keeping it from moving forward into major destruction as 4D was formed, as if we forerunners, worn out and weary, didn’t have enough to do here.

The 4D level folks themselves were creating the 4D hologram, but the whole fact that they were not pushing through to completion demonstrated how they were really lollygagging in general about this entire ascension thing, taking their sweet time getting with the program.¬† They obviously took that same laggard attitude in the formation of The Dome.¬† It’s as if they are really having one hell of a time releasing 3D.

And I’ll tell you, especially the further we go along, I’ll be darned if I can figure out what is so attractive or appealing about 3D, especially for someone who is asking for ascension and is on the ascension path.¬† Sure, if someone is just flat not choosing ascension and they want more time in 3D, want more experience of darkness, drama, separation and disempowerment, well, ok, I honor their free-will choices and am fine if they need more of that for their growth and evolution. ¬†I’ve always said that “fed up” closely precedes great change. ¬†One must get their fill of something, reach “Enough Already!” in order to choose again, choose something different.¬† But I truly do not get this idea of choosing ascension, then dragging one’s heels about it.

When it comes right down to it, most everyone who has been ascension-ready has been so since at least January of 2013, Gaia included.  (see article Ascension Timeline Thus Far) We have picked up a few, as in literally just a few hundred since then.  But this ascension was basically not moving forward between January 2013 until the end of June 2014.  We were kept waiting on the 4Ders.

So, my friend was told through a channeled source that the 4Ders had, years ago, started to create a 4D level space.¬† The Universal Federation of Light (UFL), at that time, got fed up with the 4Ders and wanted to stop the formation of a 4D dwelling realm, but the Galactic Federation of Light (GFL) thought that it was too far along… ¬†supposedly… to stop.¬† Or it may be more likely that the GFL wanted to see this 4D Dome thing through.¬† For now, I’ll just say “Grr.”¬† More info in other articles.

What’s then interesting is that now, 3 years later, we have been told that very recently the whole 4D Dome project has been canceled. ¬†The 4Ders were all over the place with their hologram creations and were not making a focused, concerted effort, so it was getting no where.¬† I must admit I was ticked that it was allowed to go on this long.

Gee, up until last fall, I could have shared info on more of this old 3 Earth plan / direction, except now it doesn’t apply anymore.

This cancellation of The Dome happened around the 16th of September 2014.¬† So now anyone who wants to move out of 3D has got to push through to ascension completion and go to 5D Gaia.¬† No ‘tweener state, half-assed b.s. anymore.

Create Anew!

Aren’t you tired of giving authority of your life away?¬† Don’t give it away… not to anyone, but most especially to the cabal’s agenda.

Stop allowing your creative powers to be used against you.

It’s easy to understand what I’m saying there when you think of all the people who have yet to awaken to the global cabal.

But many people who are aware of the cabal are still allowing themselves to be manipulated into creating the very thing they claim they don’t want.¬† They keep seeking out their daily dose of cabal agenda details.¬† Energy flows where attention goes.¬† If you’re still getting your regular “fix” about cabal doings long past your understanding of the plot, then they still have you to some degree and you’re still helping them.¬† Your focus is on it.¬† If you “fight” it or “resist” it, you’re still putting energy into it.¬† What we resist persists.¬† If you’re worried about it, then they still have you.¬† Why would you allow that to happen?

Sure, you learn about the cabal agenda.¬† Why?¬† So you understand what it is SO THAT YOU QUIT PARTICIPATING IN IT.¬† And that right there is how you stop feeding energy into it, how you quit allowing your own creative powers to be used to sustain their creation.¬† That is how you free yourself from it.¬† So yeah, you learn about them and their agenda, enough to get the plot of the story.¬† Now that you know, you recognize it when you see it.¬† You sense it.¬† Like the old line, “You’ll know them by their fruits”.

You really don’t need to know every dirty little detail about what they’re up to, you just need to know enough to understand how to step out of it.¬† Your obsession with every detail will keep you busy and distracted for your entire life and when will you take the time to enter into and move through your healing process?¬† When will YOU exude all the love and peace you claim you so desire?

If you gain and solidify your Divine connection, then if you are to know some new detail for some reason, you’ll be guided to it.¬† Don’t worry, you won’t miss what you are supposed to know.

When you quit immersing yourself in all that ad nauseum, it’s not as if you’re putting your head back in the sand.¬† It’s not like you’re gonna suddenly completely forget everything you learned about the plot of the cabal’s agenda just because you didn’t get your daily fix of horrific news.¬† Come on folks!

You’re just removing your creative powers from their agenda, from their creations.¬† Do you really want to play a part in the continuation of their program?¬† Really?¬† If you claim you don’t want that, do you really mean it?

It’s ok if you feel moved to talk about it to those who have yet to wake up to it, so that they too can see the manipulation and hopefully also quit participating.¬† Someone more than likely played a role in your awakening to it also, so, yep, sure glad they bothered to mention it to ya.¬† You offer your knowledge and consciousness to the next person purely as a new option for them, perhaps one they were not aware of, but that’s all it is and all that you can ever be completely sure of it being – an offering.¬† You cannot force them to accept it.¬† Free-will realm, remember?!

But do you really think you are empowering yourself or others by being overly concerned, worried, fearful of or obsessing on the cabal and their programs, by clinging to that old paradigm yourself?  Seriously?

Spend your precious time and energy doing your own inner healing work.  That right there will have far more empowering energetic influence on others than any amount of outside information that you could possibly provide them and the more-healed and less-fearful version of you will do a much better job at relaying information to others anyway.

And if you attempt to awaken others to the cabal’s manipulations, see if you can also offer up an alternative EMPOWERED way of being to them.¬† When it comes right down to it, that’s what really matters.¬† Just as there are some people who are quite aware of the cabal and yet obsess on it, there are also people who know little or nothing about the cabal and yet they will be ascending.¬† Why?¬† Because they worked on themselves.¬† They learned in their own way what parts of this Earthly life they needed to release.¬† They in their own way healed themselves, some not even ever calling it “healing” or any other applicable terms.¬† They just knew themselves and sensed what needed to happen to learn and grow and evolve.

You don’t fight or resist others’ creations.¬† That’s not how creation works.¬† You let them create what they want.¬† When it comes right down to it, you are not and will not “stop” the 3D illusion.¬† It will continue on as long as someone wants that and continues to choose it.¬† And rightfully so.¬† Who the hell are we to tell all the other human¬†creators¬†that they cannot create as they so choose?¬† Geez, that control-freakedness sounds amazingly “cabal-like”.

Enough already!

What you can and will do is¬†create anew.¬† 5D Gaia is our new creation.¬† Won’t you join us?!

(See here for a good article on Authenticity and Conscious Co-Creation. ¬†There’s also a bit of info in it on Masculine and Feminine energies and Self Love.)

Healing – Mental

We create through our Thoughts, Words and Deeds. ¬†Here’s some on the mind / mental / thoughts part of that – where it all starts.

An awful lot can be said about the specifics of proper thoughts.

First of all, hey, that’s what your lower mind does, it thinks.¬† Might not do a whole lot of good to tell it not to do its job… in a general sense.

But you can be self aware, monitoring your own thoughts and steadily redirecting them to something more healthy.

You can also take up very intentional meditation / contemplation times where one valuable tool to getting Divine guidance is to still and quiet one’s mind. ¬†In the process it may be helpful to address one’s mind as its own entity, to thank it for its passing thoughts and yet ask it to be still and quiet… to allow the quiet whisper of Divine guidance through.

One good gauge on what your thoughts are creating – Are the thoughts Self-affirming or Self-denying?

Also, are they creating an energy field of health or dis-ease?¬† You keep telling yourself you’re sick (at any or all levels) or that you have the potential to be so…¬† so you are.

There are also subconscious programs involved that you could stand to watch for.¬† When we first arrive here, in our first 6 years of life, we are highly programmable – what we “learn” goes directly into our subconscious.¬† Now in a general sense, that’s a great design.¬† We have a lot to learn about this world we find ourselves in.¬† Unfortunately, our “teachers” don’t often teach us the most empowering way of being.

There are many times when children are “learning” what adults are “teaching” and neither really knows consciously that there is a learning / teaching thing going on.¬† Subconscious associations happen and no one realizes that.

For instance, a little boy has rather neglectful parents.¬† Psychologists have come to understand that neglect is actually the worst form of ab-use, even outweighing physical, verbal, and sexual ab-use because at least the child is getting attention with those things.¬† But neglect leaves the child wondering why his parents hate him so very much that they don’t even want anything to do with him.¬† And children “acting out” is a call for that attention and affection that they are yearning for.¬† It’s the case of “even negative attention is better than no attention at all.”

Well, this neglected little boy does realize though that when he gets sick, then his parents actually take some time for him and give him some love.¬† He makes a subconscious association that “sickness = affection.”¬† But since it’s at a subconscious level, later in his life, he can’t understand why he’s getting sick all the time.¬† He’s tried everything – he’s cleaned up his diet and lifestyle, he gets regular exercise, other things…¬† He can’t figure it out.¬† But perhaps if he started to open his awareness to when it happens, perhaps he’ll find that just before he gets sick his partner neglects him or he can’t get a date to save his life or even though he’s kicking butt at work his boss never even acknowledges him.¬† Ah ha!

So, a major part of healing has to do with bringing the darkness to light, bringing the hidden into view, bringing the subconscious programming to a conscious level.  (See video interview at bottom of post.)

And as you can well see, the society around us is rather dysfunctional collectively.¬† It’s everywhere we look.¬† We get disempowering messages from religion, science, education, media, government and politics, the medical industry, commerce in general, the work place, our relationships, which have other programmed people in them, you name it.¬† There’s always some brainwashed Walking Zombie to unconsciously remind us how to be unhealthy, dysfunctional and disempowered.

You’re going to have to wake up to this onslaught of programming and program-re-fresh-ment.¬† Then step by step, remove yourself from it.

Ask the Divine for guidance on how to recognize your own programming and what to do to reprogram in a self-empowering way.

Ask for healing methods to be delivered to you that will speed things along.

INTEND to heal.¬† INTENTION is HUGE!¬† You can flit from one methodology to another, but if you really do not intend to heal, well, you’re just wasting your time and energy and you’re just using what could otherwise be a great healing tool as yet just another distraction and avoidance tool.

Let’s have a little quiz – you’re told your Great Aunt Gertrude had diabetes so you’ll get it too.¬† Really?¬† Does that sound like a healing, healthy, Self-affirming, self-empowering thing to think?¬† Geez, if that doesn’t make you feel powerless and helpless.¬† That’s what some would call stinkin’ thinkin’.¬† It doesn’t serve you.¬† Recognize it for what it is and let it go already.¬† Remember, YOU are creating your reality, not geneticists, not the doctor or your aunt or your genes.¬† YOU.¬† Whose genes are they?¬† Who thinks your thoughts?¬† Who emotes your emotions?¬† Who speaks your words?¬† Who does your deeds?¬† Who puts food down your gullet?¬† You do.¬† Whose life is it anyway?!

“In my world, I am my own authority; for I am the only one who thinks in my¬†mind.” ¬†~ from Heal Your Body by Louise Hay

Just be mindful of your mind.  Pay attention.  Be aware.

Ask for Divine Guidance.

Now, let’s talk about the ego, because frankly, I think many so-called spiritual folk are doing themselves and their fellow human a MAJOR disservice with all this talk of “killing one’s ego”.¬† Here is a part of you and you’re expected to act like it’s evil.¬† No it’s not.¬† It too has been programmed in a not-so-healthy way.

Starting centuries ago, the same thing was done to our intuition – oh, to “hear voices” in your head or to “just know” something that at a mundane level you’d have no way of knowing, “well gosh, that just must be evil.” ¬†Not.

People were literally killed, institutionalized, ostracized or at bare minimum severely ridiculed and brow-beaten.¬† Well, that’s worked out well for us. ¬†Not. ¬†People stopped not only showing their intuitive info to others but even stopped allowing themselves to use their intuition, because hey, it could literally get you killed.

And that’s where the ego comes in.¬† Ego cares mostly for one’s survival.¬† It too learned to help squelch the intuition.¬† But then it had to start doing more work itself because the intuition was no longer helping out with one’s survival.¬† And one generation learns such and programs the next for the same thing, until generations later, we’re having to relearn how to use and trust and follow our intuition and have to ask our egos to tone it down a bit.

Hey folks, don’t treat your ego like sh*t.¬† It’s a part of you.¬† And just like all other parts of your being, it WILL cooperate with you, especially if you respect it and just communicate with it.¬† That old dog had to learn new tricks generations ago when it had to take on more as the intuition went away and it can learn another new trick now.¬† And what is it you’re asking your ego to learn?¬† To just chill, to take a break, to let other parts of your being help out more.¬† Sounds like a much needed vacation.

And our physical health is not the only thing affected by our thoughts.  Our entire reality and experiences are products of our thoughts and beliefs.  The universe listens to your thoughts and beliefs, then cooperates in delivering your creation to you.  So, it takes some diligence in monitoring your thoughts.

Like anything else though, when you master your thoughts, beliefs and words Рand in doing so you really master Intention Рthen your thoughts and words may not be as critical since your true intention will outweigh passing thoughts and words.  But being mindful of your thoughts and words is the beginning of your mastery of intention.


Bruce Lipton, in this interview from 2011, talks of how our thoughts create our lives and how we are easily programmable at age 6 and younger and that programming goes directly into our subconscious.  Ask the Divine to help you become consciously aware of your own subconscious programming and to help heal, clear and release those old disempowering programs.

He also speaks of bringing science (the material world) and religion (the spiritual world) together.  Essentially bringing together Heaven and Earth.

And he also speaks of Self-Love which is SO fundamental to one’s healing. ¬†Self-Love is the foundation, the beginning and the center of one’s healing and ascension.


Also read Awake & Aware РTop Priority: Self for more.

Healing – Physical

I recently heard someone criticizing lightworkers.  Some of what they said was right on.  Some not so much.  But one thing said was that the lightworkers still have dis-ease (lack of ease) and yet act like they are complete in their healing and ascension work.

I’ve known some lightworkers who were on path in some ways and yet still had physical level dis-ease.¬† That always ultimately comes from energy levels since if an energy is held onto long enough then it will manifest outwardly / physically.¬† And what one eats and how one lives reinforces the mental or emotional energy behind the dis-ease – the feedback loop.

Just as Emotions and Spirit have a close connection, Mind and Body also have a close connection.

See Louise Hay’s “Heal Your Body” for a quick reference book on thoughts behind physical illness and affirmations to shift the energy. ¬†Listen to your body’s feedback – every bump, bruise, injury, accident, dis-ease, discomfort, pain, etc. – and then see what that tells you of your thoughts (stinkin’ thinkin’). ¬†Pay attention to your thoughts and consciously shift them.

In discussions on people getting sick, someone I was talking to said, “People like that must ‘get’ something from it.”¬† And there is something to that.¬† There are subconscious programs and associations that play a role in people holding onto illness when they could release the energy behind it and heal it physically.¬† Perhaps they want love, attention, sympathy, or what have you, and at some point in time, more than likely as a child, they made the subconscious association between sickness and getting these things which they desire.¬† And some of the programming also made them think that those things they desired had to come from some outside source or being and could not come from themselves or from their inner Divine connection.

These people act and talk as if their dis-ease and resultant illness is some cross they bear that in some way helps the world.¬† Excuse me, but how does you being sick help others?¬† No really.¬† Now, having an understanding of that illness THEN also gaining an understanding of how to get well and balanced and healthy again and actually living that AND sharing what was learned with others who still have the dis-ease that you once had… well now, THAT would and does help others.

I’ve always said there are two ways to understanding – either through compassion or through personal experience.¬† Perhaps some folks could stand to develop some compassion (including for themselves) so they can quit doing the personal experience thing.

I can’t emphasize enough how energy plays into health or illness. ¬†We’ll address some physical level things like diet and exercise, but your physical health, which is an outward manifestation of your energy, is very dependent upon your emotional, mental and spiritual health.

I have had physical health issues, caused by nutrient deficiencies.¬† I didn’t let them hang around for decades, but they were there long enough to manifest in some way outwardly.¬† I took the clues my body gave me and sought out information.¬† Some came from God, some from Google, some from just hitting up people I knew who I thought just might know.¬† I got answers.¬† I applied those answers, put them to the test and found what actually worked and regained my balance, corrected deficiencies, got rid of the symptoms that were my body’s clues to me and got healthier.

Also, from a place of compassion, I’ve learned about some dis-eases that I myself have never had.¬† I found the REAL cause for it as opposed to the b.s. that the so-called “experts” espouse.


So, let’s talk diet first.¬† If an eater of conventional food were to come to me and ask my advice on how to improve their health, the following is what I would advise and pretty much mostly in that order.¬† That order will, first, be easiest to adjust to and second, will give substantial improvements, progressively, without completely throwing one for a loop or kicking their butt.¬† By doing it in a progression, you’ll also be able to sense just what each improvement will do for you.

When I first cleaned up my diet, I noticed how the good stuff helped.¬† After cleaning up my diet enough and sticking with it for an extended period of time, then new good things to eat are just another good thing and I don’t feel any difference, but then it’s the not-so-good stuff that I really notice and can detect its ill effects.

Take these steps in this progression, feel free to dwell a bit on one level until it becomes second nature, then move to the next. ¬† How quickly will you move through it?¬† Well, don’t be pokey, but your intuition will guide you.

  1. Make sure you get enough water (preferably filtered) and sea salt.¬† At least 1 quart of water per day for every 50 pounds of body weight.¬† 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt for every quart of water. ¬†This is a bare minimum. ¬†If you are working / playing hard or it is hot out, you’ll need to drink more water. ¬†Remember to increase your sea salt intake in the right proportions to your increased water consumption.
  2. Initially, eat what you usually do, but eat the whole, natural, organic version of it (and non-GMO, which “organic” would always¬†imply but non-organic / conventional food could still be non-GMO. ¬†If these terms – whole, natural, organic, non-GMO – are new to you, look them up and see what they mean.) ¬†It tastes better anyway.¬† Better taste means better enjoyment and that means health in and of itself.¬† The increased color, odor and flavor also means more nutrients.¬† We have our five senses so we can be sensible – use them!
  3. Make sure you get good quality Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs).  Just to make sure, supplement with either fish oil or flax oil.  There are different varieties and qualities of oils, so research and experiment and see what type and brand works best for you.
  4. Consume probiotics / beneficial bacteria. ¬†Eat a good-quality yogurt or drink kefir or take probiotic supplements. ¬†Avoid¬†yogurt sweetened with high fructose corn syrup or refined sugar. ¬†Gut health is very important to your overall health. ¬†If you’ve taken antibiotics – which you could stand to not do in most cases because they often get prescribed for something that they don’t even work on – ¬†it has more than likely killed off a lot of your beneficial bacteria so you’ll need probiotics to get your balance back. ¬†If you’ve had issues with yeast / fungus, it’s more than likely that your beneficial bacteria are way down in number and the yeast have taken over. ¬†Also see next two bullets, which also play into yeast / fungus issues since yeast thrive on simple sugars. ¬†Many forms of “cancerous” tumors are actually the body attempting to encapsulate the yeast overgrowth.
  5. Cut out refined and processed (non-whole) foods.  Raw sugar still has the nutrients in it necessary to process the carbs in it, whereas refined sugar has only the carbs without those nutrients and hence is as good as a toxin and will be stored away in fat until you give your body enough nutrients to deal with the carbs.  Brown rice is better than the more processed white rice.
  6. Cut out artificial sweeteners Рmost especially aspartame Рand high fructose corn syrup.  Folks, look up the dangers of these kinds of things.  Read food labels and stop participating in your own poisoning.
  7. Cut out soy, dairy, gluten and corn¬†completely for a month or so and see how you feel.¬† Trust me, you’ll feel much better. ¬†These all contain casein which is what many glues are made of. ¬†They coat your small intestine and keep you from absorbing the nutrients from your food. ¬†As you reintroduce them back into your diet, do so one at a time and see how each treats you.¬† Even if you continue to keep these things in your diet, do your best to not do much of these and perhaps do them at different times than other food so you actually absorb the nutrients from the other foods you eat.¬† But once you have cleared them from your body initially you’ll have a better feel for how they are treating your body, you’ll know when you need to behave yourself in regards to these “foods” (four top food allergins – are they really “food”?) or if you’ve overdone them.¬† Even with natural / organic stores and products, you’ll have to label-read to watch for these.¬† For myself, unfermented soy protein is a definite no-no.¬† My tonsils scream at me almost immediately.¬† Gluten and dairy have that effect also, but it takes several days of overdoing them to make that happen.¬† Milk, even organic, will sometimes make me almost instantly phlegmy.¬† I prefer to proactively not do much of these so that I don’t develop major, intense allergies to them then can’t eat them at all.
  8. Do regular detoxes if and when you’re intuitively moved to.¬†I used to do two month-long detoxes per year, spring and fall, and the one I did was very supportive of your body.¬† You cut out all the bad – see items above and alcohol, caffeine (except for green tea), chocolate (it’s only for a month!¬† lol).¬† You eat only whole, organic food.¬† You do a 3 to 4 day fresh juice fast mid-month, only that and herbal teas, water and sea salt for those days.¬† All the other days when you are not doing the juice fast, you take a boatload of supplements along with your rather pristine diet – multi-vitamins, antioxidants, liver support, etc.¬† This is based on Don Colbert’s book “Toxic Relief.”¬† Works wonders.¬† While doing a detox, if you are really hurting, make sure you’re taking enough liver support supplements and hey, if you need to do aspirin, do it.¬† This is about feeling better, not self torture.
  9. Correct any chronic nutrient deficiencies you may have with supplements.  Plenty of info on symptoms online if you suspect something is up.  Not all supplements are equal, do your research.  Follow your Divine guidance to get to the right info.  Listen to your body.  Once you pinpoint the issue, yes, supplements can help you get your balance back but also look up what foods are high in the nutrient you were deficient in and get more of those foods into your diet so you maintain your balance with food and not daily supplements, only if needed.
  10. Proper food¬†combining. ¬†Don’t mix protein with carbs. ¬†Well, there go the meat and potatoes. ¬†lol ¬†Eat either of those with greens and you’re fine. ¬†When you eat protein with carbs, the protein has to stay in your stomach longer than the carbs need to and the carbs will literally start to ferment. ¬†This is one reason why some folks who don’t drink alcohol can still end up with cirrhosis¬†of the liver. ¬†That poor combination will also cause gas and bloating and other issues. ¬†There are other food combining practices such as not eating melons with anything else, including other kinds of fruit. ¬†Search online for more info.


Now, exercise.¬† If you’ve been a life-long couch potato and asked my advice, well, in a nutshell, start slow.¬† Also, if your concern is losing weight, the above advice on diet will make an even bigger difference in your weight than taking up or increasing your exercise.¬† But using your physical body physically is very important.¬† If I were to coach a team on one of those weight loss competition TV shows, my team would be eating gourmet organic meals and easing into their exercise, losing weight to beat the band, while the other teams would be knocking themselves out, losing the game, but not so much weight.

  1. Walk several times per week for at least one hour straight.¬†¬†You don’t have to be a speed walker, at least not initially.¬† Just move, maybe a bit faster than the 100 meter mosey pace.¬†It’s amazing what just some movement can do for you.
  2. Increase your walking as you get more in shape and it starts to feel better.¬†¬†Walk faster or for more time or more days per week or all of these.¬† Listen to your body.¬† Don’t make a chore out of it, just enjoy it.¬† If you miss a day here and there, don’t stress.¬† Get in touch with your body.¬† Feel good.
  3. From there on out, even the sky isn’t the limit.¬† What would you like to do?¬† Just be sane about it at the start and build into it gradually. ¬†Do stretching exercises before you do that sport or activity so you don’t pull muscles.
  4. When getting in shape, liver support supplements like L-Glutamine and milk thistle can ease the muscle burn from building up lactic acid as you work previously-underused muscles.
  5. One note for runners.¬† Running is a wonderful thing, getting you in shape in the quickest, cheapest way, but¬†it creates an imbalance in your leg muscles.¬† It builds the outside of your legs more than the inside.¬† So that can put a strain on your knees.¬† Some people literally refer to this as “runner’s knee”.¬† Of course what do the doctors want to do about it?¬† Chop, chop, chop.¬† They want to operate on your knees.¬† Cha-ching, cha-ching!¬† Dollar signs in their eyes.¬† All you need to do is make a small effort to¬†build your inner quadricep muscles.¬† The easiest way is¬†by doing leg-extension lifts.¬† You sit like you would in a chair.¬† You then push and straighten your lower leg out in front of you while you push against resistance or with weights on your ankles / feet.¬† Do a few sets and reps of that every time you run and you’re set.¬† You don’t have to make your inner quads bulky, just use them, so low weight and higher reps is better than the other way around.


And somewhere in here, if you are on pharmaceuticals, pretty much of any nature, get off of them. ¬†You’ll have to be safe and sane about it as many pharmies are very addictive, at any and all levels, and some are just flat out dangerous to drop cold turkey. ¬†If one even misses one or more anti-depressants, the result can literally be murder-suicide. ¬†It’s my understanding that this has gotten to be so commonplace that police have been known to joke about it – at a murder-suicide they’ll ask their cohorts, “Has anyone found the Prozac yet?”

And what will correct the imbalance that you were trying to use pharmaceuticals to correct? ¬†Healing. ¬†Healing at all levels – correct your diet, get some exercise, get caught up on nutrient deficiencies, correct your “stinkin’ thinkin’ ” and actually FEEL your emotions and a good solid Divine connection will assist you much in making healthy choices.

People don’t get sick or depressed from a deficiency of surgery or pharmaceuticals. ¬†At the very least, some pharmies may be ok for “triage”, to temporarily address things FOR A SHORT TIME. ¬†But if you’ve bought into “You’ll have to take this for the rest of your life” then they’ve got you. ¬†And the rest of your life may be a bit shorter than you planned if you take pharmaceuticals and don’t address your healing.


See all my other posts that start with “Healing”¬†since all parts of your being are connected and work together.

Also see this post Alzheimer’s and Cholesterol, Water and EVERYTHING, Listening to Your Body and some other things.

Free Will and Consequence

Those two things go hand in hand.

There are many humans who already understand this.  They understand that they are creating their own reality.  But it took some work to get the yahoos above the veil to understand this.  (see As Below, So Above for more on this)

The yahoos had proven to be ignorant or in denial or just flat disrespectful about how this whole free will thing works.¬† I think one factor in that may be that they are used to dealing with planetary ascensions of worlds where the whole population is more connected with spirit.¬† So, in that case, there truly can be a complete “collective” ascension because everyone was consciously on board with it.¬† But the yahoos didn’t understand just how intense the separation-from-spirit paradigm has been here on Earth and they definitely didn’t know or weren’t honoring the rules of a free-will realm.¬† People cannot be arm-twisted into awakening, healing and ascending, even when they are given all the information which could assist them in those things.

We forerunners assisted Gaia with her transmutation work.  She had had her crystalline grid shut down thousands of years ago and then had been exposed to many years of some pretty crappy human energy.  So, she asked for and needed some help with clearing all that and transmuting it and reactivating her crystalline grid.  And Gaia is not like humans, she never donned a consciousness veil, so when she asked for help, she meant it and she readily accepted that help and cooperated with it.  But free-will humans under a consciousness veil can be rather recalcitrant, even, as I said above, even when they are given other options, other more empowering information and even when the world is being flooded with light like it has been in recent years.

For a while, we forerunners were used to not only ground in higher light, but we were also used to transmute the energies created by others’ choices. (see Ascension Timeline Thus Far for more)¬† Now, grounding in higher light, ok, that’s cool.¬† What that does is it OFFERS up another option, another choice that could be made.¬† But transmuting the energy of other people’s choices just flat does NOT work.¬† One definition of “light” is “information” and just like with information, you can provide another option, offer it up, but you can’t force someone to accept it.

For a while we forerunners literally were used to fend off 3D timeline destructive forces.¬† But what had happened is that some individuals and collectives of individuals did not have the consequences of THEIR choices delivered to them.¬† Not only did this kick the asses of us forerunners, but it also was a DISSERVICE to those that we were supposedly “serving.”¬† I frankly have no idea why these yahoos above the veil, who do not have the consciousness veil involved in the 3D Earthly human experience, cannot understand the fundamentals of free will.

Free will and consequence do indeed go hand in hand.¬† Consequence IS the resultant creation that comes from the free-will choices made by each individual and also by collectives of individuals who “agree” to a certain paradigm.

I can’t count the times when wisdom on these topics has been conveyed here on Earth from and to many people and yet the yahoos still didn’t get it.¬† But these yahoos made it abundantly clear that they were not taking advice from humans, even very highly conscious yet still “in the program / under the veil” (to some degree) humans who have been making this ascension happen.¬† You’d think the yahoos could / would have taken note of who was getting the job done and bother to learn something, but we had to really exercise our personal power to even get the attention of these k-nuckle heads.¬† And, as I’ve said elsewhere, these problem children ET yahoos didn’t even check in with God for advice and perspective.

One person cannot “steal” someone else’s “karma” and yet we were used to attempt to do just that.¬† And gee, guess what?¬† That was to no avail.¬† Like I said, it was a disservice and it does NOT work.¬† Consequence, being the literal creation stemming from free-will choices, is the very thing that provides feedback to every human CREATOR about what they are choosing to create with their Thoughts, Words and Deeds, with their free-will choices.¬† How in the world can someone, anyone in this free-will realm be expected to wake up to the fact that they create their own reality and learn what they truly are creating when they are not allowed to see the consequences of their choices?

I realized many years ago, that “fed up” closely precedes great change.¬† Someone must get their fill of something, they must reach “Enough already!” or they will not turn away from it and attempt something else.¬† It’s part of the human learning experience.¬† The 3D level creations that those at that level are creating, well, first, they have EVERY RIGHT to create those things.¬† That’s how a free-will realm works.¬† Every soul that checks in here knows they will don a consciousness veil so that they forget who they truly are and then can actually make choices that they would not if they did remember who they were.¬† And being allowed to go down that path IS part of their growth, learning and maturation.¬† Any attempt to keep them from it is really just postponing the inevitable and actually makes them basically choose “even harder”, put even more energy into creating the disempowered path… and also postponing what serves their higher purpose.¬† If, at some level, whether human or soul level, these humans keep choosing (even if unconsciously so) 3D level experiences, then they will keep having those experiences and that may be just exactly what is required for them to eventually wake up to this illusion and choose to step out of it.

We forerunners have since been relieved of transmuting others’ consequences.¬† Myself and other incarnate humans, serving as Earth / human representatives, played a role in getting that stopped and now those consequences are now flowing back to their original creators.¬† And that’s how free will and consequence works.¬† And THAT is what truly serves all involved here.

Now, having said that, the sheer fact that those of us who are ascension-ready are still “here” or perhaps one could say “still sharing a space” with 3Ders is still holding off some 3D timeline events to some degree.¬† You may have noticed how there are still efforts made to advance the more destructive path and yet still haven’t advanced very far.¬† Our presence here holding off / delaying the 3D timeline protects ourselves and Gaia, but other individuals’ personal consequences are showing up in their lives and that is intensifying as we move further along in this process.¬† And for those who will stay in 3D after Gaia’s ascension, their consequences will show up in an even more pronounced way once Gaia and ascension-ready humans split off from 3D.

And regardless, if some of the present 3D events are not meant “for you” in some way, you will find that even if you can observe it, it is not personally affecting you.¬† And whether it is “yours” or not, if you feel some residue from it, just clear yourself.¬† If it is “yours” then hey, you just knocked out some more healing work.¬† If it’s not “yours” then why allow yourself to be dripping with that ugly residue for one more minute.

If you are having a tough time figuring out what crap energy is yours and what is someone else’s, just ask to know.¬† Also ask for protection and shielding from other people’s energy so that all you feel is your own.¬† Over the years I developed a very high sensitivity to energies.¬† I allowed it to stay that way because it helped me sense undesirable energy in others and then I could decide if those people or certain situations were something I needed to let go of in order to look out for myself and to further release the old paradigm.¬† But in 2010, just before I started my own very intense personal ascension work, I moved to an apartment and in a more densely populated area.¬† I usually lived in houses before that and was not in such close proximity to my neighbor’s energy.¬† Well, besides feeling everyone else’s fears, etc., I was also moving into more intense personal cleansing work.¬† I would literally wake up in the morning and just be overwhelmed with feelings of terror.¬† I finally had enough and asked the angels to put protection around me so I would not feel other people’s energies, so I could tell what was mine and what was someone else’s.¬† The next morning it was WAY better.¬† I wasn’t overwhelmed with everyone else’s crap.¬† Ah, now I could tell what was mine to deal with.

With what I’ve said here about how even above-the-veil ET types have had to learn some things through this project of ascending Gaia, those of you who have completed or are completing your healing and ascension work, don’t just assume that every Tom, Dick and Harry ET above the veil absolutely knows more than you do.¬† This Earthly realm is, after all, the masters program.¬† It’s not kindergarten.¬† If you have mastered this realm and are ascension-ready, you most definitely know more and know better than many if not all of those who were not courageous enough to even step foot here.¬† You are in the position you are in now because you reclaimed your personal power and your sovereignty.¬† That not only applies when dealing with Earth humans, but it also has very significant application when dealing with entities above the veil who only¬†claim¬†to be wiser than you in all matters.

Stepping Stones and Individual Path

I’m going to start this off with a personal anecdote, one where I received Divine guidance.¬† Now this came late in my own “general healing” process, but it was before my own personal ascension work and the subsequent planetary ascension work started in full force.

It was the middle of winter and I’d sprained my ankle severely, so bad that I had to have a friend find and bring me some crutches and stick around and do a few little chore assistance things for me, such as go down the steps and fetch my mail that day and deliver my fish bowl to the kitchen sink so I could wash it.¬† I could in no way walk on my ankle.¬† It was very bad for days and I had to use crutches.¬† When it got good enough to walk on without crutches, it was still very spooky.¬† Well, I’d been to get groceries once, but other than that had been no where past the mailbox for weeks.¬† I was feeling rather shut in and about ready to get out and take a walk, no matter how slow I had to take it.¬† Well, it snowed.¬† It was not so cold out and there was not much snow still around, but there were a few icy patches.

I was bound and determined to get out of the house, get some sunshine and fresh air and move.  It was very slow indeed.  I did the 100 meter mosey down the street, watching very carefully for ice, stepping very slowly, making sure I had sure footing and my ankle could support me.  I went a block and turned into a park with a lake.

As I looked across the lake I was given a vision, one of the very few clairvoyant episodes I’ve had in my life.¬† I saw a raging river with stepping stones evenly spaced across the river.¬† They were spaced just right so that crossing the river on them was very do-able and yet there was that raging river splashing all around, not to mention making the stones wet and slippery.¬† Then I heard something to the effect of, “You can certainly get to the other side, but you will need to be very slow, careful and cautious, taking one step at a time, not getting caught up in all the chaotic distraction, but it absolutely can be done.”¬† And that pretty much describes how this ascension has gone.

We are guided to just what we need.¬† If you need something it will be there.¬† If it’s not there, you must not need it.¬† Fully embrace the next step, then fully release it as you move on to the step beyond that.¬† Don’t get ahead of yourself.¬† Don’t cling to some “comfort zone” step when it’s time to keep moving.¬† One step at a time.¬† Crawl before you walk, walk before you run, run before you fly.

I’ve found that I have often been shown end goals, or a peek out at the distant horizon… but then I’m brought right back to the present moment and shown the next step.¬† Sometimes we don’t always know how this present step even connects to that distant goal, but follow your guidance and you won’t go wrong.

I have gone through all sorts of learning / re-membering on my spiritual awakening and journey, with my healing and ascension work.¬† Back when I started, things still moved a bit slow.¬† We had time to learn many things.¬† But regardless of what was needed, I was always guided to it.¬† I was also guided to know how much of a particular subject or source of information I was to delve deeply into, what to just skim, and what to leave alone completely.¬† And… when to let go of something.

Some things I was absolutely guided to, then guided away from… like in 2011, I was guided to follow some online meditations that happened once or twice a month.¬† It was very significant in my transmutation work assisting Gaia.¬† Later the attraction just disappeared for that and I knew I was done there.¬† It didn’t mean that those meditations were worthless, had no value, were a distraction.¬† No, it’s just that their season had passed.¬† They had their place at the time.¬† And letting it go had its time also.¬† Some things came and went.¬† Some things came and went and came again… and went again.¬† And I look back and it was all so very perfect.

And it’s the same with people, that “a reason, a season or a lifetime” thing.¬† Know when it’s time to move on, let go, release, graduate.

And sometimes, there are methods of healing or ways of creating, which have worked so well for you over time, that suddenly quit working… because it’s time for you to learn another way.

I was into astrology for years, getting readings and learning about it.¬† Studying info concerning myself and others was SO helpful.¬† It’s one of those things I call “understanding tools”.¬† I found though that over time, as my own healing progressed, I didn’t find a need to look much at daily horoscope stuff for sure.¬† Then I found that many of the challenges, learning and growth opportunities I had set up for myself in my birth chart no longer applied, since those opportunities, which played out in relationships and other situations, I had seized and mastered.¬† I’d gotten the lesson, seized the growth opportunity and was literally finding that I could keep or toss whatever personal astrological energies that I cared to.¬† Then I found that astrology was still useful for monitoring collective / global energies.¬† But eventually, especially as this planetary ascension moved forward, especially since I was obviously supposed to keep my focus on an ascended Gaia and not the 3D version of Earth and its timeline, I was finding that astrology just didn’t matter anymore as we were moving ourselves and Gaia out of the realm where such things applied.

I never was much into meditation, ya know, at a specified time of day, sitting in the corner, fingers touching and chanting “om” or running a stick around the rim of a bowl.¬† Just not my thing.¬† I was more into contemplation, dreaming, imagining… and running.¬† I’d heard it said once that meditation is about clearing your mind, focusing on your breath and letting the guidance come into the silence.¬† Running definitely did that for me.¬† American Indians and other tribal folks doing their dances is much the same – the repetitive, tiring, physical motion… and I’m sure the release of endorphins and other natural body chemicals help also.

I’d also heard that the ultimate goal is to “be a moving meditation”.¬† I felt like running was the perfect metaphor… and stepping stone for that.¬† What is truly meant by being a moving meditation is to get oneself to a point where you are in constant dialog with the Divine.¬† You check in for anything and everything.¬† You don’t have to go through some specific ritual (and chant “om”) to get into that dialog.¬† You keep yourself open to receiving any information that could be sent to you.¬† You stay open and aware.¬† It’s a way of life, second nature, part of your day to day, minute to minute.

Recently, I came across some info from someone saying that they felt a lot of stuff was kinda hogwash and rather limiting.¬† One example they gave was that they’d recently given up their chakra system and they felt much better for it.¬† I would say to this person that it’s not that such things are “bad” or have no place, it’s more that one needs to know when to learn about these things, know when they have mastered it and know when it’s time to move on from focusing on it, mostly because they’ve healed, cleared, balanced and extended their chakras so much that, yeah, focusing on individual chakras just really doesn’t apply anymore.¬† And through all of this… having the discernment to know what stage you are in.¬† You were guided to it in the first place for a reason.¬† But allow yourself to also be guided away from it, when the time comes to do so.¬† And some people will never be guided to that specific information and they still will heal and ascend without it. They are doing what they need to do, what they are guided to.

There is also plenty of reason to think that those who have been on this ascension project early and often have literally learned FOR others, to some degree, putting their knowledge out onto the collective telepathic internet for anyone to tap into at some level when it’s right for them.

What works for one person may not for the next, or the next person is not at the point where it¬†will¬†work now.¬† How can you know?¬† Divine guidance.¬† Is this person being sent to you to deliver a message or are you to deliver them one?¬† Both?¬† Is what they are all fired up about presently, is it for you?¬† Right now?¬† Is it worth making a mental note of, to be stored away for a bit?¬† Just ask God and your higher self and you’ll know.

There were times I’d listen to radio programs and every guest had a book to peddle.¬† I’d know which books I was to actually get and which to leave alone.¬† Same thing in the book store.¬† Some books I’d gotten I’d jump into right away and they were perfect.¬† I’d often have half a dozen books going at the same time and I’d put one down, pick another up, read on it a bit, go back to the first and realize the second one gave me an explanation of something that really helped me understand the place I was at in the first one.¬† Perfect.¬† I had books sit on my shelf for years, but when I felt moved to pull them down and read them, they were the perfect thing at that time.¬† Sure glad I got them when I’d first heard about them, when I was moved to get them and also glad I hadn’t read them right away as that was not the best time.¬† Some books I only ever read half of and yet got just what I needed out of them, just at the right time.¬† If anyone would like to tell me how Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth” ended, please feel free.¬† The first half I read and it was all about ego and at the very same time I was dealing with some very strong egos in people I was working with.¬† I learned an awful lot about mine and others’ egos at that time, just like I was being guided to… then never finished the book.¬† Perfect again.¬† I got what I needed out of it.

Some things are really not meant for you to know thoroughly at a mundane level.¬† Sometimes you get just snippets of something and yet you’re told not to look any deeper and yet you just know that this thing is very significant.¬† Just your mundane-level knowing of its significance may be all that is necessary.¬† It’s like just hearing about it, acknowledging the topic, seeing a picture or diagram or something little is all that your lower mind needs and higher levels of yourself take care of the rest.

Divine guidance – that which is sent to you, tailored just for you.¬† Follow it and you won’t go wrong, nor will you make any wasted effort or experience information-overload.

Healing, It’s All the Shit!

Perhaps in more ways than one.¬† It’s what it takes to ascend.¬† It’s what works.¬† And yes, you will be seeing a whole lot of your “shit” surface in the process.

It really doesn’t matter what level of healing we’re talking about – physical, mental, emotional and / or spiritual.¬† You need to release what is not you, what does not serve your growth and evolution.

When you have “energy healing” work done, perhaps with the assistance of a “healer” (a bit of a misnomer since the one who really heals you is YOU, but they can very well assist you, deliver healing energy to you and combine their intentions with yours – “where two or more are gathered…”), what happens is the energy being delivered to you is working IN CONJUNCTION with your intention to heal.¬† Sometimes just someone saying the right thing at the right time or a particular situation presented in your life will have the same effect as the energy provided by a “healer”.

The healing energy is “light”.¬† That light will shine into your “dark” / “shadow” places and illuminate them, make them visible… so that you know what you need to heal, what to work on.¬† “In yer face!”¬† Energy healing is not like waving some magic wand and all your troubles just evaporate.¬† I won’t kid you, it’s not necessarily what I’d call fun.¬† I won’t dress it up to be something it’s not.

Doing energy healing drives your “demons” to the surface.¬† It’s cathartic – it purges, cleanses, purifies.¬† If you want the shit out, it has to first surface.¬† It’s like if you got food poisoning.¬† You feel like hell.¬† You know you’re gonna hurl.¬† You may not be in the mood to hurl and you’re not looking forward to that dreaded moment, but you know it’s gonna happen and you know you’ll be feeling better afterwards.¬† But you’re going to go through the purging part in-between the poisoning and the feeling better parts.

Energetic healing is like, on a physical level, if you find a good detox to do, you’re going to purge toxins.¬† You may very well go through a “detox crisis” and feel a bit lousy as accumulated toxins break loose from being stored in fat and your body purges them through any and every orifice it can find.

In all cases, I’d strongly suggest that as the healing process is happening, that you don’t fight or resist it.¬† The ride may be bumpy enough as it is.¬† Don’t make it worse on yourself by prolonging it by fighting and resisting.

Is it challenging?¬† Hell yeah, it can be, but it’s not a crisis, it’s an opportunity.¬† You will only heal by facing your issues, not by doing everything possible to avoid them or somehow try to work around them. ¬†The analogy would be like getting a massage – the therapist doesn’t try to avoid the knots in your muscles, they go right after them, digging a digit or elbow right into it while they tell you to focus on it and breeeeaaathe into it. ¬†Ouch! ¬†But that’s what it takes to release something, at any level.

A lot of folks think or are told (perhaps by someone with something to peddle) that certain, specific healing modalities are absolutely necessary.  You may or may not find them helpful.  Your intention to heal is first and foremost and following your inner Divine guidance will bring to you just what you need when you need it / can really use it.

It’s not truly necessary to understand things like chakra balancing, DNA activation, pineal gland activation, merkaba field, visualizing flames and rays and a whole host of other things.¬† What’s important is that you HEAL.

If you heal completely, then your chakras WILL be balanced, other levels of your DNA WILL be activated, your pineal gland WILL be reactivated and your merkaba field WILL be available for you to use for ascension and all them there flames and rays, etc. will absolutely be working for you… even though you may not know diddly squat about these things or at least not the fine and extensive details.

If you are guided to learn about these various things at a lower-mind level, then fine, follow your guidance.¬† Understanding these things may very well assist in your understanding and healing.¬† But to say that a lower-mind, intense level of understanding of these things is absolutely necessary, well, no, not so much.¬† If you’re getting it done, if what you are doing is working and you can sense the healing happening, and that thing that someone else is pushing so hard just isn’t resonating with you, then hey, maybe don’t go there or maybe not now.¬† It’s ok that they suggest it, but you have to run it by your own inner guidance to determine if it’s for you.

But, on the flip side, don’t run from info / advice just because your “little demons” (resulting from wounds and programming) know that it means the end of them, whether you yourself are consciously aware or not. ¬†Thinking you’re oh, so “unique” and what works for someone else couldn’t possibly work for you, well, that’s programmed ego talking there.

And if someone wants to make you turn away from something that really seems to be what you’re being guided to, well never mind those attempting to dissuade you.¬† I went to a psychic fair and heard this one gal give a talk.¬† One tidbit of wisdom from her was, “If you are drawn to someone to give you a reading, it might be the worst psychic in the room and yet if they are the one that you are guided to, there is a reason for that and they’ll be the one to provide you with the information you need.”

If you’re moved to do these activations, etc. then yep, follow your own inner guidance.¬† But not only will healing activate and balance these things, but it goes the other way around also, since everything is interconnected – your intention to activate and balance these parts of your being IS asking for healing… because… what is necessary for these activations and balancings to occur?¬† All together now… HEALING!

And what you need to heal will be shown to you.¬† One way or another, if you want to raise your frequency and ascend, you will need to heal.¬† There is no sidestepping or jumping over healing with some “quick fix” meditation or activation or what have you.¬† Oh, boo hoo, you just don’t want to have to face your shit.¬† Wah.¬† Get over it… and heal already…. or not.

You want to ascend?
Intend to heal.

Then watch for the opportunities to do so be delivered to you.  Recognize them when they arrive and they often come through your day to day life.

Then flow with the process as best you can.

As Below, So Above

Yes, I said that right and you read that right.  Or I could have titled this РHouse Cleaning Above the Veil.

You think¬†this¬†world is crazy? ¬†I’ve come to realize there is as much or more nonsense going on above the veil as below it.¬† So yes, the craziness we observe below the veil, I and others have now also observed equally crazy nonsense above the veil.

In the past 3 1/2 years, not only have I continued transmutation energy work to assist in Gaia’s ascension, but I have also been involved with much work above the veil.¬† And those of us who have been doing this, our higher selves and God put us on this work.

Never in my wildest mundane-level, lower-mind dreams would I ever have thought that I’d be cleaning house ABOVE the veil while I was still in the program below the veil.¬† God has flat told me that He would rather it not have had to happen that way, but the reason for it, as I have come to know by doing it, is because entities above the veil (atv) were doing things that were interfering with and impeding this ascension.

And be it known, this is not from beings who are usually considered malevolent.  These are the types that many humans think of as benevolent and they certainly present themselves as such through many channelers.

And no, in some cases, these types are not necessarily setting out to be malicious.¬† They are bumbling idiots often times.¬† For this reason I tend to refer to them as yahoos.¬† Now, although they may not be out and out malicious, I will go so far as to say that much of what they have done / do IS downright selfish and inconsiderate.¬† They most assuredly have had their own agendas, which is all about them.¬† Service to Others, my *ss.¬† For example, I had come to find out a while back that some… yahoos, ET types, those atv… were literally attempting to gain some personal benefit from riding piggy back on humans as humans were raising their consciousness.

The yahoos also have very much looked at humans as lab rats, as something to study rather than seeing humans as partners in this planetary ascension effort.¬† I have always said that 3D Earth is NOT kindergarten, it is the masters program.¬† Kudos to anyone even courageous enough to come here and MAJOR kudos to those who awakened and truly are working on and completing their mastery. ¬†SUPER MAJOR kudos to those who are actually on their assignment of assisting in Gaia’s ascension.

And yet these yahoos, through channelers, treat humans like children in a way that they look down on humans and act like they themselves (the yahoos) know more than we do, while at the same time, these yahoos have clearly demonstrated that they truly do not understand free-will realms and they futilely beat OUR forerunner heads against brick walls (You shouldn’t have!¬† No really!) in so-called service to others when free will does not work that way. ¬†The end result after all our hard work has, in some cases, in no small way, actually been a disservice to those we were supposedly serving.

Ok yahoos, if you think you’re so high and mighty why don’t you act like you’ve done this before… and if you haven’t done what we are doing and don’t know what we have learned, then you are NOT by any means the resident experts.¬† And that’s something too… there have been a few opportunities to glean some confirmation about some things through some channeled information that gets put out into the world in a big way and yet as much audacity as the atv yahoos have, it’s like pulling teeth to get them to actually fess up to / come clean about their own mistakes.

Ya know, “stupid” and “arrogant” are very irritating, but when those two things come in the same package, as they do with these yahoos, with no chance whatsoever of one iota of unpretentiousness, that’s enough to make ya blow your lid and I have many times.¬† And yet that emotional power has served me well in getting some of this cleanup work done.¬† I have often said to these yahoos, “Down here people do stupid things because they are under a consciousness veil. ¬†What’s YOUR excuse?”

And yet, even though some of us still under the veil, have achieved mastery and done so a while ago, past far enough to be ascension-ready for 5D, and have gained such high consciousness levels, while still under the veil, so much so that we know, from here, what b.s. these yahoos are up to atv, they still didn’t show us enough respect to bother to note which ones of us are getting this job done and how exactly we were doing it.¬† And THAT right there might, just maybe, be some actual valuable information for these entities to provide through channelers. ¬† Instead, often their channeled messages are rather “me, me, me”, all about them and their Grand Poobah titles and supposed duties.¬† How’s about relaying some information to humans about their own healing and ascension work so we can actually get this job done.¬† With “friends” like that, who needs enemies?

And, bizarrely enough, I also have come to learn that they are so very full of themselves, as one person I know of has called it “cosmic ego”, that it never occurred to them to keep checking in with God.¬† Every time I think about that I just have to shake my head.¬† (I am now as I write this.)¬† And just THAT right there would have helped this ascension process significantly as they could have seen ours and each other’s perspectives on things and not wasted time on plans and used our energies for things that didn’t work and wouldn’t work.

There are many bureaucrat types, councils and commanders and such who endlessly discuss amongst themselves all matter of topics and they love to make up black and white rules for things that in no way can apply to every situation and are downright harmful if followed in some situations.

And thankfully, for Gaia, those of us who came here to help her ascend did NOT follow ET council advice.  They were ready to write off Earth and humans.  There have also been, especially early on, especially decades ago, ETs who also did not follow council advice and, working through channelers, they brought very valuable information to this world.

Now, many of those same councils and commanders and whatever cosmic ego-filled titles they all can apply to themselves, have actually gotten on board with Gaia’s Ascension, but only after all of us, both above and below the veil, who went against their advice, made some significant headway.¬† Now the councils are the “Me Too Gang”.¬† Good God-blessed thing that we broke their rules / went against their advice or the ascension of Gaia would not be happening now and that would be an awful waste of a very b-e-a-u-tiful and awesome planet.

For Forerunners, Ascension Symptoms Ain’t the Half of It

(Note to reader – this article was originally written in Sept ¬†/ Oct of 2014. ¬†Rather than go through and change verb tense, etc. I have let it stand as originally written. ¬†The sheer fact that I was able to indulge in writing articles at all at that time indicates the beginning of the end of doing energy work for others seemingly. ¬†I feel much better now than I did oh, say, a year ago, but I just can’t bring myself to say I feel “recovered”, but various body part issues, aches, pains, which I thought may have been mostly caused by lack of physical movement may have indeed actually been more due to the high levels of energy work.)

After many years of healing work, I went through the bulk of my intense ascension work in 2010. That was much like “general healing” but was just more of it – rapid-fire cycles of healing / clearing / release followed by upgrades. I’d experienced samples of both parts of this cycle over many years in my general healing, but this was just nuts. Even the so-called “up” side, the peaks, could be just as intense as the troughs / valleys.

Hearing Divine guidance at this time? Yeah, right. It was much more difficult to do and there were usually only tiny windows of time in the short lulls between cycles to get some clear info.

Any of you who have been through at least some of this know that your personal blockages get fried out. I was rarely one to resist my healing and yet as flowy as I could be with it, this ascension work was absolutely intense. It was like getting scraped out with a scalpel. It left you feeling very cleansed, but rather raw.

But I’ll have to say, none of that, none of the many years of general healing nor the intense year of personal ascension work compares to the long-term accumulated effect of years of transmutation and anchoring work since then. I have been used as a human antenna for the better part of the last 4 years on top of all the work I did personally. So, my physical body, which was meant to be used physically, has instead been used for really intense energetic work.

Due to my own diligent personal healing and ascension work, I have been a very clear channel of energies – in both directions, both for clearing / transmuting and also for grounding in higher frequency energy so since I finished my own ascension work (or what we were allowed to do at that time, those of us who were ready then) I have not had what I would call “ascension symptoms” because the energy finds no blockages in me to hang up on.

But all that work left me with next to no energy to use outwardly. It took a lot of fuel (food) and rest (a whole lot of sleep 13 – 18 hours / day) and I just about wasn’t moving physically. It is exhaustion piled on more exhaustion. My baseline physical energy levels were right down in the dirt.

I have not had an outside job / work / occupation / livelihood for almost 6 years and yet for the last 5 years, I have had a FULL TIME job with this ascension work. And when I say full time, I mean FULL time. For the most part (with some extremely welcomed exceptions – more please!) I have not had nights and weekends off. I don’t get holiday or vacation time.

At a 3D level, most especially at the physical level, it takes a LONG time to change things. Well, the higher realm entities who are supposedly helping with this, I feel, have really called the shots completely wrong in some cases and we forerunners have paid for it with our bodies. And this has gone on for so many years that my body has been changed for the worst over a long period of time. It would take another long period of time to recover, but I don’t know that I even could recover on a 3D physical level even if I was actually allowed to, ya know, absolutely no more energy work and I could use all my energy just for me.

I went from a lifelong athlete, eating whole organic food for over a decade, to a couch potato with hardly any movement for many days at all in these past almost 5 years except to get myself something to eat some days or every few days perhaps walking to do some errands close by, which, as time goes on, gets more and more difficult to do. Dishes and vacuuming don’t happen very often. Grocery shopping is a major expedition that I have to gear myself up for, move at a snail’s pace, it literally takes hours and I collapse when I’m done and I have to take 1 to 2 days to recover from. I always get a few days worth of easy-to-deal-with food because I know I won’t be worth a darn.

Just to really put this in perspective and I’ll do my best not to exaggerate, but even to describe this in perfect honesty sounds extreme. It IS extreme. Any of you who have been shoulder to shoulder with me on this ascension assignment know exactly what I am talking about. I will describe the LACK OF USE my body has had for years, ya know, in a physical way, the way it was meant to be used.

So, early 2010, I started my own ascension work. By July of 2010, I gave up on running. I’d been a runner since I was in grade school, but I could not do it anymore.

In the spring of 2011 I was the most out-of-shape I’d ever been up until that point and I’ve had many experiences of being in and out of shape through my whole life, but nothing like this. But I felt great after my own ascension work was done and the energy was returning to me and I was able to get out and take long, regular walks, hikes really, up and down park trails with steep, long hills. I went out 3 or 4 times per week for 2 or 3 months. I actually felt like I was getting some level of fitness back.

Then the work for the planet kicked in, followed by work for people (which is a bit of a sore spot for me, but that’s a topic for another article) and I was lucky if, other than occasional close-by errands, I was lucky if I even got a walk in on grocery day, on a very flat trail in a park, maybe once or twice a month (I only get groceries twice a month).

After the spring of 2011, the next time I was able to take regular walks, several times per week, was not until July of 2013 – 2 years and a few months later.

The month before, June of 2013, I was VERY ready to take myself out of this world. I was just flat tired of being tired, the exhaustion levels off the chart. I would literally talk myself to sleep sometimes saying, “God and Gaia, ascend me or kill me… but QUICKLY in either case.” Because, yes this all felt like a very long, slow, drug-out death. I’ve often said that I imagine the exhaustion levels are like what a terminal AIDS or cancer patient experiences… minus the illness. There are times I’ve thought I was dying, others that I didn’t know why I wasn’t dying and times like this where I wished I were dying.

And yet in July, it was as if someone flipped a switch. I found out later that people were then asked to do their own clearing and transmutation work, at least for a while anyway and that was relieved from us forerunners. The difference was like night and day. I was still fat and out-of-shape, but I actually had energy! OMG! And I used it, with regular walks, as I’d said… until the last few days of the month when I was guided to not walk and just rest, even though I still had energy. I have never had that kind of energy boost since then.

Then August and September of 2013, I was slam dunked yet again with energy work. It gets to the point where it becomes tough to judge just how much energy work there is going on because my baseline exhaustion is so intense that any little bit of energy work feels like torture. And yet so does a day with less than optimal nutrition, like if I’m running low on food and order a pizza. I have kinda given up trying to gauge much of anything based on how I feel physically. I used to totally be able to get information just from my own palpable experience, but I just don’t think it’s a good gauge at this point.

Now, more recently, I don’t even consider walking on grocery day and it takes me even longer to get groceries than it did when I used to walk between eating in their deli and shopping.

I still eat whole, organic food and I don’t even want to consider where I’d be if I didn’t. I go walk for errands and one knee doesn’t quite work right due to improper muscle support (atrophied muscles) and the opposite ankle sometimes gets a kink in it, which that one is really a decades old thing from having sprained my ankles so many times in high school basketball, but one that used to come in a flash and went just as quickly, but it doesn’t go so quickly now. I sometimes don’t know what leg to limp on.

I have no illnesses. I know how to eat right. If my knee gets creaky I make sure I get more sea salt along with my abundant water intake, that I have always been good about getting my whole life, so I don’t get arthritic or anything. Sometimes just a fistful of supplements is all that gets me feeling anything resembling human.

But what is going on with me is that my body has not been used like it’s supposed to. Not only do I have extra weight, but my muscles have atrophied and hence don’t support my joints as well. I sit for far too long, in the same position, but don’t have many options. I do my best to adjust pillows behind me, etc. but it’s just too many years to be sitting on the same not-so-well-designed furniture (someone else’s) for hours at a time, all my waking hours most days.

My back is SO out of shape, that for me to stand at the sink and clean just a rack full of dishes… OH MY! I played basketball as a kid and if anyone knows organized, competitive basketball training and knows just how intense that muscle workout is… well… the muscle burn I got then doesn’t hold a candle to how my back feels from washing dishes. It’s like my back is literally on fire. If I was next to a heat source that made me feel that hot, my body would have this quick, natural reflex response to move away from that heat source and pronto ‘cuz anything that hot has got to be causing some major damage.

I’ve said before that I feel like in some ways this big *ss ascension project has made me go full circle, back to… where I never was in the first place. Being this severely out of shape is an example. Yes I was in and out of shape many times in my life. And over the last almost 20 years now, well, until 2010 (when I could no longer be a runner), I had my running routine interrupted so many times, in so many ways, that I found myself constantly in the “getting back in shape” phase, interrupted one more time just as it was starting to feel good again. Groan.

But where I’m at now… ugh.

And THAT, the long-term negative effects on my physicality is what really gets me at this point. If I have a few challenges with this whole thing in my thoughts or emotions, oh well, that’s just energy and comes and goes and I process that all well anyway, even though this planetary ascension process has kept me stuck in ways and for lengths of time that I myself didn’t allow to happen in my own personal process. Groan again.

But this physical deterioration was a long time in the making and there’s no quick recovery from having my physicality ab-used for so many years with hardly any breaks / relief. And that can’t and doesn’t just flip like energy can and does.

I just wish that the higher realms would have honored and respected my body as much as I myself have. And attempting to explain this to someone who has not been here, done this? Yeah right. And I know an awful lot about health and healing but you’d never know it to look at fat and out-of-shape me. Try this one on Joe Average Earthling, “I DO know a lot about healing… so much so that the Divine then proceeded to use the shit outta me to heal the planet and then try to force-heal a bunch of resistant and recalcitrant free-will humans.”

And your run-of-the-mill lightworker who is not only NOT a fellow forerunner, but who also may not even be ascension-ready thinks that this ascension can and will take decades or centuries. Ah, no, it would kill us forerunners LONG before that and that would leave this world with a VERY HUGE light vacuum. Oh no, Gaia’s ascension WILL get done in fairly short order, as it has GOT to happen in our (forerunners’) lifetime, which seems to have been cut shorter than usual from some major heavy energy work.

If it doesn’t happen while we’re still alive, it just flat WON’T since there is obviously no one stepping up to REALLY be able to take over the level of work we have done and can do. Those who are ascension-ready have helped a bit and some of them have done enough to gain levels beyond just 5D, but they still can’t seem to lift the loads like us old worn out “heavy work horses” can.


P.S. I wrote this in late September. But I have come to realize a very gradual but steady lifting of energies since the last week of September. I’m not ready to suddenly leap up off the couch and go run a marathon, but I can’t help but notice the energetic change. The last time I got groceries I got back and was waiting for the all-too-familiar end-of-day collapse, but it didn’t really happen and I actually even vacuumed the next day which has been mostly unheard of for years.

Some things, like my knee, which hurt for so long I thought it might never recover, actually feels almost normal now. Obviously the energetic service work played a bigger role in my knee not working right and not just from almost no physical use.

This calendar year, I have done some of what I feel is the tail end of my own ascension work, being able to move even further into that now. I hear the lightworkers moaning and groaning with every solar flare, eclipse, astrological alignment, etc. but I feel either “normal”, which is just awesome compared to years of energy work, or I feel just downright energized at times.

Being ascension-ready and yet not allowed to actually ascend has felt like being a ball held at the bottom of a pool – it’s not your natural state, you just want to pop up to the surface. So, since last September, I’ve been allowed to keep moving onward and upward and that feels much better than to be held at the bottom of a pool.

Healing – Emotional

Spirit and Emotions have a close connection.

I’ll just start by saying – if you’ve allowed yourself to get sucked into the conditioning that some Emotions are good, some bad, some deserve expression and others don’t, and you live by that, squelching some emotions, burying them, postponing them, well, you are cutting yourself off from Spirit.

Listen to your Emotions and give them expression.¬† More times than not, that expression is not to or at someone else.¬† It’s not about them anyway.¬† There are times when expressing to someone is the proper course to take, like for instance when setting boundaries or even when demonstrating your passion about something important and definitely don’t be shy about expressing love, but I’m not necessarily talking romantic love or even the fluffy New Age “love and light” stuff, that without personal willpower and sheer guts and whatever else it takes to git ‘er done, is just so much lip service… fluff.

But whether to others or just by yourself, give ALL of your emotions expression.

“We’re too busy keeping our emotions in check to ever dream of infinite possibilities.¬† And maybe that is the ultimate conspiracy.”
Ramtha from What the Bleep!?  Down the Rabbit Hole.  

Ideally Emotions happen in full force WITH the event they belong to.  They hit, you experience them, then they pass through and are done with, just like the event itself.  Yes, you can and will reach this state if you are diligent about Emotional healing.

Emotions are energy and energy is meant to flow.¬† When you push them down you create a blockage, then you carry a lot of emotional baggage from the past into your present and future.¬† Let it go already. ¬†Hey, if there is some emotion that you don’t want to feel anymore, then the quickest way to that goal is TO FEEL IT IN FULL. ¬†Done.

Part of Emotional healing then has to do with dealing with a backlog of Emotions that you have pent up because you were conditioned (in a disempowered way) that emotional expression was bad or wrong in some way.¬† You’ll have to allow all that old, stale emotion to surface, acknowledge it, perhaps also acknowledge the event(s) it belongs to (maybe, maybe not), express it and… really key here… release it.

Ask your Divine Self and God for help and guidance with clearing this.

In our Emotional healing transition, we get better at responding rather than re-acting (acting again, as you have before).  This goes hand in hand, occurring in tandem with clearing out that backlog of old emotions that belong to events long past.  We become more present and get better at actually choosing our emotions.  But be careful here that that is what you are truly doing and not just slipping back into stifling emotions.

Hey, you feel how you feel. ¬†And by allowing yourself to feel what you feel, quickly, experiencing it fully and allowing it to flow right through in the moment (a moment defines an experience, no matter how long it takes), you create no backlog, so then have no emotional attachment to old events and hence have nothing to “re-act” to. ¬†You experience each moment in a fresh way, in the present, with no links, attachments to moments gone by or moments yet to come.

K.I.S.S. ing Ascension

What is ascension?  Simply put, it is a COMPLETE transformation.

Of course the context here is the one we presently sit in, the ascension of Gaia and humans (who prepare themselves) from the 3rd dimension (3D) to the 5th dimension (5D).

Many people attempt to describe dimensions in some sort of scientific or mathematical way or in esoteric ways with sacred geometry, etc. but those things really aren’t so practical.¬† Why?¬† The biggest part of this whole ascension effort is healing.¬† When it comes right down to it, one’s Divine and True Self is always there but got buried under a whole lot of crap – brainwashing / subconscious programming / disempowering conditioning. ¬†A person must unbury themselves from under all that to allow their True Self to shine and Be.

You can pull out your calculator and protractor on such matters and learn all about your merkaba, but that’s not going to get you ascended.¬† Those tools are not the sort that can help you measure the kinds of progress you need to make to prepare yourself for ascension.

What’s really important for someone to focus on is a much more down to Earth, more personal sort of thing.¬† The opportunities for personal healing are often delivered through your everyday life.

And there are many folks who will get all “religious” about it and insist that there is scientific, metaphysics or esoteric information that MUST be known and certain things that MUST happen and yet for everyone who is telling you some particular method or knowledge is absolutely required, there’s one or many other people who don’t know a thing about those specific things, most especially on a lower-mind level, and yet those people are quite ascension-ready.

So, let’s K.I.S.S. this whole ascension thang.¬† K.I.S.S. = Keep It Simple Stupid.

What does ascending from 3D Earth to 5D Gaia mean?¬† In very general terms, it’s really simply these 2 things:

  1. Releasing all that is not truly you.
  2. Embracing what is truly you.

Ok, now let’s reword that.

  1. Releasing all your fears, ego issues, disempowerment, beliefs of limitation, dis-ease, separation (from / between all parts of YOU) …
  2. Acknowledging and reconnecting to your Divine Self and following its guidance to being the unlimited True You.

One more time (with feeling!)

  1. Healing
  2. Divine Connection

That’s really it in a nutshell, as a cursory overview.¬† Further articles will address the various details.

Ascending Through Dimensions… ALL the Way, Moving Through to COMPLETION!

3D is an illusion…

… but then again, technically, so are ALL dimensional levels, it’s just a matter of degree.¬† But we’re talking about making a leap from 3D to 5D.

In 3D is Duality.  Duality is just a place to have experiences outside of who you truly are.

And frankly, there are some very significant lessons to learn from having experienced 3D, then waking up to it and then mastering stepping out of the 3D Earthly experience.  Some of those lessons learned in Duality not only help you leave 3D, but are also worth carrying with you beyond 3D.  (And there are some beings who have not incarnated into 3D who have yet to understand some of these things.)

For example, the concept of right and wrong really does have some significance to it.¬† So, if you truly want to ascend, don’t get caught in “there is no such thing as right or wrong” for that right there is a trap that will keep you in 3D.¬† And if you want more 3D experiences, then that’s fine – sinner / saint, murderer / victim, all are completely valid experiences.¬† Yep, on a PURELY EXPERIENTIAL level, there is no right and wrong.

But when you are shooting for a specific goal, such as ascending out of 3D to 5D and beyond, you’re not just having experiences for experiences’ sake anymore.¬† With that goal comes conditions.¬† You get to your goal by putting your Thoughts, Words and Deeds in line with your goal.¬† Thoughts, Words and Deeds that are NOT in line with your goal, will not get you to your goal.¬† Do you see how “right” and “wrong” truly do have meaning once you’ve set up the condition of a goal?¬† Do you honestly expect to get to 5D if you keep doing 3D energy things?¬† Of course you won’t.¬† Do you honestly expect that choosing experiences of “not you” and ignoring the “true you” will get you back to your True Self?¬† Face it, clinging to 3D stuff is just flat the “wrong” thing to do to achieve your goal of ascending to 5D.

And keep in mind here, I’m not talking about right and wrong and your judgement of that when it comes to others.¬† Frankly, others’ lives, experiences and choices are not your concern.¬† They have a free-will right to do as they God blessed well please and you judging them, in any direction, serves no one.¬† We’re talking about you judging and discerning right and wrong FOR YOURSELF with your intended goal of ascension.

Also in the 3D illusion, there is the Separation experience.¬† Now there is all sorts of talk about Unity these days and people talk of being unified with their fellow being, human and otherwise.¬† Well, that does / will happen, but the separation experience happened to each and everyone on a very personal, individual level.¬† You were conditioned to think that different parts and levels of YOUR being were separate from each other.¬† We’re still talking just individuated YOU here.¬† Sure, everyone else out there is part of the Isness and you also, but you won’t readily and truly tap into All That Is a part of / apart from your individuated self until you’ve become healed and whole UNTO YOURSELF.

So, also be very careful not to get caught in yet another trap of being overly concerned and caught up in and about OTHER PEOPLE’S choices, experiences and creations.¬† You really can’t make them unify with you.¬† You really can’t “save” them.¬† Hog tying ’em won’t work.¬† You have neither the Power nor the Responsibility to “save”, heal, or ascend anyone else.¬† All you really have to offer others is another option.¬† What you have to give is your consciousness.¬† But you’ll have to raise your own consciousness first in order to offer it up to anyone else.

But you!  You are the one, and the only one who can and will create your own salvation, perform your own healing, progress in your own evolution, the one who will raise your own consciousness and frequency.  And by doing so, you create an energy field that is the single best opportunity you could give to anyone else.

“Would you like to save the world from degradation and destruction it seems destined for?¬† Then step away from shallow mass movements and quietly go to work on your own self-awareness.¬† If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself.¬† If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself.¬† Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.”¬† ~ Lao Tzu

Although, to this quote, I’ll say, there is truly no “saving”.¬† What we do is create anew.¬† That new creation is then available to anyone else who would like to choose it also.

4D is a transition zone…¬†

Now, in the title of this article, I have emphasized the word COMPLETION.¬† The reason being that some people got stuck along the way.¬† They wanted ascension, they woke up to some things, they started moving down the path, but didn’t push through to completion.¬† Why?¬† I’m asking them.¬† Was it hard work?¬† Wah!¬† Anything worth having is worth working for.

In terms of Healing, Divine Connection and Ascension, the 4th Dimension is a transition zone.  An analogy would be to think of it as a ladder between different levels, namely 3D and 5D.

Odd numbered dimensions are dwelling realms.  The even numbered dimension above each odd numbered one is a transition zone.

Some people have just flat not chosen ascension.  And so is the way of a free-will realm.

Some other people though have chosen ascension and yet instead of using one step, one rung on the ladder to get them to the next rung, they chose to really settle in and camp out on a rung on the ladder.¬† They wanted to turn a transition zone into a dwelling area.¬† Camping out on a ladder rung – hmm?¬† Do I really need to point out to you how very limiting that is?¬† It’s like having a huge mansion to live in and you want to spend all your time in the hallway.¬† It’s like you’re in a car, bus, train going somewhere and yet you decide to just stop along the way, stay in your small seat and live your life there instead of completing your journey to your destination.¬† A rung, a hallway, a seat.¬† Are those really places you really want to dwell for long extended periods?¬† How truly confining… and limiting… and henceforth, still clinging to 3D a bit.

Many people who were / are on path look around and see that they are head and shoulders above many other people and wrongly mistake this as being done.¬† This is not a race folks or a chance to “one up” someone else.

This is not like that old joke about the bear chasing two fellows and one stops to pull on his running shoes because he knows he doesn’t have to outrun the bear, but only outrun his buddy.¬† Just being a few steps ahead of your fellow human might keep the bear from bothering with you, too bad for your poor buddy, but with ascension it’s different.¬† Ascension is something you do for yourself… or not.¬† You are either ascension-ready or you are not, regardless of where anyone else is at.

Do you still have work to do?  Ask your Divine Self / God.

What IS that work, specifically?  Ask your Divine Self / God.

How to do that work?  Ask your Divine Self / God.

Do you really want to ascend or don’t you?¬† Make up your mind…. and your heart… and your soul… then git ‘er done already… or not… but enough with camping out on ladder rungs.¬† That is not serving you or ANY of your fellow humans, regardless of their destination of choice and it most assuredly is not serving Gaia, who chose to ascend.

Healing / Inner Work – What Is It?

I bother to ask and answer the question because I see many people using certain terms to express to each other, assuming we’re all talking about the same thing.¬† But whether we are or not comes into question when you see someone ask others “What do you mean by healing / inner work?” and then the answers that come aren’t necessarily very good and you can tell that the person asking the question is still bewildered.¬† So, I’ll offer up a cursory overview of that and we’ll get to added detail later.

Healing happens at all levels of one’s being – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.¬† In order to be healed, whole, integrated, complete, one must address all of these four facets of their being.

From here:

Definition of heal
transitive verb

  • a¬†:¬† to make free from injury or disease¬†:¬† to make sound or whole¬†heal¬†a wound
  • b¬†:¬† to make well again¬†:¬† to restore to¬†healthheal¬†the sick


  • a¬†:¬† to cause (an undesirable condition) to be overcome¬†:mendthe troubles ‚Ķ had not been forgotten, but they had been¬†healed¬†‚ÄĒ William Power
  • b¬†:¬† to patch up or correct (a breach or division)¬†heal¬†a breach between friends


  • :¬† to restore to original purity or integrity¬†healed¬†of sin

intransitive verb

:  to become free from injury or disease :  to return to a sound state The cut has already healed.


Origin and Etymology of heal:

Middle English¬†helen, from Old English¬†h√¶ŐĄlan; akin to Old High German¬†heilen¬†to heal, Old English¬†hńĀl¬†whole ‚ÄĒ more at¬†whole


Why the need for healing?  Well, we came into an Earthly realm that was set up to be 3D / Duality / Experiential.  It was an illusory realm.  Over much time even more illusions have been piled on the original duality experience plan and that resulted in major separation from Spirit / Divine and its guidance and wisdom.  It had resulted in dis-ease and ill health on all levels of being.

One key word in all of this is ENERGY.  Behind all of these levels of our being is energy.  You can work on healing your energy and have that energy influence all levels of your being, and / or you can work on those levels of your being, which will in turn shift your energy.  There is a feedback loop in all that, reinforcing whatever you are putting your energy and focus on.  A small example РWhat you think affects what you eat and what you eat affects your ability to think.

Healing or being Healthy can be quickly defined in a basic way for the four levels of being in the following ways:

Physical – proper diet, lifestyle, exercise
Mental – proper thoughts and core beliefs that are empowering and self affirming
Emotional – acknowledgement of and proper expression of ALL emotions
Spiritual – acknowledgement of and commitment to gaining and maintaining spiritual connection and tapping into its wisdom and guidance

In all cases diligence is key.¬† Diligence is defined as “persistent application”.¬† Simply knowing of wisdom is not enough.¬† One must live it.¬† Not just for a day, a year, a decade, only on weekdays, but as a way of life.¬† And as you find some things really don’t work anymore or need some adjustment, then you must have a willingness to make a course correction when need be.

There is much in this world to lead you astray – many unhealthy (at all levels) distractions, many poisons, much unhealthy conditioning / programming / brainwashing.¬† You just need to unplug from all that and stop participating in it.¬† And that’s all you need to do.¬† You don’t fight someone else’s creation, you create anew.

Your True Divine Self just is.¬† When it comes right down to it, it’s not something that one even really needs to seek out, it’s there with you, for you, IS you always.¬† The issue is that, in this world, all manner of, well, I’ll just say it, crap has been layered on top of who you really are.¬† Healing is then really about removing all those layers of crap.¬† When you do that, your True Self will be revealed.

Other terms that are used for healing and for good reason are – deprogramming, dehypnotizing, detoxing, reprogramming, reconditioning, integration, being (w)holy, empowerment… and many more, but this might give you an idea. ¬†¬† Many, myself included, often refer to much of this as “inner work”.¬† It’s YOUR work to do.¬† Others may be able to assist you, give you some guidance and direction, but it’s ultimately up to you to heal you.¬† No one else has either the Responsibility or the Power to do so.¬† Only you… for no one else makes YOUR choices for you.

If you find yourself in a state of “dis-ease” or lack of ease, at any or all levels of your being, you did not get to that point overnight or by chance.¬† YOU created it.¬† You may very well have done so very unconsciously, from a very conditioned state, but you are a powerful creator and you are always creating.¬† You repeated ways of being until you got to where you are now.

“If you continue down the path you’re on, you’ll get to where you’re going.”
“If you keeping doing what you’ve done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve got.”¬†¬†

And you will not get out of that dis-eased state and into a healthy, healed and whole state overnight either… only through DILIGENCE!

Many people speaking about this realm will say to release judgement.¬† In some ways, I beg to differ.¬† It depends on what you’re talking about.¬†¬† Sure there is a rather “negative” definition of “judgement”, but… Ok, so this realm was created for ex-perience.¬† So sure, if you are talking in a purely experiential way, then anything goes.¬† If you’ve not had your fill of murder, mayhem, addiction, dis-ease, drama, dysfunction, pain and suffering etc., then it’s anything goes for you.

If you have a goal in mind, you have now created a “condition”.¬† If you choose to be healthy and healed, then thinking, saying, doing unhealthy things doesn’t cut it… well, that is if you actually want to realize your goal.

But bother to learn something from your mistakes and if you fall off path just brush yourself off and get back on.  Beating yourself up over mistakes serves nothing.

We create through our Thoughts, Words, and Deeds.  You must put your Thoughts, Words and Deeds in line with your goal.

And you’d better be willing to use both Judgement (left-brained logical function based in reason) and Discernment (right-brained intuitive function based in knowingness) to constantly, DILIGENTLY do honest self-assessments on your progress and beingness.¬† Once you’ve set a goal, then you can bet that there are indeed “right” and “wrong” ways of being.¬† If you are to get any decent benefit from experiencing Duality, let it be that – knowing the difference between right and wrong dependent / conditioned on goal and specific situation.

And it is key that we listen to all levels of our being.

One’s¬†body is kinda the end of the manifestation path.¬† Our energy eventually manifests outwardly and that is not just in our lives, but also in our bodies.¬† Your body has much to tell you.¬† Every little bump, bruise, ache, pain, illness, injury and accident – considering the affected body part – gives us clues to what’s going on with our energy. ¬†See Louise Hay’s book “Heal Your Body” (also look online) for how your thoughts manifest outwardly / physically in / on your body and an affirmation for shifting your thoughts and energy.

The earlier you hear what your body is communicating, the sooner you can work to get your energetic balance back and restore your health.¬† Perhaps a bump or a mild symptom of illness didn’t get your attention, but a major injury finally does, if not that, then perhaps getting some chronic dis-ease will get your attention.¬† It’s called “chronic” for a reason – it’s the result of chronically making the same unhealthy choice over and over.¬† You’ve been in a chronic state of dis-ease (lack of ease) which resulted in chronic disease.

Our emotions have much to tell us.¬† But if we keep dismissing some emotions or postpone their expression, then we’re not listening to their wisdom and the wonderful feedback our emotions give us about our lives.¬† Essentially, we didn’t “finish” the moment’s experience by allowing full expression of the emotions that belong to that experience.¬† Furthermore, clinging / attaching to emotions from old events keeps us stuck in the past and projecting how things were into our future.

Our thoughts and most especially our core beliefs play a major role in our creations.¬† If we want to change what we are creating, we need to pay attention to what we are thinking and make a proactive effort at steering those thoughts in the more desired direction.¬† You say you want to be healthy and yet you keep telling yourself you aren’t or you are doomed to dis-ease.¬† Those kinds of thoughts will not get you to a state of health.

I bother to mention core beliefs in this because those are really entrenched ideas, the sort where we can’t see the forest for the trees.¬† Many are programmed in at a subconscious level, which we literally do with little to no conscious awareness.¬† The subconscious can truly be a wonderful thing if it is working for us in a healthy way.¬† It does things in the background so we don’t have to think so hard to do things we’ve done for years.¬† It’s what we call “second nature.”¬† But if some unhealthy way of being got programmed into our subconscious, then simply using “positive thinking” won’t help a bit if we have core beliefs that we are not consciously aware of, that are overpowering our “positive thinking”.¬† Healing core beliefs requires we have those beliefs come to the surface, to a conscious level, for evaluation and healing.

Our spiritual connection or lack there of is extremely significant in what we end up creating at all other levels of our being.  Spiritual connection gives us guidance and a higher perspective, so we can pull up out of the drama of our mundane-level lives to better understand what we are creating for ourselves and how.

I will elaborate in more detail about healing all these different levels of our being in subsequent articles.

Divine Guidance – It’s Not Just For Everyone, It’s Also FOR YOU!

I’m going to start this off with…

I’d recently seen someone online say that the Divine does not speak to them. ¬†My short answer: “I call bullsh*t.”

The Divine is always speaking to us.  The question is Рare we paying attention?  We must be aware and receptive.  The Divine can and does use any and every way to get messages to us, we just need to watch for them.

I myself am not clairvoyant. ¬†I do not channel. ¬†I am not what myself or many people would consider psychic. ¬†I will go so far as to call myself an intuitive. ¬†But there has been too much emphasis put on some ways of receiving higher guidance, such as channeling and clairvoyance, as if those are the only ways. ¬†That’s great if that’s what works for you, but what if those things are not your forte. ¬†Folks, don’t let yourself get fooled into thinking you don’t have what it takes just because your way is different than the next person’s.

I’ve had less than a handful of clairvoyant episodes and I must admit they’ve been a bit unnerving. ¬†And what I’ve been shown at those times was completely innocuous, but it was the fact that it was “shown” to me, in a visual way, that kinda set me back. ¬†It made me want to exclaim, “What! … are you doing to me?!” ¬†Now, on the flip side, I can envision things very well. ¬†And that has absolutely come in handy in this co-creation of 5D Gaia.

There are four main “clairs” – clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairaudience – which are, respectively – clear seeing, clear sensing, clear knowing, clear hearing.

Over the many years, my strongest clair was clairsentience. ¬†Synchronicity is a clairsentient function. ¬†It’s that experience of things in your life, in the outer world, seemingly and actually, answering your questions or giving you guidance. ¬†Yep, one must pay attention to pick up on these things. ¬†It could come in a whole myriad of ways, a few examples being – you “put out” your question and the answer comes on / in… the ad on the side of a bus, a billboard, a news report, overhearing some strangers’ conversation, a book dropping off a shelf, a line in a movie, a certain person delivered to you… you name it.

Keep in mind that God and your Higher Self can always hear you.  So you keep up your end of the dialog and be watchful for the answers.

With this in mind, asking questions is very important. ¬†By putting out the question, you are readying yourself to receive the answer. ¬†It may be something that the Divine has already been attempting to get across to you and yet once you ask the question, now you’re more ready to actually receive the answer and recognize it for what it is when it shows up.

A few things that I have been into over the years…

Well, one thing, I got interested in astrology. ¬†Life and the Divine totally assisted me in my studies. ¬†I was guided to an awesome astrologer who gave me many readings over many years. ¬†I also wanted to understand astrology more, to make a study of it and she was very kind in answering my questions, but she did it just right – she didn’t let it suck up her time, nor did she feel a need to charge me for that like she would when doing a reading for me. ¬†She just gave me the right search terms… and away I went. ¬†She did a great job at helping me be empowered and I took the ball she handed me and ran with it.

I was guided to some really good books. ¬†There were two that I very much appreciated that both spoke of the “evolved” and “unevolved” characteristics of all the signs. ¬†Both the unevolved and evolved person exhibits the energies of their sun sign and other positions and aspects of their birth chart, but their level of evolution determines just what they do with those personal energies.

As one simple example – one archetype of Scorpio is “The Detective”. ¬†Scorpios are VERY good at finding things out about people and things. ¬†I knew one Scorpio who, no matter what they found out about someone, they regarded it all as “dirt” or “dirty laundry”, like they could find out the most harmless, inconsequential, things about you, perhaps even straight from the horse’s mouth and they acted like they really had something on you. ¬†Not so evolved. ¬†Another Scorpio I knew was every bit the super sleuth as the other one and yet what they found out about someone they used to better understand that person and work with them and appreciate them. ¬†More evolved.

But, as I was learning some things about astrology, I would have either many people of the same sun sign delivered to me in a short period of time or I’d have individuals who had 3 – 5 other planets in their sun sign. ¬†Then I’d go read about that sign in my favorite books. ¬†This latter group, with many planets in one sign, were very textbook epitomes of that sign. ¬†They made for a good living, breathing example of that sign. ¬†And to my credit for paying attention and seeing these opportunities for learning sent to me by the Divine.

Astrology does not hold as much significance for me anymore and with good reason.  We implant growth, healing and evolution potential in our birth charts.  Once we seize those opportunities and learn the lessons, etc., we can release those energies.  I find I have released what I no longer need and yet, I also chose to hang onto some energies that have served me well and still do.

Another thing that I have paid attention to for years – and my HS (Higher Self) and God know this – is word and name meanings. ¬†I’m talking about the true vibration, the word origin of words and names. ¬†Most people pay no attention whatsoever to name meanings and words have often lost their original meaning / true vibration as our language has shifted and been downright corrupted. ¬†But I pay attention to these things and much information has been brought to me by the Divine through names and words.

I had to laugh that a few years ago I heard a song from the 50s / 60s and ya know how so many songs from then were people’s names. ¬†Well, I got my hair cut and that song was playing in the salon and for days I had that song going through my head, even after hearing other songs. ¬†Well, here I am, someone who pays attention to such and had been for years and yet it took me several days to catch on and yet the Divine would not let that song leave my mind… until I looked up the name, which then connected to an old Greek deity and the archetypal information that went with it was very profound. ¬†Doh! I could just sense my higher self just beaming, so happy with himself. ¬†lol

Now sometimes, I swear that the Divine sends me some messages that are really of little to no consequence, just to let me know that the communication lines are still working. ¬†A bit of a Divine wink, if you will. ¬†Here’s one small example. ¬†I had my car parked out on the street and I noticed one tire was low. ¬†I took a portable air compressor out and started pumping the tire up. ¬†It’s a small compressor so it takes a while. ¬†As I’m standing there waiting, I notice that across the street is a billboard that says, “Pump things up.” ¬†I said out loud, “I’m on it!” ¬†Yep, of no real consequence, but if I would not have been parked right where I was, had a low tire while there, decided to pump it up then, I would not have been at that place to see that message that was so very nose on. ¬†And that’s how synchronicity works. No really significant info in this specific episode, except perhaps that “the medium IS sometimes the message”. ¬†As I said, it’s a way for the Divine to let me know, “Hey, just because we haven’t been chatting with you lately doesn’t mean we can’t if we need you to know something.” ¬†Kinda like an occasional test signal to check the lines.

I learned to do Tarot readings and just the Tarot deck itself (and astrology is this way too) is just loaded with archetypal information. ¬†You see, archetypal information has to do with the Initiatory Rites / Ascension blueprint left in this world after “the fall”. ¬†The fall? ¬†Oh, I don’t know, the fall of Atlantis perhaps? ¬†10,000 + years ago. ¬†That is a whole other topic, far beyond the scope of this article, but you could say that higher beings left a cookie crumb trail to help humans get out of this veiled world of illusion.

Years ago, there used to be mystery schools (a few around now too) to put people through initiations. ¬†They’re the kind of thing where one’s own desire to understand is key. ¬†Information is not handed to you on a silver platter but is instead presented in symbology and perhaps the initiate just might “catch the spark” and head out on their own personal grail quest. ¬†That’s the whole idea.

When it comes right down to it though, one need not join a mystery school to benefit from this.  The archetypal Initiatory Rites / Ascension blueprint is part of the energetic overlay in this world.  Life itself will deliver the initiations to you.  Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to pay attention, learn what you are to learn with the information / experiences / challenges presented and grow and evolve from that.

I also learned to use a dowsing rod for “yes / no” or matter-of-degree types of quickie questions I had for the Divine. ¬†I’m going to tell you right now, in recent years, since 2010, I am so glad I learned Tarot and how to use a dowsing rod years ago, because they have been invaluable as this ascension process kicked into high gear and the upgrades and clearings, then transmutation work for the planet hit intensely and rapid-fire, leaving me so dazed and exhausted and not as able to “hear” as well as before my own personal ascension work.

But to tell a few more snippets of my own personal experiences and evolutions. ¬†Initially, my “awakening” and much info that came to me for a long time was through synchronicities and being sharp enough to follow those clues to more information, and what to bother with and what not to.

After a while, I had some clairaudient and claircognizant experiences. ¬†The first entity I heard was Mommy Earth / Gaia and she was very clear, but I find her not to be very verbose. ¬†She is the epitome of love, she truly is and most of her messages to me were just about that, “I know you love me and I appreciate that and I love you too.” ¬†I knew from that first instance that I was absolutely here for HER. ¬†She was my assignment.

And initially, when I spoke to different entities, I could feel / sense them on or near different parts of my body. ¬†God and Gaia I feel differently. ¬†I don’t need this so much anymore, but I still do find that focusing on those respective locations does help to clarify the connection if need be.

I eventually got to where I was good at automatic writing or actually typing since I did it on a computer.

During the last few years, as I have been on ascension work, when God has wanted me on something, He has used claircognizance in a big way.  I must say that emotions played a role in this.  The emotions came first, with great intensity, like having an emotion out of the blue that seemingly had nothing to do with anything.  But then the knowingness came, in a flood.  I just knew.  I knew whole stories, situations.  Boom.

Now I will say though, that there have been and still are many times when the Divine seems to take a “don’t call us, we’ll call you” attitude. ¬†Like I said above, if God wants me on something, He gets through to me. ¬†If, on the other hand, I want to know something, well, often times it’s back to painstaking Tarot readings or long q & a sessions with the dowsing rod amplifying my body’s responses to God’s answers. ¬†Groan. ¬†But I do what I have to do. ¬†It’s important to me. ¬†This planetary ascension is my life purpose, my assignment and has been my main focus for years and in recent years about the only thing I think about other than the bare necessities of living.

And my use of the dowsing rod brought an epiphany to me one day. ¬†To use the rod, you first get it moving, then the Divine subtly influences your body and the dowsing rod amplifies that and either stays on course or deflects. ¬†Well, I realized that this thing of getting it started, getting it moving, is really key. ¬†I start the movement and the Divine determines the direction. ¬†It’s the same thing with questions and other dialog with the Divine – just get the conversation started. ¬†Always hold up your end.

And I’ve found that it can be quite the same with my own imagination. ¬†I can’t count the times that I’ve started a daydream only to then realize that by the time I got done, the Divine had steered my imagination and delivered a message to me.

Dreams have brought me info. ¬†But I have observed, at least for myself, that dreams are pretty much in 3 categories – Divine messages, a chance to clear energy, or merely my mind just sorting through the junk drawer, if you will. ¬†A while back, the Divine, knowing I pay attention to names, sent me a whole string of celebrity dreams. ¬†And I don’t recall before that time ever even once dreaming about celebrities. ¬†But it was people whose names I knew and yep, the message delivered had to do, in part, with their name meanings.

I’ve also had dreams that were “about” one person and yet that person was not in it. ¬†An example, I dreamt of someone who I worked with many years ago and it was so vivid and I could hear their voice also and it was totally that person. ¬†But their name means “beloved” and the dream was not about them, but was really about my twin flame. ¬†There was more to the dream, but here again, I’m just showing various ways, sometimes combined together, that the Divine has spoken to me.

Over the years animal totems have also brought me messages. ¬†I know some people concern themselves with their life totem, but I have not had them present themselves in that way to me. ¬†For me it’s more about a message in the now moment, so those animals change over time. ¬†So… animals and synchronicity… years ago, I found myself on the dating scene after many years of partnership(s). ¬†I met someone online and we emailed quite a bit then met for lunch. ¬†We ended up hanging out together all day and doing dinner also. ¬†Well, in-between meals, we were walking around and one place we went was into a small book store. ¬†The floor was terraced. ¬†My date took the high road and I took the low road. ¬†We get to the same bookshelf. ¬†I see on the bottom shelf a book about crows. ¬†I, recent to that time, had crows getting all up close to me in ways like never before. ¬†I reached down to get the book, while my date is reaching up to the top shelf for a book. ¬†I stand up and we’re both holding the same crow book. ¬†I said, “No way.” ¬†They said, “Have you been seeing crows too?” ¬†And we did end up seeing each other for a short time and we played very significant roles in each other’s lives. ¬†Crow totem in part means “change.”

Now, I’ve given you several examples of things that have and do work for me. ¬†This is not a rule book for anyone else. ¬†It’s certainly not all inclusive for my own life. ¬†As far as I care, that sort of attitude (the rule book one) is where spirituality morphs (and I don’t mean in a good way) into “religion” and the New Age “religion” is as guilty of this as any. ¬†Someone has an awakening, an epiphany, a revelation and they so want to tell others. ¬†Wonderful. ¬†THAT is spirituality. ¬†Where they mess up is when they look back at their own path and make hard and fast, black and white rules about how others should follow the exact same path they did. ¬†I don’t tell you of my own experiences implying that you must do and learn all the same things I have. ¬†Not at all. ¬†I just offer up many ways (and there are so many more I know of and don’t know of) that the Divine communicates with me, with us… with you.

I’ve talked here about archetypes and Initiatory Rites / initiations. ¬†These things are signs and symbols that “have been left” here in this world to help lead us to the truth, to healing, to Divine Guidance. ¬†Other things – meditation, crystals, colors, symbology, knowledge of astrology, Tarot, chakras, etc. ¬†These are all tools. ¬†Tools that lead you to what really matters – healing and Divine Guidance. ¬†So, it’s important to know not to get attached to the tools and the clues themselves.

For instance – why meditate? ¬†Is it really just about getting that chance to regularly sit in the corner and chant? ¬†“Oh, I just can’t wait to go sit in a corner and chant! Woo hoo!”¬†¬†lol ¬†No, not at all. ¬†It’s about hearing your inner voice. ¬†If you can do that without all the chanting, if you can heal without the aid of crystals or healing methods, etc., then yippee, you win. ¬†If you could learn and use some of these tools as amplifiers or training wheels for a while until you get your our intuitive and healing-power feet under you, that’s great, but don’t let these aids become a crutch that you feel you absolutely need and can’t live without. ¬†If you do that, you’ve kinda missed the point. ¬†Your ability to heal and to connect with the Divine is ultimately not about those tools. ¬†It’s about YOU. ¬†As with me, you may find that things you’ve grown past at one point may still come in handy down the road – like my Tarot and dowsing rod during many years of intense and exhausting energy work.

If anyone were to ask me any question, pretty much about anything, I’d love to be able to always just give the short answer of, “What does God tell you?”

I’ve known many people whose intuition absolutely works. ¬†They’ll talk to me about some dilemma in their life and one of the first things out of their mouth is their intuition guiding them. ¬†Unfortunately, with many people, at many times, their disempowering conditioning kicks in and then comes a long stream of justifications for why they don’t have to follow their intuition. ¬†And they wonder why their life’s dilemmas don’t get resolved.

The Divine absolutely can and does use outer clues to catch our attention and the Divine can and does guide us to information that comes from “outside” sources, but the guidance to it is that inner source that is very important and valuable and one that is well worth accessing, honing, solidifying and maintaining.

Your own inner guidance / intuition / connection with the Divine is the absolute best source of guidance there is.

Hello world!

Hello‚Ķ and… SALUTE!

I am a Gaia Ascension Forerunner.

I “completed” / became “ascension-ready” (my term) in early 2011. ¬†The Divine relieved me (mostly) of energetic service work in the fall of 2014 because I was too spent to do any more.

This site is, for sure, for informational purposes for those still working on their enlightenment and healing process, but it is also meant as a salute to all other Gaia Ascension Forerunners, the Original ~145,000.

To all of you GAFs out there, I salute! ¬†I respect and appreciate the immense effort you all have made for Gaia and for your fellow human and to the greater cosmos / universe / multiverse. ¬† I know GAFs rarely get acknowledged, let alone appreciated. ¬†Hell, most lightworkers can’t even “see” us forerunners, don’t even know we exist. ¬†Many who are just now completing think they are the first, having no idea of the selfless sacrifice that the true forerunners have made and what all we few have accomplished, yes, out of love for our fellow human.

Well, folks, if it takes someone at your level to make a show of appreciation to you, that others, who could surely learn from you just can’t seem to muster, well, you fabulous cosmic work horses, I SALUTE YOU!  You have been champs.

Some of the articles here will document what I have been through personally in this planetary ascension effort, what work I was involved with and it will also disclose what I have come to learn / realize (from this still somewhat veiled perspective) about what goes on not just on this planet, but also about just as surely ludicrous goings on above the veil (atv).  You may find resonance with it, either because you too were also doing similar work or you may just have a knowingness about the info once you read it.

This blog was not started until after my own ascension work was complete and also after my energetic service work for the planet and collective was mostly complete due to the Divine not allowing me to be used anymore, since I am rather spent.

It has not been a daily diary sort of blog, but is really more about healing and empowerment fundamentals that I observe many lightworkers still do not grasp or embrace.

Thanks for taking a look.


Also see One of These Things Is Not Like the Others page for an overview of what to expect here.

Ascension Timeline Thus Far

This is a timeline of events around this planetary ascension effort, that is, what’s already happened.

Good frickin’ luck at predicting much of anything ahead of time as this entire situation has been EXTREMELY dynamic and not only are we talking about a world full of free-will humans here, but also issues above the veil that have played into all this.

This is just a quick summary.  If some of what is said here intrigues you, then read upcoming articles for details.

This is mostly just the numbers of individuals and where they are in their progress. ¬†It’s just some way to gauge where this ascension project is at. ¬†It’s a rather profound yet quick and big picture way. ¬†It’s profound, because… it’s about, like I said, individuals and where they are in their progress. ¬†Nothing makes a more profound impact towards assisting this ascension than individuals knocking out / completing their own healing and ascension work, the more the merrier.

If you’re new to ascension you may want to just skim or skip this for now.


The bulk of this I put in writing in July of 2014. God helped me with a more exact timing of some behind-the-scenes events, many of which I was aware of before putting this together, but not all of it and not as pinpointed time-wise.

Late 2009 / Early 2010
Those of us who were ready / the forerunners / the Original ~145,000, after years of doing our own personal “general healing”, as I like to call it, were finally allowed to move forward into our own personal ascension work.

Early 2011
The bulk of us ascension forerunners were done with our personal ascension work.

Through 2011
We forerunners assisted Gaia in transmutation work to ready her for ascension.
I’m told that there was plenty of, again I’ll use my term, “general healing” work done FOR / WITH Gaia over many years prior, but that this transmutation work, which I refer to here, was for Gaia what our (forerunners) personal ascension work through 2010 had been and could only be performed by those of us who had done our intense personal ascension work. There weren’t many of us. Read on…
(For me this transmutation work for Gaia often equated to major clearing work every time there was a hurricane or major earthquake or similar as Gaia released and we transmuted.)

~ 305,000 ready for ascension which includes:
>160,000 “avatar / yogi” types (for lack of better words) who really never did don the consciousness veil, but came to be in human form and hold the light in the world
~145,000 ascension-ready who went through ascension process (after I recorded this number I had my own ah-ha moment realizing this is just above 144,000). This is the group that I refer to as “forerunners”.

Feb. 2012
Announcement that 4D hologram (the Dome) was created by those on ascension path who were not pushing through to full ascension completion.

We forerunners continue to flood the world with light.

I’m told we had not gained one single soul for ascension-ready level since 11/11/11, although that was only a few months before.

~2.4 million humans were what could be considered at least 4D Dome-level at that time.

June 2012
ALL the 1.3 million (1.0 million of which who were not forerunners) who were eventually ascension-ready in Jan. 2013 (see next) were at least 4D Dome-level by now.

Of those specific 1.0 million individuals – only ~3000 had made it to 4D / Dome-level before this time.

So this is NOT the same people referenced (~2.4 million) in Feb. 2012.

You’ll see from this that some of those who were ascension-ready by Jan. 2013, flew right on by many others who’d been at 4D levels for quite a while, but seemingly got stuck there.

Jan. 2013
Gaia was ascension-ready.
She could hold her own and also help bring in more light for humans.

~1.3 million ascension-ready humans.
So, we basically gained 1 million souls since 11/11/11 (pretty much the same numbers now – see comments later)

SO, we kinda KICKED ASS through 2012. We absolutely made a difference that year, although still not huge human numbers.

March 2013
~22 million at 4D Dome-level. (Most everyone who would still then be at the Dome level in July of 2014, were already there at this point.)

July 2013
Decision made to not have forerunners do other people’s transmutation work (take away others’ consequences) and put it back on each individual.
Higher realms entities / beings are basically brought back to reality about how free will and consequence go hand in hand.

Aug – Sept 2013
Forerunners again pick up some slack where others were doing their own work, but not quite knocking it all out. It could be said that the others were actually “clearing” but not “transmuting” some energy, so forerunners assisted with that transmutation work.

Oct. 2013
5Ders take the front line, bringing in light to help others.
(Note – Forerunners kept moving up through dimensional levels the more energy work we did so we were all beyond a 5D level at this point. The 5Ders referred to here were those who were ascension-ready at and after January 2013.)

~800 (of the non-forerunners) who were ascension-ready by Jan. 2013 were at 7D levels now.
(This is the same as forerunners – the more service for others that was being done, the higher dimensional levels that were being attained.)

June 2014
Higher entities assisting with Gaia ascension stop waiting for 4Ders and allow Gaia’s ascension to move forward.

July 2014
(very recent to then – when I hammered out the bulk of this information)

We picked up a few others JUST RECENTLY. How few?
102 jumped from 3D to 4D
144 jumped from 4D to 5D

I’m told the reason / impetus for them to do so was because Gaia was now moving forward (since end of June 2014). THAT is what caused these few hundred to move forward. As if they and Gaia were having a stare down to see who would move first.

What number of individuals at what level (still July 2014 here)
55 at Divine level
~145,000 at 9D level – No one else has made it to 9D levels or beyond (so only those who were ascension-ready at 11/11/11)
~2100 at 7D level
~1.0 million at 5D level
~22 million at Dome (4D “dwelling”) level

Post-ascension plans (again, how it stood in July 2014):

Divine – Only 13 out of 55 plan to stay with 5D Gaia.
9D – Of the ~145,000, only ~1,300 plan on staying with 5D Gaia.
7D – all plan to stay with 5D Gaia.

Sept. 2014
The creation of “the Dome” / 4D dwelling level was stopped. Now it’s ascend or stay with 3D Earth, no more 4D ‘Tweenerville.

Oct. 2014
Eclipses and solar activity push the ~22 million 4D level folk (not ascension-ready) onward and upward.

For myself, while others were getting clobbered with this incoming light, to me IT. FELT. SO. GOOD!

The bulk of my energetic service stopped in the fall of 2014. In the early months of 2015, I had a few symptoms to do with the tail end of my own ascension process. More recently I’ve been mostly thumb-twiddling and feeling a bit better than when I was used for years as a human antenna (with next to no outward physical movement, poor body).

What I’m getting from God now is that the ~22 million people who have been on path and are at 4D levels, have been urged since last fall to step up to at least a level where they can hold the light for 3D Earth after Gaia and ascending humans have split off from 3D and moved on to 5D.

Dec. 2015
I’m informed that the ~22 million lightworkers referenced above has now gone down to ~15 million as ~7 million obviously dropped off from the big push that went on since Sept. of 2014.

May 2016
As many realize, there’s a major push this year to get some lightworkers COMPLETED. ¬†God tells me that as things stand now – current energies, inertia, personal choices – about 40% of the ~ 15 mil. or ~ 6 million lightworkers will complete this year. ¬†The remainder of the ~ 15 mil. will still be able to be light holders though.

Aug. 2016
~1 million of afore mentioned ~6 million are complete / ascension-ready / full Christ embodiment.

Apr. 2017
~5 million complete.

May 2017

The first two groups here, I’ve known these numbers for a while, but got some additional info recently.

So, just for fun, just for curiosity’s sake, ‘cuz this is how I roll, I’d asked about the percentages of genders of the complete / ascension-ready (and next) lightworkers, so here are those numbers:

Original ~145,000 Р50 / 50.  I was surprised by this and yet it seemed so perfect.

Next ~ 1,000,000 Р70 / 30 women to men.  That I was not surprised by.

Next ~ 6,000,000 – 60 / 40 women to men.

Next (upcoming, not complete yet) ~ 9,000,000 Р50 / 50.  Seeing that leveling out is a good sign.