Table of Contents

Ascension Timeline Thus Far

Divine Guidance – It’s Not Just For Everyone, It’s Also FOR YOU!

Healing / Inner Work – What Is It?

Ascending Through Dimensions… ALL the Way, Moving Through to COMPLETION!

K.I.S.S. ing Ascension

Healing – Emotional

For Forerunners, Ascension Symptoms Ain’t the Half of It

As Below, So Above

Healing, It’s All the Shit!

Stepping Stones and Individual Path

Free Will and Consequence

Healing – Physical

Healing – Mental

Create Anew!

4D as a Dwelling Realm – A Short-Lived, Impractical and Canceled Ascension Experiment

Alzheimer’s and Cholesterol, Water and EVERYTHING, Listening to Your Body… and some other things

Free Will is Just a Veiled Consciousness State

Where Two or More Are Gathered – Tales From Above the Veil

ET “High Council” Meddling Revealed

Gay Marriage

Taking Emotional Power to the Yahoos Above the Veil

Because Someone Could Stand to Say It

“Whatever you do, don’t move too fast or too far…”

The “Superpowers” of Higher Dimensions

Against All Odds – Tales From Above the Veil

The Higher Self

Useful Healthful Tips

Funny Notions

Not Only Dogs Smell Fear

Excitement vs. Joy

Follow Me

Core Issues / Wounds / Programs / Fears / Beliefs

Priorities – Following Divine Guidance

What is Ascension?

Healthy Selfishness

Old Chinese Saying

Yo Lightworkers! You got next. How to BE the LIGHT

The Truth is In Here – Do You Really Wanna Know?

Gravity of Love

Being Human is Wonderful!

From a Place of Love…

Never Gets Old

Nova Gaia Grids Descend

Cosmic Cattle Prod

Life Uncommon

Rockin’ Heaven Down


Stairway to Heaven

Interpretation … of Stairway to Heaven

Forerunners vs. LightWorkers

Will You Know? … when Gaia and the first wave have ascended?

Definition of Terms

Planetary Ascension Project Overview (Review?!)

5 Element Theory

My Twin Flame

Secret Life

The Trickster, 4th Ray Energy, Divine Love

Mercury Retrograde – Communication Breakdown

What of the body during ascension?

God, where are You?

How to Parallel Park

Release the Hounds!

Kind and Generous



From Surrendering to Reveling

These Are Days

Near-Death Experience & Close Encounter

But there’s one thing that unites us all…

You’ll Know Them By Their Fruits


Ascension Time!


Brand New Day

Power and Boundaries

Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition


U.S. Events… for Canadians

Are You Living or Dying?


Heaven’s Here on Earth

Do you still listen to / watch the msm (mainstream media)?

Sticks and Stones…


Current Events… for Dummies

Something to See

Reverse Speech with David John Oates

Reincarnation and Karma

Energy Discernment

Trust and Flow


The meek shall inherit the Earth

Everybody Lay Down

Understanding Tools



War Pigs

Grand Illusion

Who Will NOT Ascend?

Let go, let God

“The Work” of Ascension

Masculine AND Feminine

Enabling Others’ Dysfunction


Ascension Update

Love is a Good Thing


You Got This! / “This Is SO Hard!”

Service to Self, Service to Others

Mental Health Hotline

Thank U

Bring Me To Life

Savin’ Me

Ascension Update – the sequel

Self Love

Return to Innocence

3D Earth

No Power in the ‘Verse Can Stop Me

Freedom Calls

Ascension Update… the Third

New Beginning

Ascension Update – IV

To Whom It May Concern

As One Door Closes, Another Door Opens

Sacred Symbology

Individuation and Collectives


The Lie of Omission

Skin Problems

For the Love of Big Brother

Dodging the Arrows


Love Alive

Dress Rehearsal

Too Long a Soldier

Ascension Update 5

How to Create

Power of Words & True Vibration of Words

Last Call – You Don’t Have to Go Home, But Ya Can’t Stay Here

The Road Home

Ascension Update Six

Forerunners on 5D Gaia

Moving Beyond Awakening Shock Syndrome

Massive Apocalypse

God! Enough Already!

The Speed of Light = The Speed of Thought

Address the Darkness

Ignorance and Arrogance

Unconditional Love

People Get Ready

First Try

And Now… the Moment You’ve All Been Waiting For

Self Masteries Are Us

Learn Why The Globalists Fear The Individual

Who Was Yahweh?

Watch InfoWars Fuel and Fan the Flames of the Global Cabal’s Divide and Conquer Tactics

It’s Happening! Trump To Declare Martial Law To Stop UN Invasion

Talkin’ Bout a Revolution

What the World Needs Now Is Love

InfoWars Does It Again!

Still and Quiet

You Might Be Caught in Duality

Farsights – Settle in for the Long Haul!

Big-time Election Fraud!

Soul Experiences… for Dummies

Big Kid Pants

Who Will Save Your Soul?

Dissenting to the Dissing-of-Self Disinfo – Lessons in Walking and Chewing Gum at the Same Time

Well Son of a Bitch! …if it isn’t Quid Pro Joe

Gaia is reborn

Coronavirus – Summary of Info Thus Far

The Year 2020

No More Distractions

98% Fake Covid Cases Exposed in Texas County Audit

Abuse and Power

It’s Gonna Be


MD Doctor Who First Exposed Vaccine Dangers Drops Bombshell After Bombshell, MUST WATCH!

Twitter LOCKS Accounts Of Media, Celebrities, Gov. Officials For Sharing Biden Scandal Story

Global Bombshell! CDC Officially Calls Covid-19 a Hysteria-Driven Hoax – FULL SHOW 8/31/20

More Big-Time Election Fraud

Sarah Varcas Astrology

Talent on Loan from God

Layering on of Programming

American Marxism

High Time to “Get Real” about the Truth of Things

Reader’s Digest Condensed Version of Western Religion

Astrological Energies for 2021 by Sarah Varcas

We Are the Ones

Are You Letting Your Beliefs Run the Show?

Who Is John Galt?

In Honor of Art Bell

Trump Abandons Base – Pushes COVID VAX

Breaking: Ghislaine Maxwell Found GUILTY Of Helping Epstein Sexually Abuse Teen Girls

Follow Divine Guidance


Intuition, Insight, Instinct

Vaxx Stats Point to Mass Casuality Event

You Gotta Be

Attack on / Collapse of the Family

International Criminal Grand Jury Investigation: ‘Psychopathic’ Globalists Used COVID to Commit ‘Crimes Against Humanity’

You Are Part of a Collective

Good, Better, Best

What Are You Creating?

Mind Your Own Business!

Explosive Interview: New Docs Found On Hunter’s Laptop From Hell


Choices and Consequences – Mundane-Level Consequences

Watch the Water

Monopoly – Who Owns the World?

We Make Our Own Fate

There Is No Such Thing as an “Asymptomatic Case of COVID”

Why the Global Cabal Are So “Above Board”

The Road to Heaven Goes Through Hell

Emergency Message to Alex Jones!

Big Pharma Set to Control Entire Food Supply

Prepare for Success

The Power of One


World on Fire

January 6th

The Great Reset: And the War for the World

Soak Up The Sun

Who Are You?

Speak Your Truth

The Trap

Everybody Has Issues

Good Examples of a Bad Example

Where Are the Candlelight Vigils?

Warning! Diesel Crisis Could Soon Crash Entire U.S. Economy

Died Suddenly

The Dish Antenna

Even MORE Big-Time Election Fraud

Presidential Takedown

They Lied About COVID Treatments


Identity Politics

Eris: The Radical Feminine Rises

Enough with the Whole Headless Chicken Bit!

I Won’t Back Down

Tarot Reading

World Shocked By SPARS 2025-2028 Document

Message to David Icke

Your Savior Is NOT Coming. Your savior has been here the whole time.

Saving Aziz