Hello world!

Hello… and… SALUTE!

I am a Gaia Ascension Forerunner.

I “completed” / became “ascension-ready” (my term) in early 2011.  The Divine relieved me (mostly) of energetic service work in the fall of 2014 because I was too spent to do any more.

This site is, for sure, for informational purposes for those still working on their enlightenment and healing process, but it is also meant as a salute to all other Gaia Ascension Forerunners, the Original ~145,000.

To all of you GAFs out there, I salute!  I respect and appreciate the immense effort you all have made for Gaia and for your fellow human and to the greater cosmos / universe / multiverse.   I know GAFs rarely get acknowledged, let alone appreciated.  Hell, most lightworkers can’t even “see” us forerunners, don’t even know we exist.  Many who are just now completing think they are the first, having no idea of the selfless sacrifice that the true forerunners have made and what all we few have accomplished, yes, out of love for our fellow human.

Well, folks, if it takes someone at your level to make a show of appreciation to you, that others, who could surely learn from you just can’t seem to muster, well, you fabulous cosmic work horses, I SALUTE YOU!  You have been champs.

Some of the articles here will document what I have been through personally in this planetary ascension effort, what work I was involved with and it will also disclose what I have come to learn / realize (from this still somewhat veiled perspective) about what goes on not just on this planet, but also about just as surely ludicrous goings on above the veil (atv).  You may find resonance with it, either because you too were also doing similar work or you may just have a knowingness about the info once you read it.

This blog was not started until after my own ascension work was complete and also after my energetic service work for the planet and collective was mostly complete due to the Divine not allowing me to be used anymore, since I am rather spent.

It has not been a daily diary sort of blog, but is really more about healing and empowerment fundamentals that I observe many lightworkers still do not grasp or embrace.

Thanks for taking a look.


Also see One of These Things Is Not Like the Others page for an overview of what to expect here.


Express your Self. Don't repress your Self.

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