Divine Guidance – It’s Not Just For Everyone, It’s Also FOR YOU!

I’m going to start this off with…

I’d recently seen someone online say that the Divine does not speak to them.  My short answer: “I call bullsh*t.”

The Divine is always speaking to us.  The question is – are we paying attention?  We must be aware and receptive.  The Divine can and does use any and every way to get messages to us, we just need to watch for them.

I myself am not clairvoyant.  I do not channel.  I am not what myself or many people would consider psychic.  I will go so far as to call myself an intuitive.  But there has been too much emphasis put on some ways of receiving higher guidance, such as channeling and clairvoyance, as if those are the only ways.  That’s great if that’s what works for you, but what if those things are not your forte.  Folks, don’t let yourself get fooled into thinking you don’t have what it takes just because your way is different than the next person’s.

I’ve had less than a handful of clairvoyant episodes and I must admit they’ve been a bit unnerving.  And what I’ve been shown at those times was completely innocuous, but it was the fact that it was “shown” to me, in a visual way, that kinda set me back.  It made me want to exclaim, “What! … are you doing to me?!”  Now, on the flip side, I can envision things very well.  And that has absolutely come in handy in this co-creation of 5D Gaia.

There are four main “clairs” – clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairaudience – which are, respectively – clear seeing, clear sensing, clear knowing, clear hearing.

Over the many years, my strongest clair was clairsentience.  Synchronicity is a clairsentient function.  It’s that experience of things in your life, in the outer world, seemingly and actually, answering your questions or giving you guidance.  Yep, one must pay attention to pick up on these things.  It could come in a whole myriad of ways, a few examples being – you “put out” your question and the answer comes on / in… the ad on the side of a bus, a billboard, a news report, overhearing some strangers’ conversation, a book dropping off a shelf, a line in a movie, a certain person delivered to you… you name it.

Keep in mind that God and your Higher Self can always hear you.  So you keep up your end of the dialog and be watchful for the answers.

With this in mind, asking questions is very important.  By putting out the question, you are readying yourself to receive the answer.  It may be something that the Divine has already been attempting to get across to you and yet once you ask the question, now you’re more ready to actually receive the answer and recognize it for what it is when it shows up.

A few things that I have been into over the years…

Well, one thing, I got interested in astrology.  Life and the Divine totally assisted me in my studies.  I was guided to an awesome astrologer who gave me many readings over many years.  I also wanted to understand astrology more, to make a study of it and she was very kind in answering my questions, but she did it just right – she didn’t let it suck up her time, nor did she feel a need to charge me for that like she would when doing a reading for me.  She just gave me the right search terms… and away I went.  She did a great job at helping me be empowered and I took the ball she handed me and ran with it.

I was guided to some really good books.  There were two that I very much appreciated that both spoke of the “evolved” and “unevolved” characteristics of all the signs.  Both the unevolved and evolved person exhibits the energies of their sun sign and other positions and aspects of their birth chart, but their level of evolution determines just what they do with those personal energies.

As one simple example – one archetype of Scorpio is “The Detective”.  Scorpios are VERY good at finding things out about people and things.  I knew one Scorpio who, no matter what they found out about someone, they regarded it all as “dirt” or “dirty laundry”, like they could find out the most harmless, inconsequential, things about you, perhaps even straight from the horse’s mouth and they acted like they really had something on you.  Not so evolved.  Another Scorpio I knew was every bit the super sleuth as the other one and yet what they found out about someone they used to better understand that person and work with them and appreciate them.  More evolved.

But, as I was learning some things about astrology, I would have either many people of the same sun sign delivered to me in a short period of time or I’d have individuals who had 3 – 5 other planets in their sun sign.  Then I’d go read about that sign in my favorite books.  This latter group, with many planets in one sign, were very textbook epitomes of that sign.  They made for a good living, breathing example of that sign.  And to my credit for paying attention and seeing these opportunities for learning sent to me by the Divine.

Astrology does not hold as much significance for me anymore and with good reason.  We implant growth, healing and evolution potential in our birth charts.  Once we seize those opportunities and learn the lessons, etc., we can release those energies.  I find I have released what I no longer need and yet, I also chose to hang onto some energies that have served me well and still do.

Another thing that I have paid attention to for years – and my HS (Higher Self) and God know this – is word and name meanings.  I’m talking about the true vibration, the word origin of words and names.  Most people pay no attention whatsoever to name meanings and words have often lost their original meaning / true vibration as our language has shifted and been downright corrupted.  But I pay attention to these things and much information has been brought to me by the Divine through names and words.

I had to laugh that a few years ago I heard a song from the 50s / 60s and ya know how so many songs from then were people’s names.  Well, I got my hair cut and that song was playing in the salon and for days I had that song going through my head, even after hearing other songs.  Well, here I am, someone who pays attention to such and had been for years and yet it took me several days to catch on and yet the Divine would not let that song leave my mind… until I looked up the name, which then connected to an old Greek deity and the archetypal information that went with it was very profound.  Doh! I could just sense my higher self just beaming, so happy with himself.  lol

Now sometimes, I swear that the Divine sends me some messages that are really of little to no consequence, just to let me know that the communication lines are still working.  A bit of a Divine wink, if you will.  Here’s one small example.  I had my car parked out on the street and I noticed one tire was low.  I took a portable air compressor out and started pumping the tire up.  It’s a small compressor so it takes a while.  As I’m standing there waiting, I notice that across the street is a billboard that says, “Pump things up.”  I said out loud, “I’m on it!”  Yep, of no real consequence, but if I would not have been parked right where I was, had a low tire while there, decided to pump it up then, I would not have been at that place to see that message that was so very nose on.  And that’s how synchronicity works. No really significant info in this specific episode, except perhaps that “the medium IS sometimes the message”.  As I said, it’s a way for the Divine to let me know, “Hey, just because we haven’t been chatting with you lately doesn’t mean we can’t if we need you to know something.”  Kinda like an occasional test signal to check the lines.

I learned to do Tarot readings and just the Tarot deck itself (and astrology is this way too) is just loaded with archetypal information.  You see, archetypal information has to do with the Initiatory Rites / Ascension blueprint left in this world after “the fall”.  The fall?  Oh, I don’t know, the fall of Atlantis perhaps?  10,000 + years ago.  That is a whole other topic, far beyond the scope of this article, but you could say that higher beings left a cookie crumb trail to help humans get out of this veiled world of illusion.

Years ago, there used to be mystery schools (a few around now too) to put people through initiations.  They’re the kind of thing where one’s own desire to understand is key.  Information is not handed to you on a silver platter but is instead presented in symbology and perhaps the initiate just might “catch the spark” and head out on their own personal grail quest.  That’s the whole idea.

When it comes right down to it though, one need not join a mystery school to benefit from this.  The archetypal Initiatory Rites / Ascension blueprint is part of the energetic overlay in this world.  Life itself will deliver the initiations to you.  Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to pay attention, learn what you are to learn with the information / experiences / challenges presented and grow and evolve from that.

I also learned to use a dowsing rod for “yes / no” or matter-of-degree types of quickie questions I had for the Divine.  I’m going to tell you right now, in recent years, since 2010, I am so glad I learned Tarot and how to use a dowsing rod years ago, because they have been invaluable as this ascension process kicked into high gear and the upgrades and clearings, then transmutation work for the planet hit intensely and rapid-fire, leaving me so dazed and exhausted and not as able to “hear” as well as before my own personal ascension work.

But to tell a few more snippets of my own personal experiences and evolutions.  Initially, my “awakening” and much info that came to me for a long time was through synchronicities and being sharp enough to follow those clues to more information, and what to bother with and what not to.

After a while, I had some clairaudient and claircognizant experiences.  The first entity I heard was Mommy Earth / Gaia and she was very clear, but I find her not to be very verbose.  She is the epitome of love, she truly is and most of her messages to me were just about that, “I know you love me and I appreciate that and I love you too.”  I knew from that first instance that I was absolutely here for HER.  She was my assignment.

And initially, when I spoke to different entities, I could feel / sense them on or near different parts of my body.  God and Gaia I feel differently.  I don’t need this so much anymore, but I still do find that focusing on those respective locations does help to clarify the connection if need be.

I eventually got to where I was good at automatic writing or actually typing since I did it on a computer.

During the last few years, as I have been on ascension work, when God has wanted me on something, He has used claircognizance in a big way.  I must say that emotions played a role in this.  The emotions came first, with great intensity, like having an emotion out of the blue that seemingly had nothing to do with anything.  But then the knowingness came, in a flood.  I just knew.  I knew whole stories, situations.  Boom.

Now I will say though, that there have been and still are many times when the Divine seems to take a “don’t call us, we’ll call you” attitude.  Like I said above, if God wants me on something, He gets through to me.  If, on the other hand, I want to know something, well, often times it’s back to painstaking Tarot readings or long q & a sessions with the dowsing rod amplifying my body’s responses to God’s answers.  Groan.  But I do what I have to do.  It’s important to me.  This planetary ascension is my life purpose, my assignment and has been my main focus for years and in recent years about the only thing I think about other than the bare necessities of living.

And my use of the dowsing rod brought an epiphany to me one day.  To use the rod, you first get it moving, then the Divine subtly influences your body and the dowsing rod amplifies that and either stays on course or deflects.  Well, I realized that this thing of getting it started, getting it moving, is really key.  I start the movement and the Divine determines the direction.  It’s the same thing with questions and other dialog with the Divine – just get the conversation started.  Always hold up your end.

And I’ve found that it can be quite the same with my own imagination.  I can’t count the times that I’ve started a daydream only to then realize that by the time I got done, the Divine had steered my imagination and delivered a message to me.

Dreams have brought me info.  But I have observed, at least for myself, that dreams are pretty much in 3 categories – Divine messages, a chance to clear energy, or merely my mind just sorting through the junk drawer, if you will.  A while back, the Divine, knowing I pay attention to names, sent me a whole string of celebrity dreams.  And I don’t recall before that time ever even once dreaming about celebrities.  But it was people whose names I knew and yep, the message delivered had to do, in part, with their name meanings.

I’ve also had dreams that were “about” one person and yet that person was not in it.  An example, I dreamt of someone who I worked with many years ago and it was so vivid and I could hear their voice also and it was totally that person.  But their name means “beloved” and the dream was not about them, but was really about my twin flame.  There was more to the dream, but here again, I’m just showing various ways, sometimes combined together, that the Divine has spoken to me.

Over the years animal totems have also brought me messages.  I know some people concern themselves with their life totem, but I have not had them present themselves in that way to me.  For me it’s more about a message in the now moment, so those animals change over time.  So… animals and synchronicity… years ago, I found myself on the dating scene after many years of partnership(s).  I met someone online and we emailed quite a bit then met for lunch.  We ended up hanging out together all day and doing dinner also.  Well, in-between meals, we were walking around and one place we went was into a small book store.  The floor was terraced.  My date took the high road and I took the low road.  We get to the same bookshelf.  I see on the bottom shelf a book about crows.  I, recent to that time, had crows getting all up close to me in ways like never before.  I reached down to get the book, while my date is reaching up to the top shelf for a book.  I stand up and we’re both holding the same crow book.  I said, “No way.”  They said, “Have you been seeing crows too?”  And we did end up seeing each other for a short time and we played very significant roles in each other’s lives.  Crow totem in part means “change.”

Now, I’ve given you several examples of things that have and do work for me.  This is not a rule book for anyone else.  It’s certainly not all inclusive for my own life.  As far as I care, that sort of attitude (the rule book one) is where spirituality morphs (and I don’t mean in a good way) into “religion” and the New Age “religion” is as guilty of this as any.  Someone has an awakening, an epiphany, a revelation and they so want to tell others.  Wonderful.  THAT is spirituality.  Where they mess up is when they look back at their own path and make hard and fast, black and white rules about how others should follow the exact same path they did.  I don’t tell you of my own experiences implying that you must do and learn all the same things I have.  Not at all.  I just offer up many ways (and there are so many more I know of and don’t know of) that the Divine communicates with me, with us… with you.

I’ve talked here about archetypes and Initiatory Rites / initiations.  These things are signs and symbols that “have been left” here in this world to help lead us to the truth, to healing, to Divine Guidance.  Other things – meditation, crystals, colors, symbology, knowledge of astrology, Tarot, chakras, etc.  These are all tools.  Tools that lead you to what really matters – healing and Divine Guidance.  So, it’s important to know not to get attached to the tools and the clues themselves.

For instance – why meditate?  Is it really just about getting that chance to regularly sit in the corner and chant?  “Oh, I just can’t wait to go sit in a corner and chant! Woo hoo!”  lol  No, not at all.  It’s about hearing your inner voice.  If you can do that without all the chanting, if you can heal without the aid of crystals or healing methods, etc., then yippee, you win.  If you could learn and use some of these tools as amplifiers or training wheels for a while until you get your our intuitive and healing-power feet under you, that’s great, but don’t let these aids become a crutch that you feel you absolutely need and can’t live without.  If you do that, you’ve kinda missed the point.  Your ability to heal and to connect with the Divine is ultimately not about those tools.  It’s about YOU.  As with me, you may find that things you’ve grown past at one point may still come in handy down the road – like my Tarot and dowsing rod during many years of intense and exhausting energy work.

If anyone were to ask me any question, pretty much about anything, I’d love to be able to always just give the short answer of, “What does God tell you?”

I’ve known many people whose intuition absolutely works.  They’ll talk to me about some dilemma in their life and one of the first things out of their mouth is their intuition guiding them.  Unfortunately, with many people, at many times, their disempowering conditioning kicks in and then comes a long stream of justifications for why they don’t have to follow their intuition.  And they wonder why their life’s dilemmas don’t get resolved.

The Divine absolutely can and does use outer clues to catch our attention and the Divine can and does guide us to information that comes from “outside” sources, but the guidance to it is that inner source that is very important and valuable and one that is well worth accessing, honing, solidifying and maintaining.

Your own inner guidance / intuition / connection with the Divine is the absolute best source of guidance there is.


2 thoughts on “Divine Guidance – It’s Not Just For Everyone, It’s Also FOR YOU!

  1. I have so been enjoying your blog so far, and love this one article too. I have come to realize that our awake life is as symbolic or sending us messages as our dreaming life does. I have had so many synchronicities, too many to mention, but I have and do get answers not long after I have asked. I remember telling a friend of mine I asked God why? This was just after I got hit by a car on my bicycle and had over 199 stiches in my face, and just didn’t understand why I needed to experience that. My friend was agast, ‘how dare you ask God’, and he was Mormon and didn’t think I had any right to question God…if for one didn’t think I needed some middle man to tell me what God had to say, I can go right to the source and get my answers…but as we are all conditioned in all these religions or spiritual places of seeking answers from outside, I know that if I only ask, I will either hear the answer, or see a sign or hear a song….like a time when I was so frustrated with my life and I just broke down and cried asking God why it has to be so difficult…then a song came into my head ‘Carry on my wayward son, there’ll be peace when you are done, lay your weary head to rest, don’t you cry not more’ by Kansas. At first I was quite shocked that instantly I got my answer. Just like when I asked God why and got ‘To make you stronger…and I also got that I was moving in the wrong direction in my life, I needed to change that. As in when things fall into place, and you have listened to that intuition, it does serve one well, to ask and pay attention!
    As for the crow thing, so very interesting….I once had this very vivid dream or maybe it was more like astral traveling that I was flying thru the air, and went so low that I was cutting thru the highway that was below me, and so I flipped over onto my back and then a crow flew into my heart center which startled me so much as I could actually feel it, and woke up springing up out of bed…it was so strange and wanted to understand why that happened. I have had lucid dreams since I was a kid. But as I have gotten older, these dreams of knowing I am dreaming were much harder to do and try to make me know that I was dreaming…like looking at the clock and asking if you are dreaming, or looking at your feet, and knowing you are dreaming…I tried that when I got older and then knew I was dreaming, but then tried to leave the house I was in, and the trees would not let me…it was so bizarre if I could have held onto that awareness alittle longer I could have told the trees, this is my dream, move out of the way! LOL
    In the astrological stuff you spoke of, I have studied a lot of that, and usually can tell what sun sign someone is and they do come with body types as well. I also studied a lot of Human Design, which is a system combining the ICHING and Kabbalah and Astrology in a binary consciousness and based on the archetypes. It’s called Jovian archive where you can get your rave body chart and shows about a lot of in depth that helped me more understand the astrology and energies in which we incarnated with. It’s on the precept that you are the passenger and there is the driver and letting your design as in ‘waiting for the call’ or ‘waiting for the invitation’ to engage….it’s complicated but did help me to understand astrology so much better…ok, writing a novel here! AGAIN…LOL, I was trying to get thru the first month’s writings and between my busy stuff here and trying to absorb what you are saying, I just have to say I am enjoying your topics and your insights. 🙂


    • Oh yes, my first month was a biggy ‘cuz I’d been writing articles for months before, although many of them I literally wrote in about a month, Oct. 2014, when I got relieved of energetic service duties and there was lots of solar activity that beat up the LWs, but it felt SO good to me so I used that energy to do some writing.

      The dreaming and knowing you are thing… sometime here in the last few years, I had one dream where a couple people and I were in this like industrial area where there were many single story long buildings, one right after the other. There were manufacturing activities of various sorts going on in these buildings. We just wanted out and kept walking and looking and there was seemingly no way out of this endless maze of buildings. Then the workers in these places were being zombie-like and they knew we were trying to get out and were trying to stop us. Then suddenly I was aware that I was dreaming and knew that all I had to do was wake up and I’d be out. So, in the dream, I kept saying my own name and then “… wake up!” over and over and I then woke up to the sound of my own physical voice saying “wake up!”

      As far as I can remember, that was the only time I’ve known I was dreaming while dreaming.

      Your bicycle accident… vehicles of whatever nature and issues with them can indicate it’s time to “move” or “move forward”.

      I too have thoroughly enjoyed your novels, er, comments. I think you almost have as much written here as I do. 😉


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