Healing – Emotional

Spirit and Emotions have a close connection.

I’ll just start by saying – if you’ve allowed yourself to get sucked into the conditioning that some Emotions are good, some bad, some deserve expression and others don’t, and you live by that, squelching some emotions, burying them, postponing them, well, you are cutting yourself off from Spirit.

Listen to your Emotions and give them expression.  More times than not, that expression is not to or at someone else.  It’s not about them anyway.  There are times when expressing to someone is the proper course to take, like for instance when setting boundaries or even when demonstrating your passion about something important and definitely don’t be shy about expressing love, but I’m not necessarily talking romantic love or even the fluffy New Age “love and light” stuff, that without personal willpower and sheer guts and whatever else it takes to git ‘er done, is just so much lip service… fluff.

But whether to others or just by yourself, give ALL of your emotions expression.

“We’re too busy keeping our emotions in check to ever dream of infinite possibilities.  And maybe that is the ultimate conspiracy.”
Ramtha from What the Bleep!?  Down the Rabbit Hole.  

Ideally Emotions happen in full force WITH the event they belong to.  They hit, you experience them, then they pass through and are done with, just like the event itself.  Yes, you can and will reach this state if you are diligent about Emotional healing.

Emotions are energy and energy is meant to flow.  When you push them down you create a blockage, then you carry a lot of emotional baggage from the past into your present and future.  Let it go already.  Hey, if there is some emotion that you don’t want to feel anymore, then the quickest way to that goal is TO FEEL IT IN FULL.  Done.

Part of Emotional healing then has to do with dealing with a backlog of Emotions that you have pent up because you were conditioned (in a disempowered way) that emotional expression was bad or wrong in some way.  You’ll have to allow all that old, stale emotion to surface, acknowledge it, perhaps also acknowledge the event(s) it belongs to (maybe, maybe not), express it and… really key here… release it.

Ask your Divine Self and God for help and guidance with clearing this.

In our Emotional healing transition, we get better at responding rather than re-acting (acting again, as you have before).  This goes hand in hand, occurring in tandem with clearing out that backlog of old emotions that belong to events long past.  We become more present and get better at actually choosing our emotions.  But be careful here that that is what you are truly doing and not just slipping back into stifling emotions.

Hey, you feel how you feel.  And by allowing yourself to feel what you feel, quickly, experiencing it fully and allowing it to flow right through in the moment (a moment defines an experience, no matter how long it takes), you create no backlog, so then have no emotional attachment to old events and hence have nothing to “re-act” to.  You experience each moment in a fresh way, in the present, with no links, attachments to moments gone by or moments yet to come.


(For more detail on emotions, how to get information from them, and the distinction between “emotions” and “feelings”, see link to article in comments to do with “is-it-a-feeling-or-is-it-an-emotion”)



5 thoughts on “Healing – Emotional

  1. I left the comment below at this link:

    Hi Janus. I saw your comment about someone you’re seeing on Brenda Hoffman’s newest post, here:

    I’d like to answer with a story. Years ago my astrologer told me she would get together with other astrologers and look at public people’s charts and compare notes / share interpretations. So, way back, when Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton were together, they were looking at their charts together. All the other astrologers were saying that this was a match made in heaven sort of thing. My own astrologer shook her head. The others asked why. She said that there was not enough challenge and GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES in their charts and that they would soon get bored with each other and part ways. Yep, a few months later that happened.

    I’d written in my book that’s what most relationships are about – growth opportunities and yet the good stuff has to be there also or why would you stick it out and learn what you are to learn there.


  2. Good article.

    I left the comment below (in italics) to her.
    She is obviously not too open and receptive and has seemingly deleted my comment. But that’s ok, I’ll give her credit for an article well-written. May she eventually become open and receptive and learn from others.

    Hi Karla. Great article.

    I’ve included it in comments on my blog post below, which I’d like you to read (it’s fairly short) and I’d love to hear your perspective on what I address about “re-acting” vs “responding”, which I feel you kinda skirt with your discussion on thoughts not “creating” emotions but “evoking” them. I’ll let my post do the rest of my communication.
    And… are you aware / have you considered the close connection between Emotions and Spirit?


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