Healing / Inner Work – What Is It?

I bother to ask and answer the question because I see many people using certain terms to express to each other, assuming we’re all talking about the same thing.  But whether we are or not comes into question when you see someone ask others “What do you mean by healing / inner work?” and then the answers that come aren’t necessarily very good and you can tell that the person asking the question is still bewildered.  So, I’ll offer up a cursory overview of that and we’ll get to added detail later.

Healing happens at all levels of one’s being – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.  In order to be healed, whole, integrated, complete, one must address all of these four facets of their being.

From here:

Definition of heal
transitive verb

  • a :  to make free from injury or disease :  to make sound or whole heal a wound
  • b :  to make well again :  to restore to healthheal the sick


  • a :  to cause (an undesirable condition) to be overcome :mendthe troubles … had not been forgotten, but they had been healed — William Power
  • b :  to patch up or correct (a breach or division) heal a breach between friends


  • :  to restore to original purity or integrity healed of sin

intransitive verb

:  to become free from injury or disease :  to return to a sound state The cut has already healed.


Origin and Etymology of heal:

Middle English helen, from Old English hǣlan; akin to Old High German heilen to heal, Old English hāl whole — more at whole

In short – Heal = to make whole.

Why the need for healing?  Well, we came into an Earthly realm that was set up to be 3D / Duality / Experiential.  It was an illusory realm.  Over much time even more illusions have been piled on the original duality experience plan and that resulted in major separation from Spirit / Divine and its guidance and wisdom.  It had resulted in dis-ease and ill health on all levels of being.

One key word in all of this is ENERGY.  Behind all of these levels of our being is energy.  You can work on healing your energy and have that energy influence all levels of your being, and / or you can work on those levels of your being, which will in turn shift your energy.  There is a feedback loop in all that, reinforcing whatever you are putting your energy and focus on.  A small example – What you think affects what you eat and what you eat affects your ability to think.

Healing or being Healthy can be quickly defined in a basic way for the four levels of being in the following ways:

Physical – proper diet, lifestyle, exercise
Mental – proper thoughts and core beliefs that are empowering and self affirming
Emotional – acknowledgement of and proper expression of ALL emotions
Spiritual – acknowledgement of and commitment to gaining and maintaining spiritual connection and tapping into its wisdom and guidance

In all cases diligence is key.  Diligence is defined as “persistent application”.  Simply knowing of wisdom is not enough.  One must live it.  Not just for a day, a year, a decade, only on weekdays, but as a way of life.  And as you find some things really don’t work anymore or need some adjustment, then you must have a willingness to make a course correction when need be.

There is much in this world to lead you astray – many unhealthy (at all levels) distractions, many poisons, much unhealthy conditioning / programming / brainwashing.  You just need to unplug from all that and stop participating in it.  And that’s all you need to do.  You don’t fight someone else’s creation, you create anew.

Your True Divine Self just is.  When it comes right down to it, it’s not something that one even really needs to seek out, it’s there with you, for you, IS you always.  The issue is that, in this world, all manner of, well, I’ll just say it, crap has been layered on top of who you really are.  Healing is then really about removing all those layers of crap.  When you do that, your True Self will be revealed.

Other terms that are used for healing and for good reason are – deprogramming, dehypnotizing, detoxing, reprogramming, reconditioning, integration, being (w)holy, empowerment… and many more, but this might give you an idea.    Many, myself included, often refer to much of this as “inner work”.  It’s YOUR work to do.  Others may be able to assist you, give you some guidance and direction, but it’s ultimately up to you to heal you.  No one else has either the Responsibility or the Power to do so.  Only you… for no one else makes YOUR choices for you.

If you find yourself in a state of “dis-ease” or lack of ease, at any or all levels of your being, you did not get to that point overnight or by chance.  YOU created it.  You may very well have done so very unconsciously, from a very conditioned state, but you are a powerful creator and you are always creating.  You repeated ways of being until you got to where you are now.

“If you continue down the path you’re on, you’ll get to where you’re going.”
“If you keeping doing what you’ve done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve got.”  

“The law of attraction is this: You don’t attract what you want. You attract what you are.”  ~ Wayne Dyer

OR restated, using the Language of the Birds:

“The law of attraction is this: You don’t attract what you want. You attract what you wont.”

Same pronunciation as “want” – “wont” meaning:  one’s customary behavior in a particular situation

Like the word “behave”.  Be-have.  What you Be is what you Have.

Creatures of habit.  Time for new habits.

And you will not get out of that dis-eased state and into a healthy, healed and whole state overnight either… only through DILIGENCE!

Many people speaking about this realm will say to release judgement.  In some ways, I beg to differ.  It depends on what you’re talking about.   Sure there is a rather “negative” definition of “judgement”, but… Ok, so this realm was created for ex-perience.  So sure, if you are talking in a purely experiential way, then anything goes.  If you’ve not had your fill of murder, mayhem, addiction, dis-ease, drama, dysfunction, pain and suffering etc., then it’s anything goes for you.

If you have a goal in mind, you have now created a “condition”.  If you choose to be healthy and healed, then thinking, saying, doing unhealthy things doesn’t cut it… well, that is if you actually want to realize your goal.

But bother to learn something from your mistakes and if you fall off path just brush yourself off and get back on.  Beating yourself up over mistakes serves nothing.

We create through our Thoughts, Words, and Deeds.  You must put your Thoughts, Words and Deeds in line with your goal.

And you’d better be willing to use both Judgement (left-brained logical function based in reason) and Discernment (right-brained intuitive function based in knowingness) to constantly, DILIGENTLY do honest self-assessments on your progress and beingness.  Once you’ve set a goal, then you can bet that there are indeed “right” and “wrong” ways of being.  If you are to get any decent benefit from experiencing Duality, let it be that – knowing the difference between right and wrong dependent / conditioned on goal and specific situation.

And it is key that we listen to all levels of our being.

One’s body is kinda the end of the manifestation path.  Our energy eventually manifests outwardly and that is not just in our lives, but also in our bodies.  Your body has much to tell you.  Every little bump, bruise, ache, pain, illness, injury and accident – considering the affected body part – gives us clues to what’s going on with our energy.  See Louise Hay’s book “Heal Your Body” (also look online) for how your thoughts manifest outwardly / physically in / on your body and an affirmation for shifting your thoughts and energy.

The earlier you hear what your body is communicating, the sooner you can work to get your energetic balance back and restore your health.  Perhaps a bump or a mild symptom of illness didn’t get your attention, but a major injury finally does, if not that, then perhaps getting some chronic dis-ease will get your attention.  It’s called “chronic” for a reason – it’s the result of chronically making the same unhealthy choice over and over.  You’ve been in a chronic state of dis-ease (lack of ease) which resulted in chronic disease.

Our emotions have much to tell us.  But if we keep dismissing some emotions or postpone their expression, then we’re not listening to their wisdom and the wonderful feedback our emotions give us about our lives.  Essentially, we didn’t “finish” the moment’s experience by allowing full expression of the emotions that belong to that experience.  Furthermore, clinging / attaching to emotions from old events keeps us stuck in the past and projecting how things were into our future.

Our thoughts and most especially our core beliefs play a major role in our creations.  If we want to change what we are creating, we need to pay attention to what we are thinking and make a proactive effort at steering those thoughts in the more desired direction.  You say you want to be healthy and yet you keep telling yourself you aren’t or you are doomed to dis-ease.  Those kinds of thoughts will not get you to a state of health.

I bother to mention core beliefs in this because those are really entrenched ideas, the sort where we can’t see the forest for the trees.  Many are programmed in at a subconscious level, which we literally do with little to no conscious awareness.  The subconscious can truly be a wonderful thing if it is working for us in a healthy way.  It does things in the background so we don’t have to think so hard to do things we’ve done for years.  It’s what we call “second nature.”  But if some unhealthy way of being got programmed into our subconscious, then simply using “positive thinking” won’t help a bit if we have core beliefs that we are not consciously aware of, that are overpowering our “positive thinking”.  Healing core beliefs requires we have those beliefs come to the surface, to a conscious level, for evaluation and healing.  Also see Core Issues / Wounds / Programs / Fears / Beliefs

Our spiritual connection or lack there of is extremely significant in what we end up creating at all other levels of our being.  Spiritual connection gives us guidance and a higher perspective, so we can pull up out of the drama of our mundane-level lives to better understand what we are creating for ourselves and how.

I will elaborate in more detail about healing all these different levels of our being in subsequent articles.


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