K.I.S.S. ing Ascension

What is ascension?  Simply put, it is a COMPLETE transformation.

Of course the context here is the one we presently sit in, the ascension of Gaia and humans (who prepare themselves) from the 3rd dimension (3D) to the 5th dimension (5D).

Many people attempt to describe dimensions in some sort of scientific or mathematical way or in esoteric ways with sacred geometry, etc. but those things really aren’t so practical.  Why?  The biggest part of this whole ascension effort is healing.  When it comes right down to it, one’s Divine and True Self is always there but got buried under a whole lot of crap – brainwashing / subconscious programming / disempowering conditioning.  A person must unbury themselves from under all that to allow their True Self to shine and Be.

You can pull out your calculator and protractor on such matters and learn all about your merkaba, but that’s not going to get you ascended.  Those tools are not the sort that can help you measure the kinds of progress you need to make to prepare yourself for ascension.

What’s really important for someone to focus on is a much more down to Earth, more personal sort of thing.  The opportunities for personal healing are often delivered through your everyday life.

And there are many folks who will get all “religious” about it and insist that there is scientific, metaphysics or esoteric information that MUST be known and certain things that MUST happen and yet for everyone who is telling you some particular method or knowledge is absolutely required, there’s one or many other people who don’t know a thing about those specific things, most especially on a lower-mind level, and yet those people are quite ascension-ready.

So, let’s K.I.S.S. this whole ascension thang.  K.I.S.S. = Keep It Simple Stupid.

What does ascending from 3D Earth to 5D Gaia mean?  In very general terms, it’s really simply these 2 things:

  1. Releasing all that is not truly you.
  2. Embracing what is truly you.

Ok, now let’s reword that.

  1. Releasing all your fears, ego issues, disempowerment, beliefs of limitation, dis-ease, separation (from / between all parts of YOU) …
  2. Acknowledging and reconnecting to your Divine Self and following its guidance to being the unlimited True You.

One more time (with feeling!)

  1. Healing
  2. Divine Connection

That’s really it in a nutshell, as a cursory overview.  Further articles will address the various details.


Express your Self. Don't repress your Self.

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