As Below, So Above

Yes, I said that right and you read that right.  Or I could have titled this – House Cleaning Above the Veil.

You think this world is crazy?  I’ve come to realize there is as much or more nonsense going on above the veil as below it.  So yes, the craziness we observe below the veil, I and others have now also observed equally crazy nonsense above the veil.

In the past 3 1/2 years, not only have I continued transmutation energy work to assist in Gaia’s ascension, but I have also been involved with much work above the veil.  And those of us who have been doing this, our higher selves and God put us on this work.

Never in my wildest mundane-level, lower-mind dreams would I ever have thought that I’d be cleaning house ABOVE the veil while I was still in the program below the veil.  God has flat told me that He would rather it not have had to happen that way, but the reason for it, as I have come to know by doing it, is because entities above the veil (atv) were doing things that were interfering with and impeding this ascension.

And be it known, this is not from beings who are usually considered malevolent.  These are the types that many humans think of as benevolent and they certainly present themselves as such through many channelers.

And no, in some cases, these types are not necessarily setting out to be malicious.  They are bumbling idiots often times.  For this reason I tend to refer to them as yahoos.  Now, although they may not be out and out malicious, I will go so far as to say that much of what they have done / do IS downright selfish and inconsiderate.  They most assuredly have had their own agendas, which is all about them.  Service to Others, my *ss.  For example, I had come to find out a while back that some… yahoos, ET types, those atv… were literally attempting to gain some personal benefit from riding piggy back on humans as humans were raising their consciousness.

The yahoos also have very much looked at humans as lab rats, as something to study rather than seeing humans as partners in this planetary ascension effort.  I have always said that 3D Earth is NOT kindergarten, it is the masters program.  Kudos to anyone even courageous enough to come here and MAJOR kudos to those who awakened and truly are working on and completing their mastery.  SUPER MAJOR kudos to those who are actually on their assignment of assisting in Gaia’s ascension.

And yet these yahoos, through channelers, treat humans like children in a way that they look down on humans and act like they themselves (the yahoos) know more than we do, while at the same time, these yahoos have clearly demonstrated that they truly do not understand free-will realms and they futilely beat OUR forerunner heads against brick walls (You shouldn’t have!  No really!) in so-called service to others when free will does not work that way.  The end result after all our hard work has, in some cases, in no small way, actually been a disservice to those we were supposedly serving.

Ok yahoos, if you think you’re so high and mighty why don’t you act like you’ve done this before… and if you haven’t done what we are doing and don’t know what we have learned, then you are NOT by any means the resident experts.  And that’s something too… there have been a few opportunities to glean some confirmation about some things through some channeled information that gets put out into the world in a big way and yet as much audacity as the atv yahoos have, it’s like pulling teeth to get them to actually fess up to / come clean about their own mistakes.

Ya know, “stupid” and “arrogant” are very irritating, but when those two things come in the same package, as they do with these yahoos, with no chance whatsoever of one iota of unpretentiousness, that’s enough to make ya blow your lid and I have many times.  And yet that emotional power has served me well in getting some of this cleanup work done.  I have often said to these yahoos, “Down here people do stupid things because they are under a consciousness veil.  What’s YOUR excuse?”

And yet, even though some of us still under the veil, have achieved mastery and done so a while ago, past far enough to be ascension-ready for 5D, and have gained such high consciousness levels, while still under the veil, so much so that we know, from here, what b.s. these yahoos are up to atv, they still didn’t show us enough respect to bother to note which ones of us are getting this job done and how exactly we were doing it.  And THAT right there might, just maybe, be some actual valuable information for these entities to provide through channelers.   Instead, often their channeled messages are rather “me, me, me”, all about them and their Grand Poobah titles and supposed duties.  How’s about relaying some information to humans about their own healing and ascension work so we can actually get this job done.  With “friends” like that, who needs enemies?

And, bizarrely enough, I also have come to learn that they are so very full of themselves, as one person I know of has called it “cosmic ego”, that it never occurred to them to keep checking in with God.  Every time I think about that I just have to shake my head.  (I am now as I write this.)  And just THAT right there would have helped this ascension process significantly as they could have seen ours and each other’s perspectives on things and not wasted time on plans and used our energies for things that didn’t work and wouldn’t work.

There are many bureaucrat types, councils and commanders and such who endlessly discuss amongst themselves all matter of topics and they love to make up black and white rules for things that in no way can apply to every situation and are downright harmful if followed in some situations.

And thankfully, for Gaia, those of us who came here to help her ascend did NOT follow ET council advice.  They were ready to write off Earth and humans.  There have also been, especially early on, especially decades ago, ETs who also did not follow council advice and, working through channelers, they brought very valuable information to this world.

Now, many of those same councils and commanders and whatever cosmic ego-filled titles they all can apply to themselves, have actually gotten on board with Gaia’s Ascension, but only after all of us, both above and below the veil, who went against their advice, made some significant headway.  Now the councils are the “Me Too Gang”.  Good God-blessed thing that we broke their rules / went against their advice or the ascension of Gaia would not be happening now and that would be an awful waste of a very b-e-a-u-tiful and awesome planet.


26 thoughts on “As Below, So Above

  1. I love this…always thought we had it backwards…like we have to think that they have all the access to knowledge and power but saying as above so below doesn’t make much sense when you think about this being the garden, the growing place and how it has all been switched into the above being the creation level of the things going on here. I also realized how jealous they are, the yahoos of humanity’s power and how we don’t use it, when I read the Urantia book, I stopped reading it, mostly after I read most of it, but after I read how they say we don’t use our power and like we are stupid and don’t understand our power when they cannot understand 3d anymore than I can understand how they view humanity…and instead of belittle and criticize, to understand the nature of this illusion and how being under the veil does not allow us the knowledge of the power we posess as we are young and grow to learn not to deal with them, the middle man or anyone who thinks they are better than us just because they are above the veil. Yahoos will be yahoos…LOL


    • Well, and it’s not exactly about being backwards per se. To me, well, let’s think about this shall we… when we talk about souls incarnating in 3D as humans, well, where are they coming from? Upstairs. Souls work their way down from the Divine levels, starting in the higher dimensions. Many atv have their own dysfunction… and bring it with them here… where it gets amplified.

      I also mean that we keep getting this clue of “as above, so below”, indicating there is sameness between the two. They (yahoos) look at all the horrific stuff going on here and because the energy is played out on a physical level it seems worse to them than what they’ve got going on “upstairs”, but it’s not any different and my friend’s and my HSes and God clued us into all this stuff and we saw it WAS that same b.s. going on upstairs.

      And here’s a couple little snippets – my friend, who is a good channeler, got fed up with reading everyone else’s channeled garbage and demanded to speak to someone. They were connected to this ET who we find out is someone serving their “term of duty” if you will “at the comms” (communications links) with humans. We learned some things there then my friend was connected to someone else. In fairly short order my friend realized this was their own excarnate twin flame (tf). Then after some communication, their tf says something to the effect of, “Oops, now I’m in trouble….” and the connection was cut off.

      Well there were things said by both of these connections that gave us some clues and come to find out, communications in and out of here were being controlled. My friend, who is one of the most conscious humans, playing a major role in this planetary ascension, who was also a good channeler… wasn’t allowed to communicate with their own tf. We were like – Wtf?!

      Along those same lines, my friend found a website of a fellow who had been helping folks heal for many decades. He assisted them in accessing past wounds, experiences, programming, etc and was very successful with this. Then some of his clients started to say that they were being blocked from going back into their past to find what more needed to be healed. On their behalf he checked in and finds out there were entities atv were getting all “bleeding heart” or similar, being overly and destructively “protective” (supposedly) of these souls and took the stance that these past wounds would just be too much for these souls to handle. And we’re talking about people who wanted to heal and were willing to do what it took and were hammering it out. These entities were interfering with these humans’ healing.

      So this healer dude convinced these entities to stop blocking these people from accessing their past, but then couldn’t just have that be a blanket thing but had to do this with each and every client.

      And my friend and I saw that kind of thing also in our work atv. Just like dealing with the cabal – winning the battle did not mean you won the war. We’d have to keep booting ’em off us, then other humans, etc.

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      • Very interesting, and disturbing, but alast not surprised. I have come to the conclusion that the whole matrix that the infinite created was hijacked by these ATV beings, to control us, keep us here and recycling not allowing us to go anywhere else…in the false light where souls go, and they are told they must come back to clear karma from a past life, but then to not allow them to access those past experiences is to me a spiritual crime. As they do this process, no one can clear all the past if they are blocking it and I don’t believe most channelings because I think a lot of it is disinfo and trying to keep us from participating in their matrix they have hijacked…kinda like here with the cabal that uses fear to get us to create these disasters…it’s like a script they are following and trying to perpetuate the prophecies from the Bible. Have you read the Wes Penre papers? He did some very extensive research and some I agree with and some not so sure, but I have come to feel a lot of the channelers info is put there so the light workers don’t do anything, that they just sit back and believe they are working behind the scenes to fix things and so the script continues on the agenda. They always say things will happen soon and give dates and when the dates come and go, they got excuses upon excuses for why it could not happen just like the whole disclosure thing and it is maddening because the channelers will not admit that these beings are stringing them along…these so called ascended masters who channel thru people. I understand we need the veil in order to do the ‘mission’ we came here for, but think it’s time for it to lift and be done with the whole amnesia thing and the so called disinfo factory. I, for one, do not wish to incarnate ever again agreeing to forget all my experiences past and present, or a need to incarnate here to clear karma from this incarnation as I have felt this incarnation has been a transmuting of more than just my karma but also others. The overcoming of this 3d world is so very hard, and the ones ATV cannot tell me that I have to go into the light, and come back to do anything and only if I wish to come here, I do not wish to be with the usual amnesia so they may be chasing me around trying to trap me in the false light, and make me reincarnate but I think I will just go right on to the source, to God and if that is what God wants me to do, I will only do so if I can retain access to my past experiences. LOL, now I sound like a nut…but this is how I feel, I do not wish to be manipulated by them or any of the so called ATV ones who are controlling this matrix. My friend Lisa says the ARchons are gone now, so I don’t know but if they are, I want to know where the souls go who were trapped in the astral fake heaven and I do think they don’t want Gaia to ascend, and did much to stop her because they knew they could not exist in that dimension, and wish to keep their little dimension they have control over going. I know it sounds crazy but I think they were in part the cause of the fall, because I don’t think Gaia wanted her children to be in this low vibration of density and pain, but I have been reading your blog and I have been aware that she found a way out of it years ago, and the ATV were freaking out because she was dragging them with her, and they knew they would cease to exist if she continued, like that would be a bad thing…LOL… sitting by the fire with you and pow wow here!!! ❤


        • I nod as I read what you wrote.

          We did assist in getting this nonsense stopped. Then it reached a point where God got fed up and got after those beings atv who are actually and truly sovereign and who actually bother to check in with God and they stepped in and basically “took over” our assistance from atv. I understand this started in the summer of 2014 and by Sept. they were pretty much running the upstairs show. Then the 1 1/4 years of intense incoming light started.

          So, to back up a bit… God also informed me that, well, the solar cycles here… they are not necessarily “natural”. Some higher D beings make that stuff happen. They do tend to occur with regularity but… the solar maximum in 2012-2013 was a very low maximum. Someone up there had basically toned it down.

          Well, as I’ve said elsewhere, most of the LWs were not moving along unless they had a good push / prod from solar / astrological / cosmic energy. So our sovereign allies atv gave it to them.

          With all this in mind, don’t know if you recall, there was a Gaia Portal message just this past Nov. where one line basically said that forced finalizations are not accepted. So, they used the solar power to prod the LWs far enough to take over light anchoring duties but they won’t push them all the way to completion. The LWs have to do that for themselves.

          Obviously the changes atv don’t stop the channeling nonsense although some has gotten better and others I don’t think comes from off planet, ya know, it’s bogus.

          Well the GFL and ET councils are not happy, ‘cuz not only did the sovereign entities step in, but the “blindly follow” types quit blindly following the GFL and ET councils. Ah, poor GFL / ET councils. Not! Jerks.

          And yes, towards the tail end of our atv adventures, before our atv sovereign allies stepped in, there was some group that had a problem with Gaia ascending. I never really quite grasped what their beef was and didn’t care all that much what their reasoning was because Gaia IS ascending and tough shit. But I get the sense that it was about Gaia and not humans. *shrug*

          But, oh yeah, I’ve often joked that the GFL are shaking in their ET boots about us forerunners getting ascended. I’d be quite happy to – to coin one of my mom’s lines – knock their heads together.

          And yes, I’m with ya… when we first got turned on to all this info, well, mundane-level me was to some degree flabbergasted and yet again, really not surprised. Fricking par for the as above, so below course.

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        • “…but I think I will just go right on to the source, to God and if that is what God wants me to do, I will only do so if I can retain access to my past experiences. LOL, now I sound like a nut…”

          Well, that resonated with this crackpot so much I get “perma-grin” just reading that bit. :-0

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  2. Interesting concepts. I only have one difference of opinion and that is where we come from. We don’t go up or down through levels…when we become through divine source we can do or be anything we want. Of course we are inexperienced, but the fall of man was probably due to someone taking a role in something way too difficult for them to handle. For years the number 9 was always showing up in my dreams, life, work and healing practise. Then during one astral trip I ‘became’ light and returned to the 9th dimension where I was greeted by other light beings, different colors, I could tell who they were by their frequency signature. It was a discussion about me being gone a lot longer than planned. I was in the 9th dimension…the creation of galaxies realm and I was at one time a Creator of Galaxies within Galaxies. In this human form, I was told I had lived over 300 human lives, 80 lives/existences as trees, 40 in animal forms, basically over 1 million years of evolution though I started out as a galaxy creator and got bored of light and sound and decided to volunteer for “project Gaia”, to experience 3D for first time. My point being that we don’t evolve up or down, there is no hierarchy, we simple ARE and become what we choose to experience. Great thoughts. You use the word “god” or “dog” spelled backwards and with that reminded me that I need to continue working the Holographic disclosure series. Catch ya later!

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    • The “spiritual hierarchy” is more ET yahoo crap.

      Up and down are just ways to express higher or lower frequency. That is what the difference is between dimensions. It’s frequency.

      And 3D is not kindergarten but the masters program as compared to higher Ds.

      We start at Divine levels and work our way “down” in frequency / density / dimension. But by no means are we LESS evolved than ETs who have never set foot here. We have learned things about both us and them that they couldn’t get figured out and they don’t have a 3D consciousness veil.

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        • And ya know Ines, as far as what has come to a conscious level to me while here… when it comes right down to it, the entire dimensional experience, at all D levels (basically anything that is outside purely Divine levels) is veiled to some degree and hence involves free-will and yes, some ego-like things and obviously fear. Different D levels are just different degrees of veiled.

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    • Interesting Ines Radman,
      I do think that in the infinite’s creation, we do have choices like you said, and all is for experience and agree with GAF that this is the Master’s program…very intense! There is a hierarchy in the matrix that was created by the Yahoos/ET’s in which they have superimposed over us in the veil and look at us as peons or pawns in this game. They know we have much more power than them, but they play their roles as being ‘higher on the totem pole’ than us. It’s quite an elaborate system they have made, and a sort of A.I. system that’s energy is fueled by fear…the more fear they can create in us masters/creators, the bigger they get. It’s especially prevalent in the spiritual community where those who channel entities need followers and those hungry for knowledge fall into, and thus they feed. The false light matrix of ‘above so below’ is backwards for a reason. They hijacked our power getting our permission and keeping us here by design. But as Gaia has awakened from her slumber, and she has had help from the forerunners, she is bringing down this matrix, and raising her frequency and will be successful.
      I, for one, would like a upgraded version of the 3d experience, and not be usurped by the yahoos and their fear manipulation of our consciousness….and they cannot exist in, which is where Gaia is going, they cannot follow. Interesting about the 9th dimension being lights of different colors. 😉


  3. We have definitely noticed this too, it is impossible for this world to be messed up below, and above not be the being(s) that is causing our world to reflect it. Also, we see all too many “spiritual” people who give their power away, and also have no idea about shadow/emotional process work. If we are not processing our own emotional attachments, then we’re just avoiding and bypassing them, which isn’t going to solve anything. Faux spirituality forgoes emotional process work, and lacks tangible, practical application in our daily lives. Good post!

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    • I saw someone posted this quote somewhere recently:

      “Yours is not to seek for Love but to seek for all those places within you that are not Love.”
      -A Course in Miracles.

      All these people seek love, joy, peace, abundance, etc. I often say that we ARE those things, naturally. We don’t have to “seek” them so much as just unbury them from all the disempowered programs of this world (and atv too, yep).

      I say – if there is some emotion you’re not fond of and yet… there it is, burbling under the surface, the best and quickest way to get rid of that emotion is to acknowledge, FEEL and express it IN FULL and then release that emotion. But when you repress emotions, those are the ones that you get stuck with.

      And… if anyone truly wants to help this world, the best effort they can ever make is to do what is theirs and theirs alone to do – their own inner work.

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        • Many incorrectly think that their ascension will liberate them. That’s not the proper order of things. One must liberate themselves FIRST, then that is what allows for / creates their ascension.

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            • I’ve been reading the quotes on your site and I look like a bobble-head doll just a’nodding. And I couldn’t help but smile as you express the same concepts I do but in different ways.

              Over the years, I can’t count the times that I’d state a concept to someone and they’d say, “Oh, that’s from Such&Such” who was someone I’d never heard of. This is why I so chuckle at folks who get all possessive (copyright / plagiarism mentality) about what is really Divine wisdom and not “theirs” per se.

              Some have asked if they can quote me. I tell them to quote away, but better yet, KNOW the concept, knowing it from both an inner knowingness and also from personal experience / application to where they can express it in their own words.

              In this lifetime, I have tended to be someone who serves as a translator between a particular vernacular and the layman. I did it in technical arenas and also in spiritual. And I use plain, simple English with not a whole lot of $10 words. Someone told me once, “I have heard this concept so many times, in so many ways and just knew that it was significant, but until you said it the way you just did, I never really understood it.”

              And sadly, I’ve seen too many LWs who very intentionally string people along. It’s one thing to encourage someone to tap into their own inner wisdom, but it’s quite another to give someone only part of the concept or express it in such convoluted ways as to render it useless… you know, the way many ET yahoos like to do through channelers. lol

              And hey, if ya think someone really doesn’t give a sh*t, then why waste one second with them, but if it’s someone who truly would like to understand, then give ’em a straight answer already. Oh… but if they “get” it, then they might not come back with their wallet open. Dang!

              I’ve always strived to empower others, not to make them dependent on me (or anyone). Hand them a ball to run with and the ones who actually do run with it are the ones who will be successful.

              Teach to fish, rather than give the fish. Rather than make yourself necessary to them, instead help them with the empowerment-type concepts so that they don’t need you.

              I knew someone who had been going to psychiatric counseling every 10 days for MANY years concerning childhood wounds. I told this to someone and they said, “Obviously the therapy isn’t working.” lol No doubt. If they “have to” keep coming / going back forever, then it’s really not helpful and obviously isn’t “the answer”.

              I also knew someone who had gone through a nasty divorce many years before I knew them. They went to counseling for a long time. Finally the therapist just told them, “Get over it!” This person said that was just exactly what they needed to hear. lol

              And your “asking why” thing… and then there’s WHICH “why” to ask… and of course owning / taking responsibility for one’s own life is key.

              One of my favorite lines to say is, “Don’t ask why someone keeps pushing your buttons. Ask why you HAVE the buttons. People can’t push a button that isn’t there. Whose button is it anyway?!”

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              • Sorry for the late reply, thank you for checking out our site! ❤ It is definitely nice finding like minded souls who have a similar penchant for empowering others, rather than attempting to manipulate or take control over them. I'm not a big fan of therapy/counseling either, but I am a fan of those who are able to dig into hard core process/shadow work–that stuff works! I've subscribed to your blog, and look forward to reading more, be well!


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