Free Will and Consequence

Those two things go hand in hand.

There are many humans who already understand this.  They understand that they are creating their own reality.  But it took some work to get the yahoos above the veil to understand this.  (see As Below, So Above for more on this)

The yahoos had proven to be ignorant or in denial or just flat disrespectful about how this whole free will thing works.  I think one factor in that may be that they are used to dealing with planetary ascensions of worlds where the whole population is more connected with spirit.  So, in that case, there truly can be a complete “collective” ascension because everyone was consciously on board with it.  But the yahoos didn’t understand just how intense the separation-from-spirit paradigm has been here on Earth and they definitely didn’t know or weren’t honoring the rules of a free-will realm.  People cannot be arm-twisted into awakening, healing and ascending, even when they are given all the information which could assist them in those things.

We forerunners assisted Gaia with her transmutation work.  She had had her crystalline grid shut down thousands of years ago and then had been exposed to many years of some pretty crappy human energy.  So, she asked for and needed some help with clearing all that and transmuting it and reactivating her crystalline grid.  And Gaia is not like humans, she never donned a consciousness veil, so when she asked for help, she meant it and she readily accepted that help and cooperated with it.  But free-will humans under a consciousness veil can be rather recalcitrant, even, as I said above, even when they are given other options, other more empowering information and even when the world is being flooded with light like it has been in recent years.

For a while, we forerunners were used to not only ground in higher light, but we were also used to transmute the energies created by others’ choices. (see Ascension Timeline Thus Far for more)  Now, grounding in higher light, ok, that’s cool.  What that does is it OFFERS up another option, another choice that could be made.  But transmuting the energy of other people’s choices just flat does NOT work.  One definition of “light” is “information” and just like with information, you can provide another option, offer it up, but you can’t force someone to accept it.

For a while we forerunners literally were used to fend off 3D timeline destructive forces.  But what had happened is that some individuals and collectives of individuals did not have the consequences of THEIR choices delivered to them.  Not only did this kick the asses of us forerunners, but it also was a DISSERVICE to those that we were supposedly “serving.”  I frankly have no idea why these yahoos above the veil, who do not have the consciousness veil involved in the 3D Earthly human experience, cannot understand the fundamentals of free will.

Free will and consequence do indeed go hand in hand.  Consequence IS the resultant creation that comes from the free-will choices made by each individual and also by collectives of individuals who “agree” to a certain paradigm.

I can’t count the times when wisdom on these topics has been conveyed here on Earth from and to many people and yet the yahoos still didn’t get it.  But these yahoos made it abundantly clear that they were not taking advice from humans, even very highly conscious yet still “in the program / under the veil” (to some degree) humans who have been making this ascension happen.  You’d think the yahoos could / would have taken note of who was getting the job done and bother to learn something, but we had to really exercise our personal power to even get the attention of these k-nuckle heads.  And, as I’ve said elsewhere, these problem children ET yahoos didn’t even check in with God for advice and perspective.

One person cannot “steal” someone else’s “karma” and yet we were used to attempt to do just that.  And gee, guess what?  That was to no avail.  Like I said, it was a disservice and it does NOT work.  Consequence, being the literal creation stemming from free-will choices, is the very thing that provides feedback to every human CREATOR about what they are choosing to create with their Thoughts, Words and Deeds, with their free-will choices.  How in the world can someone, anyone in this free-will realm be expected to wake up to the fact that they create their own reality and learn what they truly are creating when they are not allowed to see the consequences of their choices?

I realized many years ago, that “fed up” closely precedes great change.  Someone must get their fill of something, they must reach “Enough already!” or they will not turn away from it and attempt something else.  It’s part of the human learning experience.  The 3D level creations that those at that level are creating, well, first, they have EVERY RIGHT to create those things.  That’s how a free-will realm works.  Every soul that checks in here knows they will don a consciousness veil so that they forget who they truly are and then can actually make choices that they would not if they did remember who they were.  And being allowed to go down that path IS part of their growth, learning and maturation.  Any attempt to keep them from it is really just postponing the inevitable and actually makes them basically choose “even harder”, put even more energy into creating the disempowered path… and also postponing what serves their higher purpose.  If, at some level, whether human or soul level, these humans keep choosing (even if unconsciously so) 3D level experiences, then they will keep having those experiences and that may be just exactly what is required for them to eventually wake up to this illusion and choose to step out of it.

We forerunners have since been relieved of transmuting others’ consequences.  Myself and other incarnate humans, serving as Earth / human representatives, played a role in getting that stopped and now those consequences are now flowing back to their original creators.  And that’s how free will and consequence works.  And THAT is what truly serves all involved here.

Now, having said that, the sheer fact that those of us who are ascension-ready are still “here” or perhaps one could say “still sharing a space” with 3Ders is still holding off some 3D timeline events to some degree.  You may have noticed how there are still efforts made to advance the more destructive path and yet still haven’t advanced very far.  Our presence here holding off / delaying the 3D timeline protects ourselves and Gaia, but other individuals’ personal consequences are showing up in their lives and that is intensifying as we move further along in this process.  And for those who will stay in 3D after Gaia’s ascension, their consequences will show up in an even more pronounced way once Gaia and ascension-ready humans split off from 3D.

And regardless, if some of the present 3D events are not meant “for you” in some way, you will find that even if you can observe it, it is not personally affecting you.  And whether it is “yours” or not, if you feel some residue from it, just clear yourself.  If it is “yours” then hey, you just knocked out some more healing work.  If it’s not “yours” then why allow yourself to be dripping with that ugly residue for one more minute.

If you are having a tough time figuring out what crap energy is yours and what is someone else’s, just ask to know.  Also ask for protection and shielding from other people’s energy so that all you feel is your own.  Over the years I developed a very high sensitivity to energies.  I allowed it to stay that way because it helped me sense undesirable energy in others and then I could decide if those people or certain situations were something I needed to let go of in order to look out for myself and to further release the old paradigm.  But in 2010, just before I started my own very intense personal ascension work, I moved to an apartment and in a more densely populated area.  I usually lived in houses before that and was not in such close proximity to my neighbor’s energy.  Well, besides feeling everyone else’s fears, etc., I was also moving into more intense personal cleansing work.  I would literally wake up in the morning and just be overwhelmed with feelings of terror.  I finally had enough and asked the angels to put protection around me so I would not feel other people’s energies, so I could tell what was mine and what was someone else’s.  The next morning it was WAY better.  I wasn’t overwhelmed with everyone else’s crap.  Ah, now I could tell what was mine to deal with.

With what I’ve said here about how even above-the-veil ET types have had to learn some things through this project of ascending Gaia, those of you who have completed or are completing your healing and ascension work, don’t just assume that every Tom, Dick and Harry ET above the veil absolutely knows more than you do.  This Earthly realm is, after all, the masters program.  It’s not kindergarten.  If you have mastered this realm and are ascension-ready, you most definitely know more and know better than many if not all of those who were not courageous enough to even step foot here.  You are in the position you are in now because you reclaimed your personal power and your sovereignty.  That not only applies when dealing with Earth humans, but it also has very significant application when dealing with entities above the veil who only claim to be wiser than you in all matters.


3 thoughts on “Free Will and Consequence

  1. Love this, free will and consequences…I once watched a series a couple times called Day Break where the guy repeated the same day over and over until he solved the reason the day was repeating, for every action he did, there was a consequence. The ’cause and effect’ being that one learns that they cannot be the cause of anything they are not willing to be the ‘effect’ of, and the consequences that follow if one can see it, much like the butterfly effect movie too. My question is about the gap between cause and effect…sort of like when I nave had ESP dreams and they come true, which was about two weeks later, or if there is a gap or if it is getting closer together in which would be instant creation immediately after the thought. This would be the closing of the gap…yes? Very interesting about other’s energy being taken on by yourself, and I have had that feeling a lot, sometimes avoidable if you live with them….but there are times that my thoughts are not my own, I know this because the thought is so absurd, or not something I would think about and ask myself, where in the hell did that thought come from…as in feeling the density of the city when you come down from a high vibrational place. I get that, I have experienced that. Being in the place of ‘no thought’ and the density making you nauseated. But in this duality it is impossible to get rid of the ego or to remain in a ‘no thought’ blissful state of being if you have to go out and interact with the rest of the world. So very good point about the free will and consequences…oh, and love what you said about the yahoos above the veil…exactly how I feel about that whole scenario.


    • “My question is about the gap between cause and effect…sort of like when I nave had ESP dreams and they come true, which was about two weeks later, or if there is a gap or if it is getting closer together in which would be instant creation immediately after the thought. This would be the closing of the gap…yes?”

      Yes, I think there is something to what you are saying.

      And… as I’ve said on “What Is Ascension?”, low frequency results in slow manifestation. Yeah, in my own personal healing and evolution, as my frequency increased, yes, the speed of manifestation also increased.

      Also, like I’d said on “Yo Light Workers…” I think we also sometimes sense the manifestation coming and so then we think about it or pray for it or whatever. It’s like I also say elsewhere – asking questions helps you prepare for the answer to come. In some cases the Divine may have already been attempting to get that message to you but it took you asking about it to help you recognize the answer when you see it. Sometimes, when you REALLY refine your question, the question itself IS the answer. As soon as you formulate just the right question… you know the answer.

      So, I think just like with receiving answers, sometimes the manifestation doesn’t come until you’re ready to actually accept and receive it, otherwise you might turn it away.

      Then again, how many times did ya unconsciously turn it away already but didn’t know it?!

      I’ve often talked about this in regards to businesses – many people prepare for the worst. They do their best to anticipate everything that could go wrong and have some backup plan in place. But what if everything goes right? Oftentimes people don’t prepare for success and when it happens they cannot seize (or fully so) the opportunity because they didn’t anticipate the success.

      I also think that the Divine and energies don’t really care about time so it’s more about doing what it takes to get all the pieces in the right place at the same time, like through synchronicity.

      Sometimes also, certain things need to fall into place. Perhaps there are several steps or dominoes between where you are and where you want to be, so it just needs to unfold. In some cases, it may be difficult to even consciously realize what all had to fall into place first, even after the manifestation has happened, it may still take a while to realize just what all occurred.

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      • So true, I think sometimes it is hard to accept success because it seemed to come too easy, and too good to be true when it’s effortless….never mind the years of preparations or clearing the way for success to happen, so yes, true that!
        The reason I was asking about the gap, which to me is also in part the reason for time in the spiral wheel this matrix in on…is that when I had my ESP dream, it was when I was on vacation. I was not thinking about anyone at work, and just enjoying my visit with my family. I had a friend at work who was struggling with some deep guilt over the drowning death of her grandson when she was watching him, he had climbed over the fence and drown in the neighbor’s yard. She was on probation at work which meant if she was late one more time, she would be fired…I had told her that she needed to stop having a beer on her lunches because I could smell it on her, and she was really struggling, asked her if she might go on disability and have a mental health time out for herself to heal. Anyway, I dreamed she had leant her car to her brother, and when he was coming home in which it was in the middle of nowhere, the car broke down and he slept in the back, which in turn made her late for work and or missed work, and lose her job. So when I got back from vacation, I told her ‘if you lend you car to your brother, please make sure you have a backup plan to work, someone you can call to give you a ride and not be late for work’. Her eyes got wide and she said’Who told you I lend my brother my car’? I was not even sure she had a brother….I told her I didn’t know that she lent him her car, I just had a dream she did and it made her late for work and lose her job, and knowing she was on probation, I didn’t want her to lose her job. She said I gave her goose bumps and two weeks later, when her brother asked to use her car over the weekend to go to Lake Havasu to go after his girlfriend, and on the way home, the car broke down and he slept in the back seat just like in my dream. My friend from that day on was always looking at me weird, sometimes saying ‘don’t dream about me’,. and it wasn’t like I tried to, but I guess that was the only way that she could be warned as surely they may have tried to reach her, but she was unreachable so I was put to task on it.
        I have had other esp dreams, one where my Father had died in an explosion under the house that he and his father built and that I grew up in. I would wake up crying and so upset, and when I realized it was a dream, I would go back to sleep only to go right back into that dream. So, the very next day, my Dad came by, it was near Valentines day and he dropped off candy for my kids and me. I was freaking out asking Dad why he was there and how I had this nightmare about him. He told me he was going out to the house in Cummings to fix a gas leak, but decided to drop by the and leave the candy first, instead of waiting till on his way home….So I begged him to not fix the leak and told him about my dream. Needless to say he did take my advice and got someone else to fix it. My grandmother told fortunes for people all over the country which was his mother. She had prophetic dreams and so I guess my Dad knew to listen to me. My grandmother said she felt it was a gift, but a lot of people in her time thought it was witchcraft and she thought she had this gift because she was born with the veil on her face. I know most everyone can be intuitive and psychic if they watch for signs and if they use their spidey sense! Sadly, most don’t heed their ‘gut feeling’ and keep thinking with their head….LOL, so anyway, that is what I was wondering about the gap, and the time between cause and effect…and of course the differences between them as surely there really would not be a gap in 5D and no time…yes?


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