Healing, It’s All the Shit!

Perhaps in more ways than one.  It’s what it takes to ascend.  It’s what works.  And yes, you will be seeing a whole lot of your “shit” surface in the process.

It really doesn’t matter what level of healing we’re talking about – physical, mental, emotional and / or spiritual.  You need to release what is not you, what does not serve your growth and evolution.

When you have “energy healing” work done, perhaps with the assistance of a “healer” (a bit of a misnomer since the one who really heals you is YOU, but they can very well assist you, deliver healing energy to you and combine their intentions with yours – “where two or more are gathered…”), what happens is the energy being delivered to you is working IN CONJUNCTION with your intention to heal.  Sometimes just someone saying the right thing at the right time or a particular situation presented in your life will have the same effect as the energy provided by a “healer”.

The healing energy is “light”.  That light will shine into your “dark” / “shadow” places and illuminate them, make them visible… so that you know what you need to heal, what to work on.  “In yer face!”  Energy healing is not like waving some magic wand and all your troubles just evaporate.  I won’t kid you, it’s not necessarily what I’d call fun.  I won’t dress it up to be something it’s not.

Doing energy healing drives your “demons” to the surface.  It’s cathartic – it purges, cleanses, purifies.  If you want the shit out, it has to first surface.  It’s like if you got food poisoning.  You feel like hell.  You know you’re gonna hurl.  You may not be in the mood to hurl and you’re not looking forward to that dreaded moment, but you know it’s gonna happen and you know you’ll be feeling better afterwards.  But you’re going to go through the purging part in-between the poisoning and the feeling better parts.

Energetic healing is like, on a physical level, if you find a good detox to do, you’re going to purge toxins.  You may very well go through a “detox crisis” and feel a bit lousy as accumulated toxins break loose from being stored in fat and your body purges them through any and every orifice it can find.

In all cases, I’d strongly suggest that as the healing process is happening, that you don’t fight or resist it.  The ride may be bumpy enough as it is.  Don’t make it worse on yourself by prolonging it by fighting and resisting.

Is it challenging?  Hell yeah, it can be, but it’s not a crisis, it’s an opportunity.  You will only heal by facing your issues, not by doing everything possible to avoid them or somehow try to work around them.  The analogy would be like getting a massage – the therapist doesn’t try to avoid the knots in your muscles, they go right after them, digging a digit or elbow right into it while they tell you to focus on it and breeeeaaathe into it.  Ouch!  But that’s what it takes to release something, at any level.

A lot of folks think or are told (perhaps by someone with something to peddle) that certain, specific healing modalities are absolutely necessary.  You may or may not find them helpful.  Your intention to heal is first and foremost and following your inner Divine guidance will bring to you just what you need when you need it / can really use it.

It’s not truly necessary to understand things like chakra balancing, DNA activation, pineal gland activation, merkaba field, visualizing flames and rays and a whole host of other things.  What’s important is that you HEAL.

If you heal completely, then your chakras WILL be balanced, other levels of your DNA WILL be activated, your pineal gland WILL be reactivated and your merkaba field WILL be available for you to use for ascension and all them there flames and rays, etc. will absolutely be working for you… even though you may not know diddly squat about these things or at least not the fine and extensive details.

If you are guided to learn about these various things at a lower-mind level, then fine, follow your guidance.  Understanding these things may very well assist in your understanding and healing.  But to say that a lower-mind, intense level of understanding of these things is absolutely necessary, well, no, not so much.  If you’re getting it done, if what you are doing is working and you can sense the healing happening, and that thing that someone else is pushing so hard just isn’t resonating with you, then hey, maybe don’t go there or maybe not now.  It’s ok that they suggest it, but you have to run it by your own inner guidance to determine if it’s for you.

But, on the flip side, don’t run from info / advice just because your “little demons” (resulting from wounds and programming) know that it means the end of them, whether you yourself are consciously aware or not.  Thinking you’re oh, so “unique” and what works for someone else couldn’t possibly work for you, well, that’s programmed ego talking there.

And if someone wants to make you turn away from something that really seems to be what you’re being guided to, well never mind those attempting to dissuade you.  I went to a psychic fair and heard this one gal give a talk.  One tidbit of wisdom from her was, “If you are drawn to someone to give you a reading, it might be the worst psychic in the room and yet if they are the one that you are guided to, there is a reason for that and they’ll be the one to provide you with the information you need.”

If you’re moved to do these activations, etc. then yep, follow your own inner guidance.  But not only will healing activate and balance these things, but it goes the other way around also, since everything is interconnected – your intention to activate and balance these parts of your being IS asking for healing… because… what is necessary for these activations and balancings to occur?  All together now… HEALING!

And what you need to heal will be shown to you.  One way or another, if you want to raise your frequency and ascend, you will need to heal.  There is no sidestepping or jumping over healing with some “quick fix” meditation or activation or what have you.  Oh, boo hoo, you just don’t want to have to face your shit.  Wah.  Get over it… and heal already…. or not.

You want to ascend?
Intend to heal.

Then watch for the opportunities to do so be delivered to you.  Recognize them when they arrive and they often come through your day to day life.

Then flow with the process as best you can.


25 thoughts on “Healing, It’s All the Shit!

  1. I’ve been reading your blog all day at work, love love love it. I’m not a fore runner, still having to face my shit wah, its not always easy, but feeling so grateful to be awake and on this path of healing. Had my wake up moment at the end of 2014 and been healing for ascension since. Its been quite the ride. And then I stumble across your blog. Another opportunity being delivered to me ? I think so. Thank you.


    • Hi Cassie, good to hear from ya. Joyful to hear of your awakening and healing. You chose quite the moment to awaken – very intense energies since then… so I hear. 😉 You sound like you have the right attitude about all this. Enjoy your ride. As my best mentor always used to say, “Trust and flow.”


    • Say Cassie, I got the hit to tell you… you might care to check out the book listed at the bottom of the “Healthy Selfishness” post. It gives a big picture view of things and is really rather Awakening 101 and yes, helps you set your priorities.


      • Thanks Gaf, I thought I would hear more from you 🙂
        I asked the Divine last night to “show me everything, I’m ready” and then I get your recommendation, I have had a look at the book and it looks very juicy. I was also thinking of all the questions I wanted to ask you on the way to work this morning and then I get your message, so I assume some of the answers will be in this book. Life is good yah
        The energies have been super intense and of course I had no idea what was happening to me. Actually at the start thought I was losing it, actually I had 3 very intense dreams where I knew I was losing my mind, it was terrifying. And I guess I did lose my mind, my old mind and I am very thankful for that. Dr Google provided a lot of answers (thank God & google) and the energies feel much better now, perhaps I have learnt to ride the wave.
        Thankful to you,
        Cassie x


        • Yes, it is sometimes good to lose one’s mind, especially the lower mind… and I’m an air sign astrologically. I love to use my mind but some folks are so intellectual that they’re not very intelligent… ya know.

          Sometimes we need to just talk to, comfort / sooth our various over-used parts, like mind. They get used to being busy. Let your mind know it’s got some help now and doesn’t have to do it all by itself.

          At the level of “spent” that I am, which affects both body and lower mind, all I can say is I’m sure glad I have my intuition working for me and that I learned to utilize “angels” (thought forms, my creations who work for me) to remind me of things. I’d really have some challenges without those.

          Well, I musta picked up on your desire for more light / info. Hope that helps. I suspect it will.

          You’re certainly not alone in having wtf moments. (Excuse my abbreviated French.) Even after many years of general healing, when my ascension process kicked in, I was rather wtf. It didn’t help one bit when I put out what I sensed to my (then) long list of light worker friends and got nothing back and I mean nothing. It didn’t take long to realize that they were not going through what I was.

          I’m so glad that you are benefiting from my experience and knowledge because there was next to no one around who was right in step who I could even get confirmation from.

          Yep, totally nuts this is. And yet we rise to meet the challenge. We frickin’ rock! 🙂

          If you get the urge to ask me something and you get that you won’t get it from that book or elsewhere, then ask away. But yeah, if you feel like you’re being guided to the answers, then just let it happen. Timing can be key also.

          And even after I’ve ascended, feel free to ask for me to come see you. But, who you are asking is your higher self. I will be availing myself (mostly, I may veto some requests), but don’t care to step on anyone’s higher self’s toes. That connection is critical.


          • Thanks GAF, yes very grateful to the forerunners as I was guided to the information on what was happening to me whereas I appreciate you didn’t have that! There is however a lot of different information out there, I just follow what feels right to me. I had intense healing at the beginning of last year which surfaced as a great depression but I now realise was emotions rising to the surface to be healed. So many things I had to let go of! It was almost like overnight after intense suffering I had woken up from my depression, the colors were brighter, I could see the energy coming off people and trees and I felt euphoric, so different to wanting to drive into a tree just weeks before. The light really did shine on a lot of dark hidden places. Then the synchronicity’s just kept coming one after another.
            I feel like I am in 4D, I can see the 3D world for what it is now, like the veil has been lifted and maybe I get glimpses of 5D? I can see how I have manifested everything in my life into existence and why everything has happened the way it has. I do feel healed but know I have more healing to do. Some days I just have no energy at all and other days I feel amazing.
            When do you think you will ascend? Where do you go when you ascend? Please let me know if you have already written a blog post on this and send me on my way.
            This is the first I have been able to ask someone questions so feel free to just not reply if it is annoying to you.
            May I also ask, how do you maintain relationships with people who are not on the same path? It is hard to be of this 3D world when I can see it for what it is now, and especially hard to be with people who aren’t awake, changes the whole dynamics of the relationship and I wonder if it can be maintained. Did you have any insights/ experience with this?
            Much love to you.


            • Ah ha ha… to this:
              “May I also ask, how do you maintain relationships with people who are not on the same path?”
              I very much lol-ed at that.

              When it comes right down to it, don’t feel like you HAVE TO maintain relationships with people not on the same path. You don’t. Remember, you first! You have to take care of yourself first. If you have to let go of people, then you do. Pay attention to your emotions on that and check in with the Divine for confirmation on who and when. Trust and flow… trust yourself and your Divine connection.

              Also trust your guidance on what to say to whom. Let’s say that someone is not so “enlightened” / awakened… don’t just assume that they won’t be receptive. Many folks will surprise you. Many have some rather unconventional thoughts on things and yet aren’t courageous enough to talk to anyone about some things and yet if someone else brings it up, then boom! The conversation is going now – some of the best convos I’ve had. So, YOU give others the benefit of the doubt and let the Divine’s higher perspective guide you on how to interact with them.

              But when their brick wall goes up, then you may need to let it go. And yet, can’t really expect that to stay unchanged either. It’s like some raffles – “You must be present to win.” Just stay present and centered and let the Divine work through you.

              I laughed because in an “in person” sort of way I’m so isolated it’s not even funny. Millions of people around me and I don’t have much of anything to do with them. Not now. And yet, what few little errands I run regularly puts me together with some good folks. And I am always just being me and I don’t get any hassle or grief over it… but you’re not where I’m at… and may or may not be… ever, in some regards. It’s a “different time / stage” now in this overall collective effort.

              But yes, like that book will tell ya… You are your top priority, because if you don’t play it that way you won’t be worth a darn to anyone else anyway. Save yourself first! Allow yourself to gravitate to what resonates with you, people included.

              And sometimes, letting go of people provides THEM with the impetus to “move” forward themselves.

              Sounds like early last year may have been for you what many call the Dark Night of the Soul. Your own personal “rock bottom”. Yep, that’s when the changes can and do happen.

              When will I ascend? Well, I’m gonna have to give you the same dirty, 4-letter word that the Divine gives me – soon. lol But hey, if you get a more definite answer to that before me, you’ll let me know won’t cha? 😉 Past that, I could send you to some posts, but if you just keep reading posts, then you’ll get some idea of where this project is at now. Read comments too as there is much discussion there.

              Where will we ascend to? 5D Gaia, mostly. We forerunners especially will also have access well beyond 5D. You’ll find info on that here too. For one, see “Ascension Timeline…” What I get is that Gaia will be very much like Earth and yet pristine in every way. 5D is still physical, but I understand it is the top of the physical if you will, like if you went to 7D there’s no physical body of any sort, light body only. the “Superpowers…” post will give you some more idea about that sort of thing.

              Btw, if you haven’t already seen it, the “One of these things…” page (see top menu) will give you some idea what this blog is about… which you’re probably aware of by now. 😉 lol

              And thanks for the tidbits you share about your own experience. That’s always helpful to others.


            • Also, there’s the line about “As one door closes, another door opens… but it can be hell in the hallway.”

              Usually how it works is that we have to let go of people, partnerships, jobs, whatever, BEFORE the new comes to replace it. And that’s really the proper order of things. Some say to “make room”. I like to say you don’t put a new building on an old, crumbling foundation.

              When you release something / someone and take some down time, then you can mourn if need be, which even things you’re glad to let go of sometimes ya gotta mourn a bit. And you can also process what you just came out of and where you’d like to go… instead of just bringing all the old crap with ya because you didn’t allow any down time in between.

              More on self first – One key thing (and astrological energies are ripe for this right now as we’re in Taurus) is to demonstrate to the Universe – through your choices on where you put your energies – that you value yourself. If you won’t do that why would you expect others to do so? Ya know.

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              • Thanks GAF, arhh yes glad you got a good laugh out of my misery haha
                I keep asking the Divine about this but seem to be getting nothing, perhaps I am in Denial and not listening. I just read your Being human is Wonderful post and it resonated “They may be storing a lot of useless junk, in all senses, because they are loath to let anything go.” and
                “the act or process of pretending; feigning.
                an assumption or imitation of a particular appearance or form;counterfeit; sham.”
                I do feel loath to let anything go. Even though I know it must be done. I am still pretending to be the same person I was with the same goals and dreams, though this could be further from the truth.
                Scary. Exciting. Ascension.
                Thanks for your insight. Divine timing finding your site.
                Blessings xx


            • “Thanks GAF, yes very grateful to the forerunners as I was guided to the information on what was happening to me whereas I appreciate you didn’t have that! ”

              Well Cassie, there’s a whole lot of energetic rise going on right now, at least for me (the timing of “my timeline”, if you will), and you are one of the very UP notes in this symphony unfolding so effortlessly and seamlessly right now, so I too am grateful for God’s gift that is you.

              Don’t know if you read the “5 Element Theory” post, but… You’re one of those recently-awakened Fire element types injecting new life into this project. I thank you for that. I appreciate your own self awareness and honest self assessment (what a whole lot of sssss there were in that word – I had to type it over and over to get ’em right where they needed to be, lol).


              • Thanks GAF, I appreciate your words. Yes Fire, I like that. I did read that post and thought yup that’s me haha. I’m still reading through your posts, really your amazing. Fan girl here. Especially like your parallel parking tips lol. So glad I found you. Hope ascension happens for you SOON xx


                  • Haha 🙂
                    Hey what are your thoughts on DMT? I’ve been drawn to shamanic rituals and have been doing lots of reading etc and your above the veil posts sound similar to what a lot of people ‘see’ on DMT. Many people have very similar visions of ET’s etc. do you think DMT takes them to other realms? It has been used for spiritual practices for thousands of years and many have said they’ve been healed. Possibly why it is illegal. I would like to do one of these rituals.


                    • Well, in general, sure, I get that DMT and other psychoactive drugs can lead to some spiritual revelation, most especially with the proper intention.

                      Do you do it? Idk, do you? If you feel you’re being guided to it, ok. Do you really need it? Do ya?

                      I have not done DMT or ayahuasca or peyote or such. I have done LSD and mushrooms, but when I was younger, before my awakening so with no intention other than to have a good time with friends. I’ve done weed most of my life and I’m a beer snob and appreciate a good botanical gin.

                      I wouldn’t say that my drug use in any way has either contributed to or was a detriment to my evolution. My intention has played a far bigger role… then it applies to everything I do.

                      But with this in mind, I have seen and accessed what I have because of where I’m at in this ascension process. I was ascension-ready before those things that I have documented on this blog. And yet again, many folks have experienced seeing things in other dimensions, etc. long before they even knew what “awake” really meant… and everything in between and around all that.

                      Are you sure you want to push it? Is the ride you’re currently on not fast enough?

                      Just throwing some things out there to consider.

                      Always have your intentions on moving forward in your process and let your intuition guide you on your next step.

                      I know that during my actual ascension process, most of the time I couldn’t have even considered indulging in anything like that, not alcohol, nothing.

                      The absolute biggest thing here that really makes it hard for me to give too pinpointed details for someone like yourself is that I had many years to do things but I don’t know that it’s gonna take folks long now once they wake up, so… you might skip or scream through all sorts of things that we “old timers” (imagining cane and hearing horn) had to go through. *shrug*

                      It’s your life, your choices. And… what does the Divine want of you right now?


            • A message for you on this:

              “May I also ask, how do you maintain relationships with people who are not on the same path?”

              Be you. Be the truest version of you that you can muster in any given moment. Those who can allow their own True Selves to be moved by that will stick around. Those who can’t fly with that will leave, most without any urging from you or you leaving them. You just be you and let attraction and repulsion do all the work.

              Be Self-Centered. Centered on Self.


              • I love that and that’s exactly what I am working on at the moment. Obviously so much has changed for me over the last year that I am not the same person and it is hard to suddenly become someone else, I love the new me, yay I found my self after all the years of suffering! And yet this is not who my family and friends know, some as you say are open to it all but others are like ‘Cassies lost the plot’ 😁 and I really need to work on allowing myself to be me, magnificent me and not worry about what other people think about that. It’s a process but your last message made so much sense to me, it’s just what I needed to hear. And yet isn’t it obvious? Express yourself, don’t repress yourself right!

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        • Cassie:
          “Actually at the start thought I was losing it, actually I had 3 very intense dreams where I knew I was losing my mind, it was terrifying. And I guess I did lose my mind, my old mind…”

          “Yes, it is sometimes good to lose one’s mind…”

          “Where is my mind?”


  2. I guess I’m just curious to try the DMT, just curiosity I’m sure. Do I need to do it? No But of course I’m thirsty for more even though I know everything is coming to me at the right time. It’s so interesting watching it all unfold, asking the divine about something and seeing how that info comes to me.. Trust and flow right. Yeah I was a weed smoker before but had to give it up and also coffee and alcohol so I know what your saying. Though it’s not so intense anymore but I want my body to be in the best shape so I can handle whatever is thrown at me and I had the feeling that I was being repelled by these things because I needed to be ready for what was to come. Clear headed so I could receive the messages. I think your last message is also a message from the Divine on the issues I’ve been working through so thank you 😉 again.


  3. And I’ve had that missy Higgins song stuck in my head all week ‘a triangle trying to squeeze through a circle, she tried to cut me so I’d fit. And doesn’t that sound familiar, and doesn’t that hit to close to home, and doesn’t that make you shiver, the way things could have gone.’


  4. Indeed.


    One day I’ll find relief
    I’ll be arrived
    And I’ll be friend to my friends who know how to be friends
    One day I’ll be at peace
    I’ll be enlightened and I’ll be married with children and maybe adopt
    One day I will be healed
    I will gather my wounds forge the end of tragic comedy

    I have been running so sweaty my whole life
    Urgent for a finish line
    And I have been missing the rapture this whole time of being forever incomplete

    One day my mind will retreat
    And I’ll know God
    And I’ll be constantly one with her night dusk and day
    One day I’ll be secure
    Like the women I see on their thirtieth anniversaries

    I have been running so sweaty my whole life
    Urgent for a finish line
    And I have been missing the rapture this whole time of being forever incomplete

    Ever unfolding
    Ever expanding
    Ever adventurous
    And torturous
    And never done

    One day I will speak freely
    I’ll be less afraid
    And measured outside of my poems and lyrics and art
    One day I will be faith-filled
    I’ll be trusting and spacious authentic and grounded and home

    I have been running so sweaty my whole life
    Urgent for a finish line
    And I have been missing the rapture this whole time of being forever incomplete


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