Healing – Mental

We create through our Thoughts, Words and Deeds.  Here’s some on the mind / mental / thoughts part of that – where it all starts.

An awful lot can be said about the specifics of proper thoughts.

First of all, hey, that’s what your lower mind does, it thinks.  Might not do a whole lot of good to tell it not to do its job… in a general sense.

But you can be self aware, monitoring your own thoughts and steadily redirecting them to something more healthy.

You can also take up very intentional meditation / contemplation times where one valuable tool to getting Divine guidance is to still and quiet one’s mind.  In the process it may be helpful to address one’s mind as its own entity, to thank it for its passing thoughts and yet ask it to be still and quiet… to allow the quiet whisper of Divine guidance through.

One good gauge on what your thoughts are creating – Are the thoughts Self-affirming or Self-denying?

Also, are they creating an energy field of health or dis-ease?  You keep telling yourself you’re sick (at any or all levels) or that you have the potential to be so…  so you are.

There are also subconscious programs involved that you could stand to watch for.  When we first arrive here, in our first 6 years of life, we are highly programmable – what we “learn” goes directly into our subconscious.  Now in a general sense, that’s a great design.  We have a lot to learn about this world we find ourselves in.  Unfortunately, our “teachers” don’t often teach us the most empowering way of being.

There are many times when children are “learning” what adults are “teaching” and neither really knows consciously that there is a learning / teaching thing going on.  Subconscious associations happen and no one realizes that.

For instance, a little boy has rather neglectful parents.  Psychologists have come to understand that neglect is actually the worst form of ab-use, even outweighing physical, verbal, and sexual ab-use because at least the child is getting attention with those things.  But neglect leaves the child wondering why his parents hate him so very much that they don’t even want anything to do with him.  And children “acting out” is a call for that attention and affection that they are yearning for.  It’s the case of “even negative attention is better than no attention at all.”

Well, this neglected little boy does realize though that when he gets sick, then his parents actually take some time for him and give him some love.  He makes a subconscious association that “sickness = affection.”  But since it’s at a subconscious level, later in his life, he can’t understand why he’s getting sick all the time.  He’s tried everything – he’s cleaned up his diet and lifestyle, he gets regular exercise, other things…  He can’t figure it out.  But perhaps if he started to open his awareness to when it happens, perhaps he’ll find that just before he gets sick his partner neglects him or he can’t get a date to save his life or even though he’s kicking butt at work his boss never even acknowledges him.  Ah ha!

So, a major part of healing has to do with bringing the darkness to light, bringing the hidden into view, bringing the subconscious programming to a conscious level.  This has to do with one’s “shadow work”.  (See video interview at bottom of post.)

And as you can well see, the society around us is rather dysfunctional collectively.  It’s everywhere we look.  We get disempowering messages from religion, science, education, media, government and politics, the medical industry, commerce in general, the work place, our relationships, which have other programmed people in them, you name it.  There’s always some brainwashed Walking Zombie to unconsciously remind us how to be unhealthy, dysfunctional and disempowered.

You’re going to have to wake up to this onslaught of programming and program-re-fresh-ment.  Then step by step, remove yourself from it.

Ask the Divine for guidance on how to recognize your own programming and what to do to reprogram in a self-empowering way.

Ask for healing methods to be delivered to you that will speed things along.

INTEND to heal.  INTENTION is HUGE!  You can flit from one methodology to another, but if you really do not intend to heal, well, you’re just wasting your time and energy and you’re just using what could otherwise be a great healing tool as yet just another distraction and avoidance tool.

Let’s have a little quiz – you’re told your Great Aunt Gertrude had diabetes so you’ll get it too.  Really?  Does that sound like a healing, healthy, self-affirming, self-empowering thing to think?  Geez, if that doesn’t make you feel powerless and helpless.  That’s what some would call stinkin’ thinkin’.  It doesn’t serve you.  Recognize it for what it is and let it go already.  Remember, YOU are creating your reality… not geneticists, not the doctor or your aunt or your genes.  YOU.  Whose genes are they?  Who thinks your thoughts?  Who emotes your emotions?  Who speaks your words?  Who does your deeds?  Who puts food down your gullet?

Who attracts your experiences to you?!   You do!

(You attract the experiences you do for a myriad of reasons, at various levels, soul level included, mind ya.  Your birth chart can give you more than just a few clues about what lessons and growth opportunities your soul set up for you / itself / yourself… that you are attracting to you.  All that chaos in your life… Chaos = Crisis or Opportunity, which do you choose?  Until you capitalize on the Opportunity, you will continue to draw the lesson / growth opportunities to you.)

Whose life is it anyway?!

“In my world, I am my own authority; for I am the only one who thinks in my mind.”  ~ from Heal Your Body by Louise Hay

Just be mindful of your mind.  Pay attention.  Be aware.

Ask for Divine Guidance.

Now, let’s talk about the ego, because frankly, I think many so-called spiritual folk are doing themselves and their fellow human a MAJOR disservice with all this talk of “killing one’s ego”.  Here is a part of you and you’re expected to act like it’s evil.  No it’s not.  It too has been programmed in a not-so-healthy way.

Starting centuries ago, the same thing was done to our intuition – oh, to “hear voices” in your head or to “just know” something that at a mundane level you’d have no way of knowing, “well gosh, that just must be evil.”  Not.

People were literally killed, institutionalized, ostracized or at bare minimum severely ridiculed and brow-beaten.  Well, that’s worked out well for us.  Not.  People stopped not only showing their intuitive info to others but even stopped allowing themselves to use their intuition, because hey, it could literally get you killed.

And that’s where the ego comes in.  Ego cares mostly for one’s survival.  It too learned to help squelch the intuition.  But then it had to start doing more work itself because the intuition was no longer helping out with one’s survival.  And one generation learns such and programs the next for the same thing, until generations later, we’re having to relearn how to use and trust and follow our intuition and have to ask our egos to tone it down a bit.

Hey folks, don’t treat your ego like sh*t.  It’s a part of you.  And just like all other parts of your being, it WILL cooperate with you, especially if you respect it and just communicate with it.  That old dog had to learn new tricks generations ago when it had to take on more as the intuition went away and it can learn another new trick now.  And what is it you’re asking your ego to learn?  To just chill, to take a break, to let other parts of your being help out more.  Sounds like a much needed vacation.

And our physical health is not the only thing affected by our thoughts.  Our entire reality and experiences are products of our thoughts and beliefs.  The universe listens to your thoughts and beliefs, then cooperates in delivering your creation to you.  So, it takes some diligence in monitoring your thoughts.

Like anything else though, when you master your thoughts, beliefs and words – and in doing so you really master Intention – then your thoughts and words may not be as critical since your true intention will outweigh passing thoughts and words.  But being mindful of your thoughts and words is the beginning of your mastery of intention.


Bruce Lipton, in this interview from 2011, talks of how our thoughts create our lives and how we are easily programmable at age 6 and younger and that programming goes directly into our subconscious.  Ask the Divine to help you become consciously aware of your own subconscious programming and to help heal, clear and release those old disempowering programs.

He also speaks of bringing science (the material world) and religion (the spiritual world) together.  Essentially bringing together Heaven and Earth.

And he also speaks of Self-Love which is SO fundamental to one’s healing.  Self-Love is the foundation, the beginning and the center of one’s healing and ascension.


Also read Awake & Aware – Top Priority: Self for more.


5 thoughts on “Healing – Mental

  1. So true,
    THOUGHT, WORD, DEED. I think it’s time for EGO 2.O…LOL, as in the ego program seems to have a mind of it’s own, ciriclular conversations with oneself to administer it’s own safety as needed for your very survival, in it’s mental chatter. Well said! 😉


  2. Yes…how poignant when people talk about bringing heaven to earth, it’s always like a physical idea, but it is more like spiritual/religion and science/metaphysical merging as they never were separate in the first place…very interesting! Yes, the mental is part of what needs cleansing on the social programming and it i contagious as it creeps in and starts running amuck! Talking to myself! LOL. I love Lilou, and the interview with Bruce is high energy, thanks for posting that! Time to clear it up, and yes, your purification post was right inline with the thoughts or urge to cleanse physically and mentally. I know if I clear my physical body, my mental will follow. Thanks! ❤


  3. http://www.expectwonderful.com/2017/07/how-your-experience-comes-about.html

    A good message that addresses things I talk about like:

    Energy flows where attention goes.
    “Your attention is inclusive. You cannot say, “No,” to something if you’re giving it your attention.”

    You are the creator of your life / reality.

    Creation happens (you create) in the present moment.

    Diligence, meaning “persistent application” AND Your healing and Divine connection come from the choices you make in your day to day life.
    “So now we want to summarize how you might live this because that’s not just an idea that in and of itself makes your life different. The knowing of it doesn’t change anything unless you do things differently based on this, so there are practical reliable ways to apply this perspective in your life …”

    Your emotions have much to communicate to you.
    “What you’re paying attention to is doing stuff all the time and you know what you’re doing with your attention – which is what you’re doing vibrationally – at any given moment by how you feel emotionally. You know this by how you feel emotionally. Your emotions are a reliable and accurate guidance system showing you moment to moment to moment what you are doing vibrationally.”

    Our lives and physicality are the outward manifestation of our energy.
    “Why does this matter? Because everything is energy and energy, pure potential energy, pure positive energy, unstructured energy moves into form in a very precise manner. It’s brought into one of those patterns – like your body – through the structuring power of your attention, the power of consciousness.”

    Think only of what you want and not of what you don’t want.
    “Nothing will ever happen to you that you don’t have the active essence of in your energy field. The way to get things to stop happening isn’t to say no to them because by paying attention to them, you include them. The way to get things to stop happening, and this is the hardest step for everyone in embodiment to make, is to learn to withdraw your attention from them and place your attention on something else. This is sometimes called pivoting.”

    Emotions and spirit have a strong connection AND creating in the present moment AND in your day to day life.
    “So when you have that feeling and you recognize it as guidance, you can relate to it in a different way and this is how you reliably apply these things in your life. The tuning of this – of you – to who you truly are happens in the seemingly mundane moments of life, day to day to day, now, now, now, and again now by noticing how you feel emotionally.”

    Pay attention! … to receive guidance.
    “When you’re not feeling as good emotionally as you can, you know that there’s guidance there for you and it’s an amazing opportunity to refine what’s active in your energy field, by paying attention to yourself.”

    Everything starts at the energetic level AND If you hold onto an energy long enough it will eventually manifest outwardly.
    “You’ll know when you’ve successfully done it, when you’ve shifted, because you’ll feel better immediately. Then, better feeling experiences will follow in your manifest unfolding. That’s the sequence – things happen first energetically, so you’ll notice improved feelings before the manifestations in your daily life improve.”

    Set your goals with the Divine, then allow the Divine to determine the “how”. AND be open to receiving guidance, assistance and outward manifestation, then you’ll recognize it when you see it.
    I like her whole “I look forward to… “ thing. In that is acknowledgement that we will indeed create what we want and yet also acknowledgement that some things take time or that sometimes various things need to fall into place before the manifestation can happen.

    And more… Read it, it’s a good one.


    And to add another good one… on being great, ‘cuz ya are! And this gives many specific examples of how “Energy flows where attention goes.” What are you creating with your focus?



    And another good one.

    Body/Mind/Soul Recalibration: 10 Signs

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