Healing – Physical

I recently heard someone criticizing lightworkers.  Some of what they said was right on.  Some not so much.  But one thing said was that the lightworkers still have dis-ease (lack of ease) and yet act like they are complete in their healing and ascension work.

I’ve known some lightworkers who were on path in some ways and yet still had physical level dis-ease.  That always ultimately comes from energy levels since if an energy is held onto long enough then it will manifest outwardly / physically.  And what one eats and how one lives reinforces the mental or emotional energy behind the dis-ease – the feedback loop.

Just as Emotions and Spirit have a close connection, Mind and Body also have a close connection.

See Louise Hay’s “Heal Your Body” for a quick reference book on thoughts behind physical illness and affirmations to shift the energy.  Listen to your body’s feedback – every bump, bruise, injury, accident, dis-ease, discomfort, pain, etc. – and then see what that tells you of your thoughts (stinkin’ thinkin’).  Pay attention to your thoughts and consciously shift them.

In discussions on people getting sick, someone I was talking to said, “People like that must ‘get’ something from it.”  And there is something to that.  There are subconscious programs and associations that play a role in people holding onto illness when they could release the energy behind it and heal it physically.  Perhaps they want love, attention, sympathy, or what have you, and at some point in time, more than likely as a child, they made the subconscious association between sickness and getting these things which they desire.  And some of the programming also made them think that those things they desired had to come from some outside source or being and could not come from themselves or from their inner Divine connection.

These people act and talk as if their dis-ease and resultant illness is some cross they bear that in some way helps the world.  Excuse me, but how does you being sick help others?  No really.  Now, having an understanding of that illness THEN also gaining an understanding of how to get well and balanced and healthy again and actually living that AND sharing what was learned with others who still have the dis-ease that you once had… well now, THAT would and does help others.

I’ve always said there are two ways to understanding – either through compassion or through personal experience.  Perhaps some folks could stand to develop some compassion (including for themselves) so they can quit doing the personal experience thing.

I can’t emphasize enough how energy plays into health or illness.  We’ll address some physical level things like diet and exercise, but your physical health, which is an outward manifestation of your energy, is very dependent upon your emotional, mental and spiritual health.

I have had physical health issues, caused by nutrient deficiencies.  I didn’t let them hang around for decades, but they were there long enough to manifest in some way outwardly.  I took the clues my body gave me and sought out information.  Some came from God, some from Google, some from just hitting up people I knew who I thought just might know.  I got answers.  I applied those answers, put them to the test and found what actually worked and regained my balance, corrected deficiencies, got rid of the symptoms that were my body’s clues to me and got healthier.

Also, from a place of compassion, I’ve learned about some dis-eases that I myself have never had.  I found the REAL cause for it as opposed to the b.s. that the so-called “experts” espouse.


So, let’s talk diet first.  If an eater of conventional food were to come to me and ask my advice on how to improve their health, the following is what I would advise and pretty much mostly in that order.  That order will, first, be easiest to adjust to and second, will give substantial improvements, progressively, without completely throwing one for a loop or kicking their butt.  By doing it in a progression, you’ll also be able to sense just what each improvement will do for you.

When I first cleaned up my diet, I noticed how the good stuff helped.  After cleaning up my diet enough and sticking with it for an extended period of time, then new good things to eat are just another good thing and I don’t feel any difference, but then it’s the not-so-good stuff that I really notice and can detect its ill effects.

Take these steps in this progression, feel free to dwell a bit on one level until it becomes second nature, then move to the next.   How quickly will you move through it?  Well, don’t be pokey, but your intuition will guide you.

  1. Make sure you get enough water (preferably filtered) and sea salt.  At least 1 quart of water per day for every 50 pounds of body weight.  1/4 teaspoon of sea salt for every quart of water.  This is a bare minimum.  If you are working / playing hard or it is hot out, you’ll need to drink more water.  Remember to increase your sea salt intake in the right proportions to your increased water consumption.
  2. Initially, eat what you usually do, but eat the whole, natural, organic version of it (and non-GMO, which “organic” would always imply but non-organic / conventional food could still be non-GMO.  If these terms – whole, natural, organic, non-GMO – are new to you, look them up and see what they mean.)  It tastes better anyway.  Better taste means better enjoyment and that means health in and of itself.  The increased color, odor and flavor also means more nutrients.  We have our five senses so we can be sensible – use them!
  3. Make sure you get good quality Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs).  Just to make sure, supplement with either fish oil or flax oil.  There are different varieties and qualities of oils, so research and experiment and see what type and brand works best for you.
  4. Consume probiotics / beneficial bacteria.  Eat a good-quality yogurt or drink kefir or take probiotic supplements.  Avoid yogurt sweetened with high fructose corn syrup or refined sugar.  Gut health is very important to your overall health.  If you’ve taken antibiotics – which you could stand to not do in most cases because they often get prescribed for something that they don’t even work on –  it has more than likely killed off a lot of your beneficial bacteria so you’ll need probiotics to get your balance back.  If you’ve had issues with yeast / fungus, it’s more than likely that your beneficial bacteria are way down in number and the yeast have taken over.  Also see next two bullets, which also play into yeast / fungus issues since yeast thrive on simple sugars.  Many forms of “cancerous” tumors are actually the body attempting to encapsulate the yeast overgrowth.
  5. Cut out refined and processed (non-whole) foods.  Raw sugar still has the nutrients in it necessary to process the carbs in it, whereas refined sugar has only the carbs without those nutrients and hence is as good as a toxin and will be stored away in fat until you give your body enough nutrients to deal with the carbs.  Brown rice is better than the more processed white rice.
  6. Cut out artificial sweeteners – most especially aspartame – and high fructose corn syrup.  Folks, look up the dangers of these kinds of things.  Read food labels and stop participating in your own poisoning.
  7. Cut out soy, dairy, gluten and corn completely for a month or so and see how you feel.  Trust me, you’ll feel much better.  These all contain casein which is what many glues are made of.  They coat your small intestine and keep you from absorbing the nutrients from your food.  As you reintroduce them back into your diet, do so one at a time and see how each treats you.  Even if you continue to keep these things in your diet, do your best to not do much of these and perhaps do them at different times than other food so you actually absorb the nutrients from the other foods you eat.  But once you have cleared them from your body initially you’ll have a better feel for how they are treating your body, you’ll know when you need to behave yourself in regards to these “foods” (four top food allergins – are they really “food”?) or if you’ve overdone them.  Even with natural / organic stores and products, you’ll have to label-read to watch for these.  For myself, unfermented soy protein is a definite no-no.  My tonsils scream at me almost immediately.  Gluten and dairy have that effect also, but it takes several days of overdoing them to make that happen.  Milk, even organic, will sometimes make me almost instantly phlegmy.  I prefer to proactively not do much of these so that I don’t develop major, intense allergies to them then can’t eat them at all.
  8. Do regular detoxes if and when you’re intuitively moved to. I used to do two month-long detoxes per year, spring and fall, and the one I did was very supportive of your body.  You cut out all the bad – see items above and alcohol, caffeine (except for green tea), chocolate (it’s only for a month!  lol).  You eat only whole, organic food.  You do a 3 to 4 day fresh juice fast mid-month, only that and herbal teas, water and sea salt for those days.  All the other days when you are not doing the juice fast, you take a boatload of supplements along with your rather pristine diet – multi-vitamins, antioxidants, liver support, etc.  This is based on Don Colbert’s book “Toxic Relief.”  Works wonders.  While doing a detox, if you are really hurting, make sure you’re taking enough liver support supplements and hey, if you need to do aspirin, do it.  This is about feeling better, not self torture.
  9. Correct any chronic nutrient deficiencies you may have with supplements.  Plenty of info on symptoms online if you suspect something is up.  Not all supplements are equal, do your research.  Follow your Divine guidance to get to the right info.  Listen to your body.  Once you pinpoint the issue, yes, supplements can help you get your balance back but also look up what foods are high in the nutrient you were deficient in and get more of those foods into your diet so you maintain your balance with food and not daily supplements, only if needed.
  10. Proper food combining.  Don’t mix protein with carbs.  Well, there go the meat and potatoes.  lol  Eat either of those with greens and you’re fine.  When you eat protein with carbs, the protein has to stay in your stomach longer than the carbs need to and the carbs will literally start to ferment.  This is one reason why some folks who don’t drink alcohol can still end up with cirrhosis of the liver.  That poor combination will also cause gas and bloating and other issues.  There are other food combining practices such as not eating melons with anything else, including other kinds of fruit.  Search online for more info.


Now, exercise.  If you’ve been a life-long couch potato and asked my advice, well, in a nutshell, start slow.  Also, if your concern is losing weight, the above advice on diet will make an even bigger difference in your weight than taking up or increasing your exercise.  But using your physical body physically is very important.  If I were to coach a team on one of those weight loss competition TV shows, my team would be eating gourmet organic meals and easing into their exercise, losing weight to beat the band, while the other teams would be knocking themselves out, losing the game, but not so much weight.

  1. Walk several times per week for at least one hour straight.  You don’t have to be a speed walker, at least not initially.  Just move, maybe a bit faster than the 100 meter mosey pace. It’s amazing what just some movement can do for you.
  2. Increase your walking as you get more in shape and it starts to feel better.  Walk faster or for more time or more days per week or all of these.  Listen to your body.  Don’t make a chore out of it, just enjoy it.  If you miss a day here and there, don’t stress.  Get in touch with your body.  Feel good.
  3. From there on out, even the sky isn’t the limit.  What would you like to do?  Just be sane about it at the start and build into it gradually.  Do stretching exercises before you do that sport or activity so you don’t pull muscles.
  4. When getting in shape, liver support supplements like L-Glutamine and milk thistle can ease the muscle burn from building up lactic acid as you work previously-underused muscles.
  5. One note for runners.  Running is a wonderful thing, getting you in shape in the quickest, cheapest way, but it creates an imbalance in your leg muscles.  It builds the outside of your legs more than the inside.  So that can put a strain on your knees.  Some people literally refer to this as “runner’s knee”.  Of course what do the doctors want to do about it?  Chop, chop, chop.  They want to operate on your knees.  Cha-ching, cha-ching!  Dollar signs in their eyes.  All you need to do is make a small effort to build your inner quadricep muscles.  The easiest way is by doing leg-extension lifts.  You sit like you would in a chair.  You then push and straighten your lower leg out in front of you while you push against resistance or with weights on your ankles / feet.  Do a few sets and reps of that every time you run and you’re set.  You don’t have to make your inner quads bulky, just use them, so low weight and higher reps is better than the other way around.


And somewhere in here, if you are on pharmaceuticals, pretty much of any nature, get off of them.  You’ll have to be safe and sane about it as many pharmies are very addictive, at any and all levels, and some are just flat out dangerous to drop cold turkey.  If one even misses one or more anti-depressants, the result can literally be murder-suicide.  It’s my understanding that this has gotten to be so commonplace that police have been known to joke about it – at a murder-suicide they’ll ask their cohorts, “Has anyone found the Prozac yet?”

And what will correct the imbalance that you were trying to use pharmaceuticals to correct?  Healing.  Healing at all levels – correct your diet, get some exercise, get caught up on nutrient deficiencies, correct your “stinkin’ thinkin’ ” and actually FEEL your emotions and a good solid Divine connection will assist you much in making healthy choices.

People don’t get sick or depressed from a deficiency of surgery or pharmaceuticals.  At the very least, some pharmies may be ok for “triage”, to temporarily address things FOR A SHORT TIME.  But if you’ve bought into “You’ll have to take this for the rest of your life” then they’ve got you.  And the rest of your life may be a bit shorter than you planned if you take pharmaceuticals and don’t address your healing.


See all my other posts that start with “Healing” since all parts of your being are connected and work together.

Also see this post Alzheimer’s and Cholesterol, Water and EVERYTHING, Listening to Your Body and some other things.


One thought on “Healing – Physical

  1. Great advice, I have done toxin cleanses, but not as often as I should or need to that is.
    I also understand how certain pains in the body or disease in certain areas have their own message about what is the reason for the disease and how it needs to be cleared…
    Like lungs being ‘grief’
    pancreas being ‘guilt’
    cancer being resistance to life
    so as in lung cancer…resistance to transmuting grief…like when Dana Reeve got lung cancer and died to the day after Christopher Reeve had died, and she did not smoke or do anything in any environment that would make her susceptible to getting lung cancer, also that she passed the very day he did a year later. Thinking she truly never got thru her grief, but that is the way the body tells us by which area or organ that gets the disease or stuck energy, and also needs the right nutrition or herbs to help it heal, but that our body parts or locations have specific messages as to the reason or what we are not dealing with.


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