Stepping Stones and Individual Path

I’m going to start this off with a personal anecdote, one where I received Divine guidance.  Now this came late in my own “general healing” process, but it was before my own personal ascension work and the subsequent planetary ascension work started in full force.

It was the middle of winter and I’d sprained my ankle severely, so bad that I had to have a friend find and bring me some crutches and stick around and do a few little chore assistance things for me, such as go down the steps and fetch my mail that day and deliver my fish bowl to the kitchen sink so I could wash it.  I could in no way walk on my ankle.  It was very bad for days and I had to use crutches.  When it got good enough to walk on without crutches, it was still very spooky.  Well, I’d been to get groceries once, but other than that had been no where past the mailbox for weeks.  I was feeling rather shut in and about ready to get out and take a walk, no matter how slow I had to take it.  Well, it snowed.  It was not so cold out and there was not much snow still around, but there were a few icy patches.

I was bound and determined to get out of the house, get some sunshine and fresh air and move.  It was very slow indeed.  I did the 100 meter mosey down the street, watching very carefully for ice, stepping very slowly, making sure I had sure footing and my ankle could support me.  I went a block and turned into a park with a lake.

As I looked across the lake I was given a vision, one of the very few clairvoyant episodes I’ve had in my life.  I saw a raging river with stepping stones evenly spaced across the river.  They were spaced just right so that crossing the river on them was very do-able and yet there was that raging river splashing all around, not to mention making the stones wet and slippery.  Then I heard something to the effect of, “You can certainly get to the other side, but you will need to be very slow, careful and cautious, taking one step at a time, not getting caught up in all the chaotic distraction, but it absolutely can be done.”  And that pretty much describes how this ascension has gone.

We are guided to just what we need.  If you need something it will be there.  If it’s not there, you must not need it.  Fully embrace the next step, then fully release it as you move on to the step beyond that.  Don’t get ahead of yourself.  Don’t cling to some “comfort zone” step when it’s time to keep moving.  One step at a time.  Crawl before you walk, walk before you run, run before you fly.

I’ve found that I have often been shown end goals, or a peek out at the distant horizon… but then I’m brought right back to the present moment and shown the next step.  Sometimes we don’t always know how this present step even connects to that distant goal, but follow your guidance and you won’t go wrong.

I have gone through all sorts of learning / re-membering on my spiritual awakening and journey, with my healing and ascension work.  Back when I started, things still moved a bit slow.  We had time to learn many things.  But regardless of what was needed, I was always guided to it.  I was also guided to know how much of a particular subject or source of information I was to delve deeply into, what to just skim, and what to leave alone completely.  And… when to let go of something.

Some things I was absolutely guided to, then guided away from… like in 2011, I was guided to follow some online meditations that happened once or twice a month.  It was very significant in my transmutation work assisting Gaia.  Later the attraction just disappeared for that and I knew I was done there.  It didn’t mean that those meditations were worthless, had no value, were a distraction.  No, it’s just that their season had passed.  They had their place at the time.  And letting it go had its time also.  Some things came and went.  Some things came and went and came again… and went again.  And I look back and it was all so very perfect.

And it’s the same with people, that “a reason, a season or a lifetime” thing.  Know when it’s time to move on, let go, release, graduate.

And sometimes, there are methods of healing or ways of creating, which have worked so well for you over time, that suddenly quit working… because it’s time for you to learn another way.

I was into astrology for years, getting readings and learning about it.  Studying info concerning myself and others was SO helpful.  It’s one of those things I call “understanding tools”.  I found though that over time, as my own healing progressed, I didn’t find a need to look much at daily horoscope stuff for sure.  Then I found that many of the challenges, learning and growth opportunities I had set up for myself in my birth chart no longer applied, since those opportunities, which played out in relationships and other situations, I had seized and mastered.  I’d gotten the lesson, seized the growth opportunity and was literally finding that I could keep or toss whatever personal astrological energies that I cared to.  Then I found that astrology was still useful for monitoring collective / global energies.  But eventually, especially as this planetary ascension moved forward, especially since I was obviously supposed to keep my focus on an ascended Gaia and not the 3D version of Earth and its timeline, I was finding that astrology just didn’t matter anymore as we were moving ourselves and Gaia out of the realm where such things applied.

I never was much into meditation, ya know, at a specified time of day, sitting in the corner, fingers touching and chanting “om” or running a stick around the rim of a bowl.  Just not my thing.  I was more into contemplation, dreaming, imagining… and running.  I’d heard it said once that meditation is about clearing your mind, focusing on your breath and letting the guidance come into the silence.  Running definitely did that for me.  American Indians and other tribal folks doing their dances is much the same – the repetitive, tiring, physical motion… and I’m sure the release of endorphins and other natural body chemicals help also.

I’d also heard that the ultimate goal is to “be a moving meditation”.  I felt like running was the perfect metaphor… and stepping stone for that.  What is truly meant by being a moving meditation is to get oneself to a point where you are in constant dialog with the Divine.  You check in for anything and everything.  You don’t have to go through some specific ritual (and chant “om”) to get into that dialog.  You keep yourself open to receiving any information that could be sent to you.  You stay open and aware.  It’s a way of life, second nature, part of your day to day, minute to minute.

Recently, I came across some info from someone saying that they felt a lot of stuff was kinda hogwash and rather limiting.  One example they gave was that they’d recently given up their chakra system and they felt much better for it.  I would say to this person that it’s not that such things are “bad” or have no place, it’s more that one needs to know when to learn about these things, know when they have mastered it and know when it’s time to move on from focusing on it, mostly because they’ve healed, cleared, balanced and extended their chakras so much that, yeah, focusing on individual chakras just really doesn’t apply anymore.  And through all of this… having the discernment to know what stage you are in.  You were guided to it in the first place for a reason.  But allow yourself to also be guided away from it, when the time comes to do so.  And some people will never be guided to that specific information and they still will heal and ascend without it. They are doing what they need to do, what they are guided to.

There is also plenty of reason to think that those who have been on this ascension project early and often have literally learned FOR others, to some degree, putting their knowledge out onto the collective telepathic internet for anyone to tap into at some level when it’s right for them.

What works for one person may not for the next, or the next person is not at the point where it will work now.  How can you know?  Divine guidance.  Is this person being sent to you to deliver a message or are you to deliver them one?  Both?  Is what they are all fired up about presently, is it for you?  Right now?  Is it worth making a mental note of, to be stored away for a bit?  Just ask God and your higher self and you’ll know.

There were times I’d listen to radio programs and every guest had a book to peddle.  I’d know which books I was to actually get and which to leave alone.  Same thing in the book store.  Some books I’d gotten I’d jump into right away and they were perfect.  I’d often have half a dozen books going at the same time and I’d put one down, pick another up, read on it a bit, go back to the first and realize the second one gave me an explanation of something that really helped me understand the place I was at in the first one.  Perfect.  I had books sit on my shelf for years, but when I felt moved to pull them down and read them, they were the perfect thing at that time.  Sure glad I got them when I’d first heard about them, when I was moved to get them and also glad I hadn’t read them right away as that was not the best time.  Some books I only ever read half of and yet got just what I needed out of them, just at the right time.  If anyone would like to tell me how Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth” ended, please feel free.  The first half I read and it was all about ego and at the very same time I was dealing with some very strong egos in people I was working with.  I learned an awful lot about mine and others’ egos at that time, just like I was being guided to… then never finished the book.  Perfect again.  I got what I needed out of it.

Some things are really not meant for you to know thoroughly at a mundane level.  Sometimes you get just snippets of something and yet you’re told not to look any deeper and yet you just know that this thing is very significant.  Just your mundane-level knowing of its significance may be all that is necessary.  It’s like just hearing about it, acknowledging the topic, seeing a picture or diagram or something little is all that your lower mind needs and higher levels of yourself take care of the rest.

Divine guidance – that which is sent to you, tailored just for you.  Follow it and you won’t go wrong, nor will you make any wasted effort or experience information-overload.


2 thoughts on “Stepping Stones and Individual Path

  1. Hi
    Just like to say thank you. My journey has been very much on a similar vein. It’s been nice to receive confirmation that all is well .


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