Create Anew!

Aren’t you tired of giving authority of your life away?  Don’t give it away… not to anyone, but most especially to the cabal’s agenda.

Stop allowing your creative powers to be used against you.

It’s easy to understand what I’m saying there when you think of all the people who have yet to awaken to the global cabal.

But many people who are aware of the cabal are still allowing themselves to be manipulated into creating the very thing they claim they don’t want.  They keep seeking out their daily dose of cabal agenda details.  Energy flows where attention goes.  If you’re still getting your regular “fix” about cabal doings long past your understanding of the plot, then they still have you to some degree and you’re still helping them.  Your focus is on it.  If you “fight” it or “resist” it, you’re still putting energy into it.  What we resist persists.  If you’re worried about it, then they still have you.  Why would you allow that to happen?

Sure, you learn about the cabal agenda.  Why?  So you understand what it is SO THAT YOU QUIT PARTICIPATING IN IT.  And that right there is how you stop feeding energy into it, how you quit allowing your own creative powers to be used to sustain their creation.  That is how you free yourself from it.  So yeah, you learn about them and their agenda, enough to get the plot of the story.  Now that you know, you recognize it when you see it.  You sense it.  Like the old line, “You’ll know them by their fruits”.

You really don’t need to know every dirty little detail about what they’re up to, you just need to know enough to understand how to step out of it.  Your obsession with every detail will keep you busy and distracted for your entire life and when will you take the time to enter into and move through your healing process?  When will YOU exude all the love and peace you claim you so desire?

If you gain and solidify your Divine connection, then if you are to know some new detail for some reason, you’ll be guided to it.  Don’t worry, you won’t miss what you are supposed to know.

When you quit immersing yourself in all that ad nauseum, it’s not as if you’re putting your head back in the sand.  It’s not like you’re gonna suddenly completely forget everything you learned about the plot of the cabal’s agenda just because you didn’t get your daily fix of horrific news.  Come on folks!

You’re just removing your creative powers from their agenda, from their creations.  Do you really want to play a part in the continuation of their program?  Really?  If you claim you don’t want that, do you really mean it?

It’s ok if you feel moved to talk about it to those who have yet to wake up to it, so that they too can see the manipulation and hopefully also quit participating.  Someone more than likely played a role in your awakening to it also, so, yep, sure glad they bothered to mention it to ya.  You offer your knowledge and consciousness to the next person purely as a new option for them, perhaps one they were not aware of, but that’s all it is and all that you can ever be completely sure of it being – an offering.  You cannot force them to accept it.  Free-will realm, remember?!

But do you really think you are empowering yourself or others by being overly concerned, worried, fearful of or obsessing on the cabal and their programs, by clinging to that old paradigm yourself?  Seriously?

Spend your precious time and energy doing your own inner healing work.  That right there will have far more empowering energetic influence on others than any amount of outside information that you could possibly provide them and the more-healed and less-fearful version of you will do a much better job at relaying information to others anyway.

And if you attempt to awaken others to the cabal’s manipulations, see if you can also offer up an alternative EMPOWERED way of being to them.  When it comes right down to it, that’s what really matters.  Just as there are some people who are quite aware of the cabal and yet obsess on it, there are also people who know little or nothing about the cabal and yet they will be ascending.  Why?  Because they worked on themselves.  They learned in their own way what parts of this Earthly life they needed to release.  They in their own way healed themselves, some not even ever calling it “healing” or any other applicable terms.  They just knew themselves and sensed what needed to happen to learn and grow and evolve.

You don’t fight or resist others’ creations.  That’s not how creation works.  You let them create what they want.  When it comes right down to it, you are not and will not “stop” the 3D illusion.  It will continue on as long as someone wants that and continues to choose it.  And rightfully so.  Who the hell are we to tell all the other human creators that they cannot create as they so choose?  Geez, that control-freakedness sounds amazingly “cabal-like”.

Enough already!

What you can and will do is create anew.  5D Gaia is our new creation.  Won’t you join us?!

(See here for a good article on Authenticity and Conscious Co-Creation.  There’s also a bit of info in it on Masculine and Feminine energies and Self Love.)


2 thoughts on “Create Anew!

  1. YES!!!! I am ENOUGH ALREADY!!!! I have been aware of the negative cabal agenda for years and do try to nudge others to become aware of giving their ‘consent’ whether unwillingly, or supposedly in fighting with them, too big to fail agaenda. As in the duality of this world, they can be gotten rid of! They are doing their part in duality and in part to me an A.I. program that feeds on the energy of fear. So when we look into this agenda, and obsess over it as if to fear it, it is helping them to create it using our energy….this is their food. Usurpers who cannot create their agenda without our help and consent. So we have to not give it our energy except to be aware of the agenda and nudge others to disengage in putting their energy into it helping to create it as well…yes, you are so right! ❤


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