4D as a Dwelling Realm – A Short-Lived, Impractical and Canceled Ascension Experiment

In early 2012, the world was informed through a few sources and many a person’s intuition, that a new 4D (4th dimension / density) level hologram was being formed.  Some called it the 3-Earth Scenario because supposedly what was happening was that there was a 4D level, semi-permanent, dwelling hologram being created because many humans who were on the ascension path were not moving along to ascension completion, readying themselves for a 5D level.

So, the premise was that there would eventually be a split and the result would be 3D, 4D, and 5D levels of Earth, separate but existing at the same time.  Those in the 4D hologram could move along later to 5D, but in the meantime, they’d be away from the destructive 3D timeline.

But 4D is NOT ascension, mind ya, it is still duality and still has limits.

If you were to say that 4D “belonged to” one or the other of the dwelling levels of 3D or 5D, it would be 3D.  Why?  Because if you have not passed all the way through 4D you will not be getting to 5D.  Anything of lower frequency AT ALL than 5D will not get to 5D.  Period.

Now, I’m gonna tell ya right now, this whole 4D as a dwelling realm thing has never sat well with me.  I’ve always known that 4D is a transition zone, a place to move through on the way to 5D.  Even the Hopi said years ago that we had been in the 3rd World, would quickly move through the 4th World, into the 5th World.  Basically, each individual moves into and through 4D as they do their healing work and solidify their conscious connection with the Divine.  And yes, the whole goal is ascension.  The level that the 4D ladder leads to is 5D Gaia (and beyond).

My friend and I had been informed that once the “4Ders” got into the 4D hologram, there would be constant pressure on them to keep moving towards completion.  My friend clairvoyantly saw the 4D hologram as glowing green.  I heard this and laughed because green is the color of healing.  And that constant pressure seemed to be necessary.  This level of people seem to need a constant cattle prod at their rumps to keep them moving along.  We got information over the years that at every big energetic push, they would indeed move forward, but as soon as the peak of that energetic push would ease off, they’d stop moving forward.  They seemed to take no initiative, were not proactive, were not taking the bull by the horns.  God, Gaia, the Cosmos, we forerunners… we all handed them the ball and they refused to run with it.

So, that initial part of the formulation of a 4D dwelling realm, the first heads up on this, back in 2012, seemed to kinda come into the world in a short period of time and many people started to talk about it.

The following that I tell you about is information that came to my friend and me over time, often the information came quite a while after the actual occurrences themselves, but sometimes it came right as things were happening.

The REAL ascension forerunners were not responsible for the creation of the 4D hologram, which the two of us call “The Dome”, but we forerunners had to keep fending off the 3D timeline, keeping it from moving forward into major destruction as 4D was formed, as if we forerunners, worn out and weary, didn’t have enough to do here.

The 4D level folks themselves were creating the 4D hologram, but the whole fact that they were not pushing through to completion demonstrated how they were really lollygagging in general about this entire ascension thing, taking their sweet time getting with the program.  They obviously took that same laggard attitude in the formation of The Dome.  It’s as if they are really having one hell of a time releasing 3D.

And I’ll tell you, especially the further we go along, I’ll be darned if I can figure out what is so attractive or appealing about 3D, especially for someone who is asking for ascension and is on the ascension path.  Sure, if someone is just flat not choosing ascension and they want more time in 3D, want more experience of darkness, drama, separation and disempowerment, well, ok, I honor their free-will choices and am fine if they need more of that for their growth and evolution.  I’ve always said that “fed up” closely precedes great change.  One must get their fill of something, reach “Enough Already!” in order to choose again, choose something different.  But I truly do not get this idea of choosing ascension, then dragging one’s heels about it.

Then, on the flip side, many lightworkers (LWs) are in total escapism mode, trying so desperately to dream up every way possible to just get away from 3D.  Eee gad!  This is why they cling so to the silly notion that 4D will split off from 3D.

Put those last two paragraphs together and you have LWs who are NOT very well grounded, who still are scared to death (inner work to do yet / fears to release) of that “dreaded 3D” – never mind that “3Ders” are ultimately their Soul Mission – and yet who cling to 3D by not facing it, by not facing their own shadows / darkness… and moving forward to COMPLETE their ascension process IN FULL!

When it comes right down to it, most everyone who has been ascension-ready has been so since at least January of 2013, Gaia included.  (see post Ascension Timeline Thus Far) We have picked up a few, as in literally just a few hundred since then.  But this ascension was basically not moving forward between January 2013 until the end of June 2014.  We were kept waiting on the 4Ders.

So, my friend was told through a channeled source that the 4Ders had, years ago, started to create a 4D level space.  The Universal Federation of Light (UFL), at that time, got fed up with the 4Ders and wanted to stop the formation of a 4D dwelling realm, but the Galactic Federation of Light (GFL) thought that it was too far along…  supposedly… to stop.  Or it may be more likely that the GFL wanted to see this 4D Dome thing through.  For now, I’ll just say “Grr.”  More info in other articles.

What’s then interesting is that now, 3 years later, we have been told that very recently the whole 4D Dome project has been canceled.  The 4Ders were all over the place with their hologram creations and were not making a focused, concerted effort, so it was getting no where.  I must admit I was ticked that it was allowed to go on this long.

Gee, up until last fall, I could have shared info on more of this old 3-Earth scenario / plan / direction, except now it doesn’t apply anymore.

This cancellation of The Dome happened around the 16th of September 2014.  So now anyone who wants to move out of 3D has got to push through to ascension completion and go to 5D Gaia.  No ‘tweener state, half-assed b.s. anymore.

(See here for past efforts “out there” to prod LWs along.  Note how some people were triggered.  Those types of comments were a tiny sampling of a whole slew of re-actions on Facebook out of LWs who obviously took offense to the message of “Do your inner work!”  Wah!  Funny how they so blatantly reveal themselves.  And you’ll also see comments by those who “get” it.)


8 thoughts on “4D as a Dwelling Realm – A Short-Lived, Impractical and Canceled Ascension Experiment

  1. I still see far too many (and some rather advanced) LWs who are still seemingly in “escapism” mode. Still so many messages being put out about 4D separating off of 3D. Not gonna happen. Ever. As I stated above:

    “If you were to say that 4D “belonged to” one or the other of the dwelling levels of 3D or 5D, it would be 3D.”

    There is one way and one way only out of 3D (other than the death portal and perhaps your imagination) and that is through ascension. FULL 5D ASCENSION. No one and nothing is going to separate you off from all the scary, ugly 3D world out there. You’ll be fine. Know it. Let go of your self-delusional half-assed “4D ascension / separation” (no such thing) escapism. That’s all it is – escapism. It shows you have more to work on.

    And get used to hanging out here on Earth for a bit for you’ll be ascension-ready LONG BEFORE you fully transition out of 3D / 4D. You’ve all got some lightwork, some energetic service work to do in this world. It’s what you came for. Those folks in 3D are who you will shine your light to. How would you do that if you were literally, physically separated off from them? You are still part of their world and their collective and are here to influence them with your light, in every way.

    Folks, stop trying to escape your own soul mission. If anything “out there” is so scary to you that you hope and dream that you’ll be magically whisked away from it, then that indicates you still have work to do “in here”. Please get to it and abandon the escapism. The only way out is in.

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    • Yeah, the fur just might fly now.

      Wait now, what D was what? *scratching head* Silly me, I just can’t remember / memorize all that useless stuff, having “lost my mind” so long ago n’ all.

      Gittin’ ‘er done is just a whole lot more down-to-earth, everyday, personal inner work than all that rote memorization of useless data. Did he “think with his heart” on that one? Oh well, as long as he can THINK somewhere, even when completely unconscious of just how pea-brain he is.


    • Along the lines of this escapism stuff… a few months ago I’d checked in on someone’s sites for the first time in a while. They’d been blogging to beat the band for years, daily usually, on at least 2 blogs, one of which was all about having a walk-in experience, essentially that some other soul would come and replace them / take over their body. I’d asked God about this walk-in business quite a while back and was told this person was deluded, in a fantasy. This past summer, they finally woke up to that, after years down that path and realized they’d been in escapism mode, said as much and said they’d no longer be using that blog and instead would be going down the tried and true path of ascension.

      Interestingly, I’m told this person is ascension-ready / “complete”, which I told my buddy must just mean having pineal gland activated and otherwise fully connected back into the Divine, but… they and others that I’d been told completed in this past year seemed to still have plenty to knock out.

      Brenda Hoffman’s messages have been saying they can knock this stuff out faster now that they are “of 5D” but she and her gang don’t seem so convinced since they’ve been “struggling” with the ascension flu for about a month now as they are being prodded to show themselves and that just seems to scare them silly… still. *shaking head*

      I did some quicky Tarot readings the other day, one of which was about “Where is Gaia’s ascension at?”

      Just 3 cards – the 1st was Karma but had to do with like ending karma with a key decision or something, key decision is what I was told was the key message of the card. The 2nd card was Abandonment – it was time to walk away, time to move on.

      The 3rd card was about “expecting others to make your decisions” and I found that very intriguing so I asked further. I get that this is about Gaia’s decision and I’m kinda getting that some entities atv (? not completely sure on that one) were kinda muscling in and she allowed it for a while, but is no longer allowing it.

      So sounds like Abandonment IS her key decision – time to move on. Good.

      So now, at this point I’m kinda waiting for Gaia Portal or someone to make some mention of this “Gaia making her own decisions” business. Let me know if you get or hear anything along those lines. Some of the Eireport “Alliance” message from GP kinda felt a bit weird, idk, but that’s what prompted my question.

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      • In light of Gaia making her own decisions, I always thought she did but waiting for us to catch on, I have heard some mention of her making some progress of her own decisions to change things here in a matter of focus or how she connects with us in the membrane or mirror of her psyche that communicates with us…I fall short of words to explain how she changed things because it’s so complicated yet simple in understanding but can’t explain…the mirror is no more, and most LW’s are still on the ‘what you see in others is what is in you for you to work on’ and that is no longer true. I never understood that concept because most of what I witnessed was not my ‘schtuff’, but theirs. I only witness the disconnect with their ability to go within and work on it instead of projecting it on to me and others. So understanding she has changed things and taken her rightful place, Gaia is doing some correcting of things that went haywire during her slumber and our ‘ascension’ chronicles’..LOL, but anyway, John Lash Lamb talks about the Mandella effect if you have looked into any of it, and those that have been experiencing bizarre things and how their memories are different than what is now the memory, so he calls her Sophia, the aeon that went into the earth as per the Nag Hammadi teachings, but very interesting what he says about her changing things and correcting it, and then she will do her thing in spite of all those who seem to think she has already ascended, it’s worth a listen if you can sit and get what he is saying, I had an epiphany towards the middle of this talk about the mirror and how she now connects with us…it was nice to hear what he says Sophia aka Gaia is up to in her ascension process and the mandella effect, He states it is called the third attention and she has ‘intervened’ as it were by pulling the lever on the gear of the third attention so it starts around 39min. in but it helps to listen to him lead up to how Sophia aka Gaia has intervened. You might get that too out of that talk, especially toward the middle when he talks about the membrane and how she changed it, and of course the correction of things, to no longer see this as a mirror concept. I wonder how long before the LW’s get it. https://youtu.be/Sx2iuEW3U9c

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        • I’ll give it a listen… although I’m not really digging this Mandela effect stuff. (I’ve been watching X-Files) I’d have to say I’m with Dana Scully on this one, “It’s just faulty memory.” … ya know, maybe from too much soy and pharmies. lol

          But yes, sounds interesting.

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        • Just you saying this here:
          “In light of Gaia making her own decisions, I always thought she did but waiting for us to catch on…”

          … prompted me to ask if this was a new thing of Gaia “expecting” (which she’s over now) someone to make her decisions. I’m told yes. *shrug* as the details filter in.

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          • Well, as for the Mandella Effect, yes, some could be faulty memory but in some cases, it is not so as in one story of a woman who was living in the country alone, had gotten a divorce and changed back to her maiden name, she spoke of how she decided she wanted to go into town and reconnect with some old friends and enjoy some interaction for a while, but when she got to town, when her friends saw her, they freaked out because they had went to her funeral. She even got hold of her death certificate, and she had not changed her name either in that reality because she died according to her friends. This story was told on Lisa Harrison show, not sure if you are familiar with her. I like watching her show with her friend as they are funny, and looks like the one lights up joints on the show, but I think they are rollies, or roll you owns, but here is the show about it if you want to delve into some stories of the mandella effect. It wouldn’t surprise me if Gaia intervened and changed us off timelines, as in one man’s story he was in a reality where Hillary won and they were in a third world war already. He was so upset about it because in this reality where Trump won, his kids were not in this reality and he missed them. So I don’t know if you want to believe in those stories or not but if Gaia has now decided to intervene and make her own decisions, it would make sense she might have set the course in the right direction which would have a butterfly effect creating this mandella effect which is the terms they use to explain these things. I haven’t had any of those experiences with memory of things changed, maybe a few like the Star wars line ‘LUKE, I AM YOUR FATHER’. They say it’s changed..and a few other ones. Not major memories maybe except the Bible verse ‘The llion will lay with the lamb’ and now they say it is ‘The wolf will lay with the lamb’. I was going to watch that show about the mandella effect on x-files…it’s funny they made a show about it! Gotta be something there, you know.
            Lisa Harrison show: https://youtu.be/nYkhH0m14Mo

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