Alzheimer’s and Cholesterol, Water and EVERYTHING, Listening to Your Body… and some other things

I’ll talk about some health issues here, some of which I personally have had issue with, others not.

Alzheimer’s is a result of not having enough cholesterol.  It has been said that 100% of the people put on statin drugs (used to lower cholesterol) develop Alzheimer’s.

The body naturally produces cholesterol and it is used for a variety of normal functions and also as “backup” solutions, hopefully temporary backup solutions.  The brain needs cholesterol to function properly.

The body needs proper Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) to function optimally.  When a nutrient is termed “essential” it means that the body itself cannot produce it so the body needs to obtain the nutrient from food.  The cell membrane, which interprets and responds to its environment, definitely needs proper EFAs to do its job right.

The medical industry and then the general populace were misled about the whole “cholesterol clogging blood vessels” thing.   Starting decades ago, people were led to consume poor oils and fats such as margarine, shortening (yeah, as in shortening your life span) and corn oil.  These hydrogenated oils are what has caused / is causing these sorts of blood vessel clogging issues.

These poor quality fats and oils cling to the vessel walls and that creates a rough surface which causes the blood to not flow smoothly, creating eddies.  Not good.  The body, wisely, compensates for this by lining that rough surface with cholesterol to smooth it out so the blood will flow properly.  That’s why cholesterol would build up in the blood vessels.  When they first discovered cholesterol in big quantities in the arteries of bodies they were performing autopsies on, they did not dig down to see what was under that cholesterol – a rough surface caused by poor quality fats.

And this is a case that really should be a temporary backup system response and should not have to be continued.  But some people chronically consume improper oils and fats.  They keep eating the poor oils and fats and the body keeps compensating by lining the blood vessels with more cholesterol and years later, vessels clog up.

The body really does do an amazing and awesome job at taking care of itself, even when forced into backup mode with the crap that most people feed it.  Just think how well it would do if you actually give it what it needs.

I use flax oil (fish oil is good too) to supplement my EFAs and if I don’t get enough proper EFAs, then dry, cracked lips are my first clue… and that’s as far as it gets because I won’t let it get any worse.  And the positive feedback then comes with nice moist, smooth lips after proper EFA consumption.

Consume good oils like olive oil for salad dressings and other things, although you don’t really want to cook with olive oil as heat makes it go rancid, turning a great oil into a bad one.  Walnut oil and flax oil are good.  Careful with cooking with these though too – get the details about heat tolerance on oils.

I cook with grape seed oil.  It does better with high heat.

The absolute best thing to cook with would actually be pork lard, but good luck even finding pork lard around in most places these days.  Skip the fricking shortening and margarine.  Instead, do the lard and good old butter.  Much better!

Store oils in a cool, dark place.  I don’t like to refrigerate most oils but I do keep them in the cupboard.  I once made the mistake of leaving my homemade salad dressing on the counter instead of in the cupboard.  It was in a clear glass bottle.  It didn’t stand a chance to the natural light.  It went rancid without me knowing it and I was consuming it for many days in a row and for about 5 days I developed a new symptom every day.  I researched the symptoms, found out it sounded like I needed EFAs and yet my dressing had olive oil and walnut oil which are good EFAs.  Well, I looked at the bottle and I guess I would say the oil looked like it had “bloomed”.  Visually, it kinda resembled honey that had crystalized.  Of course it wasn’t hard like that but it was no longer translucent and instead looked cloudy like it had many mini cotton balls in it.

And don’t get caught up in thinking cholesterol is bad.  You need it.  Your body produces it so it’s not as if you’re only getting it from foods.  And your body produces it for good reason.

When you get done reading this post, come back and click this link to learn more about cholesterol:  Cholesterol – Friend or Foe?  Great article.


Another big issue is dehydration, which chronic issues with that can manifest into outward illnesses like arthritis, asthma, glaucoma, allergies, lupus, high blood pressure, diabetes, ulcers and many more.  Many people are years, even decades, behind on their water.  And sea salt also plays a role in proper hydration.  These dehydrated people often don’t drink much if any water and also tend to consume a lot of caffeine and alcohol.

I have a glass of water beside me constantly.  I even drink water if and when, and at the same time as, I indulge in caffeine or alcohol.  And I acknowledge that if I do indulge in those drinks, I’ll need even more water to make up for it, since caffeine and alcohol serve as diuretics, making you release water from your system.

If there is any fundamental health thing that is more immediately important than anything else – other than perhaps breathing air – it is proper water and sea salt consumption. Water even plays into your body getting enough oxygen. The red corpuscles carry oxygen to body parts, but they actually can’t carry enough by themselves, they depend on water molecules that cling to the corpuscles to aid in bringing additional oxygen to body parts.

I strongly recommend the book, “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water” by Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, M.D. to anyone and everyone.

Here’s a novel idea – instead of going for the coffee first thing in the morning, drink a glass of water. That will perk you up quicker and better than coffee. It’s what you need.  You are dehydrated from not having any water while you slept and you lose an awful lot of water through your breathing.  Gee, can’t imagine why ya feel so groggy.  Drink water!

I see now they are peddling moisturizers to use after the bath / shower. Instead of putting their pricey products on the outside of you, just put a glass of water down your gullet.

Sea salt goes hand in hand with water for proper hydration.  Bare minimum, you need 1 quart of water per day for every 50 pounds of body weight.  (So, for example, if you weigh 150 pounds, you need AT LEAST 3 quarts of water per day.)  You need more if it’s hot out or you’re working / playing hard and sweating it out and yes if you are consuming a diuretic like caffeine or alcohol.  If you are exhibiting any of these ailments, which are symptoms of severe dehydration, it’d be best if you laid off the caffeine and alcohol for a while until you get rid of these ailments.  For every 1 quart of water, you need 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt.  If you drink more water, make sure you also increase your sea salt accordingly.  (Also see post Healing – Physical.)

Not enough water and sea salt play into arthritis.  I get plenty of water, but I may not always get enough sea salt.  I love it and eat it liberally on the foods I like to salt,  but some things I don’t want it on.  Well, if I don’t get enough, then my body’s clue to me is creaky knees.  I will then literally put about 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt in my hand and just pop it in my mouth, let it dissolve a bit, then wash it down with water.  I’ll do that several times per day, usually only for a day or two, then I’m caught up again and my knees feel fine.

Back problems?  Dehydration may be playing into that also.  The spine has a lot of weight to support and I can’t remember the numbers now but there’s a signifiant percentage of one’s weight is actually supported by the WATER in one’s spine, well, if the water is there.  If you’re dehydrated, you’re asking your spine to provide all that support without the help of the water.

Years ago, I met someone who had chronic arthritis.  They said they’d pay anyone $10,000 to cure their arthritis.  After I heard how much they love their coffee and hardly ever drink water, I shared this information with them about water and sea salt and proper hydration.  They told me that someone had told them the same thing 20 years earlier.  But obviously they didn’t get the clue then and probably didn’t from me either and hence they are still suffering from something that is well within their power to heal.  Perhaps needless to say, myself and the person they talked to 20 years earlier, did not receive $10,000 from them.  lol  I would have gladly split it with that person.  🙂  REAL, solid health (and healing) advice is still very under-appreciated in this world, especially if it doesn’t come from some so-called “expert”, ya know, like a “doctor”, which I swear is short for “indoctrinate”.  High level of brainwashing there.  Doctors have to work so very hard for what they learn in med-school that they think they know everything.  Messed up state to be in as they then wrongly think they have nothing left to learn.  Most doctors who do finally learn a thing or two about real health and proper diet and nutrition often learn it from their patients… if they are actually sharp enough to keep learning.

Again, years ago, I put an ad online looking for someone to go biking with.  Well, I found someone and we met.  They told me all about their diabetes and how they were now wearing an insulin pump.  Red flag there.  We rode 18 miles that day in 85 degrees F.  About 3/4 of the way through, I ran out of water.  They too had brought water with them but had not touched a drop.  Omg.  Red flag number 2.  I recommended that water book to them.

Water and sea salt play into diabetes in this way – well, if you get enough of both, you’re set.  But if you don’t get enough water, then your body uses salt to retain some water so that it has some to use in the MANY VITAL processes it performs that require water.  If you also don’t get enough sea salt then your body doesn’t have that to use to retain water so it uses sugars to perform that function.  Not ideal, but hey, this is what you’re giving your body to work with and it does what it can.  So in order to maintain sugar in its system, the body shuts down insulin production.  The body is doing this on purpose and it’s doing so as another backup system.

And yet this person I’d met would rather wear an insulin pump, which is really undoing / defeating the good “triage” backup system that their body had going on – by holding off insulin so that the body can retain some sugar to use (in lieu of having salt to use to retain water in their body)… rather than just drink the water that they were carrying with them anyway.

Another chronic dehydration symptom is glaucoma.  Obviously the body thinks that the eyes are just purdy darned important for its survival.  So people don’t get enough water and the body hoards the water in the eye so it can still work.  And sadly, doctors tell glaucoma patients to do what?  Drink less water.  Double plus GAWD to that one.  They really need to get MORE water, then the body doesn’t need to hoard / retain it and the water can flow in and out of their eyes and not cause them to swell up with retained water.

Dehydration also plays into high blood pressure or hypertension (which is really a better descriptive term for it).  The amount of water in your system varies and that includes in your blood.  As the amount of fluid in your vessels varies, the body makes adjustments.  You see, you don’t want your vessels to be at the same tension if the amount of fluid in them goes down.  That will cause air pockets and if an air bubble gets to your heart or brain, well, b’ bye.  So, the body constricts the blood vessels if it’s low on water.  If you don’t want high blood pressure / hypertension, get more water… and sea salt, which helps you retain workable amounts of water in your body.  Yeah, yeah, I know what the medical industry says about salt and high blood pressure, but they are in some cases deluded and in others out and out liars.  Yep, I said it.  And I won’t be taking it back.  I swear the term “doctor” is short for indoctrinated.  And I don’t recommend standard processed table salt either, but sea salt.  The salt in it, all the trace minerals in it, yep, our bodies REQUIRE it.  It’s as fundamental as it gets.

Dehydration can also result in asthma and allergies (magnesium deficiency is also part of asthma, see below).  You see, histamines help you deal with things that could cause an allergic reaction.  But when you’re dehydrated, then the histamines have a backup duty of regulating what little water you do have and “deciding” what body parts and functions get some water and what doesn’t.  While your histamines are busy doing that, they aren’t able to keep up on dealing with potential allergies as much.


I understand that if someone has a severe enough asthma attack to merit going to the hospital emergency room, what they’re given for it is high doses of magnesium and the reason being that a deficiency of magnesium is what caused the asthma in the first place… but the hospital staff neglect to clue their asthma patients in to that.

A personal story – I developed a heel spur once that got pretty bad.  I had it for well over a year.  I quit running in that time and even did my best to not walk on concrete or pavement, to no avail.  I eventually went to the doctor, just to get confirmation that it was indeed a heel spur.  All I needed was an x-ray, which indeed revealed to both myself and the doctor that, yep, I had a heel spur, the biggest one that doctor said they’d ever seen.  And their solution?  Chop, chop, chop.  They wanted to cut it out.  So not only was that not necessary, but it would have also cut out the symptoms, giving me no feedback on if the REAL issue was addressed or not.  After all, the issue was not just in my heel but throughout my body, but at the time, my heel was what was providing me with feedback about my state of health.

And just to interject some sanity into this to counter all the unhealthy conditioning pounded into most doctors’ heads, Dr. Lorraine Day, who saved herself from breast cancer with nutrition instead of toxic chemicals (doh!), corrects the medical industry’s attitude by saying, “We don’t lose our health because of a deficiency of drugs (pharmaceuticals) or surgery.”

Well, I looked online, but just wasn’t finding the right information and also got a bit of information overload.  So, I turned to my long email list of lightworker friends I had at that time and asked if anyone knew a natural cure for a heel spur.  Sure enough, one gal wrote back and said that she had had bone spurs in her neck at one time and they are caused by a magnesium deficiency.

So, I got some magnesium citrate (and you want plant-based magnesium as opposed to like, well, soil-based which is what plants eat, not us).  I started out at a low dose, and increased it daily until I got the runs (magnesium, especially more than your body needs or can absorb in short order, serves as a laxative – think Milk of Magnesia) then backed off the dose just below that.  I took it for 8 weeks.  My heel kept feeling better and at the end of that time I had no indication whatsoever of a heel spur and haven’t since.  Sure glad I didn’t have surgery, like the doctor wanted, so that I didn’t get rid of the only symptom I had, so by the symptom going away I knew that the magnesium did the job, since the deficiency was the cause in the first place.

Bone spurs are calcium deposits.  So be careful about this because many people recommend more calcium for bone spurs.  We need calcium, but we need even more magnesium than calcium and then they work together synergistically.  Most people get plenty enough calcium from their diet so don’t need more.

Magnesium deficiency, along with many other deficiencies, is often a result of “better living through chemistry” agriculture.  Chemical fertilizers are not only low in / devoid of magnesium but are anti-magnesium, loaded with phosphorus.  We (and plants) need both, but the ratios are not proper.  So, if you eat conventionally grown foods, there is a major potential for nutrient deficiencies and I was raised on conventional food and didn’t switch over to whole, organic food until well into my adulthood.

At the time I got the heel spur I was also smoking, which is not typical for me, but I was at midlife, sold my house of 16 years, broke up with a partner of 9 years, then got the landlady from hell.  And not only was I smoking, but I was smoking some rather rank, poor quality tobacco.  And tobacco smoking will also contribute to magnesium deficiency.

I’m not one that advocates constantly taking supplements on a regular basis, only when necessary, when you have a deficiency, just to get your balance back.  But while you’re doing those supplements, research what foods are high in the nutrients you are deficient in and get more of those into your diet.  Natural, whole, organic food is the best physical-level “medicine” you can get and the nutrients in it are in the perfect synergistic blend.  Nature knows what it’s doing.  So does your body.  Are you listening?


Don’t take my word on any of this.  Be your own authority.  Do your own research.  It’s your health and your life… and you’re the one who pays the consequences for your choices.

Read my other posts that have “Healing” in the title.

Also see Useful Healthful Tips

Dis-ease (lack of ease), disempowering thoughts / core beliefs, stifling emotions, nutrient deficiencies, toxins, the medical mafia, Big Pharma, all play into making people sick.


If you want to know about liver damage / liver disease, see this post and the comments section there.

3 thoughts on “Alzheimer’s and Cholesterol, Water and EVERYTHING, Listening to Your Body… and some other things

  1. WOW! You do not mince your words GAF! Very helpful, useful information and obviously well researched, and explained in easy to understand terms.
    Thank you, and I agree about ‘Big Pharma’ actually making people sick, but don’t forget about the other big bucks industries -chemicals and oil, and nuke, who are making their contribution. I read in a previous post, that you (and others) feel that we ought to pay no attention to the ‘creations’ of the cabal, however, when their creations are causing physical harm to humans and other species, plus the Earth, we cannot just ignore what’s going on and hope that they and their toxic mess will simply disappear without a trace! I WISH!!


    • The post you’re referring to is “Create Anew!”, but it’s not about “ignoring” what’s going on. It IS about NOT feeding it.

      We’re doing something about it – we’re getting people to wake up, heal and ascend. But those who are still in destructive mode still have every right to choose those things.

      You don’t fight someone else’s creation. That’s a Cosmic level pissing up a rope. Worrying about others is also pissing up a rope. It puts energy into what you DON’T want to create. Why would you do that?!

      The cabal aren’t “disappearing”. We are! They can stay here and make whatever mess they want. We just get as many people out as possible.

      We’re not here to save Earth! We’re here to help Gaia and humans! See “Planetary Ascension Project Overview (Review?!)”.

      And until we wake those people up, they themselves are doing the cabal’s work. The cabal doesn’t and can’t do what they do by themselves, it requires people’s participation. So wake people up so they quit participating, quit putting their energies towards the cabal’s creation / agenda.

      But fearing / worrying about “not ignoring” the cabal and their shit just continues to feed energy into their creations. Feeding energy into the cabal’s agenda makes you part of the problem, not part of the solution. Why would you do that?! Stop that shit! No really. The last thing we need is for light workers to keep feeding the cabal’s agenda… but unfortunately, still way too many LWs are doing just that! It needs to stop!

      Don’t fight the cabal. Instead, influence people. You can’t force anyone and don’t want to, but you can serve as a good example, a living, breathing example of another option.

      As I’ve said many times, each person will best serve the collective by DOING ONE’S OWN INNER WORK. Silver, it sounds like you still have inner work to do as you are so very concerned about all the stuff “out there” which you have little to no power to change. But your “in here” helps to create the collective “out there” so do what is yours and yours alone to do – YOUR OWN INNER WORK. THAT is what truly makes a difference in the world. Release your fears. Your fears are causing you to put your energy towards what you don’t want.

      You keep feeding the cabal’s creations then have the audacity to scratch your head wondering why the cabal’s agenda continues. ‘cuz you keep feeding it! Doh!

      Time to grow up and create what YOU WANT instead of feeding energy into what you claim you don’t want.

      Energy flows where attention goes.


  2. I left the comment below at this link:

    Asthma is a symptom of severe dehydration and also magnesium deficiency. Is it really somehow “easier” to use inhalers rather than just drink water or eat some frickin’ cashews or something? Really? Someone said here in comments that some want people with asthma to be “sent to death camps”. People with asthma are sending themselves to “death camps”. Duh! Time to grow up and actually take responsibility (the ability to respond) for one’s own health. It’s only “rocket science” for severely brainwashed people who can’t see straight. The only thing you need with more immediacy than water is air. Is that next? Will you all stop breathing… then turn AGAIN to the Medical Industrial Complex to save you from yourself? Wake up humanity! See my post called “Alzheimer’s and Cholesterol, Water and EVERYTHING, Listening to Your Body… and some other things.”


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