Free Will is Just a Veiled Consciousness State

We could stand to honor other people’s free will.  After all, it’s not as if we can arm-twist them into waking up (we can just leave that up to their own personal experiences / creations / consequences to do 😉  ) – but don’t act like your own free will is something to be clung to and cherished.

Free will is NOT what “allows” you to make the Divinely-Guided choice.  THAT Divinely-Guided choice is ALWAYS available to you.  It IS you.  It’s the choice you would make if / when you know / re-member who you truly are.  

What free will (the veiled consciousness state) does is it allows you to make the “separated from the Divine” choice.  The choice that you would NOT normally and naturally make.  

Free will is just the result of donning a consciousness veil.  It just means that in our veiled state, we can and do choose anything and / or everything to experience, even if it’s ignorant, disempowered, dysfunctional, unhealthy, ab-usive or what have you.  Because of the veil, we forget who we truly are and then make choices that are “outside” ourselves, which allows us to experience what we are not, to step outside ourselves… in order to look back upon ourselves.  

We co-created this Earthly realm just to have such experiences.  Yep we sure did.  Silly us.  Obviously we were just as bored as God with the same ol’, same ol’ so we dared to shake it up a bit, don the veil and… weeee! away we went with veiled-consciousness experiences.  Don’t take my word on this.  You can take that up with God, your Higher Self, and your Soul.  That’s what your direct Divine connection is for… re-member (put the members back together – body, mind, emotions, spirit)?!

I chuckle that so many not-so-enlightened folks always ask “Why would God do / make…. ” whatever “horrid” stuff they observe in the Earthly Realm.  I don’t know, why  would YOU create such?  You signed up for this experience after all.  It’s your life (lives) you’re creating.  Do tell, why would you?

I also chuckle at those who talk about God judging and punishing humans.  Nope, God does NOT judge and punish, you do that to yourself.  Here’s an example… if you Thought, Said and Did things that were not in alignment with Health, would you really expect to be healthy?  And when you Think, Say and Do those unhealthy things and get ill, is it God  judging and punishing you?  Nope, it’s you, you Powerful Creator God you!  God doesn’t make your choices for you, YOU DO!  God doesn’t lead your life for you, YOU DO!

But that free-will / veiled-consciousness paradigm is wrapping up now.  Time to reawaken and graduate beyond free will… or not.  Up to you, but the opportunity to graduate beyond that veiled state is available NOW.  Time to SURRENDER to the Divine, to yourself essentially, but not your dysfunctional, disempowered, programmed, ignorant self, but YOUR TRUE SELF!  

You want your Power back?  You can start by owning and taking Responsibility for YOUR OWN creations.  Yep, ALL of ’em, even those made because of a veiled consciousness state.  Just go easy on yourself and re-mind (put the mind back into it) yourself that “you are not what you do (have done)”.  That old spiritualist line means that when you are in a veiled-consciousness state, you choose things that are not really you.  That was the whole point… re-member?!  So forgive yourself and get on with the business of reuniting with your True Divine Self.

What happens when you wake up, not only to the state of the world, but wake up to who you truly are?  Well, some of what happens is you re-make your Divine connection, you live On Purpose, living your life purpose and do your best to fulfill your Soul Mission / Assignment.  You have then, in essence, told God, your Higher Self and your Soul, “Thy will be mine” and you WILL be used for Divine purposes.  Your consciousness veil is sufficiently thinned that even human-level you really wouldn’t want to do anything but God’s will at that point anyway.  But that also means that you basically lost your “free will”.  Hallelujah!  Frickin’ let it go already!  A fellow lightworker summed it up aptly with “Free will sucks!”  Yep.

It reminds me of a question posed by Barbara Marciniak’s Pleiadian contacts – How much of your time and energy could you stand to put toward your lightwork?  Their answer – ALL of it.  What?  Like you’re gonna tell God, your Higher Self, and your Soul, “I’m not working for you today” (or this week, month, year)?  Oh uh huh.  Good luck with that.

“It all begins when the soul would have its way with you.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

When the illusion is revealed to you, do you really want to keep doing things that you were only doing because you were under a dense consciousness veil?  Really?

Defending your right of free will after you’ve awakened is just defending your right to be an ignorant, disempowered, dysfunctional mess at a point when you know better.

This sort of thing is like a monkey trap.  If you keep clinging to part of the old realm, the old paradigm, to free will / veiled consciousness, hoping to take it with you, then you’re not going anywhere.  You’re still stuck in the trap.


“But GAF, what will we do and be without free will?!”

You’ll be a Divine Sovereign Being FOLLOWING YOUR OWN DIVINE GUIDANCE… silly!

7 thoughts on “Free Will is Just a Veiled Consciousness State

    • I found this article interesting. I have a different opinion (just context, and it does not conflict with anything here…unless it is thought to, in which case…conflict comes magically into being. How’s that for creation?)

      I read a book recently by Anita Moorjani, called, “Dying to be me.” It’s a fairly typical NED story (Near Death Experience). Not particularly new stuff, but Anita is a pretty inspiring and extraordinary person herself! After reading, I pondered my own frustrations about being a human being. “Why are we so…forgetful…out of touch with ALL this wonderful stuff we’re supposed to be working on: Love, compassion (for self most importantly according to Anita), harmony…courage, etc…ect.”

      I dunno…shit just comes in…a thought just came. Higher self? My guide? God? Yeah…sure. Why not?! It said, “It’s not that you’re forgetful, Brian…It’s more like…The human brain with all it’s tangles and distractions simply can’t process THAT MUCH information. It picks and chooses. In this, humans are simply limited by circumstances it engages. YOU CAN absolutely be aware of this stuff, but…simply, you don’t. No harm. No foul. (teasing voice)…but if you really want, too…just ask.”

      Ohhhhhhh…..Ahhhh. OK. No biggie. Now I gotta go perseverate about why I’m unhappy s’more. Catch you later! buh’bye (Mad dash for the door…I wanna have some fun instead…life is FUN AND CHALLENGING in all this madness. Who am I trying to kid here?)

      I saw that movie, “Lucy” with Scarlett Johansson. FABULOUSLY demonstrates my point (and is probably the subconscious source of the “Insight…”…or not (shrug). But it’s pretty intriguing no matter how it’s considered in any number of active conscious minds even willing to think beyond glitz and sparkle of new age (Blue Ray, Indigo Crystal…what ever label venue works and that makes the ordinary extra-ordinary and exciting and inspiring to pursue).

      I’ve very rarely been “Wowed” by much in the world. I’ve had some intense “intrigue,” but that always fades pretty quickly about most things. I used to grieve about it quite a bit; got all depressed ’cause I wasn’t “special.” And then when I DID start coming on line, it was like…”Eh…OK. I hear dead people…and, Oh look…there’s my guide…cool ‘hey, guide.’ It was always there actually. Use to scare the CRAP out of me as a kid, so…shut that DOWN ’cause had WAY WAY too much to deal with (crazy family, and me triggering them ’cause I’m like…way different then everyone else…NOT COOL!! NOT NICE!!…LOTS to be afraid of, and later…shits gotta be healed).

      So…I’m just saying it’s really interesting stuff being brought up.

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      • “I dunno…shit just comes in…a thought just came. Higher self? My guide? God? Yeah…sure. Why not?! It said, “It’s not that you’re forgetful, Brian…It’s more like…The human brain with all it’s tangles and distractions simply can’t process THAT MUCH information. It picks and chooses. In this, humans are simply limited by circumstances it engages. YOU CAN absolutely be aware of this stuff, but…simply, you don’t. No harm. No foul. (teasing voice)…but if you really want, too…just ask.” “

        Sounds like an awesome Divine connection you got going on. Enviable.

        Now, repeat after me, “I have a Divine connection… and I’m not scared to use it!” LMAO

        Earlier I’d been thinking about what you said over on SL about (and I paraphrase) “… aren’t we already looking at all that mundane stuff?!” I thought to tell you there that you’re never “going it alone”. The mundane stuff? Yep, big, BIG ASS FRICKIN’ story, fo’ sho’. But there you are with your big ol’ shiny Divine connection just sitting around lookin’ pretty… and I’d also seen that BH on SL resonated with you on the “easy button”. Uh huh. Your Divine connection IS that easy button. I like to say – let the Divine do all the work… you just be open to following Its guidance.

        Yep. ASK! You want answers? Ask. You want guidance? Ask. “God, me thinks I could stand to learn a few things about the global cabal but could ya guide me right to what I could really use so I don’t get bogged down in info overload?! Thanks.” Ha. As if the Divine wasn’t already right there saying, “Thought you’d never ask.” But now! YOU have readied yourself for that answer. Score!

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  1. Mauvaise Foi … from a line from an episode by the same title (Mauvaise Foi) of “The Man in the High Castle.”

    Bad faith (French: mauvaise foi) is a philosophical concept utilized by existentialist philosophers Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre to describe the phenomenon in which human beings, under pressure from social forces, adopt false values and disown their innate freedom, hence acting inauthentically.[1] It is closely related to the concepts of self-deception and ressentiment.


  2. I left the comment below at this link:

    Yes, high time to forgive the Reptilians. And to remember that ultimately forgiveness is for the forgivER, not the forgivEN. We release ourselves by forgiving others. But whatever we do for ourselves absolutely helps others.

    We certainly could not have had the Grand Ex-periment of Ex-perience (“ex” means “from, outside”… of our True Selves in this case) without them. So much we have learned through ex-perience and they and all other dimensional-traveling souls at all levels.

    “In this way, no soul is a true victim or prisoner of this Matrix as the remembrance of our free will is what releases us from it.”
    Ah, but our re-member-ance (re-member, put the members back together – body, mind, emotion, spirit) of our True Selves releases us from free will. Free will is just a veiled consciousness state. High time for humanity to Surrender to the Divine and in so doing Return to our True Divine Selves.

    And that veiled consciousness state, which we all ultimately signed up for, helped us and our Reptilian counterparts have this Grand Ex-periment of Ex-perience. But yep, time to graduate!


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