ET “High Council” Meddling Revealed

One day in the summer of 2012, I was overcome with emotion.  I was ticked.  I knew it was about this ascension, but that’s all initially.  Then, within a few minutes, the claircognizant communication from God kicked in and I just knew.  The whole communication was purely knowingness except I was given just these words – “the high council”.  What I knew was that some entities above the veil who were known as the high council were messing with this ascension.  It felt very “invasive”.

This title of the high council was not something I’d heard of in my outward life recent to this time.  There was nothing in my mundane level existence to put that title in my mind.

I didn’t “hear’ anything or “see” anything, I just knew.  I wanted to and did chew these entities a new one.  I felt their presence as if they were sitting in a semi-circle in front of me and I told them to get out of our ascension business.

I wrote up an email to my friend, told what I was sensing and asked, “How does this resonate with you?”

Well my friend said, “Oh, I’ll tell ya how it resonates…” My friend’s HS (Higher Self) had allowed the goings on above the veil (atv) to be revealed in dream state while my friend was sleeping.  It was presented very much like an alien abduction / probing type experience.  My friend initially thought it was the Greys, but I reminded my friend about the message I got about “the high council” (HC).

My friend has the ability to “go in” to the higher dimensions and look around and interact.  Upon doing so, they found that the HC (High Council) were studying our new crystalline bodies.  They were just so curious about consciousness and what it is exactly.  My friend got after them and yet a few more days went by and we both knew they’d not buzzed off.

My friend went in again.  This time some Pleiadians were there as the greeting party.  They communicated they knew someone who could help and put my friend in a tight, shiny silvery body suit (why was that necessary?  Lord knows, lol) and off they went to see this entity.  This being was built like Michael Clarke Duncan, but with a pointy head, on the back.  My friend was ready to get down to business over this, even though their HS cautioned to take it slow and the Pleiadians looked rather tentative.  Well, my friend told our tale to this being and even though what seemed like his personal assistant was telling him he had other plans, he waved off his assistant and off they all went to address the High Council.

Upon arriving, the MCD look-alike ET dude proceeded to chew ass, ordered the HC away from our crystalline bodies and our ascension and banished them from this space.  He then turned to my friend, who he told had big bollocks / balls / cajones.

Ah, it would be so nice to say that our troubles were then solved, but we found that dealing with these yahoos atv (above the veil) was much like dealing with the cabal – winning a battle did not necessarily mean the war was won.  If particular entities were dealt with, then sure enough some other ET yahoos would come in and do the same thing, or they’d quit meddling with those of us whose consciousness was high enough to shoo them, then move on down to humans who were not consciously aware of the ET meddling or we’d get them to stop one thing and they’d move on to something else.

Definitely as below, so above.  (See post by that title – As Below, So Above.)


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