Where Two or More Are Gathered – Tales From Above the Veil

In early 2012 I got the urge to seek out someone I was aware of from a site I visited.  I knew they’d left their email somewhere, so I went looking and as they say, the rest is history.

A new friendship was formed and it was a friendship between peers, which I probably wouldn’t have to tell any true forerunner is quite a gem to cherish indeed… if you even come across a true peer in recent times.  For better or worse – my friend is a true God-send.

I’ve often said that the further I progressed the more I kept finding myself in a smaller and smaller minority.  It got to the point where there was certainly no one in my physical life who was where I was / am and online they were few and far between and as far as being in my personal sphere, they were like ships passing in the night.  So yes, to be guided to a true peer – who is not by any means my identical twin, but we do indeed see eye to eye on most everything – was one of the blessings that has helped me through these extremely challenging years.

But we didn’t get to roll around in our mutual appreciation and welcomed support for too long before we saw what was in it for God.  Uh huh.  Grr.  Oh yes, we were put on tasks, mostly above the veil (atv), to further this ascension along.

In upcoming posts, I’ll tell our tales from above the veil (I’m a poet and don’t know it, ‘cuz my feet are long and they show it – ‘cuz they’re Longfellows).

I’ll describe in words what we had communicated to us from our HSes (Higher Selves) and God through all our senses.  I’ll describe it as it was presented to us.  As these things go, the information is probably not to be taken completely literally as it is presented in metaphors that are perhaps from a human perspective and yet this is how the Divine presents things.

Considering that many times these communications were more than just words and pictures, there is no way for me to communicate the total feel of the experience in just words, but it’s what we have to work with here so I’ll do my best.


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