Gay Marriage

Yep, let’s talk about this topic as it is a real-life situation that can help us discern between empowerment and disempowerment.

If my perspective is stretching you a bit, good!  I didn’t end up being a GAF by sheer chance.  I get personal empowerment and self-sovereignty.  I live it.  And that’s why I can be out there on your horizon, coaxing you along to even MORE self-sovereignty.  If you’re one step ahead you’re a genius; if you’re two steps ahead you’re a crackpot.  I’m quite fine if you think I’m a crackpot.  I’m courageous enough to throw this crackpot perspective out here for you to chew on so that some day you too can be a crackpot, a sovereign crackpot at that.

First of all, to preface this, I’m bisexual, so no issue here with homosexuality or heterosexuality.  I get it.  Both sides.  You find yourself in a physical realm, a dualistic one at that, with the genders split and you find another soul whom you love in an eros sort of way and you want to express that love physically.  Cool.

From a spiritual perspective, at a purely soul level, we have no gender, so does one really need to ask if God has an issue with homosexuality?  Really?  This whole realm is just an illusion anyway, just a virtual reality, a video game for us to play in.  Well, many a religious person may think there is an issue with homosexuality and I’ll just say that those religious folk could stand to make a REAL connection to God / the Divine.  If they did that, really did do that, they’d see how silly they are having a problem with homosexuality.

But this gay marriage thing has had me many times saying “be careful what you ask for.”  I’m sure there are many people who think that the U.S. Supreme Court “legalizing” (did ya catch that red flag?) gay marriage is progress.  I’d say at best, it’s one big, fat sidestep.  As far as I care, the gays were not the ones steering this effort towards “legalizing” gay marriage.  They were being herded there by the cabal.  I guess hets just weren’t toeing the state-sanctified-marriage line enough for the cabal’s taste, so they really got to pushing the gay marriage thing.

The gays, the ones who are still unenlightened and disempowered, just clamored for their “human right” to have their life choices and relationships blessed by the government.  Hello, McFly!

I saw that right after the supreme court ruling, some official from one state, in an effort to avoid issuing marriage licenses to gay couples suggested that they stop issuing marriage licenses all together.  I saw that and thought, “NOW we’re getting somewhere!”  Because the REAL crux of this situation would at least be addressed then.

At this point, I’m going to insert a quote I found online.  What was said was very significant and really nails this whole situation:

We can resolve the gay-marriage question by getting the state out of the marriage business. The simplest way to do this is with an amendment to the state constitution that forbids the state from defining marriage, issuing marriage licenses’, giving benefits to or imposing penalties on anyone based on marital status.

We don’t need the state to stick its nose into our relationships for the simple reason that anything the state touches turns to (waste). Inheritance issues can be handled with standard wills or contracts. Other relationship issues that the state presently meddles in can be handled with simple contracts.

This would result in a smaller and less intrusive state government, and might even save a few tax dollars. Everyone could mind their own business. We would all be winners.

That person very succinctly covered all the bases here, but one thing I want to elaborate on a bit is this part “…   giving benefits to or imposing penalties on anyone based on marital status“.  That right there is often the very thing that has gays demanding to be further enslaved by the state (meaning the government, at whatever level) through the state licensing of gay marriage.  I can’t count the times I’ve heard gays regurgitating the concerns that the political system has gotten them fired up about – things like “employment benefits”.  They want gay partners to be able to get such things as medical insurance benefits from their place of employment (perhaps that’s not an issue anymore with the new “forced medical insurance” parading around as socialized medicine – regardless of your views on what socialism is, I’d dare say this new “healthcare system” ain’t it, in any way).

Well folks, for some of you, I may appear to be going way out on a limb here, but I’m gonna do it anyway – here’s a novel idea – how’s about ya all just proactively take care of your health so you don’t need medical insurance?  Whoa!  What a concept!  Now there’s a real show of personal empowerment and sovereignty right there.

Other concerns are things like not being allowed into a hospital to see your gay partner.  Has anyone really been affected by this?  (see out-on-limb comment above – what are they doing in the hospital in the first place?)  And if so, is it just another case of drawing to you what you fear?  Because that’s the way things work energetically.  If you fear something, you keep drawing it to you.  It’s not a crisis, it’s an opportunity (dual meaning of Chaos = Crisis or Opportunity, which do you choose?).  An opportunity to acknowledge your fear, face it, see it as the False Evidence Appearing Real that it is, then release it and for goodness sakes, get over it. Then watch this issue not show up in your life “out there” anymore because you are no longer creating it “in here” with your fears.

Before the supreme court ruling, I saw a young gay man out on the street attempting to get petition signatures for some “gay rights” something or other.  I told him, “Quit giving authority of your life away by demanding acceptance from others, most especially the government.”  And sadly, that’s pretty much the very “sidestep” that has been taken here – unawakened, unenlightened and disempowered gays have demanded to be further controlled by the government, have asked the government to grant them permission and charge them fees for their GOD GIVEN RIGHT to be in partnership with whomever they choose.

Folks, quit asking the cabal and government into your lives already.  Quit worrying about what others think and feel about you.  Whose life is it anyway?

Now, if you haven’t already done so, go read Create Anew!


One thought on “Gay Marriage

  1. OMG….this is what I was saying to all of them when people were changing their profiles to the rainbow, and the symbolism of it….I told them the very same thing you said…why would you want the state to license a union and now be sanctioned by them for financial reasons mostly, but still isn’t what I want. I wanted the state out of marriages and unions of any sort, because as soon as they license something that you are free to do or be, and make you pay for the sanctioned privilege of being in a relationshit…I mean SHIP…there is money and we should never ask them for the rights they didn’t give us in the first place. Now these gay couples will have to petition the state to dissolve the relationshit and be going thru the same thing other heterosexual couples have had to do for decades, and before it was the churches, so I just believe in spiritual marriages, and no intrution or sanction from a government or church can make that so or valid or having to ask permission to go on your separate way when it no longer serves you. The whole romantic notion, and fake love that a commitment entails sanctioned by the state is not my idea of a real union or partner in our lives…I also knew that whole thing was another knotch in the cabal’s belt to enforce their power to give rights and destroy the family unit. Well, they will find out the hard way…I say welcome Gay couples to the state sanctioned hell that others have had to deal with for a long time….there was a win for the cabal, and the agenda continues! ❤

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