Taking Emotional Power to the Yahoos Above the Veil

Not so long after we dealt with the “high council” (see ET “High Council” Meddling Revealed), in the summer of 2012, I had another “download” of claircognizant knowingness.  My HS (higher self) and God informed me that we would now be taking our emotional energy to higher dimensions.  At the time, my lower mind just kinda wondered if God wanted the higher D entities to be more emotive.  Not much later, I came to understand that what I had been given a heads up on then was that we would use the power of our emotional energy to do work above the veil.  And yes, we often found that it took quite a lot of emotional energy to even get the attention of those above the veil.

Again I asked my friend how this resonated and, as was the case over and over, my friend, in their own way, had received the same message on the same day.  My friend’s message was delivered in a more visual way.  Their HS took them in a dream / vision to a big stadium.  In the center was a big table with a bunch of ET council types there.  It was at a 9D level and over time we came to understand that it was / is 9D where all the council / federation bureaucratic yahoos tended to be – those self-appointed to make up hard and fast, black and white rules for everyone else… and you guessed it… they were usually the first to break their own rules.  Sound familiar?  Again, as below, so above.

Well, upon my friend’s and their HS’ arrival, these yahoos asked what right my friend had to be there.  At that point my friend just unleashed this big sampling of emotional energy all over them.  Every flavor and intensity of human emotion was sent to them.  These ET yahoos were totally blown away by it and when they finally gathered themselves again, they just communicated that my friend did indeed have every right to be there.

Upon hearing my friend’s story, I knew exactly what it reminded me of, so I went and found this video clip and sent it over:

(Beldar Conehead’s high school homecoming game fireworks.)

… to which my friend responded, “Per-xactly!”

4 thoughts on “Taking Emotional Power to the Yahoos Above the Veil

  1. This is so important and even more so today…those ATV do not have an emotional energy body, and is truly a human thing, which brings me to the intuition and gut feelings, and the heart where we feel the emotional energy. I had an epiphany today, in that I feel that the whole channeling and third eye opening stuff was hijacked by the mind control program. Maybe this is why all this time I have had my third eye wanting to open but not opening because I was to build and rely on the gut intuition, and heart center feelings because those cannot be hijacked by the ATV ones who speak thru channels and put out their mind controlled agenda. I had been asking for many years why my third eye would not open, even though it was ready, even though I have done the work, the fact that it was wanting to open, and I wanted it to do so, because I had thought this was the only way to help others with healing…but then today I realized that it was all part in protecting me from the mind control program so I could feel and strengthen the intuition which will never lie, or become controlled by thoughts or frequencies.
    I had spent many years asking this question as to what was the purpose to keep this closed, and now I know….I think you probably knew this too.
    I was always wanting to see past life experiences, but never could, only knew that I had incarnations during the renaissance period, as a healer in Atlantis and Lumeria, in Greece in the Plato times, and of course in the Egyptian times during the ascension ceremonies they had in the pyramids….but so that I could not actually see these and had not been able to access those memories would probably be something those ATV didn’t want me to do for I would expose them and the agenda. All this was felt as intuition so I wonder, do you know about this and if this is something you have already learned about this? Thanks! ❤


    • Are you thinking 3rd eye as in clairvoyant? I’ve had a handful of clairvoyant episodes, is all and yet I “see” just fine, just in a different way… ya know.

      Many years ago, I was reading a Doreen Virtue book about angels and she said if you want the angels to show themselves just ask. I did. I was then overwhelmed with emotion – my way of “seeing”. I even went so far as to ask my mom if I ever reported seeing anything as a kid, wondering if I had that then lost it. Nope, Mom had no recall of anything of that nature.

      I have seen past-life experiences and that included a bit of visual. But it wasn’t just for fun, there was healing to be done from that lifetime and I was clued in to all of that.

      I also, more recently, during the “ascension hell” years, was made aware of another past life, only to draw on information from past-life me… not that “I” was much help really. lol

      Past that… boy… I heard someone give a talk about how to use your “mental view screen” which was just out in front of you and up a bit. At the time, they had us visualize our favorite tree, then later told us that the qualities we liked in that tree were those we liked in ourselves.



      • LOL, yes…was referring to the third eye sight or what they refer to second sight or the clairvoyant where you see those that vibrate at a different level than us, and most don’t see…like a higher vibrating being that appears to be orbs in photos, as they might appear so differently in a higher dimension but here is appears to be orgs.
        So that is what I wondered if you had any visions as they call them. I have tried the view screen in front of you slightly upward…sometimes like a tv screen, it will show me scenes but as I try to focus in on it and get a better idea of what is being shown, it flies away…and it gets frustrating to understand why.
        I would love to see angels, the only time I know when they are truly present is the very feeling of their presence and the overwhelming desire to sleep. I once could sense one behind me, and I could smell him, a scent of sandlewood, and my friend said it was Sandlethon or something like that…I did realize someone was there, but alas, only by feeling and scent.
        As for Doreen Virtues number thing, I saw 4:44 yesterday, and thought, my angels are with me. Over the past two or three years, have felt abandoned by them but then again, if they are our thought form, then maybe I was not wishing them to be around, I don’t know…LOL. I know that they were mostly spoke of as messengers of God so only heard we have guardian angels from the new age, and felt like they have rescued me from a few precarious situations, and know that I don’t give my power away asking for them to help, but is nice to know they will step in at the right moment.
        It’s funny those little exercises they do and will say what you like about yourself….like those word puzzles and they say the first three words you see are what you like about yourself. If I were to visualize a tree, it would be huge, majestic, pretty with flowers with petals that cover the grown, and would be purple…actually put one like that in a painting when I had time for doing that sort of thing. When I got done with it, it had a heart perfectly centered in the middle which I didn’t plan for that to be in it but very cool that it was there. Since I seem to be veiled and my third eye just refuses to open, it is mostly intuition I must rely on, you know, the spidey sense…LOL. I just tell my third eye…when you are ready, just do it slowly so I don’t think I am any crazier than everyone already thinks I am..all wooo=wooo to family and some friends…LOL…but ok, I will be the crackpot, consipiracy theorist, nutjob until they open their eyes and admit I was right! I promise not to gloat on it and have had some say to me, you were right, how did you know….well, I know that I know that I know…..and that is all I know! 😉


        • lol

          I have had visions and, as I said, I can envision things just fine but clairvoyance isn’t my forte. It has happened rarely and I’m fine with that.

          To me the 3rd eye is intuition / inspiration / Divine connection, regardless of how that happens, not just limited to visual input.


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