Because Someone Could Stand to Say It

I know at least one person who has the sheer audacity to speak the truth, the EMPOWERING truth, even if some may deem it as politically incorrect.  And that would be me.  If not me, then who?  If not now, then when?  Someone could stand to present a distant goal to people, even if it is far from their present paradigm.  I’ve already established I’m a crack pot (If you’re one step ahead, you’re a genius; if you’re two steps ahead you’re a crack pot.  I have often joked that I look forward to when so many others catch up that I become a mere genius.  😉  ), so let’s have some crack pottery, shall we?!

I mean no disrespect and this man did indeed help this world, but I’d dare to say he could have done more.  Why?  Because he did not heal himself obviously.  So as far as leading by example goes, not so good.  Wayne Dyer died a few days ago.  He was 75.

A facebook page, which I look at occasionally, put out a post about his death and told the story of the world finally discovering him.  He’d been speaking to small groups for some time, but his self-help “career” just wasn’t taking off.  Late one night, on his way home from doing an interview with someone, he thought,  “What’s the point?”   On the heels of that he got a phone call to be on the Today show and then it took off for him.

I looked up info on him and found an article / obituary that had a picture courtesy of Hay House publishers, which is Louise Hay’s publishing company and was Dyer’s publisher.

The article said they did not know for sure the ultimate cause of his death, but…

In an interview posted to the KPBS-TV, San Diego, website in 2012 after his leukemia diagnosis, Dyer said he’d begun looking at the illness as “just the body’s way of responding to, perhaps, psychological traumas, you know, from failed relationships in the past, or whatever it is, and that the body just always knows what it’s doing – and the body is perfect.”

Right there in his own words, he’s revealing that some part of himself knew he’d not healed, ya know, from those “… psychological traumas, you know, from failed relationships in the past, or whatever it is…”

He’s right, the body is pretty sharp, obviously more so than he was as he neglected to listen to it.  Our bodies are an outward manifestation of our energy.  His body was expressing his thoughts and beliefs.

I looked up leukemia in Louise’s Hay’s book “Heal Your Body”.  The probable cause:

Brutally killing inspiration. “What’s the use?”

Affirmation to shift energy:

I move beyond past  limitations into the freedom of the now.  It is safe to be me.

Regardless of being “discovered” and being a best-selling author and supposedly successful, he didn’t heal himself and it showed up in his own words and manifested in his physical body.  He obviously never stopped telling himself “What’s the point / use?”

Sadly, this is another case of “… those who can’t, teach.”  So close and yet so far.  Obviously this man did not “complete”.  That’s just one soul, and we all live with the consequences of our choices, but it saddens me that this is someone that many people looked to for healing advice and yet he did not live his own advice and could have stood to have looked up his own publisher’s (Louise Hay) wisdom and advice, as I did, to give himself some clue.

I can certainly understand if he felt like “What’s the point / use” and yet, that indicates an attachment / investment into others’ choices.  Perhaps Wayne could have stood to exhibit some Compassionate Non-Attachment for others, to provide them with the info, but to not get attached to what others do with what he offered them. You know, that whole honoring others’ free will thing.

Wayne, what you brought to the world WAS of use, to many.  But your body’s dis-ease revealed that you did not know / think / believe yourself just how much use your work in this world was.  I hope that now you can indeed see that.


One thought on “Because Someone Could Stand to Say It

  1. Oh yes…Wayne and his lectures got me thru some dark times…I had a dream and it was so real, that I was fighting on the astral level, some pretty powerful beings, and I didn’t look like me, I had long black hair, and at one point, I sustained such a powerful strike that it knocked me off my feet, and I lay there dying…and lo and behold, who was there but Wayne Dyer…at that time, I had not thought about him for sometime, but he was there, begging me not to die and put his hand on my heart center and gave me the energy to rebound…it was such a profound experience, and always felt that strong connection with Wayne that he also was a warrior behind the scenes like so many others. A couple years later, I heard he had became ill with leukemia, and wondered why he resisted life so much, as it does mean resisting life but also not healing himself before he was healing others, like you said…very profound article here as I had always been puzzling as to how he could get sick like that being such a inspirational speaker and surely could have taken his own advice on his illness. I watched a video where he said he had went into remission, and it made me happy but still didn’t see him as healing completely in that video, and with his death knew what you stated, and so happy to read this because it answered my question about his illness and yes, sure hope he now knows how much he helped others wishing he did the same for himself. ❤

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