“Whatever you do, don’t move too fast or too far…”

New Age “lightworkers” often have that message to tell you – “slow down, stop your process, take your time, don’t expect big change, cling to your free-will / veiled state, no matter how much light streams into this world don’t flow with it, just resist, resist, resist…  and while you’re at it, open your wallet to me for my next let light in course”.

“How much will this cost guru?…
I’ve seen them overlooking God in their own essence.”  ~ Alanis Morissette “Baba”

For they ARE gods, and they’re creating very slow progress for themselves and they want to use YOUR creative powers to help them create a half-assed pseudo healing… ‘cuz if you’re not completely healed, perhaps you’ll go back to your guru in their very 3D-like world… with your wallet open.  Cha ching!  Cha ching!

These “lightworkers” (no, not very much light, remember, not too far, not too fast) don’t want to be alone in their very 3D-like, yet somehow supposedly “improved” reality so they preach their “not too fast, not too far, not too big, keep your dreams SMALL, keep playing small” rot so they have some company in their half-assed so-called progress… or lack there of.

People, regardless of where you are in your own healing and ascension process, don’t let these “lightworker” crabs pull you back into the boiling 3D pot with them.  Goodness sakes but how they have turned “lightwork” into one big steamy pile of crap that serves no one, themselves included, but they are too stuck in their own delusional mud to realize how they even hold themselves back.

Many of them admit to being urged by the Divine to stop peddling whatever they are peddling… then they post another solicitation for your money… then another… and another.  When they are in money grubber mode, just watch, it’s one post after another reminding you to pull out your wallet, then they mix in a few advisory posts, ya know, telling you not to dream too big or move too far, too fast.

So just how spiritual are these folks if they let their money fears veto Divine guidance?  As if they don’t trust the Divine to look out for them.

Yep, healing is a process.  Yep, it doesn’t happen overnight and yet it’s exactly for this reason that you could really stand to keep moving along with your healing.  “Cramming for the test” doesn’t work in this case.

They’ll also admit that they are getting guidance about their own health and healing, etc. and that they have put that off.  They won’t take the time and make the effort to tend to their own back yard… while they just can’t seem to shut off the spigot of b.s. that flows from their blogs and social media sites.

They’ll also tell you that there is still money in 5D.  First, they seemingly can’t expand either their imagination or their consciousness enough to acknowledge the truth on that.  Also, by “be-lie-ving” that there is still money in 5D, they can then justify, not only to all their readers but mostly to their delusional self, their “spiritual commerce”.

When the light streams in, accept it, work with it PROACTIVELY and let it drive your darkness out… but quit driving with the brakes on just ‘cuz the New Age “lightworkers” (not!)  want your company in their very 3D-like realm, complete with constantly feeding the paradigm of commerce… from your wallet to theirs.

There are masculine and feminine cycles to your process – times to assert and push and time to rest and gather energy.  Time to put the push on?  Then do so.  Time to rest and gather energy?  Then do that.  It does no good to try to force the process either, but just flow with it.  Furthermore, those rest / gather energy times are what supercharges your ability to really get some issues hammered out when it’s push time.  But encouraging people to not flow with the process is just asinine.  NOT healing is what conditioned souls do.  Telling them to put off their healing even more is not what I’d call good lightwork.

If there is anything that could stand to be slowed down and just flat dropped it’s all the 3D useless and distracting busyness that so many people, lightworkers included, are still FAR too caught up in.  There is SO little that currently goes on in 3D that is actually necessary, and all that busyness is so counter to your healing that it’s not even funny… and that could include so-called “spiritual” busyness and distraction.  So many folks so eager to read the next channeled message when they have yet to even absorb or apply the last one they read.  They’d be better served to be still and quiet and do their inner work and listen to their own inner voice and Divine guidance instead of immersing themselves in everyone else’s message…. and that includes all these lightworker guru types that are seemingly better at preaching than practicing.

Yep, one needs to do what one needs to do to keep a roof over their heads and food in their bellies, ‘cuz if you’re dead, you’re surely not helping this world.  And that is the importance of being well grounded, but these folks most assuredly have their priorities messed up.   They’re not knocking out their own healing and cling to 3D commerce ways.

These are the same sorts who will also scream plagiarism.  Really?  So what are they saying?  That perhaps their information is NOT Divinely guided?

Because the Divine surely has no copyright on Its wisdom!!!

Really?  You came to this world to spread light and you are going to quibble over who gets to claim “ownership” to the Divine wisdom that you just might allow to seep out upon occasion?

And there are so many who are too eager to teach, learn and do channeling.  And of what / whom?  Whatever Tom, Dick and Harry ET who wants a podium to preach from?  Many of these entities from above the veil weren’t even checking in with God and they’ve never personally set foot on Earth and yet you’re going to take advice from them?

Where are the gurus encouraging people to listen to their own inner guidance?  Where is God in their reality?  No where in my sovereignty is God left out.  Why would either humans or ETs NOT want to draw on God’s perspective?  Ya know, the ultimate perspective, the one that encompasses all other perspectives.  Try THAT Unity on for size dear lightworkers.  You like to talk Unity and yet connecting directly with All That Is and leaving out the “middle man” just doesn’t occur to you?  Huh?

Where is Gaia in all this?  She is why you came here in the first place.  Get your own inner work done so you can actually be of some use to this planetary ascension process.

Folks, it’s long past time to do what those “lightworkers / spiritual-leader gurus” (those who can’t, teach) have failed to do – LEAD BY EXAMPLE.  And if that means creating so big that these little piddly ante New Age “lightworker” gurus can’t even see your creation in their “playing small” world, then so be it.

Joe-Average folks (who don’t know a thing about New Agers and their tripe) who CAN see what you’re BEing and creating, will be happy to skip right over all that New Age guru crap (obviously designed to slow them down anyway) and get on with their own healing… and you’ll help them do just that.



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