The “Superpowers” of Higher Dimensions

Here I will tell you what God has told me about this.  What does God tell you?

In 5D, we can fly, or as I like to think of it, it’s more like levitation on steroids.  I’ve known this for quite a while – when I was a kid I used to have “walking on air” dreams – and yet Tom Kenyon’s Hathors brought some confirmation by saying that in 5D, while we are there, that level feels every bit as “physical” as 3D, but it is less dense, there is no mass and hence no gravity… hence the levitation / flying, which is the default there.  That may offer its own challenges but we’ll be much better equipped to deal with that and much more.  I understand we can still walk on the ground and various other things that would happen in a gravity realm, but we have to Intend for it.  Extreme downhill skiing anyone?  And instead of wiping out, you could just “pop out” and float / levitate.  Woo hoo!

We do not need to eat or sleep because we draw energy directly from God / Infinite Light.  We still can eat and sleep, but don’t have to.  And to me, that’s what much of 5D is compared to 3D – no “have to’s”.

We can shapeshift, but still within human form.  So, you’ll look like what you want to look like, without doctor-assisted self-mutilation, er, I mean elective cosmetic surgery.  Sex change anyone? … without the surgery and hormones?

We can also fully regulate our bodies, like adjust our temperature regardless of outside temperature and yet 5D Gaia’s climate will be mild.

Because we don’t need to eat and can regulate our bodies, we don’t need to work and there is no money in 5D.  There won’t be the “infrastructure” that we see in 3D – no vehicles necessary, so no roads.  No electricity necessary, so no power lines.  No need for clothing and shelter, so many folks will not opt for houses or “homes” of any nature, even unconventional ones.  Still can, but don’t have to.

In a nutshell, to sum up the situation for each 5D-level human post-ascension – we have power over our own being, at all levels of our being, which is why we can shapeshift and alter body temp, etc.

And for the record, our new 5D-level crystalline bodies will actually not be quite as conscious and self-sufficient as our carbon-based 3D bodies.  Why?  Because they don’t need to be.  Since they are crystalline, our new bodies will be very responsive, instantaneously vibrating to whatever we intend for them while we ourselves will be very much more conscious.

Our 3D carbon-based bodies have their own consciousness because at the dense 3D level, our lower minds don’t work very fast and have plenty enough to do without regulating body functions.  It’s a “division of duties” sort of thing.  Our 3D carbon-based bodies do listen to our thoughts and beliefs though – mind and body are closely connected –  and will faithfully outwardly manifest our energy and hence always provide feedback to us about our own creations, even if those creations are unconscious.  The body doesn’t lie.  This is one more reason why, as you transition from 3D through 4D to 5D, you could really stand to honor your body, take care of it, communicate with it properly (‘cuz it’s listening) and listen to its communications and respond to it appropriately.  It’s part of you and needs to be made healthy as part of your work to become healed / whole, integrated, complete… and ascended.

(You may also be interested in this post: What of the body during ascension? )

Now, I’ll mention some other even higher level dimensional “superpowers”, but what I’m saying here is, that’s what an ascended human IN 5D would experience.  Bear with me…

So, let’s say a human, who, through their service work here and raising their consciousness to levels even beyond 5D, have achieved a 7D level even before ascension.  In 5D they will have all the 5D “superpowers” and yet will also be able to shapeshift beyond human form.  Want to be a panther for a day?

Someone who has attained 9D levels while in 3D, in 5D will be able to teleport and that includes between dimensions and they can also teleport other people and things.  One thing this means is that 9D and greater humans will be able to teleport themselves and others to 3D to continue to give a helping hand to pre-ascended humans.

It’s my understanding that after Gaia’s ascension, while the pre-ascended lightworkers help keep light in 3D, ascended humans will be targeting mostly Joe Averages who show good potential for awakening, healing, service and ascension.  We’ll basically prioritize based on potential, but if and when people show promise, we’ll get them just the right info / confirmation of their own intuitions and some well-placed support.

We will not be targeting lightworkers since, in some cases, they’re well on track and in other cases, they are too recalcitrant to take good advice from beings that are both below the veil and above the veil and they’ll just have to get over that before much more energy is spent on them.  We won’t be banging our crystalline heads on their carbon-based brick walls.

Someone who has attained 11D + (on into Divine levels), in 5D can instantly manifest.  Basically, the higher dimensional level humans will have the power to create, alter or move beings and things other than just themselves.

This is just a small sampling but will hopefully help you dream big and / or provide you some confirmation on your own inklings about such.

Keep in mind, that not all higher dimensional entities are equal.  A “fresh” soul coming down from the divine into 11D, 9D, 7D, etc. will not have the experience and the knowledge gained from having existed in the dense 3D “classroom” and ascended out of it.  3D is not kindergarten, it’s the masters program.

Don’t forget that just wishing for ascension is not enough.  Many people like to think that ascension will liberate them or heal them, but that’s not the true order of things.  You must first liberate yourself from limit and disempowerment and heal yourself, then that enables your ascension.

And you can bet that your newfound superpowers will NOT come from “outer technology”, NOT from artificial intelligence, but from “Inner Technology” and Actual Intelligence, that has, does and always will come from the Divine.  

Express your Self. Don't repress your Self.

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