Against All Odds – Tales From Above the Veil

How many times have we heard that phrase “against all odds” applied to this planetary ascension?  And yeah, we all know just what a huge task this was that we took on.  But some yahoos above the veil (atv) learned that going against God, Gaia and human ascension forerunners was even more against all odds.

Another tale from above the veil.  As usual, some literalness with some colorful metaphors added in.

At one point my friend and I picked up on more monkey business from those atv.  My friend got the intuitive hit about it being related to mob and gambling type things, that those upstairs were literally betting on the ascension of Gaia and her inhabitants – will they (we) make it or not.  My friend decided to “go in”.

Upon hearing this through email, I hit up my higher self (HS) and asked, “Do you think you could show me what my friend will see / is seeing.”  My HS responded, “I think we can do this.”  Then, almost immediately, not-so-clairvoyant me found myself “in” (atv) and what I saw was a big stadium that was a casino-type place.

My friend and I walked in shoulder to shoulder.  Our atv allies and the archangels where right behind us.  We walked into the stadium and light was flowing out ahead and beside us, flowing like water, seeping into every crack and crevice.  Our atv allies started to round up all the ETs that were there gambling and took them back to their home worlds.  Meanwhile the archangels went around and touched all the gaming tables and as they did, the tables disappeared.

My friend asked someone, “Who is in charge?”  They pointed to a curtained area at the far end.  We walked there and there were two big body guards out front.  Again my friend asked who was in charge.  The guards pointed over their shoulder and we brushed past them and threw the curtains open.

This mob boss type guy bolts upright and asks, “What is this about?”
My friend says, “We’re here to shut this place down.”
He said, “On whose authority?”
God’s voice comes booming through the atmosphere, “On MY authority!  Bring him to me.”

Two archangels step forward and each take an arm of the mob boss and they float up and away.

We all leave the stadium and all the archangels surround the stadium and lay their hands on the outer wall and the stadium disappears leaving behind a pristine meadow that looked like it had old growth, like the stadium had never been there.

I felt God was sending the message “Push, pull or get outta the way” to anyone atv.  If they were going to be putting energy into our ascension, it needed to be to help, not on betting on the potential outcome.  God tends to be, or at least used to be, rather hands-off about things, letting all His creator / creatures at all levels create on their own, but, by this time, we were well aware that God was utilizing us because He’d gotten fed up with how this planetary ascension was going and how those atv had mishandled their part in this, so He was seemingly in no mood for nonsense at that point.


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