The Higher Self

Here I’ll document what I have become aware of concerning the Higher Self (HS).

Ok, first of all, initially, years ago, that term “higher self” did not sit well with me. I thought that perhaps it was some New Agey term for God / the Divine used by people for whom religion had left a bad taste in their mouth… and some not-so-wonderful ideas about God in their minds.  I myself never had those hangups about God or that term for All That Is / Prime Creator. I connected with God directly for years.

Just to give some chronological order to this… I have found out in more recent years, that I was done with my “general healing” (my term) in 2006 and if we were doing individual ascensions, I would have been able to move into my own intense ascension process then, but was held back from it for the planetary / collective effort, you know, what we all signed up for. But I wanted to put in this data point as I was NOT working with my HS at that point.

(And let me say, to anyone who is still working on their healing and ascension, don’t become daunted by my tales of healing and ascension work that lasted for many years. Yours may not take that long. It’s really very much up to you at this point. I was a trailblazer. You tell me, which is easier – cutting the trail or just walking it after it’s cut? There’s so much light in this world now that wasn’t here then. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other.)

Sometime in 2008, I was guided to a diagram of the Crystal Palace Within which is the pituitary, pineal, thalamus and hypothalamus.  And in the diagram it showed the Big Dipper and Little Dipper / Ursa Major and Ursa Minor and the North Star / Polaris up above this human head and lines drawn to connect the Crystal Palace Within to the North Star / Polaris.  There were just a few words there, which I don’t remember now… and I had no urge to look into it any further at that point.

In early 2009, I was led to read a book that used the term “higher self” a lot and at one point defined it as “the part of God dedicated to you.” THAT resonated. Not long after that, God flat told me to now connect to my HS. God would still be there for me, but I needed to solidify my connection to my HS. By the end of 2009, I was “hearing” my HS as well as I had heard God over the years.

Now, just to show a bit of God’s funny bone here…

I’ll need to preface this story with… I had recent to that time heard a standup comedian say that his wife had asked him, “Are you having sex behind my back?”
To which he replied, “Who did you think it was?”

As I’ve said elsewhere, I had realized years ago that when connecting with different entities, I would tend to feel / sense them on or near a certain body part. This isn’t all so important anymore for my connection, but I do find it still helps if it’s tough to “get ’em on the line”.

Where I felt God was… in the upper, back, left side of my brain extending up and back at an angle. Well, when God told me I was to connect with my HS, I asked my HS something, don’t remember what, don’t remember the answer, but I do remember where I felt it and it was… in the upper, back, left side of my brain extending up and back at an angle.

I told God, “It feels like you.”
To which He replied, “Who did you think it was?”

I still laugh as I write this.

And solidifying that connection with my HS came just in time. Early in 2010, I then moved into my intense ascension process.

Later in the year, I saw that Tom Kenyon’s Hathors had given a message titled Crystal Palace Within.  I perked up!  Ah, I recognize that.  It was put out early, but it is a meditation for pineal gland activation that was meant to be done on Halloween that year so I did so.  I am SO well grounded and normally don’t get really heady, dizzy, woozy as I hear some folks talk about in their healing / spiritual process, but after that activation I was actually woozy for a couple days. It obviously took.

And this is what some would call “descension” or when the HS fully descends / connects into one’s human self.

Then, in late summer of 2012, my friend and I had both gotten messages from our HS to the effect of “You don’t need me anymore.” Excuse my abbreviated French, but I just have to say it – wtf? Here we were obviously still “in the program” and still under the consciousness veil to some degree, certainly not feeling “fully conscious / all knowing” or the like… no nice new shiny crystalline bods… and our HSes are saying we don’t need them anymore.
*deer in the headlights look*

Well, I then reconnected to God more directly again and have since learned that, first and foremost, one’s “higher self”, well, really isn’t. lol HSes are individuated entities unto themselves who work with us as our soul travels down through dimensions. The HS stays in the Divine realms and serves as a tether for us, but once we (our soul, which is what travels through the dimensions) remake that Divine connection and raise our frequency and consciousness enough, perhaps even well beyond just ascension-ready / 5D-only levels, then the HS has served its purpose.

If one finds themselves still “doing time on planet earth, waiting for the return of the mother ship” (as an ex of mine used to say when asked what they were doing) even after this Divine reconnection has occurred, well, too bad, so sad… (and God now jokes again, “Don’t forget the ‘your Dad’ part.”)  … your Dad.  lol

But God is still here for us.

But, ah yeah, it floored me to learn this little tidbit.

(May 2017, Note: I’ve seen that others who are completing recently are having this experience now, kinda getting the message from their HSes of “You’re on your own now.”)


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