Funny Notions

Nope, not funny ha ha.

Here I want to talk about some disempowering programs that are obviously still running in lightworkers (LWs) / New Agers / spiritual “leaders” (no, not so much) and they work to propagate these funny notions to their readers / clients.

Some emotions are good, some are bad.
Yep, too many LWs still hung up in that old program, still stifling their own emotions, telling others how to feel, prejudging others who are merely expressing their emotions in the moment.

Folks, repressing your emotions is SO debilitating.  There is a difference between an emotional “re-action” – acting again as you have before, which indicates a need for further healing – and an emotional “re-sponse” – as in Responsibility – the ability to respond… to any and all experiences IN THE MOMENT.

See post “Healing – Emotional”.

And often these same folks who are judging emotions to be good or bad are the same ones to play the judgement card, see next.

Don’t judge self or others.  
What are we talking about here?  Are you talking about riding yourself and others hard, all the time, and most especially about what you or they are doing or have done when unawakened / unenlightened / not so conscious?  Well, that’s rather useless.

But if you have awakened a bit and have the goal of healing and ascension, then put your Thoughts, Words and Deeds in line with your goal.  Make honest self-assessments.  Don’t be scared to call a spade a spade with other people either.  And when someone else does the same for you, use it as constructive criticism or, on the other hand, a test for you – are you sure about your present perspective on things? The other is either offering a chance to expand your awareness or just making you even more sure of where you’re at right now.

See post “Healing / Inner Work – What is it?”

Don’t offer up any info / knowledge / wisdom / advice unless the other person asks for it. 
Excuse me?!  You came here to spread the light not to sit down and shut up.

Often times, the other person has no idea you have anything useful for them and often don’t even know enough to ask an intelligent question of anyone, let alone know that they can ask it of YOU.  But YOU know what you know, so why not share your wisdom.  Meanwhile, the cabal and all those duped by the cabal (including LWs who have not completed their healing) are just slathering the world in their highly brainwashed and disempowered perspective.

Do you defend this funny notion because otherwise you might have to actually take Responsibility?  You might have to actually be proactive in your light work?  Are you scared to talk to others, scared they’ll roll their eyes or worse? Whah! Get over it.  See any opportunity there to work on yourself more?  Tap into that soul-centered quality called Courage and do some actual light work.  No, not just online preaching to the choir, nodding emphatically, like a bobble-head doll no matter what anyone puts out.  Bring that soul-centered Courage out into the world, to spread light with anyone and everyone you come across.

SPEAK YOUR TRUTH!  Be a “Divine Opportunist” in your light work.  Yep, in a good way, seizing any and all opportunity to spread light, to introduce enlightening, empowering perspectives into EVERY conversation.  No really.  You don’t have to make up excuses to say something or change the topic or the like or drag up a soap box to stand on.  Just join the conversation.  YOU.  True You, not some mask.  Odds would have it that True You has something enlightening and empowering to say about anything and everything – sports, weather, news, work, family, friends, health, healing, media, government… tiddlywinks… you name it.  All that mundane-level you has to do is just allow your True Self’s wisdom to actually come out of your mouth.

Did you want to get down to the business of helping this planet and her inhabitants or are you going to stand idly by and watch it all go to hell?  Be proactive in your own healing and in your service to others. REAL light work, out in the world, touching people’s lives… well, that sure beats the hell out of sitting online with the choir, either bitching about or worrying about 3Ders.

And hey, it’s not as if you have anything better to do and be than to be yourself.  In the 3D world there is plenty else to do, but there is nothing BETTER to do.

And sometimes it doesn’t take much.  I practice what I preach and I DO bring light to others, always, all ways. Here’s one small example – I overhear my neighbors talking – one is sick.  Our physical paths literally intersected, so I asked, “What kind of sick are you?”  He said, “Cold or flu or the like.”  I asked him if he uses grapefruit seed extract (GSE).  Nope, he’d never heard of it.  In the moment he was very receptive to the info. Did he then use it?  I don’t know, but I did my part, gave him the info, gave him the opportunity – I then don’t attach to what he does with it – Compassionate Non-attachment.  Not only had he not heard of it, I’m sure he’d have never thought to hit me up – “Hey you, stranger neighbor person, I’m sick, do you know anything that will help?  Perhaps something I’ve not tried, perhaps not even heard of?”  Sounds silly doesn’t it?!  ‘Cuz it is.  He didn’t know what I know… but I do. It was no accident that I overheard their conversation then found myself right next to them as we both went about our business. Life created the opportunity to spread light and I seized it.

(and along those same lines)

Truly spiritual people don’t talk about spirituality.
Again.. Excuse me?!  So again, those who are not spiritual or are still disempowered to whatever degree can just blabber away, flapping their jaws (and you know they will), but those who truly have something substantial to offer have to stfu?  I think not!  Folks, how in the hell can such crap truly resonate with you?  No really.  LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE!

Some will say spiritual adepts should just BE and not talk about it.  Oh, when it comes down to what you can best do for yourself, yep, a whole lot more BEing and a whole lot less doing would be most useful.  And showing off your beingness, yep, that’s great in person – a little show of kindness, staying calm, oh hell, even a good ration of well-timed shit-flipping at someone can go a long way towards spreading light out in the world.

Say it straight, simple and with a smile.  Words I live by.  Can you sense me smiling?  🙂

But when we’re talking about people interacting online, well, I can sit here and BE all day, every day and I can even come and read your blog, but you can’t see me being then.  I have to say something in order to offer up any assistance.

And beingness IS about saying and doing things that are in line with your True Self.  Your true self would not dream of holding back, of repressing your own truth, of not being light in everything you do or say.

Get out of the fantasy that lightwork has to be done as a business (busyness).  Trust me folks, there are MANY people in EVERY walk of life, every kind of industry that could use your light.  Don’t wait to become a life coach or whatever the hell in order to spread light.  You do it right where you are with whoever is there.  You LIVE it.  You BE it.

You might never make a dime off of it.

Having just read that… now what do you think and feel?  Are you going to just not spread light because you don’t make money at it?  Really?

Lightworkers, step up!  You are the ones you’ve been waiting for.  If not you then who, if not now, then when?!  Shine on!


6 thoughts on “Funny Notions

  1. So very true…I have been nudging and prodding my friend whose blog you posted on and getting her to step out of the politically correct genre of not offending, of not speaking her truth and knowledge of things that she holds sacred but secret and that is not serving, that is contempt for God’s plan of us spreading the light and I have been working on getting her to step up and not to fear making others in the spiritual community mad or retaliation. Slowly but surely, she has been coming out of her shell, and I blast her with questions to see if she will come out alittle more. It’s a shaky foundation of unsurety when one bases their information or exposure to those who would criticize or degrade another for their experiences or to shine their light. She is getting there, but still has a way to go, to not care about who she offends or who is going to unfriend her in the process or tell her she is a crackpot. I am happy to be the crackpot and not be politically correct. I have always never worried about what the neighbors think or do…much to my mother’s advice who always worried about the neighbors thoughts, or how it looked to the public. I have told all of them in the spiritual community that I don’t care what they think about me, I will shine my light, I will speak my truth and if that bothers them, if they wish to silence me, or not be my friend anymore, then fine, go with your path and turn your back on me because that would happen anyway if you are so worried about what others think. I have always been a sensitive person, and have had my feelings hurt a million times, but also learned very early on that we must have spiritual thick skin and the only one we need approval from is God and ourselves. ❤


    • Yeah, I was always ballsy about speaking my truth, even at times when it could be a challenge facing the eye rolls, etc. but it’s not worth it being anything but yourself and being anything less than truthful.

      And yeah, ya know that long message that was circulating a while back about like tribal pressures and shunning, etc. I read a bit of that and thought that the LWs are the worst about that.

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  2. Yeah, they speak of sovereignty, but yet insist on being in the tribe of warriors, or groups that combine their energies to one purpose. I know that when two or more are gathered in their energies that it is exponential in the energy that goes out…but I think tribalism leads to judgment and soon inclusiveness in that they push all else away, even family for the purpose or goal of the many.
    I do understand the tribal value, but know it has it’s time and place. I never want to become part of a hive mind, like the cyborgs in Star Trek, and this is in part what the machine age wishes to do, where there is no discernment or critical thought. It’s indoctrination in the hive mentality, in the guise of a tribe. Shunning…LOL, I can only laugh about shunning, because it would not matter to anyone, or me if I was shunned, so what would I miss out on if I were shunned….it’s like sending a child to their room alone as punishment. Never worked on me…I actually enjoyed being sent to my room, but of course, could not let my Mom know that. I had this antique radio that got channels all over the world. I spent hours scanning channels and listening to it. Of course that was not popular then, but for me it was like traveling the world, and once the internet was up and I got online, it was like traveling the world…LOL, it’s the little things! Sure wished I had the internet when I was in school…I had to go to the library to do what it takes a few clicks to do now! 😉


    • Well, I must admit, I released danged near everyone from my life over the years and I have no regrets on that one. They were not where I was and I had a sense of why I was here early on so I’m glad I didn’t allow anyone to interfere with that or drag me down. Not sure any of us would be here if forerunners hadn’t done what we had. I guess the larger human family matters more to me. It always has. I was never into researching my own family heritage but I cared about knowing the truth about human and earth history. And I’m more about handing a ball to those who will actually run with it than banging my head on brick walls.

      You talked about energy being hijacked…. so, unity… I talk about how one could stand to unify with all aspects of themselves. That “self first” thing again. Someone I saw had talked about unity in vertical vs horizontal mode, like vertical implies this self-unity, this unification of all aspects of self, all the way up and down and with that then we all meet in unity. And the horizontal mode is folks attempting to reach out to others before they’ve become unified unto themselves… so this energy of unity I feel got hijacked and turned into co-dependency. I’ve heard a lot of folks talk about how the younger folks, like in their 20s, have to do things in groups, like they can’t function if they don’t have a group to work with.

      As I’ve said, this ascension work was pulled off by INDIVIDUALS. Each individual being whole, unified, sovereign unto themselves and they get out in front and not just to set the example but to also hold the energy for something different, something more empowered.

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      • Ya know, it’s kinda about being realistic, which starts with being a bit black and white about this planetary and human situation – it’s kinda do or die, evolve enough to ascend or face destruction. So, with this scenario, EVERYONE’S soul purpose / life mission / soul assignment is to get themselves ascended and assist as many others as possible. So, ya shoot for the biggest bang for your buck, always putting self first, self preservation and the like, for you’ve only so much to offer others so best make it all count.

        You don’t see anyone as being more important than any other. Designations of friend or family or what have you don’t mean anything in the larger picture.

        Just how “significant” each and every one of them is is more up to them than it is up to you. Their choices are what matter most.

        No matter where I go I plant seeds. Some fall on fertile soil and those folks run with it. Some fall on barren soil and I find those are best watered by someone else, so either way, when you’re being a Spiritual Minuteman, living in the moment, being present, you go where Life and the Divine take you and you let the Divine speak through you and your job throughout is to look out for yourself, for if you don’t, you’re no good to anyone else.

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      • Yes, indeed…I loved your example of how they tell you on the airplane to secure your oxygen mask before you help others to…makes total sense of course! For if we build a house without a strong foundation, the house crumbles and we all lose…but if we build our foundation (self) and then the house, *others, then the house will be strong!
        I always told a friend of mine ‘there is no grey’…it’s black or white and grey is the fence sitters….LOL


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