Not Only Dogs Smell Fear

I’ve found that people have this innate desire, even though in most cases it’s an unconscious desire, to help others step out of fear.  It’s as if they want people to show them their spines.

I’ve seen so many instances where someone, perhaps in a position of authority, browbeats, bullies and abuses others over and over… until… a person puts their foot down and says “Enough already!” – you know, when they set boundaries.  Then the a-hole backs off.   One could say they know they were out of line and once called on it can’t argue or defend, but I have sensed that there is more going on there than just that. Even more than just the one person stepping into personal power.

I really do think that even the most unconscious “idiots” and “a-holes” just want to see people’s true power and even if said to be “power hungry” (in a 3D sense) it’s like it’s more than that.  Like they just can’t stand to see people being so pathetically docile.  Like a glimmer, a faint memory of who we really are is permanently imbedded into them that even high levels of sleepiness just can’t squelch.

How that manifests outwardly in interactions between people may be rather intense and extreme and yet it may have to be so in order to dislodge that persistent fear.  Then watch how this sub / dom (lol) sort of relationship they once had then levels out  to more equal standing, neither party having to be at extremes any longer because personal power has been accepted and boundaries set.

And this also is very energetic, as in, we draw to us what we fear.  It’s not a crisis but an opportunity.  Dual meaning of Chaos – Crisis or Opportunity, which do you choose?  Our fears get bigger and closer until we dare to face them.  And once we do face them and see how silly they are and truly release them, then we no longer need to draw those experiences to us.  There is no longer a “charge” there.

What’s that current “a-hole” in your life trying to draw out of you?  Are they really the “bad guy”?  They have brought you a gift, an opportunity.  Will you seize it and capitalize on it?


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