Excitement vs. Joy

I’ve seen some folks out online struggling with this whole idea of living in joy.  They still see the ups and downs of emotions and can’t understand how someone could be in a constant state of joy and still have “bad” things happen and “bad” emotions happen.

Hey, emotions happen.  Life happens.  You can pretty much expect for those two things to keep happening.  And that’s preferable, eh?!

Many people talk of happiness.  Happiness has to me always felt a bit superficial as opposed to Joy.  It reminds me… in the 5 Element Theory of Chinese Medicine, the Fire Element’s challenge in life is to convert Excitement into Joy.  And, to me, excitement and happiness are very similar.

I think a good analogy of the difference between Excitement and Joy is – If you burn a piece of paper, it catches on fire quickly, burns rapidly with a big woof of flame and then it’s spent and out.  Done.  And that is like Excitement or Happiness.

Then you have a fire in the fireplace or a campfire where it’s been burning for a while, you have some nice big logs on the fire and they are definitely burning, but there’s not much flame and what flame you can see is more blue than yellow, yet the wood is glowing red and the heat radiating out is completely awesome.  That’s Joy.

Then you decide you want more of a light show so you toss a few pieces of paper on your radiant fire and you get some big flare ups of yellow flame… ah, some Excitement… on top of the Joy.

Then someone comes along and tosses a glass of water on your radiant fire.  The fire is dampened in one small spot and a poof of smoke goes up, but good luck putting that fire out with that little low.  It’s a radiant heat that isn’t going away.

Yep, you’ll continue to have the ups and downs of emotions.  Yes, you’ll continue to have a life that brings outside mirrors to you about your inward creations.  Good, bad or indifferent.

For humans who have been conditioned away from Joy, finding Joy again can be unnerving.  Sounds ludicrous and yet…

Years ago, while doing my “general healing” (my term), before my actual ascension process, I had at one point knocked out enough healing that I was starting to just naturally feel levels of Joy that I’d not felt for many years and yes, it was unnerving.  So weird that Joy could become so foreign to us and yet, yep.  But I knew that this was no little milestone and that our own Joy is the goal we aim for when we’re healing and here it was for me, but boy did I have to just stop myself and smell that rose and just sit in that Joy, immerse myself in it.  Just let it engulf me.   Yow!  Talk about a rush.  An overwhelming, unnerving rush.  To quote Blondie, “It’s so plush.”

I had sense enough to make myself embrace that Joy, even if that was the new challenge.

Not long after that, I had someone come into my life for a short time.  They too had knocked out some significant healing right about then and they too were really starting to feel some major Joy again.  They looked like a little kid, all full of wonder.  And yes, they too found it unnerving.  I then witnessed them get into self-sabotage mode.  It was just too much for ’em.  They weren’t around much longer so I don’t know if they eventually managed to feel their Joy or not.  Hope so.

But yeah, as nuts as it can sound, embracing Joy when it arrives can sometimes be as challenging as facing old “demons”, wounds, programs or fears or what have ya… but DO. IT. ANYWAY.  Sit in it.  Slop around in it.  Get it all over ya.  Just take it.  Take it like a hu-man.  (Hu was a god.)


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