Core Issues / Wounds / Programs / Fears / Beliefs

Ok… so, briefly, in broad, general terms, usually how this whole Earthly human experience tends to go is…

As soon as we hit the ground we start getting programmed with the paradigm of people in our lives, everyone from family to school, media, religions, whatever.  We get conditioned to be fearful and take on disempowering, unhealthy beliefs.

Also because of dysfunctional human existence, we tend to experience wounding of some nature.

All pretty much part of the human experience.  We often don’t consciously recall how or when we got programmed or where our fears originate from or where those funky beliefs came from.

The energy of our childhood wounds then becomes a repeating pattern in our adult lives, just with new actors in the old roles.  The energy of childhood wounds that involved parents, siblings, teachers, preachers, general 3D Earth paradigm, then are played out with partners, friends, coworkers, etc.

At some point, we get so far from our True Self that something has to give.  Hopefully that state of “fed up” results in going down the path of healing.

I want to tell my own tale of using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to heal.  I did other things also like Reiki and got attuned myself and a whole host of other things, but my EFT story is a good one for this topic of those “core” things listed in the title.

Kinda late in my “general healing” process I discovered EFT, got the manual, learned it.  The manual suggested making a list of 100 irritations throughout your life.  I set out to do this and got about 60 incidents.  But then promptly forgot about my list and would just use EFT on the fly with whatever came to mind.  I did this for months and with all those little things that came to mind, I felt the release happen and the new levels of freedom that came with.

So, to add here, I had learned how to read body type and posture that indicate what type of wounding one has.  I had an abandonment wound as was evidenced by my apparent inability to sit up straight – either bent over or slumped down, but not good sitting posture.

Well, one day I’m sitting in the bathtub.  I was so bent over that it felt like my guts were in my lungs.  And this is after years of healing and I’d not seen evidence of my abandonment wound for a while, but here it was in spades.

Then two issues from my childhood came to mind.  Right then and there, in the tub, I “tapped out” (used EFT) those two issues.  I felt better.  I vowed to find my list of 60 irritations and tap them all out.

I get the list and see that the two things I’d just tapped out in the bath were 2 of the top 3 things on my list.  As I read the rest of the list, all the adult stuff with partners, etc., I found there was no longer any emotional charge.

By tapping out those two childhood wounds I had obviously hit the core issues.  All the other things on my list were just the repeating pattern of those core issues.  That was pretty much my EFT breakthrough there and I used it very little after that.


Note: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – method of healing / clearing / releasing of unhealthy / disempowering subconscious programming and associations.  This is done by saying a “negative affirmation”, which starts with “Even though ___” (insert what you are releasing) then finishing with “I still deeply love and accept myself” while tapping acupressure points.  Easy to learn and do, can do it anywhere, don’t need a partner or special equipment.  The originator of this technique, Gary Craig (emofree), meant for it to be free and many folks still honor this so they have put out the manual online for free, go find it.  I very highly recommend this.  You can literally quickly knock out issues that years of conventional psychotherapy doesn’t help.


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