Priorities – Following Divine Guidance

What don’t lightworkers (LWs) understand about following Divine guidance?

I don’t even have to prejudge or make wild guesses about what is going on with them because they readily admit all the details (gawd but I’ve been watching these posers for FAR too long) and yet there is seemingly some disconnect going on with them.  A disconnect between their intuition and actually following it.

And I’m talking about the types who have made it “a” business, not merely their business, to be a “spiritual teacher”, or so they fancy themselves to be.  They unfortunately end up being a good example of a bad example.  They do more for demonstrating how clinging to old paradigm ways DOESN’T work as opposed to being an example of how well following Divine guidance actually works.

The Divine, their soul, their higher self, God have a plan, a purpose, a path and a mission for them.  Sometimes these lightworkers’ mundane level plans actually do fall in line with what the Divine wants for them, but either way, they will refuse to take the Divine’s advice.

In the case of their mundane level plans NOT being in line with the Divine’s plans for them, well, just let go, let God already, eh?!  To hell with this stubborn insistence that they have their own way about something that is obviously not what they are to put their energies towards and not in line with their soul mission.  Like the old line – “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.”  Instead they make their own brick wall, then beat their own head against it.  How’s about doing GOD’s will?  Is that really such a stretch, ya know… for a “lightworker”?

In the case of their mundane level plans actually lining up with the Divine’s plan, they still refuse to follow Divine guidance… even when they REALLY desire the goal… and the Divine may be wanting to be in full cooperation with the LWs’ plans and goals and yet, hey, as these LWs well know and often preach “it’s a process”.  By God (literally) but it is indeed a process!  Did it ever occur to these LWs that there may be a long line of dominoes or many steps along the path BEFORE they can get to their goal?  There may be a certain order to things.  And yet, what do they do?  They refuse to take the NEXT step, in the proper direction that the Divine is advising them on NOW and they come up with all sorts of “alternative routes” to their goal, so clever they are, all of which are just postponing them even getting on path, let alone realizing their goals.

Ya know, sometimes it’s tough to see how the next step is in line with the end goal, but sometimes the step they are refusing to take and how that does line up with the goal is so blatantly obvious it frickin’ hurts.

Lightworkers, the Divine is guiding you in the way it is for a reason.  Why does anyone need to tell YOU this of all people?!  Many of you have been at this for decades.  You can’t claim ignorance.  You have all the information, the intuition, the tools.

Enough with chasing your own tail, spinning your wheels getting no where fast… and masterbatively banging your head on your own brick wall.  Get out of your own way!


16 thoughts on “Priorities – Following Divine Guidance

  1. Sound advice.

    Indeed, I wrote a book called “Following Moira” ~ once I had tapped into the path of serendipity that I was thrust upon through a spontaneous Kundalini Awakening, triggered by True Love at First Sight…

    The Moirae are “The Three Weavers” of Destiny, according to Greek Myth; three sisters, in charge of the threads in the fabric of life: one of creation (spinner), preservation (measure), and destruction (cutter).

    Because I *literally* saw the Fabric of Life, and was catapulted into “higher dimensions” (telepathy; precognizance; divine insight) by the profound pace of synchronicity.

    The title actually came to me while reading the catalytic book: “Synchronicity and You” by Frank Joseph.

    As; we most certainly are all connected. ^_^


          • That’s my favourite advice; I give it regularly! 😀

            I grew up in a video store, and speak the language of storytelling… my top 5 movies include:
            THEY LIVE; STRANGE DAYS; UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD; WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT; and DIRTY DANCING… but I actually made an IMdB list of my “Top 100” (which is really 200 and climbing…) *because* I Love The Art of Storytelling SO much. 🙂

            Did I say Happy New Year?
            If not: Happy New Year! 🙂 xx


            • You said that on Whitehawk’s blog and I said back atcha. ‘k? ‘k. 🙂

              Yeah, if you haven’t caught on yet, I love storytelling also.

              … and comedy timing. Laughter breaks up the illusion.

              They Live. So accurate, so amateur film making, but amateur is from amore / love. Yep, gotta love it.

              I’m more into TV series, mostly sci-fi (which often really isn’t) but in more recent years cops and lawyers shows have been very topical and yet consciousness-expanding.

              I’m not so fond of most movies, ESPECIALLY sci-fi. lol

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              • OMG – “Childhood’s End” was SO good… and – naturally – there was much synchronicity; filmed in Melbourne, where I live!! 😮

                ***SPOILER ALERT!***
                …and, I always used to have this vision of being atop Uluru, for the end. I swear that’s where Jennifer ended it all…

                I made my friend watch it, and we were like: “Message from home.”


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                  • …I can’t remember if I imagined communicating it, or if I *did*; but I intended to say, that IMMEDIATELY, it reminded me of “V” (The Original series, from, like, 1983…) ~ which *totally spoke to me* when I was about 3 yrs old.

                    They address it to: “The Freedom Fighters of The Future” ~ and I *so know* they were talking to me… (I was born, ‘remembering’. I had come directly from somewhere.
                    I had also had a lot of Astral Experience, by then… anyway: long story! But that’s the gist.)


                    • I vaguely remember the original V. I liked the new one, but it was short-lived. Elizabeth Mitchell, Morena Baccarin (major Firefly fan here), lots o’ other TV sci-fi familiar faces.

                      One sci-fi series that really spoke to me – and that I quoted significant lines from frequently – was the new Battlestar Galactica. Rather profound “spiritual” implications.

                      Feel free to elaborate on your astral experiences or whatever else, if you feel the urge / it relates… to whatever. lol You know.

                      TV series suggestions. DO look these up first (if you haven’t already seen them) and see what appeals to you. All different, from each other and from other stuff out there.

                      The Leftovers

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                    • Very interesting….I have seen Fargo and Sense8, but never heard of the Leftovers. I love Battlestar Galactica and of course Star Trek, where there are a lot of spiritual nudges in those shows. I will have to look up The Leftovers and watch that one. 😉


                    • Speaking of Star Trek… I’m a major Trekkie but I don’t like the original series, but loved all others… Here is some info that included a Captain Janeway clip:


                      Along those lines, see what the Hathors said about this same thing:


                      See specifically the section “Death and the 5th Dimension”.

                      So that old thing of “go into the light” may not be the best choice.

                      I saw that “Childhood’s End” was an Arthur C. Clarke story. I always remember Richard C. Hoagland saying, “What did Arthur C. Clark know and when did he know it?” lol Gene Roddenberry was another one like that.


  2. Ah yes, getting out of our own way…so true! I had issues with receiving but also getting out of my own way….going in circles…haven’t I been here many times before? I know how this ends! Anyway, I do love scifi tv shows, and watched Dark Matter, which I think is a sort of telling of what the elites are up to. It is also what CERN is up to, with dark matter and trying to open doorways or stargates to other dimensions…so yes, those scifi shows are quite true and not so scifi!!! ❤

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    • Lines from TV series “The Man in the High Castle.” It’s based in the ’60s in America but in an alternate universe where the Allies lost WWII. The Nazis have taken over the eastern part of the country while the Japanese have the Pacific States. The Rocky Mountain area is the neutral zone.

      Two resistance fighters talking. One used to be a reverend and the other a new guy.

      Rev.: I’m not a reverend anymore.
      New Guy: Right, no… now you’re … I don’t know, what?… a fighter? How does that sit with God?
      Rev.: The problem with promising people their reward in Heaven is they’re liable to sit on their asses here on Earth, eating shit and hoping they’ll sprout wings real soon. That’s why I didn’t mind so much when they defrocked us. Now I thought Jesus might approve of that. He didn’t need a dog collar to make people sit up and take notice.
      New Guy: What about turning the other cheek?
      Rev.: Christ was no pacifist. He lived in a suffering society too. That old King James translation “resist all evil”… bullshit propaganda my friend.
      Other resistance fighter walks in: Amen to that!

      Now, people who do the Divine’s Will don’t need to be nor would they want to be “evil” in order to accomplish their goals – so not necessary and such is lacking in faith. Just follow Divine guidance, do your part and let the Divine line everything up.

      Those making God’s Will their own may very well be pacifists … but not passive. They don’t call this “light-warrioring” for nothing.

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      • It’s funny you mention that show…my daughter has been watching it and she insists I watch it. I tried to a couple times, fell asleep…LOL, surely on some parallel timeline this is a reality, I guess I need to try to watch it again, it is suppose to be a good show and my daughter keeps insisting I watch it as season two just started….many moments in that show and whomever wrote the script are awake and aware!!!


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