What is Ascension?

In short, ascension is a complete transformation.
(If you’re new to ascension, you may want to start reading from the beginning.)

Ascension involves all aspects of one’s being – body, mind, emotions, spirit.  It’s about enlightenment, it’s about spiritual / Divine connection, raising consciousness, it’s about empowerment and being healed and healthy at all levels.  

It’s a process that eventually means TOTALLY transitioning from the 3rd Dimension (3D) to the 5th Dimension (5D).  It’s quite achievable in THIS lifetime and it is what these times are about.  This is a time of planetary and collective ascension! 

Enlightenment about what?  Well, about both the Heavenly and the mundane.

You can’t just reach to Heaven (5D+), you must also release the Earthly realm (3D/4D) in full.  In order to do that you’ll need to learn the truth about the mundane world.

This Earthly world is one of illusion by design that we co-created to experience the 3D physical realm along with Duality.  Then even more illusion was piled on by a controlling elite / global cabal.  They know you better than you might know yourself and are quite happy to deceive and manipulate you.  And the cabal are control freaks and they know it takes a lot to keep powerful gods like yourself down and they’ve been doing so for centuries / millennia.

So, if you want your power back, you’ll have to understand how you’ve been programmed in a disempowered way and your own creative powers used against you, your fellow human and your planet.

In a nutshell – you are a Powerful Divine Creator soul who incarnated into a human body on planet Earth and as soon as your feet hit the ground, you started to get programmed and brainwashed… to be less than who you really are.

Many say that ascension is about evolution and that’s true, but it’s perhaps more precisely a re-membering of who you truly are.

Ascension is a return to your True Self.  

Ascension is the Ultimate End Goal that enlightenment, healing and empowerment are parts of.  

But at the very end of that process, when COMPLETE transition happens, it will very much be like the Biblical “one will stay and one will go”.  When you transition to 5D, if there was a 3D-level person standing next to you, they would just watch you disappear.  You would move into a frequency beyond their perception.  


There are still far too many lightworkers (LWs) who still do not understand what ascension truly means.  They are some of the worse offenders as far as putting out misinformation about ascension.  Some of them continue to put out messages that big change cannot and does not happen in a short time or in a big leap.  While other LWs make it sound like ascension has already happened.

Christ, many of these LWs won’t even use the word ascension anymore, like it’s a dirty word.  This is how far from the mark they are.  They’ve turned the very thing that they came for, their own soul mission, into a taboo.  Goodness sakes.  Stuck much?  Caught up in the old 3D paradigm much?  *shaking head*

These LWs may have busted through a few of their own self-imposed limits and yet they still find some way to create new limits.  THERE ARE NO LIMITS!  When the Divine keeps repeating that message, they are not kidding around.  They mean it.

What’s the matter?  That big leap hasn’t happened yet so it won’t?  Excuse me?  lol  Anyone with that attitude could stand to release “instant gratification” on their way to “instant manifestation.”

We didn’t come here to keep “re-creating” the same ol’, same ol’.  You can’t look at / to the old paradigm, the 3D level and create anew based on the old you still see “out there”.  You don’t put a new building on top of a crumbling old foundation.  The new comes, in part, from letting go of the old – COMPLETELY.  “If you keep doing what you’ve done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve got.”  You keep putting energy into the old, you’ll keep experiencing the old.  Are you being given Divine guidance / hints that you still need to release the old even more?  Best do that then, eh?

OF COURSE big change can / does / will happen and yes that includes outwardly.

No doubt, there is much preparation to become “ascension-ready” on a personal level.  It takes time.  It is a process.  And things happen slowly at 3D levels.  This part the lightworkers get / understand… perhaps a little too well.  I say too well because many lightworkers think that this ascension is going to take lifetimes.  Ah, no!  Get through your ascension process now because Earth may not be supporting life in the future so there may be no bodies or not many to incarnate into, so best finish up your healing and ascension NOW, in THIS lifetime.  *shaking head*  Furthermore, the more people who complete their ascension process, the more light is streaming into this world.  Light works on your darkness.  If you don’t work to release your darkness, the light will “fry” it outta ya.  Those who resist the light hard enough will find themselves exiting this world through the death portal.  Best to flow along with this light explosion.

And yes, in a much larger sense, until we each eventually advance up through all dimensional levels again and decide to release our individuated experience and melt back into the Isness (God / All That Is / Infinite Light), we will continue to learn and grow.  No doubt about it.  I can tell you, just at this level, I’ve been personally ascension-ready for years and yet the things I’ve learned since my own personal completion, while still here… well, wow is all I’ll say here.  See other posts to get more details.

But along that very long path, our souls absolutely can, do and will continue to have great leaps from one level to another… when we reach a high enough frequency we bump up… and that includes bumping up in an outwardly manifested / formed way.  We are about to bump up from 3D / 4D to 5D.  It won’t be some massive collective ascension, all 7 billion people all at once.  Oh what a dream… pipe dream, that is.  There will be a small number ascend WITH Gaia, then it’s back to individual ascensions, with the freshly-ascended 5D Gaia as the goal.

An analogy for how this ascension thing works is like tuning an old analog radio.  As you move from one frequency (one radio station) to the next, there is a transition where the old frequency (radio station you’re moving away from) starts to fade out and the new frequency starts to fade in.  You can pick up bits of both at once for a while.  But there is a point you reach where the old frequency / station is COMPLETELY gone and ALL that is in your reality is the new frequency / station.

And using the term frequency is very appropriate as essentially, THAT is the difference between “dimensions” or “densities”.  3D is a slower / lower frequency than 5D is.

Ascending from 3D to 5D requires one increase their frequency.  For YOU, what does it mean to raise one’s frequency?  It has to do with choices you make about your body, mind, emotions, spirit.  Your everyday choices!  Better quality food = better quality physical health.  Actually FEELING your emotions makes for a healthy emotional state.  Thinking self-affirming and self-empowering thoughts.  Efforts to receive and follow Divine guidance.

Do you still see 3D around you?  (even if you personally aren’t participating in / feeding energy into that frequency paradigm anymore)  Then you are not ascended.  You may be in transition (4D) and you may be letting go of more and more of 3D.  Oh heavens, you may actually be completely healed and ascension-ready, like we original forerunners and other first wavers are, and have even let go of as much of 3D as possible without letting go of your vital signs and yet you are not “in” 5D, because if you were, you would not even sense 3D around you anymore.  You wouldn’t be in need of food, clothing and shelter for starters.

But LWs mistakenly think that this intense healing process is never-ending and ALWAYS gradual.  That is not true.  And yet, powerful creators that they are (just like every other being), by saying that big leaps don’t happen, they are creating a reality where big leaps don’t happen… for them.  You don’t have to make their reality your reality.


Let’s talk about creation and process and manifestation speed and what the situation is with this specific planetary ascension shall we.

The lower your vibration, the lower / slower your rate of manifestation.  This is a blessing.  No really.  The lower your vibration, the further you are from Divine connection, the further you are from your True Self – that whole “separation” paradigm.  At a low frequency, your choices can create one whole hell of a mess for yourself and others.  So there is a built-in check and balance – low frequency means slow manifestation.  What that allows for is a chance for you to see the path you are on, where you are heading and get some glimpse of what you are creating BEFORE your creation has completely manifested.  “If you continue down the path you’re on, you’ll get to where you are going”… but you can change paths.  Seeing your creation developing before it’s completely manifested gives you a chance to reconsider your choices and creations and change course if need be.

For a simple example – You find yourself in an unhealthy state.  First of all, you didn’t get there overnight.  Losing your health was a process in and of itself.  Your health, or dis-ease, is a result of your choices.  The more you stick to your unhealthy path, the more unhealthy you become.  But, as the old line goes, as long as you’re not 6 feet under, then you still have a chance.

Get on a healing, healthy path and you’ll be in process in a different direction.  That’s the beauty of free will – Don’t like your choice(s)?  Then choose again!

And just like with losing your health in the first place, you won’t get to a healthy and healed state overnight either.  But eventually you can and will reach a point where you have no ill health at all.  You’re not in constant, endless transformation.  There is an end to it.  Your personal ascension process may be followed by service work and yet, when that time is complete, the transition happens in a moment, a flash, a blink of an eye.


Now, some of us have been ascension-ready for a while now and yet we are not ascended.  Not quite yet.  This gig has not been about individual ascensions only, but also an effort for the planet and the collective, so some of us have been held here, in service, even if we ourselves personally are complete and ready to move on.  And those of us who are TRULY ascension-ready don’t kid ourselves that we are “in 5D” as many lightworkers like to come out and say every other week or so.  For us forerunners especially, our very depleted physical state from having done FAR too much energetic service work is our constant reminder that we are indeed still “in” 3D.

Some of us absolutely vibrate, have a personal frequency and consciousness that is at 5D or higher, have a multi-dimensional access to 5D or far beyond, but presently, we’re still right here sharing this mundane level Earth with many others who are at various levels of awareness / consciousness / frequency.

And it’s often those LWs who are still in 4D transition (NOT ascension-ready) who claim we’re all (this week… or was it last week?  Or last year ? … I can’t keep up) “in 5D”.

A vibration of, an awareness of, the consciousness level of 5D is different than actually residing in 5D.

We may very well be raising the overall frequency here on 3D Earth or perhaps at least making that higher frequency option more perceivable to others, but Earth and all humans in 5D?  … right this minute?  Nope.

The collective here has been at a very low frequency, very disempowered, very unconscious… and still exercising their free will.  That has made for a VERY dynamic planetary ascension scenario.  Many plans in this larger planetary / collective effort have been tried and many abandoned since they have not worked.  And new plans adopted.  And it continues to move forward.

Just because that big leap has not happened for you, us or Gaia YET, does not mean that it won’t.  Don’t get caught in the passive trap that so many LWs are in, just “waiting to see what’s next”.  You didn’t come here to watch the change, you came here to BE the change.  You came to MAKE the change happen.  If not you, then who?  If not now, then when?  There is no change to be watching if no one is making it happen.  Make it happen!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to stay present and tend to your own personal healing / ascension work and service work, following Divine guidance in every moment to guide you through your current / next step… until you find yourself in 5D.

5D Gaia won’t appear on 3D Earth.  If you want to experience 5D Gaia, you’ll have to get yourself there.  And when you get there, there will be no mistake you have transitioned COMPLETELY.

Also see K.I.S.S. ing Ascension and What of the body during ascension?


3 thoughts on “What is Ascension?

  1. Welp, to tell ya the truth I AM quite bored with the descriptions. period.,”light worker”..”ascension”..3.4.5 D..even those numbers cease to have any meaning for me. I almost feel like I feel when folks ask when they meet..”so WHAT DO YOU DO<<?"..my now response to the question.."about what?" like we have to be doing something all the time..Some of the most amazing "light workers" if you will are infants, newbies, just arrived to this planet folks..they should be the example instead of something to "shape" into conformity to be the "same"..they are the teachers. I think this whole "ascension' concept is just another disguise of some form.. I think it is almost becoming some kind of gimmick to make folks feel like they 'belong' to something…or belong here on earth at all..( I personally have never felt like I belong here or am even from here) Let's face it we are all on a solo journey. There are only a few emotions we feel as humans and billions upon billions of experiences that take you there. I was raised in the Catholic church so, I know dogma and rules of engagement for that concept of spirituality..it is brutal what they tell you in that religious crappola..you were born a 'sinner'..it is meant to keep you down and fearful of your own power..such a shame and misuse of 'guidance' for being on the planet.So, I am what I am..I don't need someone telling me or do i need to pass some kind of 'test' to 'see' if I am in 3,4 or 5 D..or if I am ascending or not. I have survived is all I can say..I am 67 years old..have had some brutal human experiences that would and could have taken me down..depleted me..shamed me..and yet..my mantra is to "do no harm" to myself and others..thoughts and actions..trying at times when there are nasty mean people every where,but I have to believe there is 'good' in all of us..or it just wouldn't be worth being here. I have no great expectations to be a 'light worker"..lets face it even without the title..we are all just dealing with energy..light..its very shape shifty in its nature..it rises it falls..it shoots to the left ..then the right..and we are just right smack dab in the middle..ahhhhh the middle path..just being what you be as you be how you be in this moment..no goal to rise to make it to 4 or 5 D…even that is a limitation ..as if that is the goal…geez..why does there even have to be a friggin' "goal"..I just want to be a kid again..laugh when I am happy..scream when I am pissed..I want to feel safe being here on the planet..and that is knowing my powers of creation and making that 'safety' happen..its diff for everyone.After being on the planet this long..one thing i know is that we waste so many precious heart beats on trying "TO DO" …to get somewhere in the future..all we have is this NOW..have dreams,but don't give them a 'title"..or describe them as ..oooooh lookey I am ascending..I just had a warm and fuzzy thought about my ass hole neighbor..its all good I am rising above the muck. I just want to simplify my life..its not so contrived as all of the different paths I have been on..definitely am not a Catholic anymore..and oh, what a relief it is..I hope there is a new "movement' in the future that encourages folks in this earth walk…not make them feel like they have to Be in a particular dimension..oh, maybe the one of love..but ya know even that is diff for everyone..our concept..we just need to feel encouraged is all I can say..hey thanks for helping me to get clear in my mind..and heart thru your take on this..the internet is so saturated with this ascension concept..it is just kinda gettin boring to me..hey maybe that's the sign..doesn't matter..I still need to figure how I am even going to find the resources for anew roof and fix my 26 year old car..now that's going to take some pretttttty amazing creation abilities..but ya know..I am fine..just fine..in all of it…gawd it feels sooooo damn good to finally love myself in all of it..no one taught me that..I just allowed it..and now..I am allowing some of the monetary funds to come my way;)..lets face it..there is sure plenty of money on planet..and love to..and health..and on and on…ALLOW IT..it's pretty simple….whatever it is you want to allow to come in…off into the wild blue..happy trails to one and all.

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  2. And this is one of the many reasons I appreciate Sandra Walter. From:

    “While the final event of a complete dimensional shift happens in one exquisite blink of a Zero-Point moment, the stages of anchoring this into the collective Heart Grid, the collective perception, are greatly accelerated by the higher timelines.”

    Sandra understands that the eventual outcome / manifestation of ascension means, yep, one exquisite blink of a Zero-Point moment. Yep, it may be a process up until then and as Sandra is communicating here, those of higher vibration can assist in accelerating the collective process now.


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