Yo Lightworkers! You got next. How to BE the LIGHT

Lot’s o’ talk of light and beingness, but here again, I really sense this is yet another case of people using the same words and yet have different ideas of what those words mean, so… they’re really not communicating.  They think they’re talking the same thing, but maybe not so much.

So, I’ll bother to define things as we go here so we are actually communicating.

What is light?  Well, in one regard it’s photons.  One could also say everything is light, just different frequencies and densities.  But regardless of what that label could be applied to…

Light is information.

You came here to work the light, to be the light, to spread the light.  You are here to bring information… at every level… in all ways.  Not just any information though, but higher frequency information.

So, first… You.  It’s always you first.  What you have to offer the other is your consciousness.  You can only give as much as you’ve got there.  So follow Lao Tzu’s advice and if you want the world consciousness to rise, then raise yours.

What is consciousness?  Awareness.

The biggest part of your consciousness comes (or can) from the “unseen”, from your inner knowingness, from your Divine True Self.  Go read my “Divine Guidance…” post if you think the Divine doesn’t speak to you.

But information can come to us through outer means also.  Now with increased awareness comes increased discernment, which includes paying attention to what draws you, what doesn’t, what repulses you, etc.

Remember back in the days of… books, lol… you’d be asked to do a term paper on something and you’d go researching.  Ah, so many books, so little time.  So you learned how to research.  Skim the Table of Contents and Index, etc.  But now, with the World Wide Information-Overload, er, I mean Web, even bothering looking at today’s equivalent of Tables of Contents / Indices is often still too much waste of time and effort.  Now it’s even more important to actually use those intuition skills ya been honing.

If you are just not drawn there, then hey, don’t waste your time – be it a site, an article, whatever.  Careful on not throwing out babies with bathwater, but…

So, I’m not just talking about going to what you ARE drawn to, but also NOT going to what you’re not drawn to.  And if you do push past that no-draw and just insist on reading some garbage because it’s on the webpage on your screen, then check to see how much it repulses you.  Learn that the no-draw and repulsion are connected.  Next time, don’t go there.

This big group of lightworkers coming into more extensive service work, you have tapped into your creative powers more fully so careful what you focus on.  Energy flows where attention goes.  Think only of what you want and not of what you don’t want.

You’ll come across more of the useful stuff and less of the garbage when you actually DO less and BE more so you just flow along and can actually tap into Divine Guidance.

As they say, “Put it out there.”  Ask.  Who?  God, the universe, your soul, your higher self (those last 2 are different individuated entities there, did ya know?  See “The Higher Self” post), your own knowingness.  Then stay calm and let the answers come, let the direction come.  Less activity, more progress.

One time someone had asked me, “Do you think that things come in answer to our prayers or do you think we bother to make the prayer because we can sense this thing coming?”  My answer, “Both.”

Does the Divine, ya know, other parts of the Divine that are not just individuated us, do they assist us?  Oh sure, but it’s back to the raising consciousness / awareness thing.  Ya know God / Infinite Light / The Void / Infinite Possibility is hanging right there next to you.  Like that spider that came to sit with Miss Muffet.  But until your own awareness increases enough to even want to see it, it will just sit there, the Divine just a’ chomping at the bit, so eager to help ya out… once ya ask.

Asking the question in itself helps you see the answer.  It helps you be open and receptive to the answer that the Divine may have been working to get to you for a while.  “Oh, hello there little spider buddy.”

Of course after the guidance / direction then comes doing your part – God helps those who help themselves… and follow Divine guidance.

So… beingness.  Yes, BEing very often absolutely does include a lot less DOingness.  Ya know, that whole still and quiet thing.  Meditators and contemplators understand what that’s like.  Now it’s time to BE that always.  To be a MOVING meditation, not just when you sit in the corner and chant “om” (if you do that).

And it’s time to AVAIL yourself.  Let go of all of the 3D trivialities.  Slow down.  Enough already with the rushing around gig.  Be present… so that you can be a Spiritual Minuteman… responding in the moment… so that you can BE there for people NOW.  Yeah, that person there, that one standing right in front of you.  They could use your presence.

Lightworkers (LWs) really could stand to shut down the outer-activity, headless-chicken, endless distraction Warp Drive, fo’ sure.  But there is more to BEingness than just less doing.

When do you BE the light?  Always.  No matter who is watching.  No matter if no one is watching.  It’s about allowing that Inner You to be shown outwardly.  Always.  Would you say it to a fellow lightworker?  Then say it to your neighbor.  Would you do that in front of lightworkers?  Then do it in front of your neighbor.

If you cuss in front of your roommate, then why hold back on those expletives in front of lightworkers?  Yep,  we have higher frequency but we still just might cuss or drink or whatever upon occasion.  It’s not about being a prude or a goody two shoes.

I swear (every pun intended) I’ve cussed more during these intense, ascension-hell, energy-work years than the entirety of the rest of my life.  Saving the world through Harsh Language!  Ha.  Really not kidding since the forerunners’ energy fields, emotional included, were used to transmute energy.  Expressive, expletive, cuss-like-a-sailor harsh language OR game of nuclear bomb egg toss via WWIII?  Hmm.  Don’t need to stroke my non-existant long beard too long on that one.  Yeah, I think we made the right call there, don’t you?  Hey, in the moment, I may not have known just exactly WHAT I was transmuting, but I did know that I was absolutely going to feel it and intended to, didn’t fight it… and cussed the blue streak to go with… in order to transmute it.  I didn’t know the “what”, but I did get and do and be the “that”.

And that “in front of others” thing… after all, just think about it – ok, so you’re a lightworker (that don’t impress me much – any Shania Twain fans out there? lol), you’ve awakened to some things, and yet you’re still human and I don’t mean that in an “only human” / “I’m doomed to be a mess-up” / cop-out / disempowered sort of way, (who in the hell put that frickin’ “only” in front of human?) but you are demonstrating what humans can do and be, what is achievable BY HUMANS… while human, while still here.  Hu was a god.  Hu-man literally means God-man.  We are all gods / goddesses.  (Screw that “only” b.s.)

And yet we are also all totally nobodies (no bodies), no different than the next person.

And that next person… they. could. stand. to. see. that. in. you!  To see your True Self shining through, but without putting on aires.  Let them see the “just folks” part of you.  Be real.  Be real in a Heavenly way and also in an Earthly way.  No matter how ya slice you, you come up AUTHENTIC.

Another way that you are going to be bringing light to the world is in your upcoming “human antenna” energy work.  Light will literally come through your personal fields, affecting mind, body and emotions and you’re gonna let it.  Whatever can get through / past whatever blockages you still have will be delivered to the world… energetically.  And yep, energy is everything too, but I’m not talking about conversing with the neighbor here.  It’s more pure energy, that is unseen, unheard (well on the 5 senses level), but more than likely very much felt by you and that includes physically.  And I’m not talking about when you are with / interacting with people in any way, but also when you’re sitting on your butt at home.  No matter where you go, there your human antenna is.

And that light will continue to work on your blockages also.  And you’re gonna let that happen too.  No really, you will.

You didn’t just come here to get yourself ascended.  If that were the case, we forerunners would have been gone long ago.  For myself, probably about a decade ago.  We’ve gone through sheer hell keeping the world from destruction to buy you some time to get up to speed.

Now, it’s your turn.  You may not experience what we did and what we did is done, but it’s time for you to step up.  This started out being all about you and in maintenance mode, that will continue.  But it’s time for some REAL Energetic Service Work now.

But, just like with your mental-type awareness, you can also only pass on as much energetic, etheric-level light / information / consciousness / awareness as you yourself can muster.  Keep PROACTIVELY, in a committed, diligent, literally asking-for-it kinda way working on your own personal HEALING so that more of that light can get through you and to the world.  Be the clearest channel of energy you can possibly be.  That doesn’t happen if you fight or resist the healing process that you asked for.  Like the old line, “You knew the job was tough when you took it.”  Fighting it only creates unnecessary challenge.  It’s enough challenge without the resistance.

Do you see at all how very important your own healing is to others?!  And to knockout that healing as quickly as you can muster and that comes by just letting it happen, because it’s a process and takes some time, then those you influence, they’ll need some time too, so… tick, tick, tick.  That clock doesn’t matter on a multi-dimensional level, but it does for anyone still in 3D, so help them out by helping yourself out first.  As the flight attendant says, “Put on your own oxygen mask before helping others with theirs.”  But the 3D Earth Airplane has some holes in it so you can’t take your sweet time donning your own oxygen mask or those other folks who could use your help will have suffocated by then.  A little urgency here folks.  A little pep in your healing step there, eh.

I very strongly suspect that people can knock it out faster now than in the past but…  Yep, a whole lot of your old 3D life will be falling by the wayside so you can work on your top priority – your own healing.  You’re gonna let that happen too.

Folks, nothing, I mean NOTHING is going to help others more than you doing your own inner / healing work.  Nothing.  Are you literally holding back, scared to “leave others behind”?  You’re leaving yourself behind by doing that and really not doing one whole hell of a lot for anyone else.  Anyone who even dares to worry about such still has some inner work to do yet, because you still have not grasped this whole Unity thing – we are never not connected.

And you’ll do more to urge others along by getting out in front and setting the example than you’ll do by hanging back with them.  You didn’t come here to “fit in”.  You didn’t come here to be silent.  You didn’t come here to get caught up in the 3D program… and stay caught up.  Yep, had to be here, incarnate to do this and yep part of that was experiencing the caught up part, but then let it go already.  Keep asking for and finding ways to let go of more and more of the 3D paradigm… without losing your grounding.  You’re not only Walking Between the Worlds, you are connecting the worlds, connecting Heaven and Earth through you, in the world but not of it.  3D and Duality are not “bad” per se, but there has been a lot of disempowering programming and all the useless distractions that go with it… that could stand to be released.

And… don’t forget about those other humans still firmly in 3D.

I’ve done one-on-one healing work with folks in the past and when healing energy is introduced then people’s little “demons” lash out.  Many, many times in so many ways – not the least of which being these intense recent “ascension hell” years through energy work – I have gone to the depths of someone else’s hell with them, to offer them a hand, to help them find their way out, their way through.  I went unscathed, but for the need / want of a little energetic clearing.

Get yourself out of hell so you can go back in and guide others out.

You are to disconnect from 3D, not from 3D humans.  Capisce?

They are why you are here now.  I mean that in a general sense, as in that’s why you incarnated now when you did, but I also mean a much more immediate NOW, as in, that is the next stage for this ascension project – a big group of lightworkers who will very soon be taking  over light anchoring / holding duties from forerunners.

Yep, always you first, but…

Vow to complete and with your completion you will help others complete.

You got your oxygen mask on yet?  Others could use your help.

I’ll let Shania take it from here…

Ok, so you’re a lightworker, that don’t impress me much.

19 thoughts on “Yo Lightworkers! You got next. How to BE the LIGHT

  1. So,as I sit in the dawn of the last day of 2015 and heading towards my 67th yr and feeling like I ‘belong to myself’ and that I just ‘know’ some ways to be that are a sense of ease in this earth walk….well, I just have to wonder ..since I have simm simm simmmered down with all the doings of the soul to become more and be healed and be light and on and on..and now. I look at the world and universe with a different set of “soul eyes’.
    What if we don’ t need to ‘fix’ things, heal things, be something of light, ask for answers and on and on.What if we were ALL RIGHT just as we are in this moment without doing anything different?What if we just trusted our process and know that we will move to the next moment with just knowing this is our interesting evolving experience…just as those folks who are in the headlines on the news or the grocer and the trash removal people etc are having their own interesting evolutionary experiences. I have compassion for some of the different choices folks make and situations they find themselves in..I have been living in hell during many times in my life..I understand the saddest take you to your knees moments life brings..and yet..something in me ‘shines’ on and never gives up. I have long left ‘victim’ mode..it is the worst of worst human ‘clubs’ to belong to and the dues you have to pay for this club are off the charts.
    Anyway..there is something very freeing about trust..we are all so bendy with ourselves..we can morph into whatever..Free Will is just the most amazing thing..we can choose..and choose again..but you need a real good foundation of lovin yo self(or not,,nuthin’ to fix :)..yep pretty simple…interesting evolutionary experiences;
    Looking forward to my creations of 2016..I am more excited and calm and just in wonder of it all..don’t forget to exhale..the next breath will follow..and know that all ya’ll are just hunky dory muy bueno fine just how you be in this moment..trust that you will get what you need ..even before you need it..and just look in the mirror and smile..powerful.

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    • Very warmhearted response. I could literally picture you sitting on your deck perusing life while watching the world go about its business.

      One of my big questions I had for the Universe earlier on in my spiritual journey was, ‘have I merely grown smarter with age or is this a spiritual enlightenment journey I am experiencing?’ Sometimes the line between these two are blurred and yet at other times perfectly clear.

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  2. Strange I read this in Dec/early Jan but it had a different feel for me then. So, I decided to come back to it. I did, today (12th Jan). While it feels like months ago it’s only really been two weeks in this reality.

    What you have expressed here makes perfect sense. Except reaching our own personal purest state does not feel wholly possible in human bodies. It will always remain a work in progress. But then you are so correct in saying those who worry about leaving others behind fail to understand one-ness. Yes, this plagued me sooooo long ago I forgot about it, and that it could be what holds those back right now.

    I have reached a critical dilemma. I have worked on myself for years, and years, and years, … and yet with each major astrological hiccup I’m still pushed back and more stuff erupts internally (referring to the energy presently). My outward world has more or less moved into alignment with my inner world, but simultaneously further out of alignment with the larger world. So, I rock back and forth. Peaceful in my rocker but unsteady on a flimsy old wooden porch.

    Sorry, long route to reach what I meant by the dilemma: I can’t reach back to help.

    Every time I do, I’m either invisible to them, or they miss the point I am making entirely. But that gut repel you spoke of, I get. It’s so frustrating. I see they are trying now (some light workers anyway) to come together to create something but they are all, all over the place. We passed this way years ago. I say this not with ego. When we did we were eager to learn from others. (Perhaps I would do better to drop my expectation here that this group would have felt the same about those before them as we did). Rather I find they cling to some awful commercial spiritual guru’s.

    For me this repulsion has solidified an understanding I have: Some of us were here only to bring in bright light. And in so doing must stay aloof, and apart. We can transmute the darker waves from afar. We can send out information in the form of white light from a distance, heal others from a distance, and continue to gather more light from those energies not part of this world and spread it on this planet. My mental energy has grown in rhythm with my heart. It’s all expanded.

    At first when I felt this frustration from these newbies I thought it was me. Perhaps some ego had not dissipated and was seeking recognition. But I have now come to realize this is not so. I was frustrated and kicking up a fuss because I was not accepting I needed to stay back, even though I knew the answer, or the calmest route. Their responses were frustrating me to no end. It was not a matter of me accepting we are all at different stages of this journey, rather it was me accepting it’s okay I am here and they are there. I needed to fully honor my light and place. And, I do believe this is where Karen Bishop is.

    Every time she shut down in the past I have felt the same need myself. This last time when she wrote her first long post I was surprised, and then when a couple months ago, I saw what she had replaced it with, it became a strong ‘aha’ moment. I know it was for many who have been with her for years.

    So, it is time for the newer group of light workers to lead the newer group to lead the newer… Something else is at play for those of us who started the ball rolling.

    It’s so chaotic right now it’s like being a sound wave. One moment I feel the plan for us is about to change and we are becoming more deeply integrated and then the next moment it’s gone, dropped off a cliff…sometimes I feel we won’t recognize ourselves in six months to a year’s time ( well that won’t be a deviation from the norm! Lol we have no remnants of who we were a month ago!), well it’s like more we won’t remember this, or a lot of this journey…

    Thanks for your post and reading my response. 💕💕💕


  3. “What you have expressed here makes perfect sense. Except reaching our own personal purest state does not feel wholly possible in human bodies. It will always remain a work in progress.”

    Well, first, we will still keep our human form. Different bodies, not carbon-based but crystalline based. It’s just a vessel, a vehicle honey. It’s not US. And yet, oh my, what wonders these bodies can and have performed in this planetary ascension process. The amount of energy that has gone through me in both directions is just off the charts.

    And yeah, this is one reason why I use the term “ascension-ready”. We’re still here. We’re not ascended IN FULL even those of us who are ascension-ready.

    Furthermore, Bev, don’t forget you are creating your own reality, you powerful creator you. Are you SURE that you want to ALWAYS, forever be a work in progress? Go read the “What Is Ascension?” post. Transitions are not endless…. unless you insist that they are. That’d be a rather harsh reality.

    Let go of as much of the “outer world” as you possibly can. Let go, let God. But yes, my friend and I have often talked of being sick of “limping along” mode. I have two cars that I have only done the absolute most needed maintenance to. One has only been washed twice in 6 years and the other not at all. They don’t get driven much but regularly and neither has had an oil change in 6 years either. And yet, I have to admit, I am taken care of. And I’m ok with that… for now.

    About 2-3 weeks ago I left a link to one of my posts in comments on someone’s blog. I don’t believe anyone followed that link to my blog. This week they put out a message saying the same thing. I post the same link and now it’s bringing traffic. Like folks weren’t ready to really embrace the concept a few weeks ago but are now.

    And Bev, for someone like yourself, “helping” is probably not where you are at now. My friend and I have been more into releasing others to their own volition. But for this big group of light workers coming up, they have been in “me” mode for quite some time and now could stand to actually take their light out to the world. And they themselves will continue to grow and evolve by “teaching” others. And you’ve been there, done that. Service work is part of everyone’s own personal growth, besides actually helping others. It’s their turn.

    I let go of so many people over the years, family included, knowing that looking out for myself, helping the planet and helping whatever humans would actually run with the ball I handed them was far more important than banging my head on friends’ and family’s brick walls.

    Also read “Healthy Selfishness” (it’s a shorty) We have to have our priorities straight – no good to anyone else if you don’t take care of yourself FIRST and in maintenance.

    The energy shift right now is clipping along at light speed, every pun intended, just over this calendar year flipping, just in the last few weeks. I’m LOVING it. It felt SO stagnant, in an overall way. I’m sure anyone who was getting hammered with incoming light in the past 1 1/4 years doesn’t feel that way at all. lol


  4. Hi There!
    I found your blog from Lisa Rising Berry’s blog in the comments that you stated to me to visit your site, and so here I am! I love your input on the topic of guides and so on, and this article.
    I understand about the light being knowledge, and finally got the song ‘This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine’ and how we are all sparks of the Divine.
    As the struggle of those who tell us to ‘BE’ and those of us who want us to ‘DO’, I have been on the soul train of ‘DOOOBEEE’, just trying to be a DoBe and in balance because of those who are always doing, never get anywhere and never ends, and those who are always being become stagnant and in their being only speak of being….So I love to DoooBeee Do Be Doooooooooo….LOL.
    I love your writing and the way you tell it like it is, and yes…spiritual people, or the ones professing to be so spiritual are the most egotistical ones and the densest of all…sometimes it is most suffocating to be in a room with a lot of spiritual people who will give me dirty looks when I come into the room or say something that isn’t ‘sacred’ or ‘spiritual’ and how dare I break up the spiritual suffocating space! LOL.
    I have always been looking above the so called hierarchy of those we are suppose to bow to and to look up to as being more important than us…my whole life has been searching for that ‘top official’ that isn’t judging me or usurping me on my energy or path and desire to just help others but know I can’t help others until I have hopped off the wheel of illusion and out from under the matrix of hierarchy. I have never believed in this God that wants everyone’s will, although he gave it to us (supposedly), and then we are suppose to do his will willingly, as to chose our will not to be as important or irrelevant. I think there is a infinite being that created all of this, and the thought that fractured the infinite being ‘Who am I’ and in all that is, it sent out it’s sparks of itself to send that intel to it…and agree with your insight of us being the ones that put it on the wire. That is why we must focus on ourselves and ‘get it’ then shine our light showing the others the way, if they so chose to go that way, no right or wrong, no judgment or punishment. But I also don’t wish to go into the false light, the false matrix, like you I want to go to the source, and not deal with the hierarchy of ascended masters or beings who claim to have a higher seat. You spoke of the angels on Lisa’s blog, as our thought forms, and that is an interesting thought, gonna have to absorb that for a bit, but know that I have been helped thru some very difficult situations that could not be explained away as coincidence and think that we Humans have been told we are at the bottom of the rung, and not told how much power we actually do have, so it is hard to shake off the years of indoctrination and those wishing to usurp the power of humanity making us into little pawns when we don’t realize just how powerful we are.
    AS for those phoenix lights and everyone saying those were ET’s, well I live here during that time and I didn’t see them but I think they were the secret space program of the secret black ops government and not ET’s….just my take on that! LOL Everyone is waiting for an ET invasion, or some disclosure to the point that I hate that word everytime I see it…WHO FRICKEN CARES???? LOL, ok, well…writing a novel here but thank you for referring me to your site and will be doing some reading and probably some commenting or questions for you! BIG HUGS and DEEP BOWS of Gratitude for your no nonsense way! ❤

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  5. A DOOOBEEEE. Doobee doobee do… be. Too frickin’ funny.

    Hey, thanks for shining your light over this way. I’m gonna sit by your fire for a bit, if ya don’t mind. 🙂

    Oh, I know, the whole ET thing… I have always known they exist. That’s enough. Done. All the spaceship chasers… *shaking head* Ya know, whatever can satisfy their addiction of being “out there” instead of “in here.”

    All these “star seeds” are so caught up in where they have been (other star systems) they have forgotten that they came here to be human for a reason. Goodness… just be present and deal with the task at hand, ya know, human / planetary ascension.

    Looking forward to more of your little light shining in this direction. Thanks for letting it shine everywhere.

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    • LOL, yes…the fire is warm and us DooBees are having a pow wow. The whole star seed thing is another maddening thing that those ATV ones like to put labels on everything and group those searching to belong, being so different but not knowing better, are happy to put on the robe and belong to somewhere out there…over the rainbow…LOL.
      There is this guy who was given a gift of reading people’s DNA and what percentage of the light they are and if there was a common theme in the majority of their lives…I think that all of us pretty much originated somewhere else but decided to join Gaia and this game in the matrix in the Under the Veil world and once it got hijacked, we could not go elsewhere. I would like to share this DNA reading with you, thought you might find this interesting and he has a blog about it, and does say that God gave him the gift and does it for free.
      My DNA reading:
      12 Strands Activated 79% Sacred Light
      Human [DNA aged 6.011 million years old]
      2218 lifetimes in 33 Star systems including
      Lyre, Siruis-B, Asterope, Alcyone, Merope, Celaene, Atlas,
      Electra, Pleione, El Nath, Sol, Maia, Taygeta of planets
      Erra and Dakote, Aldebaran, Altair, Antares,
      Menkent, Rigelkent, Alpha Centauri, Beta Centauri,
      Gamma Centauri, Hadar, Alpha Aries, Hamal,
      Tau Ceti, Nu Ceti, Adhil, Andromeda, Procyon,
      Fomalhut, Epsilon Eridani, Arcturus, and our star the Sun,
      of planets Tiamat 6 lifetimes, Venus 12 lifetimes,
      Mars 8 lifetimes, and Earth/Gaia 46 lifetimes.
      2 Spirit Guides and 1 Guardian Angel
      Galactic Federation of Light member 79 lifetimes
      Now note that it states I have been all over the place, but I don’t consider myself a star seed no less, but also that I was a Galactic Federation of light member…at this point in time, I would not be a member of that group as I do agree with you they are to me a corrupt group, much like the cabal in that they think they are better than humanity and I have read a lot of the channelings from these beings, if it was them, I don’t think they think humanity is above them or that we can be much more than them….but anyway, so much for DNA…LOL, I do think DNA is like an antenna, and you had mentioned being an antenna for a while, so I don’t think that it makes us a part of any certain group but if we are 100% human and having this human experience, then we are all part of the humanity grid, and like the 100th monkey effect, hope that the work the forerunners have done and with Gaia that we can all get on with it to 5d and beyond. So anyway, I thought you might find that interesting about this guy Tory that does the DNA readings, and here is his blog: https://higherdensity.wordpress.com/dna/
      Al;though he does DNA activations, I don’t believe, at least I don’t have the understanding that anyone else can activate your DNA that it is something you have to do on your own. Although he does teach others how to talk to your DNA and do your own activations….so not sure how he does his DNA activations with others…but is interesting to read his blog.


      • oops….didn’t get the whole reading in there, I had asked how many lives I had been a healer so this is the rest of the DNA reading:
        Healer in 412 lifetimes [Total]
        Herbal Healer 76 lifetimes
        Shaman Healer in 12 lifetimes
        Medical Intuitive in 3 lifetimes
        First study of Healing in Great Blue Lodge in Siruis-B. Each Pleiadian star system had at least one lifetime as Healer. [on list Asterope to Aldebaran]
        Also in Lemuria and Atlantis.
        Healer of animals in 1 lifetime on Tiamat
        Also Healer with Cetaceans [Dolphins] in Nu Ceti.
        I only have one link for a past life planet


      • Interesting DNA reading. You HAVE been around the block a bit. lol Tiamat huh? Well, if you have any recall of that, I’d love to hear it, just purely for curiosity’s sake.

        I did a DNA activation years ago. It WAS done by someone but with my permission and I know it had effect. I had to laugh though that this gal doing it, as she was, she had to tell me, “Wow, you’ve done a lot of clearing.” I just laughed, “Oh yeah”.

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        • Well, I wished I could remember any of those adventures I have been if that DNA reading was accurate, some of it did make sense to me as healing was what I have always been drawn to. I love how God has put everything here, within our grasp to heal ourselves and help others to heal…we have the tools.
          I kinda get a chuckle in there about Tiamat, did Tiamat exist?
          I have spent many hours, many classes or retreats, working on me to clear and to try to get myself to where I could help others…seems as I always got close, I could not get past the veil or the block that keeps my third eye from fully opening, it’s as if I came here with it that way, as I have really good intuition and sometimes ‘just knowing’ or will have dreams that give me some clues, but I really have worked at it. It was so intimidating to try to mingle with those LW’s because they had practiced their gifts, and I was just beginning. I couldn’t help but feel suffocated by the egos while they were trying to tell us that we are gonna get rid of the egos, and I just couldn’t get anywhere while they looked down their noses at me.
          I went to one retreat in Sedona, and I so love Sedona…don’t know if you have ever been there, but the energy is so clearing and wonderful. Of course they got the ET groups up there at Catheral Rock, but never the less, had to come back home to the dense reality of my family and this town. I have been a single Mom for years and then once my kids were grown, I started doing the spiritual work more because I had always wanted to but just didn’t have time with three kids. On the retreat in Sedona, we all were initiated with Belvaspata which is a healing modality sort of like Reiki, but uses light and vibration. I was floating and blissful and had ‘no thought’. It was nice to not ‘think’ about things, or have internal dialogue. I loved the world, I loved everyone!!! We were also sat down to translate the elves transmissions and while I was trying to write down the translation, some being kept bumping my elbow and being very obnoxious. One of the people in my group said it was an elf being very onry. I stated that they weren’t rhyming too well, and they said they thought they were doing pretty good since it wasn’t their language…LOL. Donald Trump was mentioned in there…very interesting stuff, but alas, had to come home. Then the past couple years had to take care of my grandchildren, as my daughter went off and started doing drugs. So, CPS got involved and after two years of all that BS, I was forced to adopt my granddaughter even though I asked to just have guardianship until the parents got it together..but they are in it for the federal funding, the subsidies, and just had my whole spiritual work slowed down quite a bit, just never seemed to have time to get into much after that, but here and there.
          I had taught myself to do websites and do those now and then. But there is never any time for me to really recharge, to sit down and just be….a lot of doooooooo, and I love to be a dooobeee!!!!
          I so love reading your blog, and feel like I have done a lot of work ‘behind the scenes’ in those times, and now it’s like starting all over. My daughter finally went to rehab, and is now working but still this whole thing is like I have been derailed on my progress and stuck in the 3d drama with responsibilities of childrearing. This little girl is quite the willful stubborn and challenging child so much more than my kids were…I hope she uses that for good projects…she is like a Queen or manager…almost tyrannical…LOL.
          If I hadn’t of been willing to adopt her, they would have adopted her out to strangers, the system if truly dark and dangerous with what they do and very corrupt, it is no longer what is best for the kids, it’s about job security and the federal funding. So, slowly but surely, I am getting back on my spiritual path and want to keep raising my vibration and pull myself out of this low grip of it all, and is frustrating because there isn’t much time for it, Most of my spiritual work was done in 2005-2009. Then it was taking care of my grandson who is 15 now, and then a granddaughter in 2011 so I haven’t stopped working on myself, but surely has slowed down, excruciatingly so but now that she is 4, she is becoming alittle more independent and so I can sit here and do some work…I have enjoyed your blog so far, and out DooBee pow wow! ❤
          As for your DNA activation, when the girl did your DNA activation, how many strands was activated, and what did you notice about that? I found a process for activating my own DNA. I did a reconnection session, back a couple years ago, and thought that might help some, but really only felt that my eyesight got alittle better, and I have always had 20/20 eyesight, but as we get older, the muscles around the eye get lazy…I exercise them and my sight improves. Anyway, do you feel one can do their own DNA activations and again what did you experience in your activation, or what improved or what gifts came to surface in your abilities. Thanks for sitting by the fire with me! ❤


  6. Good article.
    I left this comment there:
    Very good post!
    “A lightworker is not necessarily someone who fights the darkness, but simply someone who works with the light.”
    What we fight and resist, persists.
    But! We do have to FACE the darkness, both within and with-out… so we become aware of how we might be feeding / energizing it and quit doing that, quit participating in it.
    “You refuse to feed conflict, fear and darkness.”
    And I might caution the reader that having fear is not like “criminal”. The idea is to release your fears, but you cannot release what you repress. Let it surface, face it, see it as the illusion that it is – FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real – then release it.
    And “conflict” has its place. Take it from someone who brings 4th Ray energy – Harmony Through Conflict – to help this world. See this post:

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Here is a specific example of how to BE the light, how to be what I like to call a “Spiritual Minuteman” or a “Spiritual Opportunist”, seizing any and every opportunity to enlighten and empower others:

    Obviously there is someone in this area that looks like me.

    So… last year, I was walking down the street, came around the corner and someone was seemingly taken aback by seeing me. I look at them and they say, “I just saw you at Burger King.” Nope, not me. I didn’t even know there was a Burger King in this area. And that’s certainly not something I would indulge in – I can’t remember the last time I ate fast food.

    Today I saw someone who works at a supermarket, who I have chatted with before. He said he saw me at mass. I’m like, “What? At mass? You mean like Catholic mass?” He said exactly that. Nope, not me. He said someone who looked a lot like me was there. I told him I was raised Catholic, but am not Catholic. I said I was spiritual but not into religion.

    That gave me a chance to educate him on a few things:

    the Hebrew word for religion means “regulate”
    Oc-cult means the culture of light
    Pagan means “country folks / villagers”, those in touch with their planet
    many people run the disempowering program called “religion = God”

    esoteric, in the way he used it when talking to a friend of mine and me before is a corrupted meaning of the word – “eso” means inner / inward and has to do with our Inner Work – both Divine Connection but also clearing out what is not truly us, like fears, disempowerment, ego issues, etc.

    I told him I very much appreciated people’s desire to connect to God, but religion is not the way. Religion was meant to keep you from God, not connect you to God.

    Life and the Divine created the opening for me and I seized it by being a Spiritual Minuteman / Opportunist.


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