The Truth is In Here – Do You Really Wanna Know?

Those who already knew the truth:

“Yeah!  X-Files disclosed the truth!”


Those who don’t know the truth:

“You watch too much X-Files.”


9 thoughts on “The Truth is In Here – Do You Really Wanna Know?

  1. not sure is there really are ‘truths’ for the universe in which we live..because we alllll have our own realities that we make up our lives/truths with..some are the same as others..some are not..I have not been much of a ‘follower’ of other’s “truths’…watched a nano second of the Xfiles..didn’t resonate years ago..or now.Parts of my real life were disturbing enough…I know the ‘systems’ in which we all live are questionable…but I have always questioned’ authority’.
    The nuns I was taught by did not like that one bit. I belong to myself and I know myself..I don’t have to argue that with anyone it just is.I have learned to play some of the games with a cheshire grin on my face ..or at the very least in my soul so as not to draw too much attention.
    Don’t give up and try to be kind and if you can’t do that then just hum until you leave this reality..who knows it could be as good as it gets…no one realllllllly knows the answer to that…no matter how many dead people folks say they ‘channel’..yowza..Does anyone really know what time it is?FURTHER


    • Hello michelle here, I havent read but a small piece of whats written. Gonna just go ahead and type to whom ever.. I was writting in my journal and pondering the idea of teaming up with my 15 & 12 yr old children see if we could help each other to created our bliss. Seems like a good idea I figue they could teach me a lot. The 3 of us have been living a reality none of us are particularly fond of. I know my 15 yr old is at such a state of hoplessness for his future that he might agree to try. Any thoughts about this would be recieved out of the box I dont want to go back in. Thank you kindly


      • Hey Michelle. Ya know what they say about bliss, ya know, and ignorance. So, rather than shoot for bliss, how’s about some Joy?

        And when it comes right down to it, Joy is who we really are, just like with Love.

        Joy and Courage are Soul-Centered qualities. Joy is who we are, it’s always there.

        But, in this world, all of who we really are can get buried under illusions, masks, false programs, etc. This is why I emphasize healing – to clear away all the crap that is piled on top of who we really are.

        And tapping into who we really are, connecting with the Divine, can also give us guidance about our mundane-level lives.

        So, yes, Healing and Divine Connection are key.

        Most especially these days, life on planet Earth can be rather challenging. No doubt about that. Now, more than ever, tapping into Divine guidance can help smooth out the bumps and move us down a different path.

        For right now, I’ll just start with that. You didn’t say a whole lot yet yourself, so feel free to say what you’d like and we’ll see how this goes. Others may chime in over time.

        Keep reading posts here as you can also. Comment and question on what you read and perhaps express what may come up as you do read.

        For right this minute, go to “Useful Healthful Tips”. Scroll down to “The Power of the Mind”. Use those techniques there about being Calm, Centered and Grounded, which is always a good place to start and to return to when ya get flustered.

        I would assume the box you don’t want to go back into involved “old paradigm” illusions that you’re quite fed up with?


  2. Yes, the onus of the truth rests firmly on each person’s shoulders. No one can truly “disclose” or prove anything to anyone else. We have neither the Responsibility nor the Power to do so.

    Sure, we spread light, share info, insight, wisdom, but it is ultimately up to each individual to know the truth for themselves “in here”… and to get to that place and let go of any desire to “punish” those who have duped ’em for so long. It’s not about paybacks, it’s about YOUR OWN FREEDOM.

    What we share, we could stand to offer up without attachment, that is if we actually Give A F*ck (GAF) about our own selves also and not allow ourselves to be caught up in others’ drama. Compassionate Non-Attachment. Just offer up the info, but don’t attach to what others do with it.

    Yes Catharina, everyone is creating their own reality and yet there are universal truths. The fact that we are all creators and yes, creating our own reality is one example of a universal truth.

    And there is manipulation that goes on and people blindly participate, having no conscious awareness of how they are being manipulated.

    Yep, creating one’s OWN reality, well, regardless of what that is, even in a duality state, when it comes right down to it, that’s pretty darned cool.

    But being manipulated in an un/subconsious way to create someone else’s creation, not so cool. It is, though, an experience alright, which is what this dualistic realm was initially co-created for.

    But not only do all good things come to an end, but all not-so-wonderful things do too. It’s time to blow this popsicle stand. I’ve said for years, “Sure glad this is almost over, for surely nothing this out of balance can last much longer.” … and the old paradigm won’t last.

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  3. Yes..pretty interesting where they are going with the X-Files…I use to watch it years ago, but the new one blows the lid off the whole deal! I love how they expose the manipulation and program to keep humanity unaware and sleeping. There are always shows or movies, that have some insights and truths about the nature of the matrix, Like the Matrix movie. Yes, we create our own realities, but on a subconscious level, there are programs running that influence our creation and every last one of us are in it whether we like it or not in the nature of duality and the ego program. One could stick their heads in the sand and repeat like a mantra ‘There’s no place like home’ But eventually, duality seems to glaze over any utopia that you might create because it strives for balance…you know, Being a DooBee! LOL
    The yahoos have created their own matrix, false light and running programs with hierarchy and even the most advanced ones cannot BE in this matrix and remain in bliss. That is unless you live in some cave away from it all, or on that island where the natives throw spears at planes or anyone that dares to come near them. We didn’t come here to go into bliss and stay there. Although bliss is wonderful, it does become stagnant and no growth happens, and surely can’t function in the density of the rest. We are to overcome, to try to balance as much as possible, raise our frequency thru healing and mastering this matrix seeing beyond the veil of illusion and know that we are more powerful than we are told. So, let’s be DooBee’s and enjoy the ride! ❤

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