Being Human is Wonderful!

Someone needs to break that fact to lightworkers.

EVERYONE came here for this current incarnation to help get this planet and her inhabitants ascended.  In order to help here, you must BE HERE.  You’re not able to “connect Heaven and Earth” if you’re not actually here on Earth!

Let’s look at some of the ways that lightworkers resist their own soul mission by dissing humans.

  • Cling to labels like “starseed” and say, “I’m from this planet” or “that star system”.  Well, no, actually, you are from the All That Is / Source / God.  So, you’ve had some experiences elsewhere.  *yawn*  That’s nice.  I’m sure your little, ya know, human pea brain just LOVES all that distraction from healing with all that info you’re preoccupied with about where you’ve been.   So intellectual, but not so intelligent.  So really, who the hell isn’t a frickin’ “starseed”?  Goodness sakes.  Come on folks, be here, be now.  Tend to the task at hand already!  Enough with your fascination of where you’ve been.  Be Present!  Furthermore, your HUMAN experience, your knowledge and understanding of the human experience will help you far more here than any tidbit of info you’re getting about your experiences elsewhere.  Strive to truly know what it means to be human and that will go far in your efforts on this ascension project.
  • Will eagerly and readily open themselves up to and allow any Tom, Dick and Harry ET to speak through them, but won’t listen to their fellow human who is actually getting the job done.  In these lightworkers’ (LWs’) paradigm, any being from above the veil (atv) = good, human = bad.  Scary assumption that.  Not only are they disrespecting their fellow human with this unhealthy association, they are also doing so, most especially, with themselves, not to mention that non-humans / ETs don’t always have their sh*t together.  Just being above the veil (atv) / 3D consciousness veil or from elsewhere doesn’t mean diddly as far as that goes.  It must irk these “starseeds” to look in the mirror and see a human looking back.  No wonder they have no sense of urgency in their own inner work since that eventually means doing service work… ya know… for / with humans.  Eee gad!  Not that!  Not for dreaded humans!  Ah, excuse me, why do you think you came here?  Hello?!  And hate to break it to ya, but all those other humans are all from elsewhere at some time or other too… just. like. you.  They are no more “from here” or are no more or less “human” than you are.  Pull your nose out of the stars, especially just enough so you quit looking down it at your FELLOW human.
  • Would also rather think of themselves as “starseeds” than as Divine beings.  So, not only will they listen to ETs over advanced humans, they’ll also listen to ETs over listening to their own higher self or God.  The Divine is all-knowing and humans who have completed while here are as advanced as souls can get and most assuredly understand how to heal from Earth life.  Earth is the masters program while higher dimensional levels are still just kindergarten.  And yet it’s the least advanced dimensional levels that these LWs want to draw information from.  Wtf?  Someone attending the Masters Program is getting advice from kindergarteners?  Huh?
  • Judge emotions and emotional expression to be bad.  Humans have more emotion than ETs could even dream of.  Emotions are a very big part of being human, a very SPECIAL AND AWESOME part of being human.  Emotions are powerful – will you have that emotional power working for you by expressing it OR will you have it burning you up from the inside out by repressing it?  Emotions are a very key connection to Spirit.  Squelch Emotions, cut off Spirit.  So, here again, the LWs hurt themselves by thinking emotional expression is “bad”.  I feel for ’em ‘cuz they are obviously stuffing down their own emotions and that’s never good.  Such leads to physical level dis-ease.  Our “in here” manifests “out there”.  It all starts at the energy level.  Eventually years worth of emotions will all have to surface.  Putting it off only makes it worse.  Put it off long enough and it will literally kill ya.
  • They can’t get on with their ascension in earnest because they still have yet to even “arrive” here on Earth, to fully and readily BE HUMAN.  To them, “ascension” (if they even still use that word, many have made it a taboo) and spirituality in general are seemingly akin to escapism.

“It’s in the way you’re always hiding from the light
Fast off to heaven just like Moses on a motorbike”

~ Tears for Fears – “Break It Down Again”

In order for Heaven and Earth to be connected THROUGH you, you can’t just be connected to Heaven, you must also be well-grounded into Earth (do NOT confuse being grounded into the planet with being caught up in the old paradigm).  Enough with your escapism ways and your rejection of your human / earthly life!  Folks!  It’s really important that you “make home” here.  Be here!  You came here to help here.  You can’t help here if you’re not BEing here!

Some want so desperately to run from the bad nasty world “out there” and yet it’s not the “out there” that poses a threat to them, only the disempowered state of their own “in here.”  “No matter where you go, there you are.”  Can’t run from / escape yourself.  Nope, they are certainly not ready for ascension, not by a long shot, for many reasons, but not the least of which being their reluctance to just be human.  Anyone who ascends to 5D Gaia will still be in human form and yes, will take human emotions with them also.  I guess “starseeds” are going to have to get over their own self-hatred before they are willing to keep their human form for eons to come.

And yet, with all their resistance to being human and being an Earthling, they still manage to get caught up in 3D materialism and disempowerment and cling to that.  Funny that.  The good stuff about being human, they diss, but the crap part of being human they just roll around in.  *shaking head*  I don’t know, maybe all the disempowered dysfunctional parts of being human remind them of their “starseed homes”, makes ’em homesick.  From what I’ve seen of what has gone on “upstairs”, I wouldn’t doubt my own suspicion on that – those atv do NOT have it all together.

Lightworkers, it’s time to grow up already.  This group of ~15 million, you are far enough along that the Divine can now use you for Its purposes.  You’ll be used to anchor light, whether you like it or not.  Best to flow with it as best you can.  And all of you in this group are not ascension-ready yet, so that means you still have blockages that the light passing through you will continue to work on.  Remember that pain is caused by resistance.  So… don’t resist… unless you like cosmic levels of masochism.  I’m sure the Universe would love to play the Dominant to your Submissive and hook you up to the spanking machine.  Have fun with that.  50 Shades of Self-Torture.

For this big group of ~15 million lightworkers who are now taking over light anchoring duties from forerunners, I received a message through Tarot concerning this group:

“They may be storing a lot of useless junk, in all senses, because they are loath to let anything go.”

Gaia Portal just said:

“Simulation similarities are noted in hu-beings.”

In Gaia Portal’s own definitions, Hue-beings are “Gaia Companions” and hu-beings are “Gaia Travelers”.  Unless and until you are “ascension-ready” you are just a traveler, not a companion.  That presently includes most lightworkers.

So, I was told to focus on these two definitions of simulation:

the act or process of pretending; feigning.
an assumption or imitation of a particular appearance or form; counterfeit; sham

God tells me that the first doesn’t quite apply as it implies that they KNOW they are pretending.  They don’t.  Not quite yet anyway… at a conscious level.  Denial is more than just a river in Egypt.  Perhaps a harsh awakening is in order.

Is what they are doing though, is it counterfeit / sham?  Yes it is.

“Surrender” was another word used in the Tarot reading and also “Skills”, as in, they have the skills, the know-how, they can’t claim ignorance.  Now they actually have to use those skills, WALK it, BE it, LIVE it.

Now the question remains – will they let go willingly or will they let Life, the Divine and current energies beat it out of them?

One thought on “Being Human is Wonderful!

  1. Here’s someone else synchronistically (accidents never happen) putting out a message to light workers about the importance of truly and intentionally being here on Earth and honoring your body, which is on loan from Mommy Earth. Be human, be an Earthling.

    To me it feels like a review, but I know to many it is a preview.

    “The first “skill” of a Divine Creator being is the ability to hold “time” in the present moment, and then to weave or shape realities through the imaginative and creative expression of the Soul in the Sixth Dimension.”

    I’ve often either set goals or been shown them by the Divine. Part of the creation of that is to imagine / envision that future goal, to feel it as if it already exists and yet to then come back to the present moment and get guidance on what the next step towards that goal is.

    Creation happens in the present moment and yet we can and do change both the past and the future from this NOW moment.


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