Nova Gaia Grids Descend

Does that title sound familiar?  Gaia Portal just came out with a message by that title.  As soon as I read the message, it felt like a very “getting down to business” sort of message.  Hours later I got an intuitive hit about it.

So, initially, I got that this “higher level grids descending” thing is not typical, for any planetary ascension.  With only that info I hit up my friend to see if they got anything. I then wrote this post before hearing back from them.  Their info is at bottom of post.

What God tells me now is that ordinarily the lower level physicality of the planet is just left behind, regardless of what is going on with the planet’s lower level “health” or lack there of, if you will, so the grids of the higher aspect of the planet are basically not presented to the lower aspect… ever.

Well, with that info right there, I got my answer already on what was going on Monday Feb. 8th.  It felt like deja vu all over again.  (in this context this could be rightly confused with deja poo – that feeling that you’ve heard this crap before)  Reason being, I felt like I was having ascension symptoms Monday, affecting the whole kit and caboodle – anxiety, frustration, some physical level discomfort, even a bit woozy.  I really haven’t had ascension symptoms for 5 years, except for a couple brief, mild episodes early last year and have not been used for energetic service work for over a year (nervous twitchy things can and do still happen, this whole ascension affair does a number on your nervous system).

God tells me that I and other forerunners did indeed assist in getting this ball rolling – the descending of Gaia’s grids.  That explains the symptoms.  And on the flip side, the next few days now I’ve felt exhilarated.  I can’t remember the last time I used that word.

I later did a Tarot reading, which always jumpstarts even more intuition, to get more info about why this is occurring.  And that right there was as detailed as my question was.  So the following was basically just what God wanted to communicate.

Ok, I’m just going to break up the messages I got into the component pieces.

God had this to say about forerunners:

  • moving away from troubled waters to calmer seas
  • God is now “giving back”, expressing His love for what we forerunners have done
  • successful completion of something we worked hard for, we’ll be rewarded for our efforts, it’s time to celebrate
  • we will gain the admiration and acclaim of both peers and others

I asked if this will adversely affect 3D level folk.  No, not really.  And anyone, even those who haven’t awakened and gotten on path yet, when they do get on their healing, the energies presented by Nova Gaia’s grids descending will help them along with it… as long as they run with it and don’t resist.

I’m told though that this will not “save” 3D Earth per se.  It will essentially have the same effect as what we forerunners have done for years – hold light in the world, at the 3D / 4D level.  It basically balances things and also makes the option of “light” be a bit more pronounced / apparent.

It buys 3Ders some time and yet, yep, it will pretty much still be a scorched Earth scenario for 3D Earth.  And as I always say, when it comes right down to it, if someone needs or desires more 3D experience, they have every right to have it and the volume be turned up as high as need be to get them to “hear”.  I’ve always said that “fed up” closely precedes great change.  People have to get their fill, hit rock bottom, reach “Enough already!” before they will let go of something and those tipping points occur at different levels / degrees for different people.  You really can’t – not as in “shouldn’t” but more as in “not able to” – mess with people’s free will and if you could, it may just be prolonging the inevitable for them.

But the Divine never gives up on ’em.  It will just get louder and more “in yer face” about Its urgings.

Now, what God had to say about lightworkers in general:

  • powerful forces are at work in your life, breaking down the old order so that the new one may emerge
  • the necessity of letting something go (there’s that again)

And I saved this till last and I’m going to express it the same way that the Tarot deck defined a particular card meaning.

  • “When individuals fall short of his expectations, he is intolerant of their failure.”

Now, I had to inquire further as those are pretty darned strong words there.  If it came out of me, I’d not be surprised, but this is from God and even though I often joke that He is “my” God and hence communicates to me in my kind of way (gee, go figure), this was, well, a big wow.

As my ventures in Tarot often go, sometimes I’m asked to flex a bit on the meanings given.  I asked God if that was the case here.  Nope.  I asked if He is the “he” in this message.  Yep.

So, first, it’s as “no punches pulled” as it sounds.  God is fed up with the ineptness of the lightworkers, who we have used any and every tactic on, from below the veil and above the veil and they resist, resist, resist.  God has reached the point of “Enough already!”

(after I picked up my jaw off the floor…)  Praise be, I say!

Also, He will NOT tolerate the failure of this project and will also NOT give up on the many 3D level folk who just haven’t gotten the opportunity to wake up yet.

The descending Nova Gaia grids now negates the need for lightworkers to hold the light for 3D / 4D levels.

For any of you who are currently on path / in transition (4D levels), I can’t emphasize enough, don’t resist your process.  It will be YOU who pays for it now, in spades.  Either flow with the energies or you’re gonna get clobbered.

For those of you who flow along with the energies, things will probably be moving at light speed, pun intended.  Enjoy the ride!  Like a snail riding a turtle, “Weeeeeee!”


So, the following is what my friend got on this.  On Monday they had experienced some major grief and sadness feelings and feeling sorry for themselves.  (yes, me too on that last one)

I can’t get a complete / straight answer right now, about what’s happened / happening.
But I’ve got some pieces of the puzzle or tidbits so far, most I was given/ picked up on during  sleep. I had it all in sleep, but I couldn’t get out of bed  to write it, as if  my body was paralyzed.
So here’s what I can remember:

Collective  decision by the  145,000 (meaning the group I call the forerunners, gaf)
( the originals ) and by God’s consent, no outside interference, no off world assistance  necessary, because WE got this now

Enough light quotient maintained / measured in LW 15 000 000, so forerunners have been released fully and camouflaged/ or made invisible so that LW (lightworker(s), gaf) have no choice BUT  to fully connect with the nova Gaia grid and maintain nodes of 5D frequency. 
Watch for signs of more intense ‘frying’ in LW’s 
(this was/ had to be measured by this new moon for cosmic alignment prior to spring  equinox)
The Gaia Nova grid ‘ LW’s ladder’ is  descended and visible, that they can see it clearly now, and have to step on it (it will disappear /ascend out of vision /sight again )


4 thoughts on “Nova Gaia Grids Descend

  1. Oh Wow! Yes, Yes and Yes!!! Exactly the same information I’ve received. It seemed so hard to believe I waited for conformation. And you gave it. OMG, I burst out crying when you spoke of God seeing and rewarding. I knew this! But never at any time expected to be rewarded, only helped and supported through the immense challenge all these years.

    The week was insane until mid day Thursday. It was like a switch turned on. It happened the end of last week too. I even felt like a part of my Oversoul moved into my body to shift me entirely. I could hardly get out of bed most days but knew I was not depressed (huh, usual! Lol). Victim mentality slips came and went but I pushed it off. So odd, why after all these years! You were so spot on.

    Ironically even with this last week intensity, there has been this rather unfamiliar ‘lightness’ around personal matters that have needed to be resolved. They have resolved effortlessly without worry.

    Also oddly (but we were still in Merc shadow period) electronics went poof! My stove electrical system gave in ( the day I was to have guests – having guests is rare for me too) new stove had to be bought. Phone died for two days and Skype program on the blink. I felt so sure it was because our vibrations ‘upped’ a beat. And here again all the issues had little to no emotional impact on me. I truly went with the wave.

    I’ve seen light workers start to move together in groups too this week. Physically in some cases.

    Thank you deeply for your blog. We’ve got this GAF! Yeah! Finally! I feel so joyful!

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  2. Just fyi, just to flush out a bit more detail…

    So, I said:
    “The descending Nova Gaia grids now negates the need for light workers to hold the light for 3D / 4D levels.”

    And my friend said:
    “The Gaia Nova grid ‘ LW’s ladder’ is descended and visible, that they can see it clearly now, and have to step on it (it will disappear /ascend out of vision /sight again)”

    Gaia Portal (GP) just had this line in their next message:
    “Blisterings are deemed inappropriate for the moment.”

    So, taking all this into consideration, this is what I’m now told:

    The descended Nova Gaia grids will stay in place. I guess we can literally say indefinitely, as in, we just don’t know for how long but kinda as long as necessary.

    Having said that though, I saw that Celia Fenn and AA Michael had a message earlier this year about this year being about “completion and transition.” Hell, I was just tickled pink to see AAs and LWs using the term “completion”. I’m getting now that this big group of ~15 million LWs will be urged to their completion this year. But, I understand (as things stand now) that, just like for us forerunners, they won’t be allowed to ascend as soon as they are complete. They will stay in the world and hold the light for others. Their time for energetic service work. The Nova Gaia grids could be pulled up again at that point as they would not be necessary.

    GP’s new line – deemed inappropriate by whom? By the LWs themselves. They are essentially choosing not to resist this… right this moment anyway.

    My friend’s line – what I’m getting is right now, the Nova Gaia grids are showing themselves to the LWs, like “refreshing” the LWs, reminding them what the goal is. But along with embracing 5D Gaia, they’ll also have to COMPLETELY let go of the 3D paradigm. And as I’ve been told many times, that “letting go of the old” part has been the LWs’ stumbling block. So… as the grid energy presses on them further, they’ll be urged even more to let go of 3D. If / when they resist that, then it will feel to them like that dangling ladder to 5D Gaia has gone away because they’re allowing themselves to get blistered again by resisting. On the contrary, those who flow along with the grid energies will maintain “sight” of that dangling ladder.

    And… when the LWs are complete / ascension-ready, then they won’t forget the goal then. They’ll be fully disconnected from 3D, fully embracing 5D and just being in the world and not of it.


  3. A few days ago, Karen Bishop touched my mind with a energy message. The meaning of the energy she sent me is: warning. It’s about this grid descending. My interpretation to this is that it’s not our time to advance yet, and we still have no date to that.


  4. A wee bit of an update… first of all, I’ll go ahead and preface this with – this is what LWs are currently working on. I bother to say that because THAT is the part that is different here. These have been ongoing issues for the LWs so the issue part is going to sound like a broken record… but now they are actually working on these things.

    These are the messages I have gotten and some elaboration on each.

    “Remember that you have been helped by the generosity of another, and you should be generous with your own time and advice when someone needs it.”

    This is not so much about giving advice but stepping up to do energetic service work. The forerunners (the REAL forerunners) have had our asses kicked holding off destructive forces to give LWs time to get up to speed. Now it’s their turn to hold light for others.

    “Lack of harmony”

    What I’m getting about this is that it’s not about a lack of inner harmony but a lack of harmony amongst humans. We’re still talking LWs here and the attitude they have had. They weren’t being proactive about knocking out their healing / inner work so that has put so much burden on forerunners that we are completely spent and God won’t allow some of us to be used any more. How’s THAT for giving your all?! The LWs have also put 3Ders at risk by not stepping up in a timely fashion, knocking out their inner work so they can do service work for 3D level folk who still could stand the chance of waking up and healing.

    “High ideals.”

    The LWs are being asked to aim for high ideals. And these ideals are quite reachable. Forerunners have proven that. So anyone thinking that COMPLETION is not possible, well, sorry folks, it’s already been done, so by you saying that NO ONE can be whole, complete, healed, issue-free, blockage-free is just another way for you to delay / resist YOUR OWN process. When you say such, you’re not telling the universe about anyone or anything but yourself and your own creation. QUIT LIMITING YOURSELF!


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