Let’s talk priorities.

First, your center.  Where?  On self.  Let’s rephrase that… Be self-centered.

What?  … did I just say that?!

*whiplash maybe? at least get that stubborn kink out of your neck?*  *shrug*

Lots of talk of Unity.  Many seek it outwardly / horizontally, reaching out to “unify with their fellow human”, who may or may not be so hip t’ dat anywho.

Any unity “out there” can mean next to nothing if we don’t get that whole unity thing down “in here”.

Unify FIRST with self.  Body, mind, emotions, soul, higher self.  YOU, with a capital YOU.  Individuated you.  Going inward / vertical now!

At holiday festivities in Berlin:

Wow, this place is amazing!   
It was built on the site of the very first sector of the wall that was pulled down. 
The tooth (?) huh?
All those people down there believe the wall was dividing the world.  East and west were separating people into us or them.  But the real division, the only one that has ever mattered was never horizontal.  It’s vertical.  *laughs*  Enjoy yourselves!  

~ from the TV Series “Sense8”

Make your connections “out there” really count by connecting / integrating all the parts of individuated YOU “in here.”

You’ll bring much better energy and wisdom, much higher frequency and consciousness to every “out there” encounter / exchange.  You’ll really connect with them in your respective “in here’s” and life will be grand…. even if for only a brief but awesome exchange.  You’ll get to be the Spiritual Minuteman, being ever so Present, so In the Moment.

Ok, ok, bring out the pom-poms, “Healing!  Healing!  Healing!  Completion!  Completion!  Completion!  Let’s do this thang!”

You want to heal the world?  FIRST heal yourself.  Tell the universe:

“The buck stops here!  I will no longer pass along my woundedness to others by lashing out at them over my wounds.  The cycle of woundedness stops with ME.  Right here .  Right now.  I am healing and will continue to heal my wounds and disempowering programming so that I can be the absolute best channel of light that I can be.”

Here we are folks, in the Age of the Selfie.  This is your grand opportunity to make it ALL ABOUT YOU.

Self love.  Self nurturing.  Self respect.

Self HEALING… with a capital HEALING.

What more is on your plate?  Ask the Divine… then git ‘er done!  

It’s the absolute BEST way to help this world and your fellow human.

Self-Unified.  Your TOP priority.


Express your Self. Don't repress your Self.

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