Forerunners vs. LightWorkers

Where to start?  Ok, how’s about with this…

A reader of my site, who had a problem with me getting after lightworkers (LWs) had said, “Why can’t we all just be lightworkers?  Why do some have to be forerunners?”

Believe me honey, a part of me would have rather NOT been a forerunner, thank you very much.  I’m SO glad that I have been able to help with this planetary ascension project and that we actually ARE gittin’ ‘er done, but on a personal level, it has sucked. Plain and simple.  Oh yeah, it’s had its awesome moments for sure.  Ya can’t work on a project this grand, actually be successful at it and not feel great about that, but what it’s done to us personally has not been fun.  More appropriate words would be “torturous”, “agonizing” and “exhausting.”  Did I mention “no life” in that?  No world travel, surfing, snorkeling, 5 mile runs, working out at the gym, attending “enlightenment” conferences, painting, playing an instrument, dancing, snorkeling, etc. for us. (all literal, specific examples from LWs who only think they are forerunners).  Oh to even have the energy required for any of those “out there” activities.  Many, many days in the last several years, I’ve had just enough energy to get something to eat… before I fell asleep again.  No joking.

This person asking this question, like some others, seems to take offense that I differentiate forerunners from lightworkers in general.  There’s definitely some ego issues behind them having an issue with this.

Let’s go there a bit…

First of all, no one can truly offend you, you can only “take offense”.  Don’t like feeling offended?  Then quit choosing to take offense.  Whose feelings are we talking about here?  Yours.  Own ’em.

And… after feeling like I’ve been singing solo on this bit for so long, I’m happy to see a few LWs starting to wise-up about this whole ego thing.  Maybe if enough join that choir, people will stop trying to “kill their ego”… or perhaps they’ll just chop off their own head to seal the deal.  To hell with just cutting off one’s nose to spite their face, just lop off the whole noggin.  Does it really matter what part of you it is?  If you vilify some part of you, what chance do you really stand of being whole / integrated / complete?  Enough already!

Ego is just one’s sense of self.

If a cult leader said you could join their group IF you cut your arm off, most folks would laugh and walk away.  But so many mini-cult-leader LWs tell you that in order to join their group you have to cut off your SENSE OF SELF and you’re ready to drink the frickin’ Koolaid?  Really?

Ah, but where DOES one get their sense of self?  If it’s from a tainted 3D Earth paradigm, that’s not so good.  But one’s sense of self can come from the Divine and your ego can absolutely work with the Divine.  So, how’s about YOU actually work in cooperation with your ego?!  What a concept!  Talk to your ego.  Explain things.  Ask it to let the Divine help it out a bit.

Ego ISSUES come from being programmed in a disempowered way in this world.  The ego is just one of many human parts that have been tainted by the disempowering programming.

Really problematic programming happens at the subconscious level, most of those programs being implanted into the subconscious when we are 6 years old and younger (which is why the global cabal want your children in the education system at a younger age so they can program them the way they want).

Then people are conditioned to not listen to their intuition and to repress their emotions.  They get poisoned at a physical level with conventional food and brainwashed to ignore their own senses and keep eating the poisons and living disempowered lives.

Hmm.  Sounds like this whole “issues” thing goes well beyond just ego.  ALL parts will need to be healed.

Eee gad, did I just say the ‘n’ word, ooh not that, another thing that bothers LWs… but if you have a goal, now you have conditions, if you want to make your goal you have to release some things and embrace others.  Yep, I said NEED.  Read it and weep if you must… then get over it.  The only time “need” does not apply is if you are still asleep, still exercising your free-will / veiled consciousness state, then you can do whatever you want… no matter how dysfunctional it is.

But when you’ve awakened and committed to your healing path and gone down it far enough, then the Divine grabs ya by the ear, the way old battle-ax schoolmarms used to do and says “You’re mine now!” and you WILL be used for energetic service work, like it or lump it.

“It all begins when the soul would have its way with you.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

The ego is one’s sense of self and also cares very much about one’s survival.  But, yeah, it got programmed in a disempowered way, making unhealthy and inaccurate associations.

Because we create through our Thoughts, Words and Deeds, then whatever programs are running in our psyches are creating our reality… until we wake up to those programs and heal, clear and release them.

But… I had to chuckle when I saw that someone had said that if someone says they are “the One” – ya know, they are self-realized, they know they are a part of God and also a very powerful creator in and of themselves, that they flat know that they are “all that and a bag of cosmic chips” – well, if that bothers you, it’s not THEIR ego issue but YOURS.

No doubt. Too many LWs still steeped in programmed ego, suffering from “lesser than” issues, seeing everything as a “competition”- in the negative sense of that word.  (Is there another sense to that word? We’ll get to that.)  They are still succumbing to the old disempowering program “teacher = threat”, regardless of what form that teacher comes in – a person, a situation, a personal experience.  Rather than learning from it they dis that teacher in every way possible.  This is how the old programs hold on for dear life.

I’m in complete agreement with this person.  The ego issue is not in knowing who you truly are and being so courageous as to boldy state it, but in having low self-worth issues and being bothered by those who don’t.

I’d seen a recent message on a blog, something to this effect:

“Thinking you are a part of God is not arrogant.  Thinking you could ever be separate from God is arrogant.”

This quote never gets old:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.  It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.  We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be?  You are a child of God.  Your playing small does not serve the world.  There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.  We are all meant to shine, as children do.  We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.  It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone.  And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.  As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”  ~ Marianne Williamson

When it comes right down to it, if you “hide” yourself, when you are quite well aware of who you really are, that is just a DISservice to your fellow human.  If you walk on eggshells for their “lesser than” / lack of self-worth issues, then you are essentially enabling their dysfunction.  Come on folks, get over what others think of you and quit hiding yourself.  Not only is that crippling to you, it’s also not helping others.  Get serious about your soul mission of ASCENSION already.

What makes forerunners different than other lightworkers?  Well, one big component would be having a “git ‘er done” attitude – people who were very PROACTIVE about their healing.

It’s also about timing to some degree.  Basically, the forerunners were the ones who had finished their “general healing” (my term) by about 2009 or earlier.  We then were (finally) allowed to move forward into our intense ascension process late that year or a bit later.

The transmutation work and light anchoring work that we did could not have been done by just anyone, but had to be performed by someone who was COMPLETE in their healing and personal ascension process.  In order to channel that much energy to and fro, we had to be a clear channel – issue-free, fear-free, blockage-free.

Then – more silly, disempowering and limiting notions from LWs – a while back someone had said that EVERYONE has blockages and always will have.  OMG.  I told them I don’t and, of course, they don’t want to believe that and told me all my blockages will come back some day.   lol  Goodness sakes.  It’s like they’re trying to put a curse on one of the most advanced souls around, ya know, me.  Yeah, good luck with that honey.

It’s also as if they think that if they have not experienced it (being blockage-free, or anything else for that matter), it hasn’t happened yet, ‘cuz, ya know, they’re the first to do everything.  If they haven’t done it, it hasn’t been done.  Right?!

I’d refer them here.

In saying that NO ONE can be blockage-free, what they are really saying is “I cannot be blockage-free.  I will ALWAYS have blockages.”  Careful… the Universe is listening… and is quite happy to cooperate in delivering your creation to you.  Are you SURE you want to create such limits for yourself?!

So, for anyone who is not ascension-ready, what you are all working on now is your own healing and ascension process.  As you do so, you raise the overall frequency of 3D / 4D.

Don’t underestimate how important your own personal process IS to the collective effort. Every bit of your healing that you knock out adds a wee bit more light to the world, which needs all it can get, so keep after it.  Once you complete then you’ll REALLY be effective at influencing the world.

At the same time, quit feeding your energy into what you don’t want.
Energy flows where attention goes.  
Think only of what you want and not of what you don’t want.  
Worry is a prayer for something you don’t want.

And… If ~ 7 billion humans would have all been doing their inner work at the same time, this would have been much easier on all of us.

So, this specific person who had asked me this initial question about forerunners vs. general lightworkers, I know Life and the Divine have them on the fast track. They had their awakening about the time we forerunners were moving into our own intense ascension process (as opposed to just “general healing”, there was a definite line between the two for myself and most other REAL forerunners because we weren’t allowed to move into our intense ascension process until the nth minute, hoping more folks behind us would get more up to speed).

I woke up about 22 years ago.  I had time to knock out my healing and yet was doing it in a rather “dark” world.  That was the challenge we faced. But, things moved slower then and we had many years to do our “general healing” and actually, due to the overall collective situation, we weren’t allowed to move into our intense ascension process until years later in some cases.  Some of us had some thumb-twiddling time in between.

Those who are being abruptly awakened in more recent years I’m sure are as overwhelmed with their own general healing in the same way that the ascension process was overwhelming for us forerunners.  Folks on the fast track like this may not notice much difference between their general healing and their subsequent ascension process – one will probably segue right into the other.  And if / when you get on path here in recent years, you’re doing it in a much more light-infused environment.  Double-edged sword that.  Yes, lots of light to help you along, but… then again, lots of light to help you along. Kinda like jumping onto a moving train. Wee!

But who am I really getting after in the LW ranks?  Well, not these folks who were recently put on the fast track and aren’t far enough along anyway to really be “light holders”… but the sheer fact that their healing and ascension process is full speed ahead indicates that they are not resisting their process.  Good for them!

But there are LWs who have been awake as long or longer than I have.  Some of them even served as my teachers / re-minders back in the day – although “god” forbid (little ‘g’ god, as in each individual creator) they actually allow me and others like me to return the favor and teach them some things.  So, as you may have guessed, this also includes “celebrity lightworkers”.  They’re out there preaching to beat the band and they haven’t even completed their general healing, let alone their ascension process.  They don’t take the bull by the horns, but they instead wait until something pushes them.  It didn’t help any that those above the veil (atv) who were directing energies took so danged long to realize that these LWs were not going to proactively keep advancing, but would only do so with a good push, so those atv have been giving it to them since about the fall of 2014…  about the same time the Divine would no longer allow me to be used for energetic service work (read this blog for more details).

Yeah, those atv had better have come up with something to prod the lightworkers on BEFORE all the forerunners were completely spent or oops there goes an ascension project down the drain.  I’d guess that many a lightworker had no idea that a relatively small number of forerunners, already weary from getting a planet ascension-ready, were holding off destructive forces in THEIR world.  Perhaps they thought it was all held together as if by magic.  Hmm.  Who do they think was performing the magick?  … while they took their sweet time, not a care in the world “wondering what is next” and “waiting for the next thing”.  *shaking head*  Gee, can’t imagine why those “upstairs” had to apply the Cosmic Cattle Prod.  This whole ascension gig is NOT a spectator sport.

Not to mention that… meanwhile in 3D… the cabal just a’kept on making their moves towards complete and utter control of the unawakened.  Tick, tick, tick for the 3Ders who lightworkers are to be helping.  Yep.  Precarious.  Many of you have no idea.  … especially before we had the RIGHT support from those above the veil… which we really didn’t get until a few months before the Divine no longer allowed me to be used for energetic service work.

So if we’re talking years prior to 2009 (before the “ascension hell” years started), when someone awakened doesn’t have anything to do with it. How old someone is has nothing to do with it.

So a forerunner would be someone who:

  • Awakened long enough ago to give them time to complete their “general healing” work BEFORE 2009 (mostly).
  • Was proactive in getting that healing work done. Just being “awake” is not enough.
  • Moved into their intense ascension process and completed that in short order, maybe a year or less.
  • Got used mercilessly FOR YEARS by those above the veil (atv) to do transmutation and light anchoring energetic service work for Gaia and the human collective from about early 2011 till very recently (including having their energetic service work put towards things that not only didn’t help but impeded progress – read this blog for more details).

So, there are lightworkers who are NOT forerunners who think they are special and deserve special privileges.  About the only way they are “special” is in a Dana Carvey’s Church Lady kinda way.  😉

Forrest Gump might say, “Special is as special does.”

They see the role that FORERUNNERS ENDED UP WITH as the role that these same souls CAME FOR… and their own role is different.  Not true.  Granted, much of the heavy lifting has been done so they missed out on some of the work.

“There were jerk offs too numerous to mention
When everybody shared the dream
But when it came time to share the nightmare
They were conveniently no where to be seen”  ~ Pat Benatar “Takin’ It Back”

As I said, in order to assist the planet and collective through energetic service work, one had to be COMPLETE in their own healing / ascension process.  THAT is what determined who the forerunners were.  It’s about what we have done SINCE we’ve been here on Earth, not about what was planned before we incarnated.

And realistically, you can’t send in some specific, designated 144,000 to do a certain task – blaze the trail, lay in new blueprints and get Gaia prepared for her ascension – and count on them to actually wake up in a heavily veiled world, ya just can’t count on that happening.  As long as they had time to knock out their own healing, pretty much anyone was in the running to be a forerunner.

And sadly, many LWs who, yes, woke up many years ago, have demonstated that even those who woke up early really weren’t proactive about knocking out their own process in a timely fashion, which equates to nothing more than – just keep after it, yep, be proactive.

Yep, even though we had enough to “play the role of” the 144,000, not many stepped up to fill in the waves behind us.  I must admit, it was a while after I was completely spent and not being used for energetic service work that it really dawned on me just HOW far behind so many “older” LWs were.  When I was seeing just how much of a push they were getting from those atv and for how long, it made me wonder if they’d knocked out much at all of their healing process prior to… oh 2012, but I really should say 2009 because that is when it was decided that we forerunners could not wait any longer if we were going to tap into the various astrological and cosmic energetic opportunities of the times and keep Gaia moving along and get her dross transmuted.

Many, many plans, both collective and individual, have had to be abandoned to keep up to this very dynamic situation which has been very precarious at times.  Believe you me, we forerunners know.  We FELT it! … sometimes like an elephant sitting on your chest.

What has been the reason for it being so precarious?  Because so very many who came to awaken still hadn’t / haven’t and others who “awakened” weren’t diligent about their healing work.  That left very few people to do one gargantuan job.  As the old line goes – Many hands make light work (light here meaning “easy”).  We didn’t have many hands.

So, for years now, my friend (my fellow forerunner, who I refer to on this blog, who did work with me above the veil) and I have been VERY intimately connected into this planetary ascension effort.  We have worked very closely with God and Gaia on this and we do indeed know some details of the bigger picture here.  See Ascension Timeline Thus Far for some of that detail.

This big group of LWs, who I speak of here recently, have been a major wrench in the works of this collective effort.  They have been the bottleneck.  Many of them really have no excuse to not be as far along as we forerunners are.  They really could have been shoulder to shoulder with us.  They woke up many, many years ago and have had plenty of time to knock out their healing.

But most of them are still too caught up in 3D ways, turning spirituality into commerce or boosting their egos with how many followers they can collect.  Glad they are available to folks for information purposes (that is… if their info is even worth a darn) but they forgot to make and keep the main thing the main thing. And if they are not in and through their ascension process themselves, they’re not going to be the best about giving advice at this point in time.

A few days ago I added the following update in comments on the Nova Gaia Grids Descend post:

A wee bit of an update… first of all, I’ll go ahead and preface this with – this is what LWs are currently working on. I bother to say that because THAT is the part that is different here.  These have been ongoing issues for the LWs so the issue part is going to sound like a broken record… but now they are actually working on these things.

These are the messages I have gotten and some elaboration on each.

“Remember that you have been helped by the generosity of another, and you should be generous with your own time and advice when someone needs it.”

This is not so much about giving advice but stepping up to do energetic service work. The forerunners (the REAL forerunners) have had our asses kicked holding off destructive forces to give LWs time to get up to speed.  Now it’s their turn to hold light for others.

“Lack of harmony”

What I’m getting about this is that it’s not about a lack of inner harmony but a lack of harmony amongst humans. We’re still talking LWs here and the attitude they have had. They weren’t being proactive about knocking out their healing / inner work so that has put so much burden on forerunners that we are completely spent and God won’t allow some of us to be used any more.  How’s THAT for giving your all?!  The LWs have also put 3Ders at risk by not stepping up in a timely fashion, knocking out their inner work so they can do service work for 3D level folk who still could stand the chance of waking up and healing.

“High ideals.”

The LWs are being asked to aim for high ideals.  And these ideals are quite reachable. Forerunners have proven that.  So anyone thinking that COMPLETION is not possible, well, sorry folks, it’s already been done, so by you saying that NO ONE can be whole, complete, healed, issue-free, blockage-free is just another way for you to delay / resist YOUR OWN process.  When you say such, you’re not telling the universe about anyone or anything but yourself and your own creation.  QUIT LIMITING YOURSELF!

God is not allowing me to let this one slide.  This is the Lesson Du Jour.

It’s very important that this big group of LWs acknowledge others.  They pay a lot of lip service to “team” and yet are very lousy teammates themselves.  They want to do their own thing.  They have next to no awareness about the big picture of this ascension project and have seemingly had no desire to know.  It’s like they’re on a basketball team and while the game is going on, they want to sit on the court and play tiddlywinks… then get ticked if they get hit in the head with a basketball.  Ah folks, sorry to have to break this news to you but there’s a planetary and human ascension going on here and your participation is not only requested but required.

On one side, it’s about acknowledging those who went before them.  For goodness sakes folks, this is NOT for OUR sakes (forerunners that is).  It’s not as if we are the types to need our egos stroked.  *yawn* to that old crap.  It’s important TO THE LIGHTWORKERS themselves because there is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to draw on from those who blazed the trail that they are now… strolling on, doing the 100 meter mosey on.  And they don’t even have to talk to / hear from any of us directly, they just need to acknowledge that there is a wealth of information available to them and TO ASK TO KNOW IT.

On the other side, this big group of LWs seem to see Joe Average as something to be avoided at all costs.  Eh!  Wrong answer.

Now, I’ll give ya this, you have to make and keep yourself your top priority or you’re not worth a darn to the next person.  Part of looking out for yourself includes setting boundaries with others and, if need be, releasing other people.  Hey, if they don’t care to come along on your healing ride with you, then consider yourself graduated beyond them and move along.  The senior class might miss the junior class but they don’t stay in high school past their time because of it.  And those specific individuals that you release, well, you may or may not ever have them return to your life.

But 3D folks in general?  Well dear LWs, those folks are a very big part of your soul mission.  They specifically are pretty much what your present role is all about.  You can and will be assisting them both outwardly / person to person and also with energetic service work.  See Yo Lightworkers…. post.

God informs me that this sort of message – the LWs acknowledging both who came before them and those who will come after AND acknowledging their own current role in this ascension effort – will be coming into the world through many sources now.  So that is something to watch for.

It’s time to do more than just pay lip service to Unity and Oneness.  If you won’t acknowledge anyone other than those who are right in lock step with you, you got no business talking Unity and Oneness in a collective, connected way and you obviously still need to keep working on your own Self-Unity until you can acknowledge the rest of us.

And, as promised, let’s talk competition… speaking of language being corrupted.  Do you know what competition really means?  The word origin, the original vibration of the word compete?  It literally means AIM TOGETHER. No reason to take my word for it, a dictionary can help you out.

God, Gaia, the Universe would all like to see you all being a bit more COMPETITIVE in the TRUE VIBRATION sense of that word and AIM TOGETHER with ALL the rest of us… and… git ‘er done!


9 thoughts on “Forerunners vs. LightWorkers

    • *bowing*
      Thank you, thank you. Don’t applaud, just throw money.

      For my next act….
      *waving right hand up left forearm* Nothing here!
      *waving left hand up right forearm* Nothing here!
      *waving both hands up beside head* Nothing here! (and that’s really no lie ta-day)


  1. Ohmygosh please read this…
    I’m fresh out of ten year isolation. Did major healing 2002-08 and then went Up.. (all under duress). Your paragraph ’bout get r done…;))…..
    I have recordings of military troops with their running songs and one is get ‘er done. I would listen to them to kick my own ass….during the dark night.

    I didn’t know what was happening post 2008 was a collective experience until after 2009.

    But THAT paragraph you wrote is the first time I HAVE READ someone ELSE say my life and experience….I thought I was crazy and such a sad underachiever. I was so hard on myself. I was SO exhausted and alone. I was scared and so in love with God. I was so grateful for my guides. I was so scared. I had so much to clean. I had so much to learn. Anyway, getting a little carried away…

    My energy is unbelievable, incredible now. I cannot believe what I see changed in the world in the sky in people and it is utterly amazing, my change…and it continues. I am UP. And opening into full life, in flight, in WOW. Gazing soon into Him… :}

    So many abuses. So much stuff went down in whirlwind of last eight or nine years. Such duress.

    Thank you for saying “fat” and “no life” and going back to sleep (as if we could rest) and all your jokes about all the stuff not done, not experienced, not normal!!…. I lost SO much respect in the world.

    I want a LIFE now. I took abuse from many for long time, Cinderella style long suffering, much depravation, and very dark things came at me directly, during. All of that gone, as that has been pushed out. However, boy they were mad. During which, any healthy therapist would have had such a time assessing it all in terms of low self-worth and self-esteem! And they would have been right, but…

    In case you read all this, I will admit I don’t know a lot about blogs or if you receive belated comments on former posts… Any suggestions on further reading, other blogs or sites for future support or feedback or for COMMUNITY!! would be gratefully appreciated!! But the tried and true kind, please – pioneers, path pavers, whatever you call them!

    I still experience Ascension energies. Easier now, however very deep and intense. I look for support for ” what’s coming” each month. I’ve been reading Denise’s monthly Ascension notes.

    Anyway, I hope it is okay to write this here. I won’t next time if it is too much. I have too much to say these days and waaaay too much light to say it all with!! Ha! Lol!!! ;).
    Peace and blessings to you… I am less alone. 😊🌼 thank you!!! kind sir 🙂

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