Planetary Ascension Project Overview (Review?!)

Why are we all here?  Because Gaia asked us to be.

For what?  To ascend Gaia and to assist as many humans as possible to also ascend.

What / who is Gaia?  She WAS the old soul essence of Earth.  Was.  She is no longer.

When Gaia ascends, will Earth be a soulless empty shell?  Nope.  Early last year Earth was assigned a new soul essence and that one brings a different energy and is quite prepared for what will unfold in / on 3D Earth.

What are we NOT here for?

  • To save Earth
  • To shift, raise or eliminate 3D
  • To “defeat” the cabal


Why is it important to understand that we are / will not alter 3D?  Because everyone who is still doing that whole 3D ignorant, dualistic, disempowered, dysfunctional paradigm experience has every right to do it and it is in their best interest, for their highest good to do so.

As the 3D Earth experience intensifies on its destructive path, that affords all 3Ders more and more opportunity to actually wake up to it, change directions and get on their healing path and ascend to 5D Gaia.

I’d recently commented to someone that a few years ago I went to a coffee shop on the beach on a pleasant day and sat outside at their only outside table.  Someone came along and asked if they could join me.  I said yes and we had a good conversation.  The state of the world came up and, me being me, I talked to this person about the cabal.  They were obviously not aware but they didn’t get bent out of shape or anything.  They indulged me and asked some good questions.

One thing they asked was – What if the cabal could be removed from the world?  I told them that would not serve many people’s chances of awakening and healing.  Just because you remove the programmers does not mean you have removed the programs.  People need to heal.  The cabal’s presence and keeping up with their usual shenanigans provides endless opportunities for people to wake up.

I’ve found that people need to get fed up, get to “Enough already!”, get their fill… before they will let go of something, even the things that frustrate and tick them off or make them sick, literally and figuratively.  The cabal will serve to help get them to their “Enough already!” point, whatever level that may be for each of them.  I saw someone else recently say “evolve or exit”.  I like to say “evolution or extinction.”  Sounds intense eh?  It IS intense.

On the flip side, all the lightworkers in the world living, being, doing, talking and walking their True Selves will demonstrate another option for people.  They, YOU will be in the world and not of it.

The new soul essence of Earth will intensify the Duality experience.  The polarities will be even more extreme than they have ever been.

For all you lightworkers – stay calm, centered and grounded.  (See Useful Healthful Tips for quicky visualization techniques for this.)  Don’t merely think, believe, hope or wish to be protected, but KNOW that you are… and you will be.  Stay in your center and just like the eye of the storm is calm, you too shall remain calm by being centered.  Tornadoes may be flying around you and bombs dropping all around.  Stay out of fear and your intuition will be clear and will steer you safely through the minefields.

A new “Garden of Eden” will occur due to the new Earth soul essence.  This time no one will be forbidden from eating the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge… of good and evil.  There won’t be 50 shades of gray anymore.  Light and dark will be even more polarized and more well defined and distinguishable.


And some people’s ego issues are still getting them riled up about this whole forerunner / lightworker thing.  Get over it folks.  No one is more important than anyone else.  No one is less important.  But ALL ARE IMPORTANT.

I was a lifelong athlete.  I take the whole teamwork thing seriously and I don’t just pay it lip service.  Will I call my team mates on their / your crap when I see it?  Yeppers.  Why?  Because I’m more important?  Nope, because YOU ALL are JUST AS important and I won’t allow you to sluff off.  This team, this game, this project demands that you all play your position – no weak spots on the field / court.  Don’t let the team down.  Now, be happy that we’re not on a football team years ago where we’d take ya out behind the barn and have a little “come to Jesus” talk with ya.

And don’t forget all the “benchwarmers” who haven’t awakened yet.  They want in the game too… they just don’t know it yet.  Help them know it.


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