5 Element Theory

I got to thinking that the cycle of elements in the 5 Element Theory of Chinese Medicine is showing itself in the progression of this ascension project.

For many years, lightworkers, spiritualists, healers, “way showers” of all sorts brought higher light / information into the world.  Some embraced the wisdom and lived it, but in the larger human collective all those ideas were still just that, just ideas.

This reminds me of the first element, Water, which is just that – ideas, imagination, dreams, feelings, potential.  It’s a buoy bobbing around with no particular place to go.  It’s just energy, unformed as of yet.

Then I feel that the forerunners represent the Wood element.  Woods have a good “push”.   They get things started.  I always like to say that babies aren’t born and seeds don’t sprout without a good push.  Wood has to overcome the inertia of Water, get that potential actually moving.  It’s often said that getting started is 90 % of the job.

There were many lightworkers / way showers who didn’t advance in earnest with their inner work until recently (some who are still dragging their heels) but are moving along with it now.  But right along with them are a new breed of lightworker who have been rather abruptly awakened in recent years, put on the fast track and are being whisked away  on the ever-rising energies of the ascension.

I’ve seen several of these folks out in cyber land and I’m impressed.  They seem less tainted from the whole New Age (and old age for that matter) dogma and just call it like they see it and frankly I think they’re using their 3rd eye / 6th sense very well.  And they express themselves very well and share their journey.

To me, this group is the Fire element.  They bring new spark, new energy, drive, motivation, joy, to the whole project.  I think they will help to put new life into old way showers and bring a less tainted perspective to those still running some dogma programs.

So, if this is kinda where we are now, then what of the last two elements?  Well, they may give you a heads up of what is to come, eh?

The next in the cycle would be Earth element.  These element types do the “long haul” work, the meat of the project, just getting done whatever needs to get done.  It may not be glamorous, but it is very significant.

The last element would be Metal.  Metals do the refinement, the finish work, the editing.  They cross the t’s and dot the i’s.  They make it presentation-ready.  What exactly would / could that mean for this specific project?  Your guess is as good as mine.  Hopefully they’ll be dusting up after a very successful project.



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