The Trickster, 4th Ray Energy, Divine Love

Ah, but humans just hate it when they are subjected to trickery.

Over the years, relationships and synchronicities brought so many healing opportunities and much Divine guidance to me.  But, in 2010 when I was in my own personal ascension process, I was isolated and shut in, so under those circumstances relationship and synchronicity can’t work their magic.  Sure, maybe the internet or TV or something could still bring some synchroncities but, eh…

… that was ok because the Divine will do what it needs to do, including playing the trickster.  The Divine may be the best / worst (however you choose to view it) trickster I’ve ever seen.

So, with this particular incident, it was the Divine working directly with me, not through my fellow human or what have ya, so can’t even factor in a human component (relating / interacting) as there was none.

I was doing a lot of Tarot as it was hard to “hear” in any other way as I rode the peaks and troughs of the ascension process.  But my higher self (HS) and I were quite the team and we utilized Tarot well together to get me info.

So, this one time, I was led to believe something by my HS.  That started a process in me, a release-type thing, and since it was part of the ascension process itself, these sorts of things tended to be a deeeeeep clean.

About the time that I was finishing up what I was to get out of this process – accompanied by a wryly smiling HS – I realized I’d been duped.  I was livid.  Jesus H. Christ!  If ya can’t trust your own HS to be straight up with ya, who can ya trust?!

And yet, I couldn’t deny the benefit of the resultant process.  I knew that my HS was coming from proper intent and just doing whatever it took to get the job done.

Reminds me of the line – “There is nothing inherently good or evil in the world (or cosmos apparently 😉 ), it all depends on the intent behind it.”

Have I played the trickster myself?  You. can. bet. I. have.  Yeppers.  I’ve learned from the best!  And then had the best’s, the Divine’s, guidance to do just that.

And I am evolved.  Just like the Divine, I come from proper intent.  I allow myself to be used by the Divine, for the Divine to work through me.  There are many routes to getting the message across and trickery is one of them.

And being used by the Divine in such a way is not for the faint of heart.  It takes some strength, courage, big *ss cojones and also the ability to dodge the subsequent bullets like Neo in Matrix… ‘cuz I know that none, and I mean NONE of that whole process is about me, including those bullets.  And I know the medicine that the Divine trickery is delivering and know its value to my fellow human.  I’m just getting the hell out of the way and allowing the Divine to work through me, energetically beaming love the whole time.

Yeah, after all these years, I’m no rookie at much of anything in this whole healing arena, including serving some of the not-so-savory “duties” in assisting in healing people.

Through Soul-Centered Astrology, I had learned years back that I came to bring 4th Ray energy into this world, which is Harmony Through Conflict.  Omg, the re-actions just to that title when I’ve discussed such with some lightworkers  – “We don’t need any more conflict!”  Obviously, yes, you do!  As an old lightworker friend of mine likes to say, “Why do you think God sent me to you?!”

These types are often passive aggressive and have some major confrontation-avoidance issues.  They don’t understand what 4th Ray energy is about and don’t want to, would just rather re-act from a place of programming and ignorance.  They’ll come right out and advise “Avoid conflict.”  They may as well be saying “Avoid harmony!” for that is the end result.  Yes, often the “road to Heaven” goes through “Hell”.  Be courageous enough to cross that Lake of Fire because Heaven awaits on the other side.  (And when going through Hell, it’s best to keep going.  🙂 )

An analogy of Harmony Through Conflict energy working its magic would be… Person A has some pent up thoughts and feelings about Person B.  They have not talked about it and yet they are holding a grudge towards Person B who has no clue wtf but may very well be feeling the effects.  Eventually an argument erupts.  Now all the emotions are finding expression.  Communication is happening again.  Cooperation can now happen.  Ah, sweet Harmony… that came… Through… Conflict.  Score!  Guess that whole confrontation / conflict thing weren’t so bad after all, eh?

And someone who carries 4th Ray, Harmony Through Conflict energy delivers that energy to others.  The cosmic crowbar here to get you unstuck.  Oh no, don’t mention it.  My pleasure!  pssssfft

When we talk about compassion we talk in terms of being kind. But compassion is not so much being kind; it is being creative [enough] to wake a person up. ~ Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoch

… even if waking them up may take a few sticks of metaphoric dynamite.  And this isn’t just about someone’s initial awakening, but also all the continuing awakening throughout their healing and ascension process.

What often happens is that when that 4th Ray energy works on someone with inner conflict, they project that outwardly and yep, you guessed it, right onto the person carrying the 4th Ray energy.

Oh to joy!  Whoopti-frickin’-do!  *looking up* “You shouldn’t have!  No really!”

Yep, what was on my soul’s mind?

When the Divine first started to really kick in my soul-centered astrological energies, it was not all so fun.  Nope.  But I did it anyway.  It’s what I have to bring to the world.  It’s necessary.  Boy is it ever.  There has been an awful lot of “stuckness” in this world.  4th Ray energy helps break it loose.

But, through my own growth and evolution I learned to dodge people’s arrows, which weren’t about me anyway.

Someone told me that they too were 4th Ray, but they went on to say – thinking that they were oh, so clever, I’m sure – that they got tired of being “beaten up on” by others so they essentially shut off their 4th Ray energy.  lol  So, rather than them acknowledge that they themselves have some work to do in the area of not taking others’ lashing out personally, they’d rather just shut off the gift they brought to this world.  *shaking head*  Yep, plenty of work left for them to do.  They’re like the clarinet that thought it could play itself BEFORE it surrenders to the great I Am That I Am.  They’re still operating from their “Mini Me”, mundane, unconscious being instead of following Divine guidance… instead of surrendering to the Divine.

It’s funny to hear people re-act with “we don’t need no stinkin’ conflict” when they know they are talking 4th Ray energy.  Conditioned re-action there.  4th Ray helps you END the conflict.  Silly.  Remember – HARMONY through Conflict.  Obviously some part of them truly is NOT done with conflict or they’d move through the process that 4th Ray energy offers them.

And what?  Some Divine Rays are good and some not, don’t have a place, we can live without?  So some astrological signs are bad too I suppose?  “Sorry folks, no births this month, you’ll just have to wait.”

From here:

“The rhythm of the 4th RAY flows from: a relative state of harmony >>> change appears >>> tensions of struggle >>> a battle >>> death to old form >>> construction of a new form >>> harmony.”

The conflict that is at the crux of all this has to do with a conflict between the inner and the outer.  Someone may have learned some tidbits of wisdom, which, on a completely conceptual level, they totally “get” it… but are not applying it, not actually living it.  Well, for any of you who have experienced this, you’ll know that conflict between inner and outer does not sit well with you energetically.   It may make you feel like you’re being ripped apart by two diametrically opposed energies.  You are.  You have not allowed your outer experience to reflect your inner knowingness.  You’re not showing yourself, not shining your light, not living your wisdom.


Someone recently said, and I paraphrase, that Divine Love is not some blissed-out, ungrounded thing, it has a mission.  Yep.  I agree.  Divine Love is not milquetoast and neither are those who embody it.

Divine Love has many faces, many energies, many tools to use.  They all matter.  They all have purpose.  The Divine does not only love you when you are progressing along just fine, it also loves you when you’re stuck and the Divine loves you too much to just leave you stuck.

Folks could stand to let go of their funny notions / programming about what Love is, how it looks and what it can be.  Love has no limits.  You can’t put it in a box.  You might not initially like the way it looks in some guises – or perhaps more accurately, your little “inner demons” don’t like it – and yet… it’s just gonna love ya just the same.


3 thoughts on “The Trickster, 4th Ray Energy, Divine Love

  1. Oh, the infamous ad hominem! Time and time again I have encountered it. Can’t destroy the argument so poof! Let’s call it the messenger! My fav is the comment, ‘Let me help, I have worked with this ‘ego’ issue before.’ Lol The infamous cloak to avoid dealing…

    Love is not a weak floppy roll over, whatever…It has power, direction and most of all sincerity in its healing. Intent is absolutely the key! Absolutely! After my message is delivered I can literally see and feel them lashing back, through others feeding others around them when they can’t understand your love. Especially on public media. It becomes more apparent how far they have yet to go still. It’s interesting because sometimes in the delivery the Divine pushes bluntness right out of your mouth. And it’s NOT talking without thought first it is healing power from a pure intent.

    This made a lot of sense thank you. Another rather obvious issue right now in this ‘so called’ spiritual community is this desire to blindly follow. If someone is branded a ‘spiritual leader’ or something similar any gobble-de-gook out of their mouths (especially those attached to a pretty picture) is stamped inspiring and the way to live life. Often I cringe at the information for it is so unbalanced. Now I do not waste energy in even pointing it out. I merely send intention vibes out ‘I know someone will see through this, I’ll leave it for them to do so…’ Eventually it does.

    No question years of isolation builds your energy, focus and purity of intent. But, I’m ready to be released now in this world, in another world, wherever…as are you I am sure…Thank you for speaking your mind…


    • lol

      “Oh, the infamous ad hominem!”

      “If someone is branded a ‘spiritual leader’ or something similar any gobble-de-gook out of their mouths (especially those attached to a pretty picture) is stamped inspiring and the way to live life.”

      …especially those attached to a pretty picture. lmao.

      Ah, yeah, what part of sovereignty don’t they get? “I don’t know what to do if I don’t follow someone! Ahhhhh.” I wonder if that feels anything like when I drive without my glasses on, “I just need to be able to see the taillights in front of me and I can follow.” lol


    • I chuckle too because so many LWs still do not understand what it truly means to follow Divine guidance and certainly can’t fathom that someone else may be doing so ON THEIR BEHALF! Doh!

      As I’ve said before, I don’t do diddly without guidance… and I love it. There’s no wasted motion. Every movement counts towards something and ya don’t do things that are either a waste of time and energy or could screw up the Divine’s efforts for your fellow human… and ya don’t have to know all the details, at least not right up front anyways.

      … and following the guidance helps so ya don’t engage with humans when they’re thrashing about and not listening anyway, to you or the Divine. Just something more to tick ’em off since they so want to draw you out but when you have no ego issues that they could possibly trigger and you’re also quite willing to overrule your own ego anyway to do the Divine’s bidding… oh! how frustrating for them. Wah.

      When they are thrashing around in that energy, that light working on their shadows, they’re like some gunslinger in an old Western movie, “Meet you in the street at high noon for a gun fight.” Don’t think so honey, you’ll be there by yourself till you’re done with your tantrum. If you wanna fight, stick your head in your *ss and fight for air. lol

      And I’m versatile, and speak a variety of “languages” if you will. I can be tactful… as long as that’s working, but some folks will want to set the tone by “speaking A**hole”. What? Like I don’t know THAT language. I’m quite fluent in A**hole, thank you very much. If that’s the language ya wanna speak, I can go there with ya. “You start, I’ll finish. No really, go ahead.” 🙂


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