How to Parallel Park

lol  But seriously folks… not kidding.  lol  No really.

In recent years, in my visits to future 5D Gaia, I’ve often had imaginings of other ascended humans, but who were perhaps at a “5D-only” level ask me, “If you could go to 3D and teach humans just one thing, what would it be?”


I suppose you’ve guessed my answer by this point.

Hey!  It’s OBVIOUSLY a sorely needed skill in 3D.


So… here goes…

As you are approaching the parking space and slowing down, turn on your turn signal, in the direction of the parking space.  That gives the folks behind you some heads up on your intention.  A little communication goes a loooooonnnng way.

You pull up next to, you know, PARALLEL to, the car you will park behind.  You’ll want there to be about 12 – 18 inches between your car and that one.  Pull up ALL THE WAY until your car sits right next to the other.

Then, you start to back STRAIGHT up, do not turn yet!  Move slowly.

When (and only then) your back axle is in line with the very back edge of the other car (the bumper or whatever else is back there) THEN you start to turn your wheel.  Your car will pivot on its back inner tire and you want to pivot around the back end of that other car.

You then want to think of aiming the inner, back side of your car at the back, inner corner (curb, if there is one) of that parking space, as you continue to back up slowly into the space.  

When the front end of your car (I almost said “your” front end, but we’ll just leave that alone… for now, lol) can safely clear the back end of the car in front of you, then you can start to slowly turn your wheel the other way to swing the front end of the car into the space as you continue to back up slowly.

If you’ve performed well, then your car’s inner tires should be within 12 inches of the curb (you’ll learn how to adjust your car to get closer as you get better if you desire).

Jockey the car  forward or backward as necessary to center your car in the parking space.

When parking on a hill, last thing, turn your tires toward the curb, with the downhill side of your inner tire to the curb.  Then if your transmission (almost said tranny, but we’ll leave that one alone too, danged p.c. crap anyway) or brake gives out while you’re out of your car, then it won’t roll down the hill, perhaps ruining many a person’s day.


Now, sit and read through this slowly, visualizing being in your car as you do this, converting the words into images.  Keep doing that until you no longer need this handy dandy “cheat sheet” here.  See.

Then take it to the street.

Hope this helps ya.  I’m quite sure that if it does, it ABSOLUTELY WILL , no doubt about it, help to make you, everyone around you, and the world a much happier place.


Today’s Lessons:

  • Visualization.
  • Consideration.  (GAF?  as in Give A F*ck!?)
  • Motivation.
  • Laughter is the best medicine.
  • The little things matter, there is energy within every Thought, Word and Deed.  All your little things add up to changing the world.
  • When do you shine your light?  Always.
  • Else?  Did I miss anything?   😉



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