What of the body during ascension?

There seems to be a bit of confusion about what is happening / will happen to one’s body during the ascension process.

Many have said that this time we are “taking our bodies with us”.  What is meant by that is that we do NOT have to die to leave this world.  Instead we can ascend.  But technically, THESE bodies we are NOT taking with us.  We are taking our human FORM, but not these actual bodies.

Many people think that the 3D body converts to the 5D body.  Nope, that’s not how it happens.

We are talking about two different bodies here – the 3D physical carbon-based body and the 5D physical crystalline body.

Well, we could also include the light body, but when it comes right down to it, we are not “creating” a light body, but our human self is just reconnecting to it in a conscious way.  The light body is the vehicle / vessel that our soul resides / travels in, no matter what dimensional level we are in / at.  It’s always with us.


The physical 3D carbon-based body does go through much change during the ascension process.  It needs to in order to facilitate the energetic, frequency and consciousness changes that we go through.  More DNA is activated,  pineal gland activated, etc.  Without these physical activations, we  cannot FULLY access our Divine essence.

And yet these physical “upgrades”, well, technically, they are not something “new”.  They are part of being in 3D!  They’re part of our 3D physical vessel.  They’ve always been available to us, whenever we are here, but we, as the human race, hadn’t been using our 3D vessel to its full capacity for quite some time.

You could look at this as the 3D body’s awakening, if you will.  Just as you, your mind, has come to “re-member” (put the members back together – body, mind, emotions, spirit) things from before you incarnated, your carbon-based body is also remembering what potential and access it has, here in 3D… it’s FULL 3D-level potential.

Just remember, WE HAVE EVERYTHING WE NEED, right here, right now, always, all ways.  Everything we need to pull this off is available to us and always has been.  That includes the proper food to eat provided by the planet, the physical vessel having all it needs BY DESIGN, access to the Divine for guidance.  All we need to do is make the right choices and we’re set.


And your awakening assists in your body’s awakening because your body’s cells respond to their environment.

Receptors on the cell membrane “read” what’s outside the cell.  It’s at the cell membrane / wall where it’s determined what will be allowed in.  (hope I get this right, from memory, what’s that?)

The proteins inside the cell, align themselves with the… whatever it is outside the cell that wants in –  a food or water molecule, whatever.  Then the proteins make a mirror image of it.

If what’s outside that wants in is a common, regular thing, that the cell has seen a lot of, then the cell will recognize it as such and knows just what to do.

If it’s something new, then the cell takes that mirror image, that the proteins created, to the DNA, which is just a map, a blueprint.  DNA doesn’t change or control anything, it’s just a reference that provides the cell with an answer to “What is this and what do we do with it?”

And that right there is some clue to “junk DNA” or what had been unused in most silly humans for far too long.  No “junk” to it.  It’s very valuable.  Once something new comes along in the environment and stimulates the “need to know” if you will, then all that so-called junk now has purpose.

Your thoughts, beliefs and state of consciousness are ALSO a part of your body’s “environment”!  Ya know, that “environment” that your body’s cells are responding to.  

When your beliefs and your attention shift, that shifts your body also.  Our bodies are the outward manifestation of our energy.

If you’d like to learn more along the lines of what I’m talking about here, then cellular biologist Bruce Lipton is your guy.


And yet, there is only so much shift your 3D carbon-based body can do.

One thing to remember here is that not only has Earth been 3D and Duality, but due to past traumatic collective catastrophes and the cabal’s influence, people have been even more dumbed down, have succumbed to the separation paradigm and disempowerment to the point where some don’t even know what spirit or the Divine is anymore.  And we hadn’t used some parts of our DNA because of it.

And through poor diet, fluoride and other things and also brainwashing, our pineal gland got calcified and deactivated.  I’ve heard some say “well how do you know this?”  Well, how one can know such is through Divine communication and doesn’t have to be through medical means.  But then again, I myself haven’t done conventional food or fluoride for many, many years so my pineal gland works, so….what the Divine tells me on this is this: calcification of glands does happen.  The reason for it is nutritional, yes fluoride for starters, but also magnesium deficiency, which is very common and not by accident.  For more on that, see the post Alzheimer’s and Cholesterol, Water and EVERYTHING, Listening to Your Body… and some other things.  And yes, you can bet that calcification does affect the pineal’s ability to function fully.  But yes, just flat not using one’s pineal / third eye can cause it to “get out of shape”, if you will.  But being out of shape is a bit different than the calcification.  I can’t stress enough the importance of a natural, whole, organic diet.  See post Healing – Physical.

And… it is my understanding that we are NOT getting more strands of DNA as many like to report.  I can’t say such things don’t ever happen.  It’s a mutation.  Mutations happen.  But additional strands of DNA is NOT ascension-related.  We don’t need more than the standard 2 strands of DNA to ascend.  We just tap into / utilize more of our DNA that we weren’t before.  It wasn’t that what we are now utilizing wasn’t there before and we had to create it.  It’s been there waiting for us to wake up enough to use it.

Here’s something to run past your own inner knowingness to check for resonance – our new 5D crystalline bodies won’t even have glands (which are the points in our 3D body that connects to our chakras) or DNA.  DNA is your body’s “antenna to the Divine”.  The 5D crystalline body is ALL antenna.  It doesn’t need some smaller part of it to serve that function, its entirety serves that function.

As I’ve said elsewhere, when it comes right down to it, our 3D carbon-based bodies are “smarter” / more conscious than our 5D crystalline bodies are / will be.  Why?  Because they need to be.  At this dense, slow, 3D level our lower minds have enough to deal with without having to monitor every little body function.  When we are in 5D, our own consciousness will be much higher and our crystalline bodies will just resonate, literally, with whatever it is we are asking of them.  And we can and will control our body functions at the same time we’re doing whatever we care to do.  And we’ll have plenty enough consciousness for all of it.

Our 3D carbon-based bodies also feel things about our energetic state – blockages and the release of them.  Your energetic blockages are ultimately what is responsible for “ascension symptoms”.  The ultimate solution is to do your inner work, but in the moment, treat the physical symptoms – if you’re tired, rest; if you crave a certain something, then eat that.  Get the food and supplements you know will help with the physical-level symptoms.  Listen to and take care of your body.  (See info on ascension symptoms at end of Useful Healthful Tips post.)

Then, past your own personal completion, then there’s the whole “human antenna” Energetic Service Work, where YOU become what connects Heaven and Earth, which takes even more toll.  So plenty going on with the 3D carbon-based body during all of this and it would serve you to honor and support, nutritionally and through your thoughts / communication, your 3D carbon-based body as it will need all the help it can get.


But during our ascension process, one of the things that happens is we create our 5D crystalline bodies.  Where are they?  In 5D!  … along with the rest of our 5D Gaia creation.  While you’re still in 3D, get used to not physically seeing “out there”, in a manifested way, most of what you are creating.  Why?  Because you are not creating it in 3D.  You are making a 5D creation.  You’ll have to use your higher consciousness if you want to “see” it in a clairvoyant way while still residing in 3D / 4D.

At the point of FULL transition, our consciousness will move from the 3D carbon-based body to the 5D crystalline body, moving from one physical body to another physical body.  The same thing is happening with Gaia.  She will leave her old 3D body, Earth, behind.  Now with us, our old carbon-based bodies will just turn into energy and go back to Infinite Light / All That Is, so no carcasses laying around in 3D.  lol  But Gaia’s old carbon-based body provides a home to billions of people and many more lifeforms so it kinda needs to be here for them… and will continue to be in 3D for anyone who does not choose ascension.

(Note:  Someone had put this post on youtube.  A commenter there said that if someone does not understand “transition” they won’t understand this post.  There may be something to that.  I’ll leave it to you, the dictionary and God to figure out what is meant by “transition” most especially to do with ascension, but one hint – it happens in the blink of an eye… even though the preparation for that blink-of-an-eye transition is a process and takes time.)


Folks, time to let go of your brainwashing / conditioning concerning what happens to the body during ascension.  One body does NOT convert to the other.  I have been ascension-ready / complete since early 2011 and no new crystalline body for me… yet.  But no need to take my word on any of this, take up discussion with the Divine on this.  You’ll have to be willing though to allow your be-lie-f system to crumble and fall away.

As you heal, clear and release what is not you, as you move further towards the completion of your own ascension process, yes, you will feel it in your body.  Hey, you’re knocking out energetic blockages and your energy manifests outwardly on your physicality.  But the 3D carbon-based body is a thing of 3D and you’ll have it as long as you are here in 3D.  When you transition IN FULL to 5D and actually RESIDE there, you’ll be in your 5D crystalline body.

If you cling to the be-lie-f that one body converts to the other, you’ll just frustrate yourself since you won’t be seeing the changes in your body that you are hoping for.


Also see posts 3D Earth and What is Ascension?

See Healing – Physical and Alzheimer’s and Cholesterol, Water and EVERYTHING, Listening to Your Body… and some other things posts to know how to take care of your 3D carbon-based body.

39 thoughts on “What of the body during ascension?

  1. Okay. So despite that I am still blown away and baffled by the energetic change (my guides constantly describe to me) happening in spiritual body -wide, very wide, hollow, and lots of purple and high up – all is still truly fantastic and I’m learning not to act so Pollyanna about it – I am grateful (increasing in gratitude) and understanding of it. I could NOT deny the overwhelming changes. MY QUESTION – Dude, what do you mean we are turning into something like speilburg created crystal-pops and discarding/transforming physical body?!? What?? Lol! I’m guessing I missed point or learning curve is needed…! Do you mean when we die? I’m not going to suddenly become purple and see through ?? I hope! God forgive me!! Lol!
    Please get my humor. Please explain! And I’m having my tea and catching up, like you suggested!! 😛🌸 Thank you!

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      • Doing good, I hope. Thanks for asking! Fighting through last rebellion. Christ open in my body. And I’m freaking, as usual. All open and rising and weird and thank God…. Holy holy holy wholly:) finally! Pray for me please 💛 I kinda don’t know where I am right now, even if I have done real life awaking before. (I sing in prayer., not questioning much presently.)


    • On your question… did you take my info inward and get more answers?

      I’ll just give you this – our current bodies are carbon-based and also have a lot of water in them, but do we look like a lump of coal or a fish bowl? Nope. We look human. You could stand a 3D and a 5D human next to each other and they would both look human. The physical level, what you can see with physical eyes, would look no different – both have human FORM.


    • Short answer – yes! Now, like with humans, they’ll need to get there first, as in they’ll have to stay alive long enough… so… if you have pets, you’ll have to feed them well, etc. My cat will ascend with me.

      It’s my understanding that the 1st Wave will include quite a few wild animals and domesticated but stray animals… if for no other reason than to take the pressure of low food sources off the ones not ascending.

      Now, take what I’ve said inward and ask your own questions about such to your Divine Self.



  2. So there will be a 3D earth and a 5D earth at the same time? And 5D bodies will appear on both or something? Or does everyone in 3D have to mourn the loss of those who move to 5D?

    I see posts like this all the time. But I never see anything change. Same old 3D body and internet posts talking about what will happen (minus the date) – often disagreeing with one another. Would be amazing beyond belief if you had it right (in a good way).


    • 3D Earth, 5D Gaia. Earth (Gaia’s old 3D body) has a new soul essence.

      See here: https://gaiaascensionforerunner.wordpress.com/2017/05/18/3d-earth/

      Your 5D crystalline body is a thing of 5D, not 3D. You get your 5D crystalline body when YOU transition IN FULL to 5D.

      Some of the 1st wave will return here to 3D to continue to shine our light (this project could use another jump), but we’ll only be visiting and will be utilizing our higher D (even beyond 5D) superpowers to do so.

      I’m not sure anyone is as fed up with this dragging on this long as myself… and I gave myself a boatload of patience in this lifetime – complete strangers used to take note and comment on my patience. It’s been run out MANY times during this ascension-hell scenario. 🙂 In a nutshell, lightworkers have been DISTRACTED and not proactive. My own 3D body is toast and yet this 3D level continues to put demands on it. Yep, as a 1st waver who was ab-used, used up and tossed out, I’m quite ready to move on and I will still be involved with the project and I must say that as worn out as I am, I’ll be just as glad to see THE PROJECT move along as much as ME moving along.

      “I see posts like this all the time. But I never see anything change. Same old 3D body and internet posts talking about what will happen (minus the date) – often disagreeing with one another. Would be amazing beyond belief if you had it right (in a good way).”

      These people saying all that (and much more) need to get off line, stfu and GET THEIR OWN INNER WORK DONE! That’s how ascensions happen! FUNDAMENTAL! Less talk, more KNOCKING OUT ONE’S INNER WORK.
      So easily distracted and so much busy-ness with attempting to put out messages and attract a big following or what have you INSTEAD OF GETTING THE JOB DONE.

      See the following posts and comment for why this has drug on. In that message of why is also the “cure”, that FUNDAMENTAL again.


      Then go here:
      … and read comment (and link) that starts with this:
      “Ahh! A lightworker who finally sees the DISTRACTIONS for what they are! “


      • Thanks, however I still don’t understand the 3D/5D thing.

        Do those making the transition to 5D still appear in 3D? If so, is their 3D body the same (not upgraded in any way)? Do they exist in 3D and 5D at the same time? If not, what happens from the perspective of those staying in 3D? A load of people just suddenly vanish from thin air? And then reappear when they decide to return through the portal? When they return, is it with the same 3D body, no matter how ‘damaged’?

        In either case, what’s the 5D body based on (the 3D body? If so, with or without flaws? If not, what?)?

        On another note, what happens to decayed teeth and teeth with fillings during ascension?


        • Sorry, I’ve re-read some of your material and, if I understand correctly, you’re saying that at the point of transition a load of people will disappear from 3D and move to 5D. So what will that look like to those remaining in 3D? People just vanishing and leaving a trail of clothes behind?

          Then you’re saying that people from 5D can reappear in 3D. Do they choose the form? Can they reappear as they used to look in 3D?

          Also, I read your superpowers thing, and just wondered… How is that helpful to tell people about the superpowers they’ll have in 5D? Wouldn’t it be better to leave it as a surprise? What good does it do telling people? I can understand telling them about the shift from 3D to 5D, because it has practical relevance (for example, not worrying too much about the 3D physical body, understanding you might not see your family again and preparing for that).

          Have to say, if I just look around the room I’m in now, and ask myself if one day a moment like this will come where I’m just going to vanish and appear in 5D… Seems pretty hard to believe, but I suppose I could also imagine it getting gradually easier to believe as ‘symptoms’ and experiences progress/change .


          • Glad you reread.

            On the superpowers thing, in an overall way, you’re absolutely right – it’s really of no use to help someone get ascended, just for curiosity’s sake and I know many a LW gets into such… for the most part.

            One thing that the Superpowers post does indicate though is that when you start to SERVE (after you complete your own personal ascension process), you are actually tapping into much higher dimensions (beyond 5D) and all the way up to God / the Divine / Source / Infinite Light levels in order to serve this ascension project. The more you serve, the higher dimensional access you can achieve and you kinda need to.

            To see someone else’s perspective on this, see link (and my comments to it) from Lisa Transcendence Brown in comments on the “God! Enough Already!” post.

            I won’t kid ya, I appreciate your question and put in that way (as in – what use is it?) ‘cuz… there are many very useless things that many a LW gets distracted with. So… no, that info is not all so useful for someone’s own ascension process, but when we start to serve, we tap into even higher dimensions and Divine levels. So THAT is the practical relevance, so that people have some clue what is going on when they start to SERVE.

            Also, it indicates that when we are all together on 5D Gaia, we will not all have the same dimensional / Divine access abilities. If it ends up like I said, that after the 1st wave, there is just one mass ascension (doesn’t mean that there cannot be individual ascensions after for those late to the party) then there may be many who haven’t had much time to serve and hence will only be at 5D levels while there will be others who have much higher dimensional / Divine access.

            Yeah, the “poof” part of this is rather miraculous / magical, which, well, it kinda makes me laugh because some LWs don’t seemed to be satisfied with that much “magic” and actually want more… like having 4D separate off from 3D, which is NOT going to happen, ever. They are in such “escapism” mode and want to get away from the big, bad, scary 3Ders – that they are supposed to be serving, not running from – so much they dream up all kinds of scenarios where 3Ders are blipped off to parts unknown. Nope. We have 3D Earth and 5D Gaia to choose from (or thru the Death Portal as usual), no one will be shipped off somewhere else.


        • “Do those making the transition to 5D still appear in 3D?”

          No, not generally. This ascension project is a bit behind, so myself (and perhaps a few others from the 1st wave) will “return” to shine our light (in the same “informative” way that lightworkers would / do, or that we do before ascension) to humanity about ascension. Normally, no one would return, but time is short for humanity so we want to give them every opportunity. When those of us who “return” come to “visit”, we will be in our crystalline body. If you’re not in the 1st wave, none of this really matters all so much to you.

          After ascension, we can bi-locate (multi-locate) so we could indeed be in more than one place at a time, but don’t need to.

          “… what happens from the perspective of those staying in 3D? A load of people just suddenly vanish from thin air?”

          Well, it will be very much like the Biblical “one will stay and one will go” thing, so yep, if you were still in 3D and someone right next to you ascended, you would indeed just see them disappear. Now, the “load of people” thing. Well, if you see my other posts, you’ll see that the 1st wave will only be ~1,145,000 people. Not all so many of us.

          I don’t know for sure, but the impression I get is that after the 1st wave has ascended, there may then only be one big mass ascension of everyone who is ready after many years of lightworkers enlightening others. So basically everyone who is not 1st wave may very well ascend all at once… maybe, maybe not. Go inward and ask these and whatever other question you may have.

          “In either case, what’s the 5D body based on (the 3D body? If so, with or without flaws? If not, what?)?”

          As this post, the “What of the body… ” post said, we keep our human FORM, but not our 3D carbon-based bodies, we transition over to our 5D crystalline body when we ascend. Reread posts and take questions inward.

          Do your best to take care of your 3D teeth, but don’t worry about it when you ascend. You could be missing limbs on your 3D body but your 5D body will be whole and vital.

          One more time… with feeling… take your questions inward. The Divine will more than likely have better answers that actually resonate with you better.


          • That last paragraph made me really happy inside. Just wish it was clear to me how to do it.

            Thanks for all your answers. I feel a freedom in what I can ask you. I don’t elsewhere. I know you’re not going to shy away from anything. Thanks.


              • I’ve reflected on this… and have come to the unfortunate conclusion that the mass vanishing of 1000s of people is just not going to happen. It’s just wishful thinking. And even if it wasn’t, it would serve the opposite purpose of the rants against lightworkers, as the only inner work I can think of doing only really applies if I’m staying here, and it involves facing up to… Why do I constantly feel like I’m dying though? And who is that who’s just apparently opposed everything else, and which one is really me? Who is the one who flows without reason, and who is ‘in control’? And where am I now, that directionless space I find myself in when I allow the other to speak. Who am I?

                Yeah… Just some logic, followed by some (admittedly liberating) rubbish.


                • Maybe just delete the above… I don’t really know I’m doing. Just seems way too good to be true (your post) and many ‘right brained’ types seem to read into absolutely everything as a sign (I’ve tried that – it’s a living hell) and I’m so tired of reading everyone contradicting each other and nobody giving a damn that everyone ‘knows’ what’s going to happen and yet nobody agrees. For some reason everyone just finds something to go with rather than just staying in the space of not knowing. Where’s an internet post where someone admits they just got it wrong? Someone’s got to be wrong. Myself – I don’t know what’s happening or what’s going to happen.

                  And yet this whole post I’ve just written is draining the life out of me. I probably shouldn’t have written either of them. Perhaps just delete them both. Thanks.


                  • Hey Rarth, I’m going to NOT delete your comments. Many folks have been where you are and I’m sure many more will be… so… your comments represent and speak to many others. With things dragging on at the collective level for as long as they have and ‘cuz of how worn out energetically I have been, I too still have doubts upon occasion, but I know what I have done, my worn out physicality won’t let me forget it.

                    And yet, I have EVERY reason to think that the 1st Wave and Gaia are about to ascend. So… after we do, when I’m on the other side of the veil, if I got something wrong on this blog, especially in a big way, I WILL let ya know. Meanwhile, let my info and everyone else’s just kinda wash over you. Maybe give it break – from looking at everyone else’s stuff that is. You have to get your own answers to things. I think all the inconsistency in the LW community is your clue to that.

                    I will say this though… I know of 3 other people who are my fellow forerunners (of the ~145,000) and one other who is also in the 1st wave. WE SEE EYE TO EYE ON ALMOST EVERYTHING and the things we don’t, well, our differences are rather hair-splitting. So… those of us who are advanced enough see things much the same and yet we got there through very different routes I’m sure.

                    It’s ok. It’s all ok, including not knowing something. I just hope that in the process you don’t tell yourself you CAN’T know something for there is nothing that will ensure you don’t than thinking you can’t… you powerful creator you.

                    I hope that you might read the rest of my blog at some point… and take note where I say that my perspective on things has changed at times. There’s not a whole lot of that here, but some, not much mostly because I didn’t start this blog until after my own process AND energetic service work was done, so much had been hammered out for me by then.

                    Chillax honey. Ask your questions to the Divine, then let the Divine deliver rather than you searching, searching or straining your pea brain trying to figure it out through reason and logic. Much of this is completely irrational and I don’t mean “irrational” in the conventional sense of that word which totally disses the irrational, but I just mean it’s NOT rational. It takes the NOT rational – the intuitive, the inspired, imagination, etc. – to decipher all this, not the rational mind. We have to retrain ourselves, if you will. Ask your pea brain to step back a bit, don’t sweat nothing. The times when one REALLY gets Intuitive answers is when the pea brain gets out of the way, when you’re not even thinking about what it is you want to know… and in meditation time, the goal of which is to quiet the pea brain.

                    From my “Divine Guidance…” post:

                    When asking for answers or guidance or assistance:

                    get into a bit of a meditational state, can be quickly so, but do it, then…
                    focus your intention on being open to Divine guidance
                    ask the question (or ask for guidance / assistance)
                    then let it go! – “fo’gid abou’dit” – that clears your mind (MOST IMPORTANT PART!!!)
                    when you’re no longer thinking about it, out of the blue, that wee inner voice will deliver a communication, a knowingness to you or an outward sign might be given synchronistically

                    Not only does this tact get the fog of pea-brain (lower mind) thought-chatter / interference out of the way so you can hear your whisper of an inner voice, ‘cuz that pea brain will drown out your wee inner voice, but… one HUGE added bonus to this tact is… you get to have a life and enjoy yourself in between asking your question and allowing the time necessary, in this rather slow and veiled realm, for the Divine to line things up to deliver you the message. Score! Expect it to show up. KNOW that it will show up AND that you will recognize it for what it is and follow any Divine guidance given.


                  • Rarth, when you’re ready, go read the comment on “God! Enough Already!” with a link to someone else’s (Michelle Walling’s) article. The comment starts with:
                    “Ahh! A lightworker who finally sees the DISTRACTIONS for what they are!”

                    What I want you to take from that is… there is a lot of what some have come to call “false light” out there. Michelle obviously had to learn that the hard way. Whoever the hell she was channeling or humans who encouraged her channeling made her “feel special” (her words), aka, they stroked her ego… to make her feel special and that allowed her to be used for useless distractions. And that is one HUGE reason there is so much inconsistency out there in lightworker land. There are entities who don’t want humans to know the truth and very much want to distract people. Also, those that are humans are caught up in the matrix and… I’m just gonna say it, as much as the global cabal have hosed things up here on Earth, much of this dysfunction is not unique to Earth and is actually brought with souls from higher dimensions, it just gets intensified / amplified here.

                    I have never “channeled”. I feel blessed in that regard. I connected with God or my Higher Self and those are the only two entities I advise anyone connect with. My buddy, who I talk about working with me above the veil, is an awesome channeler, amongst other talents, but they set their intent that if some entity is NOT connecting with the All That Is (God) on a regular basis, they don’t want to hear from that entity. My buddy doesn’t get bothered with nonsense from “false light” ET yahoos because of that intention.

                    As Michelle’s own experience shows, many LWs still have much to learn in that regard… which is why you can’t be out there willy nilly reading everything that is put out… and swallowing it hook, line and sinker. There are too many LWs who still don’t get it. And sadly, with this topic or any, it’s often the most ignorant that are the most vocal.

                    Which is why I can’t wait to get ascended… then get back and set the record straight for everyone. Yep, lots of “false light” nonsense out there, above and below the consciousness veil. It does give you good practice though. Like the old meme of a Devil on one shoulder and an Angel on the other – you have to learn the difference between your own intuition which comes from good sources (directly from the Divine) and the hogwash that is just there to appeal to your ego issues, fears, disempowering programs, etc.

                    Also see my “Energy Discernment” post.


                    • Thanks.

                      I had actually read a lot of your other posts (including the ‘going within one’ and ‘God! Enough already!’). What I find strange about it, and other posts like yours, is that I do not believe they could contain some of the stuff they do if the author wasn’t at a high level of awareness (if that’s right way of putting it). I relate to a lot of what you write but, like I said before, if I just look around this room now, and ask myself if I’m going to vanish at some point, the answer is quite clearly no. (In fact, even if the answer was ‘yes’, unless there’s a ‘when’, the only helpful answer is ‘no’).

                      I also found a post of yours from 2016 recently (I think) where said you were trembling because it was about to happen. Then it didn’t (you should have asked me – I could have told you that at the time!). How long has that site status that you’ll come back with a post-ascension site been there? What does ‘soon’ mean? Is there any date that would pass that would result in you saying ‘actually, I got it wrong’?

                      I’ve actually no idea what’s going on. I sort of know that something must be going on because of my own experiences. My sense is – at the risk of going into the typical right-brained lunacy – that a new me is trying to get out of this body, or that a new me is forming and at some point I will be looking through the eyes of that new me. It’s still remarkably hard to believe anything along those lines, though, when every day is pretty much the same. The only difference recently is that I actually feel like it’s almost complete (whatever ‘it’ is). A bit like a tank filling with water or something. The tank is almost full.

                      So I’m still in the same place I’m in every single day. Can’t help but be interested in ascension sort of stuff, but can’t stand the fact that nobody cares about getting it wrong. What’s fascinating to me, is that the average person from the pub can come up to any one of these websites, or people, declare that what they’re doing is just complete nonsense in an effort to make some money for doing nothing, and there’s not a single thing any of these people can do to defend themselves against it. Or the question of ‘when’. Ask any of them ‘when’ something is going to happen, and they’re done. For all the great channeling and mystical things they can do, not one of them can handle the question of ‘when’.

                      Also, absolutely none of it has any use to me whatsoever anyway. People are channeling from guides etc. like it’s useful – it isn’t, and has absolutely zero affect on my life or anyone else’s, but it seems to be encouraged by the audience who are busy trying to ‘high-vibe’ themselves to enlightenment, or delude themselves they’re getting somewhere (‘wow, that was so synchronistic!’). Then they’re back to watch the next video, and the next one… Wasn’t the whole thing with the ego that it was always after the next piece of cheese or something? This is no different, only for some reason it’s let off because it’s ‘spiritual’.

                      As I was going through some sort of process, something inside me would ‘resonate’ (naturally tune in to) certain people. After some time bouncing from person to person, eventually there wasn’t really anything left to tune into. Now, weirdly, there will be times when there’s a song ‘I’ (whatever it was that wanted to listen to certain people in the past) suddenly want to listen to or something. Some might say it’s a divine message or something. Well who cares if it is or isn’t? I don’t want to spend my time trying to decipher messages. If that’s the way it’s going to be, just kill me and let God take over this body. I absolutely refuse to do it. I actually very much relate to your ‘God, ascend me or kill me.’ thing in that sense, although probably even more so in the sense that I have absolutely no idea, or no inner guidance, on what to do every day and it’s a living hell and has been for years. If there’s nothing for me to do here, kill me!

                      Actually just one last thing on that for the sake of anyone reading. The energy in my body has been picking up over time, but the resistance to ‘the old’ (old ideas of things to do, etc.) seems just as strong. There’s the endless fixation on a sort of ‘nothing’ but I don’t know what it is. It’s actually significant enough, that I feel compelled to return my attention to this sort of nothing (the place of ‘no effort’). I don’t know if that’s a load of nonsense or not, but that really feels to me like my job a lot of the time (and either something inside is agreeing as I write this, or I’m just getting a weird ‘lightness/love’ in my sternum area regardless).

                      Back to nothing…




                    • I may answer more later (though most of it may be me just nodding my head), but for now, just wanted to say…

                      The “when?” Well, this is what happens when a world full of people are still exercising their free will (including very distracted LWs who cling to 3d). Oh if everyone would just follow THEIR OWN Divine guidance… it’d turn on a dime and speed off into the distance. But with all the free willers… it’s a total crap shoot. It’s a collective effort so we wait for enough to do what is theirs to do, at whatever level they happen to be.

                      Things feel really close to a big shift, but I had to ask God the other day “What are You waiting for?” ‘cuz the “moment” feels very pregnant but no baby yet. I got the message that there’s more ways that humanity has to reject the cabal’s agenda before “birth / launch”.

                      I have recently resorted to asking God what kind of message He’d like me to telepathically convey to whomever (since telepathy seems to be working rather well lately), whatever it takes to urge things along a bit. *yawn*

                      Yep… so many fluff and stuff, go-between ETs or whoever that have so much to say… that’s mostly useless… and very distracting (seemingly)… so the LWs hang out in 5D play time instead of connecting to God / Source / All That Is and gittin’ ‘er done already!

                      If I have anything to say about it and I will, yep, “soon”, I’m lighting a fire under their butts. You may have not seen where I spoke to someone in comments (yeah, years ago now) about “soon” is a dirty, 4-letter word. Those above the veil do NOT understand time and don’t want to and want us not to care, but while you’re here (ya know and grounded in), time keeps mattering… until and unless it doesn’t. I haven’t worn a watch for years and have let go of unnecessary “shoulds” of “time” but there’s always some place that it matters. … and the calendar pages flip on by, days, weeks, months, years… *yawn*


                    • “I also found a post of yours from 2016 recently (I think) where said you were trembling because it was about to happen. Then it didn’t (you should have asked me – I could have told you that at the time!).”

                      It’s not as if nothing happened at that time. The acceleration FINALLY started in earnest at that time… because there were FINALLY enough LWs approaching their “ascension-ready” status that things absolutely did start to accelerate. For myself, shortly thereafter (as was stated in the post after that one), I was “released” to observe 3D-level events, which I had not been before that. THAT is NO LITTLE THING! Myself and other forerunners were / had been holding a “higher space” for others. I could shift my focus to 3D events because #1, enough others had stepped up enough for me to not have to hold that higher space and #2, 3D-level folks were my “next stop” if you will… never mind that there was (obviously) still plenty of “holding pattern” to go through *groan*. (I literally feel like my own personal events have continued to unfold during the “holding pattern” times but in frickin’ slow motion, the slowest of slow motions. I truly do imagine that if (more) seasoned LWs would have been right on the forerunners’ heels, the same things that have unfolded for me (well, most of ’em) would have still done so, but at a much faster clip, one right after another, instead of the agonizingly slow way that has happened with months and / or years between each… idk, 3D-level “release”, if you will, but I’m talking those things that one needs to maintain one’s vital signs in 3D, NOT my own inner sh*t, ya know.) AND in that scenario, the one without all the frickin’ holding patterns, even if it took a wee bit to unfold, no frickin’ way would I have had one iota of doubt or what have ya, ‘cuz it would have been abundantly clear that things WERE moving forward and COLLECTIVELY so.

                      As I’d said before, what helps curb any doubts that might come up for me is the knowingness of what I’ve already done / been through. There is no “ordinary” Earthly / human experience that would equate to the exhaustion levels I have now, that is not about “being ill” or “tired” in any ordinary way. And that is something that NO ONE else gets. You tell them how exhausted you are… ya know, not from moving so much but from literally being used as a human antenna. They don’t “hear”. They bring their own “tales of exhaustion”, the likes of which I know quite well. Yep, “ordinary” human experiences of working too hard, sleep deprivation, challenging outer circumstances, stress, etc, which I have no problem relating to – been there, done that, bought the T-shirt. When’s the last time THEY got a planet ascension-ready then got used as a human antenna FOR YEARS UNTIL THEY COULDN’T BE USED ANYMORE!!! … then left there / here FOR MORE YEARS, used up, wrung out, seemingly no way out shy of slitting one’s wrists?! The short answer? They NEVER HAVE experienced THESE levels of exhaustion. And THAT is one HUGE place where those f*cking calendar pages (ya know, 3D linear time) constantly flipping by ABSOLUTELY DOES matter.

                      I ran a very grueling “marathon”, but just as the “finish line” was approaching, someone frickin’ moved it… again, and again, and again. Well, running a marathon is VERY EXHAUSTING, then when you’re literally running it, well, kinda for others AFTER you did it yourself, well, the concept of (and I’ve gotten messages about it since, gee thanks for that, not!) “pacing oneself” when you’ve been depleted down to levels that at a 3D-level I would NEVER have allowed myself to get to, well… ppffsstt!!.

                      “How long has that site status that you’ll come back with a post-ascension site been there?”

                      ? ~ 3 months.

                      “It’s still remarkably hard to believe anything along those lines, though, when every day is pretty much the same.”

                      You remind me of some Nine Inch Nails lyrics:
                      “I believe I can see the future
                      ‘Cause I repeat the same routine”

                      Well, ya know, after the next time I have to “release” literal things from 3D, ya know, the sort that help support one’s existence while in 3D, go figure, but alas, they each take their turn going away… but unfortunately with big ass, long drug-out, and no-fault-of-my-own subsequent “holding pattern” again, which, frankly I was NOT used to, ya know, from my own process. I didn’t get “stuck” much. Nope, definably NOT used to that.

                      “Also, absolutely none of it has any use to me whatsoever anyway. People are channeling from guides etc. like it’s useful – it isn’t, and has absolutely zero affect on my life or anyone else’s, but it seems to be encouraged by the audience who are busy trying to ‘high-vibe’ themselves to enlightenment, or delude themselves they’re getting somewhere (‘wow, that was so synchronistic!’). Then they’re back to watch the next video, and the next one… Wasn’t the whole thing with the ego that it was always after the next piece of cheese or something? This is no different, only for some reason it’s let off because it’s ‘spiritual’.”

                      Ok, here’s me nodding my head emphatically. As I’d said before, they would better serve themselves and others by actually DOING THEIR OWN INNER WORK than to keep masterbatively reading every message everyone else puts out… while the one who actually channeled it, ya know, the one that it was actually meant for (if for anyone other than ETs wanting to hear themselves talk) completely forgets as soon as they put it out to the world. *shaking head* I’d added some things to the “One of These Things… ” page… about we forerunners being “visionaries” and yet had to go on to say, were we really? Or were the other seasoned LWs just “thick as a brick” and just couldn’t get something as simple and basic as (as one LW’s message was titled) “Deal with your own sh*t. THEN serve.” Duh!!! Yep, k-nuckle heads… and I do mean “heads” as in still stuck in their pea brains instead of (one more time… with feeling) FOLLOWING THEIR OWN DIVINE GUIDANCE AND GITTIN’ ‘ER DONE.

                      “… ‘high-vibe’ themselves to enlightenment …” Years back, I was attempting to get across to someone the need to heal. They fought it. Then they met someone who told them, “Ya just need to raise your frequency.” There’s that simple, pat answer. Wow, now why didn’t I think of THAT? Gosh, oh gee, silly me. Well, goodness sakes, now how do ya suppose one might “raise their frequency”, hmmm, perhaps by, ya know… HEALING maybe?! Duh. Silly humans (yep, “star seeds” included, as they look down their noses at “3Ders” or whoever, while they themselves are just as much or more stuck, caught in the matrix, as those they deem to be “Earthlings / humans” while they themselves are somehow not human?) just can’t stand facing their own f*cking sh*t. Boo-frickin’-hoo! and Double-plus-whah!

                      As you said this, “… but it seems to be encouraged by the audience…” I was thinking “egomaniacs” and then you later say here, “Wasn’t the whole thing with the ego that it was always after the next piece of cheese…?” Uh huh.

                      And there are plenty who are now “2nd wave” and “ascension-ready” and have been for like a couple years at this point and their channeled messages are STILL encouraging them to SHINE THEIR FRICKIN’ LIGHT! F*ck! Ever since I woke up many years ago, as soon as I had light to shine about ANY topic, I was shining it, even way back when their ridicule and eye rolls still actually bothered me. In 2011, after I completed my own ascension process, I FELT ENERGIZED AND EXPANSIVE AND CONNECTED TO EVERY-FRICKIN’-THING. I would have GLADLY gone out into the world, ya know, with THAT much energy and shown my light to beat the frickin’ band. These yahoo LWs have to be coaxed and urged and stroked all the fricking way there EVEN AFTER “completion”. WTF?!

                      “A bit like a tank filling with water or something. The tank is almost full.”

                      Yes, as I said, VERY pregnant.

                      “I actually very much relate to your ‘God, ascend me or kill me.’ thing in that sense, although probably even more so in the sense that I have absolutely no idea, or no inner guidance, on what to do every day and it’s a living hell and has been for years. If there’s nothing for me to do here, kill me!”

                      In June of 2013 (my God, SO F*CKING LONG AGO NOW!), I said that line to put myself to sleep at night. I was SO f*cking tired THEN. I got the next month off of Energetic Service Work… wow, what a “bounce back”, like throwing a frickin’ switch, night and day… finally had some physical energy that I could use FOR ME, OUTWARDLY. Wow! Then back at it until Sept. of 2014 when I quit being used for energy work because (I found out later) I couldn’t be used any more! I have NEVER had a “bounce back” from that since. I can’t help but be the ultimate in “present” and VERY STRICTLY prioritize because I can’t knock out much before I run out of energy. Then that’s the next thing that comes out of silly humans when you attempt to tell them JUST how exhausted ya are… here comes their “to do list” for ya, ya know, where they get all frivolous with the energy you DON’T have, “You can just do this… and just do that… and go here… and go there…” oh, such simple solutions they have for me to “just” do… with what energy? I finally got the message through to someone… who is actually quite more “with it” than most Joe Averages and yet they didn’t “hear” me the first time. They are someone who obviously kinda appreciates me and yet I was quite ready to let them go… but I finally got through to them, had to be firm, had to interrupt them when they wanted to, yet again, go off onto their own “tales of exhaustion” and tell them they were NOT LISTENING. Thank God it got through, ‘cuz yep, I appreciate them too… but do NOT have the energy to be dealing with typical stupid human idiocy.

                      And… in that God! Enough Already! post, I’d said, “… never without purpose” and that post wasn’t either. As soon as I posted it I knew God had wanted me to… that was the LWs final “heads up” if you will. Yep, they’ve been warned.

                      “… although probably even more so in the sense that I have absolutely no idea, or no inner guidance, on what to do every day and it’s a living hell and has been for years. If there’s nothing for me to do here, kill me!”

                      I’d said somewhere that if the Divine wants to use you for something, oh, they always find a way to get through to ya, but since my Energetic Service Work days are (mostly) over, I don’t get much of anything (past keeping my vital signs going) unless and until I ask and it’s the same ol’, same ol’ frickin’ message. Pretty tough to tell from such messages if we are actually getting closer when you’ve already heard that same message FOR YEARS. Ya know, mostly variants of “soon.”

                      “It’s actually significant enough, that I feel compelled to return my attention to this sort of nothing (the place of ‘no effort’). ”

                      I have gotten that same sort of message lately… like “effortless manifestation”. And I’ve actually seen a wee bit of it, yes, things, little things, but I don’t really “need” much anyway, but it’s just flowing to me. I do hope that’s a good sign of WAY MORE of the same. Frankly, I see it as a message that the “holding patterns” will “soon” stop and I’ll actually get to MOVE FORWARD FOR MYSELF, FOR MY OWN CREATIONS… and not be stuck in a collective holding pattern.


                    • And… I am SO sick of “living in my head” which the “only of what you want” part of “think only of what you want and not of what you don’t want” truly seems like at this point. GAWD! And yep, no “turning back”… to anything. Wouldn’t want to anyway. Keep getting messages of “don’t be of 2 minds” no matter how challenging outer circumstances continue to get. Ugh.


                    • If you’ve seen much of my blog, you know that I often include Gaia Portal (GP) messages. I feel they are absolutely tapping into the energies of this project… and they’re short and sweet, with no “filler” b.s. In 4 short lines they say FAR more than the tomes and reams of fluff that channelers put out.

                      When my buddy and I were working above the veil, kicking ETs in the butt and such, well, we got confirmation / feedback from GP over and over, using OUR terms and phrases and our work there was creating almost instantaneous change, well, “upstairs” and GP would report in “real time”.

                      But, below the veil, a much different and SLOWER story. I came out with my Last Call post almost a year ago now, then realized that GP had more or less said the same thing a month or two earlier, which I included at the bottom of the post. And yet, here we are still, a year+ later. *yawn*

                      This sort of thing (below) is a HUGE part of the reason why. Yes, 3Ders need to move along also, but if more LWs would get it in gear, that would help 3Ders tremendously. See both post in link below and my own comments there.


  3. Am I wasting time?

    I’m really not sure what I’m supposed to be doing on a daily basis and it’s driving me insane. Sometimes I look around and the only thing I can really think to do is just get rid of everything. Am I supposed to just trust in that and walk stark bollock naked to the charity shop and hope that life whisks me off to 5D in return for my faith, or is there room for rationality, such as, ‘I could probably do with keeping some underwear at least so I stand some chance of not getting imprisoned, sectioned and forcefully injected with an an anti-psychotic drug that may give me ascension-ready 48DD breasts as a side-effect’?

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  4. Do you know… I actually have now been sectioned, and I’m being given drugs every day, etc. etc..

    I can’t seem to ‘give up’ enough.

    There’s this endless ‘gripping’ in my navel area which is by far the biggest nuisance of all. I’m not sure it’s ever going to change or get any better. It’s such a dark hell that I would submit every moment if I could. “I give up, I give up, I give up” and yet it just drags on and on. I just want to die.

    Is there something I have to do to remove this horrendous gripping feeling in my abdomen that just won’t fuck off? Once, I felt like it might blow open. But even if it was going to do that, it’s all happening in such slow motion that it might be a decade before it does, and am I supposed to just live in this unrelenting hell for all that time? I can’t believe this is happening. How could it be necessary to put someone through such a hell with *no* out? God help me, God help me, God help me…

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    • Honey, keep asking for God’s help… and comfort. Ask the angels (which are actually your own thought forms) to suck the discomfort off of you. I’d love to tell you I’m doing better than that myself, having been “ascension-ready” for over 8 years now, but I won’t lie, the physical exhaustion and soul weariness get to me and both make my mind get all fretty. Things I could tell you about my own outer circumstances… but I won’t. Just suffice it to say, the challenges just keep coming… while the messages and the general KNOWINGNESS that things are moving forward, now in no small way just keep coming also, but ugh…yep, it all drags on. I must admit, that my present outer circumstances actually allow me to be in a situation where there is not much demand put on me. I need that. “If you need it, it will be there. If it’s not there, you must not need it.” I kinda get the sense that is what’s going on with you also. Don’t judge yourself due to your outer circumstances and ask God to have your back when you don’t have what it takes to do so yourself. Keep asking for God’s help and comfort and do your best to surrender over to that. Get plenty of water and sleep. Sleep isn’t so much for the body, but for the soul. It’s a vacation from here. Make and take the opportunities to SLEEP.


      • Thanks. You’re strong and kind in your responses.

        The truth is that I have questioned reality so deeply as a result of my suffering that I have tried all sorts of things to try to ‘escape’. I questioned whether the people around me were even real because I just could not understand how they could be so unquestioning, so 1-dimensional, so robotic, so unrelenting (take your pick) whilst I spend my life trying absolutely anything to alleviate this hell.

        I do see the other side to my circumstances. I’m looked after here in terms of food etc.

        If I knew for a fact that life was *not* waiting for me to do something, it wouldn’t be half as bad. If I knew for a fact I just had to stay the course, I would get a great deal of comfort from that. But in my somewhat delusional state (where one ends up when one start thinking everything in your life is a sign) I thought a song with the lyrics ‘learning to fly again’ was about me, as an angel (<- !), learning to fly again.

        At one point, I thought everyone around me in the ward was a 'clone' of someone else in my life, and that I had to get things straight with everyone to be free. How nuts is that? I would just look at them and a name would appear.

        Also… There was a time where I felt like I could read people's thoughts. In fact, even now I could swear it was real. Everyone would lose their voice around me because it wasn't coming from a true place. My attention would be drawn to a person's mouth and a thought would appear. I think I 'deduced' that the mouth represented the mind, the eyes something else (maybe the heart), 3rd eye something else. There was also a 'flow' where I knew where everyone was supposed to be, which seat they should be sitting in, whose drink it was supposed to be, etc. Even now I honestly don't know if I did go crazy or if I really was picking up on abnormal things.

        So yeah, I'd say the majority of my suffering is actually caused by questioning what it is life wants me to do to be free.

        (BTW, sorry if my stuff isn't very well written or edited. I had drafted quite a lot of stuff to you before that I didn't publish (felt it was more natural to 'give up' and was obsessively pursuing my 'natural state') and it was actually quite good. Right now, I feel it's better to get something out than nothing – though could be wrong!)

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        • Make no mistake, we’re surround by unsanity. No doubt, their unsanity is crazy-making. I had my short time in the mental ward once. Another long story. I was still MUCH sharper than the so-called mental health “experts” around me, being better at observing the observers than they were me and I made that abundantly clear to them and they had to let me go. No surprise there. Those details will come out with the rest of my life story… down the road.

          Well, if it helps any, the intuitive hit I get about you IS just that you stay the course, “Steady as she goes” as they say in maritime realms. One foot in front of the other. I also get that you really don’t need to “heal” anymore, but while you’re in this world, there is such a thing as “release maintenance”. Lordy, but do I know that one.

          I get the “seeing the signs” thing too. There are times I can’t help but think I support myself with such at times. Didn’t used to be that way, as in, I do think during my healing process there WAS meaning to it. Now, it’s just keeping me going.

          There’s a Tarot card – the 6 of Swords – there’s this one Tarot meaning site (see link below), where this gal brings out the usual meaning of this card: “it indicates we are moving away from troubled waters (hard times or emotional tribulations) to calmer seas (peace is on the horizon)” but she also brings this out: “any action to move away from pain is always a step (or oar-stroke) in the right direction” and also “To my intuitive eyes, those six swords (thoughts) are acting as plugs (in a leaky boat).” She goes on to say that this is not a permanent solution… BUT what occurred to me when I put together the parts that I point out to you is this:
          We certainly can use our thoughts to our detriment and drive ourselves crazy, but we can also use those thoughts, well, not so much as an “escape” but as I said about sleep, as a vacation.

          And obviously more than just our “Mini Me’s” do too:

          God literally did that to me during these ascension hell years… for 3 FRICKIN’ YEARS! He literally painted an illusion for me, with someone else’s higher self’s help, to give me something resembling a life. I could say it was a fantasy, but it was not MY fantasy since there is no way I could have maintained a fantasy that long… by a long shot… and when I fantasize, well, ya kinda have to cover both sides of the script, if you will, and that was NOT what was going on. The other side of the script was the Divine’s doing. Why? To keep me going. At the same moment I woke up to the truth of the Divine illusion, I also knew why. Didn’t make it suck any less. More long story that will come out in the story of my life… down the road. But, by God (literally), it worked… to keep me going. Frankly, I am glad it was there for me. And actually God may have very well opened a door for me along those lines, turning that fantasy into a reality… down the road.

          The song that’s been in my head a lot lately is Lissie’s “Best Days”. Some lyrics:
          ‘Cause the best days of my life are coming for me
          Waiting to be realized
          I keep my eye on that prize
          If the best days that I know are just in the past
          Am I gonna last forever?
          I want more best days

          Powerful song. Almost made me cry just now, but I think I’m pretty much cried out by now.



        • Another song that runs through my head, well the chorus, for obvious reasons. The song is rather relationship based, but the chorus says it all:

          Get out, get out
          Get, get, get out
          Get, get, get out of here
          Can we get out, get out
          Get, get, get out
          Get, get, get out of here?

          Makes me laugh really. lol


  5. Hey, how’s it going?

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    If you haven’t already, it is time to seek God with all your heart. Jesus loves you more than you could imagine. He wants to have a relationship with you and redeem you from your sins. Turn to Him and repent while there is still hope! God bless!


    • The above comment that I am replying to here was in my spam, but I felt it was actually worth addressing.

      “In December of 2017, Donald Trump made history by recognizing Jerusalem as the captial of Israel.”

      I really don’t care one way or the other about the state of Israel (Isis-Ra-El), but the state of Israel is a global cabal creation. No one, and I mean no one, has worked harder to fulfill Biblical prophecy than the global cabal. Many a supposed “Christian” evangelist type is going out of their way to ship all the Jews from all over the world to Is-ra-el (Isis-Ra-El). Why? What is their motive? Do they detest Jews so much they are just trying to get them out of their own backyard? Wtf? But then again, who the f*ck cares about such silly nonsense?!

      “Why is this big news? Because by this the Jewish people of Israel are now able to press forward in bringing about the Third Temple prophesied in the Bible.”

      And I sure as Heaven don’t give a crap about outward temples. Tend to YOUR OWN temple, which is your own being, in all its aspects – body, mind, emotions, spirit.

      “Jewish Rabbis have publicly announced that their Messiah will be revealed in the coming years who will be a leader and spiritual guide to all nations, gathering all religions under the worship of one God. They deny Jesus as their Messiah, and the Bible tells us this Jewish Messiah will be the counterfiet that will bring about a false peace, and ultimatley the great tribulation.”

      I myself, I AM a spiritual leader (albeit, an unknown one thus far) in ways you couldn’t even f*cking fathom and I actually probably will be a spiritual guide to all nations. Blah, blah, woof, woof. I myself deny Jesus (or anyone else) as MY messiah / savior. I’m not Jewish though. I may be considered “a Hebrew” though, which is just one who has Higher Knowledge.

      As I’ve said elsewhere – What is termed “being saved” / ascension / being Christed (all one and the same) is not something that someone else can do for you. It’s the ultimate exercise in Self Mastery. Really? You think someone else can take care of YOUR Self Mastery?

      I know that, especially in this day and age, everyone is into hiring someone else to do things for them, even raising their children for them. *shaking head*

      I can just hear the advertisement for this now:

      Are you experiencing the nagging urge to take care of your Self Mastery… but just can’t seem to find the time? We here at Self Masteries Are Us understand. We know there are football games to watch and beer to drink and even the global cabal to be exposed. So who really has time and energy to take care of their own Self Mastery? That’s why we started our service. Just dial Jesus-Christ and we’ll send you your own personal savior / messiah so we can get the process started, then we’ll take it from there so you can get back to your ever-so-important 3D activities.


      These people who think that if they just “believe in Jesus” they will “be saved”, well, first, Jesus is a fictitious, allegorical character, so that’s beyond silly, believing in a fairy tale character will save you.  But if he were a real person, it’s still just as silly. It’s like someone with cancer thinking that if they just believe in a healthy person, they too can be healthy.  Wouldn’t that be so wonderful and easy?!  Nice pipe dream.  Don’t actually Think, Say or Do anything healthy to, ya know, get healthy, just believe in someone who is healthy, who HAS Thought, Said and Done healthy things.  *shaking head*

      And… you’re STILL waiting for “the great tribulation” to happen? Where’ve you been? It’s been going on for quite some time and getting more intense for some folks all the time. But hey, whatever has to happen “out there” to drive you “in here” and get your own danged healing / inner work done!

      “Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666. ”

      Obviously YOU don’t have the “understanding” that is being talked about there. This number 666 thing refers to gematria. The “number of man”. That is not meaning “human”, but “man” as opposed to “woman.” MAN has been THE BEAST!!! Nothing wrong with Masculine energy in general, but without the balance of Feminine energy you get the imbalance of a patriarchy and that IS rather BEASTLY! Men have been more beastly than beasts.  What? You haven’t noticed that… yet? How much maiming and killing needs to go on before you catch on?

      And ya know what’s the FIRST thing to go when the world is a patriarchy? YOUR CONNECTION TO GOD! Because INTUITION is your connection to God and that IS Divine Feminine energy.  This was all quite by design, by the ETs that the global cabal are minions of.  You dumbed-down, ignorant Bible thumper you.

      The number of “woman”, ya know, gematria-wise, is like 1080.

      Here are a couple articles about that:



      Yep, look into Margaret Starbird’s work!

      I can’t / won’t deny that the cabal are attempting to RFID everyone. Like I said, they are going out of their way to fulfill Biblical prophecy. Never mind they are no better at interpreting it than most Judeo-Christians are.  But yeah RFIDing everyone is the utmost of control-freakedness.  Yep, over-the-top Masculine energy, off the frickin’ rails!  
      Are you paying attention to internet censorship and the control over your ability to buy and sell either online or off that is HAPPENING NOW, WITHOUT putting a chip in you?!  Hello?!  If you still don’t understand that is all already going on, full tilt, listen to this.

      NONE of this would be happening without the imbalance of the patriarchy.  As I’ve said elsewhere, the answer to a patriarchy is NOT a matriarchy, but a patriarchy is much easier to control and sustain because men are not as naturally intuitive / Divinely Connected as women are and men are bigger and stronger and can muscle their way around, foolish as they have been / are to do so.  Some good-hearted men in this world now may even hold women on a pedestal, but for what?  For their beauty… not for their natural Divine Connection.  *shaking head*  Don’t kid yourselves that the patriarchy has not hurt men.  It absolutely has.  MEN’S Divine Connection has been SEVERELY impaired by the patriarchy.  MEN’S Divine Feminine has been denied.  They dis half of themselves by dissing or not acknowledging the Divine Feminine.  And when a patriarchy goes on for as long as it has, even women start to act like men, in all the wrong ways, jumping right over assertion and straight too aggression.  Not good folks. Time to quit identifying so closely with your MEAT SUIT. What’s between your legs is NOT who you are. You are a soul of God, that at a soul level HAS NO GENDER!

      “He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads…”

      Have you considered that the “mark on their foreheads” has to do with being more left-brained (masculine energy) than right-brained and hence not so intuitive (intuition IS feminine energy) and hence not so connected to God?  Mmm?  Have you considered that the “mark on their right hand” is about being “heavy handed”?  Mmm?  And not just “a hand” but the RIGHT hand, which is controlled by the left side of the brain (left side of brain & head and right side of body are masculine). Yep, Masculine energy gone wild.

      We are all Powerful Creator Gods. Forgetting THAT would be the original “sin” / ignorance… forgetting who you really are! The only reason Powerful Creator Gods should give a sh*t about prophecy is to heed the warning therein. The prophecy heeded is the one that DOES NOT fulfill. Powerful Creator Gods don’t sit back and watch Biblical prophecy unfold, like they’re watching a f*cking movie. Power Creator Gods Create Anew! They create what THEY want, what THEY are Divinely guided to create.

      “Jesus loves you more than you could imagine. ”

      Do YOU love you? Do you love you enough to “save” yourself? Since you are the only one who can. Past Christs can’t save you, most especially fictitious ones.

      There is no “Jesus”. The New Testament stories, well, the parts that could be taken literally (the entire Bible is steeped in Sacred Symbology / archetypal info) are the stories of many people all lumped together under one “name” (yeah, “Jesus”), based on many Pagan archetypes from many cultures throughout history, but also on the Gnostic Christians, the New Agers of their day, here to usher in the Age of Pisces. That’s why “Jesus” is associated with the symbol of the fish – Pisces. And now we have a whole new herd of New Agers to help with a Planetary and Collective Human Ascension. And you’re not to WORSHIP anyone else – not those who have achieved their own Christhood or those of us who will soon achieve our own Christhood or those who are working on doing so. YOU could stand to get t’ busy working on YOUR OWN Christhood. Silly. Silly, brainwashed and disempowered so-called “Christian”. Time to put another bump on that word and be a Christ-I-Am. Oh my, but that WILL take some work and some responsibility and I know you’d love to shrug that Responsibility (and the Power that goes with it) and just hand that off to “Jesus” and Self Masteries Are Us, but sorry there Bub, you’re the only one who CAN save yourself. Best get off your “waiting for Jesus to come and save me” duff and GET YOUR INNER WORK DONE!

      “Have I not said ye are gods? You too shall do these and greater things.” ~ “Jesus”

      What you could stand to acknowledge is YOUR OWN CHRIST WITHIN. Do you know what your “good book” says about THAT? Best go have a look.

      “Jesus” is not returning.  He would have had to show up in the first place, at least once to then be “returning”. The cabal has you waiting for something that will never happen… so that you don’t save yourself.  CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS is what is returning to this world… through YOU… if you let it.  You in or what?

      Screw some semi-fictitious character named “Jesus”. Work to attain your own Christ Consciousness. Nope, Self Masteries Are Us are NOT going to come rescue you, you must save yourself. You’re the only one who can. God and your higher self would be quite happy to help, just cut out the “middle men”, including all those long-dead ones in that book you’re thumpin’ on.


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