A clip from the movie Erik the Viking where a bunch of vikings set out to find Valhalla.

A Catholic monk travels along with them, not  expecting them to find anything since it’s not part of his belief system.

Earlier in the show, along their journey, the monk would see things and point it out to the vikings, but they couldn’t see these things since they was not part of their belief system.

They finally do find Valhalla…


As a forerunner, I can so relate.  As I’d recently said in comments, in 2010, when I was in my own personal ascension process, I’d emailed my list of lightworker (LW) friends about what I was experiencing and my sense of it.  One thing I’d said was, “We’re being asked to step up in a much bigger way into a much more significant way of creating.”  I got no response to my emails. It didn’t take long to realize they weren’t going through what I was.

I still have that email address that I used with my LW friends, and yet over the years and most especially in a big way from 2010 on, I have heard very, very little from anyone at all from that old group.

A couple years ago, one of these LWs emailed something to me.  I made a comment back to them.  They then asked me what I’d been up to.  lol  I told them.  I wrote a big long email about the planetary / collective service work I’d been doing.

They then responded again and by what they said it was apparent that they literally didn’t even “see” the story I’d told them.  I forwarded this email exchange to my friend who also saw what I did – this person just flat could not “see” my paradigm.


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