From Surrendering to Reveling

This big group of lightworkers (LWs) who are about to be unleashed into the world, the ~15 million strong (Release the frickin’ hounds! – you know who you are), you’ve all had much practice in surrendering.  You may still have plenty enough of that to still do in some ways.

But now it’s time to segue into a different way of being.  There is still much “work” ahead, time for that “long haul” stuff, but hopefully a “labor of love” in more ways than one, in every way.

So, surrendering is / was like stepping in dog doo.  It sucks, now you’ve got some shoe cleaning ahead of you but you completely surrender yourself to the task, to the moment and just git ‘er done.

Reveling is more like a dog comes upon that same steamy pile of poo, takes a sniff… and… does a barrel roll in it.  Little doggy Nirvana.  “Look at all the sh*t I’m stirring up!”  lol

Just get it all over ya.

Fully, very consciously acknowledge your beacon that shines into the dark places in your fellow human.  And when that light has stirred their pots, has roused their rabble, has shattered their beliefs, when their arrows come flying at ya, just let ’em fly right on by and beam love at them.

Let yourself smile and laugh at it all – the sparks igniting, in more ways than one, the healing… and the absurdities of the world, especially those.  Allow yourself to have a sick sense of humor about all the 3D drama because it is so very outrageously hilarious.

Enjoy yourself.  Time to bloom.


6 thoughts on “From Surrendering to Reveling

  1. A couple messages on coherency. They’re long. Grab a cuppa something.

    “Each person has the personal power to choose to develop self-leadership, which takes on another dimension in service to the whole.”

    Developing Competence for Coherence by Lisa Renee

    Our Task as Spiritual Warriors Responding Coherently to the Coming Times – an interview with Tom Kenyon by Diane M. Cooper (from Oct. 2001, so right after 9/11)

    I would remind everyone that one must address their own inner work, their own Unity Unto Oneself before truly being able to significantly influence others in the collective. You first! Your greatest influence comes from sheer energy, what you emanate out to others, sometimes without saying or doing anything in particular and also the energy that you bring to everything you do and say.

    There is also talk of “group coherency” and how those who do not resonate with the group will eventually leave kinda thing.

    Now, something for the individuals to watch for – is the “outsider” not resonating with you because they represent energy that you have left / are leaving behind OR are they indicating to you that you are stuck and you hang with a group only because “misery loves company” or something similar. Are you all “resonant” in your stuckness? Oh sure, it’s nice to have a posse, but are you just “settling”, just to have some “friends”? Is it keeping you from progressing? Has the group become a plateau that is just a higher level of stuck?

    So… is the “outsider” your messenger in this regard? Will you heed the message? Is it time to move forward, leave the group… who may only be holding you back, having become just a higher level of distraction?

    Is what the “outsider” brings, is it a heads up on things to come, something to file away in the back of your mind in the “interesting” file to be delved into more deeply in the future?

    Perhaps the one who really needs to leave a specific group is you yourself. And when it comes right down to it, that might be the best thing you could ever do for those whom you leave behind. Your departure may be the very catalyst that gets them moving forward.

    But regardless, as long as you are on 3D / 4D Earth, you are connected to the collective. That “group” is a given. So… doesn’t it make sense, not only for you but for others, that you continue to progress?!

    From first link:
    “As the capacity for personal coherence increases, this serves to strengthen the group agreement, which allows for the potential increase of energetic coherence for the entire system, to be greatly multiplied.”

    From second link:
    “One of the things that occurred after the attack is that the Hathors[6] came to me and said, ”The path of the Initiate is different than the collective.” And I said, ”What do you mean by that?” And they said, ”Everyone is part of the collective destiny, but an initiate [or someone on the spiritual path] has awareness and a responsibility that comes out of that awareness.

    We must understand that there is a spiritual discipline required in a moment like this, and that is, as much as possible, to remain in coherency. …

    The Hopi also have a saying that in these end times, as things speed up, we need to slow down and do everything with more mindfulness — to become more aware, more appreciative, and be connected to our spiritual community, those that have like values.”

    We literally are slowing down in order to raise our frequency. We remain present and can then be the Spiritual Minutemen that we came here to be.

    Much on both of these messages about Responsibility. Make no mistake, the further you advance the more Responsibility you then have. Like the line “God will only give you as much as you can handle.” But! God will absolutely give you AS MUCH as you can handle. The further along in your own advancement / evolution, then the more you’re capable of and the more that the Divine asks of you.

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  2. Firstly, I’m glad you sent the link to your piece on “Surrender.” Now…about that. Did you REALLY have to use the analogy of stepping in Dog poo (shiver). So unsanitary! And OH LORD! I did that a few months back at work, so I did just surrender (grumbling) and set about the task of cleaning and sanitizing my shoe so I didn’t track dog crap (and other bad bugs) that might track into my patient’s house who had dogs and might get sick from what’s on my shoe. Yeah…nurses are suppose to think like that.

    Now…Surrender (same analogy in mind) is bad enough, but I get it. “Revealing?” Oh, DAF…you had to take it THAT FAR? Really??!! If I hadn’t had dogs that did just what you described, I wouldn’t not have fully gotten what you meant. But I have, and I did! Ewwww…..AWEFUL!! Have to walk the dumb ass dog all the way home…put that B***h in the tub and put my hands all over that crap all caked up in her fur…make sure all the nasty chunkies are gone before I’d let her on the furniture (a habit I never could persuade her to give up).

    You made your point CLEARLY, AND SO…damn! It really is like that.

    Secondly, you brought up “Coherence.” And here again, it is more clearly defined. I’m gonna look at those defining websites you linked.

    Thirdly and simply, Thanks! This is some good stuff!


    • Yeah, as I said, I’m mindful of words and always get the Divine guidance / permission. I tend to free-flow as I write then check in with God for editing. I have been known to ask, “Really? You DO want me to say it that way?!”

      And yep, a bit of 4th Ray energy to give a jolt to folks’ stuck places.

      Dirty jobs are just dirty. Trying to not “get any on ya” can just drag it out and perhaps threatens poor results. Just dive in. Just roll in it. You can bathe / clear later.

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