At the same time I’m writing about Bill Nye telling people what to fear – to just “not worry your pretty little heads about what we are doing with food (which you still have other options / choices on anyway)” and instead “worry about this virus which you, on a personal level, can’t do one whole hell of a lot about anyway (and wouldn’t be harmful anyway if you ate real food)”- then someone is visiting my blog and brings their fears of things “out there” here.

It may not have been their intent to fear monger and yet the end result is the same.  Reading one of their comments about made me want to hurl.  And they kept posting comments here, there and everywhere and regardless of the post, they found some way to work it back to “Folks, fear this!” (Bill Nye, is that you?!) and over something that at best Joe Average might be able to protest about or write their congressman about, but other than that not much for Joe Average to do… but worry and fear, which is totally counterproductive to this whole ascension effort.

And I’m not interested in fear mongering and am not going to enable anyone else who is (intentionally OR unconsciously) doing so.  It won’t happen here, thank you very much.  Sorry, not sorry.

But this whole ascension thing is for everyone.  It’s not an elitist type thing, it’s here FOR EVERYONE and it all comes down to personal choice and… healing, clearing and releasing fears.  Healing and ascension is something available to anyone and everyone.  The “big, bad cabal” can’t keep you from doing it!

And as I’ve said before, we have everything we need.  3D Earth and the Divine will provide you with all that you need to support yourself in every way.  You just need to make the right choices and you’re set.  It’s the choices we make about our day to day personal lives that have a big influential impact on the world.  Energy flows where attention goes.

This person claimed they were a forerunner, but obviously not, since a forerunner would not be carrying fear about these things “out there”.  We forerunners have cleared all our fears “in here”.  That’s how it’s done.

We forerunners were also used to hold off destructive forces so a forerunner would know that measures are being taken to fend off such things because WE TRANSMUTED SUCH THROUGH OUR OWN PERSONAL FIELDS, which we could not have been used for if we were not clear energetic channels ourselves, which was the case because we completed our healing and ascension work.  Believe me, if you were used for such, you’d have known it.  Those who have been used for it, DO know it.

And this also is right on the heels of Eireport’s message, which I brought additional clarity to on some things, including that one need not worry about any big and sudden horrific sh*t happening on 3D Earth because those above the veil (including higher selves influencing their humans in key places, even the more sleepy humans and ETs) and some advanced humans below the veil can, have and will continue to hold off such destructive forces.  For all of those who haven’t already experienced transmuting off crap energy from the world, you may very well be used for such down the road.  This tidbit of information seemed to be news to this person.  Forerunner my ass.  Sorry again, not sorry again.

If you still have fears about the cabal and / or the “out there”, then you still have work to do “in here”.   Acknowledge the fear and work to release it.

On the flip side, even though WWIII has been kept from happening, amongst a whole host of other nasty sh*t, there are ongoing destructive forces that are more slowly but surely creating a scorched earth scenario.  And who is doing this?  Humans.  Not just the cabal, who’d be hard-pressed to create as much destruction on their own as the entire collective have done together.

So Joe Average has been an unwitting pawn in the cabal’s agenda… and with things that Joe Average absolutely DOES have some personal choice in, that they don’t need a big group of friends to make these choices and changes with, they can make them quite on their own.  Awakening and healing play major roles in people changing their choices.  High time to get our priorities straight.

No matter how you slice it, the answer for this entire scenario is for people to wake up and heal.

The answer is NOT that people, lightworkers included, continue to keep their focus on the cabal’s doings “out there” and try to get others all fearful about these “oh so scary things out there” that are beyond most people’s mundane-level influence anyway.  Who cares?!  Ya all could stand to quit concerning yourselves with such and tend to what you DO have control / influence over – your own healing and consciousness raising and influencing others’ healing and consciousness raising.

For any and all of you who understand what I am saying, it’s key that you step out of all that fear.  You are creating a new space, a new energy and SOMEONE NEEDS TO DO THAT, so please, those of you who get this, please keep yourself and the new space / energy pristine.  We can’t expect those who don’t understand this to do this, so… those who do understand, this is what is being asked of you.

There are also plenty of places where acting / doing has its place also.  Here again, there are plenty of folks who get that part of things and they’re on it.  It’s the stage of their growth / evolution that they are in.  But if you are beyond that, there are very important ways for you to BE and you could stand to BE that because, here too, not everyone understands the significance of such, so it’s really important that those who do understand play that role.

Info about the cabal has its place and there are plenty of places where people post about and discuss such for those who still need to learn about it, but as my One of These Things… page says, those topics are not for THIS blog.  I am keeping this blog a pristine space concerning such.

But hey, go to all those oodles of other sites that just love to discuss all that sh*t until they’re blue in the face.  Go get your fill!  Perhaps if you do that you’ll get sick and tired of it and finally release it.

You are all powerful creators.  Be very careful about where you are putting your energies because your “in here” is creating your “out there”.  Seize the opportunity to change the things you can… and that would be YOU.  YOU are who / what you can change.  Please do so by facing your fears, then healing, clearing and releasing those fears… so that you are not participating in creating the very thing you don’t want.  Then you also serve as a good example to others of another option.

The cabal only have influence.  We too have influence.  The cabal like to dabble in insane destructive nonsense.  When we are advanced enough, we can fend off any harm from such b.s.  So… stop worrying about “out there” and tend to “in here.”  You want to help this world?  “In here” is where you’ll get the greatest effect at influencing the world for good.

The “evil”, “bad”, “darkness” which is “out there” is not your concern.  Clean out the darkness from within yourself.  That is what you have the Power and Responsibility to change.

If you haven’t already done so, read Create Anew!


4 thoughts on “Fear

  1. Good morning!! ☀️ Don’t you fret sunshine man! a week or two ago my gladness factor got veery large… That upset some things that came a few nights in a row during sleep to try to bring it down. Gave it little to no energy. Guided to give no thought. Not very “afraid” anymore.
    And also I have to move, change residence. The area is no longer ok, sadly something has hold there.
    But wanted to affirm you!!… It cannot be thought upon. Not our job. (Even though I grieve.) I will not aide that energy or any energy or hysteria serving that.
    A good report just for you I hope! Good worker in the fields!!! God bless you gold and green man! hehee!☘🌻🌝

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much for all your articles. A strong light in these times, as we continue to rise and shine . Glad I found your site. Blessings, deb


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