Ascension Time!

Here we go!

I can’t believe I’m writing this.  My hands are shaking as I am.  I’ve known this is coming, have sensed progress out of the lightworker community in recent months like I’d not sensed for far too long.  Do I really need to tell you all that you are advancing by leaps and bounds these days?!

And I’ve known for a short while that I’d be talking about this.  On June 1st, Gaia Portal said, “Hue-manity brings the news.”  I understood that message that day.  So, here I am, a Hue-being here to bring the news.  As some of you who have been reading this blog have heard me say so many times, I just about don’t do much of anything without Divine guidance.  You can bet that God wants this message put out.

And that would be THEE news.

Gaia and the ~1,145,000 humans who are ascension-ready (what we have for a “first wave”) will have FULL ASCENSION imminently.  Off to 5D for us.

Folks, this sh*t’s for real.  Ascension is a real thing.  KNOW it.

And the fact that Gaia and the first wave will very soon be able to ascend IN FULL says an awful lot about those who will not be ascending with us / at the same time.  If enough of you all weren’t far enough along, weren’t spiritually mature enough, we wouldn’t be able to do this now.  Kudos.


So, a little bit of an update on the overall situation for this entire ascension project:

I was told in May that of the ~15 million lightworkers who have in recent months gotten themselves far enough along in their process to hold the light for 3D / 4D, about 40% or ~6 million will more than likely be complete / ascension-ready / full Divine embodiment this calendar year.

Folks, the REAL forerunners (or the forerunners of the forerunners) worked fricking miracles with only ~145,000 of us.  Just think how much can and will happen with ~6 million humans COMPLETE and another ~9 million close on their heels.


And, as I’d discussed with someone recently (hey D.! 😉 ), upon your completion, your mission is to basically make your own replacements.  Time for service work BIG TIME!  Shine your light!  You’ll be allowed to ascend IN FULL to 5D Gaia once there are enough others coming up behind you who are far enough along to take over light holding duties and service work from you.

But yes, there will be a period of time when you will very much be “in the world and not of it” and in no small way.  Yep, you’ll still be here, functioning, interacting with others and yet SO NOT part of the whole 3D / 4D Earth realm.

As I’d later said (hi again D! lol):

First, my “Gaia Portal” post:

I was urged to do that post to point out little subtleties in meaning / info / communication in mostly the Eireport message but also a little bit of Gaia Portal. 

So, Eireport spoke of the “… in the end, speeding up the awakening of all…” I explained that where / when that whole process speeds up is AFTER someone wakes up. 

So, anyone and everyone who is “in 4D”, basically, you have had your initial awakening and are “on path”, regardless as to where you are on that path and for how long, 4D is speeding up now. It could be said that 4D itself is “more awake”, there’s much more “energetic information” for someone’s knowingness to get a clue from. The collective conscious internet sort of thing. 

So, people who wake up will be on the fast track. 0 to 60 in record time. Ya know.

And, these days, the “path” is rather well-trodden by many a lightworker. Information abounds. Get someone awakened and empowered and get them in the mode of following their own guidance and finding their own answers and they’re set.

Where will lightworkers get their biggest bang for the buck concerning moving this human ascension project along? PUT YOUR ENERGIES TOWARDS WAKING PEOPLE UP! Just get them to catch the spark, “light one candle” and, these days especially, they’ll be quite “self-propelled”. Just hand them the ball and they will run with it.

Don’t create dependency (others dependent on you).  Instead, encourage their own self-empowerment and self-sovereignty.  And, of course, you walking the talk, being the living example is a biggy.

And folks, this can also be about any step of someone’s awakening and not just their initial awakening, as in, if you are even just 1/2 a step ahead of the next person and yet the Divine is urging you to say or do something to / for them, then do it.  In most cases it’s going to be about a very small effort on your part, perhaps even just sharing a tiny tidbit of info or doing something in front of someone, but it may make a world of difference to them.  Shine the light for them to take that next 1/2 step.  Every little bit helps.

Time to be the Divine Johnny on the Spot, a Spiritual Minuteman, a Spiritual Opportunist.

Really tap into your Divine guidance about what to say to whom when.  And when not to say something even though you know it yourself.  Work with the Divine.  Better yet, let the Divine work THROUGH you.  Just get outta the way.  Turn yourself over to the Divine…. COMPLETELY!


From “The Angels Within Us” by John Randolph Price:

The next coded instruction is to stand still.  In the ancient schools “stand still” meant to enter into a state of serenity and trust through complete surrender to the Presence within and to have faith in the activity of the Spirit.  For a greater understanding of what this means, imagine yourself as a musical instrument, a clarinet for example.  See the instrument as you would on a Saturday-morning children’s cartoon – alive and animated.  It has free will, which means that it thinks it can play itself, so it functions in the world by striking its own keys, blowing its own squealing notes.  And all the time the Master Musician is waiting to play the most harmonious melody the world has ever heard.

As time passes, the little clarinet discovers metaphysics and begins to tell the Master Musician within what notes to play for it: “Oh Mighty Spirit, play the note for a new car for me, for money in the bank and a new job.”  At first this new way of playing brings results, but they are not lasting.  Then the little clarinet seeks to make his demonstrations more “spiritual” and begins to listen for instructions from the Master within as to what notes to play: “Lord, give me the note for health and happiness and I will surely play it in your name.”  And again some fruit falls from the tree, but the taste is not satisfying.  Finally the clarinet’s consciousness evolves to the point where it declares, “I surrender to the great I AM THAT I AM.  Master, play your notes through me!”


Slow down.  Let go of your busyness / DOingness and mostly just do what the Divine guides you to do.  Be still and quiet often so you can get the guidance.  If you only act upon what the Divine guides you on, you’ll get the biggest bang for your buck, you won’t have wasted motion and effort, no tail chasing, no wheel spinning, you won’t wear yourself out “catering to others”.  Let the Divine do all the work.  You just let it work through you.

(See also Free Will is Just a Veiled Consciousness State post.)

Lightworkers, you got this!  Blessings to you all.  Time to truly know what powerful creators you are.



14 thoughts on “Ascension Time!

  1. Yes, it seems that something big is happening here and also in the NOW.
    For those who are at the end of the way, I have to say, everything is different, you can not maintain power over others. Power over others just does not work.
    This is the biggest challenge, release the power over others, or out of the way.
    People ask me: Where the money goes into this equation?
    I just do not know the answer.
    Do you know?
    mauro muller


      • Many who are going through the path are in serious money problems. I suppose that the money is still moving but do not know what to say, because for many the money simply does not flow. What is happening with these people?


        • Mauro, I’m one of them who has not had money that I could call my own for over 6 years and yet I am taken care of. I’d assume you are too since you’re talking with me now.

          (You or others) Step out of fear so that your intuition works. Then follow your Divine guidance. Life and the Divine will take care of you, in one way or another. It may involve money, maybe not. Do your part by following Divine guidance. The Divine will give you all the guidance it can but if you don’t do your part and follow / act on the guidance then the Divine can’t help you… or help others through you.

          Read the John Randolph Price quote again. Give yourself over to the Divine. KNOW that you are taken care of and you will be. It may not be in the lap of luxury. Oh well. Gratitude will help your attitude.

          Trust and flow.

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    • Mauro, I wrote the following to someone semi-recently. It may be of some use to you also… more along the same line that you and I have been talking.

      “Yeah, and the answers jump up in front of you when the question or whatever was so not on your mind. Like the line, “When you least expect it, eeexxxpect it!”

      Another little silly thing that used to help me was “setting background intentions.” I knew how important intent was / is but there were things that I knew were not going to unfold quickly but I wanted my intent on it, so I made my intention a “background intention” (setting it was an intention in and of itself). And asking questions can also be that background intention.

      And, in general (whether drifting off topic…following the urge) set your goals with your higher self’s input and kinda set rather broad goals like “I intend to heal” or “… be a good steward to the planet I live on” or “…be of Divine service to my fellow human” etc.

      Then let the Divine provide the how of it! Leave out restricting, limiting words.

      For example, say you have some physical level dis-ease (outward symptom of an inward problem). Don’t say something like “I intend to get the money to go to a specialist doctor to get this looked at / addressed.” Don’t limit yourself, your creations, or the Divine (your own essence included). And don’t leave yourself looking for the wrong “prize” and miss the REAL one when you trip over it.

      It’s more like, “I intend to heal / be healthy.” There may be a myriad of ways that could happen, many of which do NOT include money and / or doctors… ya know. Your higher self is happy to help you make it all happen so let it, let its higher perspective do most of the work for ya. 😉 (HSes could use something to do anyway, ya know. They’re often sitting around playing checkers. lol My friend was shown that image on more than one occasion. Too funny.)”


  2. Thank you for your loving inspiring post!!! 😊 Yesterday was my birthday!! Solstice and full moon!

    I wanted to share that I too lived in MONEY duress for years. DURESS is a way to bring us out/up. Christian Mystics (Jan Van Ruusbroec) write about it.

    Then, my duress and dark night ended. Pay and work hours increased. Enemies became footstools. I did nothing. Was given everything. All I know I did was that I FINALLY committed to going the rest of the way UP…spiritually. My dog, ill and dying, stayed with me until I did.

    It’s true…consider the lilies of the field…🌼


    • Yes, and I cannot imagine being able to do what I have for this ascension effort if I would have had to hold down a job. No way.

      And yet, my “rewards” will be far greater than what 3D can offer. 🙂

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  3. Hi again GAF, that’s wonderful news! I read your book, awake and aware top priority self and loved it and since we last chatted so many amazing things have happened, I definitely feel the energy changing and so many awake people and light workers have come into my life out of nowhere, when I felt I had no one and even people I knew before have suddenly become so awake just from me putting the feelers out (like you said) Never underestimate people!
    I had been having very low energy, the energies were very heavy and hard to bear, lots of pain and so tired and then I had a dream last week that I would get my energy back and I did and I feel amazing again. Then the following night I had a dream that I would become stronger and I have. My healing is well on its way me thinks. Yay. The energies are not so dense now I can feel it, maybe because more people are waking up- I see it all around me now whereas I couldn’t see it at all in my reality a few months ago. I am being a Spiritual Opportunist at all times and amazing how many people are receptive to it.
    I’m very happy for you, come visit me if you can.
    Lots of love and thanks,


    • And I am happy for you. Great news you bring. I will most certainly come visit. I was just telling my friend I look forward to releasing this isolation.

      I’m kinda having that ultimate “letting go” kinda feel where you were tense, like almost like dealing with a crisis and yet now that’s done with and you kinda collapse as the adrenaline wears off. And I’m also feeling a bit heady and felt a very strong connection with God earlier in a “Welcome back!”, “Glad to be back” way.


  4. Hi, are you well?! All okay? No posts recently…. Maybe you’re too happy to write more!! Lol 😆 Peace to you! My life’s taking off and I am so freaked and I don’t know what!! Bless you! 🌷💓


  5. More info (light) for ya…

    For any of you who are not aware of Sandra Walter, well, she’s truly the ONLY light worker that I could bring myself to recommending as far as info on ascension. There are many alt. news types, astrologers, etc. who do very well in the realm they are taking care of, but very few light worker types truly understand ascension. All I can say is I’m sure glad Sandra is around.

    Here’s an interview with her.
    One question asked was (and I paraphrase) “How do you know if you have completed your ascension work?”


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