Right this minute… we’re still unascended.  *yawn*

This is a bit of a ramble, covering a myriad of current whatever, hopping around a bit… but that will be good for your brain-hemisphere integration… lol… so enjoy!   😉

A couple weeks after my last post, I was “released” to go online and observe 3D again, which I have done with glee as I have observed the great awakening and healing that is happening collectively.  My friend and fellow forerunner who I talk about on this blog has also been in 3D-observation mode.

Many people are stepping up, taking on more active roles in not only advancing their own awakening / awareness / consciousness but also in assisting in the awakening of others… and exposing the cabal at every turn… and the cabal often unwittingly assisting in their own exposure.  Time to sound the Trumpets of Truth.

God has given me the following info about folks who are awakened and yet not necessarily “lightworker” types, ya know, folks who are not all so far along on their inner healing work like LWs, but they are most assuredly awakened to some things about the world.

I’ll just show the component parts of the message:

  • The effects of present actions on future desires.
  • Stay centered and own your own power.
  • Self-control will help you to work with others to accomplish a task or goal.

Now, because of observing 3D for half a year, this info is not news to me.  I knew many folks were all over this stuff, so I asked why this was being presented to me now.  God tells me that these awakened folks are empowered and cooperating enough (and enough of them) to allow for the first wave’s ascension.  When it comes right down to it, these folks’ empowerment levels and cooperation is creating greater stability at a 3D level.  Hallelujah and the angels sang!

That empowerment / cooperation mode also helps them to be more easily guided by the Divine whether they are conscious about that or not.  They have in essence made a conscious choice to step up and do what is necessary to gain their own freedom.  They are literally “activated”, ready to take action.  Making such a conscious choice allows one to be more of a Johnny on the Spot.  To just always do the right thing.  What is the right thing?  Well, it really can’t necessarily be determined ahead of time.  One must be present to win.  What is the “right” thing to do or be in THIS moment?  The next moment may demand a much different response.


I have not bothered to blog all this time since my focus has been on 3D and the focus of the lightworkers (LWs) coming up behind us forerunners could stand to NOT be on 3D.  You’re all holding a higher-light space for the world.  It’s not appropriate for you to focus on 3D.  Yep, you’re gonna know that whole 3D thing is still going on and Life and the Divine may even want you to actually see some of it, so you’ll be shown.  So don’t sweat missing any important “news”, just trust and flow.  Let the Divine bring info to you rather than you constantly looking and especially when looking in all the wrong places.  Divine guidance baby.  Let it work its magic(k) for you.

I myself (and other forerunners) am really NOT of the 3D / 4D collective at this point, not even really as a light holder because that’s up to others now.  I sense that we forerunners have been here as back-up / emergency type stuff only, for a while now.  And even that will not be necessary much longer.

In the lightworker realm, I’m getting that we’re still mostly on target for about 6 million reaching completion / ascension-readiness this month / year.  I get that ~ 1 million are already complete.  Both the 5 million behind them and the next 9 million behind them are close on their heels.  Things clicking right along.  All helping to “pull up” those not as far along as themselves.


Sandra actually acknowledges the forerunners’ ascension:

At  44:15, she says, “… and your brothers and sisters who are going to… through the veil, over the veil, over the rainbow, ya know, before you into that full embodiment, give them your support, as much as possible.  Ya know, there’s no judgement of you went first, you go second, how come that person… ya know I’ve seen these lists circulating around of ‘these are the 144,000 that are going to ascend’ and they put me on that list.  I’m like, ya know what, my ascension is between me and Source and has nothing to do with anybody else, ya know, that’s your personal journey…”

Obviously she knows that she is not one of the 144,000.  And I’m with her – no judgement in that.  But, ah, so nice to hear from someone who knows where they are at in their own process and knows their current role in all this… and fully embraces it!  So refreshing.

I recommend Sandra as a source on ascension info .  She is currently the only one I could actually bring myself to recommend.  On other topics there are plenty I could recommend, but not on ascension itself.  She’s rather in tune with the overall project, the energies, the current Divine scheme, the bigger picture and most assuredly has a higher, spiritual, mission-oriented perspective.

I also had to chuckle at that list because we forerunners have been in “stealth” mode for the most part.  Hardly anyone even knows our names… at least not without tapping into Divine info on such.  That sounds like quite the daunting undertaking – getting a list of 144,000 + names from the Divine that you wouldn’t even know on a mundane level.  Have fun with that.  lol

I’d recently heard a Christian type say that it would be saints and not celebrities who would “save” the world.  These saints are not known on Earth but are known in Heaven.  Indeed.


And yep, time for the new light-holder LWs to support both those who are coming up behind them and us forerunners who went before them.  We held it all together for the LWs so now they / you can hold it all together for others… as begrudging as some of them may still be about their present / upcoming service work.  Folks, it’s what you came for!  Revel in it.

I am seeing though that some LWs are finally starting to see the difference between “waiting on” / “catering to” others (“people pleasing”?) and SERVING others.  The whole “catering to” thing does NOT serve either you or others.

A good lightworker does NOT enable others’ dysfunction by feeding it and that’s what most of that “catering” stuff results in… enabling continued dysfunction… both your own and others’.

SERVING is a whole other animal.  Sometimes you just set a good example, or offer up a tidbit of wisdom (Spiritual Minuteman), sometimes you show compassion, sometimes you dish up some “tough love”, sometimes just serving as a human antenna holding the light… but enough with enabling dysfunction already.  Stop feeding the old paradigm.

And a very significant part of making that distinction between catering and serving is about priorities – you have to put and keep yourself first.  You’re of no use to anyone else if you don’t look out for yourself.  Setting boundaries is a big part of this.  Please see my post Useful Healthful Tips and scroll down to a link to a short Brené Brown video about setting boundaries.  Demonstrating self-love and self-respect is some of the best example you could possibly set for others.

In the whole microcosm / macrocosm scheme of things, this same energy of honoring self and setting boundaries is also now happening in no small way at the nation level.  More and more nationalist / populist type people are stepping up to be new political leaders in countries worldwide, telling the global cabal to take a hike and shove their globalist / authoritarian / crimes-against-humanity agenda up their cabal *sses.  The worm has turned.


And along those lines… I’d heard Sandra Walter say recently that love of God / Source and self love are one in the same.  Indeed.  God is not “out there”, He’s “in here”.   He’s not some separate entity dictating to us.  Loving God to the utmost, most assuredly at some point in one’s evolution, becomes obviously intertwined with accepting one’s own creative powers, that they themselves are a powerful creator.  Playing small is not going to bring you closer to God aka closer to your own Divine Powerful Creator Self.  Yeah you.

“We all will be Christed when we hear ourselves say – We are that to which we pray” ~ lyrics from “Innocence Maintained” by Jewel

“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”  ~ Hopi

Many of you now understand such things.  Help others understand these things so that they quit perpetuating disempowering energy.  Merely “believing in…” some past ascended master / Christ won’t get the job done.  If only.  Expecting Christs to swoop in and “save” you is not reality.  Christs know better.  Christs know playing savior is a disservice to others.  You want guidance from a Christ, ask away, but for them to save you… no, they will not.  They CAN not.  Not able to.

“(If) you’re waiting for a miracle, you’re waiting for the sea to part.  Well, that’s an old miracle.  So, what about this?  What if the miracle was you?  What if you had to be your own messiah?  Then what?”  ~ from TV series “Transparent”

Enough with “believing” in general.  And enough with that being about someone else.

KNOW thyself, thy most powerful and awesome self.

What soul, whose soul are we talking about ascending here?  YOUR soul.  Whose Responsibility to get it ascended?  Hmm?  And within whose Power to make that happen?  Hmm?

Nothing against Christians, most especially in specific, 🙂  …

and hey, gotta give it to the Christians that they get the importance of God in all this.  As I’ve said before – in all my sovereignty, God is not left out, quite to the contrary and those above the 3D consciousness veil, ya know, ETs, who are truly sovereign are guess what? – in connection with God all the time!  Go figure!  Not all “upstairs” are though, even though they don’t have the excuse of a 3D consciousness veil …

… but I’ll use the following to demonstrate one way that a subtle difference in message equates to a vast difference in outcome.


  • Jesus is a god, worship him, he is your savior.

Let me translate that for you:

Jesus is a god, you are not.  Someone / something outside yourself must save you.  So just “wait”, do and be nothing towards saving your own butt.


  • Jesus is a god who demonstrated what is possible for a soul while human.

Let me translate that for you:

Jesus is a god… and SO ARE YOU!  You are the ONLY one who has either the Power or the Responsibility to save you.  Be your own salvation as only you can be.

Now best get on with it there dear Joe Average because as many a recently completed lightworker (LW) could tell ya, this whole ascension thing is a process.  It takes time, a commodity that you don’t have all that much to waste at the 3D Earth level.  STOP WAITING!  Git ‘er done!

“Have I not said ye are gods?  You too shall do these and greater things.”  ~ Jesus H. Christ

High time for folks to get to tending to those “greater things”, which they are quite capable of.  Help them know that.

This is not the time to be waiting for some Christ to return and save one’s sorry arse.  This is about BEING CHRISTED.  This is about the return of Christ CONSCIOUSNESS and yes, that means through each and every one of YOU! 

I’ve always felt the word Christian is missing a “bump”.  Instead of an ‘n’ on the end, it’s an ‘m’ on the end.  Then it reads Christ-I-Am.  !!!


Ok, here’s another one.  This old religious meme of “God-fearing.”  Goodness sakes.  First and foremost, fear is an illusion.  That’s why it stands for False Evidence Appearing Real.  If your goal is to return to God, to regain Christ Consciousness, God’s on board with that, so what He’d like is for ya all to step outta fear… most especially about Him / Her / It.

And yep, He’d most certainly like to see ya all pull the wool from your eyes about the whole illusion, which yes, most assuredly includes fear.  Fear is debilitating.  It’s disempowering.  It makes mere mortals out of powerful gods.

God would like ya to KNOW Truth.  One needs to step out of fear to know truth.   Fear is illusion.  God IS Truth.  Truth is nothing to fear.  The truth shall set you free.

You create your life and reality in part through your words.  Folks, could ya all consciously release this “God-fearing” meme and the disempowerment that comes with it and for the love of Mike (old Christian political correctness phrase there, ha!) could ya also quit teaching that disempowerment to others by constantly repeating it.  Erase such garbage from your vocabulary.

I know many reading this totally get all that too.  Help others understand these subtle but significant and literally life-changing differences.


Time to shine folks… in no small way.  Lightworkers, you’re about to become “big man on campus”.  It’s your turn for service work.  No reason to be all “dready” about it (excuse the “Buffy-ism”).  Consider it as the mark of success that it truly is.

And, to not only keep yourself going, but to also practice your creative skills, let your imagination run wild.  Create your 5D life, much of which will not be manifested outwardly on 3D Earth, but eventually may be on 5D Gaia… depending on things you’ve decided on, which can be changed later on when you’re fully on 5D Gaia anyway.  But have some fun with your newly found access / connections, etc.

Consider your new crystalline body.  How would you like your body to look?  Ever wanted to do some tweaking in that regard?  What part of the world would you like to live in or go see, etc.  And that could happen by flying there, ya know, like Superman or Neo.  Really envision the pristine beauty of Gaia.  Allow yourself to indulge in multidimensionality.  You’ve earned it.

And folks, things are moving very quickly and you want to support that acceleration, which, in part, means that those “awakened” folks out there (no, not just online but that person standing right in front of you, ya know, on the physical plane, in person, remember that? lol) who don’t know as much about healing and ascension, but are aware of the truth about the mundane world – and who may or may not also desire and sense their return to God – are primed and ready to receive your wisdom.  Hand them that ball and let them run with it.


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      • Likewise my friend, happy to see you pop in the 3d to spread your candid and insightful style and yes, have missed you, as for me, I have been staying in as well from the 3d yahoo but is fun to peek in sometimes and watch them squirm. Maintaining on this end and like you, like to chime in here and there. I hope all is well with you too, and you peer in here again soon with more of your style and charm. Wake me when we get there….LOL! ❤


        • I’d so rather just get there than talk about it. lol … and I love to talk! I see all these folks just a’blabbering away out there, so much to say. I feel like it’s all been said.

          The other day I was thinking my version of “Father, why have you forsaken me?” is more like “God, why the f*ck are we still here?!” 🙂

          Yes, the 3Ders are hoppin’ like jumping beans. All sorts of good chaos churning stuff up.

          And yes, watching the cabal squirm is most satisfying. lol There ya go a-holes, how do you like it?! (*slamming right bicep into left hand in an ‘up yours’ gesture*) lol

          Now… if we can only get LWs to stop supporting cabal candidates. lmao I have found it amusing lately to label someone a “light worker” who knows next to nothing about either the mundane or the heavenly. Just what is their forte? 😉

          I must say I have enjoyed watching the 3Ders much more than I have enjoyed most LWs during the ascension hell years. Stubborn lot. Hope they now route that stubbornness towards their mission / service work.


          • Well, the LW’s just don’t know they are all on the same team….LOL, If they figure that out, well, it might get just a bit more interesting! The 3Ders are just clueless, the followers of the program, and do they ever do well with their programming. As my Grandma use to say “We’re going to hell in a handbasket”…LOL, all for one and one for all. Just save me a seat by the window! ❤ TEEHEE!


            • Don’t know they / we are all on the same team… even when they preach / pay lip service to team / teamwork and unity. Groan. Well, when they’re not flip-flopping and making “team” sound like a bad thing.

              Yes, seeing those (and sadly that includes many a LW, if even just in part, as in seeing some things but not all) who are still so duped by the MSM. And the idiocy, disconnect, denial, and disregard for sheer common sense that it takes to live in that paradigm. *shaking head* Wow. All the while The Truth blatantly dances in front of them. Hidden in plain view.


  1. God obviously would like me to put this info out and yet not as a post but as a comment… so here it is.

    I started seeing 12:12 in 2009. I went looking for the significance of that number and found the following link:


    This from 1994. I was just waking up about then or a little later. As I reread this old article I’m just in awe. Here I was just waking up and these folks back then were laying some pretty significant groundwork. No one who has any awareness whatsoever can say this hasn’t been a team / collective effort. And that team made up of Individuals who stepped up.

    At one point it says, “How do I become one of the 144,000?”

    From that I extracted the following and used it as an affirmation every time I saw 12:12.

    I know there is something better, I know what can be on this planet.
    I now place my limitations on the altar for transmutation.
    Let me be a receptacle for the Ascension Flame.
    Let me be one that completes now.
    With my completion, I will use that energy to help my brothers and sisters complete.
    I will be a guardian and a caretaker of this planet.

    I think this falls into the category of “be careful what you ask for.”

    In 2014, as I gathered information from God for the “Ascension Timeline Thusfar” post, I found out there were approximately 145,000 of us forerunners. It struck me then that this was just over 144,000, which I’d always known was not a fixed number but a bare minimum. Wow. That’s me. I’m one of the 144,000. Little ol’ me.

    And I’ve seen many, many people over time claiming they or someone from their group or religion or whatever is / will be the 144,000 and I’d wager to guess that each and every one of them has no idea whatsoever the amount of work this took and that the 144,000 (+) are basically done with their job. We’re about to ascend Gaia, the old soul essence of Earth, right out from under their feet… and they have no clue.


  2. Now THIS…was an interesting article! Its title, “Update” back in Dec. 2016. I gotta hand it to you, GAF…It’s the first article that actually defines a “Role” for those who don’t operate (well or coherently) within the “Light Worker paradigm.” No, SERIOUSLY!

    From the inception (as came into my awareness in this lifetime) of the human articulation of the concept (In principle), I’ve tried my best to align myself to it, for “In principle” it resonates with me MORE than not…but not quite all the way. Indigo (Adult), Blue Ray Lost light of the Light Worker or what ever many others I’ve come across I’ve found, for myself there of, tremendous “Affinity” but not quite complete and utter resonance. It used to be SUPER frustrating.

    Ahhhh….but here comes GAF! SHAZAM! Speaks to a broader truth not so boxed in so that a conflict is created for those of us that simply DO THE WORK but are not quite templated to fit a self identified group contrivance (it is contrived…created to make a bridge from 3D to 4D or 5D perspective; or to prepare someone for the 4D and 5D perspective). Got it (wink). Check (checking box).

    Trust me! I actually put myself through some minor dark night episodes TRYING to fit myself into yet ANOTHER humanly created (spiritually inspired) articulated paradigm of “Light Worker” (Blue Ray, Indigo blah blah). Is that Ironic or what?

    It’s probably because there is my handy dandy aversion to labels, but still…I DID try…rammed my head into a brick wall many many times achieving great suffering and self pity (AKA “Unconsciousness” and “Unawareness”) trying to fit a “Mold;” that mold being quite exalted in its aims and intention, for sure!!!

    But…I always woke to my own baseline: Stubborn, willful and not having any of it because MY OWN perspective is what’s gotten me where I am…that gained through MY OWN perceptions throughout MY OWN life about which I found meaning and from which I contrived (created) my own path.

    Am I Christed? (Shrug). Dunno, but man…I’ve read Mathew, Mark Luke and John, and I pay attention to the narrative typed in RED!

    Jesus was an interesting fellow! And it’s super easy to see…though he performed miracles, yes…still, he was just a man! Ran from trouble when it was prudent, (or perhaps even HE hadn’t gotten through enough of the human experience WE ARE ALL going through to gain the courage to actually MARTYR himself…which in deed, people LET US JUST ACKNOWLEGE by asking, “What WOULD it take to step into a group and hand yourself over to be nailed to a block of wood while an EVIL murderer was released by Pilot at the will of the people WHO were SO EASILY persuaded by the “Group Think” Pharisees and Sadducees in the name of “God?” I dunno, I have to ask myself how fed up would I have to be to say, “F**K it! I’m gonna show you EXACTLY the degree of courage that’s REALLY needed to bring you animals up to human being level!) he got super triggered by hypocrisy (Think about the few times he got pissed off and what he did…TOTAL MAN BABY MELT DOWN of righteousness in PUBLIC), and he preached from his own perspective KNOWING the perspective of those he preached to, counseled. and LOVED. And he didn’t preach from RIGHTNESS…he preached in response to the SUFFERING he saw, and he provided the answers to relieve suffering. I dunno about you other human beings, but I know one must know suffering in order to truly empathize with it. I wonder what Jesus’ childhood was REALLY like?

    Oh yea…Jesus was a very interesting “MAN.”

    What do Christed Light Workers do? LORD…Have mercy (No, literally…I mean that). Advocate for coloring books to color away the the harshness of life…bring around therapy dogs for people because they can’t bear to leave the safety of their special space WITHOUT that same therapy dog for themselves.

    Caroline Myss (Damn I love this teacher) wrote in her book about self care for healers (Paraphrased) “What business do you healers have to do the HIGHEST quality healing work when you can’t even bear to turn on the news because it crosses your sensitivities? I would NEVER let a healer of that caliber touch me because they don’t have enough circuit or stamina to really stomach healing.”

    (Deep breath, Brian…deep breath). OK…back on topic. There are many people who don’t fit the mold even within the Light Worker Ascension project community as GAF pointed out, and yet they ARE just as intrinsic to a process (one way or another as GAF states)…and in God’s natural oder, all contribute to the balance of creation…and destruction from old to new and worse to better (but there’s no rule it can’t go from worse to worser or from good to gooder. It’s ALL in the plan if “Plan” is a word that truly captures the full extent of what this all is!

    OK…I went on a rant (totally my nature, too), and ultimately I’m saying “Thank you, GAF” for actually speaking to the “More than Light Worker” paradigm. It’s super helpful. And I mean that!!!


    • I’m glad that helped ya out. Regardless of labels or eventual roles, the name of the game is to do one’s Inner Work… and that IS lightwork. It’s really the ultimate in lightwork. Of course it’s not the only lightwork one does (yes, there IS service work) but it’s the meat of it (sorry vegetarians, lol) and it’s what allows one to really work some miracles in this world. Ultimately about Being Yourself, your True Self, not some dysfunctional, wounded mess, but your awesome self.

      And yet, yep facing that mess is a HUGE part of returning to that True Self. Love what you quoted from Caroline Myss. I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about getting oneself out of hell (through your personal healing) so that you can turn right around and go back into someone else’s hell with them, to extend a hand to lead them out. Not for the faint of heart and yep, if they can’t face a little darkness, then just what kind of a healer or lightworker is someone?

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      • Indeed!

        Caroline Myss has been an incredible inspiration over the many years I’ve listened to her. One of the paradigms she speaks from is archetypes. She says each archetype has a light and shadow expression; both being essential to work with and through. She talks about the “Healer” Archetype, and there is a “Wounded Healer” expression of that. This is exactly what you speak of: Someone that goes into their own wounds (Hell) and heals them, and through that process gains the knowledge, wisdom and skill to heal others (lead them out of their own hell).

        So again, THANK YOU, GAF! There is some AMAZING stuff here! It is INCREDIBLY gratifying to meet you all here, and it’s perfect timing. We walk our journey essentially alone in a crowd of SO MANY people. And then we find a place in which to sojourn for a spell; have fellowship…gain a different perspective, and if we are lucky, we find people with whom we share a degree of “Coherence” (I’d say integrity), and so we can actually test our perspectives (Theories?)…shore up the the leaky places and start off again on our paths. It’s nice! And I DEFINATELY appreciate this sojourn here.

        Thank you GAF…AND TYM.

        Peace out.

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        • Yes, in astrology, Chiron the Wounded Healer. And what we’re talking about IS the Chiron archetype – heal yourself, then go on to help others.

          I’ve appreciated having you here.

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          • Interesting GAF about the number prompts…
            Have went thru many years of number prompts which I usually end up just getting online and asking ‘What the heck are you trying to tell me?’ And it will show up and the number prompts stop. The last one for me was 144 and driving me crazy as to what that was all about. Back in the day, I would say close to 2003 or so, I started seeing 11:11 and 12:12…my libra ex always saw the number 13 but also was seeing the 11:11. It gets to the point that you KNOW it is not just a coincidence and has a meaning, or is instructions to a topic or something you need to get, understand or maybe even do. If you try to tell most people this, they think you are mad! Yeah, that’s me, gotta be crazy tobe sane in this world! LOL

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    • Brian,
      You said something interesting about labels and this is exactly what the 3d matrix paradigm does, it labels, boxes us up neatly and then divide and conquer..the us vs them type of story. Even the Christ consciousness is part of the matrix, yes, can do what some call miracles, and try to awaken the spark in us all, the still in this 3d matrix. I never liked labels, always outside the box, more comfortable that way, as I was never likened to a group or part of one, even if I tried….those LW’s had the egos flying around, while they ignored the fact that they still had one, the energy of it was almost suffocating.
      It’s all about our awareness and consciousness, and the war on consciousness to keep us on the wheel and never asending. I had started researching God Consciousness, and boy oh boy, did that open a can of worms because seems to be a pitch to sell alot of different processes or ways to get there, of course, with their help and all of it is suppose to be super hard, like you gotta move linerally in terms of time and every process in this 3d matrix is hard and many steps to it if you remain with the 3d awareness and don’t step out of limitled consciousness. It’s all limited, but the limitless consciousness and highest form in our being, as the spark of the divine is God Consciousness. I searched many that claim they have the ‘way’ to God Consciousness, and I know that it is not gonna just pop up and I figured it out pretty much that the LW’s have a good thing going, and they don’t want to rack the boat. They make it out to be something that takes one years, and many courses later…you are still struggling, spinning your wheels trying to reach that limitless, timeless, vibration of miraculous healing, that you can only do for yourself, and no one can do it for you, even if they like to take credit for it, it is done by yourself.
      So I cam across a video, by Kelli in the Raw who interviewed Dewaine Hartman who did his own research and realized the world needed ‘unhypnotized’ as that is pretty much what is going on and they are ‘brainwashed’ but never thought about it as hypnotism, and how he teaches one to raise their vibration to a God Consciousness level, which is above the 3d matrix, and then you go from that conscious awareness level back to events and painful times in your life and heal it yourself which creates a wave of healing foward that is very profound. He also talks about labels and how most try to say that you have to work in this way or that process and it may work, but takes all these steps and is difficult to finish or to do from a 3d perspective. But once you are in the God Consciousness unhynotized mode, you can do the work more efficiently and change your awareness and limited thinking. So if you want to see that video, you can but of all the videos that one sort of jump started me out of the limited ‘in the box’ 3d spiritual persective that it is gonna take me a lifetime to do this and when would I have time? He also talks about timelessness in some of his other videos, but it is interesting how he shifts your perspective. Kelli in the raw with Dewayne: https://youtu.be/nxXwUPaAbWE
      Plug into your truth, the magical vibration https://youtu.be/aiMLXcOzA_s
      He has many more you can find but I love his perspective on conscious awareness and our perception of limitedness.

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      • 🙂 LOL

        I’ve seen them kneel
        With baited breath for the ritual
        I’ve watched this experience raise
        Them to pseudo higher levels
        I’ve watched them leave their families
        In pursuit of your nirvana
        I’ve seen them coming to line up from Switzerland and America

        How long will this take baba
        How long have we been sleeping
        Do you see me hanging on to every word you say
        How soon will I be holy
        How much will this cost guru
        How much longer ’til you completely absolve me

        I’ve seen them give their drugs up
        In place of makeshift altars
        I’ve heard them chanting
        Kali kali frantically
        I’ve heard them rotely repeat your
        Teaching with elitism
        I’ve seen them boasting robes and
        Foreign sandalwood beads

        How long will this take baba
        How long have we been sleeping
        Do you see me hanging on to every word you say
        How soon will I be holy
        How much will this cost guru
        How much longer ’til you completely absolve me

        I’ve seen them overlooking god in
        Their own essence
        I’ve seen their upward glances
        In hopes of instant salvation
        I’ve seen their righteousness
        Mixed without loving compassion
        I’ve watched you smile as
        The student bow to kiss your feet

        How long will this take baba
        How long have we been sleeping
        Do you see me hanging on to every word you say
        How soon will I be holy
        How much will this cost guru
        How much longer ’til you completely absolve me

        Give me strength all knowing one
        How long ’till enlightenment
        How much longer ’til you
        Completely absolve me

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      • TYM (inwardly chuckling…bubbling up chuckling). WOW! Ok Ok Ok…I gotta share this story, BUT I AM THEN directly going to watch those videos you linked (chuckling).

        God, you are good.

        OK…(centering). As story about hypnotism (and you bringing this up is a triad of synchronicity for me) As you know, I’m having some issues at work. Ive joined a small local hospice, and I bring to it 26 years of hospice experience. It was rough from the beginning, but see…this is what I asked for; an opportunity to get it before I sabotage for self preservation.

        Last week, I got my first 90 day evaluation. Oh…out of 20 scored areas I got mostly 2 out of 5s (D). I FLIPPED OUT! No way is that possible. I ask why they scored me 2 out of 5 in all the key areas: Nursing skills, symptom management and communication based on two patient interactions they believed I acted poorly. I FLIPPED OUT AGAIN because for those very two patients they found flaw in my “Care” with, I was VERY careful because they were unusual cases that required ADVANCED hospice consideration.

        So I’m explaining in detail my rational based on experience. First attack then came: They invalidated my experience saying “That’s not ever done in hospice.” (major major contraction of my entire being as my reality is TOTALLY F****D with…like being RAPED! So I try to simplify the rationale to principles and fundamentals of nursing, and Again…”Except in hospice…those don’t apply in hospice.” I FLIPPED OUT AGAIN while my perspective and perceptions are actively being dismantled.

        OK…this is another nurse in front of me; with probably the equivalent degree of hospice experience, only she is an RN…I’m an LVN (labels count in this regard because of licensing and legally defined roles). She see’s I’m really distressed, and so she get’s me calm and she looks me right in the eye…and says, “Listen to me…(Lilting voice…super good hospice nurse voice used to calm the suffering mind, shit…I HAVE THAT VOICE)…I believe you know yourself to be a good nurse. I believe you accept your belief that you are a good nurse.”

        I shut up…stunned into quiet stunnedness…I thanked her, but inside I felt like…”What the fuck just happened.”

        I felt sick inside…vilotated somehow, but I don’t know…exactly….what just happened. I left…went about my day. Then I came back because it just wouldn’t settle inside me…this evaluation seemed wrong, the words she used…were wrong in the way she used “The hospice voice of calmness and healing.”

        I went into The Chief nurses office where my boss was, and I again brought up this evaluation. Ah…but HERE is where I DISCOVERED what had happened. This Chief tried the same use of words, but she lacked the nuance of healing tone…then I saw…They are cowards! They refused to acknowledge the consequences of what that score meant to me, and they refused to see that I (Oh…I hate to say this) was RIGHT! I engaged compassionate and advanced hospice consideration with simple symptom management that lead to an exalted outcome, but unfortunately THAT contrasted to what was being advocated for initially. It was not “Wrong,” but oh there was much more to consider then was being considered, and I think that made them feel like I was showboating, and I think they felt I needed to be taken down a peg or two…and they worked evil to that end.

        “We believe that YOU believe you are a good nurse. WE Accept your own perception of yourself.” So…I think they were really scared…but from my perspective…I saw absolutely no reason to be. No wrong had been done, but egos…oh yeah, baby…I”m the only LVN they have, and they are all RNs…and I’m just sure they thought I belonged in a place. Not so…and dangerous to consider it considering you need nurses with some self esteem to do the hard work that’s asked in this field…not broken nurses.

        So…when I understood, well…I thought about this score they gave me. I concluded, NO…THEY HAVE TO HAVE COURAGE TO FACE THIS WITH ME, but instead they chose to try and lobotomize me by crippling my perceptions, perspective and self worth without taking responsibility for those misleading words DID to me in those moments they were spoken (attempted to do to me).

        I wrote a six page single spaced rebuttal. I explained in great detail my rational…contrasted to the hospice directive and standard…references principles of nursing and tied it all together, and then offered a proposal…Change this review to reflect fairly, or I will quit with the perception I have been slandered (and implied that I will carry that review with me to show perspective new employers as is my habit because I have always gotten very good reviews and will have to substantiate with the rebuttal.

        And then I wrote an “Intent to resign” letter, and I used the same exact wording they used On me, “I believe this blah blah hospice to know itself to be a good hospice. I believe this hospice deserves the quality of continuity it fosters (has a LOT of turnover…which is unusual in hospice)…..I outlined what I would do…and what I would not do (and I was nice about it).

        Today…I got my re-evaluation. I will say it was absolutely fair and balanced. My supervisor DID NOT weave words…kept it open (and showed me an exalted side of herself…in a very hospice way), and the Chief nurse kept her mouth shut…lips tightened and thinnly smiling every time I looked at her…hardly said one single word. My bossed thanked me. She said I was a valued member of the team, thought my proposal was good and it worked for them, and she actually thanked me for “Teaching us some new things.”

        Hypnotism…I get it.


        • I know about the evaluation thing, the first one ‘Managed you’, and they are taught this kinda like customer service, you being the customer and them being the store manager. You bring them down from the excited level and then dismiss by saying you will look into it. I always sat in my evaluations and told them that that evaluation does not relfect me at all, all the work I do, how much more effort it is that I get here everyday (rode a bike 9 miles a day, rain or shine) and the manager usually just chuckled…we both knew they can’t give you a glowing, perfect score, you might want a raise or use it as your banner to take over….they feared you, and eventually relented on the standard of their usual employee review. I suppose in Hospice, the other nurses have become numb to it all, and don’t care like you do. I would want someone like you taking care of my loved one as opposed to them anyday. If they can say they would want themselves to take care of them or someone they loved, you know it would be a higher level of care than for strangers…I think they all should be home with family, if that isn’t possible, then you are like the extended family of the hospice. Keep up your passionate care. Next time, if you have watched the video, go into your God Consciousness, or bring your higher self into the heart, and just look at them hypnotically, like that guy does in the video with Kelli, they are all hypnotized and need unhypnotized and talk to them thru the higher self to their higher self. Ask them, ‘why did you become a nurse?’ Hear their answer, most of it will be fear based which is why they cannot do the same care you do. but your eyes will open and you will see how you can help them become compassionate caregivers and make hospice a more balanced place to be and work. ‘)

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          • This is why I chose to work contract / temp for years. If they didn’t want you there or you didn’t want to be there you left. Giving notice of the sort “notice I ain’t here.” lol No evals. Yep, what a joke. Go to the next job and they don’t even ask you “Why did you leave your last job?” Just put “contract” on your resume and no headaches. They assume “end of contract” and yep, no matter what the reason, it was exactly that.

            Brian, what you did right there is you acted, you didn’t let things slide, you held them to a standard and used their own words back in their face and did it professionally… and once called on it, once reminded of that standard they couldn’t even argue. And this is why we bother to speak up. Yes, hypnotized indeed and yep, we’re here to slap them awake. How severe does that slap need to be? They determine that far more than we do.

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        • The thing is…the essential spirit of what I’ve worked within is there at that place. But FEAR! It makes people not think highly of themselves and others.

          I am sick of fear! But there it is. In me. In them.

          Compassion has a place EVERY where fear is. EVERY WHERE! “Fearlessness” is false. My responses and reactions WERE VERY FEAR BASED! Absolutely.

          In my narrative with them today after I signed my balanced and fairly assessed evaluation, I told those two lady’s,”my hospice career, to me, was more than a job. A great deal of myself has been put into it…including my own healing. When you handed out that evaluation, you unraveled so much of me and attempted to undo me. In the future, consider that when you evaluate other nurses.”

          Truth. This is what I consider with my suffering patients because cancer and other endings brings a whole life time into reconciliation. It’s important to ask questions…have empathy…care about all that’s presented.

          And if a person wants to work in this field…can’t go around breaking other people down…can’t cripple them if you really want them to be the best.

          And it’s true for EVERY ONE…EVERY WHERE there might be something to fear. My job is helping navigate fear…and reacation, and I have to say…in the end, my boss stepped up…put on her real nursing hat…and helped me navigate…took it back the “Spell”, and made it right.

          That’s nursing.


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        • OMG…thanks for reminding me…I have watched all of them from the last one we had discussed…when Nora was suppose to go and try to bust these people who were letting people go to where their loved ones were raptured to, as in the radiation trail they left and the place they went, but no one knows where that is or if they are alive…so, made me think even more that they were taken by the yahoos in a fake rapture…anyway, The question at the end of her interview to go, about the twins, and if you would let one be killed to cure cancer? I was surprised at Nora’s answer because I would have said no. I wouldn’t kill someone to cure anything. So when she said ‘yes’ and they then refused to let her go, she went back to the hotel and got into with Kevin and he set the place on fire, makes me wonder if they stay together, and that one scene with an older woman that looked like her delivering the doves to someone was actually her. And the whole Matt thing…and the guy who said he was God, guess Karma caught up with him, and the lion…so crazy!!!! am real interested to see how that goes. We still haven’t gotten to the point where Kevin’s dad probably meets with his son in Austrailia and what happens there, I hate these shows are so short and not much is done or said…baby steps, baby steps…..LOL, I use to say that at work, I got off at 4pm so I would be saying the same thing…What about Bob? LOLOLOL. 2,000 years later, you would think we would figure it all out, saved from what exactly? So many need unhynotizing, and are under such powerful programming, and have tried to pull them out of it, but they have stopped listening to me, or I just quit trying to tell them…bit by bit, maybe destructure the whole paradigm of religious dogma. The psyop of being a leftover is quite disturbing!!! Why can’t Kevin die? Is he gone mad or what is his deal? I forgot about the part where he pushes that girl over the edge…he really did do that, but why did he do that? Guess we will find out!~!!!! 😉

          Liked by 1 person

            • LOL, we had been discussing a show that is called ‘The Leftovers’ as in the ones left after the rapture when everyone who supposedly wasn’t ‘saved’ was left over, and the chaos and madness that comes afterwards…like a psyop on people, and I had thought it would actually be the yahoos who took them like in Star Trek ‘beam me up Scotty’ technology and the whole religious nutbag drama of those that didn’t feel like some didn’t deserve to be raptured and the insurance company who pays people if their loved on is raptured….it is a heartwrenching drama, the music was done quite well because it’s almost unbearable but is a good tv series.

              Liked by 1 person

                • Well, rapture is the theme of why they were departed, for the religious ones anyway….the ones who aren’t well, they can’t explain it but has the religious connotation all thru it as those who felt there were those that didin’t deserve to be ‘raptured’ or ‘departed’ and I liken to them being more like ‘harvested’. And they are following scripture that in 7 years time, alot of these preachers say a second rapture or departure or whatever word ya wanna call it is going to happen, which is why Matt wants Kevin in Miracle so bad. Anyway, that is my take on it!

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          • “I forgot about the part where he pushes that girl over the edge…he really did do that, but why did he do that?”

            That “little girl” was actually Patty, ya know, the Guilty Remnant gal, who was really just Figment… of Kevin’s delusion. (as Alex Jones would say) ‘member?

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      • TYM,

        I started watching Dwaine Hartman on the Youtube. And I have to say, TYM…I think I’m pretty damn grateful you linked that interview!

        It’s a two hour interview, but already after 30 minutes, I’m all like…”Damn…so THAT’S what that is,” and “Oh…that’s all you need to do to go down the time line to fix something?” And I LOVE how when Kehli thanks him for what he’d helped her with, he always references her OWN work “I’m just the facilitator…all the work was YOU. I coached YOU in what you do for yourself (Paraphrased)” That’s a healer!

        Just wanted to say thanks. I’m enjoying this and I passed it along to another friend.

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        • Yes, the second video I sent you is him standing in the woods where he played as a kid at the end says is a portal, and a great video, he makes alot of great points about imagination and faith and so on…and how magical we are. Neville Goddard talks about imagination like right before you go to bed, imagine like you are already there, already have it and how that would feel, but the interview with Dwaine was interesting on the magical life as he made so many comments like many aha moments with being sovereign being and so much more. Dwaine Hartman “Plug into your truth the magical vibration” https://youtu.be/aiMLXcOzA_s
          Neville Goddard was in the 60’s I think, but he was interesting in he gave alot of examples on imagining what you want as if you already have it, and how within a week or so, those things happened, so it is a testament as knowing you are creating your reality. Like the ‘Think and grow rich’ book, but I like how Neville explains it, and Dewaine Hartman.

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          • Just to interject, on this:

            “Neville Goddard was in the 60’s I think, but he was interesting in he gave alot of examples on imagining what you want as if you already have it, and how within a week or so, those things happened, so it is a testament as knowing you are creating your reality.”

            Crawl before you walk, … before you run… before you fly. Stepping stones. Ladder rungs.

            Creating at, well, perhaps at a 4D level, an intermediary level… yes, I think the Universe, Life and the Divine absolutely “conspire” with you and respond in no small way to “support” you on making those imaginings manifest and yes, in fairly short order and yes often in some rather concrete ways.

            But when creating in a much bigger way, such as ascending a planet, when you’ve reached a certain level and get into service work in a much bigger energetic way, you may have to abandon many of those little trivial, short-order personal manifestations to hold the vision of a new creation that may take a while for folks to see as the evidence of those higher frequencies are subtle. And the FULL manifestation of those higher frequency creations will never actually “manifest” outwardly in 3D, but only in 5D. What shows up in 3D of higher realms is “evidence” more so than a “solid / concrete” manifestation. And yet, if any of those “training wheels” come in handy again, then you can use them and know them well, but know not to make them a crutch.

            Higher / bigger levels of creation take knowingness and discipline beyond what is required for one’s own process, which, any of that 4D intermediary stuff would be still of a personal transitional nature.

            But yeah, in 4D / on path / in transition / during healing process… whatever ya wanna call it, the person’s mindfulness, intention, paying attention, higher consciousness and hence higher frequency combine to create some very significant outward manifestations.

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            • Been getting a lot of sychronistics validating the principle of these. If I’m understanding these correctly, I’d say I’m just getting settled into the 4D perspective; I believe that’s what my perceptions are engaging…and not super clearly…or dynamically. It’s like being in a one on one class room, and I’ve graduated into a group class…or am allowed to sit in on some group classes, but mostly still one on one with my own sources. 5D? Not quite there yet…still all just theory, but I’ve been exposed to more people working with higher elements. I’m Definitely in preparatory stages. AND I’M TOTALLY FINE with that. 4D is enough to be going on with…for now.

              I’m still of the mind that “Faith” is an essential consideration where I’m at. I’m of a sense that we’ve all been here done this before…failed/subverted…”Fallen.” I’m not convinced humanity has yet bypassed key considerations of spirit, body and mind. And had we done so before, then we had also lost connections with these before as well, for here we are…again…coming towards an exaltation of ourselves…and human nature is as it was…and always has been. What’s different this time ’round? Seriously…what’s different?

              It’s not a challenge I’m presenting. It is, though, a “Heart” felt question.

              I don’t mind my being in degrees of ignorance where, in fact, I am ignorant. But I seek truth (Truth) to a degree that I can bridge a connection to understanding.

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              • I’m only bothering to answer here because you asked here.

                We can “tell” you things.
                You can “hear” those things.

                But we can’t make you “know” things. Having heard something and KNOWING it are two different things.

                We can’t know something for you. We can give you some idea about it, some heads up on some things. But it is very much up to YOU to KNOW it.

                Take your heart felt question to the Divine and remain open and receptive and you will keep getting info and confirmations, etc.

                Liked by 2 people

                  • *nodding* Uh huh.

                    You can have Faith when you have no clue about things. The Faith will make you hang in their long enough to get to some Knowingness… if you really want it and do your part, whatever is necessary.

                    Liked by 1 person

                    • Well…I guess it’s clear where I am in a process. Having no clue, I suppose. But as I’ve asserted all along, faith is a power well underestimated by many on an exalted path, for it is faith you engage above the vail. What you see and do can not be validated by any other but YOU. Should any hear your words, Dear GAF…AND CHOOSE to listen…it would be by faith they would hear you…and be inspired…in their cluelessness.

                      But your advice is heard. And it is taken well. I enjoyed your piece on healing this morning.

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                    • “Listen, it may feel like hell, but, sometimes, lost is where you need to be. Just because you don’t know your direction doesn’t mean you don’t have one.” ~ Battlestar Galactica

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  3. I read through the link. I read it openly even as I sensed my own contractions. So I checked in with “Myself.” “No no no, this is not your path.”

    And nothing more about it is coming through. Oddly, there is not one thing in that description that has not crossed my mind in some way in response to what I’ve already experienced here. There are SO many parallels that resonate…SERIOUSLY! Those principles are not new to my mind.

    Again…I strongly sense my path is a “Solo” path, but I’ll tell you this, GAF…ascension for me will likely be for my self. But Of course, things change.

    “Humility” is DEFINATELY part of the scheme on my path. And funny, from my perspective “Humility” is not “Humble.” It can be (no judgment), but humility is a complete will to accept a place “From” choice despite prevailing influences that would either exalt or bring low. Humility is VERY powerful force to master. I have not yet mastered humility because I have not mastered my pride and passion through pride.

    With regard to the echelons, if I even dared to say “I am of Mechizadec,” I’d only MAYBE just be ready to start the third soon; but not quite. My passions run very high, and I’ve JUST begun to accept them as “OK.”

    That said, how ODD…numbers and more number syzhronistics assert themselves on me constantly…especially about 6 months ago.

    My birth date and full name are 11:7. This is a life of trial and proofing for sure, but to what end? It could be an initiation…of some kind. Sure the hell feels like one.

    I am still suseptable to illusion (but NOT for SO very long) because I haven’t yet worked out the people pleasing nature I was conditioned with (and have fought tooth and nail my whole life). Getting there though…in a big way.

    My inner guidance says, “No…THIS is definitely not your path” (that comes with a visual of jawing mouth and a signal to go forth). It’s not my path.

    It is an idea though that has great power, and in its self is a test…how will the idea manifest ultimately (despite intention)…and will HUMILITY really be engaged?

    Christ choose the lowest step first though he was probably one of the Authors of the damn thing…LIKELY.

    My guidance OFTEN says “NO,” only to change “Later” after something else has changed. But I am getting a strong signal NOT TO PANDER! Stick to my guns about this…not adopt things that are not of my own making (that doesn’t mean I shoot it down either…it must stand in its originator’s Truth…who ever it came through…and to whom any that would follow).

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    • “Again…I strongly sense my path is a “Solo” path, but I’ll tell you this, GAF…ascension for me will likely be for my self. But Of course, things change.”

      You have your priorities straight.

      It’s ALL an initiation. Initiatory Rites are what we all go through. Astrology, Tarot and other things to do with archetypes document the path of the Initiate. You may not be taking it all on in one lifetime but one way or another, at some time or another, the different initiations get covered. But right now, it’s a time of wrapping that all up, individually and collectively.

      “My guidance OFTEN says “NO,” only to change “Later” after something else has changed.”

      Indeed. This is why I know that in this dynamic situation, a “no” for now may change so when I get the intuitive hit, I will ask the same questions again, sometimes getting different answers as things shift.

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