Brand New Day

Welcome to a new era.  Can ya feel it?


4 thoughts on “Brand New Day

  1. Hell Ya!!!! Or maybe HOLY Yah!!!! I feel it!!!!
    So happy you are back! Even for a minute! (it was the song only, right? Didn’t see a written post. LOVED the words and Annie:)
    I’m overwhelmed with joy over everything. I can’t stop looking at the new sky, and so wild now to see colors around clouds. All the massive new light I cannot see, but oh boy I feel!!! The sky has been for years for me a source of awe and wonder, as the change there has been so palpable and visible. I was excited about it several years ago when it started with that crystal grid up there. I was amazed, in awe then, but now, HOLY COW, geez, man! Is it just going to keep getting better???!!! The light will keep blending, immersing us in it, won’t it??!! So many are more responsible and active now. I want to tell everyone on FB what is going on!!! My guides pour SO MUCH in me. A tribe around me. It’s so much. I’m so stupid, a fool. The surgery…the absolute physiological changes in the body that have occurred!!! (I was already eternally grateful for the purging that prepared me and my soul before and now it’s just like so much more!!!! Marshmallow and gravy and goodness in a NEW BODY!!!! WHAT?!?!?!?!) Goodness gracious!!! I’m younger. How am I younger?! Am I dreaming?!?!! I never could have imagined all this!!! I want to MEET PEOPLE LIKE US!!!! I miss us! I am going to the LA EXPO on Conscious Living this weekend. If you have someone to recommend lecturing, please share!!! Who should I meet?? I want people!!!!!!! LOL! 😛 (i love them so)
    p.s. I haven’t fully awakened, in the fullest sense, been scared to. Please pray for me, in your own way. Also, the downloads are intense, but let up and resolve faster now.

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    • lol Good to hear from you and what a report you bring! Wee!

      Honey, don’t wait to find a choir to preach to. You be you in front of everyone. You’ll be amazed to find that some are “like us” and others are yearning to be… even if they don’t know it yet. Help ’em know it. Nevertheless, you’re missing out on some awesome interaction if you don’t shine your light with everyone.

      Good to hear you’ll be getting out ‘n about though to hear some talks.

      Yep, I too want people. I’m far beyond ready for people. God, make this big shift happen for us first-wavers, for we too need to get out with the people and we’ll need more than an energetic shift for that at this point.

      You’d mentioned before that you want to read more. Read this book:
      Awake & Aware – Top Priority: Self.


      • I will check out that book. Thank you!! And I hope you get out too with others!! Like you said before in December, if we just flow, one thing leading to another, we meet with much, even just my walking out the door…I meet with best of life, magic happens 🙂 and people happen!
        Bless you:)))

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