Power and Boundaries

This gal (video below) does body language readings.  I do face reading and can read certain issues off of body style and posture, so this gal is right up my alley.  The body doesn’t lie.

This one is of Creepy Joe Biden.

Folks call him creepy for good reason as you’ll see.  But even though that creepiness seems to be Joe’s go-to default, this video demonstrates the difference between those “holding their own space” and those who allow others to violate their space and / or that of their family members.

It’s a good example of how no one can truly take authority over you, but you sure can give authority of your life away.  

And folks, if the situation that this world full of people got into could be summed up in a sentence it could be just that – This is what happens when powerful creators give authority of their lives away.  What a mess that allows for huh?  Evil enters the world when good men fail to act… or allow their creative powers to be hijacked.

Pay attention to your own body language – are you really communicating what you think you are / would like to?  Do you need to do a better job at setting boundaries?

This video is a microcosm example of how people need to stand in their own power and be more self-aware and aware of their surroundings throughout every facet of their lives.

Check out more of her videos.  Interesting stuff.  Bombard’s Body Language.


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