Upcoming Chaos

As if we’ve not seen enough.  Ha!

My friend sent me the following video.  This fellow does linguistic predictions, sampling the internet for ideas of where things are headed.  He gives a great overview of what is currently going on “out there” in 3D / 4D land.

I myself have been scanning the internet very intensely for months now and I feel like I’m seeing much of what he is – although I don’t look at money / economic stuff, mostly because it’s boring as hell and also very strongly because I have complete and utter faith in the Divine and humans.  The other day I’d told my friend, “I’ve never felt so confident for the human race.”

Yep, even though I already know they are, this dude makes it sound like Truth and Light are winning.

Sounds like potential major chaos in upcoming months.  Look to all this with “higher eyes”.  Dual meaning of Chaos – Crisis or Opportunity, which do you choose?  A chaotic window is an excellent time to introduce some higher light into the whole situation.  Seize this opportunity!

Along those lines… I want to point out something from the Gaia Portal message from the 1st.

Moon seekers are disappointed.

hu-beings recognize Sol as the leader of all.

As soon as I read it, I knew this had to do with feminine and masculine energies (Moon & Sol / Sun), but it took a fews hours before I had a powwow with God and found out that it translates as this:

Those seeking rest or cave time will be disappointed.

hu-beings recognize that it’s time to lead in an ACTIVE / proactive way.  Time to get busy “out there”, rubbing elbows with the folks who could use your light.


If there are things that this fellow talks about that you are unfamiliar with, take notes!  Then do some research on all these various topics.  Time for the Truth to come out big time – the good, the bad, the ugly.



4 thoughts on “Upcoming Chaos

  1. SO grateful you wrote you have more faith in humans now than ever before. I am feeling it almost daily. I’ve never been more hopeful. I love them. I’m so excited. All in the face of craziness!… I appreciate hearing someone else say it❤


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